Mozart’s revenge, The Monastery Dog, and more …

  1. ย 
The cutest “monk!”


I don’t like roller coasters that go fast, don’t think I will be trying this anytime soon!


I read that they often slept with the lights on as well.


Sometimes there are good things about being short!


Now that is perseverance!


Apparently Mozart had a sense of humor. Adriana probably felt honored that he had composed a special song just for her.

33 thoughts on “Mozart’s revenge, The Monastery Dog, and more …

    • It does, doesn’t it. I tried to find out more but just kept getting the brief story. Maybe there was some romantic feelings on his side and she turned him down? LOL!
      I did read one extra line when I googled that said she was a very uppity, snobbish woman. So maybe he was trying to bring her down a little.

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  1. Actually, there’s no such thing as a Franciscan monk. Followers of the Order of Saint Francis call themselves friars. Naming a dog a friar leaves me wondering how it would taste.

    I thought the Periodic Table was a calendar chart for menstruating women.

    I like the Mozart story. I wonder how well he composed himself while watching her perform his composition.

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