Latisha had a dreamy look in her eyes as she parked in her driveway and walked towards her front door. She felt like her feet weren’t hitting the ground, she was literally walking on air. How could she not be. She was getting married this weekend!

She opened the door whistling  a happy tune and Lucy chimed in with her high pitched whine. The golden retriever was always so happy when Latisha came home.

Lucy knew the routine. Latisha would change out of her work clothes and then grab Lucy’s leash and out the door they would go on their walk.

It was a beautiful summer day,  This week there had been a break in the high humidity which made their evening walks more enjoyable.

Latisha was thinking back to when she first met Logan. She remembered the very first gift he had given her. It was a lovely small lavender mirror. What made it special were the words on the back. “To the girl who is the fairest of them all, will you be mine?”

He had given it to her on Valentine’s Day, when they had first begun to date. Her heart soared that night and had been soaring ever since.

There had been days when she had wondered if love would ever find her, and then Logan stepped into her life and her fairy tale of love had begun.

Later that night, Lucy was lying on the plush carpet right by Latisha’s feet as Latisha was going through the box of cards and other mementos that she had from Logan. Ahh, there it was. There was the lavender mirror. She smiled as she held it in her hand and looked into the glass, saying , “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the …”


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is this really the last week of July? Where did the summer go? In less than a month my youngest will be starting their Senior year of High School!  The last, first day of school pictures coming up. Thinking that they will not wanting me to come to college next Fall to take a first day of college photo. 🙂 As my friend Jodi, often says, “Cherish the Moments!”

Cherish the moments of this day and have a great one!

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Life is Strange….

Today got away from me and I didn’t think I would have a post today. This is what happens when you don’t do drafts. But an idea just came up to me due to a conversation with another blogger.

What is one of the most shocking things that you have had happen to you? Something someone said or did that left you speechless.

You know what they say, “Life is stranger than fiction!” Share a moment from your life where that saying holds true!

I will share some of mine in response to anyone that shares theirs. 🙂

Answering the Call


Wilbur looked around at everyone gathered for the meeting he had called. He knew everyone was curious as to the purpose of the meeting . He had heard the different ideas that were flying around. Some thought he was getting ready to resign as their faithful leader, but that was far from the truth. Even if his white hairs were showing, he wasn’t ready to step down from his perch yet.

He took some deep breaths as he wasn’t even sure how to tell everyone exactly what he was thinking. Some may think he was wise, but right now, he was even having problems at knowing exactly what to do. All he knew is that something had to be done, even if he had to ruffle the feathers of some. He was sure that Old Clarence wouldn’t be too keen on his idea. Clarence didn’t like change, but Wilbur couldn’t help that, change was in the air.

Wilbur waited for all to be quiet. He could still hear Clarice chirping away. The only time she seemed to have her beak closed was when she was eating!  Wilbur shook his head as everyone turned toward Clarice. She was not happy, as you could tell by her whistling sounds.  Apparently Fiona had given her a little peck trying to get her to be quiet. Clarice gave one more shrill as she flew away. Wilbur watched her go, he was sure she wouldn’t go far. Her curiosity wouldn’t let her.  She wouldn’t want to miss what this meeting was about. It would drive her batty not knowing what had been discussed.

At last, everyone settled down once more and Wilbur began to speak.

“Thank you all for coming! I know this is not one of our regularly scheduled meetings but I felt like this could not wait. I feel that the time has come for us to make a very important decision. We have flown around here for a couple hundred years. We have been admired by many and we were given the status of “National Bird” to this Country. They obviously were thinking straight when they made that decision, for we are a majestic bird! Whistling and shrills were let out in agreement.

I have been proud of this honor, but lately things have been appearing to go crazy around here. I have always been confused by humans but it just keeps getting worse! You would think that the “Dodo bird” was their National bird, with the way some of them act. Not all of them, Oh No! There are quite a few wonderful ones that I have seen! Its just that lately some of them have had me questioning my own sanity. I have been curious if this is just a problem with the humans in this land or is it an epidemic among all humans?

I have thought long and hard and I am asking for 4 eagles from among us to volunteer to be our Eagle Scouts. I would like to send them far, far away to scout out other lands and see what they think of the humans living there.  I believe we need to do the best we can to have a land that is worthy of having us as their “National Bird”.

It will require courage and bravery,  you will need to fly high to soar over mountains, oceans and possibly a wall to get to these other faraway lands.”

The crowd was silent as Wilbur penetrated them all with his steady gaze.

He silently asked himself, would any rise to the call? Would they agree with him, would anyone want to go? Would they all think he was cuckoo! One by one he looked at each eagle, some meeting his gaze, and some turning away. He continued going from bird to bird and at last he had completed the circle. Still all remained silent.

Then he heard it. The fluttering of wings. 4 brave eagles were flying towards him. They all landed in front of him and said, ” We want to be Eagle Scouts, we will go!”

Wilbur puffed up with pride. He knew they wouldn’t let him down. He would send them out and wait with much anticipation to hear what they  would discover in the other lands. In the meantime he would continue to try his best at figuring  out the humans who lived here!




Feeling like Dewey

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. The cataract surgery went well. I saw my kaleidoscope of colors during the surgery.  I think I even saw “emerald blue”.  If you don’t understand the “emerald blue” remark … well just keep reading my blog, I am sure that sometime I will probably make another “emerald blue” blooper. One just never knows what “blooper”may show up in my posts.

I been spending time doing Dewey’s favorite activity today. “Napping!’  That “relaxing juice” that they give you goes a long way with me!

Hope all of you have had a good day and I’ll be back tomorrow feeling more normal … 🙂 fbc94ebe69796dbbaf5fcf0636085d79

A Song of Laughter!

Who needs a laugh today?

You know how there can be songs that you haven’t heard for ages and then out of the blue it just pops in your head? Well that happened with this song and after watching it again I thought I would share it with all of you. It has been around for a number of years, so most likely some of you have heard it before, but I think its worth hearing again. If you haven’t heard it before you are in for a treat! You don’t have to be a Mom to enjoy this song, really!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The temps have cooled down, we are no longer feeling like we are walking outside into an oven! For those of you who still do, I am wishing you relief soon!

So last Tuesday I was supposed to have cataract surgery, and then it got cancelled. Now it has been scheduled for Thursday, the 25th. Just 2 more days. Hopefully it will happen this time!

Last evening I had a nice conversation with my youngest, who is now 17. I treasure those times. Its a bonus of having your children grow older and being able to have good conversations. Though sometimes it can quickly go back to just one word answers to your questions. You just never know!  We go through so many stages with our children.

Talking to them when they can’t understand a word we are saying, and they just respond with smiles. Then when they do begin talking we think they will never stop. I still remember how my one child always wanted to tell you every single detail to the story they were reading. Plus when they wrote stories for school they wanted to put every detail in their writing. In 2nd grade the teacher would assign them to write a short story about something, meaning  like a couple paragraphs. My child’s was a couple pages long every time.:)

Have a great day and remember to keep “King Ray” and his royal servants, Colin and Carol in your thoughts today!




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For the Love of Animals

I have been around dogs since I been little. A love of animals was instilled in my heart, especially for dogs.

Having a soft heart for dogs is the reason behind this post today. Today my heart is with  a dog named Ray. He is the star of Colin’s blog. Over the years through Colin’s tales of him and his pictures, many have fallen in love with Ray. Those big brown eyes of his just melt your heart and you are under his spell!

Sadly Ray is having some health issues right now and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a malignant tumor.

A poem that Colin had written came to my mind today as I was thinking about Ray.  The poem is from his “Just Thinking”  book. A collection of  heart felt poetry about different situations in life, that you can easily find yourself identifying with. Being that Ray takes up such a large part of Colin’s heart, its no wonder that Colin included in his book some poetry dedicated to him.

Enjoy the following poem where you can get to know Ray a little, and his history if you aren’t already acquainted with the “Handsome star!”

Go on a walk with your pet, or give them a hug, or belly rub, or whatever they prefer. Cats may not want to go on a walk with you. Pets play a very special role in our lives, and I am so grateful that God made animals of all kinds!

As you are enjoying your pet or just feeling thankful for animals in general, send your thoughts and prayers Ray’s way for his surgery tomorrow please. There are are lot more trails for him to walk, scents to sniff, water to splash in and TimBit treats for him to eat!


                                                                  “A Stray Named Ray”

They were found on a farm

Not too far away,

But… where was their home?

Two dogs, frightened, hungry,

So very tired and,

Surviving somehow on their own.


The rescue van arrived,

And the crew discussed

How best to capture this pair.

Traps were determined

To be the most humane,

But… so many questions were there.


Why were these two dogs

Having to scavenge for food?

Why were they out on their own?

The treats in the traps,

Put an end to all that,

And they were captured, scared… and alone.


They had no collars; no tags;

No microchips were found.

They were just two dogs without names.

Their faces were expressionless,

And their fur in poor condition.

Were they siblings? Perhaps their mother was the same?


Once back at the shelter

They were caged together,

But then a fight ensued.

Trainers intervened,

And gave them separate cages,

But then had to decide what to do.


One (they later named Ray) was not unfriendly,

Although cautious and rather aloof.

He seemed to know he was no longer alone.

He was given a bath and a bowl of food

And, with some loving care (they thought),

He could possibly adapt to a home.


He was a sorry sight,

And no doubt a once proud dog.

Clearly a German Shepherd cross,

Just managing to survive,

By eating scraps to stay alive.

To explain him, they were quite at a loss.


They tried to find his owners.

They checked the Missing Pets files,

But there only seemed one option.

He now belonged to the shelter

And… as he was neither reported lost, nor stolen,

He would be trained for adoption.


Four months later he was ready.

His adoption photo was published,

And all were looking for a sign.

He needed a family,

To love… and be loved by.

This will, hopefully, be his time.


Eventually a couple arrived

Who clearly were drawn to him,

And regular walks were arranged.

It was soon to be seen

That his life, as it had been,

Was quickly going to change.


His day of adoption came.

The staff all said their farewells.

Smiles, and tears, were all around,

For the life of a stray;

Of a dog they named Ray;

A life almost lost… had been found.


                          I couldn’t resist also sharing the first stanza from another  poem about Ray.

                                                            “A Man, a Dog, and the Sky”

                                                                 Laying on the grass

                                                              On a summer afternoon,

                                                   And watching clouds caress the blue sky.

                                                Listening to the birds, as they sing their songs,

                                                       But I’m thinking of  …. just you and I.





















Cooling off with Pictures

It’s HOT! 100 degrees! I think my brain is succumbing to the heat, its not wanting to think. Can anyone relate?

So give your mind a rest and enjoy some pictures of animals having fun in the water! Looks cool and refreshing doesn’t it. If a caption comes to your mind, and your brain cells haven’t melted from the heat, then feel free to share! 🙂

All these pictures are from Pinterest.

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