Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Last Day of November! One more month left in 2021, which seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. I meant to say something in my post on Sunday and forgot. For those of you that remember the fact I posted about it being impossible to turn your right foot clockwise while drawing a 6 in the air with your right hand. Your foot automatically changes direction. Several of you admitted that you indeed couldn’t do it. Well, certain members of my family enjoyed showing me that it really wasn’t hard to do! So apparently there are 2 people in the world that I know that can prove that one weird fact wrong. I always knew that my husband and son were strange. 🙂 

Enjoy the following quotes and if you have nothing better to do today and haven’t tried the right foot exercise, give it a try. Perhaps you will be in the “gifted” group of people that can achieve it. 


Yeah … that may make me feel uneasy!



One Winter Morning

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The bright morning sun reflecting off the snow, shined through the window. Rex, the bulldog laid right in the sun’s path, in his cozy bed. Gia was stretched out on the couch with a can of ginger ale within her reach. Munching on her last saltine cracker she groaned. She had places to go today, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

Why did she have to feel sick now? Was it the something she ate last night? She rolled over trying to get more comfortable and she knew. Jumping up from the couch, gave Ginger, the cat, a rude awakening. She had been resting comfortably on Gia’s legs. Giving Gia a dirty look, she ran one direction while Gia ran the other.

Moments later Gia returned to the couch muttering and moaning some more to herself. Feeling sick was for the birds. When would it end? She had vomited yesterday morning too, but by evening she had been feeling better. Slept all night and figured that all was well. That was until she got up this morning and started moving around, getting ready for the day.

2 hours later she woke up feeling a little better. Poured herself some tea and looked out the window at the sparkly snow. Spotting the green stems shooting up from the snow, she thought of the new flower seeds she had ordered for the Spring. She was trying to plan ahead, hoping to have a beautiful flower garden this year. She loved when flowers bloomed in the Spring, new life beginning. Oooh No, not again! “Yeow!” In her rush to get to the bathroom she had accidentally stepped on Ginger’s tail.

It was Saturday morning, she had made it through the week. Woke up this morning feeling good enough to make her husband some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

“Something smells good.” Chad walked into the kitchen, put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, while she was standing in front of the stove.

Turning her head she gave him a kiss. “Good Morning sleepyhead!”

“Glad to see that you are feeling better. No nausea this morning?”

Gia smiled as she walked over to the table with the pancakes. “Nope, not for now.”

“Do you think it was a stomach bug that you had? Hope I don’t catch it from you. ”

Laughing, Gia said, “Don’t worry you won’t catch it. I made you a special crossword puzzle for today, want to try it?”

“Sure, I can try it before I do the one in the paper. ” Looking at the puzzle that Gia placed in front of him, Chad started working on it.

“This is pretty easy honey, baby bottle, bassinet, bib, baby spoon . baby swing … What’s up with all the answers having to do with …. Wait a minute … ” Gia watched the emotions flit across his face as the truth dawned on him.

“Are you, are we … ??”

Gia’s face was glowing. “Yes … you are going to be a Daddy!”

Later that morning, Gia was standing in front of the window. Chad came up behind her gently massaging her shoulders for a few moments. “Oh, that feels so good. Please, don’t stop!” she told him.

He played with her long hair, running his fingers through it, caressing her neck lightly, making her body tingle.

“Do you have any names in mind for our little one?” she asked.

“Hmm…we have plenty of time to think about that.” he continued playing with her hair.

“Says the man who brought home a horse from your travels far away, a horse who is in our stable, still with no name.”

He slowly started unzipping the back of her dress, kissing it softly, working his way up her neck.

“umm…I.. we… can talk…….” she melted into his arms, as the sun, reflecting off the snow shined through the window.

Mozart’s revenge, The Monastery Dog, and more …

The cutest “monk!”


I don’t like roller coasters that go fast, don’t think I will be trying this anytime soon!


I read that they often slept with the lights on as well.


Sometimes there are good things about being short!


Now that is perseverance!


Apparently Mozart had a sense of humor. Adriana probably felt honored that he had composed a special song just for her.

Wings of Love

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This is Part 2 to my post The Extra Special Potion                                       

Putting down her paintbrush she stepped back and looked at her finished painting. The doves looked like they could fly off of the canvas and that made her happy. She wanted her paintings to look realistic. Bridget hoped that her friend Lauren would appreciate this birthday gift.

She was excited for her friend. Lately, Lauren had been walking around like she had a tattoo of happiness on her heart. Bridget had never seen her so happy before. Her new love Randy had totally swept her away on the wings of love. 

Apparently she had swept him away as well. Bridget could tell by his puppy dog eyes, that he was hopelessly in love with her. His eyes followed her around the room, and gazed up at her adoringly when she sat next to him. When Lauren had invited her over for supper she had been eager to meet Randy, her new love. But after only 1 hour of being there she had been ready to leave. It was true, she was ecstatic that Lauren had fallen so deeply in love, but something just seemed a little off about it. The way Randy followed Lauren around and the look in his eyes, reminded Bridget of someone in a trance! 

Lauren had been the first one to reach out to Bridget when she moved to the new neighborhood. She appeared to be friendly and have a warm spirit about wanting to help people. It was her caring spirit that had drawn Bridget to her. She always told Bridget that she was there if Bridget wanted to talk to her and just to let her know if she wanted to try her special tea. Bridget wasn’t much of a tea person, so she always passed. 

Apparently there were a lot of people in the neighborhood that were tea drinkers. Bridget saw people coming and going from Lauren’s house a lot, made her wonder at times what  was going on. She still had  never gathered up the nerve to ask her, but maybe one of these days she would. 

OH, she noticed a spot on the painting that she had missed. Better touch it up, before it was time to package it up for Lauren. 

Meanwhile Randy was out walking with his faithful sheepdog. Lauren was away and he was missing her every minute of the day. He honestly could not remember ever feeling this way before over a woman. One day he was perfectly happy with his sheepdog and the next day he didn’t think he could live without Lauren. His mom used to say that love can find you in unexpected ways. She would feel like tap dancing on the ceiling when Randy told her about Lauren. He hadn’t yet, for they had been away. 

All thoughts of Annie or was it Tanya, had fled from his brain! He did not miss those crazy thoughts one bit. He was finally beginning to feel like a normal person! 

A few hours later after Bridget had painted her last stroke, and once she knew the paint was dry she packaged up the painting. Then she got ready for Lauren’ birthday dinner and soon it was time to head that way. Bridget felt a little giddy, and nervous. This was the first time she had painted something for Lauren, what if she didn’t like it? Trying to not herself dwell on that fact she pushed it away. No use driving herself crazy, when Lauren may love it! 

Lauren was outside on the porch waiting for her when she arrived. Randy was sitting right next to her holding her hand. Bridget took a deep breath. Hopefully she could handle being around the 2 entwined lovebirds over dinner. She shook her head, whenever she fell in love she hoped  that she wouldn’t look as silly as they did at times. 

“Happy Birthday Lauren!” Bridget walked up to Lauren, giving her a warm embrace. 

“Thank you So glad you came.” 

“Here is a little something I made for you, I hope you like it.” Bridget handed the painting to Lauren. 

Unwrapping it Lauren’s face began to light up. “Oh I have always loved doves! This is great! Thank you!” 

Bridget blushed and felt relief that her painting was appreciated. 

Having finished unwrapping it Lauren was in awe as she looked at it. 

To everyone’s astonishment there was a rustling of wings and the doves flew out of the painting! Lauren  had to duck for they flew straight for her. 

Randy had lost the “puppy dog” look temporarily. His jaw was hanging open instead. Bridget’s eyes were as big as saucers, what was happening?

Lauren looked surprised and composed at the same time. She looked at Bridget with a shining light in her eyes. “You have the gift of magic too!” 

Bridget gave her an astonished look. “Me? Magical?” 

Lauren put her arm around her friend’s shoulder as they watched the doves fly away. “I will be glad to teach you all I know.” 

Butterflies were flying around in Bridget’s stomach, she had the strong sense that from this day forward things would never be the same. 




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

BRRR! A 30 degree, blustery day … the start of the winter season and fortunately I haven’t lost my winter gloves yet. 

Fa La La … Christmas music is now playing on my car radio and in my house … Is it playing for you yet?

When you jokingly say how you need a child to take with you to go see the new Clifford movie … and your son says that he will take you … We watched many Clifford shows when he was little.

The Escape Plan

This is the conclusion to From an Amazing Day to A ….

Night was coming and Alabaster and Snowball were wondering if they would be in the cage all nigbt. The evil fairy had left and not returned.

They weren’t alone though. A group of pink squiirels were standing guard around the cage.

“To think that I thought the pink squiirels were cool. I don’t anymore.”

Snowball agreed. They had lost their charm for sure.

“I would feel much better if they would stop baring their teeth at us. I have never been bitten by a squirrel and would like to keep it that way!” Snowball said, feeling frightened.

Alabaster had his head in his hands. Sometimes he would smack his head with his hand before sighing and doing it again.

Snowball watched him, “A couple more smacks and I think you will have it downpat.”

Saying nothing, Alabaster did it again.

Suddenly there was a loud roar! The elves looked up and it was the most fantastic sight ever. Dinosauris was flying above them looking down at them.

Hope filled their hearts. They would be rescued. But wait, where was he going. He was flying away.

“Wait! Help us! Don’t leave us here” The elves shouted until they saw it was no use. Dinosauris disappeared into the clouds and their hearts sank.

Tbe squiirels had all fled when they saw the dragon, but they were peeking out from behind the trees now and coming back.

Now was one time that the elves wished that Dinosauris could breathe fire. He could have destroyed the squirrels, who were back to jeering at them again.

Sitting in the cage feeling dejected, they wondered if they would ever see their friends again.

“I would give anything to be working again. I would even be glad to muck out the reindeer’s stalls. I don’t even like to work. I like to work at taking naps. But anything would be better than having our unknown fate hanging over our heads. ”

“Well, our fate may not be unknown for long, here she comes.” Alabaster pointed towards the evil fairy who was headed their way.

Their stomachs started knotting up as they waited.

“How are you guys doing? Finding your accommodations comfortable?” She laughed and gloated at them.

“I brought you something that you may like. Its a special concoction I made.”

The next thing they knew a sticky, syrupy substance was falling down on their heads. Alabaster inwardly was groaning. This was totally messing up his hair!

“I know you both are wondering why I captured you so I will get right to the point. I want the keys to Santa’s workshop I want all of his toys and all of his elves to work for me!”

“That will never happen you ugly witch!” Snowball yelled at her.

“A smart aleck I see. Never you say? Well suit yourself … I guess you wish to never get out of the cage. I sent my ransom note to the North Pole, hopefully Santa likes you guys and gives me what I want or…..” and she turned and walked away, but cackled loudly.

Her threat hung in the air like a giant rain cloud over them. Santa would never hand over his keys. Things looked dark and bleak for the poor,poor elves.

THUNK, THUNK … the squiirels were throwing nuts at their heads. They hoped with all their might that Santa would come to their rescue. Surely he wouldn’t leave 2 of his favorite elves in the hands of the evil fairy, would he?

The sun went down and the night grew chilly.

“What I wouldn’t do for some of Santa’s hot chocolate right now.” Snowball said.

“Well hurry up and you can get some!”

What was that? Was he delusional? It sounded like Candy Cane. He looked at Alabaster whose eyes were wide open. He obviously had heard it too.

“You knuckleheads, wake up and get a move on before the evil fairy comes back.”

Wow! They weren’t dreaming. Candy Cane was standing in front of them leading them back into the tunnel.

Quickly they hurried after her. “We aren’t delusional, we really did hear voices. They weren’t in our heads!”

“Well, just because this time they weren’t, doesn’t mean that you guys aren’t delusional!”

They smiled, no insult could wipe away their smile, they were being rescued.

Back in Santa’s house everyone was warming up with hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.

Dinosauris had flown directly to Santa telling them where Alabaster and Snowball were.

Jinx, Jangle and Tink had helped with the rescue. They couldn’t leave their friends in danger. Friends stuck together.

They had distracted the evil fairy and led her on a wild chase, far away from the cage and tunnel where Candy Cane had been.

Just as evil fairy was almost upon them they stopped and turned around.

“Do you want one of Santa’s magical toys?” Jangle taunted.

The fairy’s eyes gleamed with greed. “Yes! Give it to me!”

Jangle threw the cowbell at her. “You have to shake it 3x. Within seconds she was shaking it and they all cheered as the evil fairy disappeared into the pink and purple smoke.

Alabaster and Snowball cheered when hearing the story.

What an adventure the day had turned out to be! Now that their fright had worn off Alabaster and Snowball started competing with puns again.

Santa and the others were laughing, even Candy Cane. Though she had laughed harder at the story about the sticky syrupy substance that had fallen onto their heads. They had showered but their hair was still a mess from it. Poor guys. Someday it would eventually wash out.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I have what I need now, after shopping with my daughter this afternoon. Tomorrow is time to bake, which I am sure that goes for a lot of people. Or are there some of you on the ball with everything made and in the fridge already? Congrats to being organized! 

Enjoy the quotes and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 



I shared this awhile back but with Black Friday coming I thought it was timely to share again!









From an Amazing Day to A ….

The breeze felt great as they flew through the air on the back of Dinosauris, the amazing pet dragon. Things were starting to get extremely busy at the North Pole for Santa’s elves, but Santa gave Alabaster and Snowball the day off. He said they deserved it after coming in 1st and 2nd place for the first annual pun contest that Santa held. Santa’s jolly belly was shaking up and down with laughter at their wit. Candy Cane had rolled her eyes so many times and possibly needed an ice pack from .. “smacking her head”.. ! 

“Did you see Candy Cane’s look on her face when she realized that we had a day off work for winning. She may have groaned at a lot of our puns, but we got the last laugh. We have the day off and she doesn’t!” They both laughed. 

“By the way where is Dinosauris flying us to?” 

Snowball shrugged, “Good question! We have all day, so I guess it really doesn’t matter. I am sure wherever we go, it will be a fun adventure. Anything is better than working, right?” 

Alabaster emphatically agreed with that and they hung on as they soared through the azure blue sky. 

A few hours later, Dinosauris started descending which woke Snowball up. 

When Dinosauris landed, they were awestruck by the beauty of where they were. They were in a forest. 

“Wow! Look how green everything is and there are hundreds of gorgeous butterflies.” 

Wide eyed they stared, “Look at all the colorful birds as well. Dinosauris this is the perfect spot, looks like there are hiking trails, and I think I hear a waterfall.” 

Pleased that they liked it, Dinosauris said they could spend the whole day there and he would be back for them in the evening. He was going to fly around some on his own, doing some exploring.

They waved goodbye as he soared up high into the sky and then turned to each other. 

“Which way should we go?” 

“Lets go over that bridge and see what we can find.” Alabaster pointed to a bridge close by. Ducks were swimming in the lake underneath it. They headed for the bridge feeling carefree, making puns, as they walked. 

“Look over at that tree!” Snowball nudged Alabaster. 

“No way! Is that squirrel really pink?” 

“Sure looks pink to me, and I do feel that I know my colors pretty well!” Snowball said with pride. 

One moment the squirrel was looking them right in the eyes and then it was gone in a flash. Scampering up the tree, and out of sight. 

“Why didn’t I bring my camera?” sighed Alabaster. “Now no one will be able to tell by a photo that we really saw one!” 

They crossed the bridge and continued walking.  Alabaster was so focused on looking for more pink squirrels that he didn’t watch his step. SPLAT! He fell face down into some mud. 

Snowball couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of his face when he stood back up. ” Perhaps you should have worn better shoes than flip-flops, maybe than you wouldn’t have tripped. Don’t worry pal, I hear that mud is good for one’s complexion.” 

Groaning Alabaster wiped the mud off as well as he could and walked on. He wouldn’t let it dampen his day, there was still a lot to see. 

Meanwhile in another part of the forest a certain pink squirrel was talking to a fairy. “There are 2 of them, and yes, you were right they are elves. No one else has funny ears like that.” 

The evil fairy rubbed her hands together with glee.  “Perfect! Santa’s elves, how lucky can I be. I am sure they know some magic that they can share with me. Thank you, go set the trap.” she cackled.

Snowball and Alabaster were having a good time exploring when Snowball noticed something up ahead. “Look at that, a giant long tunnel! Want to go in it?” 

“We can’t see the end of it.” Alabaster said, with some concern. 

“Oh no worries, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So we will just come out into another part of the forest, lets go.” 

Alabaster agreed and into the tunnel they went. 

After walking for a little bit it seemed to be getting darker. “It sure is dark in here! I can barely see you.” Alabaster said. 

“Yeah, a little darker than I thought it would be, let just keep walking, we will be fine.” 

Just as they were beginning to wonder if they would ever get out they saw light up ahead. 

“See I told you! There’s the light, we reached the end.” They walked a little faster, feeling eager to get out of the tunnel. 

Stepping out into the bright light they squinted their eyes and then CLICK! They heard a loud sound, like something clicking shut. Oh No! They had walked into a cage, and some ugly fairy was standing outside of it, grinning quite wickedly at them. “So nice of you guys to come see me.” FLASH! Someone snapped a camera and Snowball and Alabaster were seeing dots in front of their eyes. They heard the evil fairy again. “I like to have pictures of all my victims framed on my wall.”  She gave an eerie cackle and poor Snowball and Alabaster were quivering with fear.  

They heard the evil fairy’s cackling as she walked away. Alabaster tried to offer some reassurance to Snowball. “We just have to try our best to not focus on the negatives.” 

Snowball raised an eyebrow, “Ok! Lets close our eyes and maybe we will forget we are in a cage.” 

After a few seconds they opened their eyes again. Sighing they wondered what fate awaited them. 

(to be continued…) 



The Extra Special Potion

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Where was it? It had to be here! Once more she poured over each bottle, so as not to miss any bottle. Coming to the last bottle she smacked her hand down on the desk, it really was missing. Maybe she had used it up and forgot to make more, but she typically kept very detailed records. Going over her records for the 3rd time, she sighed, there was nothing written about her using her extra special potion.

Oh well, no use continuing to fret about it and getting herself all in a tizzy. Time was ticking away. She would make some more, hoping that she had all the ingredients that were needed. Lauren grabbed the 3 golden pots from her cupboard and got to work.

Aaron was sitting on a park bench enjoying his latest Stephen King mystery. It would soon be getting too cold to sit outside, but for now the crispness in the air helped to keep him cool as his suspense grew. He was engrossed, forgetting about his surroundings.

Stumbling over a log Lauren yelled. She sat on the ground for a little rubbing her ankle. Could things get any worse? Her extra special potion was missing and halfway through mixing up another pot, the one pot boiled over making a huge sticky mess on the floor. What was worse is that now the batch was ruined. She had to start over and was missing some critical ingredients. Hopefully she could find what she needed, as long as she could keep walking! Standing up she tested her ankle by taking a step. It would be Ok, just sore. Going slower she made a promise to herself to watch more closely for things that could trip her up.

“Did you see her?” the man asked, with a strange accent.

Aaron continued reading, not paying the man any attention.

“Tell her I’m not here, I am going to hide. Can I use your hat please to disguise myself?” The man reached for Aaron’s hat which was lying beside him.

Now he did have Aaron’s attention! Aaron wasn’t quite sure what to say. The man had taken Aaron’s hat and put it on his head.

Cocking his head at the man, with a strange accent, he asked, “Excuse me sir, but that is my hat! What are you doing?”

“Hiding! Let me know if you see her.” The funny old man bent his head down low putting the hat in front of his face.

“See who!” Aaron replied, giving the old man a weird look.

“The invisible woman!”

Aaron was getting exasperated now. This crazy old man had interrupted his book and taken his hat to hide from an invisible woman! This man needed some serious help, but Aaron wasn’t the guy. He got up and walked as far away from him as he could get. Let the guy have his hat if it made him happy, he could always get another one. Really , he didn’t know why he even still had the hat. His ex-wife had given it to him. Hmm… kind of made even more sense now for the crazy man to have it.

Finding another bench in front of a tree he sat down, took out his book mark and began reading once more.

Great! Lauren was right behind the tree and noticed Aaron sitting down. His hair was the perfect shade of brown. Chestnut brown, now to take only a little snip. It would be so quick the man would never notice. She waited for him to get engrossed into his book again. Then SNIP! She got it, put it in her bottle and walked towards the crazy old man sitting on the bench. Lauren had been amused watching his interaction with Aaron. Hmm… an invisible woman? Maybe she could try to make up a potion for that.

Oh, talking about women, one was walking towards the old man. Lauren felt her heart skip a beat, things were working out after all. She needed the hair of a female as well, but how was she going to get it? The lady had to sit down and right now she was standing with her hands on her hips looking at the old man. Lauren moved closer to hear what she was saying.

“Arthur, you are allowed to come out to the park, BUT you have to tell people where you are going! We have all been searching for you.”

“I was playing Hide and Seek, Congrats, you found me. Now you go hide. ” Arthur ‘s eyes lit up, giving her a teasing smile.

“You are impossible, you know!” she threw her hands in the air and sat down beside him.

Lauren quickly moved so she would be right behind the young lady. SNIP! She got it. Now only 1 ingredient remained, but that one could be a little harder.

Arthur and the lady were still yapping, but who knew how long before they left, she had to act fast.

“Excuse me sir. ”

Arthur and the young lady looked up in surprise.

“I was admiring your hat and wondered if I could buy it from you?”

A dreamy expression crossed Arthur’s face, as he saw dollar signs in his eyes. But before he spoke, Julie interrupted. Taking the hat off of Arthur she handed it to Lauren. “Take it! Its not his anyway.”

“Oh thank you so much!” Lauren was excited. That went easier than expected. Now to go home and get this special potion made! She went running through the park towards home.

Giving Julie a disgruntled look, Arthur said, ” You owe me a hat.”

“I saw the whole thing Arthur. I don’t owe you a hat, that hat wasn’t yours! It was the hat of the poor man who you scared away! Lets go you crazy man.”

Getting up Arthur was still muttering to himself, “giving away a perfectly good hat. I could have made some money.” Julie laughed, and patted his arm. “Poor Arthur! And by the way you need to work on your British accent!”

The potion was finished at last and just in the nick of time. Every day at 3pm Randy was out walking his dog and would pass by her house. It was 2:45. Quickly she drank the potion and waited for him to pass by. She only needed to drink half of it but she downed the whole bottle.

There he was. He had his shaggy sheepdog with him. She had spoken to him a few times, but he hadn’t seemed interested in her, that would all change now. Randy prepare to meet the love of your life, she thought to herself as she opened the door and walked outside to meet him.

Randy was walking down the sidewalk thinking how lucky he was to find the sheepdog in the woods a couple weeks ago. It was a wonderful companion, life was … OH, WOW! Who was that enchanting woman walking towards him? His heart was thumping like a drum. She was speaking to him, but he couldn’t even understand her words, due to his rush of emotions! He was completely twitterpatted, as he found himself taking her hand and kissing it. Then he looked into her emerald green eyes, feeling drawn in to its depths. He put his arm around her neck, stroking her bare neck with his hand. Catching his breath, he leaned in to kiss her ruby red lips and closed his eyes.

He didn’t see Lauren’s wink and sly, seductive smile. The potion was working even better than she had imagined. Her extra special Love Potion Number 19! After serving 18 happy customers, it was her turn!