Lessons I learned…..

God has lifted me up through my girls so many times that I am grateful for!  Beautiful moments, that I will always remember….here are just a few things that I have learned from the moments….


One morning my dear daughter spilled her hot chocolate.  She apologized and I said, “It’s ok, nothing was broken”  She looked at me and reminded me about the time that her sister had broke my favorite mug. “But you still forgave her…”, she said to me’


I had honestly forgotten all about it and at that moment it hit me. That is how God is when we come to HIM and ask for forgiveness, whether its something little or big….He forgives and remembers no more, He flings it to the deepest part of the sea!  The devil will try to throw it back in our face, but just throw it back at him, saying ,”Its over!! It’s forgiven and I am loved!


At 4 years of age my daughter wanted to go see Jesus. I explained to her that it was impossible, for He was very far away! She paused for a moment and said, “Like Grammy ?”  I laughed and said, no its further. She really wanted to give HIM a picture that she had colored for HIM. She asked “Why can’t HE just reach down from Heaven and grab it!”  Her eyes were moist as I reached down to pick her up and hug her I assured her that even tho Jesus could not reach down from Heaven and literally take the picture, that HE did see it and HE loves her so very much!  Was reminded of how God truly does see our hearts!! At times we do so wish we could see HIM face to face, but we need to remember that Jesus is always right beside us, even tho we can’t see. And also that we can be Jesus for others…we can give that person a hug that so desperately needs it….or a listening ear. ….We are called to be Jesus hands and feet, to show HIS love every day!



Was driving one day and thinking about a problem and how I was going to handle it, for it seemed too big! A few seconds later I hear singing from the backseat. It was my 2 little girls singing the song, “My God is So Big, so strong and so Mighty there is Nothing my God cannot do!”……. I broke out in a big smile, for I knew that wasn’t a coincidence that they broke out in song like that, it was God showing me again that he is the BURDEN BEARER and HE can handle all my problems, no matter the size!! I quickly joined in song with my precious girls!



Caitlyn the Koala

Caitlyn was happily chewing away on her Eucalyptus leaves, breathing in the scent of the newly fallen rain. She loved a

rainstorm, enjoyed dancing in the puddles. Cassie and her would see who could jump the furthest and make the biggest

splash! Part of the fun was splashing Lady Larissa as she sped by. Larissa would act upset at first, but soon come back to

join in the fun.



OH, Caitlyn wished that she could always feel so carefree!  If only there were not so many things to worry about. Always so

much on her mind!  Worrying never changed things for Caitlyn, never changed the circumstances, but it still was so hard for

her to not worry.

“Cast your burdens on me and I will give you rest.”  She remembered that verse from the bible study that  Lady Larissa had

last week,  such a good teacher she was. If only it was as  easy for Caitlyn to  put into practice as it was for her to listen too!

As Caitlyn started listing the worries in her head for the hundredth time she tried something new, she listed her blessings!

Her blessing list soon outweighed her worry list !  So why did she spend so much time fretting! “Whatever is pure,

good.noble, and right….think on these things.”  True words, yet so hard to do at times!  If she wanted to feel more at peace

and carefree tho, she needed to do it.  She needed to turn her worries over to the Burden-Bearer.  His arms were so much

stronger than hers and He would gladly carry them!  It boiled down to 2 choices, she could spend her time moping and

weighed down with care, or she could think of good, pure and joyful things and dance in the puddles that life threw at her!


As Caitlyn jumped into another puddle, she decided she was going to give it her best shot to let go of the worries!

With that thought she looked forward to the next bible study at Larissa’s.  She wondered if Charlie would show up again.

He came in as Larissa was starting class last time. It was funny to see her cheeks get rosy and hear her stumble on

some words.  Lady Larissa soon composed herself though and went on to teach a valuable lesson to her jungle friends.

Caitlyn was determined to put Larissa’s lesson into practice this week. Splash! As she jumped into the next puddle!



The Whisper of Love!

It was a Spring evening and my heart was heavy.  I was still reeling over bad news that I had been given, and I was working on supper in the kitchen. While working I was silently praying, “God do you hear me? Do you see me crying buckets of tears down here?   Are you there God, are you really there?

Seconds later the doorbell rang, it startled me out of my prayer and I wondered who it was. I opened up the door to see my Dad standing there holding a bouquet of flowers for me! He said how he would have stopped earlier but he had a meeting and he was going to wait til tomorrow, but felt like he needed to come tonight!

As we hugged, the tears just about streamed down my face, my Dad had no idea of the burden I was struggling with! This was NOT a every day occurence for him to stop and give me flowers!! But I knew at that moment he had been sent by my Heavenly Father, who yes was listening and had seen my tears. My Heavenly Father who wanted to give me a physical hug. My heart was full with thankfulness!


Please my dear friends if you feel God speaking to you and urging you to do something, DO IT!! You may not understand and it may seem like something very small to you, but it could make a big difference in someone’s life!! Be God’s messenger for someone who needs it!

Have a Blessed day!!

The Dance

Have you ever had God Moments ? The moments when you feel God’s touch on your shoulder like a butterfly, when you need it the most. The times when you feel down and out and need reassurance of God’s love for you, assurance that God is seeing your tears and that He cares!

You can sometimes miss these times, thinking they are just coincidences, but I encourage you to look at them for what they are, God whispering His love to you !

I have a collection of God Moments in my journal and came across one today that I wanted to share, for it took me back to the past and encouraged me. May it spread encouragement to you now !

                                                                  The Dance

I was sitting at my desk trying to hide my tears from my 4 year old as she was dancing away in the living room.  My heart was hurting and I was silently crying out to God. Suddenly my daughter’s voice cried out excitedly, “Did you feel that Mommy, did you ?”  “Feel what ?”  ” It was Jesus ! He danced with me, I put my hand out and I felt HIs!”

And after she said that, she went on dancing. At that moment I did FEEL it, I felt HIS presence ! He cared enough to speak to me through my precious daughter ! That made me feel warm all over and I knew in that moment,  that in spite of my heartache, God did care ! All He was asking me to do was not to try to  figure out the whys, but to take HIS hand and DANCE with HIM as he leads!

Take HIS hand my friends! I guarantee HE will be the BEST dance partner you ever had!