Storytime at the Fluffer-Nutter Shop

If you missed Monday’s story, here is the link.  Untangling the Web Enjoy the conclusion, or it might be more accurate for me just to say, the next part of the story. I have found that certain stories seem to never end! 

Where were they? Lisette wondered. They were standing in the middle of a dirt road with lovely Oak trees lining it. She started walking down it, not knowing what else to do. Betsy followed behind her, not saying a word. Not that Lisette expected her too, but she sensed something very different about Betsy, besides the fact that she had an enchanted bell hanging around her neck. 

“There you are! I figured I would find you out here just dilly dallying around, when there is work to be done!” An older woman carrying a bucket was shouting at her as she came towards Lisette, not looking very happy at all! 

“The cows need milked, and there are eggs to be gathered, and … ” the older woman paused in mid sentence, taking notice of Betsy. “Where did you get that cow? Is she the one who trampled my flowers this morning? They are all ruined!” She glared at Betsy, and noticed the cow bell. “What’s that?”, she reached out to touch it and Lisette stopped her.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I was you?”  she told her. 

The lady frowned, “Why not, its just an old cow bell.”  Suddenly Betsy let out a loud “MOOOOO!” and pawed at the ground, scaring the older woman so much that she dropped the bucket she was carrying. 

“I will see you back at the barn! Hurry it up!” she spouted out at Lisette, while she quickly headed down the road, back to the barn. 

Lisette started laughing as she watched the older woman hustle down the road while Betsy kept Moooooing. 

Betsy stopped once the lady was out of sight. Lisette looked at Betsy and if she wouldn’t know better, she would say that Betsy had a glint of mischief in her eyes and was smiling! 

Lisette knew that she didn’t want to go back to that older lady’s farm, so there was only one thing to do. She tugged on Betsy’s bell 3x. POOF! The brilliant purple and pink smoke was all around, and once more Lisette had to pick herself up off the ground once the smoke settled. 

They were smack dab in the middle of a town and it seemed to be in an uproar. People were shouting and cops were around. Lisette was confused at first, and then she saw Miss. Libby and Miss. Jill. She was back in their town and they were being escorted out of Miss. Jill’s store by the police! 

Lisette felt sick to her stomach. She had really liked Miss. Jill and she had thought that Miss. Libby was a sweet old lady, but oh, what she hadn’t known! She watched them get into the police car and figured that was probably the last time she would ever see them. They were likely to be in prison for quite awhile. But maybe Miss. Jill was innocent, like she had tried to tell Lisette. If so, she hoped that they would be more lenient on her. 

Soon the police cars were gone and the sirens faded in the distance. The townspeople were still gathered in little groups talking. Lisette overheard one lady say how she didn’t know what the town was coming too. First Anna and the Chicken Man, and now this! 

The Chicken Man! Lisette remembered how Miss. Libby had never shared that story with her, like she had said she would. She figured now she would never know. 

Lisette’s stomach was rumbling, she thought she could really use some coffee with some tasty donuts from the Fluffer Nutter Shop. Then she remembered Betsy, but she didn’t see her anywhere! How did a cow just disappear from the center of a crowded town? There was definitely something strange about that cow. She shook her head and walked across the street to the Fluffer Nutter Shop. 

Opening the door she saw that others had the same idea, there was a long line at the counter. That was okay with Lisette, for she had no idea what she was going to do next so she didn’t mind waiting. Finally it was her turn, everyone else had left. 

“Hi Lisette! Are you okay? Quite the excitement today, eh? Were you in the shop when the police came?” 

Lisette didn’t know how to explain where she had been, so she just said that she hadn’t been working at the time. 

She ordered a peanut butter filled donut with sprinkles on top and some French Vanilla coffee. Then she took a seat up at the counter to enjoy it and visit with Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter some. 

“I suspect they will take Miss. Libby and Miss. Jill to the same prison that Anna is in.” Mr. Fluff said. 

“Who is Anna?” asked Lisette. “I have heard her name mentioned quite a few times around town, and I heard Tanya mentioned too. Miss. Libby also told me that it was really sad what happened to the Chicken Man, but she never explained.” 

Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter sighed when they heard Lisette mention the Chicken Man, they did still miss their crazy friend. 

“Well if you have time, we can tell you the whole story.” Mr. Nutter said. “But be aware, it can get quite confusing!” 

“I have plenty of time.” said Lisette, with her curiosity piqued now.

“Just give me a minute to put away this Battleship game.” said Mr. Fluff. 

“Battleship? I thought you guys played checkers?” 

Mr. Fluff laughed, “Well we did, but someone got tired of losing all the time, so he decided to try and beat me at Battleship. No more checkers for him.” 

Lisette laughed and remembered some of the games she played as a child. “Have you ever played CandyLand, Mr.Nutter? Perhaps you could win at that.” 

Mr. Fluff and Lisette laughed at Mr. Nutter’s face. He then poured himself some coffee and sat down. “I do believe there is a story you would like to hear?” 

“Yes, please! I am all ears.” said Lisette and Mr. Nutter began. 




Untangling the Web

The following story is a continuation from last week’s post. Here is the link if you missed reading it. Spinning the Web

Lisette had been working for Miss. Jill for a month now and she had no doubt that something strange was going on. Miss. Jill obviously was doing something very secretive, and Lisette was afraid that it was illegal. Why else would Miss. Libby have been so against Lisette working there? 

Customers would come in specifically asking for Miss. Jill and she would take them into the back room while Lisette ran the store herself. Sometimes they were just in the back room for a short amount of time, but other times it got rather long. 

Lisette felt brave a couple times and when Miss. Jill would go to lunch she tried to slip into the back room, but it was always locked. If only someday she would forget to lock it before going to lunch! 

The only thing that Miss. Jill said about the back room was that there would be times she would have to go back there for certain special customers. She told her how she would need Lisette to be in charge of the store when she was back there. When Lisette started to ask some questions, Jill just went onto another subject, like she had never heard her. Miss. Libby was the same way when Lisette tried to bring it up at breakfast one day. 

Lisette sighed, feeling frustrated! Did she really want to work for someone who could be involved in something illegal? Not to mention the fact that she was lodging with someone who was also possibly involved in illegal activity! What would her Mama say if she knew of this? Oh it would cause her gray hairs for sure! 

One day after work Lisette stopped by the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. She could use a sweet Salted Caramel Latte and a powdery cream filled donut to go with it. That would lift her spirits. Today had been extra busy at work. Not with paying customers, but Miss. Jill’s special customers! She was in the back room for a large part of the day! 

The bell dinged as she walked into the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter were involved in what appeared to be a serious game of checkers. They looked up and smiled and said they would be right with her, if she didn’t mind waiting. 

“I am just about ready to beat this old guy”, said Mr. Fluff. 

“Who are you calling old?” 

“Who do you think? Checkmate!” Mr. Fluff smiled big as he successfully took all of Mr. Nutter’s remaining checkers off the board. 

Mr. Nutter muttered under his breath and Lisette laughed. Poor guy, he never seemed to win. 

“What can I get you? My treat today in honor of another winning game!” Mr. Fluff said. 

“Oh, well in that case I will have 2 powdery cream filled donuts please and a Salted Caramel Latte. Thank you! ” replied Lisette. 

It didn’t take long at all until Lisette’s taste buds were savoring the taste of the creamy donuts. While she was sitting there eating, Mr. Nutter asked her how she liked working for Miss. Jill. 

“Its going fine, she is a very nice lady.” said Lisette. 

“Yes, yes that she is”, replied Mr. Nutter, “Do you ever notice anything strange going…” 

Mr. Fluff interrupted him. “Don’t bother the girl with questions.” he said, but Mr. Nutter ignored him and repeated the question. 

“Do you ever notice anything strange going on at the store?” 

Lisette bit her lip, should she confide in them her suspicions? How did she know if she could trust them? Maybe they were involved too. 

“Ummm…No, not really.” she replied. 

“Not really?” Mr. Fluffer asked, as he raised his eyebrows. 

“Welll…” and before Lisette could stop, she was pouring out the story to them and her suspicions. 

Mr. Nutter walked over to the door and turned the sign to close and said. “We should talk.”  Lisette’s stomach turned. What was he going to say, was she in trouble now? 

Lisette could hardly sleep that night. Her mind was swimming with what Mr. Nutter and Mr. Fluff had told her. She had to see for herself. Tomorrow she was going to find a way into the back room. Seeing was believing! She fell into a fitful sleep. 

Lisette’s stomach was full of butterflies. She had barely eaten breakfast. She was so nervous about this afternoon and the truth that she may find in the back room. Time seemed to pass so slowly. Finally Miss. Jill left the store for her lunch break, now was her chance. Lisette went outside and around to the back of the store. She found the door and squeezed her eyes shut as she tried the knob. Yes! It was unlocked! She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of the back entrance before. 

She entered and she gasped. It was just like Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter had described. It looked like a quilt shop. There were quilts stacked on the table and some looking like they were still being sewn. Lisette’s hands were shaking as she took her scissors and started to cut into one of the quilts that had been neatly folded and stacked. It was true! She found the secret pouch between the folds of the quilt and the contents of the pouch. She held the pouch in her hands in disbelief! They were smuggling drugs! 

“LISETTE!” Lisette froze hearing her name. She looked up and saw Miss. Jill standing in the doorway. Lisette turned as pale as a ghost. 

“Oh Lisette what have you done!”

Lisette had no words, she didn’t even think she could scream if she needed too, she couldn’t move! 

“You have to believe me, this wasn’t my idea! Miss. Libby conned me into it, and once I knew what she was doing, I couldn’t get out. I want to stop, I do, but….but…she’s made threats, I just can’t!”  Miss. Jill put her face in her hands as she started to cry. Lisette started to feel sorry for her, but at the same time she knew she had to get out of there. What if  Miss. Libby dropped by and found her there. She ran out the back door and with her adrenaline pumping she kept running! 

Once again she found herself at the peaceful meadow, by the creek. Oh what was she to do. How could she face Miss. Libby now that she knew the truth. Miss. Libby would see the truth written all over her face, she would know that Lisette knew, and then what would she do?? Would she threaten her, like she did to Miss. Jill? She wanted to run far away, she couldn’t go back to town, she just couldn’t. 

Lisette felt eyes on her and she was afraid to turn around. Someone was behind her, she could feel it. Her nerves were so tight, she almost screamed when turning around. Relief ran through her when she saw that it was only Betsy. Betsy with the deep dark, brown eyes, that bore into her. Like she knew all her secrets. Betsy with the enchanted cow bell hanging around her neck. The enchanted… Suddenly Lisette knew what she had to do, she yanked on the cow bell with all her might, ringing it 3x, praying that it would work!  

POOF! Purple and pink smoke filled the air and she was knocked off her feet. The smoke cleared and Lisette got up on her feet. She was definitely not in the meadow anymore, but where was she? “MOO!” Lisette jumped, she was not alone! 




Breaking the Spell

Once upon a time there was a man who lived near a beautiful lake. He loved his lakehouse, far away from the craziness of the world. He enjoyed the solitude immensely, everything was perfect. Well almost perfect!

One crisp Autumn day he was sitting on his deck looking at the lake. He had taken his morning swim and was enjoying sitting in the sun, alone with his thoughts. Would the day ever come where he would finally spend more time in his home, than he did on the lake?

His story was a little tragic, for long ago he had been captured by an evil fairy, who had placed a spell on him. She had turned him into a Duck!

Fortunately his friends had rescued him from the forest but they hadn’t been able to break the spell! He still looked like a duck, waddled like a duck and quacked like a duck, so he was a duck, though not really! He was able to talk, but after every few words he would let out a QUACK! It drove the poor guy crazy! Not to mention, his friends as well, when listening to him.

They promised that they wouldn’t give up trying to find out the cure and today was the day that they planned to try the latest cure.

His one friend told him to cross his fingers and toes in hopes that it would work. He then laughed as he remembered that he couldn’t very well do that, for he was a duck!

The poor man couldn’t wait to have his hands and feet back again! Oh to look like a human again! No more duck face! If his friends told him to make a duckface one more time for the camera he was sure to lose it! They thought they were hilarious!

Hearing a car pull up, his thoughts were interrupted. They were here, the time had come. Would this cure work?? He waddled towards the car with his webbed feet and a pensive duckface.

After greeting the 3 guys and chatting and quacking a little, they got down to business.

“Here is the magic potion for you to drink. Its coffee made with extra special beans. A raspberry, caramel,banana, marshmallow flavor.”

The poor guy grimaced and had a very pouty duckface, he hated coffee! But he hated being a duck even more!

He went to start slurping it, for its not like he had hands to hold the cup. His friends said, “Wait! Has to be rigbt at Noon! You have 2 minutes to wait.”

He gave his friends a look, but they had straight faces as they told him he had to follow the rules exactly.

“Go!” They shouted! “Keep slurping until its all done!”

Mr.Duckface slurped and slurped, and a few times he felt like puking! At last he finished, but he was still a duck!

Now we need to say a chant over you and you need to stick your head under the water while we say it. He gave them a questioning look again but waddled down to the lake. Stuck his head in the water and his bottom in the air.

His friends started chanting and suddenly he was sputtering! He lifted his head up spitting out water. He was human again!!

“It worked, it worked!!” He shouted with utter joy, dancing a jig. His friends were ectastic. Everyone was in high spirits when Kendra pulled into the driveway.

She was grinning from ear to ear. “I see that this is a day of celebration!”

Mr. No longer Duckface had a broad smile! “Yes, that magic potion coffee was the worse and being upside down in the water wasn’t fun but it was all worth it!”

Kendra had a confused look, “a magic potion….upside down in the water?? But all you had to do was…”

His friends quickly interrupted Kendra. ” Hey buddy, lets all pose for a pic and how about going for a ride on your boat?”

“Wait! I want to know what Kendra was going to say.”

All eyes were on Kendra and she noticed the pleading look in his friends eyes. It took her a moment but she figured it out, and had to restrain her laughter.

“So no more duck lips, eh? Too bad, I thought they looked good on you.” He made a face at her and she laugbed, telling them to all go out on the boat and she would whip togethet a celebratory meal.

Watching them go she shook her head laughing. Oh, if he only knew that all that was required to break the spell was the chant. Something his friends were fully aware of! She walked back to the lakehouse. Fun was always around when one had crazy friends!

A dream or??

Image from Pinterest

Stefan couldn’t be seeing what he was seeing, could he? But if that lady really wasn’t playing the piano, than where was the music coming from? He stood there transfixed, watching the lady’s fingers move up and down the keyboard. Who was she?

He was having second thoughts about staying at this house. The Shepler’s , their neighbors, were going on vacation for a week, and they had wanted someone to stay at their house, while they were gone. They had a Boston Terrier and a Sheltie, that needed taken care of, plus a pot bellied pig!

Stefan had been excited at first, for he loved dogs and he couldn’t wait to take Penelope the pig for a walk. He had no qualms of being alone in a house for a week. His parent’s lived  next door.  He was looking forward to being alone, having peace and quiet. Time away from his tattle tale sister and pesky brother.

The first few nights were fine, but then he started hearing the music. The first time he heard it he just ignored it, he was too tired and went back to sleep. He was wide awake tonight though when hearing it, so he couldn’t resist checking it out.

He had crept down the stairs. Why he had crept, he didn’t know, what was he afraid of? He probably had left the stereo on. He hadn’t had it on a classical station though and it sure wasn’t rock music that was playing!

Now he stood frozen in place, not knowing what to think or do! Snickers, the Boston Terrier had her ears straight up, while looking at the piano. Trixie, the Sheltie was snoring away.

Dare he call out to the mysterious lady? He thought about it, but then he remembered he didn’t believe in ghosts! This lady had a strange glow around her. The burgler alarm hadn’t gone off, so how did she get in here?

She kept playing, and Stefan felt himself get a chill, starting to shake all over. He needed to get back under his covers. Running up the stairs he jumped in his bed, and pulled the covers over his head.

When he woke up the next morning he tried to tell himself that it was all a dream. He kept repeating that to himself all day, trying to get himself to believe what he was saying.

That night he stayed awake as long as possible, afraid to go to sleep, but he finally gave into it. He slept peacefully all night long. The next night he did too, and he began to relax. It must have been all a dream, probably from eating a cold  anchovy pizza. before bed. He played with the dogs the next day, took Penelope on a walk and was happy, feeling all was well.

What was that noise? NO! It couldn’t be the music again! He was awake, he pinched himself to prove it! He had just gone to bed a little bit ago.

Pulling the covers over his head, he tried to tell himself to stop shaking. Just one more night to go, surely he could make it for just one more night.

The music seemed to go on forever as he laid under his covers. Finally it stopped and slowly he felt himself relax , feeling  his eyelids get heavy.

Fortunately the next night all was quiet and the Shepler’s came home at noon the next day. Stefan was more than happy to go home! Even if meant dealing with a tattle tale sister and a pesky brother. He actually found himself missing them. He would take them over ghosts any day!!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes we can’t see because of the dense fog, and sometimes its something else clouding our “vision.”

Ally, from a fun question this morning. What is your favorite word or words? No need to feel ferhoodled! Just share your word/words in the comments below, maybe you can teach us a new one!

Its not the size of the gift that makes it sweet! PB cups are tiny.

Spinning the Web

Miss. Libby was sitting in her bright sunflower yellow kitchen, deep in thought. Lisette had left to do some shopping, so she was all alone. She still couldn’t get over the fact that Lisette had gone and applied for a job at Miss. Jill’s Dress Shop. The fact that Jill had actually hired her was an even bigger surprise!  How could she have hired her? Wasn’t she afraid that Lisette would find out and if Lisette found out, who knew what would happen. What would she do with the information?  Libby shook her head, taking another drink of her Vanilla Chai tea. Perhaps she needed something a little stronger. Her stomach was in knots. 

Things had been going so smoothly. She had the perfect set up with Miss. Jill, and now some stranger from out of town, just appears and risks ruining everything. All the hard work that Miss. Libby had put into the lucrative side business. She needed this business, as her Inn wasn’t doing very well presently. She set her cup down hard making some of of the tea splash out onto the white tablecloth. Something had to be done, and she was going to do it. She was going to make a phone call to Jill and give her a piece of her mind. 

Miss. Jill was pacing the floor with the phone in her hand. “Yes, I know but…”  “She is a nice la…”  Jill rolled her eyes, she could barely get a word in. “Just calm down and listen!” she finally said in a little sterner of voice, finally Libby got quiet. 

“I am not firing her, the girl didn’t even start yet! I think this could be a very good thing. I could really use the extra help in the store, especially when the special customers come.  Lisette can stay out front with the other customers, as I take the special customers to the back room. 

Jill sighed, as Libby ranted again, but by the time they ended the conversation, Libby did seem a little more warmed up to the idea. She would come around, thought Jill, at least she hoped she did. Dealing with an irritable Libby was not pleasant.

There were times Jill wished that she had never got involved with this side business in the first place. All she had wanted to do was own her own Dress and Fabric store, and then she met Miss. Libby. Before she knew it, she was caught up in a tangled web of secrets, and she kept getting deeper entwined. 

Miss. Libby hung up the phone feeling a little better. Perhaps Jill did know what she was doing. Lisette did seem pretty innocent and naïve, so she might be the right one to help out at the store. It would free up Jill. Maybe business could increase if Jill had more time. Libby saw dollar signs in her head and her smile grew bigger. This really may be a good thing, a very good thing, she thought.  She was thinking of what all she could do with the extra money, as she headed upstairs with her silver Persian cat following right behind her. 

Lisette was dumbfounded. She had come back to the Inn, because she forgot her wallet and she had overheard Miss. Libby on the phone. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when she heard her name spoken, she couldn’t move from her spot in the hallway. 

Miss. Libby wanted Miss. Jill to fire her!? Why? Did she have that strong of dislike for Miss. Jill? She listened some more and things just weren’t adding up. Miss. Libby said that Lisette couldn’t find out about their other business dealings. That they all would be in jeopardy then. What other business? 

Lisette’s mind was swirling. Something wasn’t right and suddenly she was uncertain about working for Miss. Jill. Maybe she should rethink this whole idea of staying in this town. What was she getting into? She needed to take a walk to clear her brain about the troublesome conversation she had heard. 

She didn’t really have a destination in mind she just left the Inn and kept walking, pondering things over. 

When she finally decided to pay attention to her surroundings, she figured out where she was. She was near the creek where she had met the little Annie before.  She had walked out of town. Perhaps sitting by the creek was just what she needed to relax and think straight. 

Walking a little ways more she saw the babbling creek and it didn’t look like anyone was around. Lisette relished the idea of sitting alone for a bit. She slipped off her shoes and dangled her feet in the water. The cool water felt good, she hadn’t meant to walk so far and her feet were a little sore. She found a pebble in the grass and skipped it across the water. She was beginning to relax, when she heard a “MOOOOO!” right behind her! 

Jumping up, she almost lost her balance!  She caught herself and turned around to see Betsy, the cow staring at her, with her deep brown eyes. 

Lisette tried to catch her breath and calm down when she noticed something hanging around Betsy’s neck. It was the enchanted cowbell! Oh Lisette was really tempted to grab it off her neck and shake it for all it was worth! It just had to work again. She went to grab it, but something stopped her from touching it. Never had she been so intimidated by a cow’s eyes before. 

Betsy continued to stare at her and then just as quickly as she had appeared she turned her back on Lisette and walked back towards the barn. Lisette stared after her. Oh how she wanted that bell, but … She sighed. No, she wasn’t going to give up, she would go to work for Miss. Jill and see what she could find out. Perhaps all those Nancy Drew books that she had read as a child would finally pay off! 

(to be continued….next week) 

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a good start and that it continues to go smoothly. If you find yourself dodging curve balls though, perhaps you can follow the advice of the first quote of the day. Though I do hope that your world doesn’t crash down around you! Enjoy the quotes, and remember take some time each day to “just breathe!”  












Secrets Abound

Sometimes I think I am finished with a story but sometimes I am not. Here is a link to 3AM Thoughts! in case you missed it, and here is the rest of the story. 

Lisette heard her alarm clock ringing at 8am. She groggily shut it off, once she could find the right button! With the way she felt now she would be needing an afternoon nap, instead of sharing tea with Miss. Libby today. 

The smell of bacon being fried and coffee perking, did awaken Lisette’s senses and she walked into the dining room with a smile on her face. 

“Good Morning Miss. Libby!”, she called out to her in the kitchen. 

“Good Morning Lisette, I hope you are hungry. I made French raspberry crepes today. ” 

“Sounds delicious!” Lisette replied, thinking to herself that she may need to jog around the block a few extra times today due to this big breakfast. 

“You spoil me!” she said, as Miss. Libby came out of the kitchen with a bowl of scrambled eggs and a plate of crepes. 

Miss. Libby laughed. “I love doing it, and remember you can stay here as long as you like! What are your plans for the day?” she asked, as she took a seat at the table with Lisette. 

“I thought I would apply at some stores today for a job.” 

Miss. Libby clapped her hands together. “Great! So you are planning on staying in town then?” 

Lisette’s heart was warmed by the light in Miss. Libby’s eyes, and her genuine smile, that seemed to really want Lisette to stay. It gave her a boost of confidence. 

“Yes, I am planning on staying, at least for a while, this seems like such a wonderful town. ” 

“Oh it is, it is! The town is finally getting back to normal after the tragic mystery of … Oh, I don’t want to hold you up. You finish your breakfast and we can talk another time. You have a job to find.” 

“But, but what mystery? Does this have to do with the Chicken Man?” 

“Oh dear, I forgot to bring out the bacon. Let me go get it.” and Miss. Libby bustled into the kitchen, returning with the bacon. 

“So what kind of job are you looking for?” she asked. 

Lisette inwardly sighed, Miss. Libby was very nice, but she could be a mystery herself at times, the way she would close up about certain topics. She guessed she was just going to have to be patient, when Miss. Libby was ready to talk she would talk. 

“I was going to see if Miss. Jill needed any help. There wasn’t any  “Help Wanted” sign on her door, but she was so friendly when I visited her shop and she had the most beautiful dresses.”

“Hmm…I know the coffee shop is hiring. They are always busy in there! You may inquire at the Fluffer-Nutter Shoppe as well. You would be laughing yourself through the day if you worked there.” 

Lisette laughed, she had met the owners of the Fluffer -Nutter Shoppe and they certainly were characters. She wondered though why she so quickly talked about other places to look for work besides Miss. Jill’s Dress Shop. She took another bite of her crepe. “This is divine!” 

Miss. Lily blushed with pride. 

“I may check out those places, but I do think I will go to Miss. Jill’s Dress Shop first. ” 

Miss. Lily stared down at her plate and just quietly ate for a few moments.  Lisette was curious now, what was it about Miss. Jill’s place? 

“Umm…Is there a reason that I shouldn’t apply at Miss. Jill’s place?”

Miss. Lily still kept looking at her plate, and when she did look up , her eyes were serious. “Being a respectable lady, you should probably look somewhere else for a job.” 

Lisette took her last sip of coffee to wash down the salty bacon. Miss. Libby was a great cook, but she Lisette wouldn’t mind if she cut back on the salt! 

“Wh-What are you saying? Are you saying that Miss. Jill isn’t…?”

Miss. Lily interrupted her.  “I am not saying anything more, Lisette dear, we do have a great town, but every town has its secrets and well …. lets just leave it at that.  I need to go now and start cleaning up the kitchen.  Good Luck with the job search and we will talk more this afternoon at tea.”

Saying that, she excused herself, leaving Lisette sitting at the trouble with questions circulating in her mind. “Every town has its secrets…” Miss. Lily’s words came back to her. What exact secrets did this town hold? 

She sat at the table holding her water glass and thinking. She hoped that Miss. Lily would tell her more this afternoon at tea, so much for her grabbing a nap. Her curiosity was piqued now, she needed to hear. 

Finishing her water and popping the last strawberry into her mouth she got up from the table and headed out the door. 

It was a beautiful day to be walking downtown. Fall was in the air and the big Maple trees that lined the sidewalks looked lovely. She paused at the Coffee Shop, seeing the sign on the door.  She opened up the door and the bell jangled, but then she turned right back around and walked out again. 

Miss. Jill was busy with a customer when Lisette walked in. Lisette browsed through the clothes, but kept one ear tuned into the conversation going on between Miss. Jill and the customer. They had hushed their tone, and she could barely hear. She then noticed the customer follow Miss. Jill to the back of the store through a door. 

Lisette went back to browsing through the dresses, an emerald green one caught her eye. She was debating about it when Miss. Jill returned just a few minutes later with the customer behind her. 

“Thank you Mrs. Gray, I hope you have a wonderful day now! And please come again!”  

Mrs. Gray smiled and said “Thank you! May you have a great day too.” 

Lisette watched Mrs. Gray exit the store. 

Miss. Jill seemed almost nervous as she approached Lisette, but her voice was calm. 

“Sorry to keep you waiting. How can I help you? Great to see you back again.”

“Well I was actually wondering if I could help you? I am thinking of staying here but I need a job first. Could you use any help? It doesn’t look like you have any other employees here.” 

Miss. Jill paused, looking uncertain,  and then said, ” Wellll … I pretty much run this shop by myself, always have, but … ” and she paused again. this time she smiled. ” Yes, perhaps I could use an extra hand here, that would leave me free to attend to other business. Let me ask you a few questions and we will see what we can work out. ” 

A hour later Lisette walked out of Miss. Jill’s shop feeling great. She had a job now. Plus, Miss. Lily gave her the emerald green dress, as a gift! Now she could write home and let her parents and friends know that she was staying. They would feel better, knowing she had a job. Life was taking a good turn! 

Meanwhile, back in the meadow by the babbling creek, there was a cow grazing contently on the grass, with an enchanted bell hanging around her neck. 




Riding the Waves

Mind bending painting by Robert Gonsalves on Pinterest

What had he been thinking? He had been sailing on the sea for 3 days now and had spent most of his time leaning over the railing, while turning green.

Ooooh the big waves came again, and with them another wave of nausea. Jeremy bent over the railing just in time.

Floyd came by and patted him on the back. “Not feeling too good eh?”

Jeremy groaned and shook his head, not trusting himself to speak. He gripped the railing, hoping the breeze would help refresh him and bring some relief to his misery.

“Don’t worry fella, this happens to all the newbies, you will make it! By the way, we are having liver and onions for lunch, sound good?” Floyd didn’t wait for a response, he walked away laughing as Jeremy grimaced.

The adventure had sounded so exciting. A 15 day deep sea adventure. They were going to dive and explore the hidden parts of the sea, who knew what wonderful things he may see. He didn’t think twice about signing up. He had always wanted to scuba dive, sounded so cool. He never took into account though that he had never been on a ship before!

He closed his eyes as he fought another wave of nausea. Earlier, Jeremy had been lying below deck in his cabin, but it got so stuffy in there that he thought he could use some fresh air. Maybe he should go back to the cabin and lie down, for he was starting to feel dizzy.

Staring out at the never ending sea he squinted his eyes, was that another ship he saw, and maybe 2, or 5 or … wait no just one. Oh he must be losing it, he couldn’t even count anymore. Jeremy closed his eyes. Then he opened them and looked again. Yes there was 1 ship and wait, was that a bridge? A bridge in the middle of the sea? He shook his head, trying to clear his mind and looked again, yup, sure enough there was a bridge in the middle of the deep blue sea.

Robert was mopping the deck, as Jeremy was slowly walking across it to head downstairs to his cabin.

“Oh Jeremy you really don’t look too good, where are you headed?”

“Back to my cabin to lie down.”

“Good idea! I am guessing you don’t want anyone to wake you up for lunch in a half hour? Liver and onions with beets. Hey ….. be careful the deck is wet, you may … !

Poor Jeremy’s legs slipped out from under him and he fell smack onto the floor! This day just kept getting better.

Later that night, he woke up and for the first time his stomach finally wasn’t turning. Perhaps the worst was over and from here on out it would be smooth sailing! He got up and opened his door. A strong odor assaulted his senses. What was that? He looked down to see that a tray of liver and onions with beets had been placed beside his door. Just then the boat rocked, almost knocking him off his feet.

He grimaced. Oh No! Not again, he thought, as he bent over holding his stomach, and ran back to his bed. Next time he was going on a safari adventure, he was not cut out for the sea!