Sunsets and Sunflowers


Thanks to Jason, at  for letting me use one of his pictures again, to help inspire a story.


She stood on the bridge with a full heart, as the wind blew through her long, amber hair. In 3 months there would be people all around, but for now, it was only her, watching the sunset.

Jenna smiled, as she let herself dream of what it would be like 3 months  from now. The field would look vastly different. Sunflowers would be blooming! Jenna was  delighted that the farmer had agreed to let her get married in his Sunflower Field! He had planted it, making an opening right in the center for Jenna, Cole and the wedding party to stand. Her heart fluttered at the thought that so very soon she would become Cole’s wife! How long she had dreamed and waited for this day to come!

Excitement stirred inside her. She felt so blessed to be able to have the wedding of her dreams out in the country like this. Ever since she had been a little girl she had loved sunflowers and now her sunflower wedding was happening.

Jenna practiced walking across the bridge, pretending to hold her bouquet and humming the music that she and Cole had chosen. She closed her eyes, breathing in the sweetness of the moment, feeling the perfect peace that surrounded her. Things would soon start to get more hectic, but for now she was savoring the magic of the night.  When the sky was as colorful as the emotions playing through her heart.

With one last look at the sun setting in the sky, she turned around to head back home.

After Jenna turned around something far out in the field moved. Something had been watching Jenna, with its big, deep brown eyes.  It stared after her for a little while longer and then went back to contently chewing on the grass. All was quiet, as the sky continued to grow darker, and night came over the sunflower field.



The Brave Hero

I had thought I was finished with the fairy series, but after some “gentle persuasion”, I have decided to write one more story. After all, someone needs be a big hero and save all the other poor fairies that had been kidnapped.  If you missed the last story, here is the link. Truth Revealed



It had been a week since the “nameless men” had become heroes and rescued Kendra from the fairies. She had been under the spell of Felicity the dark fairy, who had made her become Princess Iridessa.

Kendra was so happy to be back with her grandmother, they could not thank their heroes enough. Her grandmother told them that she would be glad to make her special strawberry, salted caramel coffee for them anytime they wanted to stop by.

One of the nameless heroes was lying in bed, not able to sleep. Probably due to him indulging in too much of Grandma’s sweet coffee. He typically did not drink coffee, but there was just something magical about that strawberry coffee that he couldn’t resist.

Now he laid in bed thinking of the other fairies that were still under Felicity’s spell. Would they be able to rescue them?  He knew that the other guys were trying to come up with a plan, would it be successful?

He also couldn’t stop thinking of Cupcake, Fairlight’s unicorn. Oh how he envied Fairlight. He had always been intrigued with unicorns and he would love to fly on the back of one, through the moonlit sky.

“What was that? Did something just flash by his window?”

He got up from his bed and walked over to the window to look outside. What he saw almost took his breath away! There was the most beautiful unicorn he had ever seen. It was a dazzling white, with brightly colored wings. It was Cupcake! What was Cupcake doing here?  His heart was bursting, he had to touch the unicorn, only then could he believe that Cupcake was really outside his window.

Slipping into his shoes, he quickly ran outside, holding his breath that the unicorn would still be there.

There it was, not having moved from his window. Boldly he reached out to touch it and it didn’t move at all. He kept rubbing Cupcake, and then, he had the craziest idea! Ideas seemed to come to him often, but this one may be the craziest one yet. Would the unicorn let him ride it? Could he soar through the dark blue sky on it?  There was only one way to find out. Slowly he climbed upon it and before he knew it Cupcake took off!

“WOW!” the “nameless man” shouted! He was as thrilled as could be. Cupcake soared higher and higher into the sky. Perhaps he would get to touch the moon, fly through the Milky way galaxy. He didn’t know where Cupcake was headed, but he didn’t care.

In a short time the unicorn started going downward and soon they had landed on a bridge. The man recognized the bridge. They were back in Fairyland. This was where they had met Fairlight in order to rescue Kendra. Why had the unicorn brought him here?

“Quick, listen to me.” Cupcake spoke,  ” Fairlight sent me to you. She and your friends are helping to rescue the other fairies and they need your help!”

The man’s face beamed with pride, he was going to be a hero tonight!

“Come to steal more of my fairies away?”” a sinister voice said from behind him.

The man almost fell off his unicorn from fright.  Behind him was Felicity, the dark fairy. “OH NO!” What was he going to do?

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a slight movement. Was that who he thought it was? Yes, it was his friends moving through the woods, with Fairlight too! Now he understood. Fairlight had sent her unicorn to him so that he could come distract Felicity the dark fairy. They knew he would be brave enough to do it.  He wouldn’t let them down, he would be the hero that saved them all!

“So I am going to ask you one more time, What are you doing here?” Felicity asked.

The man climbed down off Cupcake so he could stand up big and tall to Felicity.

“Excuse me Ma’am, but I am afraid I am lost. I think I must have turned the wrong way at the galaxy. Can you help me?  Where am I exactly?”

Unknown to the man, Cupcake had worked her magic and disguised the man, so that Felicity didn’t recognize him as one of the “nameless men”.

“You don’t know where you are at? You don’t know who I am?” cackled Felicity.

“Why no, but you do look very stunning, if I may say.”

Felicity allowed herself to blush a little, and then she laughed.

“Well … well … this could be fun.”

The man’s heart pounded a little , he hoped his friends knew what they were doing and that they would be hurry up, so that Cupcake could fly him away to safety.

“I haven’t had much chance to practice my spells, you wouldn’t mind, would you, if I practiced on you?”

The “nameless man’s” throat began to grow very dry as he tried to swallow the growing lump.

“Umm… did you say spells?” he asked nervously.

“Yes! I did. I think you would make a fine specimen for me to practice on . Hmmm… lets see, what do you prefer, a quacking duck or…”  Suddenly Cupcake soared into the air! The “nameless man” tried to quickly jump on, but Felicity grabbed him.

Where was she going without him? The man’s heart fell! He saw her fly over to his friends and Fairlight. They had all the fairies with them and they were all on Cupcake’s back now.

“My fairies!” yelled Felicity in anger.

“You did this! You distracted me so that they could get away! For this you will pay!”

His friends and the other fairies watched from the sky in horror as Felicity turned him into a quacking duck!

The fairies were all taken safely back to their homes, and reunited with their families. Everyone was so grateful, giving the “nameless men” and Fairlight many thanks!

In silence the “nameless men” headed back home. They were glad to have saved the fairies, but they were sad about their friend. Perhaps they could think of a way to save him. For now though, they knew who the true hero really was! It was their friend who swam in a lake and now quacked with the other ducks.  It was his bravery in facing Felicity that had enabled them all to escape. He had always wanted to be a big hero, and now he truly was. “Quack! Quack!”


**pictures from Pinterest**




Truth Revealed

Here is a link to Part 3 The Rescue? Hope you enjoy the conclusion!


After pondering the situation for a few weeks and working her magic to find out the true story behind Princes Iridessa, Fairlight knew what she had to do. She had decided that tonight would be the night she put her plan into action. She really hoped it would work, for if not, well, she wouldn’t let herself think about what could happen.

The “nameless guys” were sitting at the coffee shop drinking very bitter black coffee. They thought it would help them think better. They needed all the help they could get, for they were supposed to attempt their secret mission tonight. Once again to try and rescue Princes Iridessa from the fairies.

“I sure don’t want to get attacked by those ducks again!” said the one guy.

The others silently nodded in agreement.

“Fairlight said she would make sure the ducks were taken care of. We should have nothing to worry about.”

“Are you sure we can trust her? What if she is just leading us into a trap?”

No comment was made as they all drank their coffee while deep in thought.

Fairlight had made sure to volunteer for night shift in guarding Princess Iridessa tonight. It was  pretty easy to do, for not too many fairies enjoyed the task of staying up all night.

Her stomach was churning as she waited for the other fairies to bid everyone goodnight and return to their fairy houses for the night.


She wanted to explain everything to Princess Iridessa but she thought it would be better to wait to do that. She was still under the powerful spell that Felicity had put on her. Fairlight really hoped the antidote she had made for the spell would work. She had just finished making Princess Iridessa her favorite cup of  Salted Caramel, banana coffee. Mixing into it the flavorless antidote potion. She brought it to her with a piece of lemon raspberry cake for her bedtime treat.

“This is so moist and delicious, thank you so much, Fairlight.”

“You are most welcome, dear Princess.”  Fairlight started to get choked up as she watched her drink her coffee. She would really miss the Princess, but she knew she was doing the right thing. Tonight she hoped to make some people very happy, well as long as the “nameless men” didn’t screw up anything. She shook her head, laughing to herself.

Fairlight had checked into their background and she knew she shouldn’t have listened to Felicity. She was controlling all the fairies with her story about them. They weren’t bad! A little cuckoo at times perhaps,  but they were nice guys, as far as what she could find out about them. They had good hearts. They were trying to rescue the fairies one by one, for they knew about Felicity. They knew she wasn’t the good, sweet fairy that she pretended to be. She was dark. She hadn’t just had Princes Iridessa kidnapped, she had kidnapped a lot of them, and stolen their memories.

Fairlight was planning to escape tonight too. She had made some of the antidote potion for herself to see if Felicity had put a magical spell on her. She was shocked by the memories that came back to her. Tonight after Princess Iridessa was safely handed over to the “nameless men”, she would fly away on Cupcake her Unicorn, back to where she had come from.

Princess Iridessa had fallen asleep. Fairlight had mixed some sleeping potion in as well, would make it easier. When Princess Iridessa woke up, she should have her memories back. Fairlight’s heart started beating fast as she kept her ears alert to hear the signal that the “nameless men” would send once they got to the bridge. Fairlight would meet them there.


She heard it. The call of the Cuckoo bird. She was quite impressed with how well they imitated the Cuckoo bird’s call. They must be very familiar with it.

She laid Princess Iridessa on top of Cupcake and then got on to hold onto her while they flew to the bridge. Landing on the bridge, the “nameless men” took Princess Iridessa off of Cupcake and 2 of them held her between them.

“Thank you Fairlight for helping, you are a good fairy! We wish you the best as you fly back to your home. Safe travels!”

“Take care of her please!” Fairlight said with a tear in her eye. Then she jumped onto Cupcake and flew away without looking back.

The “nameless men” started walking away.

“Ribbit Ribbit!” The one man jumped at the frog that crossed his path. The others laughed. “Its just a little frog.” The guy made a face and they walked on.

They made it the rest of the way without incident.  When they got out of the forest, they all breathed a sigh of relief!

“There she is, waiting for us.”

Kendra’s Grandma was standing  there with tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched the men bring her granddaughter over to her.

“I don’t know how to thank you for returning her to me! A part of my heart died when she disappeared. She is the only family I have left, we just have each other. You are my heroes!”

The “nameless guys” blushed at the praise as they all told her that it was their pleasure.

“How long will it take for the potion to wear off?” her Grandmother asked.

“Fairilight said that when she awakens in the morning in her own bed, all her memories should have returned.”

Her Grandmother smiled and they all helped her get Kendra back to the Grandmother’s house.

“Please let me make you some of my sweet coffee for you before you all leave.” Grandmother said.

Hmmm… sweet coffee? That would be something new for them, perhaps they should give it a try, they thought.

After getting Kendra settled in her bed, it only took her Grandmother a few minutes to whip up the coffee.

They all tasted it and their taste buds tingled with delight! Their smiles grew big. Oh what they had been missing drinking their bitter coffee.

“What all is in this coffee?’ they asked.

“Its my salted caramel, strawberry, marshmallow coffee”, made specially just for all of you, my heroes!”

“May we have a second cup please?”

Grandmother smiled, as she fixed them all some more. The clock struck midnight, one more fairy had been rescued and all was well!









Tuesday’s Thoughts!

A shout out to my dear Mother in law today. It’s her birthday! Perhaps if you all yell “Happy Birthday” loud enough she will hear you the whole way out in the cornfields of Indiana. I really am thankful for her, there are so many horror stories you hear about MIL’s, but I am blessed to have a wonderful one! She of course is mutually blessed to have the best daughter in law! 🙂

I also can’t forget that if my brother was still alive, we would be celebrating his birthday today as well! Though my MIL”s cake would obviously have the most candles on it.

So in honor of 2 very special people have a great day! Cherish the Moments and find something that will make your heart smile!


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The Rescue?

Here is a link to Part 2 from yesterday. Life with the Fairies  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Part 3 which was supposed to be the Conclusion, but …


Princess Iridessa was looking at the picture that she held in her hands. The one Laylie had given her. Now she knew what the guys with no names looked like. The ones she was supposed to look out for. They sure did look scary, compared to the good fairies that were all around her.

Iridessa was sitting in another part of the amazing forest today. She was alone and she knew she shouldn’t be. Poor Trillinia was probably looking all over for her, but Iridessa just had to get away. She did love the kind fairies, but being surrounded by someone 24/7 was beginning to drive her a little crazy. She had to just grab a few moments alone. It had felt so good sitting here and watching the butterflies fly around her. She decided she should really get back, so as not to worry anyone. Standing up, she deeply breathed in the wonderful scent of the flowers once more and started down… What was that sound? It sounded like someone was behind … !

The nameless guys sat down on a rock after going a few miles.

“Whose idea was it to drug her? She is getting really heavy to carry.”

“Well would you rather we have let her scream and alert all the fairies that are all around? You know the magic powers they have!

“I think its safe for us to rest here a little bit. This really is quite a lovely place. Look at those flaming orange butterflies, they seem to be staring right at us. Where did I put my camera?”

Trillinia didn’t know what else to do. She had looked everywhere for Princess Iridessa, but couldn’t find her. She would have to tell Felicity, who she was sure would be quite upset with her. She slowly started walking towards Felicity’s little house, when Laylie came rushing down the path towards her with a frantic look on her face.

“Quick! Alert all the fairies! Princess Iridessa has been captured, the butterflies will show us where she is.

Trillinina gasped and rang the bell, sending out the alarm. In a very short time the fairies were gathered together and following the butterflies as quickly as they could.

“Well we better get moving again. We want to get out of these woods before it starts getting dark.” the one nameless guy said.

They took turns carrying Princess Iridessa as they headed down the path once more.

Suddenly a whole flock of ducks came out of nowhere and started biting at their legs! The nameless men were jumping around like crazy, yelling, they dropped the net that Princess Iridessa was in and took off running.

The fairies flew around the net and untangled it, letting Princess Iridessa out. Felicity then gave her an injection to counteract the sleeping potion that she had been given.

Opening her eyes, the Princess looked around.

“Why am I sitting on the ground? What’s that net doing beside me?”

Felicity gently explained what had happened to her. Princess Iridessa was horrified by the fact that she had been kidnapped and almost taken away!

“I can’t thank you all enough for saving me!” she said, with tears in her eyes.

Laylie squeezed her hand and said, “We are just so relieved that all is well now! Lets have a big party tonight!”  The fairies cheered in agreement.

Later that evening they had a party with all the food you could want, roast beef, ham, chicken and turkey. Vegetables galore as well and of course the sweet honey cakes and ice cream.

Tiny Fairlight sat off by herself watching everyone celebrate.  She didn’t feel like celebrating, she felt guilty. How could the fairies do this? She knew they wanted a Princess so badly, but they were going about it the wrong way. You couldn’t just keep someone from their home. Surely her family must be worried, if she had a family.

She had to find out the true story about Princess Iridessa.  If she did have loved ones missing her, Fairlight was determined that somehow she would get her back to them. She continued to be lost in thought as the party went on around her.  Who were those nameless, funny looking guys? Were they really as bad as Felicity had said? Were they trying to return her to her home or … ?


(to be continued…)

**photos from Pinterest**


Life with the Fairies


If you missed Part 1 from yesterday, here is the link.  Where Magic Lives


“I think she is stirring.” said Laylie.

All the fairies were silent as they watched. It had been a long wait! They had trouble finding Felicity at first. Some of the fairies had been afraid that Kendra would wake up before Felicity came, but the sleeping magic  had worked very well, and  now it was time for her  to wake up.

Kendra stretched as she slowly opened her eyes. She gasped at the sight of the fairies around her, and then was in awe at the stunning purple butterflies and rushing waterfall.

“Such a beautiful paradise! I feel as if I have always been here and could be here forever!” Kendra said.

Felicity smiled, “We are so glad to have you here with us and we are sure you will delight in our paradise, Princess.”

Kendra’s eyes opened wide. “Princess? I am a Princess!”

“Yes, you are the Princess of the fairies, Princess Iridessa.” said Felicity, and all the fairies cheered.

Kendra wasn’t sure what to think. She was speechless. This all seemed to good to be true, she was a Princess. Princess of the fairies in this waterfalls paradise? How did she get here? There were foggy images in her brain when she tried to think of the past. Images she couldn’t quite make sense of, but it didn’t worry her. This was exciting! If she was dreaming, she didn’t want to wake up.

The fairies were so sweet and kind. Eager to please her they catered to her every need. They made the most delicious sweet coffee. She wondered what their secret ingredient was. There were times when she would be drinking it that a foggy image would pop in her brain. The taste of the coffee seemed to remind her of something, but she had no clue as to what it was.

One day Felicity and two other fairies, Periwinkle and Misty were talking.

“Does she know yet?” asked Periwinkle.

“No, I don’t think Laylie has told her. We don’t want to scare her.”

“She needs to know to be careful though. I saw her wandering around by herself the other day. Isn’t she supposed to have a fairy guard around her at all time?”

Misty hung her head, as she fluttered a little. “That was my fault. I was busy making sweet honey cakes and forgot that it was my turn to guard her.”

Felicity was quiet for a little and then she spoke. “Perhaps we should tell her, for her own safety. We wouldn’t need to reveal everything, but at least let her know to be aware of her surroundings at all times. Let her know that unfortunately not everyone is sweet and kind here in fairyland. I will tell Laylie to have a talk with her. ”

Later that evening Misty and Laylie were with Princess Iridessa, when Zarina brought her some coffee and a piece of honey cake.

Princess Iridessa took a drink and again a foggy picture popped in her brain, but it left almost as quickly as it appeared.  She couldn’t remember anything from her past, but every now and then the foggy pictures in her brain would bring odd shapes to her mind and a hint of sadness. Though the sadness quickly fled, especially when eating yummy honey cakes, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

“Laylie, can you please take me to where you showed me those large fish before. They were so cool!” Princess Iridessa asked with eagerness in her voice, taking another bite of the honey cake.

“Once you finish your honey cake, we can go. On our way there I need to talk to you about something.” Laylie said.

“Great! What do you need to talk about? Did Bella forget to put out nectar for the butterflies again?  Or did Skyler get into an argument with Periwinkle again? Those two are always at each other.”

“No Princess, everyone is doing fine and Bella is taking great care of the butterflies now.  Its something more important, for it concerns your well being.”

Princess Iridessa swallowed her last bite of honey cake and her face was all serious as she said, ” Lets go, I am ready to listen to whatever you have to say.”


When they got to the place where the  Koi swam, they sat down on a rock as Princess Iridessa tried to digest all that had been told to her.

“So there are those out there who wish to harm me?”

“I am afraid so, they are sly, and you have to be very careful! They may appear to look innocent, but they are far from it. They will totally play games with your mind, and you won’t know which end is up.”

“What are their names?” Princes Iridessa asked.

Laylie was quiet for a moment. “Well for now they remain nameless.”

Princess Iridessa looked confused.

“Don’t worry! I will show you a picture of them and then you will know who to watch out for.”

Princess Iridessa nodded silently, feeling a little bit overwhelmed with everything. “But why, do they wish to harm me?”

“You are the Princess, that is why! They want to overtake Fairyland, and take you back to …”

“Take me back? Take me back where? Isn’t this the place I have always been?”

Laylie’s face grew red, she had almost let the secret slip, what was she thinking! Sometimes she got so caught up in talking that her forgot to think!

“Look at that Koi over there! Oh and did you see the butterfly just fly by?” she asked.

Princess Iridessa gave her a strange look, something wasn’t making sense, but these fairies had been so nice to her. She sighed, she wasn’t going to worry. The fairies were kind, surely they were protecting her from these ones with no names, for her own good.

She dangled her feet in the water and giggled as a Koi nibbled at her toe. All was good in fairyland, what could possibly go wrong!

(to be continued…)




Where Magic Lives


Jason from had posted this picture on his blog awhile ago. I had mentioned back then how I liked it and asked if I could use it for a story post. He nicely granted his permission and then I forgot, about it, until it popped back in my mind today! Thanks Jason, for the inspiration.


Kendra saw the sign ahead. “Rimrock Trail 2.2 miles”  Should she take this trail? She wondered where it might lead. There was no rush for her to get back home, so why not try it. She headed down the trail, seeing a bright orange butterfly fly in front of her and watching a bushy tailed squirrel quickly scamper out of her way.

It was nice to be walking in the shade for a change, the noonday sun had been getting hot earlier. With this trail the trees made a cool canopy above her as she walked.

Walking on she was enjoying the solitude. Thoughts  had stopped whizzing around in her brain at 90 mph. Nature really did help to put your mind at rest. A smile crossed her face at the sight of a white rabbit off to the side. It was a cute ball of fluff, reminding her of a big ball of cotton candy. She watched  it sitting there with its ears erect, then suddenly without warning, taking off around the tree.

Something touched her shoulder. With surprise she saw the bright orange butterfly that she had seen before, now sitting on her shoulder. Holding still she wondered how long it would stay. It didn’t stay for too long until it flew away, but it left her with a magical feeling.

After walking for a little while longer she thought she heard the sound of water running. She blinked her eyes in surprise as ahead of her she saw even more butterflies, shades of orange, purple and blue. It was almost like they were beckoning her to follow them.

The sound of rushing water grew stronger and Kendra eagerly walked on. She caught her breath at the sight before her. It was a most  lovely waterfall. Oh, she was so glad she had taken this trail, what a wonderful surprise to find. Beautiful pink lotus blossoms were around the waterfall, adding to the magical feel of the place.

31d7468628e9bda4c3b3bc244c9075ce (pinterest photo credit)

Spying a rock she sat down, soaking in the sound of the rushing water. Feeling at peace, her eyes began growing heavy and it wasn’t long before they closed.

“Looks like the butterflies found someone…”

“Do you think she could be the one?”  asked Laylie, as others gathered around the sleeping Kendra.

“We will have to see what Felicity says, as to whether or not she wants to try and cast the spell on her. Go Laylie, and get Felicity.

Off Laylie flew, hoping that perhaps at last they had found someone to be the Princess of the fairies.








Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Walking … an exercise for the heart and eyes … when out in nature! 

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Sharing from the heart … warms the heart

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Ice cream and pretzels? I like having something salty when I eat something sweet. I also love my salted caramel lattes, which I know make certain people groan! Here’s your chance, what combination goes together. Doesn’t need to be food! Friendship and Laughter go together  for sure! Give it a whirl and comment below! 


10 ways to …

aspen-glow1 (pinterest) painting by Albin Veselka


Gina was in a hurry. She had spent too much time daydreaming at the lake and now she was going to have to really hurry. She had picked blackberries to make a blackberry pie for her Professor. She was taking a creative writing class and really enjoying it.  Writing had been something she had always enjoyed and staring at the Professor with his coal black hair and green eyes was an added bonus. The class was tonight, so she didn’t have a whole lot of time to get the pie baked.

Being naturally shy, it took some courage for Gina to bake her Professor some sweet things, but she had heard that food was a way to a man’s heart. She was determined to try her best. Overhearing him talking about blackberry pie being his favorite she had decided that would be his treat for this week. A teacher like him definitely deserved more than just apples! Last week she had baked him a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. He was very appreciative, and his grateful smile was so dreamy.  She quickened her pace and smiled the rest of the way home.

The sweet aroma of the freshly baked pie filled the kitchen. She had finished it with a little time to spare. Having the extra time Gina decided to put on her heart shaped gold earrings and the heart locket to match. Sprayed on some “Sweet Temptation” perfume, a little fuschia lipstick and she was ready to go.

Her fluffy white cat Muffin rubbed itself against her leg, as it purred. Gina bent down to pick her up. “Sorry, that I have to go, but I have an extra special treat for you.” Gina opened a can of sardines and put it in Muffin’s dish. Muffin immediately began eating, not giving her a second look as she walked out the door.

Pulling into the parking lot early she was surprised to see some other cars there already. She had been hoping to be the first to arrive. Walking down the hallway she heard talking coming from the classroom. It sounded like Cynthia, the short, older,  blonde haired lady in her class. As she got closer she heard her laughing and then. No…she couldn’t have heard that! What was the Professor saying to Cynthia?

Gina’s heart started racing and she was beginning to find it hard to breathe. She was at the classroom door, it had been left standing partially open. Pressing herself up against the wall she turned her head and peeked inside. Her heart fell! They were k-k-kiss-kissing!

Dropping the blackberry pie Gina ran down the hallway breaking the heel off her right shoe. Why did she wear those stupid heels anyway! She took off her other shoe and ran to her azure blue car. Hopping inside, she closed the door as the tears ran.

Blaring the music from the radio, she sped home. Opened the front door and threw the keys on the counter with such force that she startled Muffin, who had been lying on the counter. Muffin jumped down and disappeared in a flash.

Gina changed out of her nice outfit, and took off her necklace and earrings. She pulled on her comfy sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Pouring herself a glass of Blueberry wine, she sat at the typewriter. The title of her story would be “10 ways to get Revenge!” her lips curled into a sinister smile, as she started to type.