What color would you choose?

Things to do with the color purple...:

Good afternoon everyone! It is a lovely sunny day here. Tomorrow and Friday they are calling for rain and next week snow flurries. Oh isn’t Spring Grand! LOL!

Read this book in the Daycare where I work and it stuck with me through the day. It is a OLD story, but a good one, that is why the book is still around πŸ™‚ About a boy who colors everything you can possibly imagine! Simple story, and I thought of how cool it would be to take a crayon and go color the world!

What color would you choose? What would you color? Would you add some yellow like a sunflower to the sad little boy who just dropped his ice cream cone? Or some bright orange like orange Zinnias to the old widowed lady sitting on the bench. Would you draw some Pink Elephants on the computer screen for the solemn workaholic sitting behind his desk? And what about a lovely shade of green, like a 4 leaf clover for the struggling single parent working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Would you draw some stars a magical shade of blue for the teenager who needs to be encouraged to keep shooting for the moon, and following their dreams?

Go! The crayons are ready! They are at your disposal. Go color the world and don’t be surprised if some of that color splashes back on you!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter week-end! We celebrated Easter and my daughter’s 17th birthday!!! Still can’t believe it is number 17!! Had a nice time, in spite of still fighting a cold, but I think I am finally getting to the end of it. I hope! If this crazy wind would stop, that would help! Woke up with the song Morning has Broken on my mind so here are some thoughts about Morning πŸ™‚ ENJOY and have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

  1. My fitness motivation page is dedicated to inspire anyone that likes fitness and wants to achieve a #fit and #healthy body.
  2. “I planned to take over the world today, but I’m too tired!”
  3. “Every morning you have 2 choices, Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and start chasing them.”
  4. A very good friend told me this when I was at my lowest. ..he will forever be the one who saved me. β™‘β™‘:
  5. Choose Yourself 5x7 Print Typewriter Poem by by TylerKentWhite: How many of us would make this choice?
  6. “Eat GLITTER for breakfast and SHINE all day!” πŸ™‚
  7. When you really want to slap someone...There are just some people you really want to do that to.....: I thought this was too cute and I clearly identify πŸ™‚
  8. PROCAFFIENATING: The tendency to not start anything until you’ve had your cup of coffee!Β  (so how many of you fit this description? :))
  9. “I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family and dreams that turned into reality!”
  10. To honestly feel this way EVERY DAY. That's the way to live.: Keep Smiling and have a GREAT DAY!!

To post or not to post….

You know the times you write things and you look at them and think should I really post this, or should I not. Well that is what this one is, and after I write it here I may delete it with a click of a button, but than again I may not. Whichever decision I make ,hopefully it is the right one!

I feel at one time or another everyone can probably identify with what i am going to say. Varying degrees, but similar emotions. So if you are dealing with this right now, I hope this brings you some solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Amidst this pain remember the GOLD NUGGETS are out there! Sometimes we just need to look harder to find them!


B-Black and Blue on the inside- Broken wings

E-Earnestly trying to focus on the good instead of the bad. Trying not to let it overwhelm

T-Trust broken, trial by fire

R-Reaching out for hope amidst the pain

A-Anger, but controlling it, so it doesn’t poison you

Y-Yearning for all your questions to be answered

E-Embracing the ability to NOT build walls, for in the building of walls to shut out the pain, we shut out the love that people can give

D-Dying inside, but knowing its not the end! Determined to fly again!

Well its written and I still am debating about pushing the post button, but I have been told that pieces that come from the heart are sometimes the best pieces. I also feel its appropriate as Easter is coming and our Savior knows very much the pain of Betrayal. If you are going through this pain I am sending a HUG out to you with this post. The HUGS go out to the ones that feel like they been betrayed by God also. Where ever you find yourself, know you are loved and cared about and I hope that this post gives you the strength to keep fighting through the pain.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

If its Spring, what is going on with the COLD mornings? Felt more like Spring in February, LOL! Hopefully these quotes will WARM your heart πŸ™‚ Have an AMAZING TUESDAY!!!

2.Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite writers.  His wit and writing style inspire me to thought.:

3.” Experience is the hardest kind of teacher, it gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards”. Oscar Wilde

4. “We have all been in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

5. “Women are meant to be loved, not understood.” Oscar Wilde ( Had to laugh at this one!)

6. ” To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde ( Have you noticed a theme here yet, LOL! )

7.”I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Oscar Wilde

8. “I’m so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” πŸ™‚ Oscar Wilde

9. “Keep love in your heart, life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.” Oscar Wilde

10.”Memory is the diary that we all carry around with us.” Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s name just popped in my mind this morning and I am glad it did πŸ™‚ The first one I almost didn’t put, cause it is sad, but unfortunately in a lot of cases it is true also. I am thinking of how we don’t value human life anymore with all the shootings, etc. There just was a tragic shooting not that far from us which made this stand out. It was the Pa.Turnpike shooting that was in the news. The guy knew the price of what he owed, and he placed that over the price of human life 😦  My heart goes out to the victim’s family and friends.

And also the attack that just happened at Brussels airport! Thoughts and prayers with them as well!!!

The Sound of Silence

I decided this would be an appropriate song for today. I woke up with no voice, so this song has been going through my mind all morning. It is a mystery as to how long my voice will be gone. Could be 3 days, could be 7 days! I really am not looking to break any records and have it longer this time! For when my voice goes it really goes, there is no hoarseness about it, it is totally silent! Just a whisper!

My voice gives me no warning before it leaves and comes back with no warning! I can be whispering and all of a sudden my volume has increased πŸ™‚ This first started back in 1990 when I lived down in South Carolina with a group of friends. Needless to say, they did enjoy the times my voice left me. Being a group that played a lot of jokes, this gave lots of opportunity! The one time that always stands out to me is when we were all walking in downtown Charleston. 2 certain guys in our group,Β  who will remain nameless started saying in loud voices., “50cents to see the midget!” , yes they would point at me! No, they didn’t make any money, LOL! But there was a older lady who did stop and patted me on the head saying how she would pay more than that to see me!! For those of you that may be new to my blog, I measure in at the grand height of 4’10 and 1/2. πŸ™‚ I was 19 at this time and I did not blame the sweet, old lady. No, the daggers in my eyes were meant for the 2 nameless guys. LOL!

When we were married and I lost my voice for the first time my hubby found it humorous as well. Now if I felt sick with it, it would be different, but I don’t. So this morning he gave me a big smile as he left for work. Tho he will admit that if it gets too long, he does miss it! πŸ™‚

So we will see what happens, for now enjoy the song and give out a little yell for me. πŸ™‚


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! My thoughts are totally about wanting to go back to bed! Just being honest πŸ™‚ Are you having trouble waking up also, or have you been up for hours already ? πŸ™‚ Hopefully these quotes will give you a boost of energy or at least not put you to sleep πŸ™‚ Have a great day! And as always share which ones stood out to you, it is always fun to read your comments and interpretations of the quotes!

  1. “Life is a series of commas, not periods.” Matthew McConaughey
  2. “Life should like like a movie…a little drama, a little romance and a lot of laughter.” Susan Gale
  3. “Many moments are only cherished, when they have become memories.” from the movie Click
  4. “If you don’t make a choice, the choice makes you.” From Ghost Rider
  5. “A pumping heart keeps you from dying, a feeling heart makes you alive.” From Warm Bodies
  6. “When life gets you down, do you want to know what you gotta do, Just Keep Swimming.” From Finding Nemo
  7. “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all!” From Mulan
  8. “Some people are worth melting for!” From Frozen! ( doesn’t that just melt your heart :))
  9. “Anything can happen if you let it!” From Mary Poppins, I always liked that movie!
  10. “Before you do anything, be clear of why you want to do it. The purpose is a important reason to support what you want to do.” From All the King’s Men

What if??

Good Morning! It was dark this morning as my kids got up for school, that is what I don’t like about Daylight Savings Time!Β  I also don’t like losing the extra hour of sleep, LOL!

But wouldn’t it be cool if we could “Spring Forward” more than a hour in our lives?? Like you are stuck in a traffic jam and you push a button that says Spring Forward and Voila, you are at home on the couch with your feet propped up πŸ™‚ Or you are stuck in the line at the grocery store with tons of groceries. Push the button on your phone and Voila, you are at home, groceries put away and you areΒ  eating a already preparedΒ  supper πŸ™‚ Seriously, someone needs to start working on this. These things would be much better than losing a hour of sleep!

Especially for the even bigger things in life! You dread that meeting with your boss….Push the button, meeting is already done and you got a raise πŸ™‚ In the middle of a argument ; with the push of a button argument is done and everyone feels fine! And the list goes on and on. Yes, Springing Forward in Life can sound very tempting at times! And with the moments that you don’t want to go past you push Pause; you are stuck in the moment for as long as you want. πŸ™‚

What moments in your lifeΒ  do you want to push Pause on? Or are you at the place where right now you want isΒ  to Spring Forward in life as much as possible! Where ever you are at, I hope you can have a great start to the week. A great start, even if your Spring Forward button isn’t working.