A Sunday Smile


This picture was sent to me by my friends today. The caption was, ” We heard it calling your name!”

27 years ago this pond did not look like this! 27 years ago I was in this pond more times then I can count! No, I did not swim in it. None of us did, for why swim in a pond, when the beach was only 10 minutes away!That is how the beach got in my soul, for I was there every day.

There were 9 of us that lived together in a house on Johns Island in South Carolina. A beautiful place. One of the best years of my life.

I was in the pond so much  because of being thrown in. Bullfrogs loved the pond as well and I was told that they wanted to see me. I wouldn’t want to make the bullfrogs sad, right? Did I ever deserve to be thrown in the pond?? Wellll… I’ll let you think what you want to think for that answer. 🙂

I did text my friends back saying to give the frogs my apologies. That I wasn’t planning  on swimming in there anytime soon! They laughed and said how they had just been at Kiawah Island, that was the beach we had went to all the time. I told them they were confused. They had heard the beach calling my name, not the pond!2bc31c5b6fae4b040c0634cd998bfbbc


A Serving of Humble Pie

My Dad’s favorite pie is Mincemeat pie. I honestly don’t know how he can eat it, but I would take Mincemeat pie over Humble pie any day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were perfect and never made mistakes. If things just always went according to plan, working out exactly as you intended it to. Unfortunately if that was so, we wouldn’t be human!

Recently I have had to partake of some Humble Pie and it hasn’t been my first time and probably won’t be my last. Though I don’t intend my next serving to be for the same reason. Lesson has been learned!

As bad as eating Humble pie can feel, it does serve a purpose. It helps to show us things that we can make a note of and learn from. As someone has said to me, learning from our mistakes is part of life, it keeps us growing. May not be the most fun way to grow, but it does help us, if we are open to seeing the lesson.

The other lesson from eating Humble pie is the feeling of grace we get from our dear family and friends. The feeling of grace when they extend their forgiveness. It warms the heart.

Hopefully we can remember that feeling of grace and extend our forgiveness to others when we are on the other side.

Life is a journey. A journey of mountain tops and valley’s;  twists and curves. A journey of times where  we can teach lessons to others,  and times of where we are the student and learning lessons. So thankful for my dear family and friends that continue to  walk this journey of life with me, through all the ups and downs that life brings.

The Flying Pigs

As promised in my earlier post, here is Part 2 to my Jinx and Jangle story. You can find out what was in the mysterious box. If you didn’t read Part 1, here is the link. The Mysterious Package


The Flying Pigs

Jinx and Jangle were staring at the objects that were pulled out of the bottom of the box. At first they had been delighted, for the first things they laid eyes on were some stuffed reindeer. There was a big message on top of them from Santa. He said how he guessed that they may be missing the reindeer and wondering if they would consider coming back in the Fall? They hooped and hollered and danced a little jig.

After their excitement died down a little, they proceeded to look in the rest of the box. This is when they started to get a perplexed look on their faces. There were stuffed pigs in the bottom of the box! Why on earth would Santa send them some stuffed pigs with wings? What did that mean? There was nothing said about them in the note.

“Do you have any clue Jinx as to what flying pigs could mean?” Jangle asked this as he paced the floor. “No, I really don’t, usually I have a good sense of what Santa is up to, but right now I feel totally clueless! Hey Jangle what time is it?” Jangle looked at his watch, “4pm, why did you ask, the clock is right in front of you.” Jinx rolled his eyes and said, ” Yes, the clock is in front of me but do you see what it says. I knew it had to be wrong. It says 12:00! Dumb clock stopped again! I think that clock is stopped more often then it runs!”  Jangle muttered to himself, ” sounds like an analogy to someone’s brain, that I know.” “What did you say Jangle?”, “Oh nothing important” he said, as he smiled.

They were hungry, so they made some supper. Hadn’t gone grocery shopping in awhile, so the  cupboards were pretty bare. Jinx ended up making some fluffer nutter sandwiches. “Oh this really is my favorite sandwich!” Jangle gave Jinx a strange look, “You really need to get better taste.” He said this as he ate a cup cheese sandwich.  “Now this is what is really good!”

Later that evening Jangle was relaxing in front of the television. Jinx was at the computer reading the Newspaper online.  ” Hey Jangle, listen to this! Someone wrote about flying pigs in an ad in the Lost and Found section.”  “Oh really, are they saying that they are missing some?” ” Not sure, said how they went flying by the window of a  guy who failed at catching them and now he is eating a big serving of humble pie.” Jangle gave Jinx a strange look.  ” I think maybe we should call it a night, this has been a confusing day.”  Jinx agreed, as he gave one more look at the flying pigs before turning off the light.

“Let’s go to the waterfall again tomorrow Jinx. If we are headed back to the North Pole in the Fall, I want to enjoy the beach and waterfalls as much as we can. Enjoy the weather before heading back to the freezing cold. ”  Jinx nodded, ” Sounds like a great plan to me! A plan that is bound to be perfect!” With those happy thoughts they slept soundly through the night.

Smiles and Laughter

299d6f29e24d53bab8708972aeb99a36 Never UNDERestimate the value of smile and good laughter! I am feeling extra awake today, due to it. When plans actually work, you can’t help but smile. Some of you already know what I mean, and some, one in particular, may still be waiting to find out. 🙂

On a different note, I will have Part 2 of the Jinx and Jangle story for you later today. Have to go to work earlier today,  but wanted to share this picture and pass on a smile to start your morning! Have a Great, Witty Wednesday!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

06a5f423fee725bfcd07341cd459a679Good Morning! Had to start out the day with this adorable picture that I found as I was looking for quotes. A Boston Terrier was my first dog and so they will always hold a special place in my heart! <3! Someday I will have another one!

What’s on your  mind today? It’s a new day, full of new chances. The clock counts down the hours and minutes, what will you do with your time? I hopefully will have some more winning moments today. Some people who will remain unnamed, were a little too on top of their wit yesterday! But hey it can’t last. It could suddenly get stuck, like a stopped clock.

Have a great day everyone! Whether you have big challenges to overcome or little ones, may these quotes give you a smile as you go about undertaking them!


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The Gift of Memories

On Friday I shared about some memories and how they helped turn tears into laughter. I love that about memories. They can warm the heart, even when it is feeling sad. Can help you smile through the tears. Memories are a cherished gift.

In sharing some of the memories on Friday it took my mind back to years ago. Back when I was 20 and living in my first apartment with my dear friend Sherry! We really hadn’t known each other long before we rented the apartment together. It just made sense to us, for there are some people that you just click right away with and you know. That is how we were. I still remember our excitement after signing the lease. We were taking a step forward to independence and it felt so good!

That first night we had boxes all around our living room, but it was OK, for this was our place. Our little home. That living room/family room, whatever you want to call it, became the center of everything. Many Monopoly games were played in that room and the board may have been tossed a time or 2 as money went flying. It was the center of ice/water/shaving cream battles. Where we watched movies and got caught up in some regular daytime shows. Yes, ladies, you probably know what I mean. It was just 1 that we watched regularly.

The kitchen was a place of sharing good food and laughter with each other and friends. We will not go into the culinary skills that we had. Also won’t mention that Sherry was sly as she liked to hide all the cookies,etc. in the high cupboards.

Then there was the time she just happened to be locked out of the house. What was she to do, for she left her key in the house. As I was smiling big thinking of what I could bargain with her for in order for me to let her in, she had other ideas.  The next thing I knew she was climbing in the window! Yes, that was something I had overlooked. Should have locked them.

Oh if the walls could speak, so many late night conversations, solving the mysteries of life or just seeing how goofy your mind really does get at 3am!

Friendship is a wonderful treasure! So thankful for the strong, long friendship that we have shared and continue to share.

Thankful for all the friendships that have impacted my life. The memories made and the ones to still be made.

Friendship is love and couldn’t make it through life’s up, down, curvy road without it!


A Symbol of Hope


This may be my favorite Easter picture!  18 years ago my dear daughter was born exactly a week before Easter. This is my handsome husband, a proud new Daddy, holding our 1 week old daughter on Easter Sunday.

New life did spring forth. Hope was born.

Easter is a symbol of hope. The darkness can be overcome! Light is more powerful and will shine forth!


The Mysterious Package

It is a lovely Spring Day! The sunshine puts a smile on my face. When I thought of sunshine, I thought of the beach, and the beach made me think of Hawaii-a place that  I hope to visit sometime. Thinking of Hawaii made me think of Jinx and Jangle, for if you recall they were enjoying the sunshine of Hawaii in our last story. Having them on my mind gave me an idea for today’s post. See how my mind works.  🙂 So sit back and enjoy another tale. Hopefully Jinx won’t come close to falling in a waterfall again, but you never know with these 2!!

If you have recently started following my blog, here are some links to the Jinx and Jangle stories. The Story of Jinx and Jangle, A Touch of Magic!, and The Unexpected Twist

The Mysterious Package

A warm breeze was blowing, it was a beautiful Spring Day. The sunshine was smiling in the clear blue sky.  Unfortunately Jinx wasn’t feeling the best. His thumb was throbbing. He decided that he would never pick up a hammer again. He was trying to fix a floorboard in their house. Didn’t look like it would be that difficult, just a couple whacks with the hammer was all that was needed. Unfortunately his thumb got one hard whack and it was a nice , shiny purple color right now.

Jangle wasn’t feeling the best either. He was beginning to feel restless. Missing the North Pole.

Jangle went into town to try to get some things to help make Jinx feel better.  He was debating what to get, when he spied it. That would be perfect for him. Jangle couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he paid for it and put it in his bag.

Jangle entered the door, calling out. “I am home, how are you feeling?” He walked into the living room where he had left Jinx on the couch. Jinx was smiling, ” I am feeling better now. It is not throbbing as much , the ice pack helped. ” Jinx reached down in his bag to  pull out something. ” I found a little something to try to bring a smile to your face.” Jinx smiled bigger, ” That was very thoughtful of you.” Jangle tried to hold back his laughter as he handed Jinx a large rubber hammer. ” I figured that would come in handy if you wanted to help me repair the roof soon.” Jinx looked at Jangle not saying a word, just twisting his head a little as he pierced him one of his perfected deep stares. Jangle walked away laughing.

Jangle came out a bit later with some tea for Jinx.  “So what are we going to do Jinx. how long are we going to stay in Hawaii?” Jinx was thinking as he drank his tea. ” I am not sure. Our assignment here is supposed to last only until the Fall, then I guess it is up to where Santa Clause is going to send us.” Jangle set his  cup of tea down and asked, ” Do you ever miss the North Pole?” “Yes, I do, I miss the reindeer, and the fun we had driving the sleds!” They both sat in silence for awhile lost in thought.

“Ding Dong!” “Were you expecting anyone Jinx?” “No, were you?” Jangle shook his head as he went to open the door. Their mailman was there smiling, he always was a cheery guy. ” I have a special delivery today  for you guys!”

Jinx and Jangle couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the mailman set down a very large, oddly shaped box in the middle of their living room.  What could that be, they thought! Joey the mailman said how he would love to stay and watch them open it, but he had to keep moving. They thanked him as he left, and promised that they would show him whatever the package was when he came back.

Jinx and jangle stared at the box. Was this a clue as to what their next assignment would be? They saw that the package was from the North Pole.  “Well open it Jangle!” Jangle started the process of opening it, it had been sealed up very well! They couldn’t believe their eyes as what was inside the box started to be revealed. If their guess was right, this was a very good clue as to where they would be headed come Fall.

Their spirits had been lifted and they were both feeling happy.  It wasn’t just the sun that was smiling anymore. In fact they thought they may go visit a waterfall again, but yes they would be more careful this time. Jinx had already hurt his thumb, didn’t need anymore mishaps. They were feeling confident as they headed out the door to flag down a taxi.

Confidence is a good thing to have. Then again with these 2, that confident feeling can be misleading. You just never know!





Friday’s 7 word stories

Relentless pursuit = an amazing, beautiful. priceless prize!

Humor amidst sorrow; enjoying roses amidst thorns.

Remembering the tractor, turned tears into laughter!

Sometimes “very soon” isn’t soon at all!

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t usually share the stories behind my “stories”, but wanted to at least share about the 1st one today. Yesterday as I shared in my post, my husband and I went to a funeral of a dear friend. Yes, there were lots of tears, but as these “stories” show there was humor as well. Pat had a crazy, wonderful sense of humor, it was impossible to honor his life without remembering the humor.

One of the memories shared was about how Pat relentlessly pursued his wife-to-be. I was there during the pursuit. See, she was my friend first, and we talked into the night many times about this crazy guy who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He weaved his charm, and as my “story” says, received the best prize of all!