Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you may not always agree with your young adult child, but you enjoy the deeper conversations. 

When the pictures in your phone are finally being set free! Love making Shutterfly books! 

What is on your anti-bucket list? Something that you tried once, and won’t do again! Or something you have no interest in trying. I can assure you bungee-jumping is something I have no longing to try! 



You know how memories can just suddenly pop in your head. That happened to me tonight and I thought, hey, I could make a post out of it. So take a trip down memory lane with me. It just may bring a chuckle! 

Parenting is hard, there is no question about that! The teen years especially! The years where they want to see what all they can pull over on Mom and Dad. It happens to all parents, where our teens do manage to pull the wool over our eyes, but then there are also the times where they get found out! 

It was several years ago now when I was at Walmart, standing in the Customer Service line to return an item. A lady called my name, and I turned around. I saw the parent of one of my daughter’s friend coming towards me. We greeted each other and she asked how my husband was doing. I said he was fine. Then this is the conversation that followed. 

Other Mom: “Is he out of the hospital now? What did the Dr. say?” 

Me: “The hospital?”

Other Mom: “Yes, your husband was in the hospital last weekend, right?” 

Me: “Umm…No.. he wasn’t. ” ( looking very confused!) 

Other Mom: “Well I thought that’s why my daughter spent the weekend at your place, to help your daughter not worry about him.” 

Me:  (Looking even more perplexed) “Your daughter wasn’t at my place this past weekend.” 

Other Mom: (looking like a deer in headlights) “Are you sure?” 

Me: ( figuring things out now and trying not to laugh at that question) “I am positive that your daughter was not at my house any time this past weekend!” 

By now the customer ahead of me and the one behind me were both hiding smiles as it was dawning on everyone what was going on. The Mom I had been talking too, just looked at me as her face started changing expressions, and our conversation came to a quick end, as she started walking very fast. I kind of felt sorry for her daughter. I also couldn’t wait to get home and ask my husband how his hospital visit went, when my daughter was in the room! 

So does this bring back memories of your childhood, and times you got caught? Or times you caught your children in the act? Like little toddlers, when they have chocolate smeared all over their face, and say “I didn’t have a cookie!” 

The Winning Hand

Ethan wiped beads of sweat off his brow. How had he got himself into this predictament? First he was just playing a friendly game of cards and then the guy wanted to make a bet. Ethan thought he was on a winning streak so he said sure. But he had been so wrong!

He had come out to LA again for business. The last time he had been here was when Jade and him were on their honeymoon.

Missing Jade, he was eager to leave for home tomorrow, but his stomach started turning when he thought of how big a bet he had made. He had been so sure that he would win! He regretted the last drink he had, made him make a dumb move and now he was about to lose all his money!

Ethan’s brain was scrambling as he looked at the cards in his hand, wishing they would magically change!

“Are you going to lay down your cards or not, I don’t have all night, you know.” said the man with the brown scruffy beard and beady brown eyes.

“My wife Henrietta is waiting for me at home, she is going to be so happy with my winnings. Now I can get her that diamond necklace that she has been wanting. Just in time for her birthday. So hurry up young man.”

Henrietta, thought Ethan, where had he heard that name before? Suddenly it struck him why he recognized the name and a plan began to form in his mind! It was crazy but it might just work!

“How about one more bet. Double the money?” Ethan asked.

The beady eyed man leaned forward in his chair. “You want to lose more money?”

“Oh, No, I plan to win!” said Ethan. “What would you say if I told you that I could provide some singing entertainment for you from a hippo?”

The man almost fell off his chair from laughter!

“A singing hippo! How many drinks did you have? I would gladly pay you double to see a singing hippo, and I will be even more glad to take your money from you! So sure go find me a singing hippo” and the guy convulsed in laughter once more.

Ethan didn’t waste any time leaving. He stepped out into the fresh air snd quickly took off in his car. He could just go back to his hotel, the guy didn’t know where he was staying. At least he didn’t think so, but what if somehow he did. The last thing Ethan wanted was to be woken up in the early morning hours by an angry guy wanting his money.

He had to find Henrietta the hippo. Driving down the road he hoped that he had remembered correctly where Jade and he had met her before.

It didn’t take too long to arrive. He parked his car and entered the woods. Ethan walked in the woods with a knot in his stomach, he just had to find her. He walked for quite a while and he began giving up all hope of finding her.

Then be found himself at the river and there she was, playing in the water. Relief flooded through him. He would be OK!

“Henrietta!” he called, walking towards the river. “Its me Ethan, I need your help.”

There was silence as Henrietta smiled at him. Why wasn’t she talking, he thought.

“Hi Ethan! Nice to see you back.”

Ethan turned around to see Bobo the bear. He sure was glad that he knew Bobo was harmless or he would have fainted!

“Hi Bobo, how are you? I would love to chat but I am really in a hurry and need Henrietta’s help. I called out to her but she just keeps playing in the water, like she doesn’t hear me.”

“I am sure she heard you but she won’t speak to you. She has a bad case of laryngitis. She has been singing her heart out this week and her voice is now totally gone!”

Ethan groaned and covered his face with his hands. “Oh No! I am doomed! This is awful!”

“Awful? Actually all of us here in the woods have been enjoying the peace!” said Bobo.

Shaking his head, Ethan filled him in on his problem.

“Well I can’t sing but I bet I could make that guy forget all about your bet!” Bobo said with a chuckle.

“How?’ Ethan asked and then, a smile spread across his face.

“Oooh yes, I do believe you could!”

Ethan and Bobo planned it out. He would bring the guy to the woods to see Henrietta, but Bobo would make a sudden appearance! He told Bobo where to meet them and he couldn’t stop smiling. This would be good!

Jade was waiting for Ethan at the airport. She was so excited to see him and be back in his arms once again.

Later that night Jade turned to him and said. “I still can’t believe you stood up to a bear and scared him away! You could have been killed!”

Ethan wrapped his arm around Jade and said, “Remember our walk in the woods when we were on our honeymoon and that awful lady robbed us?”

“Yes, how could I forget, but why are you bringing that up?” Jade asked.

“Remember Bobo the bear”, Ethan asked with a gleam in his eye.

“Yes, he scared us so badly at first but then…” she looked at Ethan as understanding began to dawn on her.

“So my brave knight, that ferocious bear that you encountered,did its name happen to be Bobo?”

“What a smart woman you are!” he said, leaning in and kissing her soft pink lips.

Jade kissed him back, stretching her hand across the bed to turn off the light.

Flying Home!

The conclusion to yesterday’s post, Rescuing Cupcake


Image from Pinterest

The 4 unsung heroes held their breath, waiting for the Queen of the dark fairies to pronounce their fate. She rubbed her hands together and cackled some more. “Yes, that would be the perfect spell.” she said to herself, as she looked at the guys with merriment dancing in her eyes.

“How would you all like to be my pet guinea pigs, you would each have your own individual cage to roam around in. Doesn’t that sound exciting?” The heroes looked at each other and sighed, there were no words.

“What? No comment?” laughed the Queen. “Well stay right here and I will be back, I have to find my spell book.” With those words, she turned around and left the poor heroes standing there in fear. She wasn’t very worried about them going anywhere being that they were all tied up in knots.

“Guinea pigs!” they all said, once the Queen was out of sight. “We have to get out of here!”

“If only one of us was the great Houdini, we could be out of these ropes in no time! I should have practiced more magic tricks when I was younger.” said the one.

“I wish you would have!” said another.

“A diet of pellets doesn’t sound too exciting to me!” said one, and the rest sadly agreed. “Pellets and lettuce! Oh yay!”

“Oh No! No more coffee!” one piped up. This made them all even more sad, well except for one. He wasn’t a very big coffee lover to begin with. He preferred water, but now the Strawberry Marshmallow coffee that Kendra’s grandma made was pretty good, he had thought.

“I am not sure which is worse, quacking like a duck or squeaking like a guinea pig! Perhaps I shouldn’t have complained so much about being a duck, at least I could splash around in the water!”

They were all silent as they contemplated how their lives were about to change. In a short time the Queen reappeared with her book. Unfortunately their hopes of her falling into a deep hole hadn’t happened, she had returned and was as cheery as ever.

“Okay, are you all ready now? Oh you guys are going to look so cute being all furry”, she crooned.

She opened her book, and our unsung heroes eyes filled with despair, when suddenly there was the loudest “MOO!” that they ever did hear!

The Queen jumped, dropping her book, when she caught sight of a large brown cow with the deepest, darkest brown eyes that they ever did see. The cow was looking so intently at the Queen that it made her nervous.

The cow then turned and grabbed the ropes in its mouth, chewing right through them in no time. The Queen stood still, too startled to move.

Suddenly she was snapped out of her frozen state and she yelled when seeing Cupcake out of the corner of her eye. Cupcake was heading towards the guys. The Queen started to move towards Cupcake until the cow blocked her way by standing in between them. The cow let out a loud “MOO!” once again, staring down the Queen.

The guys quickly jumped up on Cupcake’s back and away she flew, back home to Fairlight. Our heroes let out big sighs of relief, feeling forever grateful for the strange cow that appeared out of nowhere!

“Hey”, said the one guy, “Did you all see what the cow had around its neck?”

“Yes! I did.” the one hero replied, and the others shook their heads.

“It was the shiniest cow bell I ever did see. She must be a pretty special cow to be wearing such a nice, shiny bell.” They all agreed, and smiled, as they continued flying through the air.

Rescuing Cupcake

Kendra was sitting with her Grandma at the table. They had just finished a feast of roast chicken and gravy with fried grunion. For dessert her grandma had made a red velvet cake and of course served it with her special coffee.

The feast had been prepared for the 4 unsung heroes sitting around the table with Kendra and her grandma. These guys had never been awarded any medals but to Kendra and her Grandma they were wonderful heroes.

Their hearts would always be full of gratitude for them, and now Kendra had another favor to ask of the brave men.

Cupcake, Fairlight’s unicorn, was missing! Fairlight, who had also managed to eecape from the dark fairies, was afraid that they had stolen Cupcake.

The unsung heroes listened to Kendra and they knew that they couldn’t say No to helping! They loved unicorns, especially the one guy. They were his favorite animal and even though he had been turned into a duck before by the Queen of the dark fairies, he wasn’t afraid to help.

Kendra was so happy! “Thank you so much! Fairlight was so upset when she told me. She loves that unicorn. Cupcake just has to be found!” she told the guys.

“I think this calls for another round of my Strawberry marshmallow coffee.” Grandma said, much to the delight of the guys.

The next mornimg dawned bright with a glorious sunrise in the sky. The guys were at the edge of the forest. All they had to do was cross the bridge and they would be in the land of the dark fairies. They had felt so brave, but now nerves were beginning to surface as neither one of them moved.

“How hard can it be? We just need to find Cupcake and climb on her back and fly her home to Fairlight.” said the one. The others nodded, but still didn’t move.

“The Queen is probably sleeping, so we can be in and out before she wakes up!” another one said, trying to force a brave smile upon his face.

“One problem. Unicorns are very tricky, so she could be hiding. How do we exactly catch a unicorn?”

“Well, I guess we will just have to find out. Lets go before we all feel like going back home!” said the one who had been turned into a duck before, trying to quell his nerves.

“QUACK!” said his friend, “just trying to lighten the moment!” they all laughed, well, all but one, who was rolling his eyes instead.

Saying no more they walked across the bridge, to begin their quest to find Cupcake.

CRACK! The one plank on the bridge broke and one fell into the water below. Fortunately the water wasn’t deep, so he was able to crawl out and join his friends on land. His friends tried not to laugh, as one piped up. “You were talking about how you wanted to go for a swim in the Hot Springs…”

The “drenched rat” guy looked at his friend and said, “This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, that water was COLD!” They all continued walking but you could hear the “squeak, squeak” sound of their friend’s shoes as they walked.

The forest was still, all the fairies must be asleep, but where was Cupcake?

Then they saw her! It was Cupcake on a hill just standing there looking at them. They were stunned, could it really be this easy? She was dazzling with brightness in her iridescent wings against her snow white body.

Slowly they moved towards her, not wanting to scare her away. Finally they reached the top of the hill and were just ready to reach out and touch her when they heard “GOTCHA!”

Shocked they turned around to come face to face with the Queen of the Dark fairies! Quickly they turned around to climb onto Cupcake’s back, but she was gone! All they heard was the cackling laughter of the Queen.

“You all are pretty gullible if you thought you were going to steal Cupcake from me that easily!” mocked the Queen.

The hearts of our poor unsung heroes sank! Now what was going to happen to them?

While the Queen was mocking them a host of other fairies had tied them up.

“Wait!” said the Queen, “let the hands of one free for a moment. I need his help.”

She pulled out a pickle jar and handed it to him. “Please open this for me! This one too! Oh, I knew you guys would be useful for something. “

Grudgingly he opened the pickle jar and the peanut butter one, for what other choice did the poor hero have.

“Okay, tie him up now.” and the Queen smiled an evil grin as she ate her pickles.

She walked around them talking to herself. “Hmmm…I could cast this spell on them or should I try the other one. Oooh maybe I should try my new one, or perhaps that would be too mean”, she cackled.

“I got it!”she said looking into the eyes of our heroes, as they shook in fear. “I know exactly what I will do.”

(to be continued…)

The Return of the Bell

This story is a continuation from Monday’s post, How It All Began

Tiffany set her cup of tea down, then laid back on the soft, peach colored couch and began her story. 

“When I turned 18 my Grandfather gave me an enchanted cowbell for my birthday. It was my favorite gift. We traveled to so many places with it. We never quite knew where we would end up when Grandpa would ring the bell, but we always made an adventure out of it. Once in a while we would end up somewhere scary. One time we ended up in the middle of a rain forest. It was so hot, I could barely breathe and then we saw a jaguar and Grandpa rang that bell as fast as he could! ” 

Lisette gasped, glad that none of her adventures had found her face to face with a jaguar.

“After Grandpa died, I stored the bell away, for it didn’t feel right to go on adventures without him. Then came the day when I thought that it would be nice to get away for a little and I decided to give the enchanted cowbell a try. I was shocked when I realized it was no longer where I had stored it away at. What had happened to it? I was obsessed with looking for it, but I kept coming up with nothing.” 

Lisette was intrigued, “Did you ever find it?” she asked. 

“Sadly, no, but I did find out more about it. My cousin Leo came to me one day in distress. He said he needed to confess something, for the guilt was eating him up.  He had been in desperate need of money and he thought he could sell my cowbell to pay off his debt. One day when I was gone, he had searched all over my room until he found the bell and then he took it. He had taken it to a Pawn Shop and was so relieved when the dealer gave him the amount that he needed. His relief didn’t last long, until guilt consumed him. He had gone back to the Pawn Shop to try and buy it back, but sadly it was gone.  The owner of the Pawn Shop had the name of the guy he had sold it too, but only his first name. Not much I could do with just a first name. Luke is a very popular name. Not having a last name to go by it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was devastated, but I resigned myself to the fact that it was gone forever.” 

“I am so sorry.” said Lisette, who was feeling happy that she could return Tiffany’s cowbell, but yet sad at having to give it up. 

“Thank you, but I do believe you can help me.” said Tiffany, with hope shining in her eyes. 

“I just returned from a trip to Bittersweet Creek. I stopped at the local coffee shop and met the nicest lady. Her name was Cara.” 

Lisette smiled, she remembered Cara, and how pleasant she was and the delicious shoo-fly pie that she had served  when she was there. That made her think of Sarah. She missed Sarah but she was happy for her. The owner of the florist shop at Bittersweet Creek was retiring and Sarah jumped at the chance to own the business. Lisette did appreciate the flower deliveries that she received frequently  from her, to help decorate the Inn. 

“One afternoon when I was enjoying a Chocolate Banana Frappe at the coffee shop, a young lady walked in by the name of Sarah. She and Cara were talking, and I happened to overhear Sarah mention the enchanted cowbell. I was so shocked I almost spilled my coffee. I made sure to visit Sarah’s shop the next day and when I asked her about the bell, she said you would be the one for me to talk to. Please tell me that you have my bell.” 

Lisette knew that she had to give the bell back. This was a treasured possession that belonged to Tiffany.

“I do have it and would be glad to give it back to you. It has taken me on some crazy adventures. I have one question though, if I may ask.”

Tiffany was beaming! “Ask anything you want! I can’t believe I am actually going to get my bell back. I never thought I would see the day.”

“Every time the the cowbell took me some place I was mistaken for someone else! Did that ever happen to you and your Grandfather?”

Wow! That would be strange, it never happened to us on our travels. ” Tiffany said, with a puzzled expression. “Maybe it was because you were not the original owner of it? Who knows how enchanted bells work!”

“They truly are a mystery!” agreed Lisette. “I will go up and get it, I am sure you can’t wait to see it again!”

Lisette walked up the stairs feeling content. Now that she was returning the bell, at least there was no chances of her getting stuck somewhere that she didn’t want to be.

She walked into her room and opened her drawer. OH NO! It was gone! She searched through the whole drawer and then the next one. Maybe she misplaced it. Oh, she had to find it, Tiffany was all excited to have it back. She paced the room where could it be? Then she heard a sound, and looked out her open window. What was a cow doing in her yard and …. No it couldn’t be! She stared into the brown eyes of the cow, not believing what she saw. How did the cow get the bell? The cow let out a MOO and then disappeared. Lisette shook her head, how was she ever going to explain this to Tiffany?

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I hope the New Year is off to a good start for all of you! Did you sleep it in, or did you stay awake, to make sure that  2020 did actually leave? I didn’t break any resolutions yet, but I didn’t really make any either. I have different things that I would like to accomplish this year, and dreams that I would like to see happen. Some of them I have control over and some I don’t. Will continue to try to embrace each day and make the most of it. Some days I am sure I will do better at that than others, but that is what life is all about! I had a white chocolate mocha latte to start off the New Year, so I would say I started out on a good note. May your day have a touch of sweetness in it, and hopefully these quotes will bring a smile.