The Little Things


“Excuse me Miss.”

Shauna looked around trying to see who was talking to her but didn’t see anyone. Not many people were out on this rainy day. She was heading back to her car anxious to get home.

“Down here Miss.”

Shauna looked down and saw a little mouse. Was she really holding a polka dot umbrella?? She rubbed her eyes and wondered if it was too early in the morning to drink a glass of wine.  How could a little mouse be talking to her!

“HI! Can I ask you for a ride?  I really would like to get to a place that is warm and dry. ”

Now Shauna was thinking even more strongly that she needed a drink as she looked down at this little mouse who had just asked her for a ride.

She couldn’t believe that the words were coming out of her mouth, but she heard herself saying, ” Sure!”  and she bent down and scooped her up placing her and her tiny umbrella in her pocket.

The mouse thanked her and was so happy to be warm and dry as they got into the car. The mouse was smiling about how lucky she was and then Shauna started driving.  They were swerving  and making jerky stops.  The poor little mouse wondered if perhaps it would have been better for her to have stayed out in the rain!

Finally as she was giving up all hope of arriving safely they came to another stop and Shauna said, “We are here. ”

She walked into the house and pulled the little mouse out of her pocket placing her on the floor.  She wondered what she should say to her, its not like she was accustomed to talking to mice.

“So what’s for supper? ” the mouse piped up and asked. Shauna looked at her thinking she was quite bold, after all she had already given her a ride out of the rain.

“Macaroni and cheese” Shauna said, “Is that okay with you?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Shauna went about making supper wondering if this mouse planned on staying with her. She wasn’t exactly keen on having a mouse as a pet. She had come a long way in being more brave around mice though, she remembered when she used to scream and climb up on the table if she had seen a mouse. She had to admit that this mouse was kind of cute with her little red umbrella.

They ate supper and Shauna found that she actually enjoyed her company. At least it was better than just talking to herself in the evenings.

Over the next few days they got to know each other better and Shauna couldn’t believe that she was secretly hoping that the mouse would stay with her. She had grown use to her company.  Sometimes they went out and about together. The mouse would  just stay hidden in Shauna’s coat pocket. She usually went with Shauna though only if she was walking,  riding in the car with her at times could make the mouse feel queasy.

Shauna had gone through her daughter’s things and found that she still had her little Barbie house. She fixed it up some since it had been in storage for so long and let the mouse stay in it. She called it the best castle ever! Shauna thought its eyes would pop out of its head, they got so big when she saw the Barbie house.

It warmed Shauna’s heart to know that she could make the little mouse  so happy by something so little. The mouse was  also  thrilled with the little sweater that she gave her. Made her feel warm and cozy.

Shauna went through all the Barbie clothes and the mouse was smiling and overwhelmed at all Shauna had. Shauna couldn’t help but smile at the excitement in her new friend’s eyes.

Shauna thought back to that rainy day when she first met the mouse.  Thought of how she was longing to get home and out of the rain, but yet she took the time to stop and talk to the mouse and give her a ride. The few minutes that it took for Shauna to talk to her ended up creating a happiness in Shauna’s life that she had never expected.

Shauna looked at her new friend all curled up in the little Barbie bed and smiled. Life sure could be funny at times.

As she crawled into her bed she wondered what tomorrow would bring. She would make sure to keep her eyes open, who knew what surprises may be waiting for her.





Sunday’s Smiles!

I thought we all could use some smiles and laughter today after the past couple posts that I have written.

Here are some fun pictures with captions and some that you are welcome to just smile at or add your own caption to.

Spread a smile today, no one can ever get too many!



8ba0de9595aa34f0a24d9d54eba72372My dear husband enjoys sending me comics in the morning so that I wake up with a smile. Most of them are very good. Where as this one…hmm…I think he was laughing a little too hard at this one.   Just in case you were wondering, NO, I don’t use a booster seat! Though when I went for my driver’s exam…well that’s another story. 🙂




The Cries

I have tried to write a post several times in my head today.  A post about something totally different from the posts of the past 2 days. but my heart just hasn’t been there. I just hate the gun crisis that America is in right now and I wonder how long it will take until it gets better!!

I am reading different posts from  people around the world. That is one thing I love about WordPress, how you can get to know people from all over.  There is one thing I read over and over again.  What is America thinking?!  Why do they keep killing each other and still no changes in gun laws?

I speak for myself and a lot of other Americans when I say that I wish I knew what America was thinking, that I wish I knew why there hasn’t been changes made in gun regulations. Well I may have some ideas, and one has to do with the way money talks very loudly!  Its really shameful to admit that though when we have people dying!

I got caught up in a Facebook debate about gun regulations and it blew my mind at some of the comments.  One specific one is what I have the most problems with.   A man said how his guns are his “toys”.  That some people have luxurious boats and cars, well AR-15’s and AK’s,  automatic rifles are his “toys”.  No one asks people to get rid of their boats and cars so why should he get rid of his high powered automatics!

I really couldn’t even respond to his comment for I just don’t get it.  I am not talking about regular guns here.  I am talking about the type of guns that the shooters involved in these mass shootings have used!  They use them because in only a few minutes you can shoot off rounds of ammunition without having to reload.  These can be bought legally, please someone tell me WHY!!!

Tell me why you can’t drink alcohol until you are 21. but at 18 you can buy a high powered rifle?  Why you have to go through hours and hours and months of driving on the road with a driving permit before you can apply for a license and you have to study for a test and take a test before you get your driving permit.  Why is all that required?   It is because you will be getting behind the wheel of a high powered machine that can be very deadly.

Yet at the age of 18 one can walk into a store and purchase a highly powered automatic rifle and go home with it, all in the same day!  Why?  Because its his “right” to be able too!

This same guy can go into a school and blow away innocent children and teachers, snuffing out their lives in minutes.

“It’s my right” is a cry that echoes across America!  “It’s my right to have my “toys” cries the man with the automatic rifles.

What about the child cowering under the desk listening to the screams of their classmates.  The child watching in horror as he sees his teacher fall to the floor when he was trying to close the door.  The children running through hallways flowing with the blood of their peers,  praying they will make it outside into the safety of their parents arms.

What about my dear child who tries to speak confidently, and reassures their sister.  Says how considering that their school is so big it is unlikely that they would be the ones to get shot at, if someday the unthinkable would happen at their school. The simple fact that my child has to have those thoughts go through their head turns my stomach.

“Its my right!” is a cry that echoes across America.  Echoing so loudly that it overpowers the cries of the innocent children wondering when their rights will be heard. Their right to be able to go to school without fear!



17 Lives

Yesterday in Florida there was a mass school shooting. While people were celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, 17 families were mourning due to an act of hate.

17 young lives tragically cut short! Another mass shooting amidst so many! The madness continues to sicken me.

I wasn’t going to write a post about it, for what can I say differently in this post that I haven’t said in any of my other posts about mass shootings?

I wasn’t going to write, but there are 17 victims who have the right to be remembered.

17 victims who will never awaken to another glorious sunrise, with the hope of a new day.  17 victims who will never experience the peace of swinging on the porch swing. Admiring the beauty of another sunset with the one they love beside them.

17 victims who will never again walk along the beach listening to the roar of the waves, as they feel the ocean breeze.

17 victims who will never again will feel the tender embrace of a hug.

In 1999 we had the first mass school shooting at Columbine. We all were stunned with great sadness. 13 lives were lost! We all were greatly shocked!  A tragedy like this had never happened before. How can we stop it from happening again? America was rocked by such a senseless tragedy.

19 years later Columbine doesn’t even make it on the list of the Top 10 Mass shootings in the USA.

Yesterday there were 17 victims and their families who wish we would have learned from Columbine.

17 victims whose laughter is forever silenced and whose dance ended way too soon!


The Beauty of White

There is Beauty in White. Beauty in white fragrant roses and in the freshness of  newly fallen snow.

Beauty in the white of the “Baby’s Breath flower” and in the pure white of fluffy clouds in the shining blue sky.

Its the beauty in  baby lambs frolicking in the emerald green grass. The beauty of a pure white dove resting with its mate.



There is Beauty in love. The tenderness and patience in love.  The fun, happiness and peace in love.

There is Beauty in White!

Wishing you all a day of beauty that brings joy to your heart and a smile to light your face.

All the pictures were from Pinterest, except for the White Roses. Those were thanks to my dear husband. Not flowers just for Valentine’s Day, beautiful flowers that are just another way to tell me something that he shows me every day! 

I love you Dear!




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Spring is around the corner, the snow is melting away.  Will we get another snow yet before Spring?  If not this will be the most mild winter that we have had for awhile.  While watching the Olympics I was glad that I was warm and cozy inside and not outside skiing in really cold weather!

My husband and I both commented on how skiing looks like it could be so much fun, but…  I am pretty convinced that I would end up with broken legs.  I would fall down before I even got the chance to ski, just trying to walk in them would be a problem! I did tell my hubby that he could probably do it, he is better coordinated than I. His problem is he doesn’t like the cold! I can handle the cold better than him. I told him if he just bundled up really well he would be fine. I don’t think that I have him convinced.

Hopefully you are warm and cozy as you enjoy these quotes! I think I need some more Hot Chocolate. Have a Great Day!

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  11. d232a7dec530a16ca3a4d2e1942b297d  When looking for quotes there are always cute pictures that pop up like these and distract me, but that’s Okay, I never mind something to smile at!


Winning the Gold!

My dear husband suggested that I do a post about Income Taxes, can you tell what he’s been doing lately? I really wasn’t sure how exciting of a post I could make around that subject so I think I will pass. But if you happen to be in the middle of doing Income taxes then I hope my post brings a little smile break to you.

It is that time again, time for the Winter Olympics! I enjoy watching it and seeing the joy in the faces of the athletes. The thrill of their dreams being fulfilled after long years of hard work and dedication. I do admire their tremendous work and skill.

I know that I will never be a contender in the Olympics, there really is no chance! Not unless they would create a different sport. I am not sure what sport that would be but it would have to be unique!

I may not be a competitor in the Olympics but I do participate in this Game of Life and some days are Gold Medal days and then some days are days that I land face first in the snow.

One thing I know is that whether I feel like I am flying high in the air from a high jump; or lying flat on the ice, I can always count on my family and friends!

So if you always secretly wished that you could stand on the podium and receive a medal let me help you out.

If you have ever been there to help lend a helping hand, shown kindness to a stranger and made someone feel special then Congrats you won!

If you have sat in the dark with your friend, and held the light for them as they walked through the tunnel then Congrats you won!

If you have shown love to an animal, then Congrats you won!

You won the Gold! You may not have the medal to wear around your neck but you should carry the feeling of joy and love in your heart. For we can’t give to others without it splashing back on us and I can’t think of any better feeling.

Thumbs UP!

WOW!! I really don’t know how else to describe it. I had posted yesterday that my husband and I were going to go see “The Greatest Showman”.  I know some of you are waiting to hear what I thought of it, for you were thinking about seeing it. I have one word for you, “GO!”

Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD,  go see it now at the theater if you can.  If it is showing in your area.  My heart was full as I watched it, and I don’t want to give anything away so am not going to go into detail about it.  Its just an amazing movie that  tugged on my heartstrings.

Not everyone will be as touched as I was by some of the parts in the movie.  People find themselves relating to movies based on different things.  With that said, there is a message woven into the story line and the wonderful singing that I feel everyone can be touched by if they really listen.

There are not many movies at all that when the credits roll I don’t get up to leave. This was one of those movies that when the credits rolled no one got up to leave. We were so caught up in the movie, neither my husband or I made a move to leave. We kept holding hands and my husband’s foot was tapping to the music.  I was still full of emotion.

We finally did exit the theater and Brad turned to me and said, “That is one movie that I believe we will need to get on Blu-ray!”  He does not say very often about movies that we see.

I highly encourage you to go see it, support the fact that sometimes Hollywood really can make wonderful movies.

In the words of  P.T. Barnum ” The noblest art is that of making people happy.”  and “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else!”

To raise your curiosity a little here are a few more quotes from the movie.  You know I love sharing quotes!

“You don’t need everyone to love you, Phin, just a few good people.”

“Hyperbole isn’t the worst crime. men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.”

When the sharpest words wanna cut me down/Gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out/This is brave, this is bruised, this is who I’m meant to be/This is me.  (song lyrics)

You know I want you/It’s not a secret I try to hide/But I can’t have you/We’re bound to break and my hands are tied.(song lyrics)

Is your curiosity aroused? Let me know if you go to see it, would love to hear your thoughts.



A Night of Singing

There is a song in my heart. My hubby and I are soon off for a night out. Going out to eat and then will see “The Greatest Showman.” I am so excited!

This is one movie that I have heard Sooo many rave reiews about! Brad and I are ready to go and see what kind of review we will give it! Have you seen it?

What’s most important though regardless of what we do, is just being out on a date with the one I love!

I firmly believe that it’s just as important and maybe even more so, to continue “dating” the one you love no matter how many years that you have been together! You have to keep that flame alive.

Yes the flame needs to be kept alive by more than just “dates” but they are one fun way to do it.

However you are spending your night or possibly day where you are, hope you are enjoying it!

If you are really happy, Sing! I hear that there is a lot of music in this movie which is another reason I am looking forward to it.

Apparently the songs have become so popular that they are doing a special “Sing Along” showing of it at one theater. My friend is going tonight. She has already seen it once. Another friend has seen it 3x, this is what piques my curiosity even more. Another one has seen it 5x!!

There are many movies that I have really enjoyed but not a whole lot that I like to watch and rewatch again. Especially to go to a theater and pay to rewatch it!

The Sound of Music is one movie that I have seen countless times and I continue to watch it. I just love Maria, the story and the awesome music! I do not expect this to compare with Sound of Music. That is a classic. If it even just comes close to it then it will for sure be pretty amazing!!