Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Don’t let Eeyore’s cloud hang over your head … Catch Pooh Bear’s simple joy in the moment, as he indulges in honey … Empty jar? No problem … Just grab a balloon and find some bees! 

Two roads … one full of holes …. one is fine … which one gets paved? The logic escapes me as I watch out our window! 

Put your brain to work … write a scary 6 word story in the comments below. 


What Choice Will You Make?

I have listened to Kristina many times and have always appreciated what she has to say. She always has a good message to give. She can be totally hilarious, but these  2 short video links are on the more serious side. They deal with self esteem.  I am pretty sure that all of us at one time or another have had times of feeling pretty low about ourselves. Take a few minutes and give yourself a boost! I hope they leave you smiling!


The “Southern Belle” and the Tree

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“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…”

I think that I shall never write a poem … Samantha groaned! Why did her teacher decide that they all needed to write poems about trees

She gazed up at the tree and thought how she would much rather be in it than writing about it.

A Southern Belle I’ll never be, just let me climb a tree.

Hoop skirts, and tea parties are not for me. Let me run barefoot in the grass and catch a slimy frog. Let the worms slide through my fingers.

Let me roll down a grassy hill in a pair of jeans … designed with grass stains, for a Southern belle I will never be!

Sighing Samantha rolled a mud pie between her hands, as her pen and notebook laid by the tree.

“I think that i shall never see…”  The words kept going through her head. Throwing the mud pie to the side, she screamed into the sky, “I’ll never write a poem about a tree! Writing is just not me.”

Let me wade in the creek with the water covering my feet. There were crawldaddy’s to catch and water to splash. Tire swings to swing from, as one jumps into the creek with glee! Who wanted to waste time trying to write a poem about a tree?

She smiled slyly, looking at the tree. Pulling herself up onto the first branch was as easy as could be. Stretching to the second branch she managed to do as well. The third branch was a little higher, but the gleam in her eye shone bright as she stretched to reach.

RIP!! Her dress tore, but she only had a little more to go and she stretched again.

A Southern belle I’ll never be, for I’ll never be as happy as I am when climbing a tree!


Mona Lisa’s Smile!

15a930e6872ff84cfa01776d4a6528a5picture from Pinterest


Landon was in his study, ready to bang his head on his desk! Was he really going crazy?

When he was looking at the house and thinking about buying it, there were all kinds of rumors going around that the old house was haunted. He laughed at the rumors, he was a intelligent businessman, he knew there was no such things as haunted houses. The house was sold at a bargain price, for the realtor was so eager to get it off her hands.  Landon felt like the cat that had swallowed the canary with the good deal he had got. It was a beautiful house, and even furnished. Apparently the last owners were certain that any pieces of furniture from the house would bring bad luck to their new house, so they were more than happy to leave everything behind.

The first few weeks nothing had happened out of the ordinary and Landon was feeling very happy with his new home. Whenever he would go out to the bank, or grocery store, he would get questions from people about how things were going.  When he would answer that it was all going well, they would look surprised, but not convinced. He could see the suspicious look in their eyes, as they wished him a good day. He felt the whispers behind his back. Landon had decided they were all crazy!

But now … Now he was beginning to feel like he was losing his mind. The Mona Lisa painting didn’t bother him at first but then he kept feeling like her eyes were following him and it bothered him. He decided to get rid of it, so he took it down and put it in the spare room, not quite sure what to do with it. Didn’t feel right in just throwing it away.

Imagine his shock the next day when he saw the painting hanging on the wall again! He shook his head as he looked at it and figured he must have just been thinking he had taken it down the day before. Perhaps it had been a long day at the office and he was tired, and had meant to take the painting down but hadn’t done it. This time he made sure to take it down and he put it in the spare room once more. The next morning it was hanging again on the wall and this time it was like her smile was mocking him! Again he took it down and this time he put it up in the attic. Now this morning as he came whistling down the hall, he stopped in his tracks when once again the Mona Lisa painting was hanging on the wall!

He had grabbed it off the wall and it was now laying in front of him on his desk. Yes, she was definitely laughing at him!

This was it, he was getting rid of the painting once and for all! Getting up from his desk, he grabbed it and walked out of the office. It was storming outside but he didn’t care. He didn’t even take the time to grab an umbrella or put a jacket on, as he went out the front door. Yes! The garbage hadn’t gone yet. He shoved the picture into the trashcan and walked back inside dripping wet.

After taking a warm shower and changing into dry clothes he grabbed himself some brandy and settled in front of his fireplace. Slowly he began relaxing. Everything would be fine now, he was sure of it. After all there was no such thing as a haunted house he told himself once again.

Legend has it that Landon disappeared , no one knows exactly what happened. All his belongings were still at the house, and his Lexus was in the garage, but he was never seen in the house again.

Rumors really went wild in the town after that, and once more the house stood empty. Then a new couple came to town. They fell in love with the great big house and the wife especially loved the Mona Lisa painting hanging on the wall. There was just something so mysterious about her smile.




A Wish Upon a Star

Here is a link to Part 1 from yesterday, wasn’t thinking of adding another part to it, but thanks to Jason’s comment on my last post, he got my imagination going.  The Animal Challenge


Asher was sitting on the couch at home , with his golden Labrador, Kobe at his feet. He was still trying to get over the shocking news that his boss had given him today. His boss had told him about the new employee coming tomorrow and how he wanted Asher to train her.

He was used to training others ever since he had taken his promotion to supervisor, but this was different.  He would be training and working with someone from his past! Tomorrow he was going to come face to face with his High school crush! She had come back to Connecticut,  he never thought that day would come.  Asher closed his eyes as he let his mind drift back in time.

He had been friends with Tiffany since grade school. They were always in friendly competitions with each other, but it wasn’t until his Freshman year that his feelings for her started growing deeper. It was after she had beat him once more with having the most rare animal to talk about in Science class. He thought for sure he had the winning report. He had chosen to do it on Okapi’s. A “forest giraffe”!  His smug smile disappeared though when she stood up and talked about the “Glaucus Atlanticus”.  She showed the picture and he heard all the boys say how cool it was.


That was when he felt the pangs of jealousy, and it wasn’t jealousy over her having the most rare animal, it was jealousy of her seeing guys smile at her!  That’s when he realized he had fallen for her.

It took him awhile, but he finally had worked up the nerve to ask her out and much to his joy she had accepted. He was flying high. They had so much fun and dreamed together about the future and what it might hold for them. They were in love and nothing could change it.

Then in their Junior year, everything changed. Tiffany’s family had to move to New York. Her Dad’s job had transferred him. it was awful! They had promised to keep in touch, and at first they had, but then it just got too hard. They lost touch with each other,  but Asher had never forgotten her. He wondered if she had still thought of him over the years.

Kobe got up from the floor, and came over laying his head in Asher’s lap.

“What do you think buddy? Think she still remembers me? Does she still remember our first kiss, our night under the stars, and our hiking adventure.”

He laughed as he recalled the day she had covered his bed and floor with confetti and glitter. He was finding glitter for weeks after that!

Asher sighed, he had dated other girls over the years, but nothing had really clicked. Would it be possible that he could find magic with Tiffany again?

Kobe whined as he nudged Asher’s hand.

“You are ready for your walk, aren’t you, time for me to stop daydreaming!”  Asher grabbed his leash and within a few minutes they were out the door to walk around the neighborhood.

The next morning Asher was at work bright and early, trying to calm the nerves in his stomach. In one hour Tiffany would be at his job! He tried to distract himself by working on some paperwork, but it was impossible, he watched the clock. Then he heard the knock on his office door.

In walked his boss with Tiffany beside him. Asher’s eyes met hers, and he saw her eyes spark with recognition.  Her long, flaming red hair shined, and her cheeks were almost as bright. He smiled at the freckles that dotted her nose. She hated those freckles, but he thought they were cute on her button nose.

His boss spoke. “Let me introduce you to our new employee, Miss.Tiffany Blair. Tiffany, this is Asher Sparks. He will show you the ropes and I can assure you that you will be in good hands with him.”  and with that, he excused himself and closed the door.

Time was flying, Asher couldn’t believe it had been 3 months already since Tiffany had walked back into his life. At first it was a little awkward, but it didn’t take long at all for the magic to come back and Asher couldn’t stop smiling.  Tonight they had gone to Crystal Moon Lake and walked and talked. Asher had brought along some wine glasses and Pink Moscato for the special night. Now she was wrapped in his arms, as they were relaxing on a blanket underneath the starry sky. Reuniting had never felt so good he thought, as he silently made a wish upon a star.


The Animal Challenge

Sandra was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her lemon water. She had just returned from her morning jog  and was enjoying the peace and quiet. Asher would probably be in bed until 10. He always slept in on Saturday morning. Wait! Was that footsteps that she heard coming down the stairs?  Sure enough, her eyes widened, as Asher walked into the kitchen fully dressed and smiling!

“HI Mom!” he said as he opened the refrigerator getting out the orange juice. He poured himself a glass.

“I am heading out to the library. I will probably be there all morning, working on a school project.”

Sandra almost choked on her water. She looked at him in shock. “You are up early on a Saturday to go to the library and work on a school project? Do I need to take your temp, are you sure you aren’t sick? You aren’t acting like my son!

“I am fine Mom, see you later.” Asher said, as he grabbed the bagel from the toaster.

“Hey that was…” Sandra heard the front door close. “my bagel.”  She shook her head as she got another bagel out of the fridge and some blueberry cream cheese to spread on it.

Asher had 4 books spread out in front of him on the table. Surely he would find what he was looking for in one of these books. All of the books were about rare animals. He had to find a really good one! His animal report had to be better than Tiffany’s!

Ahh! He found it! She wouldn’t be able to top this one! Yes, some things were worth getting up early on Saturday mornings for. The sweet satisfaction that would come from knowing he had outsmarted her this time!

The Okapi, from Africa, it was unique for sure! Not quite 5 feet tall and another name for it was the “forest giraffe” or “zebra giraffe”.



The North Pole Initiation

Snowball walked into the Toy Room and heard Jinx talking. He didn’t see anyone else in the room. He walked over to Jinx to see what he was doing. He started laughing when he realized that Jinx was talking to the Mister Potato Head that he was putting together.

“It can’t hear you.”

Jinx was startled for he hadn’t heard Snowball enter the room.

“What are you talking about?” Jinx said, with a little tinge of red in his cheeks.

“Mister Potato Head. He can’t hear you, his ears don’t work. I heard you talking to him. ” Snowball said with a sly grin.

“I wasn’t …. Oh whatever!” replied Jinx, as he got back to work.

A few minutes passed and Tink walked in the room, muttering to himself and  shaking his head.

“What’s up Tink?”  asked Snowball, “You are looking a little down.”

“I love tinkering with numbers that is why I am an accountant and when the position came up for an accountant for Santa, I thought it sounded like the perfect job, but…”

Jinx paused in working on Mister Potato Head and turned to look at Tink.

“But what? Do you not like it here?”

“Oh No! All the elves are great, especially you guys, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster. You all are crazy and I have been having a great time. The problem is I have never seen such messed up books in my life! Who kept Santa’s financial records before I came?”

“Well, as far as I know it was Candy Cane who did it before.” said Snowball. “Guess she wasn’t too good with numbers?”

“That would be putting it mildly, my head is throbbing after working all morning.  Santa ordered 100 flibbertigibbets, the new toy that is out now. Do you know how much money they cost? Oh, I had to take a break. I think I should go visit the little Coffee Shop here. Do you guys want to come?”

“Sure. We were just finishing up here. I think Alabaster and Jangle are running the Coffee Shop today, so lets go see them.”

Within minutes they had cleaned up the Toy Room and locked the door when they left.

Tink was shivering as they walked.

“How long did it take all of you to get used to the frigid weather here?” asked Tink.

“Once you go numb, it really doesn’t bother you anymore!” said Snowball.

“That’s so reassuring, thanks!”

“We are always glad to help.” said Jinx. Tink shook his head, rolling his eyes , as they continued to walk.

Soon they arrived and fortunately the line wasn’t too long for them to wait in.

When it was their turn, Tink ordered a large coffee with butterscotch flavored creamer. Jinx ordered a French Vanilla latte and Snowball wanted the Salted Caramel latte.

Jangle was preparing the latte’s while Alabaster got the large coffee for Tink. He made a face about the butterscotch flavored creamer. “I really feel sorry for your tastebuds! Black coffee is sooo much better, than all that sugar! Yuck!”  He continued talking to Tink and the others about the wonders of black coffee, when Jangle called out to him.

“Hey, you forgot too turn off the faucet after getting water for the coffee! So now its been running all this time that you been busy gabbing. We now have a sink of water about to overflow, since someone plugged the sink.

“OOPS! Guess, I better go!” Alabaster said.

Jinx, Snowball and Tink, were laughing as they walked away sipping at their hot drinks.

Tink was talking, not looking where he was going, when his feet slipped and he landed face first in a snow drift. The rest of his coffee splattered over the snow.

He got up brushing himself off. “Well the coffee had been warming me up, but now…”

Jinx and Snowball were laughing. “Congrats! You have now been officially initiated into the North Pole! We all have taken our turn at falling into snowdrifts. Isn’t life fun!”

Tink had to agree,  with life here at the North Pole, you never knew what was going to happen!