Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Trying to wake up. Had been dreaming that I was floating in a lake. Don’t think the weather today is going to be very good for that, so I guess I will have to go to work. Would you rather be floating in a lake today? You may not be able to go float in a lake, but it is Tuesday, so you can read some quotes! I know, it doesn’t quite compare! Hopefully you can still get some smiles out the quotes today and have a great day!




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7. 12d133afbfe23d0972273105afdf52ec Yes, I am making all of you think perhaps a little harder today. Feel free to share your answers. 🙂

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The Final Time

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This is the week for finals at school. The final stage of my oldest being in school is soon upon us. Next Fall will begin her last time of walking the halls of her school.She will be a Senior, where did the time go?

There are so many “lasts” in Parenting. Parenting never ends, no matter how old your children get, but there are the “lasts”.

The last time that you swing your child up into your arms, their last piggyback ride on your back. Then again, my 15 year old just tried to ride piggyback on my back recently. Suffice to say that it did not last long.

The last time you buckle your child into their car seat and the last time you hold their hand to cross the street. The last time that you are hunting frantically for  your child’s  pacifier or their favorite blankie.  The last time they crawl in your lap for a snuggle.

Some stages you think your children will never grow out of, but when you look back you realize how fast it went. When my daughter crosses the  stage to get her diploma I know there will be tears in my eyes! I will be so proud of her, for school wasn’t easy, but she stuck it out!

With that said, I really am starting to feel that all the parents of Senior’s should be handed a diploma as well on graduation day!

I want a diploma, for the long nights of staying up helping with homework. For the last minute run to the store to get things for that big  project. The project that your child knew about for a month, but told you about it the night before it was due! For running to the school with your child’s gym bag that they forgot. All those Parent and Teacher conferences you went to. The class parties you helped with. How could you not help when you saw how happy your  little child was that you were in their class. For the time when your child suddenly decided that  they couldn’t give you a kiss in front of their classmates! The mornings you dealt with tired, grumpy kids that were certain that they were coming down with some serious disease. They couldn’t possibly go to school! The times that you had to remind your child that they already had their appendix out.

Yes, the final year of school will be upon my child soon,  and there will be some “last” things that I will celebrate. Along with that, there are “lasts” that will  make me a little sad. I need to remember though that where there are “lasts” there can also be new beginnings!

Are you a parent of a Senior crossing the stage this May? As memories come flooding back and slide down your cheeks, think of something. Think of all the new beginnings they are going to be making. Yes, memories make us wistful, but we can smile about what is to come. We say goodbye to one stage of Parenthood and Hello to another! Who knows what awaits your child. Adventures for sure. Things to explore!

And if you are the parent of a graduate I will see what I can do about getting you a diploma 🙂 For now Pat yourself on the back, you survived! Amusement parks give out t-shirts that say how you survived  a scary roller coaster! Skip the diploma! I want a t-shirt that says, ” I survived having a teenager!”



Are you Giving It Your Best?

How do you define Success? A friend and I were having a discussion and they asked me that question. I felt it was a fairly easy question and my response was, something to the tune of , ” Success is when you have done your best!” Which to that they said, “How do you define best?” I suddenly wasn’t feeling as confident about my answers. I should have expected this, for this friend has a way of making me think.

The response that came to me was ,” Best is when you have done your best!” Yes, that wasn’t exactly the BEST answer.

I thought more about the question and tried to figure out how I really do define success and best ? How do I know if I have done my best? What would your answer be?

I was reminded today of a scene from a movie that I really like! It is called Fighting the Giants and there is a clip in it about doing your best. I couldn’t help but think of the conversation that I had had with my friend. It is a scene in where the star Football player does a death crawl. No, this isn’t just a football movie, it really is so much more! Trust me, I am not a football fan at all! Not to offend any Football fans, but it just puts me to sleep.

Here is the clip that I am talking about. Listen to the  message in it. This is just one of many positive messages in this movie. I think it is  very good and hope you do as well! How is your attitude? Are you really giving it your Best?



Would you Go?


Have you felt like this? Do you need a stress break? Well perhaps you would like to go to the new school in New York. I heard about it on the radio yesterday and knew I had to share it with my readers. Please comment below,  for I am very curious about your perspective on this!

How would you like to go back to Preschool, or perhaps some of you never got the chance to go to Preschool,  here is your chance! Yes, you heard me right. There is an Adult Preschool in New York City for adults like you and me.  It runs for 6 weeks and bosses are sending their employees there. There are very professional people that are going. Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors and CEO’s of businesses.

They will be doing exactly what you do in Preschool. Finger painting, playing with play dough, coloring and yes even nap time! They will sing Preschool songs, like “Wheels on the Bus”, “5 little ducks”, and “Head, shoulder, knees and toes.” Oh yes and you can’t forget the milk and cookies at snack time.

Working at a daycare I just couldn’t help but smile at this. I was trying to imagine a group of Professionals sitting cross legged on the floor singing ” Wheels on a Bus” and  you can’t forget the motions! I think I want to be the teacher!

This is real!  Its a study being done about how people need to get more in touch with their inner child. That it should help their stress level. Help them to unwind and have a better perspective on life. I will say there are things we can definitely learn from children. Is this the way to do it? Do you think it will work for the “students”?

Is this a genius idea, or do you feel like the person who thought of this may have been talking to their unicorn in the kitchen?

Are you ready to hop in the car or on a plane to go to NYC , and go to this school? Make sure you bring your favorite blankie and pillow along. Oh and you will need a check for $1000 as well. Preschool isn’t free!

Just for Fun

The Lularoe craze is in the air! You don’t know what Lularoe is? It is a clothing line that is truly buttery soft!! Your body thanks you greatly when you put their leggings, skirts, shirts or dresses on! Unfortunately I haven’t had too much luck with their dresses or shirts. I got a XXS dress and it was still too big, same with the shirts. My sister just bought me a different shirt to try. I am really hoping it fits! At least I have had great luck with their leggings!

Some of you may remember that several months back I posted a picture of a pair of leggings that I got and you all offered your “expert” opinion about them. 🙂 I will admit that some of their legging patterns can get pretty crazy, but not all!  I am going to post another picture of a pair I recently bought  and see if I get the same results! Feel free to be honest, its not going to stop me from wearing them. 🙂

I am leaving for a Lularoe party very soon, and my hubby is scared. Just kidding! (maybe) We will see if I come back with another picture to post for you.

So where do you stand in the Lularoe craze? Love them or Nay to them? You have a closet full of all their different types of clothing or none at all,  and you prefer to keep it that way?


Moving the Rock

There was a small boy trying to move a large, heavy rock out of his way. He was straining as he tried to lift it, and soon the tears fell down his cheeks. His Dad was watching him and asked his son if he was using all his strength to try to lift it. The son replied, ” Yes!” His Dad gently responded with , “No, you aren’t, you didn’t ask me to help you.”

How many times have we been like that little boy? No matter the weight of the problem, we tell ourselves we can handle it, we got it.  We go about trying to handle it all on our own, while we stumble under the weight of it. Why is it so hard sometimes to lean on another for help? That’s what friends and family are for. We help each other out. While there are many of us who would help a friend at the drop of the hat, we aren’t as quick to be the ones to admit that we need help. To admit that we are tired and can’t do this on our own.

I know I wrote about this subject  before on my blog, but reading that story just brought it back to my mind. It also took me back in time. Took me back to a time of where I vividly recall telling my Mom that I was done!

Without going into a lot of detail,  let me just say that 2010 was a very hard year! It started out hard on January 1st and just kept going. It was the Fall of that year and the firemen had just left our house. Only one room was damaged, but that wasn’t the point. When my Mom hugged me, with tears in my eyes I told her that  I was tired and done!  I meant it. I was worn. I had dealt with a serious medical issue with my oldest daughter that year and this was the 2nd time that the firemen had been at our house that year.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our family wouldn’t have made it through that time without the love and help of our  family and friends!

It doesn’t matter how strong we think we are, no one is made to go through trials alone. It is not a sign of weakness to say, ” I can’t do this, I need help! !” It is actually a sign of strength I believe to admit when we need a helping hand. It also provides others the chance to be a blessing to us!

I will admit that it can be hard for me be on the other side. I would much rather be the one who spreads encouragement.  Be the one who is making others smile.

Life has thrown some wild curve balls at me though. In those times I have had to admit that I can’t do this on my own. I have had to admit that more than once. This past year was another example of when I needed others to lean on. My heart is still full of gratitude for those who were there and who continue to be there.

If you find yourself struggling to move a heavy rock on your own, please reach out! Don’t rob someone of the blessing that they can be by helping you.  Let that friend be your wings, while yours feel too broken to fly. Let them hold you while you cry, and let them guide you with their gentle words of encouragement. Let them be there for you. Most likely down the road sometime, you will have your turn at being their wings for them. That is what true friendship is all about!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! When was the last time you went bowling? We went bowling on Saturday night.   I may not know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know it is definitely not a professional bowler! 🙂  My ball had a mind of its own! As for my husband’s ball, apparently it had a magic spell on it. He was getting strike after strike after strike! I was sitting there shaking my head. So which type of bowler are you? My husband who was on a roll Saturday night, or me, who doesn’t like the gutters to feel too lonely! Whichever you are, I hope you enjoy these quotes for today! Have a Terrific Tuesday!



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11. And I couldn’t resist posting this picture that popped up! 45cbf4dee26b742983a8c18e78f5d153  Feel free to  post your caption for this in the comments. 🙂

Music Monday

Good Morning! Ready for another week? Back a couple weeks ago I had posted the song “Manic Monday”. Took me back to my high school days!  I remember when that song would come on the radio, all the radios in the hall of my dorm would be turned up as that song blared out. When “Kokomo” played, the same thing would happen.

My husband had said how I should have posted the song “Monday, Monday” as well. It is a little late coming, but here is that song. Trying to think of another song that begins with a “M” to put with it, but…. it is too early for me to think. 🙂 Do you have a song that you are thinking of this morning? Have a great Monday everyone!


Smiles for Moms

b0bf15bcfd35fc09b2ca989e7dbef296We know its true, so we may as well wear a shirt that says it right? I was the “baby” of 4, so of course I was the favorite. 🙂 My darling children have these shirts and yes they take turns at being my favorite. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms! I am so grateful for my Mom, who I know always has my back! I wouldn’t be who I am today without her guiding love and her prayers!

Motherhood is a TOUGH job, so I thought we all could use some smiles! But I can’t miss saying that I am very thankful to be a Mom to my amazing children! I love them unconditionally and they truly do make me smile every day! I think they have made every emotion there is cross my face, but today we will concentrate on the smiles, joy and laughter they provide! I dreamed of being a Mom ever since I was a little girl and taking care of my baby dolls. Little did I know how much the experience would transform my life and I am so thankful for the honor.

718eafa9d2ce5490e1b7f9719146a92f I am glad to say that I always turned off the beaters for my kids. 🙂

0eb4dba26346eac4a6619e55fdfa397d For you Mom’s out there with little ones, this is for you! I do remember these days. I also remember the carousel that was right in front of Kmart. It cost .25cents to ride. My children loved it! Always wanted a ride before we went in the store. The deal was if they were good, they would get a ride when we left the store! It really was too bad that the grocery store didn’t have a carousel. 🙂

bdce5688e3ecedc50da31966361b1227OH Yes! These really were true for me, what about you??

Have a wonderful day everyone!