Going on a Virtual Road Trip!

Thinking back to when my kid were young, I remember going on walks with them. Sometimes along the way we would play a simple game. I would say that we are going on a trip, and  would think of something to take that starts with the letter A.  The next person says something with B, then C, etc.  Each time you say something you have to repeat what has been said before as well. We always would get some fun, crazy answers and it was a fun way to help my kids memory.

With that memory coming back to me this morning I thought I would try something. What would happen if we tried playing the game on here? Let’s go on a trip! Do you think we can make it to Z, I have confidence that we can! I will start with something I would bring that starts with A and whoever wants to jump in with B is welcome too! Or if you really can’t think of something that starts with B, then add more A things. The rules are pretty flexible here.  Be as creative as you want! Our vehicle is enormous and will hold absolutely anything!  That includes any kind of animal. 🙂  You can add several things or just one thing. The only rule is that we have to go from A-Z. Lets see what kind of list we can create!

A –  Accordian (for some music on the road. My Mom used to play one. 🙂

Your turn now. In the comments below add something with A, or start with B, your choice!

Giraffe Games!

All photo credits are  from Pinterest


“What is going on? What are they doing?”  Jo asked , as they stared at their other friends.

“I have no clue!”  said Monika.

“Do you see Sherry? She is usually the ringleader whenever something crazy is going on!”

All three of them looked trying to pick Sherry out of the group.


“There she is!” said Monika,  ” Looks like she is up to making her funny faces again.


“Seems like they are having fun playing Giraffe games, we should go join them.”  said Gina.

“But wait, where is Gunther?”, asked Monika.

Jo sadly answered, “Remember what happened last time, Gunther came. They wouldn’t let him play in any Giraffe games!”

“Oh that is right, but look he  is playing now, I see him. Yay! Lets go.” and they went running off to join their friends.

Monika was laughing as they ran, for she had spotted Colin.  Like Sherry, he could be crazy as well! He was playing hide and seek, but he really needed to work on his hiding skills. It’s no wonder he had a perfect score of being the 1st one found each time.


Monika  saw Jodi, Jenna and Lynn gathered over to the side. Apparently they were sitting this game of hide and seek out and just relaxing in the sun!


While Monika was hiding she spotted Kat taking a run in the water, looked like she was totally enjoying herself.


Sherry had been found, and she was glad for she was hungry. Didn’t take her long to find something to munch on.


It wasn’t long before everyone was done and soon they started heading off in their separate directions. Poor Tippy though looked confused as to which way he should go.  Did he want to go to Point A or Point B?


Brad and Colin came to help him, but they couldn’t make up their minds either as to which was was best. Confusion reigned in their faces.



They weren’t sure what they were going to do and then along came Gunther and he was very happy to lead them all home.

The sun set and all was quiet and peaceful, another good day it had been. One could only imagine what tomorrow might bring!








Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! A chill is in the air today, but thankful for my warm home. So easy to take a warm house for granted, but sadly there are many who don’t have one. I saw a quote earlier this week that said how we complain about how high the electric bill is, when we should be thankful that we have electric! Like being thankful for good, clean running water, once again its not something that everyone has. As you go through your day today think of the things that you can so easily take for granted and be thankful. Your heart can never be too thankful! Let it overflow and have a wonderful day!

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Behind the Face

Behind every face is a story and there are a lot of times where we don’t know the story.  We see the bright eyes and charming smile, but we don’t see inside, to the heart that may be breaking apart.

A few years back I knew a girl who smiled a lot. A girl who appeared to be happy, but she wasn’t. A girl who reached out for help, but was met by closed doors. Why the closed doors?  The Mom refused to believe that her daughter was hurting. Others agreed, for after all this girl was from a “good” family, a “good” church, why would she have any problems?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why are we so quick to assume that if you have good things in life that you must not have anything to struggle about! It’s crazy, but I see it happen all the time. We look at ones who live in grand houses and always dressed to a T and think, “Gee, they must have it made!” When in reality the house may be big and spacious, but totally devoid of love, making the person feel very empty inside.

People of every size, shape and color face times of struggle and can feel depressed. That little boy that sits in the cafeteria alone every day, can be just as lonely as the bubbly girl who is surrounded by a group of friends. We can’t see their hearts, by just looking at their face. We need to see behind their eyes and if they let you in to see that, don’t turn them away.

Don’t make light of their troubles, for to them they may be big. Be the one who listens and who can help lift them up, so that when they smile again, it can reflect their heart!

I am so grateful to the ones who have lifted me up in life, when I have needed a helping hand. The ones who have made me truly smile again!

Today, I think again about that girl I once knew and wonder what happened to her. I pray that she has found or will find someone who she can open her heart too. I also pray for the reader who may need someone to see into their heart, and to lend them a helping hand. Know that there are those who care, you are not alone!

Time to Shine!

As I have said before, inspiration for my posts come from a variety of places. It can be something I see, something I hear, something I read, or just my brain saying “Hey, what about this!”  Tonight I give a shout out to Tippy for his blog post, https://unicorniks.com/2018/12/08/stolen-quote-limelight/.  After reading it and commenting on it with him and Colin, it sparked an idea in my mind. Whether it was a good idea is up for you readers to decide.

Time to Shine!

What was that, a little light was shining into the box. He squinted for he had been used to it being so dark for a long time. Oh he felt the tingles of excitement, as the light continued to shine in. Whoa! He was moving. Where was he going? Was the time finally here?  It had been a long sleep for him and his friends and they were ready to shine once again.

The box  was set down and this time there was a lot of light that poured in, plus a lot of noise! He heard the familiar, happy voices of the children. They were always happy when they saw the box that he and his friends were in. It made him feel special.

Jimmy was so anxious to get out of the box once more, but he knew he needed to wait. One by one his friends were getting taken out before him. First went Jack, then Jill came after.

All of his friends were excited too. There was an extra shine to their complexions on this special day. The day that they came out of the attic. Some were bright red, and some shimmered gold and some had a silver tint to their complexion, but all of them shined bright.

“Mommy, its my turn this year! Remember! ”

“Yes Shane, I know, here you go, now be careful with it.” replied Shane’s Mom. 

“Up we go!” said Shane’s Daddy, as he lifted him up high to put him on his shoulders.

Jimmy was always a little nervous about this part, for he really didn’t want to be dropped!

“Put it on straight Shane.”, his Daddy said.

Jimmy did his best to straighten himself up, it felt good to stretch!

“I did it!” shouted Shane, and his Daddy brought him back down to the ground.

Jimmy felt so good being up so high. He was at the tippety top of the tree! He always got a little dizzy at first, until he got used to it.

“Turn on the lights Daddy, turn them on!” the children begged

“Oooooh….Awwww…So beautiful….So pretty!” were the cries from the family below as they admired their Christmas Tree.

“I love the twinkling star,!” said little Sarah

Jimmy twinkled a little brighter just for her.

Jimmy and his friends were elated, tonight was their night! It was time for them to shine bright, for tonight they were in the limelight!





What Would You Say?

Happy Thursday! This post is a little bit of this and that, guess its just been a day where my brain has been all over the place so here you go. Its kind of a montage of , “What would you say?” I will give you some situations that really did happen and you can feel free to share how you would have responded.

You are out dining with friends and you ordered decaf coffee and one of your friends ordered regular. The waitress comes to refill the cups and she puts regular coffee in your cup and pours decaf in your friends cup. You draw her attention to it and she says, “Oh, sorry, I’ll fix it.”  She takes your friend’s cup and puts it in front of you and gives your friend your cup, and then she walks away.

Your daughter is young and she has to have a MRI done, she gets very anxious and has a very hard time staying still. The MRI will be close to an hour long. The Dr. has told you that they can sedate her. The time for the test comes and the nurse comes out to call you back. She then tells your daughter that in order to sedate her that she will need to have a shot and that the needles really hurt so why doesn’t she just buck up and be brave.

You are sitting on a bench just taking a rest  while your husband and little kids are on a ride at an amusement park. A lady comes up to you and says, “Are you lost dear, do you need some help?”

You are with your friends downtown on a day during the week. There is a man walking around handing out fliers about him running for office. He thanks your friends for coming and then pats you on the head and says, “You should be in school, shouldn’t you, but I’m glad you came.”

So what do you think? What responses do you think you would have? What things have happened to you that have taken you off guard at times, and how have you responded, or did they leave you speechless?





Let the Celebration Begin!

It’s that time of year again. It rolls around once a year and seems to come quicker and quicker each year. One year I am 18 and then December 5th comes and suddenly I am  10, 20, 30 … years older, just like that!

Last night I talked to a dear friend on the phone into the wee hours of the morning. We chatted about serious things and we laughed over lots of other things too. After the clock struck midnight she sang “Happy Birthday” to me with more verses to it then I had ever heard. I may have a birthday poem coming to me today from her, we will see. Perhaps I will even share it on here.

I was wondering what kind of post to write for my birthday and I came up with this idea. An amazing present would be for me to be able to chat with all of you face to face, or over the phone. I don’t think that is very likely to happen, so here is Plan B. I have had much experience with Plan A’s not working so am quite used to resorting to Plan B,C, D…. well I think you get the picture.

If there is a question that you would like to ask me, now is the day for your questions to be answered! Feel free to leave any kind of question in the comments below and I will answer it sometime today. Anything goes. You also can feel free to leave a word of wisdom for me! It can be a piece of serious wisdom or it can be nutty.  Its your choice today.

Gifts can always be nice, but there are many gifts that don’t need wrapped with a bow in order to be special! I look forward to “chatting” with you on this special day and Thank you for all the sunshine and rainbows that you,  my dear readers, bring into my life!!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! How is your December starting out? I hope well! Our tree is up and once again I get to sit in the ambience of the lights at night when the house is still. I love just sitting and looking at the tree and thinking. Or reading from my Kindle by the lights of the tree. We hope to go to a Christmas Village a night this week to see amazing lights. There is just something about lights that brings me peace when looking at them.  I hope your heart can be at Peace throughout this season and into 2019!


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