Love without Words

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Molly loved bunnies. She was in her own little bubble of joy when surrounded by them. Detective Willis watched her with the bunnies and wondered what secrets she held. Would she break her silence and talk? Could she talk? She called her Molly because it was written on the tag in the girl’s dress. The dress she had been wearing when Kimberly had found her. She thought back to 3 weeks ago when Molly had come into her life.

The last thing Kimberley Willis had ever expected to find was an abandoned little girl. She was headed home one night and the little girl on the side of the country road caught her attention. What was she doing sitting with bunnies all alone? There had not been any houses nearby. Kimberly had tried to talk to her, but the girl wouldn’t say a word, she just kept cuddling the bunnies. She couldn’t just leave her out here alone so she explained to the little girl how she wanted to help her find her home. She asked if she would go with her in her car and the little girl only stared at her as she talked. Did she understand? Kimberly put out her hand and the little girl took it, still snuggling the one bunny against her, with her one arm.

Molly had started to walk with her when they headed for the car but then she abruptly stopped. She wouldn’t budge. Kimberly sighed, Molly was looking back at the other bunnies. Apparently if she wanted Molly to get in the car with her she would need to bring along all the bunnies! At least they were tame and didn’t scratch at all when Kimberly picked them up to carry them to the car. The girl smiled from ear to ear as she willingly got in the car, once all the bunnies were in there.

Kimberly had been searching through missing children records for the past 3 weeks now and nothing had turned up. No one fit Molly’s description. It appeared that no one was looking for her, but how could that be? She was such a sweet child.

Molly should have gone directly to Foster Care, that was proper protocol, but Kimberly couldn’t let her go. She was glad she had saved up vacation days, for she used them now to stay with Molly. She was a pleasant child to have around. She obeyed Kimberly when she asked her to do things and she listened with great interest when Kimberly would read stories to her. Kimberly was greatly hoping that as time went by that she would grow more comfortable and perhaps start to talk.

Having tucked Molly into bed, and making sure all the bunnies were in their hutch, Kimberly sat down at the kitchen table, eating some chips and salsa, as she thought about how her life had taken a complete 360 degree turn! She had lived alone for the past couple years and had adapted to it. Enjoyed the peace, the only pets she had were fish. After a stressful day at the office she would come home and watch them swim around. It was relaxing. She did pretty much anything she wanted to, that was her life.

Now she had bunnies that loved to run everywhere and how the hair flew, but they were adorable. She now was reading fairytales, instead of her romance novels, and making lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She was cleaning up spilled milk and making chocolate chip pancakes, instead of going out for nights of wine and caviar. Life had changed, but Kimberly found herself not minding a bit.

One of the most precious things about having Molly was the sound of her laughter. The first week Kimberly didn’t hear it. Molly had been very shy, and Kimberly couldn’t blame her. She didn’t try to overwhelm Molly. The last thing she wanted to do was scare the girl. She was kind to her and let Molly lead. She still remembered the emotion her heart felt when for the first time Molly gave her a hug. She was so glad that Molly was warming up to her.

Molly did really enjoy story time. It was then that she seemed to be really content, so Kimberly read a lot. One night while Kimberly was reading to her Molly started giggling at the funny voice Kimberly made pretending to be the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. It was like music to Kimberly’s ears, as the little girl’s eyes shined bright. From then on Kimberly made sure to do different voices when reading and she was always rewarded with laughter. Once she tickled her belly a little and that made Molly laugh even harder. Oh, story time before bed had become so special, with cuddles, tickles and laughter.

Kimberly walked to Molly’s bedroom, and peeked in at the sleeping child and she knew what she had to do. Tomorrow she would talk with Peter, her lawyer friend and start filling out paperwork to apply for temporary custody of Molly. She would keep looking for any clues of where Molly came from, her heart ached for a family out there that may be looking for her. Was it possible that she had just been abandoned? How could anyone do that to a little child? It didn’t appear that she had been out on her own for too long. How would she have survived the cold nights? Where had the bunnies come from? So many questions.

Kimberly suddenly thought of an old acquaintance, why hadn’t she thought of him before. He might be the perfect answer. She would call Jacob tomorrow, he was a Private Investigator and from what she knew, he was a pretty good one! Who knew what he may be able to find out. A lot of uncertainty laid ahead as to what may happen with Molly, but Kimberly was sure of one thing. While looking, and trying to solve this mystery, she would do all she could to make sure that Molly knew she was loved.

35 thoughts on “Love without Words

  1. This is such a heartwarming story. The pinch of mystery made it perfect. So much question. Next chapter please. Ugh, if she wasn’t abandon then why is her family not around looking for her? If she was abandon those idiot deserved to be hand on up and down until the blood all went to their brain 🤬

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  2. I’m looking forward to learning how Molly came to be abandoned. I’d also like to know more about Kimberly. How old is she? Not sure if she’s been married, but it seems she doesn’t have children of her own.

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  3. It’s obvious that Molly was dropped off by the Easter Bunny. She was a bunny, herself, and worked as the Easter Bunny’s assistant. But she got into trouble because she broke a bunch of eggs, so the Easter Bunny turned her into a human and left her behind, to fend for herself. This is why rabbits seem attracted to her. She’s one of them. Her job now is to find her way back to the magical hole where the Easter bunny lives, and sincerely apologize for being so clumsy, so that she will be turned back into a bunny and get her old job back.

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