Days Gone By

I saw you in the park,  you were walking and laughing as the wind blew through your wavy black hair.  I saw you in a photograph, loved the bright smile that  graced your face.  As I looked into your brown eyes I saw the reflection of days gone by.

I saw you in my mind as memories like waves kept rolling in.  The good times we shared, they are all there.  Stored like a treasure in a special part created in my heart.

I hear your laughter and words that you said come back to me, beckoning me to remember.   Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that you were near and other times as if it was longer than forever.

I walk where we walked and I feel your presence,  hovering like a shadow.  I look for you, but you are gone and my heart sighs.

Never may we walk side by side again, for things have changed.  Things change but my memories will always remain the same.  When feeling wistful and longing for the past, I reach into my treasured  vault and pull a memory out.  I can smile as I remember the days gone by,  but I also can let go!




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Why read Tongue Twisters…..I have perfected getting my words twisted  all on my own!

Sometimes the answer is buried in the haystack!

Doctors struck speechless by one so small!   ( My friend’s baby boy that I shared about in August is thriving!  He was born with severe heart problems.  Has had 2 surgeries already and has come through them with flying colors! Has his 3rd surgery in 2  months. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!)



Imaginary or Real?


Whoa!! What was happening!  How was her house turning into an ocean?  One moment she is admiring her painting that she just had framed,  and the next moment she is trying her best to swim in a  gown!

She hears the birds overhead,  they looked exactly like the ones that she had painted.  Her painting had become real and she had stepped or she guesses she should say “swam” into it!

The water felt refreshing after she got used to it.  This is so very cool, she thought to herself!  The birds kept squawking overhead, as she wondered what they were saying. The ocean seemed to stretch on endlessly, so beautiful! Oh she could swim and float all day, forgetting her worries.

It didn’t take too long though until she began to tire and then she began to get a little worried.  How would she swim out of her picture, she never did paint land?

What kind of crazy predicament did she get herself into this time!  She turned on her back to float for awhile and closed her eyes.

Oh the water felt so very soft…… wait a minute …she was dry!  She wasn’t in the ocean anymore, she was on her couch.   Had everything just been a dream or did her picture really become real for a moment in time.  She didn’t know what to believe,  but she was thinking that her next painting may be of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!  A smile crept over her face.  Oh the places she could go!  Exciting adventures may await her!


Messages of Love….Part 3

Here is a link to Part 2….Messages of Love…Part 2

Madeline was tired, it had been a long ride home from the beach.

She decided to make it a early night tonight, but thought she would read a little bit before bed.  Often she would read until her eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.  She had been reading a book of poetry that she had recently bought. 

Madeline enjoyed poetry and had been led to this book by its beautiful cover.  It was so peaceful to see the reflection of the shining moon in the lake.   Right now she was grateful for anything in her life that brought her a peaceful feeling.  It didn’t take long for her eyelids to start feeling heavy.  She laid the book down on the nightstand by her bed and turned off the lamp.  Another night, alone in the dark.

A tear trickled down her cheek again as she automatically reached out to lay her leg on top of Drew’s. There was nothing there.  Only cold empty space, no warm body to cuddle against.  She couldn’t pull his arm around her and snuggle in against his warm chest, feeling protected and safe.  She sighed, she wouldn’t cry this time, but she fell sleep with a prayer on her lips.  A prayer that Drew  would find his way back to her again.  That he wouldn’t keep using work as an escape.  They needed to walk hand in hand through this difficult journey, not alone!


Drew was reading on the couch in his motel suite.  He never had really been into poetry, but Madeline kept telling him how poetry could speak to your heart, so he thought he would give it a try.   He needed something that would speak to him.  Not knowing any specific titles to look for, he had  browsed through the Poetry books online.  One book stood out to him, it was called. “Just Thinking”.  He was captivated by the picture on the cover and so he bought it.

 He had seen the picture of the shining moon and thought of Connor’s favorite book , “Goodnight Moon”.  They would read it every night as Connor’s bedtime story.  Connor would allow Drew to read other books as well, but he always had to end with the  “Goodnight Moon” book.  When Drew saw that moon shining down on the shimmering lake it made him feel closer to Connor.

The poems inside were heartfelt and drew him in. It was like the author was putting some of Drew’s emotions into words.  His broken emotions.  The ones that he had trouble putting into words himself.  Drew knew what he had to do.  He made his decision, called his boss and packed his bags,  before he could change his mind.

Drew was out early on the beach the next morning, he wanted to see the sunrise.  Nothing so beautiful as watching the sun rising over the ocean.  The start of a new day.  He sat on his beach chair and gazed at the beauty, taking time to breathe.

He felt the weight of his awful sadness begin to lift, as he listened to the waves and watched the sun gradually grow brighter.  He felt strength begin to build in him. Yes, it would be a long journey through this dark tunnel that he and Madeline were walking through right now, but they needed to walk through it together.  He continued to stare as he let the roar of the waves speak to his soul.   Sometimes there were no words, you just had to let the waves speak.


The doorbell rang making Madeline jump.   It was 10pm at night, who would be at the door now?   Fear struck through her at first, but she felt led to to go check who it was.  She turned on her porch light and looked out the window.  Gasping when she saw who it was and she fumbled as she tried to unlock the door.

They stared into each other’s eyes. They saw pain, but they also saw love and within minutes they were in each others arms.  Drew started to apologize for not standing up to his boss right away,  for leaving as an escape.  Madeline took her hand and put her fingers on his lips telling him to be quiet.

 “ You are here now,  you are holding me now, that’s what counts, yesterday is gone!   Tonight you are here, back where you belong.”  She took his face into her hands and their tears mingled as they kissed under the twinkling of the stars and as they let love speak.





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I hope that everyone woke up with a smile on their face.  Though I can’t say that I exactly have a smile on my face when waking up,  I am more like squinting my eyes, trying to get adjusted to the bright light.  Are you still squinting trying to get adjusted to the  morning?  Its a new day,  who knows what adventures may be in store!  I hope that these quotes help to wake you up and put a smile in your heart!



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What is Relaxation to you?

Happy Sunday!  How has yours been?  Mine has been very relaxing! Still having trouble looking at the calendar and seeing how close it is to the end of September.  Not only is time going too fast, but the weather is more like August! It  was in the mid to high 80’s today.  My husband says perhaps we will have Summer in the Fall and Fall in the Winter and then Spring. 🙂  Do you see how anxious he is to shovel snow again?

When you think of relaxing what does it mean to you?   What do you find relaxing?   Yes, I am sure naps rank up there for lots of us!

I love curling up with a good book and shutting out the world, or with my journal and writing out my heart,  blogging of course would fit in there too.  Walking my dogs and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

I don’t always have to be alone though in order to relax.   Going on outings with just my husband and I definitely ranks high.  As does going on outings with the family and being with my family, including my parents and sisters.

Ranking right up there at the top would also be chatting with friends far and near.  Face to face is definitely the best way, but chatting and bantering back and forth by text and email can be fun and relaxing as well.

Hoping you had a relaxing weekend and that you are ready for the week ahead!   I think the following animals are in a relaxation mode, what do you think?



Messages of Love…Part 2

If you missed Part 1, here is a link to the post.  Messages of Love

All it had taken was a single phone call to change Madeline’s life forever.  Her husband had been on the other end of the phone when she answered it.   Madeline was trying to make out what he was saying.  His voice sounded so strange.  ” A terrible accident….Connor….critical!”  She dropped the phone and ran out the door, she didn’t need to hear anymore. Madeline felt like she had swallowed an apple whole; it was lodged in her throat.   She couldn’t talk  and could barely breathe, as  she sped to the hospital.

My baby boy NOT my baby boy!!  OH LORD PLEASE!  He has to live!!  Traffic move faster!   The thoughts were screaming in her  head!

Bursting through the Emergency Room doors she fell into her husband’s arms who was standing there waiting for her.  They embraced in the kind of hug where they felt like they were hanging on for dear life.  It was like they were standing in an airplane being forced to jump without a parachute.

“I’m so sorry, so very sorry!”  Drew kept repeating the words,  but they weren’t registering in her brain.    A fog had enveloped her.  She didn’t know how she was walking with legs that felt like lead.  Drew led her down the hall to the  Critical Care Unit where Connor was.  Bile started raising in her throat and she felt faint.

She began to sway, but Drew had caught her and held her steady.   She looked at the little boy laying in bed with tubes coming out of everywhere.  Oh Connor, is that you?  Is that really you underneath all those tubes and laying there all black and blue.  Your beautiful black curls are matted with bright red blood.  Open your eyes my precious son,  Please this is Mommy!   Connor open your eyes and smile at me one more time.

I want to place you lovingly on the couch in our living room, cover you up with your favorite  blanket.  The one with horses on it  running free.   I want to make all your favorite food and let you have dessert first.   I will  watch your favorite movie with you a hundred times over until you are well again.   I will read your favorite books to you and keep reading no matter how tired my voice may get.  Together we will pull through this awful nightmare.   But you need to hang on my son, you have to wake up!   Do you hear me?  Connor!  Wake up!!  This is your MOMMY, I Need You!!

I heard my husband’s quiet sobs as he held me, but I couldn’t focus on him.  All my attention was drawn to the still form lying on the bed.  The person who I was told was my son.  How?  How could this be my son?  This has to be a horrible mistake!   He isn’t running or talking a mile a minute.  He  isn’t laughing or cracking a joke.   Oh how could this be!

The Dr entered the room silently, his face said it all.  There was no need for words.  That was when she fell apart,  when sobs engulfed her and everything went black.

Beep! Beep!  Madeline was jolted out of her memories when the cab driver blew his horn.  She grabbed her suitcase and headed out the door with tears fresh upon her cheeks.  As the cab driver headed towards the beach, Madeline stared out the window letting her tears fall.  She thought of her husband’s strong arms and how they had supported her at the hospital. How they held her when she could no longer stand.   She longed to feel the security in them once more.  Missing him just added more holes to her broken heart.

When she arrived at the beach she only was in her condo long enough to  put her suitcase down.  She needed to see the ocean and hear the roar of the waves.

She walked down to the water’s edge taking deep breaths in of the salty air.  The waves crashed against the shore.  She had walked along the beach and now was just standing and watching the billowing waves.  Time had passed and storm clouds were brewing in the sky.  The sky was growing darker and the waves were growing bigger.  Madeline stood there watching them.  Knowing she should head back to her condo, but feeling mesmerized and unable to move.

Another wave came and she felt the spray from being too close.   What would happen if she stayed?   Would the waves sweep her under and away?  Would this overbearing load of pain that she carried  finally be set free?  Should she stay?   She had no words, but she felt like the waves were speaking to her.  What were they trying to say?

She jumped as a loud crack rumbled through the  sky and another large wave rolled in.  Turning to run back to the condo she spotted something laying in the sand, half buried.  What was it?  A bottle filled with lots of  purple hearts!   Who would have taken the time to cut so many hearts out of purple paper and  why put them into a bottle?  She grabbed it as the rain began to pelt down with earnest and she quickly ran  back to her condo. 

After a hot shower and some cold pizza she stretched her weary body out onto  the couch.  Her gaze landed on the bottle again that she had set on her desk.  Seeing the purple hearts made her think of Connor.   If she could only  hear the sound of his laughter once  again!   Was the bottle some sort of sign?  She smiled at that thought.  She could hear her dear  friend now. “ Madeline, you are always thinking something is a sign!” Well, one never  knows, thought Madeline.  For now the bottle was going to stay on her desk.


Drew pulled out another frozen TV dinner to put in the microwave. They definitely were far from being the tastiest kind of food that he could have, but these days he didn’t care about taste. It all tasted bland to him.  He wasn’t hungry, he forced himself to eat. What was he doing here?   Why didn’t he tell his boss that he couldn’t go away right now.  That he couldn’t leave Madeline at this horrible time.   Flying halfway across the country,  what was he thinking? 

He had run from her when she needed him the most!  That was the awful truth.  He could have stood up to his boss and asked him to send someone else, but the fact was that Drew was looking for an excuse to get away.  To escape the painful memories!

He couldn’t handle seeing the anguish in Madeline’s face, the deep sadness in her lovely blue eyes.  They had lost their sparkle!  Most of all he missed her laugh, her laugh was like the sound of bells.  It had always made him smile.   Madeline loved to laugh.   Her gift of laughter though now was muffled,  muffled ever since the day that Connor had  died. 

It was all his fault!  He tried to fight the guilt but sometimes the weight was too heavy to  fight off.   How could Drew be around Madeline?  Why would she even want him around.   He felt like he was the reason that  her eyes had lost her shine and that the bells of her laughter no longer chimed.

 He  had been the one driving the car that fateful day.  The other car had  come out of nowhere broadsiding them on the passenger side.  One minute Connor had been singing his heart out and  bobbing  his head to the music, the next minute  his song  was silenced forever.  No, Drew wasn’t to blame, the other car had ran a red light.  There was nothing Drew could have done and Madeline had assured him so many times that it wasn’t his fault, but…..   He should have waited to go to the store.  If he would have waited for Madeline to get home, it never would have happened.  If only….!  The thoughts battered his brain with a persistence that wouldn’t let go.

Drew looked at the glass in his hand,  and threw it as hard as he could across the room!  The glass hit the lamp and shattered in pieces scattering all over the floor.  He looked at the broken glass feeling like they were the pieces of his heart.  Would his heart ever be mended,  would the shattered pieces ever be put back together?    He put his head in his hands and his body shook , as sobs overtook him.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

From the heart the pen speaks, as its magic it weaves across the page.

Is the gold nugget inside you sparkling, what are you doing with its power?

There is so much being said in the sounds of nature for those who truly listen!


This is a hour long.  Not expecting you to listen to the whole thing, but feel free to. 🙂  This past week I have been letting these videos play in the background as I write.  So peaceful!

Messages of Love

I tried something new.  Not sure what gave me the idea, but then again not sure what gives me half the ideas that I come up with!  My husband finds that a hard question to answer as well.   No more comments needed!

Anyway I have written a story which is old and new.  If you have been a follower of mine for awhile you may recognize some parts of this story that I am going to share with you.

I promise you that as you read there will be parts that are new.  This is only Part 1.


Messages of Love

 It was a lovely Fall day as Wendy and her Mom went shopping at the store. Wendy wasn’t really interested in shopping, for Mommy  had told her that she wouldn’t be buying any toys today!   Wendy  dragged along beside her Mom with a big pout on her  face.   Her eyes were cast down looking  at the floor, but then the smell of something sweet caught her attention and made her look up.   Wendy  was excited to see a table full of  freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and there was a lady behind the table handing them out!  Urgently she tugged on her Mommy’s arm. “Please Mommy, please!  Can I please have a cookie?”  Her Mom smiled at her and said,   “Oh how quickly your frown has turned upside down, sure you can have one!” 

Wendy’s smile grew even bigger when the lady not only handed her a cookie, but a purple balloon as well.  Today was turning out to be a great day after all, thought Wendy!

As they walked out of the store her Mommy  told her to hang on tight to the balloon, for it was windy.  Wendy tried, but to her disappointment the balloon freed itself from her tight fist and sailed away, high up into the sky!  Tears started to fall down her cheeks, but her Mom quickly soothed her as they walked back in to get another balloon.  This time her Mom held the balloon on the way to the car.

As they drove away Wendy said, “Mommy where do you think my balloon went?” The Mom responded by saying , “I don’t know how far the wind will carry it, but maybe it will go  to another little boy or girl, making them smile.”   Wendy smiled to herself at that thought; holding on tight to her special  purple balloon.


A few miles away Madeline was sitting in her backyard, on her son’s swing.  She would make the swing go every now and then,  but was mostly only sitting there as memories of her son rolled down her face.  She buried her face in the soft, stuffed toy that she was holding.  It had been her son’s favorite stuffed animal.  A Jackalope!  All of  his friends had envied him, for none of them had a Jackalope.  It was truly a unique and magical animal.

Connor loved that Jackalope and  pretty much carried him wherever he went.  They had many adventures together.  Connor had been her ray of sunshine.  She felt like the clouds had permanently blotted out the sun the day that Connor died.

A few moments later, she jumped as something lightly touched her shoulder.  She looked up as a purple balloon slowly fell into her lap.  Looking up further into the sky she looked for more balloons but the sky was clear, no more were in sight.  A lone balloon flying all by itself.  Almost like it was sent from heaven, just for her. 

Gazing at the balloon, she had to smile, for purple was Connor’s favorite color!   She smiled at the memory of his laughter, as he played with a dozen purple balloons that had come in a BIG Balloon Bouquet from his grandparents for his birthday.

Grabbing the string from the balloon in one hand and the Jackalope in the other she walked back into the house, thankful for the little reminder of her son’s smile.  She set the balloon free in the house;  feeling Connor’s love floating around her just like the balloon.


 Months had gone by and the  pain was still strong.  Madeline was missing her little Connor so much that it hurt to breathe.  Sometimes it felt like all her breath was being squeezed out of her and that all she could do was cry.  Would her eyes ever run dry? 

She was headed for the beach in a few hours.  The beach had always been a favorite place of hers to go.  The waves spoke peace to her as they rolled in towards the shore.  The smell of the salty sea air and the sight of sea gulls flying filled her heart with a sense of contentment.  The ocean was magical.   It made her able to breathe,  she would be able to feel the air filling her lungs once again.   Oh the simple pleasure of breathing,  how she had easily taken it for granted before.

As she stared out the window waiting for the taxi  to arrive,  her mind retreated  back to that horrible day.  A day etched in her heart forever, like a tattoo.  A day that she would never forget. 



She Danced….


The sky was dark, but she heard the music in her heart and so she danced.

The music would sometimes be hard to hear, at the worst times it would be muted and the silence was deafening to her ears. Times where she couldn’t  even remember how the happy tune used to sound.   When the happy,  melodious tune that was always a welcomed guest appeared now to be a stranger.  Walked out of the door of her heart with no forwarding address.

That wouldn’t stop her though.  She would still feel the pull from the depths of her soul and she would dance anyway.  She may have to make up the tune and it might have a lot of sharps and flats,  but still she danced.  She danced,  believing that the melody she once again would hear.

She danced for she knew her story wasn’t over.  She danced for the dreams that were  still out there waiting to be fulfilled.   She grabbed onto the moonbeam and let herself fly.  She flew through the sky in her dreams.   Letting herself be carried by the wind.  The wind that  would sometimes  mutter and sigh, but other times  would chime,  as she danced on the clouds.

She danced,  even though the nights grew long. and the wind harshly blew.   She danced, because even in the darkness she believed that she still could shine!


This was written for a dear friend of mine.  A friend who inspires me as she  makes her way through  deep grief.  Keep dancing my friend, your story still has many pages to be written upon! Love you!