What are you Waiting For?

Hard to believe that its been 20 years since 9/11, a day forever etched in our hearts. But I have a son who will turn 20 in only 2 months, so I know it has truly been that long. I remember being so scared that day about the world that I was bringing my child into. I rubbed my stomach and said, “Stay In!” I remember watching my 2 year old daughter playing on the floor, all smiles, totally oblivious to the horrible things happening that day. 

20 years has gone by and recently I have found myself saying again, What kind of world will my children have? 

As we reflect, I think we all need to remember how the world was right after 9/11. The kindness that was everywhere the way we felt united, no matter our differences. In the big scheme of things they didn’t matter then and they shouldn’t matter now! BE KIND! Honor the memory of those who perished and just BE KIND! Go out there and make the most of each day, don’t put things off, start checking things off your bucket list. My son had a clear day yesterday finally so that he could sky dive. In his words, “It was Insane!” he loved it. We discussed other things on his list and he asked what was on mine, I told him some and his next words were “What are you waiting for?”  Sept, 11, 2001 was a morning of clear, blue skies, no one knew what was to come. So…. What are you waiting for? 

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

That one memorable line from a movie that you never forget. Like Gone with the Wind … “Frankly my dear, I don’t …” and the line from The Help, … “You just ate my ….” Remember them? What memorable movie line do you remember?

Fall has arrived … caramel pumpkin candle is lit … Autumn centerpiece on the table … and the vacant spot on our porch where the summer flowers were can now be filled with Mums!

The Language of Flowers

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Madison pulled out the tray from her china closet and dusted it. .

Flowers hsd touched Marta’s soul, and the tray always looked so elegant for Sunday dinners. Madison smiled, her Grandpa had done well with the gift of the tray. Fresh bouqets of flowers also always decorated the table.

Over the years her Grandmother’s flower beds around the house kept growing bigger.

It had heen easy for Madison to see that her Grandma was never happier then when working in her flower gardens. She was a walking encyclopedia, knowing so many facts about flowers.

Madison remembered pulling weeds with her grandmother. It was to be expected that when you went to visit her that you would always first go visit the flower beds. You may have watered the flowers or weeded. If there weren’t any weeds to pull, you sometimes would get in the car with her and drove to one of her friend’s houses to help with their flower gardens.

While working side by side with her Grandma they would talk about anything and everything. Madison grew in appreciation for those times. Oh the lessons that her grandmother had passed down to her over their “garden chats”

One thing led to another and Marta’s name spread around. Her reputation at having a green thumb for flowers grew and soon she was helping people design their flower beds.

To her great surprise she also found herself in charge of the gardens at well known places! Her fame grew to where she had the opportunity to visit the royal gardens at Buckingham Palace!

Oh Madison still remembered the light that would shine out of her Grandma’s eyes when she talked about that. She was humbled to have been invited.

Her heart was moved as well when she helped design a flower garden for the Special Ed dept at the local HighSchool. The smiles on the student’s faces melted Marta’s heart. That was another experience she never got tired of sharing about.

Working in the soil with them. She learned each student’s name and they loved her. Madison felt a lump growing in her throat. Het grandmother had such a caring and compassionate spirit for others. She really missed her, especially in the spring and summer with the flowers all blooming.

Madison was so glad she had her Grandmother’s flower tray. Like her Grandma, she set it out for every Sunday dinner.

The blushing rose in the middle of the tray was Madison’s favorite flower . Her Grandpa used to call Marta his blushing rose. The love they had for each other was so evident in their daily lives.

Someday Madison hoped to find a love like theirs. But for now she had gardens to take of. She was giving a talk at a luncheon for the Botanical Society.

Tonight Cody was coming over and Grandma’s flower tray would be in the center of the table, along with fresh flowers from Madison. After all, flowers were the language of love.

The Surprise Treasure

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Meghan asked herself for the hundredth time wbat she was doing out here in the middle of the night! She then answered herself for the hundredth time, calling herself a fool.

An owl hooted, making Meghan jump. Shivers ran down her spine when she heard a wolf howling. This was it, she was going home. She turned around walking back down the steps. .

After going up only a few steps she sighed and turned back around. Going home was not an option, she had to get a grip.

This was her chance to change her life, find her “pot of gold!”

Finally all her hard work of secretly reading her boss’s emails would pay off. She had nearly fallen off her chair when she read the email from her boss’s closest friend.

It told of the secret place where his friend was hiding his treasure. She assumed it was money, what else could it be? Here she had thought that he was only a poor, chicken farmer. What little did she know, he had treasure! She would only take a little to begin with.

Meghan was guessing that it might be millions. When one had millions he wouldn’t notice a few hundred missing here and there. But it would sure change Meghan’s life! Once she got away with a few hundred she may be more brave and go for a couple thousand. Her heart began to flutter with anticipation.

“Whooo!” Went the owl again. She had to hurry up and get back to the comfort of her home. Go to bed with a smile on her face, being a few hundred dollars richer.

It was dark at the top of the steps but she had brought her high powered flashlight along.

She took the last couple steps into the darkness and shined the light. Meghan let out a squeal of joy! There it was, a treasure chest right in front of her.

Oh No! She should have known! There was a lock,how was she ever going to open it? She would have to take it home and try to break the lock.

Her boss was on vacation so he wouldn’t miss it and the friend said how he was leaving for vacation so no one would know it was missing. Perfect plan!

Meghan picked it up and made the way back to her home feeling like her feet weren’t touching the ground. She was walking on air!

Obviously Meghan wouldn’t be able to go to sleep until she opened the chest so plopping it on her bed she started trying.

After the 5th try she was ready to call it quits until morning. Sleepiness was wearing her down. Maybe waiting til morning would be fine.

BINGO! She unlocked it. Opening the lid with great eagerness at what she would see, Meghan screamed when a chicken popped out! Confusion struck her speechless, but the chicken was far from speechless. Since when did chickens talk, thought Meghan, with eyes as round as saucers.

“Thank you for letting me out, been in there a long time and I was growing quite tired of it. My name is Charlie.”

Meghan gasped, Charlie, the chicken, the legend! Could it really be?? She had heard the stories about him and the Chicken Man. They had lived a quiet life in the woods and sadly the Chicken Man was killed during a robbery. Then Charlie the chicken was killed in a mysterious way.

Wait! Meghan’s blood ran cold. If Charlie was dead how was…?

Charlie saw Meghan’s face grow ashen. He figured out why.

“You are thinking how can I be here talking if I am dead, right? Haven’t you heard of ghosts?”

Meghan suddenly felt light headed, like she may faint.

THUNK! She hit the ground, stars were in her eyes. Slowly her vision started improving, she rubbed her eyes. It was all black. Her room was dark, except for the light of the moon shining in her wimdow.

Groaning she closed her eyes again. It had been another crazy dream! A talking chicken? Is it possible? Oh, she had to get more sleep before work tomorrow.

“Meghan.” Her boss was calling to her.

Morning had come too early for Meghan, but here she waa back at work. No way of secretly making millons like in her dream the night before. Another day of working 9 to 5.

“Can you open the door please when the doorbell rings? It should be Farmer Fred. He will have my chickens.”

Oh dear! Not chickens, thought Meghan.

Within a few moments the doorbell rang and Meghan opened it. Sure enough it was Farmer Fred with a crate of chickens.

Meghan invited him in and said, “May I ask a question about your chickens?”

“Sure. What would you like to know?”

Meghan felt her cheeks flushing, but she had to know. Her curiosity must be solved, though she was 99 % sure of the answer.

“Do any of your chickens talk?”

Just then Meghan’s boss, Mr. Garlet, came down the stairs.

“Meghan please go to the kitchen and bring back some Brandy for Farmer Fred and I.

When Meghan was out of earshot, Farmer Fred looked at Mr Garlet, with a hint of concern in his eyes.

“I would keep the Brandy away from Meghan. I am thinking she may have had a little much. Her cheeks were flushed and do you know what she asked me?”

Meghan heard the echoes of their laughter ringing throughout the house.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How did you celebrate the end of summer? My husband and I took advantage of the 3 day weekend and went away for a night. We enjoyed a relaxing time, stayed in a little cottage by a stream. On the way there Brad bought me sweet truffles, fudge and coffee. Nothing more was needed, well balanced diet, right? We did have pizza and stromboli for lunch and I got my veggies, for peppers was on my pizza. 
Came home last evening and had fun having a cook out with my parent’s and our children. We were going to have S’mores later that night, but we all were too full. Next time.
Hope you are starting out the month feeling refreshed and I hope the following quotes help to keep you smiling! 











Gentle Betsy

The conclusion to Suspicion Aroused

Betsy was back at Fuzzywhistle’s farm grazing in the meadow. She was reflecting on the events of the last week. Things sure didn’t go as she had planned!

Brent wasn’t a threat to Molly anymore, but Betsy wasn’t planning on having the situation end up the way it had.

Betsy just knew she had to do all she could to save Molly. Molly had become one special little girl to Betsy. That little girl had been through too much pain already in her young life. Having Brent try to take her away from Kimberly and Jacob would shatter her. She didn’t know Brent at all! He had never seen her.

He wasn’t interested in dealing with the “little brat” but he had said he would do what he had to in order to get what he wanted.

So he was using Molly for selfish motives! Betsy had her suspicions, now she had proof. She had overheard his phone call. Her temper was flaring by the end of the phone call, she knew she would have to take matters into her own hands.

Betsy had wished for her good friend Jenny, the donkey to be here. She could cast a spell on Brent. Unfortunately she was busy, still trying to break the goose spell for Mason and Tippner.

Betsy chuckled. It was funny. She liked Mason and Mr. Tippner, but she couldn’t think of crazier guys for it to happen too. She was sure they wouldn’t hold it against Jenny, they were good sports. She was really glad to know tbey were safe now. Anyway back to Brent, the troublemaker.

She had planned it out carefully. Would show up when no one else was around and just try to have a nice, decent conversation, cow to man. Betsy would try to show Brent the errors in his thinking!

The night had been stormy but Betsy had made it to the house that Brent was staying in. She showed up at his window and she hadn’t said a word. All she was doing was standing by it. Then Brent peered out the window and went bezerk!

You would think he had never seen a cow before by the way he acted. Yes, it was midnight and yes, Brent may have sat up in bed half awake when he looked out the window and saw Betsy’s big eyes staring back at him.

The man yelled and flung open the window. Then the next thing Betsy knew he was outside, standing by her side, staring at her.

Betsy said, ” I have come to talk to you about Molly ”

Brent’s face got ghastly white and he grabbed his chest, starting to fall.

Well Betsy didn’t know what was happening but she tried to catch him. She made sure that his head didn’t hit the ground. When she gently lifted him up and laid him on the bed, her hoof brushed his forehead. She could tell he was dead.

He might have been a troublemaker but she still felt bad for the guy. After all Betsy did have a big heart. But she knew there was nothing she could do for him, so in the still of the night she left.

This morning she heard Old man Fuzzywhistle talking about a Lighthouse keeper that had been acquitted of all charges in the case of Brent’s death. The autopsy report came back, and it was a heart attack that killed him. All the nore reason that people should eat their vegetables, thought Betsy.

Police were still confused though about the hoofprint on the man’s forehead. Betsy smiled, there were some things that only a cow would ever know.

The Debt

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The lone figure was walking down the road. His mind was lost in the shadows. He soon should come to the gas station, at least he hoped so.

He didn’t mean for it to get this late, but time had got away from him. It would have been fine if his car wouldn’t have run out of gas! Just his luck. Oh well, overall the evening had turned out much better than expected.

The mission he had been sent on wasn’t supposed to take long, but that sure had changed.

All the boss said was to collect the guy’s gambling debt and bring it back to him. He had done it many times before. No sweat!

Sometimes he would have to rough up the guys a bit but not usually. They knew he meant business and they were quick to comply to save their own skin.

But tonight was extremely different from normal. As soon as he saw the guy, he thought for sure he had the wrong man. Albert had expected it to be an employee that had the unpaid gambling debt, not a resident!

Within the first 15 minutes of talking to Arthur, he knew he couldn’t threaten this guy. Arthur was so cool.

One minute he had Albert in stitches with his wit and the next moment he was filling his mind with all kinds of fascinating facts about the strangest things.

2 hours had passed so quickly! Arthur promised to quit playing poker on his phone and Albert said he would cover his debt.

Yes, he made it to the gas station at last. While filling his gas can, he chuckled to himself some more.

When he was leaving Arthur’s room, an older lady came walking down the hall, calling out to Arthur.

Albert felt an instant headache from her strong perfume. The door to Arthur’s room had been slammed in his face, as he told Albert to tell the lady that he wasn’t home.

What else could he have done. He had to listen to Arthur, he was his friend now. Next week he was going to share with Albert all about sea urchins and the mating dance of swans.

“Sorry Ma’am, Arthur is not home.”

“Charlotte rolled her eyes.

“I know you are in there Arthur, can’t fool me!” She yelled.


“I have some Klondike bars in my freezer. What would you do for one?” Charlotte had a sly smile.

Albert was surprised to hear the door open and see Arthur poke his head out.

“Lead the way, my lady. You know I can’t resist a Klondike bar.”

Charlotte had winked at Albert and Albert had been laughing as he walked out of Golden Oaks Retirement Home.

As Albert finished filling the can he thought about how good it felt to laugh. A much better feeling than he usually had after doing his boss’s dirty work.

That was it. Albert made a decision. He would pay Arthur’s debt and then quit! It was time to retire. He whistled all the way back to his car.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

That moment when you have to turn your face away … so that your husband doesn’t see your tears … due to the character in your book dying … Avid book readers understand, right? 

When your son asks you to forward time, so that his work day can be over … you reply that you don’t have a magic wand and he asks why … “Because you never gave me one.” 

When your grown child goes through their things …  makes big pile of things they don’t want anymore … You grab the craft that they made in elementary school … their stuffed toy that they use to never go without … and … Sigh! Cedar chest is getting full. 

Suspicion Aroused

This is the continuation to my post, http://www.confessions by the sea

Tyler was watching the sea closely, shining the light. It was storming but he had seen worse storms.

He was watching the sea, but his mind was distracted. His mind was thinking of Brent, the man who was sleeping in his house.

There was something about him that Tyler couldn’t explain, but something suspicious. He wasn’t worried about Brent being in his house alone. No, the strange, suspicious feeling had to do with the story about his daughter Molly.

Tyler wasn’t convinced that there wasn’t more to the reason that he wanted to find Molly. More than a Dad only wanting a sentimental reunion with a daughter.

When they were chatting about Molly, sometimes he would get a distant look in his eyes. His eyes would change from the look of a hurting Father to something cold in his ice blue eyes.

Yawning Tyler got up out of his chair. The storm had ended, it was time to get some sleep. He would try to forget about his suspicious thoughts of Brent. Tyler usually wasn’t the suspicious type, which unnerved him more. Why didn’t he trust Brent?

What ulterior motive could Brent possibly have in wanting to find Molly?

Was Tyler just starting to lose his mind?

He shook his head, time to head to bed. Walking down the long, winding staircase he tried thinking of something totally different.

Walking to his house he suddenly noticed something. What was in the shadows? Tyler froze for a moment, it looked big and he couldn’t quite make out the shape. It sure didn’t look like a person. Then Tyler blinked his eyes and it was gone!

Oh dear, perhaps he really was losing his marbles. He needed a good night’s sleep.

It was late mornimg and Brent still hadn’t come out of his room. Surely he must be awake by now and getting hungry. Tyler knocked on his door. There was no answer, he knocked again, and called his name. There was no response , only silence.

Tyler slowly opened the door. He saw Brent lying in bed, but something wasn’t right. The window was wide open and what was the huge mark on his head?

The EMT pulled the sheet over Brent’s head and loaded the stretcher into the ambulance.

Tyler sat in shock watching the ambulance leave. He was believed to have died from a heart attack, but why was there an imprint of a hoof on his forehead?

Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?

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Bending over the stove she dipped her spoon into the pot and took a taste.

“Ouch! That’s too hot. I thought I had turned the burner off. Sighing, she turned off the burner and moved the pot so that it could cool. Hopefully it would be ready when her guests arrived.

A few moments later she heard the bells of her GrandFather Clock chime. Counting the chimes, she realized that she had one more hour until everyone came.

Turning around to grab a broom and sweep the kitchen she let out a scream. She watched a small brown mouse run up the clock.

Hearing her scream, Mittens, her kitten came running. As quick as a flash he grabbed the mouse with his teeth and swallowed it.

Breathing a sigh of relief the golden haired girl went back to sweeping the floor. Whistling while she worked.

There was only one more room to clean, which was the bathroom. She made sure to clean the mirror really well.

“Mirror Mirror, on the wall. whose…”

Crash! What was that

The golden hair girl ran down the hall. Before she got to the kitchen she heard Mary yelling.

“That stupid cat of yours made me drop the vase.”

Goldilocks rolled her eyes, Mary was in a contrary mood again.

“Here.” Mary thrust the cocklebells at Goldilocks.

“I am going home, my back hurts, rain must be coming…” Goldilocks heard her grumbling the whole way out the door.

Some days she wondered why she put up with Mary but she did do a good job at tending to her garden.

She missed having little Miss. Muffet work for her, but all it took was one big black spider to sit beside her and she was gone!

Looking at the clock she saw that it was almost time. Once again she took a spoon and dipped it in the pot on the stove. Yuck! Now it was too cold. She put the burner on low and set the pot back on it.

Within a few minutes she had the table all set. Goldilocks decided to leave off the candlesticks this time in case Jack hadn’t learned his lesson from his last mishap. The time when he had jumped and missed.

Someone was knocking at the door. Goldilocks opened it and gave her friend Little Red Riding Hood a hug.

“Hi! I brought fresh bread, right out of the oven.”

The aroma of fresh bread filled the room. Little Red sat her bread basket on the table.

There was knocking again and when Goldilocks opened the door Snow White was standing there. She was all smiles, standing with Prince Charming. They could barely take their eyes off each other.

Aftet greetings had been made, Snow White put her apple pie on the table.

“All is set, just waiting for Jack and…”

The door swung open and in jumped Jack.

“Hi there Goldilocks!” He said, feeling real spry.

Right behind him were the 3 bears. Baby bear and her 2 new baby cubs, who everyone made a fuss over. They were so cute.

Goldilocks invited everyone to sit down for dinner was ready to be served. She took the porridge off the stove and set it in the middle of the table.

Once everyone filled their bowls and took a bite they all agreed that it was perfect. Well everyone except Baby bear’s new cub.

“Mama, its too HOT!”