Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is going well. Perhaps you made someone smile. I helped a young girl catch her dog last night. Was on the way home from work and noticed the dog running and every time the young girl would run after it, it ran more. I could tell by her face that she was scared, for it was getting out of the development close to a busy road. Fortunately it was a friendly dog and when I stopped and got out of the car it came trotting over to me. I held its collar as it rubbed its head against me, letting me pet it. It was sweet and the girl was thankful. I am pretty sure the dog was a labadoodle. Its fur was so soft. I hope you have something this week that brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to your heart. Enjoy the following quotes, share your favorite or favorites in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!







No, this isn’t my husband, he understands I need my books, like he needs his music. 🙂





A Circle of Friends

This is the conclusion to Thursday’s post, Lending a Helping Hand To help refresh your memory. Sadie Mae, who earned the nickname Snow White, got an unexpected visitor to her cottage in the woods. The visitor wants her help in finding her sister.

And now … for the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Sadie Mae never knew what hit her. The raven black haired lady struck her when her back was turned. Now she was grunting as she tried dragging Sadie Mae to her car, which had been parked a little ways away.

Finally she made it to the car and with a heave ho, managed to throw her on the back seat. Breathing hard she started the car and headed for home.

“Where am I?” Sadie Mae had one whopping of a headache, and she was really confused. This did not at all look like her bedroom. There was barely anything in it and the walls were bare. Where were all her pretty pictures and why did she have a goose egg on her head?

Sbe thought she heard people talking and pressed her ear up against the door to listen. The locked door! Why was her door locked? Waves of uneasiness were washing over ber.

“Tell me again why you thought this was a wise idea?”

“Since the Prince whisked Cinderella away, you needed someone. We all do!

Her mom made a face. She hated when anyone brought up Cinderella. But her daughter did have a point.

It would be fabulous to have someone wait on her every need and desire once again. Her two daughter’s didn’t lift a finger, they were so lazy! Must have got that from their father. Perhaps this new girl would work out and maybe her daughter finally did have a good idea. The mom smiled, must have got her smarts from her.

Over the next two weeks poor Sadie Mae worked like a horse. Barely had time to eat and sleep. The mom and stupid sisters were so demanding! She had to get out of here, but how. They kept her under lock and key.

Then one day Sadie Mae got her chance in the most surprising way. Veronica, the one sister, told her they would be going down to the creek. Her mom wanted fresh water out of the creek for drinking water. Sadie Mae about gagged. Creek water was far from fresh water but she would be glad to at least get in the fresh air.

Veronica was sitting on a rock watching her fill the bottles. “Hurry up sluggard, I can’t be down here all day. The sun may ruin my fine complexion.”

Sadie Mae bit her tongue. Remembering what Thumper used to say all the time. “If you can’t say anything nice , say nothing at all.” Oh how she missed Thumper and the other animals.


Sadie Mae looked up from the water, “Down here.”

It was Myrtle, the turtle. “What are you doing here?” she whispered.

“The bluebirds saw everything, and they alerted the other animals that you were in trouble. We put our heads …”

” Hey, what is taking so long!”

Sadie Mae finished filling the bottle and walked it over to Veronica, under the shady Oak trer. Thats when Sadie noticed who was behind Veronica, and her eyes lit up.

The scream was shrill! Veronica covered her face, continuing to scream. The odor was strong and Sadie Mae was laughing at Veronica running to the creek splashing herself with water.

Sadie Mae dropped the bottles and ran to Flower the skunk. “Thank you!”

Another scream rang through the air. Sadie Mae turned back to the creek and saw Bobo the bear. Oh sweet Bobo who wouldn’t hurt a flea, but Veronica didn’t know that.

“Quick, follow me!” Thumper had appeared from around the tree and Sadie Mae felt a strong burst of adrenaline as she followed Thumper back to her home, sweet home.

Oh, how delightful it was to be back home in her cottage. She had been working all day at preparing a feast for her friends! It was the least she could do. Her heart overflowed with gratitude for them. Who needed a handsome prince in shiny armor, when one had a whole forest of animal friends. Friends who were always glad to lend a helping hand.

A peaceful fight … The unique restaurant guest … Pepsi’s first name and other Facts!

Here is a bonus fact to start off my Weird Facts post. While looking for facts it popped up and I just had to share it.

Besides the first reason, the midnight fact is also very true!


Hmmm…glad we have alarm clocks! There is no snooze button.


I would have guessed the lion.


Awww! ❤


That is a peaceful way to fight!


I think people named Brad should get a little percentage of the profit, though my husband Brad doesn’t even drink Pepsi.


I love elephants!

What Would She Do?

This is the continuation of my post from Monday, The Thinking Tree

Things were not exactly going as planned! She was getting more frustrated by the minute.

Tara had planned on hanging out at the coffee shop a lot this past week before Amanda made it to town. She was going to use her feminine wiles to charm Mason, however, she ended up being sick most of the week.

Finally she made it to the coffee shop yesterday to get some of Cara’s delicious shoo-fly pie. Eating real food again instead of tea and toast and crackers was fabulous. The only bad thing was that Mason was totally in his own little world.

She made sure to dress perfectly. Got a new hairstyle and wore a low cut blouse and still could barely get his attention. His gray eyes had a dazed look in them, and he walked around like he was in a fog.

She overheard Cara talking to Tippner telling him how Mason has been so ferhoodled in the head since the proposal. They were laughing about him ordering way too much sugar. Cara could make double tbe amount of her specialty latte’s now.

Then she was telling Tippner how eager she was for her and Sarah to help Amanda shop for a wedding dress.

Tara had thought she may puke again listening to all the wedding talk. She had been so upset when she left. Obviously she was crazy thinking she could sway Mason, he was a hopeless romantic, who only had eyes for Amanda.

After the coffee shop failure she had come home to find her flowers drooping. Apparently they were feeling her sadness, or maybe she had forgotten to water them. All her thoughts had been concentrated on Mason.

After a restless night’s sleep she had awakened determined to put Mason out of her mind. It was supposed to be a clear, sunny day. Perfect day for a bike ride.

At least she had thought so until she went out to her garage and remembered that her bike was broken! She hadn’t latched it securely a few weeks ago when she put it on the bike rack. It had fallen off while she was driving and now was a mess. It was only good for the junkyard.

Letting out a scream which scared the bunny away she put her face in her hands. Now she was on her way to Tippner’s bike shop praying that something would finally go right for her today.

Tippner was busy shining one of the bikes when she entered his shop. “Good Morning Miss, how may I help you?”

He didn’t say anything but she looked to be quite upset. Hopefully he could bring a smile to her face.

“I need a new bike, mine kind of bit the dust!”

“You came to the best place! Best bike shop around!”

He guided her over to some of the new bikes that he had just got in. He saw her eyes light up at the firey orange one, as she looked it all over. “This is the one, its awesome! How much is it?”

When Tippner told her the price her exurbent face immediately fell. Tippner’s heart fell at that moment as well. He did some quick thinking.

“But you know what. I forgot something. You came just in time. This is the last day of my special sale, 50% off!”

This time her face sparked joy! “I will buy it! Thank you so much!”

Tippner couldn’t deny that he felt good for making her happy, in spite of the fact that he was losing money. It was a brand new top of the line Schwinn. Smiling, he tried not to think of that.

Putting out his hand he shook hers, saying, “I am delighted that you found what you wanted! You really got a bargain.”

Tippner rang her up. “Are you going to take it out on this beautiful day?”

“Yes! Going to ride to the lake. But first going to call my friend Holly and tell her about your fantastic sale! She has been needing a new bike for awhile, just waiting for the right price. She will be ecstatic over the sale. Its a real steal.”

Tippner started coughing really hard.

Tara looked concerned, should she hit his back? She breathed with relief when he talked.

“Sorry about that. I … I… hope you really enjoy your new wheels!”

“Thanks again! Holly and I will be back today, I promise.”

As Tara was leaving a couple entered the store. “Its your lucky day, his bikes are 50% off, today only!” Tara told them.

She looked back at Tippner and winked. “I got your back.” she said as ahe walked out the door.

Meanwhile Amanda had made it to town. Sarah and Cara were busy chatting about the different shops to visit while eating lunch. They hadn’t noticed how quiet Amanda had become.

“What colors were you thinking of?”

Amanda was silent.

“Amanda whats wrong, are you feeling sick from the flight? You look a little pale.”

“I don’t think I can marry Mason.” Her face crumpled. Sarah and Cara watched in shock as Amanda ran towards the restroom. They looked at each other, not knowing what to think.

Amanda was standing over the bathroom sink, letting the silent tears run. She couldn’t do this, she had to marry Mason! She wouldn’t break both of their hearts over some stupid threat!

She had been on Cloud 1000 since Mason’s unique proposal. Dreaming of their special day and their life together.

They would hike in the mountains and sleep under the stars. Kayak on the lake and have picnics in the meadow. An adventure like no other it would be! Her excitement could hardly be contained, until the awful day. The day that she had received the letter in the mail.

(To be continued…)

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Without trust, a relationship is built on sand ….

Mac and cheese …. a yummy food from childhood tbat I still love today … Sunmer treat from childhood …. Strawberry crunch icecream bar … Still good today … What foods from your childhood do you still eat today?

Tell me when you have enough cheese.” – waitress at Olive Garden garden. Your body silently arguing … between it is healthy to have less cheese but cheese is soooo good!

Lending a Helping Hand

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Little Sadie Mae loved the ducks and the new baby ducklings were so fun to watch. She made sure to come see them every day. Sometimes it would be for only a few minutes, but other times longer.

Her mom found it so endearing that she would even visit them in the rain! Sadie Mae most definitely loved her animals.

If her mom took in every stray animal that Sadie Mae found, they would be overrun with them.

As Sadie Mae grew, her love for animals continued to grow and into the forest or down to the lake she would go to visit them.

Some friends jokingly called her Snow White because of all the woodland animal friends she had. She was Snow White without the dwarves. Who needed funny, little men? In fact who needed men at all? Yes, she could live alone in the woods and be perfecly happy, with her animal friends.

Over the year her poor parent’s tried many times to set her up with the most respectable gentlemen they could find. But Sadie Mae managed to find a fault with each one. She was content being single and someday her parent’s may come to understand.

One day sbe was cleaning her little bungalow and there was a knock on her door. Sadie Mae thought tbat was strange, rarely did she get unexpected company.

When she opened it there was a tall woman standing there with jet black hair almost down to her waist! Ruby red lipstick decorated her lips and her smile intrigued Sadie Mae.

“Hi! May I help you?” Sadie Mae asked.

“I certainly hope you can, the lady brushed her aside walking into the bungalow without an invitation. Sadie Mae didn’t know what to think!

“I heard that the animals talk to you.”

“Excuse me, what did you say?”

The lady spoke slower, “That…. the…. animals…. talk …to.. you.”

Sadie Mae shook her head in confusion, clearly befuddled. This lady actually believed in talking animals! What kind of nut was she?

“I am close to all the animals, they visit me for food. They are my friends but ummm…can’t say that any of them have talked to me. “

The lady’s face fell and she took a seat on the forest green couch. “But are you sure that none of them ever tried to talk to you? I need to find my sister!”

Sadie shook her head, she was beginning to think that this lady got lost on the way to the Funny Farm. “What does your sister have to do with talking animals? “

“She is one of them!”

Now Sadie Mae needed to take a seat, before she fell down. “I must not have heard you correctly. Did you say that your sister is an animal?”

The lady wrung her hands standing back up again and pacing the floor as she spoke. “Yes, she was put under a spell and I been trying to find her for so long!”

Tears fell upon her cheeks. “There was an evil fairy queen that cast the spell on her. You are Snow White, correct? You must have some magic spells that you know about. Please you have to help me find her!”

Sadie Mae looked into her pleading eyes and her heart felt for the poor woman. How could she tell her no? Sitting down beside the lady, she touched her shoulder. “I will try my best, but first tell me more about your sister and how she got put under an evil spell.”

To be continued .. on Monday.

Under the Moon

Image from Pinterest

What a day it had been. She needed tonight, the magic of the full moon.

Ryan had been his charming, seductive self this morning and she had barely made it to work on time. On the subway to work she got several strange stares from people and had felt self conscious.

She had arrived at work with only minutes to spare. Showed her ID to the security guard and got a strange look from him as well. What was wrong with everyone, she had thought. She had been so clueless to what the real problem was.

Clueless until her bestie passed her a note. They were in a staff meeting in the large boardroom. Shelly had slid into the seat that her bestie had saved for her. The President of the company had just started talking. He looked at her with sharp disapproval.

Once he looked away she looked at the note, feeling mortified as she read it.

“Your blouse is a little undone and your lipstick is really smeared. I assume that Ryan got home last night from his business trip?”

No wonder people in the subway were staring at her. Same with the security guard and….the president. Oh she wanted to sink into a hole!

It was hard for her to concentrate on the meeting. When would it be over? It couldn’t be soon enough!

“Mrs. Perry what do you think of Mr. Hendrick’s idea?”

Shelly hadn’t heard him, what was she supposed to say!

“Mr. Hendrick is an intelligent man so I support his idea.”

There was silence in the room as the President stared at Shelly making her so nervous. Some people were smirking while others looked embarrassed for her. Had she said the wrong thing?

“I agree with you. Glad to know that you, being his boss, affirms his intelligence.”

Shelly had inwardly breathed with relief! But it didn’t last long. The President spoke again.

“I admire his intelligence, but right now I am questioning yours. Meeting adjourned, but Mrs. Perry please don’t be so discombobulated when you come to tomorrow’s meeting. Mr. Hendrick didn’t suggest any new ideas. He didn’t say a word. But I could tell that you were a thousand miles away! Get with it, Mrs. Perry!”

Shelly stood under the moon with those words replaying themselves in her mind. If only today had all been a bad dream. Could she turn back time?

“Please Mr. Moon! Grant me a wish!”

“Oh, what do you think?” She looked down at the three storks gathered around her. “Should I show my face tomorrow or go on vacation, until the President and everyone else forgets what happened today?”

Shelly rolled her eyes, she needed to get to bed. Since when did she ask storks for advice! Turning around she headed back. Hoping to enter dreamland and remember that tomorrow was a brand new day.

The one stork looked at the others. “She talks to the moon, an object that can’t talk back and then walks away before we can even answer her question. That makes no sense. Of course we are talking about humans here, so actually I guess it does.”

*Thanks to Clive, another blogger who had made a note suggestion, that I had accidentally forgotten to include in my notes story before. His suggestion was, “Your blouse is undone” *

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Why is it that we can be tired but we sit on the couch and think lets just see if there is anything to watch. Then we find a show and the next thing you know its 1am! About 2 weeks ago that happened to my husband and I. Just flipping through channels  and saw a series advertised and figured we would try one show. Five shows later ….. and now we are addicted to the series all because we want to know how it ends! The show does a good job at keeping you guessing. Its a murder mystery, but not gory or real scary, for I don’t do shows like that. Its from 2019 I think, “How to To Get Away with Murder” in case you feel like wasting time in an intriguing way. It centers around Law School and a class called “How to Get Away with Murder”. The professor who is a criminal lawyer who picks 5 of her best students to help her with cases annnnd well … they all find themselves involved in a murder that they didn’t plan on. 

Enjoy the following quotes, reading them is not a waste of time. 🙂 A way to relax for 5 minutes in your day and hopefully smile! Have a good day! 











The Thinking Tree

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How could this have happened? The air was still and calm as she stood in her tree. Her favorite tree. A place that she had often ran too, throughout her childhood and teen years. Now as a young adult she still sought this tree out, when she needed to find peace and flee the storms brewing in her heart.

At first Tara had refused to believe the rumors that were flying around. She kept telling herself it was a big story just to get all the busybodies stirred up. The hair salon had been filled with chatterboxes earlier today, all talking about the big news. Why had she decided to get her hair done today? She had wished for ear plugs to block out all the noise around her, but there were none and her heart was slowly breaking at the news.

When her hair was done, she practially flew out of the salon, almost forgetting to leave a tip. She needed to get out of there, to catch her breath. She knew where to run to. That is when she headed to her favorite spot. She ran to her tree.

Oh. the many days she had spent here. This is where she had often found her answers. In the silence they would come to her, and she hoped for answers today.

When hearing the bitter, shocking news in the hair salon she knew that intervention was a must. She had to stop the plan from happening, someway, somehow! Time was of the essence. Two weeks was all the time she had to come up with a plan and then to implement it. Silently she stood in the tree waiting, hoping that something would come to her.

It was her time. Was she so wrong in wanting someone? Her friends had a true love, why couldn’t she?Recently her one remaining single friend had asked her to be a bridesmaid. Tara was honored, but at the same time, hurt. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was destined to always be the bridesmaid, never the bride.

But things were about to change, she would see to it. One day she would be walking down the aisle in white and perhaps that day was just around the corner.

Ahh! The sweet smell of honeysuckle was floating to her in the gentle breezes that were now in the air.

Smiling, she knew what she had to do. This could be tricky, but Tara was up to the challenge. Apparently the big news was that Mason had been taken. The most eligible bachelor of Bittersweet Creek was off the market. The old ladies clapped their hands together saying it was about time, while the single, younger ladies shed a tear, having pity parties for themselves.

Tara did not believe in having a pity party, she believed in making things right. Mason was meant for her, and that was all that was to it. Miss. Amanda needed to go. Tara just needed to think of how! In two weeks she was coming to Bittersweet Creek to start planning for the wedding. This Amanda lady may be in for some surprises when she comes. Tara didn’t want to hurt her …. too badly. After all, she wasn’t that evil, or was she? Her laughter was carried off on the breezes floating through the trees.

No hand … No money … The heaviest crayon … Alektorophobia and more facts!


Why?? One cuts off their hand for money!


Happy Monkeys!


Hmmm. Crying chocolate tears would be pretty cool


That looks like a scary chicken!


I put sprinkles on my icecream, though in Pennsylvania we call them “jimmies”. I like the sound of fairy bread but don’t know how it would taste.


Never knew that there would be a crayon to heavy for me to pick up!