Friday’s Super Short Stories!

True love is still loving your dear wife when you have wet gloves to leave for work in the early, frosty morning! May have forgotten to switch the laundry over to the dryer, but hey, I didn’t lose his gloves! 

Serving up a dish of kindness can leave a lasting sweetness, sweeter than the tastiest pie! 



Blast Off!

“10,9,8 ..”

“MOMMY!!Come quick!”

Carissa came running outside hearing her daughter’s screams. Oh not again, she thought, when she saw why Callie was screaming.

She marched over to Jarrett, “How many times have I told you that it isn’t nice to tease your sister!”

Jarrett made a face, as his Mom unstrapped Callie’s Barbie doll from his rocketship. Grown ups always ruined his fun, thought Jarrett.

Callie hugged her Barbie close to her and stuck her tongue out at Jarrett when her Mommy wasn’t looking.

He watched them walk back into the house. How was he ever supposed to learn how to send things to the moon? Looking up into the sky he dreamed that the day would come when he could walk on the moon!

Years passed and Jarrett worked hard at keeping his dream alive. He studied hard and excelled in his science classes.

His family was so proud of him when he got accepted into the NASA program. Now the day that he had dreamt about for so long had finally come! He was going to the moon!

Jarrett couldn’t describe his feelings. He was overwhelmed with various emotions. The hour had come. It was a moment of a lifetime! This was it, no turning back. He was strapped into the rocketship.

“10…9….8…” He looked at the good luck charm his sister had given him. He had laughed when she handed it to him, not knowing she had saved it all these years.

“7…6…5..” He heard the countdown. “Well Barbie, are you ready for your first real trip to the moon?”

“4…3…2…1!” He soared into the space, squeezing the Barbie doll in his hand. Some dreams really do come true!

Another Way to Fish

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Colleen sighed with contentment. This morning was starting out so well. The sky was a brilliant aqua blue and the weather was nice, as she enjoyed her morning run.

Her plans for the day had involved painting her kitchen and living room, but as she ran, she decided that she wanted to stay outside this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels with strawberry cream cheese, she headed down to the lake.

Her face brightened seeing the pretty bird sitting on the “No Fishing” sign, singing its little heart out.

Colleen was glad to see no one sitting on the wrought iron bench. She sat down on it and enjoyed being still.

Soaking in the moment, she let her thoughts wonder. She remembered that she wanted to bake a lemon meringue pie for her new neighbor today. The moving truck had been there last night when she got home from work but it was gone this morning. She didn’t know if a family had moved in or only one person, she hoped to make them feel welcome.

Caught up in the story her heart jumped a little hearing someone nearby, breathing hard. Lifting her head she saw a tall guy with short blonde hair, bending over with his hands on bis legs.

After a few moments he raised up and smiled at Colleen. She was slightly embarrassed but gave a small smile and then quickly looked back at her book. She could feel his eyes still watching her as she re-read the first line 3x. Finally to her relief he started running again, around the lake.

Colleen went back to reading but found herself glancing up every so often looking out towards the lake. She came down to the lake often but did not recall having ever seen this guy here before. She put her book down as she wondered if he came to the lake every morning at this time. Usually she came later.

Seeing him come her way she quickly picked up the book again and started to read.

He stopped right in front of her. Should she look up or keep reading? She couldn’t focus on the words. The letters were jumbled. A few minutes passed and then she felt him taking the book out of her hands! What was he doing?

“Hey!” She said a little indignantly.

He was smiling as he handed her back the book. He had a look of amusement on his face. “I was just turning the book around for you. Thought it might be easier to read it if it wasn’t upside down!

Colleen felf her cheeks burning.

“Hi! My name is Colby.” He put out his hand and Colleen shook it, knowing for sure that her cheeks must be a blooming rosy pink color.

“Hi!” she said shyly. “I am Colleen.”

They stared at each other for a little and then he spoke again. “I am new to the neighborhood, just arrived last night. Have so many boxes to unpack but felt like getting outside this morning.”

Colleen’s heart began to race a little. Was this her new neighbor?

“Welcome! I hope you like it here.”she said, when she found her voice.

“Thank you, I think I will,” Colby replied, giving her a wink. “Do you come here often?” he asked.

“I do, its so nice and peaceful here.”

“Well, I hope to see you again then. Have a great day!” he said, and he started walking away.

Colleen watched him, thinking how glad she was that she didn’t stay home painting today. She picked up her book to read again,but couldn’t concentrate.

Standing up, she started for home, she had a pie to bake. Walking past the “No fishing” sign she laughed a little. Sometimes you didn’t need a fishing pole to catch a fish. Sometimes all that was needed was only a fresh, homemade pie.

The Mystery Guest

“A penny for your thoughts?” said Lisette as she sat down at the kitchen table with Amanda.

Amanda was stirring her coffee around and around with a spoon, staring straight ahead. She looked at Lisette and said, “i could give you a millon pennies for all the thoughts circling in my head right now!”

Lisette reached over and took her hand. “I believe that. You received a great shock! Give yourself time to process it all.”

Yes, she was totally in shock. One day, she had no idea what her future held, what her next step would be. Then the next day she finds out that she is a heiress to a castle! Her grandparents castle! Grandparents that she barely knew!

Grandparents that she barely knew, but ones who never stopped thinking of her! Her heart was overwhelmed with love.

Many times she had felt so alone in the world, especially after her Mom had died. They had moved around so much that it had been hard to build real friendships. Now she had grandparents who were longing to meet her.

Amanda had met with Jacob, the private investigator, a week after receiving his letter. He had filled her in on many details. He also had handed her a letter from her grandparents talking about the memories they had of her and how they have always loved Amanda and her Mom.

Jacob said he would give them the sad news of Gwen’s death, he didn’t want to put that burden on Amanda. He was a very compassionate man, which Amanda was grateful for!

They sat at the table in silence for awhile until Lisette spoke. “I have an idea. I think you need to get away for a little bit. We need to take a little trip and I know the perfect place.”

Amanda stopped stirring the spoon in her empty cup. “Where?” she asked.

“Meet me at the car and I will tell you on the way.” Lisette replied, smiling.

What is she up to, wondered Amanda, watching Lisette walk away. She did feel a quiver of excitement. It would be fun to get away and give her mind an escape for awhile from the excitement of the past week.

Amanda was standing by the car waiting on Lisette. It wasn’t long before she came out. There had been a last minute phone call she had to make.

“Lets hit the road!” she said, and soon they were heading out of town.

Meanwhile in the town of Bittersweet Creek, Cara was feeling very happy.

The coffee shop was very busy as it was Valentine’s Day and people were coming to have the special of the day. Cherry Chocolate Latte.

Cara had decorated each table nicely with a cinnamon scented heart shaped candle. There was also a small vase of red carnations and baby’s breath in the middle of the table.

Mason had rolled his eyes, but he had to admit it did make the coffee shop look very nice. Why people wanted Cherry Chocolate Lattes though was something he couldn’t figure out.

“You look suspiciously happy today.” Mason said when Cara came back to the kitchen.

Cara’s eyes brightened. “Do you have plans tonight?” she asked.

He thought of how he was planning to stretch out on the couch with a cold drink. Yes, his schedule was full, but in a moment of not thinking clearly he told Cara no.

“Great!” She clapped her hands together. Meet us tonight at Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant at 7.” she said.

“Who all will be there?”

“You will see.” she replied with a gleam in her eye. Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Oh what had he got himself into now! Lost in thought he almost smacked his head when walking towards the door. He had to go refill the register, Cara had said she needed more single dollar bills.

Throughout the day Mason’s interest was growing on who he was meeting at the restaurant. Cara did tell him that she and Bard would be there but her lips were sealed about the other guests.

“Here we are”, said Lisette, pulling into Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant. Amanda was looking forward to seeing Cara and Sarah again. She thought it was a perfect idea that Lisette had. Then she saw Mason and looked at Lisette, who had a guilty expression on her face.

“I should have known you were up to something.” Amanda said, shaking her head and blushing.

Mason was a nice guy, but she had just inherited a castle. She didn’t need a guy to complicate things! Tonight would be fun, but no, she wasn’t going to let herself fall for him.

“He isn’t bad on the eyes,” said Lisette as they walked into the restaurant.

“Jacob is handsome too.” Amanda replied with a smirk.

At 10 pm Mason pulled into his driveway. The night had gone surprisingly well. When he first had seen Lisette and Amanda walk into the restaurant he almost threw something at Cara who was grinning ear to ear. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. He had been set up again. He was pretty sure it wouldn’t work though!

Amanda was nice enough, but she was a heiress to a castle now, would she really be interested in him?

He turned on the TV to distract himself from thinking of her. Oh if he fell for her, Cara would be as proud as a peacock. Smacking his head down on a pillow he stretched out on the couch. Women! They complicated everything!

The Surprise Letter

The following story is the 2nd part to my story from last Saturday’s post, The Inheritance!

Jacob had been burning the midnight oil in trying to find Lady Tatiana’s daughter and granddaughter. Everytime he thought he had a lead, it only led to a dead end. 

Time would tell if this new lead that he had found a few weeks ago would turn out to be anything

He thought back to the details about the lead. Who knew that stopping at Mcdonalds would have turned out to be such a great decision.

That Wednesday morning he had been upset when he realized his coffeemaker was broken. He decided he would stop at McDonald’s on the way to the office.

Usually he would go through drive thru but he decided to go inside and sit for a bit before his busy day started.

He went inside and within a few minutes had a black coffee and a Egg McMuffin with a yogurt parfait. It was hard for him to stomach the black coffee but he knew it was healthier without the cream. He took a few gulps and then asked for cream to try to get the after taste out of his mouth, perhaps another day he would try.

There was a newspaper on the table and a headline caught his eye. A smuggling ring had been busted. He was intrigued that the smugglers had used a popular toy, Mr. Potato Head, to smuggle the jewels. Who would have thought? That wasn’t the most intriguing thing though.

Jacob had blinked his eyes upon seeing the  name Amanda in the article. Then gasped with surprise when he read her last name. She had the same last name as the Amanda he was looking for. Was it her? Hope surged through him as it appeared that he might have turned over the right stone without even trying!

Relief spread through him when reading that she had been cleared of any charges. That she really hadn’t known what was in the packages her employer was having her deliver.

Jacob would have hated to have to inform her grandparents that the sweet granddaughter they remembered was part of a smuggling ring. Amanda had witnessed against her employer in court and all was behind her now. She was wanting to start anew the article had said. That was one problem, Jacob had no idea where she was headed to start over.

Amanda was relaxing with a book in the sitting room at the Inn. She loved the big picture windows that were in there. The sunlight poured through them brightening up the room.

She felt more contentment then she had felt in a long time. It wasn’t that she really had any answers yet about her future, but her worry about it had faded.

Lisette had become a great friend and had assured her that she was welcome to stay for as long as she needed too.

Putting her bookmark in her book she closed it and looked out the window, thinking.

Her mind went back in time. Back to when her Mom was still alive. There had been so many questions that she had for her Mom, questions still left unanswered.

Her Mom had never answered her questions about her Dad. At first Amanda had let it go. She was happy with it just being her Mom and her, but as time went by she grew more curious. What had he been like? Had he and her Mom really loved each other? Why had her Mom refused to talk about him?

Amanda wished that somehow she could find information on him. Then she remembered the many journals her Mom had.

After her Mom died she had put the journals in her cedar chest. She had been tempted to read them, but felt uneasy. They held her Mom’s private thoughts. Perhaps now though was the time. Maybe they held the answers to the questions that plaqued her.

“Amanda!” Lisette’s voice broke into Amanda’s thoughts.

Amanda walked out of the room and met Lisette coming towards her. She had mail in her hand.

“This letter is for you.” Lisette said, handing her a long white business envelope.

Amanda had the post office forwarding her mail to the Inn, not knowing how long she would be here. She wondered who the letter was from, as she took the envelope from Lisette.

Her face registered shock when looking at the return address. Jacob Klasko, Private Detective.

Why would a private detective be contacting her?

(To be continued…)

The Passage of Time

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Warmth flooded through her heart to see her favorite tree still standing. Charlotte’s boots sunk into the snow as she stood admiring it once again. At least there was one thing that had remained unchanged after all these years.

Coming back to her hometown felt good but she hadn’t been prepared to see all the changes. She still had held onto her childhood image of it.

Condos had replaced the cornfield where she and her friends had played many times. Hiding behind the stalks.

The little grocery store that had been on the corner, was now one of the big chains. Charlotte fondly remembered Sam, the kind old man that had owned the store. He always had chocolate chip cookies and a balloon for each child that entered the store.

Bonnie’s hair salon had been replaced with a larger one. She was retired and enjoying her grandkids now. Charlotte was glad that at least Bonnie had stayed in town. She had enjoyed a visit with her earlier over some salted caramal lattes.

Charlotte was really hoping she would get to see Miss. Lorti the librarian. The library was still on Willow street but Bonnie told her that a man had come to town and swept Miss. Lorti off of her feet. It was a whirlwind romance and it wasn’t long before she had packed her bags and eloped.

The library had been one of Charlotte’s favorite places to go. She would carry home a stack of books every time she visited. She would often stop at her special tree on the way home, sit down beneath it and read one of her books.

Charlotte looked at her watch. It was 3pm on the dot, would Ellen be here? They had made a pact long ago to come back on this special date at this special time. Did Ellen remember?


She turned her head and saw Ellen heading her way in her bright orange coat. Her heart beat with excitement. She had come!

They gave each other a warm embrace.

“It is so good to see you! We have so much to catch up on.” Ellen said.

Yes, thought Charlotte, a lot of things may change but she was so thankful for friendships that stood the test of time.

When Duty Calls

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The blurred numbers were slowly coming into focus. He rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up. The clock said 7am. He had slept a solid 12 hours! No wonder his stomach was growling.

He knew jet lag would be bad but he had always wanted to visit Australia. After he finished a case that he had been on for 2 months, his boss told him that he had earned a well deserved vacation.  He didn’t have to think twice of where he would go! The Land of Koalas was calling his name.

After taking a shower Patrick felt alive and ready to explore. He ordered room service and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Whistling Patrick walked out of the hotel, ready to see what the day would bring.

One of the places he wanted to visit the most was Kangaroo Island. He had made sure to have his hotel close to there, for he thought he would visit it more than once.

Soon he was on a bus headed there. He laid his head back on the seat, catching a few more winks before arriving at Kangaroo Island.

After a 30 minute ride, the bus stopped.. They had reached the island. It wasn’t long until Patrick saw some kangaroos, he was delighted.

He thought of Kanga and Roo, the friends of Pooh Bear. Patrick had loved the adventures of Pooh Bear when he was a child. In fact he still had his stuffed bear that he called Pooh.

Patrick might be a tough FBI agent, but he had a sentimental side too, that not too many people knew about.

Awh! That was too cute for words, he had spotted a sleeping Koala in a tree. He quickly grabbed his camera snapping a few shots. His Mom would love these pictures.

What a relaxing day it had been, being surrounded by wildlife. Earlier he had thought about catching a show at the famous Sydney Opera House this evening, but now he decided he would save that for anotber day.

He was feeling sleepy on the bus ride back to the hotel. The thought of ordering room service again and relaxing in his suite appealed to him. He had plenty of time for sightseeing, it was a 2 week vacation. Today he would catch up on his sleep.

Back at the hotel he was finishing up a great steak dinner when his cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he saw that it was his boss. Patrick answered it.

“Hi Ed! This vacation was a great idea! Went to Kangaroo Island and … what do you mean there is a problem?” Patrick said, feeling his heart sinking.

“I am so sorry Patrick, you know I wouldn’t bother you unless it was really important! But I need you to cut your vacation short.” his boss said.

Patrick sighed heavily. This couldn’t be happening again! He had the worst luck when it came to taking vacations!

“How soon do you need me back?”

There was silence on the other end, and then he heard his boss softly say, “In 2 days.”

Patrick almost dropped the phone.

“Its a high profile case, we need the best and that is you!” Ed said.

After briefing him on the case Patrick agreed to come back. His boss profusely apologized, promising him 3 weeks vacation.

Patrick stared at the phone after saying goodbye. Some days he really missed the old phones that you could slam down when hanging them up. Felt much more satisfying than just pushing a button.

After calling the airport and changimg his return ticket he buried himself under the soft covers. At least he got to see Kangaroos and Koalas.

He shook bis head, next time he was going to the most remote place he could think of. A place with no cell phone reception, where his boss couldn’t get hold of him. Closing his eyes, he was asleep within minutes.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Its COLD! Is it Spring yet? We may be getting almost a foot of snow again this coming weekend. It is also supposed to be “warm” 10 degrees! If its 10 degrees than I do hope I at least have pretty snow to look at! I know in other places its a lot colder, like in the negatives, but there is a reason I don’t live in those other places. Anyway I am thankful for heat at home and in my car. I had the heater in the car cranked up to 80. It was nice and toasty. Hope your day is going well and that the following quotes help to bring a smile or two!