Thumper’s Wisdom

Here is the conclusion to the The Polar Bear Princess

Once Upon a Time Gianna had what she thought was a fabulous idea. Now her mind was quickly changing. It was turning out to be a disaster! As happy as Gianna was to see her parent’s and dear grandmother again, she questioned the wisdom of her returning home.

Poor Bashful was terrified of Aiden and ran away. They were still looking for him in the forest. Grumpy was mad at having his day taken up with the search.

Meanwhile Dopey was laid up, needing Doc to take care of him. He had ended up breaking his leg when he fell in a hole, while searching for Bashful.

Aiden was hiding in a cave so he wouldn’t scare others by his presence. With each day that passed he was getting grumpier. Gianna truly hoped the day would get better as she made her way to the cave to see Aiden, her polar bear.

“I am melting!” He complained to Gianna.

“Oh, Aiden, you are in no danger of melting I assure you.” He could be such a drama bear at times.

“I am sorry its not colder, but I think I have found someone to  help you.”

Gianna motioned to the girl standing outside the cave to come in. “Let me introduce you to Elsa, the Ice Queen.”

Aiden’s eyes got bigger at the mention of ice. Within no time at all, Elsa had turned the cave into an ice fortress. Aiden was smiling again as Gianna sighed with relief. It was much easier dealing with Grumpy the dwarf than it was with a  grumpy bear.

Walking away from the cave Gianna was happy, but nervous. She hadn’t only come back to be reunited with family but she wanted the fight with Bruno to end! Goldilocks needed to be able to come home. But how did one reason with an unreasonable bear?

Tbey had a plan, and Gianna took a deep breath before she approached Bruno’s house. She wished that she had Aiden at her side, but Bruno knew about Aiden. He knew that he didn’t want to mess with Aiden so Gianna felt safe as she knocked on the door.

“Well, at least you know how to knock and not barge in like your sister.” Bruno growled, when he opened the door. Gianna swallowed and stepped inside.

“Good Morning! Speaking of Goldilocks I would like to invite you to meet with me and some others, this afternoon, to discuss my sister.”

“What about her?”

Gianna bit her lip and then said, “She wants to come back to the forest.”

“Fine! Thats wonderful news.”

Gianna was startled by his response and felt a twinge of hope. “Its fine with you?”

“Of course, I am rather hungry for a special treat.” He looked at Gianna with a smug grin and her heart dropped.

“This afternoon at three, meet at the big Oak tree.” Gianna didn’t wait to hear his reply, she didn’t trust the hungry look in his eyes.

At the appointed time Gianna was at the tree with Thumper and the Big bad wolf. Well he wasn’t bad anymore. He learned that you couldn’t barge into the houses of others. The three little pigs taught him a painful lesson, but that’s another story.

Was this crazy? Would Bruno show up? As Gianna begsn to give in to her doubts, she saw Bruno coming.

When he got to the tree she thanked him for coming. “I invited you to this meeting to see if we can reach an agreement about Goldilocks coming back without having to fear you.”

Bruno growled, “Why should I let your no good, bratty, …”

Thumper thumped the ground. “Stop! None of that. If you can’t say nothing nice Bruno, say nothing at all.”

“Why you, little, ball…”

The wolf looked at Bruno with compassion. “Calm down, but I know the three little whiny, screeching pigs get under my skin … ”

“Hey….Remember Mr Wolf, if you can’t say nothing nice, say…”

“Don’t tell me what to do, you sassy, little rabbit.”

Gianna groaned, this plan was flopping fast!

Oh, what was that horrible smell? They turned to see Flower, the skunk, looking none to happy. “One more mean word and I will spray directly at you, Bruno and Mr Wolf!”

That shut them up pretty fast. Flower saved the day. Thumper looked mighty proud and Gianna struggled not to laugh at Bruno’s expeession.

The meeting went smoothly after that. Bruno and Mr Wolf wanted to get far away from Flower as quickly as possible.

Gianna’s parent’s were delighted at the outcome. Her mom shed tears of happiness, Goldilocks was coming home! They had reached an agreement.

Bruno relented and promised not to hurt her in any way. No one could deny that she had been wrong to break in to Bruno’s house. There had to be consequences. She would be their maid during the day, while Bruno was away. She would cook lots of porridge for them as well.

It was a compromise they had all agreed upon. Goldilocks would be home within a few days. The dwarves wanted to help throw a big welcome home party. Aiden was really happy in his ice cave and all was well. They lived happily ever after, deep in the forest. Including Bashful who had been found shaking under a bush of red berries.

Can you hold your breath as long as a Scorpion?… The Hit Movie that Nobody thought would be a Hit… and Other Facts!




I can think of more exotic places to go besides Antarctica…though I do really like penguins.


Obviously those people in the test audience were crazy, right ladies!


That is quite the legacy!


Wow! I guess the scorpion is rather amazing. It also looks cool under the ultraviolet light.


I saw the movie about him. Very inspiring!

The Polar Bear Princess

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There.was a frosty chill in the air, but it didn’t bother Gianna. A long time ago she had learned to adapt to the snow and ice. She had no choice but to learn, when she had left her home and family,

Never did she imagine that she would leave her cozy cottage in the woods. Never would she have left it if it hadn’t been for her sister, Goldilocks.

Goldilocks was impulsive and threw caution to the wind a lot. She had been fortunate that she never brought danger upon herself through her impulsive behavior. Not until that day that had changed everything.

Growing up Gianna and Goldilock’s mom had drilled into them the rule about never entering a stranger’s house. What was on Goldilocks mind that fateful day that she entered the home of Bruno the Bear, noone knew.

She had told Gianna that she hadn’t meant to break Bruno the bear’s furniture but Bruno the bear didn’t care about what she had meant or not meant to do. He only cared about what she had done. What she was guilty of. Guilty of breaking his furniture and eating his baby cub’s porridge.

Sadly there was no reasoning with Bruno the Bear. He was the judge and jury and he had decided that Goldilocks must die.

To make matters worse that was a death sentence for Gianna too, her identical twin. Everyone knew that Bruno would kill first and ask questions later as to whether it had been Goldilocks or not.

Gianna had begged her family to move with her but they wouldn’t. Goldilocks had gone into hiding but Gianna knew not where. There were times that she missed her twin terribly, but gradually she learned to accept that she was gone.

Gianna had found the note left by ber twin sister. She would forever regret the danger she had brought upon her family. One day she hoped to return, but only when she had the assurance of heing safe. Her question at the end of the note had made Gianna shake her head. “How long do bears live?” Unfortunately even after Bruno died, baby bear would probably still he alive.

It was such irony that Gianna had made friends with polar bears, but she had. They had scared her in an awful way at first. Oh, how her heart had raced when they towered over her. She closed her eyes, expecting the worse. Wondering what part of her body they would eat first. The fear had caused her to faint.

Imagine her surprise to wake up and find herself still alive. The bears were intrigued by her! They hadn’t seen people before. Aiden, the King Bear ordered no one to touch her and that was how she became the Princess of the Polar Bears! They adored her and protected her like their own.

So protective were they that Aiden had not liked the idea of her racing with the Forgotten Ones. The ones the storybooks had forgotten about.

He had been adamant but Gianna knew how to relax him and get her way. They didn’t call her The Polar Bear Princess for nothing.

She was thrilled with the recent win in the race of the Forgotten Ones. Maybe now her story would be written. Maybe now people would learn that Goldilocks hadn’t been an only child and that her parent’s had worked for Snow White! That had been why they couldn’t leave with Gianna. They had protected Snow White until Prince Charming whisked her away. Then they protected those funny little men, the seven dwarves.

Gianna did like the seven dwarves and missed them. They made her laugh, even Grumpy had. He had a soft heart under his rougb exterior. He couldn’t fool Gianna.

Bashful was so cute in his shy way. Kind of like a little brother that Gianna wanted to look out for.

Happy was the only one smiling the day she had said goodbye. But Gianna was sure that she saw tears glistening in his eyes.

Gianna sighed. Maybe someday she could go back. She longed to see her parent’s and the dwarves again.

Time passed and once again Gianna was enjoying the colors that lit up the sky. Never would she tire of seeing the Northern lights. Aiden came up beside her and she smiled.

“How are you Princess?”

There was a pause as Gianna considered her words. She had been doing some thinking. “I am fine Aiden, but I have been thinking. How does a long trip sound to you? A trip to the Woods, where I grew up, I think its time.”

Portrait of Love

Round and round, a mass of colors blurring together, to make the next great masterpiece. One day, every household will have his name on their lips.

“Dawson, didn’t I tell you to take the trash out over an hoir ago?’ He knew the look on his mom’s face before he even turned around.

Sighing loudly he put down his brush.  “I bet Da Vinci didn’t have to take out the trash.”

Later that night he was making fire in the sky until his mom opened the door. “Its way past your bedtime, bed, now!”

Dawson plopped into bed looking at the ceiling imagining Michelangelo painting his ceiling. He probably didn’t have a bedtime. It wasn’t fair! It was like his parent’s were blind to how famous he would become.

Years passed in a kaleidoscope of colors. Vibrant yellows and oranges described the fun times of his young life. From the secret clubhouse in the woods, off limits to girls. To going on dates in his own, fiery red Chevrolet.. When once he made the skies come alive with an array of colors that lit up the sky. Now his heart sparked with the colors of love for a special girl by his side.

Sparkling white soon was the color of the day when he became one with the girl that filled his heart with golden rays of happiness.

More years passed and his days were filled with numbers and such. High in the world of finance, gone were the days of painting like Michelangelo..

Life was good, but his dream lied buried. Were his days of painting gone?

Then one magical day Dawson’s heart was bursting with a joy that couldn’t be explained. He had become lost in a dazzling world of pinks and blues.

Out came the easel in his mind, while looking into the sky of a million stars. With one hand he held his newborn son and in the other, his daughter.

That night he wished upon a million twinkling stars, as he looked into the eyes of his babies. There wasn’t a bright enough color around to help describe what was happening to the emotions of his heart. No words were needed. A Portrait of Love was born, as the brush in his hand came to life once more.

Finding Her Smile

Chelsea watched the raindrops racing each other down the window. She had been sitting at the window for awhile. It really was time for her to get some things done around the house, but she wasn’t in the mood.

A melancholy state had enveloped her and it was hard to knock.

She had been on the phone most of the day dealing with credit card companies, and the DMV. Never succeeded in getting hold of someone at the DMV, even after being on hold for more than an hour.

Events of the week were ones she didn’t want to repeat. Why did people think they needed to steal? Some people she would never figure out!

Snickers  snuggled up to her on the couch. How she loved the warmth of.her puppy. Nothing could compare to a puppy’s love.

“Okay Snickers”, she hoisted herself up and off the couch. “I have work to do.”She groaned, looking at the dirty floor. Where was her magical cleaning fairy when she needed one? Chelsea was mentally exhausted.

After two hours of cleaning, she looked around and was pleased. It had been worth it to push herself. Now where was her blanket and a good book?

Ding-Dong! Who was at the door? Chelsea wondered, as sbe hurried down the steps, sbe wasn’t expecting anyone. The cleaning fairy was too late if it was her, but since when did fairies ring door bells?

Opening the door she was surprised to see a delivery man.  “Special delivery for you, may sweet things come your way and your day get better.” He handed her three small boxes with a smile.

Carrying them into the litchen she put them on the table and opened the warm box. Fresh chocolate chip cookies! Still warm from the oven. Her taste buds were salivating as she put the warm cookie into her mouth.

Gratitude flowed and she found her smile. What a wonderful surprise from a thoughtful friend! Her family would enjoy the cookies and cupcakes too. Snickerdoodle cup cakes,  and  red velvet ones. Than again, if her family didn’t get home soon they may never know that the sweet treats existed.

Cbelsea’s family soon arrived home and little Sammy yelled witb delight after walking into the kitchen. “I SPY  somethibg brown with my little eyes.”

Susie wrinkled her nose, trying to think of something brown. “Cookies!” Her little hand grabbed it right out of little Sammy’s hand.


Before any tears were shed Chelsea gave him another cookie.

Her husband reached around her grabbing a cookie from the box, witb a twinkle in his eye. His eyes brightened, and he had to grab another. 

Later that night Chelsea went to get her glasses to read. Then she remembered they had been in her stolen bag as well. Never had she been as grateful for the extra pair she had.

She thought of the unique bookmark that her close friend had given her. Yes, it was little, but a sentimental gift that noone had the right to steal, but they did.

Big and little things may have been taken. Moments of anger may pervade at times. But Cheleea rested in the knowledge that though life was full of unfair and bad things, there were touching moments as.well. Moments like a special delivery of.chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes too.

Psychology 101

If she had known it was going to be so windy today she wouldn’t have worn a dress. Using one hand to hold down her dress while csrrying books in the otjer hand, and maintaing balance was hard.

A big gust of wind blew up the one side of her dress causing her to drop the books.

Was someone snickering? Looking behind her she saw two little boys laughing at her. Glaring at them she took a step forward, put out her hands, and sounding like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, she spoke, “I’ll get you…”

The boys turned and ran, helter-skelter down the sidewalk. Jasmine chided herself, since when did she go around scaring little boys? Bending down she finished picking up her books.

“Remind me not to get on yout bad side.”

She looked up to see a man smiling down at her. Her cheeks flushed. He was older with no hair to be blown by the wind.  He handed the last two books to her.

“Hmmm..psychology books. Are you studying Psychology?”

“Yes, I  start class tomorrow at the University.  It has been a crazy day and I am nervous. My car died this morning and my cat had fish for breakfast. Not the fish in a can, but one who used to live in a bowl. His name was Nemo…and…”  Jasmine closed her eyes and took a breath.

The man couldn’t hide his smile, but he had compassion in his eyes. Laying a hand on her shoulder he told her to do something relaxing tonight and wished her well at the University. She thanked him and watched him walk away.

Jasmine was slightly embarrassed how sbe had blurted out everything to him, but she did feel a little better. She would take his advice and relax in her apartment tonight. But first she was going to buy a new fish.

Choosing a seat in the front row Jasmine sat down. After a good night’s sleep she felt better. All her car needed was a new battery, so she was happy.

“Good Morning everyone, my name is Professor Tribald.” The man spoke as he walked into the room.

She couldn’t believe her eyes! It was him, the older man from yesterday.

“We will start off this semester by studying what most people think of as a children’s story. It is a children’s story but there are psychological lessons to be learned from the characters. The book is The Wizard of Oz.”

His eyes met hers and Jasmine was sure that her face was crimson, as he continued.

“The Wicked Witch is especially interesting…”