3AM Thoughts!

Lisette tossed and turned, and turned again. The bright green glow from her alarm clock showed that it was 3AM!

Letting out a groan she grabbed her pillow and smacked it down on the bed, what was she going to do?

Her cell phone had messages from work, her friends and her Mom. She had texted them before so that they wouldn’t worry about her absence, but now they were wanting details.

She had been at Miss. Libby’s Bed and Breakfast Inn for a week now. Miss. Libby was so nice, hadn’t asked her any questions, just told her how glad she was to have her there. Business had been slow lately and she was getting lonely.

Lisette could easily get used to being spoiled by Libby’s delicious meals. As a rule, she only provided breakfast , but she was so glad for Lisette’s company, that she happily made supper for her too.

Lisette was grateful for her hospitality. Everyone she had met so far had been so kind. It seemed like a nice, little town. She loved the quaint little shops. She had went clothes shopping the first day she was there, for she really needed new clothes!

Miss.Libby had referred her to Miss.Jill’s Fabric and Dress Shop. Oh, the beautiful clothes she had! Lisette was so glad that she had money on her when she had shaken the cow bell.

She really was enjoying herself here. Back home she had wrestled with not knowing the next step to take, but now….perhaps she had just taken the next step! Perhaps this town was meant for her. Miss. Libby had said that she was welcome to stay as long as she would like.

They enjoyed afternoon teas. Miss. Libby loved to talk and Lisette was fascinated with the stories she shared about her life, as she sipped her Vanilla Chai tea. Miss. Libby had lived in this town for a long time and she could tell you about every person who lived here.

One afternoon she had told Lisette that she needed to tell her the story of the Chicken Man. The Chicken Man? Lisette was curious but Miss. Libby said she had to lie down for her nap and she would tell her later. Lisette was still waiting.

When Lisette walked through town she had seen “Help Wanted” signs on some of the shops. She really needed a job, if she planned on staying. Thats what she would do. She let out a contented sigh. She had a plan.

In the morning, after a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits and pancakes with a slice of honeydew melon, she would go out job hunting.

If she found a job that she enjoyed she would stay. A simple plan … the only difficult part was going to be explaining it to her friends and her parents.

The glowing numbers on the clock said 3:45, she had to get some sleep. This would all work out, thats what she would tell herself. Think positive. That is what her Dad had taught her to do. She wanted adventure and it looked like she had found it, thanks to the magic of an old, enchanted bell.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I think this is a really cute, creative way to announce a pregnancy. No, this is not MY picture! Thought I would clarify that, before any of you fainted with shock. It is my dear niece that is expecting, and we all are excited to welcome another sweet baby into our family.

May this week bring you joy and hopefully these quotes will too!




Every year my friend sends me a joke about Candy Corn, for she knows I like Candy Corn. I realize I am probably in the minority here, but hey speak up if you like Candy Corn too. I am not totally crazy, I like peanut butter cups too!







What do you do?

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail”

“I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality”

                                                                      “I Have a Dream” by ABBA

Sometimes even though one has heard a song so many times, there will be a time when the lyrics speak something different to them. That happened to me with the above song. 

I love ABBA’s music and also the great “Mama Mia” movie! I have always liked this song, but the other day the words that I posted grabbed me in a different way.  They made me think of my writing. 

I love to write, or I simply wouldn’t do it. Writing makes me happy and its also a stress release for me at times. When Colin and I were writing “The Odessa Chronicles”, life was turning me upside down! I greatly enjoyed escaping to Moonbeam Farm with my dear fictional, (SSH! Don’t tell them that they aren’t real!) friends. If you would like more information on a book that will help you escape the real world for awhile, you can click on the book cover in the right hand margin.

Writing helped me through reality. “if you see the wonder of a fairytale, you can take the future, even if you fail.” 

I am so thankful that I writing can help me when times get tough and it brings me joy in all the happy times as well. 

What brings you joy? What helps you get through reality, when reality is harsh? I hope there is something that helps you find release, for I feel its so important! We all deal with stress, especially with this past year. Please don’t let it get the best of you, and don’t let it build up. Take time each day to just breathe! 

Here is a video clip of the ABBA song. Its the clip taken from the movie. “Mama Mia!”  I love just watching the sparkling ocean water. 




Trouble by the Creek

I had thought about letting Lisette riding in the gondola, from yesterday’s post Treasure in the Wheatfield , but decided to share one more of her adventure’s. Enjoy! 

Lisette was really enjoying riding down the river on the gondola. She thought she could really get used to this. After a hour the gondalier finished playing his accordion and pulled up to the dock. Lisette thanked him kindly, as she took his hand to help her step out of the boat. 

The sun was shining and she decided to take a walk in the little town. There were open fruit markets and flower and craft vendors, that she enjoyed stopping at. 

After browsing she stopped at an outdoor cafe , thinking she would treat herself to a dark chocolate raspberry latte. She was sitting there savoring the sweet taste when she heard a woman yelling, “There she is! That’s her! She’s the thief!” 

Lisette saw the policeman and the lady coming towards the cafe. She looked around at the other customers, seated outside, wondering who the thief was. 

“Where is my purse?” the lady shouted at her! 

Lisette was startled, the policeman was standing right in front of her! 

“I…I…don’t know what you are talking about?”  Lisette said. 

“She is lying, she looks just like the lady that left the store I was in.” the lady said to the policeman. 

Lisette’s stomach was turning into a big knot, what was she going to do? She looked at the cowbell next to her latte. That bell was starting to cause her trouble. Could she go anywhere without being mistaken for someone else? She didn’t know what would happen if she shook her bell again, but anywhere had to be better than where she was now! She grabbed it and shook it 3x. POOF! Purple and pink smoke again everywhere. 

The smoke cleared and Lisette found herself  sitting by a creek, with a large Weeping Willow tree by it. It was quiet and much more peaceful than having a lady scream at her. She sighed deeply, thinking she may rest here for a bit, and then decide what to do next. 

This cowbell obviously had special powers to take her to different places, but could it make a house appear for her too? Like where was she to go, after resting at the creek? She was almost afraid to walk around town, wondering who she would be mistaken for next? If she could only be mistaken for a famous person, now that might be fun. Living in a mansion? Oh the possibilities that existed with this strange new bell. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by a gentle touch on her shoulder. Lisette jumped, she hadn’t heard anyone coming . She turned her head and noticed a cute little girl staring at her. 
“What are you doing?” the little girl asked. 

Lisette wasn’t sure how to reply. Was she on someone’s private land? She looked around a little more and gasped when she saw a little white cross, not far from the tree. This was someone’s land. 

“Annie, Annie! Time to come in for supper!”  Lisette saw a woman standing in the distance, calling to the little girl. 

The little girl smiled and took Lisette’s hand. “Mommy, can she have  supper with us?” Annie yelled back. 

Annie started pulling her along as she walked towards the house. Lisette didn’t know what to do. What was she supposed to tell Annie’s Mom? That a mysterious cowbell brought her here. The Mom would wonder what kind of strange nut her daughter had found! 

While walking towards the house, Lisette saw a cow grazing, not far from them. 

“Do you want to see Betsy?” asked Annie. 

“Betsy?” replied Lisette. 

“Yes, she is our cow. She is really nice, though she has a habit of disappearing at times, but she always comes back.” 

Lisette couldn’t say No to this sweet, spunky girl.

“Sure, lets go say Hi to Betsy.” 

They started walking towards her and Betsy looked up from her grazing, watching them come. Lisette felt her eyes looking directly at her. The closer she got the more intensity she saw in Betsy’s deep brown eyes. She had never been scared of cows before, but this one was giving her a strange, unnerving feeling. 

Suddenly Betsy started running straight towards her and she did not look happy! 

Fear struck Lisette and she shook her bell 3x! Nothing happened! What was wrong, had the bell lost its power, she shook it again and nothing and Betsy was almost upon her! Lisette dropped the bell and took off running towards the road. 

Down the road she went until she had to stop. She bent over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath! Looking behind her she didn’t see any mad cow running after her, much to her relief. But now, what was she to do? How did she get back home? 

It was growing dark, she decided that for now she would follow the sign she saw, heading towards town, hoping she could find a motel. She needed a deep, long sleep after this crazy day! She would figure out her next step in the morning. 



Treasure in the Wheatfield

image from Pinterest

The sun was starting to set and Lisette needed to get home. She knew she would never make it before dark if she went her normal route, so she decided to take a short cut through the wheat field. As she walked she wondered what she was going to do in the next few months. Her one friend was getting married and moving away. Another friend was moving away due to a job transfer, and Lisette’s job was closing its doors at the end of the month. What was she going to do?

She had moved into an apartment, thinking she would feel a surge of independence, with not being at home anymore. Instead she was often lonely and the bills in her mailbox did nothing to boost her joy about being independent. Why had she been in such a hurry to grow up again?

Lisette sighed, as she looked at the sky, wishing for some magical writing to appear, telling her what to do.

Her foot kicked something, and she heard a ringing sound. What was it? She bent down to look and picked up a cowbell. Hmm…she wondered where it came from. The farmer who owned these fields didn’t have any animals, he just planted wheat.

It looked pretty worn, there was writing on it, but it was too faded to read. It still rang though. Lisette rang it again and suddenly there was lots of purple and pink smoke and she was knocked off her feet. When the smoke cleared, she stood up, looked around and she was …. still in the farmer’s wheat field and still holding on to the cowbell.

“Myra! Myra!”

Lisette turned her head, who was that guy running towards her, and why was he calling her Myra?

He threw his arms around her in a tight embrace.

“I am so glad to see you! You came back!”

Lisette was speechless. Looking around some more, she saw how this wasn’t the same wheat field that she had been in. She noticed the 2 story farmhouse that she hadn’t seen before, with its wraparound porch.

“Mama! Mama!” Lisette looked and saw 4 children running towards her! Oh she was not ready to be a Mom! She shook the bell as hard as she could, and POOF! Purple and pink smoke came again and she was knocked off her feet.

Hearing music, she opened her eyes and she felt herself moving. There was flowing water beside her. She was in a gondola and a gondolier was playing an accordian.

Ahhh! Now this was more like it, thought Lisette. She looked down at the cowbell still in her hand. This may be the most valuable thing she had ever found, she felt like a great adventure awaited her!

Love at the Falls

For Part 1, here is the link, Mystery at the Falls  

I hope you enjoy the conclusion! 

Trisha stared down at the diamond ring in her hand, and looked around, wondering how many people had walked by it. How long had it been lying in the leaves? Her auburn hair was blowing in the wind as she stood there thinking about the person who dropped it.

Did they have any idea of where they had lost it at? How long did it take them to notice that it was missing? She could imagine the hopeless feeling that they had, if they thought they had dropped it in the woods. How could they hope to find it in a woods covered by leaves that had people traipsing through it every day to see the beautiful Falls. 

Inspecting it closer she noticed writing engraved on the inside of the sparkling band. “You are my Rose!” The diamonds sparkled in the sun. It looked to be a very expensive ring. She slipped it into her pocket, determined to find the person it belonged too, though not sure how likely that was to happen. Her mind was thinking of ideas as she continued her climb to reach the top of the Falls. 

Whoa! Trisha almost lost her balance as a man ran into her. 

“I am so sorry”, the man said, with a frantic look on his face, as he continued running down the path. 

Trisha stared after him and saw him looking down at the ground and crouching down picking up leaves. What was he doing, she thought. She started walking towards him. He was definitely frantic, and at one point he sat down and held his face in his hands. 

“Excuse me sir, Can I help you?” Trisha asked, after she tapped him on the shoulder. 

“I lost it! I can’t believe I lost it! Today was supposed to be so perfect and soon she is going to meet me at the top of the Falls and….” he let out a long moan!

Trisha’s heart went out to the poor man, who was literally starting to pull out his hair.  “What did you lose?” 

“Her ring. I was going to propose to her today. She has changed my life in a thousand beautiful ways and today I was going to ask her to be my wife for a thousand years. I got up to the Falls, and went to pull the ring out of my pocket one more time to look at it and it was gone! It must have fallen out on my way up here, I will never find it!!”

Trisha broke out in goosebumps as she pulled the sparkling ring out of her pocket. “I am not sure if this is your ring, but I …” The guy’s face lit up like a thousand suns! 

“You found it! You found it! Oh you are amazing!” He impulsively gave her a big hug! 

“Thank you so very much! You have saved the day!” 

Trisha’s heart was warmed by his enthusiasm and she wore a big smile as she watched him running towards the Falls. 

She stood there for a few moments after he was out of sight and then turned around to head back. Tomorrow she would hike to the top of the Falls, today was their special day. She would go back to the rock she had been sitting on and listen to the roaring water some more. Maybe she would daydream about her Prince Charming. Her prince wasn’t  frantically looking for a lost ring. No, she figured that her prince was probably wandering around lost. Someone needed to show him the way to her,  for he probably wouldn’t ask for directions! 







Mystery at the Falls

Bushkill Falls

Trisha sat down on the rock. She had to take a rest. She didn’t know it would be such a hike to the top of the Falls. It felt so good to rest her feet for a little and listen to the water roar.

She watched the water flow, letting her mind drift away. Daydreaming was always relaxing. For a moment she looked away from the water and down at her feet. Her eyes suddenly opened wider when she happened to notice something in the leaves just a little ways in front of her. What was it? Curiosity got the best of her, as she got up from the rock and walked over to the object that she saw. Wow! This was something that she had never expected to find in the woods. What should she do?

Trisha smiled, today was certainly not going to be just an ordinary day.

(to be continued…) What do you think she found?

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am back! Though you may not have noticed that I was gone. My husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Bushkill Falls, a beautiful place to hike and see 8 different waterfalls! Have I mentioned what a wonderful guy he is. 🙂  The weather was great, and we had a very nice time. Always relaxing to be out in nature, and when I can be near the water, it makes it all the better! 

Have a great day and I hope that you have times to come where you can get away to just take some moments to breathe! We all need it in this world today. 





I just need my shiny, blue car, for me to be a better driver! 🙂