A Love Tree, Sweet Apples, Bambi and other Facts


Anyone want to book a flight to Germany? It could be a life changing flight.


Would someone please go to Tibet and get me an apple so I can try one? I will pay you $7 for the apple.


How thoughtful of his daughter! The Thin Mints are the best.


I don’t fear sharks, they don’t bother you in the shallow water at the ocean. Thats where I am, when not on the beach.


Its good that ny husband and I didn’t live back then in Weinsberg castle. He may not have made it out!


I always loved Bambi. Archbold sounds like a guy with a good heart!

A scoop of Magic with Icecream

This is Part 2 to Thursday’s post, The Big Question!

Dustin walked back into his study to answer the phone, and Marianne found herself staring at a closed door again.

Walking back into the kitchen she cut herself another piece of the chocolate cherry truffle. She hoped Dustin would come out of his study soon, or she was going to get Ben and Jerry’s icecream out next.

Hearing footsteps Marianne looked up from taking her last bite. Dustin entered the kitchen and joined her at the table.

“Is there more coffee left? I want it strong please.”

Marianne poured him a cup and sat down across from him. Silence filled the room while Dustin drank his coffee. Finally Marianne couldn’t take it any longer. “What did your boss want?”

“He wants me to go ….” he paused and looked at Marianne. “You aren’t going to believe this.”

“All kinds of things have been going through my head. You know how my imagination is, I am ready for anything.”

She leaned forward and took his hand. “What is it? Where does he want you to go, Hawaii? Can I go along?” Marianne said with a wink.

Taking a deep breath, Dustin looked at his wife and said, “He told me that he thinks very highly of me and that is why he asked me to go on this special mission!”

Marianne raised her eyebrows, “Special mission? That sounds exciting, tell me! I can’t handle the suspense any longer!”

“He wants me to go to a magical woods and bring him back a unicorn!

Dustin watched the incredulous expression cross Marianne’s face. For a moment it looked like she was going to burst out laughing, but then she gained control and spoke.

“Ummm….excuse me! A unicorn? Okay, that possibility I was not ready for.”

Dustin was shocked at how calm she appeared just sitting at the table and looking at him and speaking softly.

“Soo how exactly do you catch a unicorn for him? You just go to the magical woods and find one and bring it back?”

She laughed and said, “I would love to have one too. Can you get two for the price of one? Oh, can you imagine Sophia’s face if she found out that we have a unicorn! She wouldn’t be acting all snobby around me anymore. I am beginning to like this idea. Tell me more!”

Dustin shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He fiddled with the tablecloth for a few minutes and then spoke.

“Well thats where it gets a little complicated. There is a wicked fairy that I need to try to avoid while I find Fairlight the good fairy. She can tell me about the unicorns. I need to be very careful though for apparently the wicked fairy can cast spells.” He heard Marianne gasp.

“She has been known to turn people into ducks.” He said, preparing himself for his wife’s outburst, but none came.

He watched her get up and go to the freezer. She took out a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough and grabbed a spoon.

Sat back down at the table and took off the lid, digging her spoon into the icecream. Dustin silently watched her, he knew when it was smart to stay quiet.

Getting up from the table he walked over the drawer and grabbed a spoon. Sat hack down at the table, and their eyes met. Then he scooped out a heaping spoonfull of chocolate chip cookie dough icecream.

(To be continued)

The Big Question!

Marianne grabbed the potkchops and some corn on the cob. She was hurrying down the aisle when she passed the bakery, the chocolate cherry truffle caught her eye and she grabbed it. It would be perfect for dessert since she didn’t have time to bake anything.

On the way home she thought about her husband’s boss coming for supper. She wished that her husband would have given her more notice, hopefully he likes porkchops.

Marianne could tell that Dustin was unnerved about everything when he had called to tell her. The boss had said he had things to discuss with him and had practically invited himself over for the evening.

Dustin had been taken by surprise and didn’t feel that he could say no. Marianne didn’t blame him, she only hoped that he wasn’t expecting a gourmet meal!

The timer went off, the porkchops were done and she had finished the gravy for the mash potatoes. All was ready. She breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at the clock. In 5 minutes her husband should be home , with his boss, Lucas.

Marianne was surprised how at ease she felt. Lucas was pleasant and charming. He seemed to enjoy the food and even Dustin had visibly relaxed during the meal. Whatever the boss had to tell him Marianne didn’t think it was bad. Lucas seemed to be in too much of a good mood to be a bearer of bad news.

After dessert, which Lucas raved about the guys excused themselves and went into Dustin’s study to talk.

Marianne busied herself with the dishes trying to not dwell too much on the suspense of what they were talking about.

She looked at the clock again, when would they be done. A hour had passed already.

Finally after 30 more minutes she heard voices in the hallway.

” I will plan on hearing your answer tomorrow. ” he said to Dustin and they shook hands.

Seeing Marianne, he put out his hand. “Thanks again for the delicious meal. It was lovely meeting you. ”

“You are welcome, and it was nice meeting you too.” Marianne shook his hand and handed him his jacket as he walked out the door.

She closed the door and looked down the hallway to see Dustin still standing in the hallway with a dazed expression.

“Is everything okay? What did he want to discuss with you?”

There was a few moments of silence with Dustin just staring at her. She was beginning to feel nervous. Had she been wrong, was it bad news?

“Dustin, please, what did he say?”

“He wants me to…” and the phone rang.

(To be continued…)

The Luck of the Armadillo

Image from Pinterest

It was a torrential downpour and it was blinding. Cameron knew he would have to pull over on the side of the road to wait out what would hopefully be a short storm.

This was just his luck! He knew he should have left earlier and maybe he would have avoided this sudden storm. Looking at his watch revealed to him what he already knew. He would be late to his friend’s rehearsal dinner. He pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

He was honored when Grayson had asked him to be a groomsman. Grayson and Sarah had been together for awhile now and they were finally ready to tie the knot.

Sarah was wonderful for Grayson, she brought out the best in him and Cameron couldn’t be happier. He hadn’t found anyone special yet but bachleorhood suited him pretty well. He wasn’t in a hurry to be tied down. When he came home after a busy day it was peaceful and quiet. Noone chattering away at high speed. He would never understand how some women could talk so fast!

Yes! The rain was slowing down, he looked at his watch again. He would be pushing it, but he may just be a few minutes late.

Starting his engine again he pulled out onto the road. He was making good time, almost there and he would only be 5 minutes late.

Whoa! Cameron slammed on his brakes! Now that was something he never had to brake for before. A pink armadillo crossing the road! He had seen armadillos before, but never a pink one. Cute wasn’t a word that typically came to his mind when thinking of armadillos but this one was kind of cute. Maybe since it was rare that made it a good luck sign for him.

Oh No! The armadillo had stopped and was looking at his car. Cmon buddy, thought Cameron, can you move a little faster please?

After staring for another minute and right before Cameron laid on the horn the armadillo scurried on across the road.

Ten minutes later Cameron finally made it to the diner. The diner had been closed for the rehearsal dinner that Cara had arranged to be catered. She had made the desserts, her speciality of course, being her shoo-fly pie.

It had been a fun evening being with Grayson and everyone again. They all had a big laugh at poor Mason. The waiter was carrying a big bowl of watermelon and he slipped, dumping all the watermelon on top of Mason’s head.

The rest of the evening had gone smoothly, but Mason may have “watermelon head” as a nickname for awhile. He could tell that Cara wouldn’t forget it and Amanda was laughing quite a bit too.

The sun was shining the next day for the 10am wedding. Grayson felt a little nervous but Mason knew a sure fire way of calming him down. He engaged him in sharing puns back and forth.

Tippner joined in some too and Cameron wondered how they could think of them as quickly as they did. Some talent that they had, which the ladies didn’t seem to appreciate as much as the men did. What was wrong with them?

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way Cameron liked it. Standing up in one spot too long in a tux and tie was not his idea of fun.

The reception was more his style. He could undo his tie and dance. He smiled at Mason and Amanda dancing. Amanda was attractive and appeared to be real sweet. If Mason didn’t go for her, Cameron may need to rethink about how he viewed bachleorhood.

When it was time for the bouqet to be tossed Cameron watched and wondered. Amanda caught it and her cheeks were flushed as Cara whispered something in her ear. Hmmm … the girl owned a castle as well, maybe he needed to talk to Mason and tell him he better not dawdle!

The music started again and Cameron walked up to Amanda.

“May I have this dance?” he asked.

Amanda’s face was still flushed as she followed him out to the dance floor. While dancing Cameron thought maybe that pink armadillo really had been a good luck sign for him.

From across the room Mason was watching Amanda swaying to the music in Cameron’s arms and he was lost in thought.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! We had a great time in NC with Brad’s grandma, Aunt, his sister and her 2 children. It rained and was cool, but that was okay. We enjoyed lounging around inside, snacking on good food, drinking Butterscotch coffee and chatting. We also had competitive games of Rummy 500. His Grandma loves that game and the first night we played, I was ahead. She shook her finger at me and said I couldn’t win, and I didn’t! Brad won one game and she won the other. Then the other night I had 495 points, and yes I may have been feeling a little smug, as she said again that I couldn’t win. I smiled and said, “Good Luck!” for really, I only needed 5 more points! She was over a hundred points behind me. Several rounds later, everyone was laughing as I kept going backwards with my points. Grandma managed to get within 20 points of me, but I did finally pull it off and win! To sum things up, it was a weekend of love, hugs and laughter shared. 












Mama’s Boy

“Hands up! You have the right to remain silent.”

The flashing lights were blindimg Justin’s eyes. The law had caught up to him. He knew he should have listened to his sweet Mama, instead of going down the path that he did.

This would break his Mama’s heart when she watched the 6 o’clock news. 7 cops had busted him! Plus the local sheriff, Tom, who was a long time friend of his Mom’s.

Tom didn’t say a word as he watched the cops handcuff Justin, he didn’t need too. The disappointment in his eyes said it all and made Justin feel so small.

He had never meant to hurt his Mom. She was the one person who had always believed in him. She nust have seen something that no one else had, but now, her eyes would be open to the loser that he was.

Why wasn’t the cop leaving? Justin felt like he had been sitting in the back of the car for awhile. He looked outside and the other cops were gathered in a circle. What were they saying?

Tom walked by the car and stopped at the open window. “Your Mama told me to tell you that she loves you.” and he held up the phone. Justin felt moisture gathering in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Jenny was sitting at the Shamrock Cafe. She looked at the clock again and sighed. A hour late! Pulling out her phone she called her friend Gina.

“Well scratch Number 10 off my list, he just stood me up!”

“Oh No! I am sorry. What was this guy’s name again?”

“Justin.” Jenny rrplied.

PS : Inspiration can come from all types of sources for my little stories. We were on our way home today from NC. From a distance we saw lots of flashing lights and wondered what was going on. When we got closer we saw that there were 7 police cars plus a Sheriff’s car on the side of the road with 1 car pulled over. The police were standing in a circle as we drove by. My curious mind wondered what was going on, definitely no ordinary traffic stop!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Faking charm can be like a thick mask … but over time the mask wears thin and the only person you are still fooling is yourself!

Take time to show appreciation … because once the person is gone, its too late.

Sometimes its not about the miles on the road, or the hours in the car … but about bringing joy to the heart!

Wishing everyone a great weekend! We are hitting the road in the early hours tomorrow morning to visit Brad’s Grandma in NC. Brad’s sister and her kids will be there too, so like a mini family reunion for a short time, but shall be fun. Will bead back Monday.

Reversing the Magic

This post is the conclusion to yesterday’s post, More Purple Feathers

Had he really heard what he thought he heard? Did the 2 purple birds say, “Help”? He stood there looking at them and this time he saw their beaks move, and yes, they distinctly said, “Help us!”  

Why were the birds….? Oh No! Evan felt his heart sink with a sick feeling. She didn’t! She had a made a promise to him that she would not practice her bad magic anymore! Oh Marge, what did you do? Evan ran his fingers through his hair, wondering what to do. 

“What are your names?” he asked the birds. Hearing their replies, made his stomach knot up. Now he knew what had happened to the nannies. He closed the door and apologized to them, telling them he would help them. He just had to find out a way to break the spell that Marge had put on them. He didn’t want to let Marge know that he figured out what she had done, not yet, he wanted to come up with a plan. 

Marge had gone to bed early, which Evan was glad about. It was too bad that she had a headache, but he needed the time to hunt around to find what he needed. After 30 minutes of searching he finally found her magic book. The book that she had told him she got rid of! He should have known that she couldn’t give up her bad magic. He had been in love and believed the empty promises she had made. How long had she been practicing it? What had gone unnoticed before by him? Sadly, he was afraid that it was probably a lot. If he started thinking back, he could probably come up with things that at the time seemed like bad coincidences, but now …. he guessed that her bad magic had been behind it! What had really happened to their little cat Mittens?  Was she responsible for his Mom being so sick? Was that why Drs. couldn’t figure out the mysterious illness that his Mom had a couple months ago. She finally got better, but no one had any answers as to why she had felt so bad. 

Oh, how naïve he had been, but no more. 

The book was filled with all kinds of spells, over 100! At last he found the spell about turning someone into a bird and he read it with earnest. Oh, good! It had an easy way to break the spell. The birds just had to stop drinking the water in their cages. The potion was in that, and you had to drink it each day or the spell would wear off. 

He quietly entered the guestroom and opened the bird cage. “You are free to go, the spell will wear off within 12 hours.” The birds couldn’t get out of the room fast enough, when they saw the open window! They said “Thank you!” and their eyes shined with happiness once again as they took off. 

He stayed in the guestroom for the next hour poring over the book and when he finally went to bed, he had a plan in mind. 

Evan woke up and was glad to see Marge still sleeping. He quietly got out of bed and made her kale and spinach smoothie just the way she liked it, with perhaps a few drops of a little magic added into it. 

Sitting it by her bed he stood there for a little watching her sleep. Then he gently shook her shoulder. “Good Morning! How are you feeling dear?” 

Marge opened her eyes, feeling groggy. She looked at Evan’s big smile and said, “You seem perky this morning!” 

“I made you your breakfast smoothie, sweetheart.”  and Evan handed it to her. 

Marge’s face radiated surprise. “Well you really are in a good mood! Usually you would be in your study by now working.”

“Sometime there are more important things than work..”  and he brushed his hand across her cheek, giving her a kiss, for what he knew would be the final time. He couldn’t deny feeling some sadness, but mostly he was disgusted with her and fervently hoped that his plan would work. 

“This is really good honey, what all did you put in it? I can tell something is different.” 

“Just keep drinking, and maybe you will be able to figure it out.” 

She drank it down, and within a few moments she started shrinking before his eyes. 

“What is happening to me?” she shouted. 

“What’s wrong? You don’t like the taste of your own medicine? ” 

Marge’s face blanched. “Wh-what do you mean?” she asked. 

“I know Marge! You never listened to me, you been practicing your magic all along, haven’t you!” 

Marge’s voice quavered, “What did you do? I can explain!” her body was feeling so weird! 

Evan was delighted to see how well it was working. He was pretty good at this. Right before his eyes, in a matter of minutes he had transformed his wife into a bushy tailed squirrel! 

Picking her up he went downstairs as she was trying her best to yell, but it wasn’t working. He opened up the back door and placed her gently down on the grass. “You should be happy, this fits you so well! Go hunt for nuts, you NUTTY squirrel! 



More Purple Feathers

Evan Hetchfield came through the door whistling. It had been a good day at work and now he was ready to put his feet up and watch the big game on Tv.

He hung his coat in the closet and wondered why it was so quiet. Were his children, Valerie and Austin still napping? Usually they are up by the time he gets home. Little Valerie comes running to him to be picked up and swung around, making her giggle.

Now noone was to be seen and the house was so still. An eerie feeling crept upon him. He shook his head, he was sure all was fine. Maybe they were at the park.

He sat down on his recliner and turned on the game. Would be cool to watch on his new, 60 inch flat-screen Tv.

Oh, thats right, his wife, Marge, was interviewing the new Nanny today. He wondered how that had gone. He was thinking the interview had been in the morning, but his wife hadn’t called or messaged him about what she thought of Marissa.

He hoped she would work out. The last Nanny they had seemed to be doing fine and then she suddenly disappeared! Never showed up at the house again.

Marge had bought a new bird on the same day. A bird with purple feathers. It was pretty, though it seemed to have a sad face. There was something about its eyes, that always made Evan feel uncomfortable if he looked at the bird too long.

“Hi Honey. Sorry I wasn’t here earlier.” Marge said as she walked in the door.

“Daddy!” Valerie came running over to Evan and he picked her up, sitting her on his lap as he wrapped her in a hug.

“How did it go with Marissa’s interview?” he asked.

He was still focused on the Tv, so he didn’t see Marge’s expression on her face.

“She didn’t work out. Seemed a little too fligbty to me.” she replied.

“Thats too bad.” And he did feel bad, but the game was now distracting him, and he didn’t see his wife and her sinister smile.

Later that evening he walked upstairs and as he walked down the hallway he heard sounds coming from the guestroom. He couldn’t quite make out what the sounds were.

Opening the door to the guestroom he peered in and was shocked to see another purple bird! He walked closer to the cage, and his skin started tingling. The bird’s eyes were scared. “Help us!” the bird said.

(To be continued..)