“The Old Man and the Sea”

I had in mind the blog post I was going to write for today, but I believe I will have to go to Plan B and this is why.

I had picked up a copy of “The Old Man and the Sea”  by Ernest Hemingway, at our favorite bookstore for a very good price.  I knew it was a classic, it had won a Pulitzer prize and I had always been curious about it. My plan was to read it and then write a post about what I got from the story. I had little doubt that it would be good, for it was a classic after all. There had to be some nuggets of gold in it.

I may very well be in the minority but I have to say I just didn’t get it. I kept reading thinking that something would jump out at me, but no, the only thing that jumped was the fish jumping out of the sea.

Ernest Hemingway is a good writer, I have seen very good quotes by him, but I guess I missed something with this story.  If any of you have read it and want to explain what you got out of the story, you are very welcome too. What did I miss? I do believe there was more to it than just a story about a man fishing, but what? This wouldn’t be the first time that I totally missed the point of something.

There have been other classics that I have read that I have enjoyed, and ones I haven’t. I never could grasp what everyone liked about “The Scarlet Letter” either, in fact that book was one I couldn’t finish, which is extremely rare for me to do! Again, I may be in the minority and just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean its not a good book.  The book just wasn’t my type. We are all so different so is it any wonder that with the vast array of books out there that there will be some we are drawn too and some we aren’t.

With that being said if you don’t like J.R.R. Tolkien’s books well then I may have to enlighten you. I am kidding! Yes, I really like his books, but I do know not everyone is a fan and that is okay!

But now if you don’t like Pooh Bear or Dr.Seuss, that may be a real problem. They both have wisdom to impart and make you smile. Who can’t like the willy, nilly, silly old bear?  Maybe I can just identify with Pooh Bear easily. He can get confused rather easily and he impulsively does things like rolling in mud, trying to fool the honeybees into thinking he is just a little black rain cloud. Silly old bear!

Oh yes, the world of books! It is a wonderful world to live in. We are privileged to have so many books right at our fingertips, we can read and read and read. Not everyone has such easy access to books and sadly not everyone can read.

I am very grateful for books, they have taught me many things and taken me on many adventures. Even if  “The Old Man and the Sea” wasn’t quite the adventure that I expected, at least now my curiosity is solved.  Now I can open the pages of another book wondering where the story will take me.

What is next on your reading list, what books have you read and loved and what ones perhaps did not grab you as much?  Feel free to share below.


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If Plan A doesn’t work, try Plan B, if that doesn’t work try Plan C … perhaps there needs to be more than 26 letters in the alphabet!

We CAN’T always fix things … but we CAN always listen!

Baby Breath’s flowers are pretty … but is there anything sweeter than feeling a baby’s breath against your neck as they sleep?


Smile Time!

Happy Thursday everyone! Is your brain feeling a little sluggish from the sun? Or perhaps the rain is making you tired.  Perhaps you aren’t sluggish at all, but bright eyed and bushy tailed. That is great for then I have a question for you, its not hard, I promise!

A little while back I had asked for a short phrase that you wouldn’t want to hear. One of my examples was, “The secret is….”  and just leaving it at that, my curious brain would be spinning its wheels trying to figure it out.

I decided that I should balance things out and give you a chance to  answer the question about a  phrase that would make you smile. What would make you happy to hear right now? No need to think too hard, be spontaneous. The first thing that comes to my mind is hearing a friend say, “Let’s get together!”  That’s always guaranteed to make me smile.

Conversations with Odessa, Dewey, Jaxon and the man-servant can make me smile as well, though there are times that certain phrases from them can also make me shake my head and be perplexed. You never quite know what they are going to say!

Oh yes, there is another phrase that keeps coming to my mind. One that I would love to hear my dear husband say.  Here is a phrase that I heard from him  last month. “Make sure to save the date of July 11th on the calendar, for a special surprise…”  So can you guess what I would love to hear him say now?  ” A clue to your surprise is….”  🙂 Yes, I do have a great hubby, I am thankful for the special things he plans for me, but yes I would love at least a hint!

What phrase would you like to hear?  Feel free to share below, spread the smiles around!








Freedom of Love

As I think of freedom today, I think about more than just the Freedom of our Country.

I think about the poor woman who is trapped in an abusive marriage, wanting to find freedom from the pain.

The little  child who is neglected, and all they want is for someone to love them. They want freedom from feeling unlovable.

Freedom for the person who is tired of hiding behind a mask, but yet afraid to take it off.

Freedom for the scared, pregnant teenager who doesn’t know what to do, who needs someone to guide her and show her that she’s not alone.

I think of the one who longs to have freedom from the worries of where their next meal will come from, and if they can survive another night on the street.

Freedom for the one who holds so much pain their heart, not knowing  how to let go!

Yes, today is a celebration of freedom for America, and as I think of that, I think of the Statue of Liberty and what it says!


Let us not forget those words. Those are words that sound like they are coming from a Country made up of caring people. Let us not forget to care. To remember the freedom that we have to lend a helping hand to our neighbor and show kindness, compassion, and love to others. There is nothing that should restrain that. When you open your heart to giving and receiving love, that is the best freedom of all!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy July everyone! The year just keeps speeding by. Some days at a nice relaxing, leisurely pace and other days perhaps you feel like you are barely holding on to the train as it speeds along! I hope you can find some relaxing moments today amidst your schedule. Take a break and move at ferret speed. That’s a term that my husband came up with when we were all walking in the woods. Yes, we were walking with the dogs, but also with one of our ferrets.  Yes, they make tiny enough leashes for ferrets and the ferrets love them!

It is so funny to watch people’s reactions as they walk by, whether we be walking on our road or in the woods. They smile at us and our dogs, saying HI, or nodding their heads and then  they  turn around again to take another look. Wanting to be sure that they saw what they think they saw.  We stop as they walk towards us and we have a friendly conversation about ferrets.  It is fun to hear people’s reactions.  Keep your eyes open if you go on a walk today, you just never know what you may see, what may make you look twice! 🙂


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When Silence Speaks

Laura’s word prompt this week is “Silence”, thanks Laura for the inspiration.  https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/manic-mondays-3-way-prompt-silence/


Silence can be welcoming when you have been around noise all day and you can’t hear yourself think. When you need to clear your head and let the silence speak.

Silence can be overwhelming,  when your heart is hurting so badly and no words can you utter. Only the sound of you choking on your sobs.

It can be deafening when all you want to hear is the voice of your loved one who is now gone. When you strain to hear the sound of their footsteps, but all you hear is the echo of the silence.

Silence can be intense when you hear nothing else but the pounding of your heart in your ears.

There is comfort in the silence, when your friend sits with you in your pain and doesn’t say a word. When they put their arms around you and hold you tight.

Silence can bring peace as the wind blows through your hair while standing in a field of wildflowers and gazing up at the azure blue sky.

There is happiness in the silence of bliss when holding your newborn child for the very first time, unable to describe the emotions flooding your heart.

A flood of emotions swarm in the silence of hugging your child goodbye as they leave home, spreading their wings to fly.

There is pure contentment in the silence of you and the one you love together on a summer’s night underneath a starry sky. 

53d9c1d6f4bec1e6c7b581b4160abaee by Dara D.photograhy (Pinterest)






Feeling Thankful

Yesterday our family took a walk in the woods.  It was so nice and relaxing.  I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the outdoors. It calms the soul.

My daughter and I went to a movie several months ago called “Midnight Sun.”  I do recommend it, just make sure to have your tissues in hand.

Its about a girl with a rare disease, called  xeroderma pigmentosum , or simply known as the XP disorder. Yes, it is a real thing, a rare blood disorder. Sadly it is a fatal genetic disorder. I had heard long ago about this disorder, I remember watching a  documentary about it. The children that have it become children of the night.  This girl used to take her guitar and go out at night sitting under the stars and playing her music.

The movie makes you think about how much we take for granted!  Think of all the things you do outside.  What if you couldn’t do them?  A simple walk in the woods or through a garden,  can be so harmful to the ones suffering from this disorder.  Just a brief walk down the block can have fatal consequences.

I think of how easy it is for us sometimes to get so caught up in all the things that we do inside that we forget there even is an outdoors to enjoy.  When we walked outside after watching that movie, and as we dried our tears,  the sun felt so much more intense. The deep blue color of the sky seemed more vivid and the fluffy white clouds looked a little more fluffy.

Breathe in the wonder of nature when outside. We really are surrounded by a wonderful world, don’t take it for granted. Appreciate it and remember there are so many things we take for granted in this world that others would be so very grateful for!  I admit I complained some about how very humid it is today, we are having a scorcher of a week-end, but …  there are people out there who would absolutely  love to feel the heat of the sun shine on them and to see its beauty.





Laura posted another prompt for this week. The word is “Confession”, or she has a picture or song posted on her blog that you can also pick from. Challenge yourself and have fun!   https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/manic-mondays-3-way-prompt-confession/

I had different things come to mind with this word, but then these 2 scenes from  one of my all time favorite movies popped into my mind.  The first scene is a rather silent “confession”. I love seeing the “silent” messages in their eyes  and like me so many times, Maria’s face speaks louder than her words, just watch to the end and you will see.

The 2nd scene is a much shorter, humorous confession.  Enjoy!



Through Leonardo’s eyes

57cc9b9a289c0e3f4619d59b8bc7b172 painting done by Dmitry Spiros (from Pinterest)

Leonardo the gondolier,  was finishing up his day. There were no more passengers for today. He was lost in his thoughts as he rowed along, taking his time. He loved this city and his job, he couldn’t imagine doing anything different. His Dad had been a gondolier as was his Grandfather. It was a tradition that Lance was honored to uphold. He could still remember the excitement he had when his Dad presented him with his first gondola.

He thought about all the people who had taken rides in his gondola over the years. The young starry eyed lovers with dreams of adventure in their hearts and the sweet, older couples with so many stories hidden in heir eyes. He loved hearing what the dreams were of the young lovers, and hearing the  precious memories of days gone by from the older couples. He heard their dreams too, for one is never too old to dream.

There were certain stories that stood out to him and certain couples that he just seemed to never forget. Ones that left a mark on his heart. There was one couple specifically that had come to his mind just now. A couple from quite a few years ago.

The lady’s name was Isabelle. She was talking with her husband about their dancing days and as he clasped her hand, you could see the adoration in his eyes.

Leonardo was used to hearing words of love spoken from couples but with this couple he could really feel the deep sincerity in their words. They weren’t just caught up in the romanticism of being in a gondola in the floating city of Venice. He could see the true love that glowed around them as they sat in silence with their hands clasped together and Isabelle resting her head on her dear one’s shoulder.

Oh yes, what a lovely couple they were and he couldn’t forget the tender moment that he had seen pass between them.

They had stepped onto the gondola and he had welcomed them as they sat down. Then the husband had reached into a bag he had and pulled out some beautiful red flowers to give to Isabelle.

Isabelle had gasped in surprise and Leonardo remembers her being so pleased and wondering how her husband had found poppies for her! He remembered the husband’s secretive smile as he told her that it was a secret and that he was so very happy to have been able to find them for his beautiful one.

Leonardo had turned away to give them some privacy and to start rowing. He rowed with a smile on his face and a feeling that he had just witnessed a very special moment. That this was more than only  a husband surprising his wife with flowers. He felt that the poppies held a special story within them. He was sure about it when he briefly turned his head to sneak a glance their way and he saw Isabelle’s husband wiping some tears from her eyes.