Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  The sky was a beautiful pinkish color this morning.  Gave my sleepy eyes a smile to start the day.   I hope your day is filled with many smiles, and don’t keep them to yourself, feel free to pass them on.  You never know there could be that one person that really needs one of your beautiful smiles to help lift their heart.  Have a great day! May these quotes bring a smile to your heart as well.



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11,  A special bonus for today!  Since we are talking about passing on smiles, I want to share the wonderful news of a sweet blogger friend of mine.  Jodi has been blogging with me from the very  beginning. We took a WordPress Writing Course together and 3 years later here we are. 🙂  Who would have known of the sweet friendship that would develop. Once again, I have to say that has been the biggest rewards from blogging.  The friends that I have made!  They have brought so many SMILES Into my life!

Jodi does beautiful watercolor paintings and she has created a fun Children’s book with watercolor paintings of animals and silly rhymes to go with them. The book will definitely bring a smile to your face!  Share it with a child that you know so that they can smile too!







Sweet Dreams

The Moon was shining down on the farm and all were asleep.  All except Odessa, that is, for she was out hunting for food.  While she hunted the others dreamed.

Dewey was dreaming about breakfast.  A much more pleasant dream than the one that he had the night before.  He had been dreaming  about his ride on “The Big Wheel”!  Oh that day would always be in his memory, the day when he surely thought that he would lose all of his 9 lives!  For a cat whose favorite things were eating and sleeping,  he sure did have a knack for getting himself into crazy situations!

What wonderful adventures he and his friends have had.  Yes, some were scary, but many of them were fun.  He had never  dreamed that his best friends would include  a magical Jackalope, and a witty Barn Owl, along with a crazy Man-servant.  But they did, and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Oh the fun adventures that they had.  Especially the ones where there was much laughter, usually due to playing a joke on the Man-servant.  Dewey smiled in his sleep as another memory flashed in his mind.   What was that, another idea was forming in his mind.

Jaxon was dreaming about his magic powers.  He wondered if the day would come when he could perfect his magic powers and do some bigger things.  He dreamed about the day that he tried to make Dewey fly.  That sure had turned out to be an interesting day!  You never knew what could happen when you lived on Moonbeam Farm.

Jaxon was so glad that he had found such great friends and a wonderful place to live.  His friends definitely kept life exciting!  He loved that he could use his magic powers to make his friends be able to communicate with each other.  Dewey and him still got many laughs whenever Odessa and the Man-servant would get into it with their words.  Hmm…that gave Jaxon an idea, and he smiled as he drifted back to sleep.

The Man-servant had been  dreaming about the day when they all found out that they were going to be in a book.  So exciting!  He knew that it was a lot of work to write a book, so he would keep patiently waiting.  He knew Carolyn and Colin were hard at work, and that progress was being made.

Patience  was no problem for him!  He needed large doses of it sometimes in dealing with Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon;  they all could be so tricky,  but what amazing friends they were!  He was sly as well and had his times of winning, where he managed to get one over on them.  He smiled to himself as he thought about the Rooftop incident.  There was also the time that the cupboard door which held Dewey’s  food  would not open for some mysterious reason.

He smiled at all the adventures that they have had.  His friends could definitely create a lot of mischief, but they could give him sweet surprises as well.  He still remembered the wonderful sight of all the different colored balloons that they had tied to his tractor.  It was fun releasing them into the sky and watching them fly.  Who knows where the wind would take them as they soared up high in the sky.  Who knows what the next adventure in store for them may be!

The many memories of past adventures kept coming.  The time that Odessa tried to tell him how to ride a bike and what the end result of that was!  The surprise of his Cardboard Cake  and the surprise of some ” thoughtful” gifts that Dewey and Jaxon had given him.  Their surprise when they got thrown into the pile of leaves!  The many times that Odessa’s sharp wit left him speechless and fumbling for words.

He shook his head,  what a life he had!  He wouldn’t trade it for anything,  but now he better get back to sleeping.  Dewey may be peacefully sleeping now,  but when he woke up  for breakfast the Man-servant needed to  be ready.  Dewey wasn’t as strong in the “Patience” department yet as the Man-servant was.

The stars were out and the night was still as once again all were asleep at Moonbeam Farm.



Questions for Saturday

Happy Sunshiny Saturday!   The sun is shining and it is in the 80’s.  When the cold temps hit its going to feel like such a shock because of being used to these warm temps. I am ready for cooler temps though, for after all it is Fall!

Is your brain in relaxation mode?  Thought I would challenge it,  by giving you some questions to think about.  Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below if you wish.

6406f5326ceeac5d1c0e8ae16a3ef471  As a lot of you know I am a very curious person!  In this case though I wouldn’t read the end.  I wouldn’t want to know.  Life is an adventure, lived day by day.  Knowing would take the mystery out of it.  With that said… the book would have to be out of my sight and put up on a very, very high shelf!  For some days…… it would be very tempting to read the end!

b8b04d074d272cbc3059bb7fc937e09d  Hmmm…..I believe if I had no fear that parasailing would be an amazing experience!

What is one of the craziest things that you have ever done?  Oooh….so many to pick from.  I will do it this way. If someone shares a answer for this question I will share an experience of mine.  If not…. that is fine…. my lips then stay sealed. 🙂






The Unexpected Gift

How can I speak my heart?

Today marks 6 months since you, my dear friend, has passed away.  Where did the time go?  It just keeps going on not realizing that for some,  Time has stood still.  Our hearts grieve, but Pat I know that through the tears you would want our hearts to smile.

Smiles are what you were so good at passing on to others.  Who could not smile when in your presence and around your dry wit!  I still shake my head about the story you loved to tell,  which to you never grew old.  The extra emphasis that you would add to a couple words, just to make me blush.

You kept your humor even when you were sick.  Short jokes and comments about my driving would still come quickly to your mind, as a smile would cross your face.

My dear, crazy friend, you are missed!  Your time here on earth was much too short, but know that you will never be forgotten.  You are forever in our hearts and we are so grateful for the memories.  Thankful for the impact that you had on our lives and the times that we still feel you near.

Our hearts are speechless, especially the hearts of your precious family, as they recently felt your presence in a way that they never expected too!  The picture that will hang on their wall will give them  grace, and strength, to keep walking through this dark tunnel.

We know there is light up ahead and every time we gaze upon this picture we will feel  you gazing down with a heart full of love!

The following picture  just recently showed up on Sherry’s,(his wife) phone.  This is a picture of her and Pat’s hands at the beach, where they always loved to go! The beach was his favorite place to go.  She doesn’t remember ever taking this picture and both of her kids never remember seeing it.  They had went through the pictures on her phone several times when they were choosing pictures for a slideshow for his funeral this past April.  A good friend put together the slideshow and went through her phone several times looking for pictures.  She also does not remember seeing it.

Some things there are no answers for… you just look up and say with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes, ” Thank you!”  



Daily Prompt: Witty

via Daily Prompt: Witty

I knew I had to write about this word when I saw it come up as a daily prompt.   There definitely were some specific names that popped into my mind when thinking about this word.  I thought I would write a story about them.   Enjoy!

The Crazy Conversation

He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the alarm clock.  4:00am!  No wonder it was still dark outside.  Why was he awake so early?  He saw a light on in the kitchen.  Jangle’s  stomach must have awakened him again.  Jinx decided he would go ahead and join him in the kitchen.  An omelet sounded really good right about now.  He got out of bed and started walking down the hall….SMACK!  Oops!  His head smacked the wall,  apparently his body was still tired and had trouble walking straight.

“Good Morning Jinx!  Are you hungry?”   Jinx was still rubbing his head.  Jangle was laughing.  “I see that the wall jumped out at you again, eh?”  It has such a habit of doing that early in the morning doesn’t it.  Jinx grunted and started to say something, but decided to bite his tongue.  “Don’t bite too hard Jinx, you then may have a sore tongue along with a sore head, not a good way to start the day!”  Jinx clanged the pans around as he was getting one out to make his omelet.  It helped to drown out Jangle’s laughter.

After their early breakfast was finished they wondered what to do, since by now they were both wide awake.  Jangle happened to glance at the calendar on the wall and he said, ” Oh guess what I forgot about?”  “When it comes to you, I have no clue! What did you forget?”, replied Jinx.

“Pedro is coming today!  Remember we agreed to watch him for 3 days.”   Jinx put his head down smacking it on the table as he let out a groan.  ” Oh you know you love him Jinx!”  Jinx raised his head as he stared at Jangle and rolled his eyes.   “What time does he come?”  ” Around 8am”, replied Jangle.  “Well I am going to  go enjoy reading in peace before he comes.”

At precisely 8am, their doorbell rang.  Jinx jumped in the chair, for he had been dozing.

Jangle opened the door and welcomed George inside.  “HI!  Would you like some tea George?”  George smiled but said, ” No, sorry, I can’t stay.  I need to catch my plane.  Thank you again for watching Pedro for me!”   “It is our pleasure”,  Jangle replied.

Jinx started coughing really hard.  George looked at him with a concerned expression. ” I think Jinx may be the one that needs some tea.  Hope Pedro is good for you.  I will chat with you all later! Bye!”  And out the door he went.

Jangle lifted the blanket off the cage.  Pedro was very pretty,  Jinx did have to agree to that.  His colors were a stunning blue and yellow with some orange mixed in.  “Come say Hi Jinx, you don’t want to be rude.”

Jinx walked over and  looked at Pedro and the parrot stared back at him. “Hi Pedro!”  Jinx was greeted with silence.  He stared a little longer and Pedro only fluffed his feathers.  Jinx relaxed, perhaps it would be quieter this time.  He turned his back to go back to his recliner.

“Whatever!”  chirped Pedro.  Jinx sighed as he took his book and smacked his head with it.  Pedro still was saying that word, couldn’t he expand his vocabulary.  He had certain words that he seemed to love to repeat over and over.  “Whatever”  Pedro chirped again.  “Does Pedro want a cracker?” asked Jinx.  “Yes!”,  Jinx went to get a cracker, perhaps the cracker would keep him quiet for awhile.

On his way back to the cage Jinx asked the question again, ” Pedro want a cracker?”  “No!”   Jinx stared at him as he held out the cracker and Pedro shook his head back and forth.   “Whatever!” and Pedro startled Jinx as he suddenly snatched it from his hand.

Jangle was laughing at the interchange between Jangle and Pedro.  “So nice to see you both getting along. I need to run out, but will be back shortly, shorty!”  “Who are you calling Shorty, you are as short as me?”   ” Don’t get your feathers all ruffled! I was saying goodbye to Pedro!”   Jangle was still laughing as he walked out the door.

Jinx settled down to read while Pedro was being quiet.   He had just turned the page when he heard. ” Whatever!  Whatever!  Whatever!”

Jinx walked over to the cage once more with another cracker.  ” Pedro want a cracker?”  “Maybe”  and Jinx stood there waiting.  “No”, so Jinx put the cracker back.  ” Yes!”   Jinx shook his head and pulled out the cracker again as Pedro snatched it from his hands.   “Thank you!”  Well at least Pedro had some manners, thought Jinx.

Jinx went into the kitchen to make some tea.   He walked back out as Pedro said, ” May I help you?”  Wow! This bird really could be polite!  ” May I help you?  May I help you? May I help you?”  Jangle covered his ears.  “Yes, please be quiet!” replied Jinx

“No! No! No!”  chirped Pedro

“Whatever!”  Jinx said, as he walked out the door into the fresh air to read in his hammock.  AHH!  Peace and quiet he thought and in only a few minutes he was asleep.




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

My thoughts are still thinking of what happened in Las Vegas.  Just found out this morning that one of the victim’s was from a little town that is literally down the road , a few miles, from us.  He was a Little League Coach.  He and his wife were in Vegas to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary!  They got separated in the chaos as people started running when the shots were being fired.  He was shot and killed, his wife survived.  My heart aches.

Another story is about a Mom and daughter that went to the concert that night.  The daughter was soon leaving to study abroad and they wanted to spend some time together before she left.  The daughter watched her Mom die right next to her!  I can’t even begin to imagine my children having to see me die in front of them.  Again my heart aches, for the list goes on of the stories.  A guy was visiting the States from Canada, was supposed to go back to Canada the next day.  His parents are grief stricken, he was their only child.

Yes my heart aches and I know many others do as well.  We feel so helpless.  Yes, these may be strangers to us, but they all are real.  They had real hearts and they have real family and friends whose hearts are now broken.  My compassion overflows for them.

I hope that the quotes I chose today can bring some peaceful and warm thoughts to your hearts and that most importantly bring HOPE!!  This world isn’t only made up of the madmen with guns.  There are so many more wonderful, compassionate, kind souls out there!  We just have to bind together, spread our light and SHINE!

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The Empty Chair


The chair remains empty as it stands still.

Someone should be going to work today, but their desk remains untouched.  Someone should be going to school today and chatting with their friends, but their seat in the classroom remains empty.

A deep sadness echoes from the family portrait hanging on the wall.   No one knew  that it would be the last one taken.  The bike stands in the garage waiting for its rider who didn’t know that they had taken their last ride.  The little Tyrannosaurus Rex stands on top of the mound of sand in the sandbox.  His days of conquering mountains are over.

There is a  gift wrapped box that will never be opened.  There is a  wedding dress that will never be worn. 

The faithful dog watches for the return of  his Master to come down the road.  His eyes never waver as they stare,  not realizing that this time his Master won’t be coming home.

The cat lets out a pitiful cry as it longs to curl its body up against its human’s feet.

Someone will never go to their first dance or have their first kiss.  Someone will never graduate and celebrate. 

A little boy will go to bed without his Mother’s kiss and a little girl will no longer ride on the shoulders of her Daddy.

Once more lives have been cut short by the shooting of a madman’s gun.  Once more we look to the sky and cry out, “Why!” as our thoughts swirl about like the  clouds. 

My thoughts and prayers  go out to the family and friends of the victim’s of last night’s mass shooting, which is now beings called America’s deadliest mass shooting yet!  My heart has no words! 



Sunday’s Awh…. Moments

Happy Sunday!  How has your weekend been?  Hopefully injury free!  I usually am the one that needs the bubble wrap, but this time it was my teenagers.  One hurt their hand and the other hurt their back.  The good news is that they will live!  As my one child said, ” It is okay Mom, it only hurts when I move!”  This child always has a way of  putting things into perspective.

If you are feeling a little sore and under the weather hopefully these pictures will make you smile!  As always, feel free to add your thoughts as to what these animals or babies may be thinking.   Share your thoughts in the comments and make us smile!



Now this next one is not just a random picture off of Pinterest!

22090033_1605155716171364_1644672321562880904_n  SURPRISE!  My friends wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for their precious little Billy, so they are letting me share some pictures of him.












Days Gone By

I saw you in the park,  you were walking and laughing as the wind blew through your wavy black hair.  I saw you in a photograph, loved the bright smile that  graced your face.  As I looked into your brown eyes I saw the reflection of days gone by.

I saw you in my mind as memories like waves kept rolling in.  The good times we shared, they are all there.  Stored like a treasure in a special part created in my heart.

I hear your laughter and words that you said come back to me, beckoning me to remember.   Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that you were near and other times as if it was longer than forever.

I walk where we walked and I feel your presence,  hovering like a shadow.  I look for you, but you are gone and my heart sighs.

Never may we walk side by side again, for things have changed.  Things change but my memories will always remain the same.  When feeling wistful and longing for the past, I reach into my treasured  vault and pull a memory out.  I can smile as I remember the days gone by,  but I also can let go!