Tuesday’s Thoughts!

May these quotes bring you smiles today. Snoopy can always bring a smile, right?

We might soon have a Winter Wonderland. Snow is supposed to start this evening into tomorrow. That is unless it misses us! We could get 1-3 inches or 6-8 inches or who knows, perhaps even more. All depends which way the snow blows. I have seen a few flurries already this morning. I think I will put some soup in the crock pot and be thankful that no matter what the weather brings I have a cozy, warm house to be in.

For those who have cold weather, stay warm if you are out and about today and for everyone, may Warmth fill your heart!



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What is Vacation to You?

Happy Monday! Brad and I have been away for a little which is why I didn’t post yesterday.

No, we weren’t at the North Pole. Though it sounds like there definitely was excitement going on there. How could there not be, when you had Jinx and Jangle participating in the Olympics.

That may have made for a fun vacation. A trip to the North Pole to watch them in the Olympics and cheer them on. Perhaps next time.

Where do you go for vacations, how often do you go? What is your ideal vacation? Did you go on vacations a lot as a child? Did you take your kids on vacation a lot?

Brad and I visited a resort to listen to a vacation opportunity. We didn’t buy into it but it made me think.

This opportunity was about taking advantage of staying at condos when going on vacation.

The best vacations that I remember as a child was camping out in the woods. Our “condo” was a camper. I still remember folding the bed up so that we could pull out the table. The table where many board and card games were played. I remember playing those games outside too, by the light of a lantern.

I remember rough housing on the top bunk bed with my brother. Yes, it may not have been the smartest idea. For it didn’t feel real good to fall off the bed, and have my head collide with the floor. But you know what, it’s still a fun memory, for I was with my brother.

I remember sitting by the campfire singing songs and roasting delicious S’mores. I remember sitting there in silence as my Dad watched the fire die down, just enjoying the moment together. The peacefulness.

During the day we watched the squirrels scampering around amidst the pretty Blue Jays and other birds flying around and singing.

We would hike, admiring the beautiful nature. Sometimes the hike took longer than expected. Took longer due to my brother thinking he knew a shortcut.

Oh the memories!

A lot of the vacations with our children have been visiting cousins and Grammy and Pappy, who live in Indiana. Their “condos” were sharing the bedrooms of their cousins and late night talks.

They have hiked with their cousins and it has at times turned out longer than expected, due to the bridge being out! Yes, we got our exercise that day.

They have roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in their cousins backyard. They have taken 4 wheelers on rides through their Uncle’s land.

They have played tag and baseball in the backyard. When they were a lot younger they put together a band. We all still remember the song they sang.

We have gone on vacations to other places and yes it has been fun. We have gone to Europe. We have made great memories!

There are still many more places that we want to go to, so much of the world that Brad and I still want to see. More memories to make. Memories to make with the ones I love.

To me though vacation is not about where you stay on vacation or whether you spend a lot of money. To me it’s all about the people you are with.

When you are with the right people staying in the woods can be just as great as visiting the Eiffel Tower and staying in a condo.

Don’t get me wrong I feel very fortunate to having seen the Eiffel Tower with my family. I would ride in a gondola in Venice in a heartbeat again.

However, no matter where I stay or what I see, it would be nowhere close to as enjoyable without being with family or friends.

I hope that wherever you go on vacation that it can be refreshing to your spirit, adding special memories to your heart.

I know that no matter how old I get I will always treasure my vacation memories of our camper “condo” in the woods.

The North Pole Olympics


The elves had been busy practicing ever since Santa had made his big announcement.  No one knew exactly what all the Olympics would entail, but they did know there would be racing.  The reindeer were excited as well and cooperated with practicing. Well they may not have all cooperated. Yes, the tricky reindeer was up to his tricks again.

“Hey Jinx, maybe you should glue your hat to your head, then your reindeer friend couldn’t knock it off your head all the time!”

Jinx looked up from cleaning the sleigh and just stared at Jangle.  There were no words needed. Jangle started whistling as he walked away.

The day finally arrived and everyone was excitedly chattering as they were all grouped together waiting for Santa to arrive.  The reindeer were trying to stay still even though they were very anxious.

Jinx had already got knocked down twice.  He didn’t know who the culprit was but the tricky reindeer was looking very suspicious. One time Jinx bumped into Jangle sending him sprawling as well. All the reindeer laughed then.

“Attention please everyone!” Santa was standing in front of the large group.  “There will be 4 events today. The 4th one will be the big race.  Hopefully you have all had time to review the rules on the papers that were handed out.  Most importantly  the thing to remember is to have fun! Let the games begin!”

The first event was crawling through snow tunnels. Once you got out of the snow tunnels, you had to walk a little distance balancing 2 eggs on your head. Jinx and Jangle had almost made it to the finish line when they tripped and splat went the eggs!

“Hey Jangle didn’t you have the job of hard boiling the eggs?” said Jinx  as he was wiping egg yolk off his forehead.

“Well…..I was hard boiling them…but umm…I must have got distracted with the last batch.”  said Jangle, as they heard some other elves yelling. The reindeer were enjoying the show as they were waiting for the 4th event to begin. The big race!

The 3rd event was the Ice Slide.  It was a long slide of twists and turns. You laid on a mat and the fastest person down won. Jangle went and did pretty well. His mat made it to the bottom though before he did. Somehow he had slipped off his mat and was spinning around. He felt a little dizzy when he at last got to the bottom.

Next was Jinx and he was having 2nd thoughts after watching Jangle, though it was funny to watch him.  He was at the top of the hill debating. He had laid down on the mat but was just sitting there until WHOA!  Something had pushed him. He twisted around to look and saw the Tricky Reindeer smiling big! OOOH now he was going backwards! He got to the bottom and everyone was cheering, he had made it in record time.

At last it was time for the big race. The reindeer were prancing and eager to be off! Jinx and Jangle were still debating who should drive the sleigh when Santa said, “3, 2, 1!” Jangle took off so suddenly that Jinx fell halfway out of the sleigh!  Jangle quickly stopped so that Jinx could get back in and off they went.

They zoomed across the field with Jinx holding onto his hat with one hand and to the side of the sleigh with the other. They were flying over the hills, Jinx’s stomach went up and down. The next thing they knew they both were in the snow as the sleigh tipped over on its side when Jangle rounded a corner too sharply.

“I think I will take over the reins now”, said Jinx.

That was fine with Jangle, he was feeling a little shaken up.

Soon they were off again and were making great time.

The finish line was in sight and Jinx told Jangle to hang on tight that they were going to fly! They went up the hill at full speed and yes they flew across the finish line. They landed with a big bounce as they flew out of the sleigh again, but to everyone’s surprise, including theirs, they had WON!

Santa proudly handed them their trophy and the elves cheered for them. Even the elves that still had egg yolk in their hair.

Jinx and Jangle were feeling pretty proud of themselves. They had worked hard and finally got their team of reindeer and now they had won the North Pole Olympics! Who knows what could happen next!

Jinx was singing a little jig as he was cleaning the sleigh again when “Whop!” He got pushed from behind and once again got a face full of snow as his hat flew off his head. He knew who did it before he even turned around. Sure enough the tricky reindeer was grinning as he held Jinx’s hat in his mouth. Then Jinx saw his hat go flying over the sleigh landing in the snow.  Jinx shook his head as he heard the reindeer laughing and then he remembered something and he started laughing.

He went and grabbed his hat brushing off the snow and walked towards the tricky reindeer with a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face.

“Guess what! I have something to tell all of you reindeer, good news! Santa awarded a big bag of those extra special treats that you all love as a prize for winning the Big Race.”

They all got excited as Jinx got the bag out of the sleigh and started going around to each reindeer giving them some. He then came to the tricky reindeer and said, “Hmm….this scene seems familiar.  I have a super big bag of extra yummy treats that you really want, but….I think someone got themselves into a hole again.  Guess I am going to have to skip you.”

Laughing,  Jinx walked right by him holding the bag close enough that he could smell it, but not close enough to grab it.  He came around again and this time the tricky reindeer tried to negotiate with him.

“Sorry, you don’t have anything to negotiate with, said Jinx.

“But I will tell you my name at last!”

“Nah, I don’t need that anymore, I can just call you whatever I want. That could be more fun. Looks like you lose …. Again!”

Oh the tricky reindeer made a face as he watched Jinx feeding the other reindeer.  When would he learn!  Someday, someday his luck would change. But for now he was afraid that the picture of that special bag of treats that he wasn’t getting was going to be in his mind for a long time!

Oh wait what was that. Jinx was coming toward him again and he held something in his hand. He opened it up to reveal some of the special treat and handed it to the reindeer. “After all you did help us to win the race!”  Jinx said.

The tricky reindeer munched away happily as he smiled inside. Then he heard Jinx say, “Just  never forget who you are dealing with!” and he chuckled to himself as he walked away.

The tricky reindeer wasn’t afraid, after all, he had been able to push Jinx down the hill and into the snow and he was getting to eat some special treats. He would call that a winning day indeed! Oh the fun that there was to have at the North Pole.






Friday’s Super Short Stories!

What is your “green eggs and ham”… What wouldn’t you eat here or there?

“Today is your day …Your mountain is waiting … So get on your way!”  

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss!

In honor of Dr. Seuss let’s write a story again. You all did great last time. His publisher challenged him, so I am challenging you. All you need is a line or 2 or you can write as much as you please. You can borrow lines from any of his books if you would like. You can write about “Hooper Humperdink” or “Yertle the Turtle” or something totally your own. So…..


Deep in the woods there were 3 little houses, each one unique in its own special way. When the clock struck midnight  and the moon shined in the sky one door opened and out came a …..


Fight the Octopus

It’s like an octopus as it slowly attaches itself to you. It starts out gradually, so gradually that you barely notice.

You feel like you are in control, that you are the boss. You are glad that at last there is something in your life that you can control. Something that you rule over. You find it comforting in a way and you tell yourself all is well.

One day you wake up and you feel a heavy pressure in your chest. A few more tentacles have hooked themselves onto you. That’s okay you tell yourself, you are still in control. You still rule.

You are feeling weaker. Time has passed and something strange has happened. You are feeling much worse, but yet that can’t be for you are in control, aren’t you?

The pain is becoming overbearing, the voices in your head keep screaming at you. You try yelling back at them but they can’t hear you. They are no longer listening. They now are the ones that rule!

The octopus has attached itself completely to you and is slowly sucking the life out of you. It’s dragging you down deep under the water as you try to keep breathing.

Anorexia is real! A real problem that many people have. Eating disorders can kill you. Please if you need help reach out! Tell someone. Don’t let yourself be dragged under. I care. You are special!

This is National Eating Disorders Awareness Month. Please if you suspect someone has an Eating Disorder reach out to them. You may be just the one that they need to help pull them free of the powerful Octopus.

There are several myths about Eating Disorders but the big one is that it’s all about being thin. It goes so much more deeper than that!

The other one is that if they really wanted to eat they would. In my dear loved one’s situation they didn’t feel they deserved to eat. The voices were so powerful! Plus your body goes from serious hunger pangs to eventually being in serious pain when you eat. Your body wants to reject the food and it will fight you!

The best thing you can do for your friend or family member is to be there for them 100 percent! Don’t be scared off by them.

I say that because the one suffering with an Eating Disorder can really fight you. You have to realize that a lot of the time it’s the voice of the Eating Disorder talking, not them.

Fight for them. They really do need and want you and the battle can be won.


Daily Prompt: Dim

via Daily Prompt: Dim

I never know what may provide inspiration for a post. Something I observe, a memory that pops into my head, a simple little remark made by a friend and so much more. This was inspired by a little remark. Thank you my friend.

Katie was sitting by the window, staring out into the dark clouds and gray skies. It was so dreary outside. She looked around her house and due to a light bulb burning out her living room was even dim.

She looked closer at her walls realizing how long it had been since she had painted them. The paint was peeling and even though the walls weren’t gray, they resembled how it looked outside. Dreary. Her walls were a simple white and when freshly painted they had shined, but all these years later they looked very dull.

Something sparked in Katie’s heart. al She jumped up from the couch, grabbed her car keys and backed the car out of the driveway narrowly missing the mailbox. She was on the way to the Hardware Store. She smiled, the world was already beginning to look a little brighter.

She was excited as she pulled into the driveway a hour later. Apparently the mailbox sensed her excitement and jumped to get out of her way but it missed. Katie at first was speechless realizing she had hit it. Then she thought about the 20 different paint cans that she had bought and figured she would have enough to repaint the mailbox.

Katie sat on the floor with the paint cans surrounding her wondering how in the world she would pick out the right colors to use. There were different shades of blues and greens and yellows. How would she choose! She thought and she thought and she finally came up with a plan.

All through the night she painted and painted some more. Exhausted she fell asleep on the couch after she had painted the final stroke.

She awakened to the sun streaming through her window. She rubbed her eyes and was caught by surprise at the magical shine that appeared on her walls. She beamed!

Her phone was ringing and Katie picked it up. ” Good Morning Katie! Did you start painting yet? What color did you decide on?”

Katie laughed as she looked at her walls. Hmm … what color would she call it? Was there actually a name for it?

“Stacey, why don’t you come over and see for yourself!” Stacey said she would be over later that day and after talking a little longer they said goodbye.

Katie looked at the remaining colors left and knew she had one more job to do. She went outside and painted her mailbox. She almost felt like the mailbox was smiling at her after she finished. It was as bright as the sun.

The mailbox was breathing a sigh of relief now. Surely she won’t hit me now were the thoughts going through its mind. How can she not see me now? Ahh! No more headaches for me!

Later that night Katie was looking out the window again. The sky was dark but Katie felt bright inside.

Stacey had been over earlier and she loved it. She stared for a moment not knowing what to say for the walls really didn’t match any color that Stacey had imagined. It was like Katie had made up a her very own unique color. A color that brightened up the house and gave out a feeling of warmth to all those who entered.

Stacey suggested something that excited Katie. She would love for Katie to paint the walls inside the High School, the one on Emerald Street. It was the one where Stacey was Principal at. Anything that could help brighten the children’s spirits when in school was so needed right now.

Stacey and her talked about how they could even get the kids who were interested involved with the painting. Let them paint some designs if they wanted too. Paint some murals. Let their spirits soar for a little as they spread some cheer in their school.

Yes, Katie’s heart felt good as she looked into the night. She couldn’t wait to get started and help the kids to smile again.

What was that shining through the dark thought Katie. She looked again and then she laughed as she realized what it was. The mailbox was glowing! Apparently Katie has bought Glow in the Dark paint.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Last Tuesday of February. How did you wake up this morning? Does it take you awhile to wake up or do you “pop up” like bread from a toaster? Ready to meet the new day. I hope you were able to wake up with a smile, for it is a new day and you never know what could happen!

I hope you have a wonderful day blessed by smiles, laughter, love and friendship! As always thanks for reading and helping to brighten my day with your comments!



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The Exciting News

For my new readers who may not have read any of my Jinx and Jangle stories, here is a link to my previous story which leads into this one. The Tricky Reindeer

Jangle and Jinx had just finished feeding their reindeer team and they were walking back to their cottage.  As they walked along Jangle had an idea come to him and he smacked his forehead.

“Lets make snow angels! Its been a long time since I did that.”  He laid down on the snow and started moving his arms and legs urging Jinx to do the same. At that moment Snowflake came running their way and knocked into Jinx, causing Jinx to fall on his stomach,  landing face first into the snow.

Jangle tried to hold back his laughter as he turned to Jinx and said, ” You are supposed to lie on your back to make a snow angel, but I guess you wanted to be different.”

Jinx grunted in reply and Snowflake helped him up apologizing though she had a smile on her face as well.  ” I am sorry Jinx, I didn’t see you. Hey, maybe you could get a light to wear on your head. something that shines as bright as Rudolph’s nose. That way everybody could see you.

Jangle was laughing along with Snowflake. Jinx rolled his eyes at both of them.

“Speaking of reindeer, how is your reindeer team doing?”

Jangle laughed, “They are doing fine, but Jinx still has a problem at times with the one tricky reindeer.”

“Hmm… a tricky reindeer, which one would that be?”

Jangle laughed for he knew that Snowflake knew who he was talking about. Everyone knew the tricky reindeer and the battle that went back and forth between him and Jinx.

Jinx still didn’t know the tricky reindeer’s name for no one would tell him. They all enjoyed keeping it a secret,  claiming  amnesia whenever Jinx would ask one of them. They knew how curious Jinx could be about things, which made it even more fun to keep him in the dark.

“Well are you guys coming? Santa is getting ready to make the big announcement, I don’t want to miss it.”

Jangle smacked his forehead again. “Oh yes, I had forgotten all about that. Let’s go!”

They made it just in time to hear Santa tell the big news.  There was going to be a big race which included an obstacle course. It would be called The North Pole Olympics. Details would be coming, but portions of the Obstacle Course would be a surprise. Everyone was excited about it and left right away to tell their team of reindeer.

Jangle and Jinx had finished telling their reindeer  about the North Pole Olympics and asked if there were any questions. All the reindeer shook their heads “No”, but the one tricky reindeer just smiled as  thoughts swirled around in his head.

Jangle and Jinx were walking towards their cottage once again and chatting about the big news. “I think it will be a lot of fun!”, said Jangle.

“I am excited to be driving the sleigh again”, said Jinx, “and I am curious as to what all the obstacles will be. There is only one thing that I am concerned about.”

“What is that?” asked Jangle.

“I am sure I saw a mischievous glint in that one tricky reindeer’s eyes when we were explaining to all of them about Santa’s news.  He was looking right at me.”

“Well Jinx, you do know that he still probably remembers how he didn’t get any yummy treats that one day due to you. A reindeer never forgets!”

Jangle smiled to himself, he didn’t think he would tell Jinx what he saw when they left the reindeer. Jangle had taken a quick look back and had to laugh at the tricky reindeer. He knew he was sticking his tongue out at Jinx.

Jangle had winked at the reindeer when he saw him and the reindeer winked back. Oh yes, this may be the most interesting Olympics yet. Let the Games Begin!













Our Yorkie Lilly is seizing the moment to relax! She seizes the moment pretty often!


I like to call Maggie our “60’s dog. She was the most laid backed, peace loving dog we have had. We got her when she was 2 years old from a lady who could not handle taking care of her anymore. This was the first picture we took of her when we brought her home. She hopped up on our couch and just made herself at home right away! Sadly she passed away 4 years ago, but she blessed us in so many ways!


SURPRISE! This isn’t just a post of our wonderful relaxing pets.  I came across this picture and hey, can’t get much more relaxing than this. This is from years ago when Brad and I were celebrating our 10th anniversary. Went to the Grand Canyon and this was us having a little picnic, taking a break from a boat ride. Relaxing just to look at the picture and remember. 🙂

Snoopy says it the BEST!



The Illuminated Half — Hablando Sola / Talking to Myself

You start getting used to being just you again. Even if you don’t want to—you do. It’s not like everything is always a surprise every day like it was at first. It starts out like “50 First Dates,” with you having to tell yourself the whole story from beginning to end every single morning, but […]

via The Illuminated Half — Hablando Sola / Talking to Myself

The above was written by my friend Diana, who recently lost her husband. I feel she has captured her emotions so well in this piece that I just had to share it. I hope it touches your soul and perhaps you know someone that could really identify with this right now. Share it with them, help them know that they are not alone with the feelings that they are having. Most importantly continue to be there for them in their silence, and when they want to talk. BE that friend that helps to light up their dark!