No Batteries Needed!

I was thinking back in time today of the toys and games that would entertain me for hours when I was young. All these games and toys had one thing in common. They didn’t require any batteries!  Thought I would share some of my favorites with you and hopefully bring you a smile as you think of what your favorites used to be. All of the pictures are  from Pinterest.

The first toy is from when I was really little and it held my attention for long periods of time. How many of you can remember the fun of this toy? This is very close to what mine looked like. It was great lining up as many marbles as I could and seeing them race down together, making a clattering noise as they rolled!


I can still remember the joy of getting a brand new box of crayons! The fun of coloring things whatever color you wanted to make them. Letting your imagination flow!



This next game was a part of summertime fun. Fun, safe darts to throw in the yard.


Who remembers playing croquet?  It was a big family game at my home. Many croquet competitions we had. So much fun, even when you got out, you just cheered on the players that remained. Plus sometimes I was glad to get out, meant I could go ahead and get myself a snack. Playing croquet made you hungry! 🙂


Now this next toy used to drive me crazy, but it was fun too. Did you ever complete the whole Rubik’s cube?


So what toys, games, or activities do you remember when you were young? Ones that bring back fond memories. Ones where even though they didn’t  have the Energizer bunny batteries, the fun still went on and on and on!  Take a trip down memory lane and feel free to share them in the comments below.


Suspense at the Sea (Part 2)

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! If you missed Part one here is the link to it.  Suspense at the Sea


A man with hair as black as charcoal was sitting at the table. He turned around at the sound of Tanya’s voice.

“Welcome! How nice to meet you, I hope you had a nice stroll on the beach.”  the man said with a chilling smile that sent shivers through Tanya.

Her  heart was pounding, she wanted to run, but the man had already got up from the table and had a very tight hold on both of her wrists. A lump was growing in her throat, and dread filled her heart at the next words that the man spoke.

“Sorry we were late, but we had some business to take care of with some guy named Kolby this morning. Do you know him?” he asked with a sinister laugh.

Not giving her time to respond he said, “Well we shall be going”,  and he started to pull her along with him. She started struggling, feeling adrenaline building up inside of her, but then she saw him! He must have been a body builder, for he was huge as he stepped out from around the corner. Tanya’s heart sank realizing there was no hope of escape for her now.

It didn’t take long for them to get down the stairs and out of the house. They walked a little ways when she noticed the black car with tinted windows parked on the road.

Finding her voice, she timidly said, ” Where are you taking me?”

“You will find out soon enough”, the man said as he stroked her cheek. Tanya glanced to the side of her and saw the body builder distracted by feeding 2 seagulls. She knew this was her one chance. When the man’s fingers ran over her lips she opened her mouth and clamped down hard on them with her teeth, giving him a very sharp kick at the same time.

Letting out a yell, he jerked his hand away, bending over in pain. He screamed for his partner, but the bodybuilder was having some problems of his own. It seemed that the 2 seagulls had many friends who had come wanting food as well, and were presently pecking away on his bald head.

Tanya quickly ran to the car and jumped in starting it up with the keys that were left in the ignition. She sped down the road faster than she had ever driven in her life!

Soon Tanya heard sirens and as she looked in the rear view mirror, she saw the lights, the police were coming after her.

She pulled over and was shaking as she waited for the police to come to her door. Tears were threatening to spill over, as her body was still in shock at all that had happened.

“Excuse me Miss. do you know how fast you were going?”  the policeman asked in a kind voice.

“Umm….really fast?” she responded.

The policeman and his partner let out a laugh. “Well that would be one answer.”

“I…I …am sorry… I just…” with those words she broke down, and the whole story came out.

The 2 policeman stared at her and each other in shock!

“Can you help me?” Tanya asked.

“We will do what we can!” they assured her.

Tanya looked a little strangely at them and said, ” You are policeman, right?”

The 2 men looked at each other and dug into their pockets.

“I think we have the policeman ID’s in here somewhere, oh here they are and they handed them to her. ”

She looked down at them and raised her eyebrows, ” One says Bobo the Clown and the the other one says Bilbo the Clown.”

With sheepish faces they dug into their pockets again and handed her 2 more ID’s. “Try these!”

Tanya looked at them and smiled for they were State Police ID’s, but then she looked closer. “The pictures on here don’t look like you two though, actually the  clown pictures on your other ID’s resembled you more. The red noses especially. Who are you guys really?

Just then they heard loud thumping coming from the trunk of the car. They all looked at each other and walked towards the trunk as the thumping persisted.

Tanya was afraid but curious too.  What could possibly be making that noise?  She looked at the 2 men and they didn’t seem like they were feeling brave enough to open the trunk. One had a hold of the other’s arm.  It looked like she was going to have to be the brave one and with a deep breath she popped open the trunk.

“Kolby!” she cried.

He was bound and gagged, but alive!  They hugged as the two men stared with their mouths open wide.

Tanya and Kolby were so happy to see that each other were alive and okay and the men intently listened while Tanya told Kolby her story and Kolby filled them in on his.

After they were done speaking the one man whose ID was Bobo the clown spoke up and said, ” I do believe you should go to the police as soon as possible with all your information.”

Tanya agreed as she smiled and shook their hands. Kolby though looked confused. ” But aren’t you guys police?”

Tanya laughed and told Kolby to just get in the car and she would drive them to the station. With a promise to go the speed limit this time, she winked at the two men as her and Kolby drove away.

Bobo and Bilbo looked at each other. “I am hungry, how about you?”  Bilbo asked.

“Yes!” replied Bobo.

“Remember its your turn to pay!” Bilbo said with a smile.

They got in the car and started for the restaurant when Bobo said there was one thing that made him laugh about Tanya’s story. ” I am sure glad that I wasn’t that guy who was being pecked by the seagulls, it was bad enough to get chased by swans. Remember that day the swans chased us?”

“How could I forget!”  Bilbo said, as he shook his head,  “It was the day we missed the boat!”

“So we have police ID’s, and clown ones and I think even elves, what other ID’s do you think we may be able to get?” asked Bilbo, and they both were lost in thought as they drove  down the road.


Suspense at the Sea

bb6a3c2b60cc9c5f60c95758664a0247 painting by Karen Hollingsworth (Pinterest)


She had collected all the books and was ready to delve into the research, but she was waiting for Kolby to show up. Where was he? What was taking him so long?  They had agreed to do their research in the morning while enjoying the nice ocean breeze and then take a break to stretch their muscles, while taking a walk along the ocean.

Tanya looked at her watch again, time kept passing, he was a half hour late now.  She would give him a call but her phone had died and she had forgotten her charger. Well, while she waited for him she may as well take a stroll along the beautiful sparkling water.

As she walked along the water she thought more about the research they were doing. They had been warned to not do it, but she thought those warnings were silly. Apparently there were rumors going around that the last detectives that had tried to solve the case vanished. It was like they disappeared right out of the blue, no traces had ever been found.

Tanya wasn’t one to be scared though, she figured they were just rumors and that there was no truth in them. She wasn’t afraid, she was  excited actually.   Kolby had called her last night with excitement in his voice.  He had found out something very big, something he thought would be a great breakthrough for them!

She checked her watch again. This was crazy, it wasn’t like him to be so late. He was usually very punctual. Perhaps he had come back already, maybe he was up in the room going through the books just waiting on her.

Tanya turned around and walked back to the house. She noticed the door was ajar, had she not closed it all the way when she left?  Maybe Kolby was here, she rushed in the door eager to hear what news he had to share with her.

“Hey Kolby, are you finally here? Did you sleep in this morning or something?” she called up the stairs. She reached the top of the stairs and turned the corner to go into the room.

“Kolby I ….” and the words died on her tongue, as her body froze.

Friendship Magic at Moonbeam Farm

Reading the “The Odessa Chronicles” had the feel of reading classic stories like Peter Rabbit. It is cute and gives a nice and comfortable feeling.” 

The above quote came  from someone who had just recently purchased a copy of  “The Odessa Chronicles” and she was sending me a message to let me know what she thought of it.  Reading her words warmed my heart.

There also was the time that an older lady, who I knew, came up to me with sparkles in her eyes. She proceeded to tell me how she had finished reading “The Odessa Chronicles” and she “absolutely loved” it!  She went on to talk about the characters as she gave a little laugh telling me how much fun they were.

This was a lady who I knew as being more reserved and quiet. As much as her words gave me joy, it was seeing the shine in her face and  hearing her excitement that really touched my heart.

It’s moments like these that continue to fill my heart with awe. I feel so thankful for the smiles that me and Colin’s book,  “The Odessa Chronicles” is bringing to the young and old!

I can’t stop smiling at how due to a friendship made with fellow blogger, Colin, that I was inspired to write a fun story about a cat named Dewey and his man-servant. How that one story led to another, which then led to Colin adding his magic, and collaborating on more stories. The more stories being written led to the idea of creating a book, which then led to “The Odessa Chronicles” being published!

One just never knows what surprises can happen!

Would you like to go to a place where friendship, love and laughter abound? Do you need a smile and relaxing break from the stresses of life?  In the pages of “The Odessa Chronicles”, meet Dewey, a  mischievous cat who always thinks of his stomach; Odessa, a  witty Barn Owl, who is very outspoken; Jaxon, an easygoing Jackalope that has magical powers; and the fun Man-servant who has a big heart and loves having Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon living at Moonbeam Farm with him.

Take a journey to Moonbeam Farm and share in the fun adventures that these crazy friends have together! In taking a peek into their lives your heart will be filled with laughter and with the warmth of friendship. You may even shed a tear at some of the more touching moments shared by our 4 friends.

For more information on “The Odessa Chronicles” and how you can order it, you can click on the picture of the book cover in the right hand margin.

If you have any other questions about the fun-loving characters in our book, or questions about the writing process, etc. feel free to ask in the comments below!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and let your friends know how much they mean to you! As our beloved characters on Moonbeam Farm  would attest to, friendships can come in a surprising way and be an amazing blessing!




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! March is here. Spring is coming, even though we just got around 4 inches of snow over the weekend. The sun was already melting it away yesterday. A possibility of more snow coming later this week. This seems to always happen in March, its like Winter has been sleeping and it all of a sudden realizes that its soon done and going to be kicked out by Spring! So it tries to get in as much as it can before its time to leave.

I woke up this morning thinking of the dream I had.  We had 4 kittens. My husband had rescued them from the shelter and they were so very cute! They were gray and orange. I don’t see that happening, not because we don’t want to rescue animals, but we have 2 dogs and 3 ferrets already. I will just keep thinking of them and snuggling them in my dream for now. Now onto the quotes, enjoy and snuggle up with a dog or cat today. Animals are so special!


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Seeking Freedom

What would you do if you were on a boat, traveling far away from your homeland to a place where you have never been before? This isn’t no grand sightseeing adventure though. As the boat drifts away into the ocean and you see your homeland fade into the distance, your heart sighs. It feels a mixture of so many emotions, as you realize that you may never see your homeland again.

This isn’t from a fictional tale in a book, its from a true story. A story that happened many years ago! The fact that its from a true story makes it all the more heartbreaking.  Its a true story about a large group of Jews right before WW2  broke out. Its a story of doing all that you can to try to survive. A story where more than 900 brave Jews got on the S.S. St.Louis ocean liner  to escape concentration camps and to flee to a Cuba, where they planned on finding refuge.

I did not read the book, but I watched the movie. It is called ,”Voyage of the Dammed”, it was recommended to me by my friend Colin. He has great knowledge about music, movies, and the list goes on. 🙂

The movie was powerful as I tried to relate to how those passengers must have felt. To be forced to flee your homeland because of nothing more than just being who you are! I just can’t imagine. That time in history was such a horribly tragic time.

I don’t want to give the movie away about what happens so I am not going to say more about it. I do believe your heart will be very touched if you choose to watch it.

After watching it I was sadly thinking about how prejudice against race, faith, sexual orientation, etc. continues today. I know I did a post not that long ago on racism and now here is another one. I feel that right now in these times, we need to hear the message all we can! My heart wonders why we haven’t we learned from our tragic past??

Our Country can’t continue becoming more and more divided and this goes beyond our Country, prejudice is sadly all around the world.

All we can do is keep spreading the message that we all have something to contribute to this world and when we accept each other for who we are, it really can be a Wonderful World!



The Stranger’s Touch

The subway was busy as usual. It was the end of the work day and people were rushing to get home. Some had their earbuds on getting lost in the world of music, others were chatting , while others  were busy looking at their phones. No one paid much notice to the lady sitting in the corner, staring out the window.

No one knew her story, and they couldn’t hear the thoughts echoing through her mind. No one knew the pain she had lived through over the years. They didn’t know that she would spend another night alone.  Alone in a house where the memories were around every corner, and in every room. They didn’t know how sometimes in the middle of the night the memories would shatter the silence!

The memories would burst into her mind with no warning and roll down her cheeks, as her heart ached in pain. Then the questions would haunt her by pounding in her brain. The horrible “what if’s and the no-good, “if only’s”!

By this time she knew sleep would be futile and she would sit up in bed, making herself get out from underneath her warm covers. Stepping with her bare feet out onto the floor. The plush carpet tickled them as they sank into it. She shook a little as she felt a chill, pulling on her fuzzy robe she would let the warmth envelop her.

Slowly she would tread down the stairs, into the kitchen to make herself a hot cup of tea. When the teapot broke the silence with its whistle, she would pour herself a cup and sit down. She would sit down and get lost in her thoughts. Her thoughts of wondering how life would be. Thoughts of how life wasn’t turning out like she had planned. Life had blindsided her, taking a complete turn.

Her dreams were gone, as she faced the reality that things would never be the same.

The subway train kept chugging away as the woman continued staring out the window wondering if tonight would be like so many nights before. Her stop was coming close, it was time for her to clear her mind and be ready to leave the train.

She turned her head for one last look out the window and that’s when she felt it. Someone had touched her shoulder.  Quickly she turned her head and looked. She looked into the eyes of many, wondering what she was thinking. Had she finally gone crazy? Of course someone touched her, this was a packed subway, you could barely keep from not rubbing up against someone.

This was different though she told herself, something was different. Then she caught the eyes of the stranger looking right at her. Their eyes connected and she just knew, she knew that was the person who had touched her. Slowly she smiled and the stranger smiled back and then they turned around and stepped out the door.

The woman watched and in that moment her heart felt some peace. She felt a flicker of hope arise and she was thankful. Things hadn’t changed, but yet in that moment she felt like perhaps she wasn’t so alone. In that moment she felt like someone cared. In that moment she had felt the power that could come from a small but genuine, caring  touch.

Would You Rather….

A spontaneous game of “Would You Rather?”  happened tonight as we were all around the dining room table. It is a game that consists of many cards with questions that give you 2 different situations to choose from as to which you would rather have happen to you.  Some of them  make you think and  there are a lot of questions that are just plain silly and make you laugh.  A fun way to enjoy conversation and to see how one question can lead to other totally different subjects.

I thought I would give you all a chance to play the game as well, see what kind of dialog may happen. Choose what question you want to answer or answer  all of them.  For a bonus if you want,  you can make up a  “Would you Rather..” question of your own for others to answer. I will answer any question that is posted.

Here are some questions. Have fun and post your answers below. 🙂

“Would you rather take advantage of an opportunity for a trip to the moon, and be there for 30 minutes, or go to any Country in the world for 30 days?”

“Would you rather live your life with no taste buds or have no feeling in your fingers? “

“Would you rather be lost in the wilderness with only a compass or with only 3 matches?”

“Knowing the risks involved would you rather have been part of the construction crew of  The Golden Gate Bridge or part of the crew on the voyage that Columbus made to America?”