Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What are your thoughts today? Where do they take you? Hopefully they take you to some happy places. If you are struggling with having good thoughts today, I hope you that one of these quotes will lift your heart. We all have been there, where we need to gently  be lifted and shown some light. May you feel some light today and take your light to go share with others! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Do you have a Clue?

One fine day Professor Plum was in his study,  studying the effect that certain words and phrases can have on human behavior. He was just starting to draw a conclusion on a very interesting point when he heard a shout coming from the hall.

He walked out to see what was the matter and saw Miss. Scarlet standing in the hallway shaking like a leaf.

“Whatever happened to give you such a fright?”,  Professor Plum asked.

There was a white rabbit  running down the hall! It ran right over my feet.”

“Which direction did it go?” he asked, and Miss.Scarlet pointed around the corner down the hall.

They both headed towards the library.  When they entered it much to their surprise they saw a white rabbit perched on the table.

“Well its a cute looking thing, no reason to be afraid Miss. Scarlet.” said Professor Plum.

They started discussing about keeping the rabbit, for they did have plenty of room in the mansion for a pet. They were weighing the pros and cons of having a pet when Mrs.Peacock came walking in.

“Aww…what a cute rabbit.” she said as she bent over to pet it. The bright colored plumes on her hat brushed under Professor Plum’s nose causing him to sneeze.

Professor Plum bid adieu to Miss. Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock as he headed back to his study thinking he should really get back to his work.

“I will take little Snowy down to the kitchen and see about getting it some food,” said Mrs.Peacock.

“Okay, I need to be in the ballroom soon for my next student, replied Miss. Scarlet, “I will catch up with you and little Snowy later.”

They all went their separate ways and the house was quiet for a few hours, and then right before the clock struck 9pm, Professor Plum heard a scream!

“My word! Now what happened? Did a mouse run over Miss. Scarlet’s feet this time, he wondered.”

There was quite the racket coming from the kitchen as he headed there. Suddenly the door swung open and out came the Cook looking terribly flustered. “I quit I quit!” she shouted.

The Professor looked around the kitchen and saw it in total disarray!

“What happened here?” he asked in bewilderment. There were scones on the floor and pawprints in the plum pudding. There was fish, but no chips and the Shepherds pie had tufts of white hair in it. There were biscuits but Snowy the rabbit was wearing the gravy, as he sat in Miss. Peacock’s lap with Miss.Peacock looking very guilty.

“Can you explain what happened here my dear Miss.Peacock?”  inquired the Professor.

“I had only meant to be gone for a few minutes, and I was sure that I had latched Snowy’s cage, but apparently I hadn’t. Mr. Green and I were just chatting outside in the garden” she said, as her cheeks got a little red.

“Oh Professor, what shall I do? The Cook is in quite the mood and she’s threatened to quit. She says the Queen will have her head! All this food was for the banquet tomorrow.”

The door swung open again and in entered Miss.White. “I heard…” she was struck speechless as she looked around and the color drained from her face leaving it quite white. OOOOh this isn’t good, not good at all!”

“I know what to do”, cried the Professor I will call for Colonel Mustard and he can call in the troops, we will get this kitchen cleaned up in no time and make the best Yorkshire pudding that  there has ever been.”

Colonel Mustard gave the rally call and soon the kitchen was full with TweedleDee and TweedleDum. Everyone was glad to see them, for they had the rum. Then there was the Mad Hatter who kept making things splatter. The Dormouse was busy opening and closing the oven door as dishes were put in and taken out. The Cheshire Cat just sat and smirked as he watched the commotion all about!

As the clock struck midnight, they finally  pulled out the last cake.

A cheer went up through the kitchen, their hard work had been a success, the poor Cook was no longer worried about losing her head. She thanked one and all, and even gave Snowy a little treat. She held him and had to admit that he was quite sweet.

One by one the weary crew said Goodnight as they headed for bed. The poor Dormouse was asleep on his feet.

The Cook looked around at all the delicious dishes beaming at how proud the Queen would be when the dishes she did see.

“Goodnight dear Snowy!” patting his head as she put him in his cage.  She had to get to bed before she collapsed right on the floor.

She turned out the light as she went out the door. All was dark, no light was seen, and the house was silent, everyone asleep. Sleeping while dreaming about the feast, not having a clue about something that had been sadly overlooked.

Do you have a clue?

I must give credit where credit is due. If it wouldn’t have been for Nancy, Colin and Tippy’s comments in recent posts, this post most likely would not have been written. But like Professor Plum was studying. Certain words and phrases can influence surprising things. 🙂


Along a Country Road

“Take Me Home Country Roads…” is playing right now, which gave me the inspiration for this post.

If you were traveling along a road, where would you like it to take you to? Lovely  Cottonwood Trees line the road.  The whipporwill is singing as you walk and you hear the water flowing in the creek that runs along the side of the road.  There is a bend coming in the road. Do you turn left or right? What happens, what lies around the bend?

You tell me, and I will add to your adventure if you would like me to. For who really knows what lies around the bend? How many little adventures can we get? 🙂

The Winter Stallion

728c179cdbe5c031bb146a1b24f2e8ab from Pinterest


The horse was galloping towards her. Where had it come from? She thought it was just her lost out here in the snowy wilderness.  Then she saw in the distance what looked like a big white cloud moving fast. As it drew closer she could see that it was a beautiful white stallion.  Dare she try to stop it?

It was always her dream to ride a wild stallion with abandonment. She didn’t just want to ride horses on guided  trail rides, like she did when she was younger. She wanted to  jump on the back of a wild stallion and let it take her wherever it wished to go.

It was almost upon her now and seemed to be slowing down a little as if it was saying, “Want to take a ride?”  She had to make a quick decision before it was gone. It stopped for just a second right in front of her and their eyes connected. She couldn’t deny the flush of excitement that came over her as she quickly grabbed onto its mane, hopping onto its back. She buried her face in its neck as her heart bubbled over with joy. This was really going to happen! Giving the horse a little pat was all the encouragement it needed to start galloping into the wind.

Away they flew in a whirl of white. Where they were headed she had no clue but no fear did she have, for she was living her dream. She wasn’t even as aware of the cold as she had been before. Warmth flooded over her as they galloped along and her heart sang a song.

OH Wow! She couldn’t speak! A thrill went through her as they soared into the air. They were flying, really flying! The sky was such a pretty shade of the most amazing blue she had ever seen, she couldn’t think of a word to describe it. It was a shade she had never seen before, they were up so high. Oh the exhilaration, they had just jumped over a cloud! Was that a planet that they had just zoomed by?

They kept going, time seemed endless.  She once again laid her head against the horse’s neck, breathing in its scent and feeling the softness of its hair against her cheek. She couldn’t remember ever feeling as happy and content as she felt at this very moment in time. Her heart was full as her eyes closed with a smile on her face.

The next morning as the rescue team was searching someone saw something in a distance. “Look, is that a wild stallion over there?”

They all looked and to their amazement they saw the stallion just standing there watching them. They slowly moved towards it as it stood still. When they were almost upon it is when they noticed what lied right in front of it.

There she was, the girl that they had been looking for. She was lying on her back in the snow,  with her eyes closed and a smile of contentment upon her face.


When Sorrow brings Joy

“When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.”

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

These quotes are taken from beautiful poetic essays by Kahlil Gibran. It is from his book called “The Prophet”, a book that I am presently reading.  The book was recommended to me by a friend and I am recommending it to all of you!

When I first read the 2 quotes that I included in here I had to stop and think for a little.

I thought back on some of the times where I have had the greatest sorrows in my life, and sure enough, out of those times, have come some of my greatest joys.

Due to sharing some of my sorrows with another, a friendship was formed, one that  has brought me great joy.

Due to a loved one going through a very difficult time our bond has grown closer, which again has brought sweet joy. I savor the moments more with them now and my ears are better at listening when their heart speaks.

I think of the time that I left a large piece of my heart behind locked doors. I heard the metallic clank as they went shut, there was no part of me that wanted to leave the building but I had to. Within 15 minutes of leaving, my husband and I stopped to meet a friend who had told us to call her before we left and she would be there for us. Her arms were there to catch me as I wanted to fall.

The sweetness of that moment can’t be measured. Knowing she took the time to be there for us in person meant so much. The depth of her love brought a shining light to our sorrow.

I think of another time that my heart was literally breaking. I had shed so many tears and felt so confused. Then within an hour and a half I got online, kind of still in a daze, when I read something that a friend had sent. My eyes got teary again, but this time it was with tears of laughter!  I can still feel the relief that just bubbled out of me by having something to laugh at. That bubble would not have been as great without the sorrow that had come before.

I think of the tender look of love on my husband’s face and how my heart felt the lump in his throat. He squeezed my hand as I laid on a hospital bed not knowing exactly what was wrong. The warmth of his love, though not spoken in words filled my heart with precious joy.

This isn’t some new startling revelation of how sorrow can bring joy, but I believe it is easy for us to forget. No one wants to go through deep sorrow, but sometimes it is good to just spend time reflecting on what joys have come out of our sorrows. Sometimes there are things that may stand out to us more as we look back, compared to before.  Looking back can be a great reminder to all of us at how sorrow and joy really are intertwined.





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 365 pages ready to be written on, what will your pages say? Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year filled with surprises of Joy! Looking forward to another year of connecting with all of you and feeling  blessed  by this great community. Thank you so much for all the time you have spent reading my posts and for the comments that  make my heart smile!



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When Love Knocks at your Door

Henry leaned back in his rocking chair as he watched the snow falling outside. Another year was ending. Another year without his sweet Susannah. How he missed her, especially around this time of year. The loneliness affected him more over the holidays.

Susannah never had been able to bear a child, so it had always been just the 2 of them, which was fine. Sure Henry would have loved to have had children, but his heart overflowed with the love he had for his sweetheart.

Oh, the memories they had made together. The fun adventures they did have. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the one camping trip they had taken. It had rained their first night and their tent leaked, they had quite the rude awakening of having a “waterbed”. That was the first and last time that they slept in a tent. They bought a small pop up camper and had many delightful camping trips with that.

They didn’t have to travel to have an adventure though, for loving Susannah, was an adventure in itself. Spending quiet evenings at home could be just as special. He would watch her at times from his recliner. Watch her curled up in her fuzzy blanket as she read on the couch. See her be totally engrossed in the book. He would watch the expressions that would cross her face and every now and then she would look up and send him a soft smile, before looking back down. Oh sweet Susannah, how he missed her!

What was that? Who was knocking at his door on New Year’s Eve?

Henry went to open it and to his surprise there was an older lady at the door. “HI Henry! I thought you would like some freshly baked cookies.”

Henry took the plate she offered him and it still felt warm on the bottom. The aroma of the cinnamon chocolate chip cookies made his stomach remember that it was hungry.

“Why don’t you have a seat at the table and I will mix up some hot cocoa for us.” said the lady with a kind smile radiating from her face.

“But I have no cocoa,” said Henry. Susannah had been the one to always make sure to have hot cocoa in the house. Henry kept forgetting to get it at the store and he had been out of it for quite awhile now.

The lady opened his cupboard and said, “There is a cocoa mix right here, and look a bag of marshmallows beside it. ”

“But…how did they get there?” asked Henry.

Either the lady didn’t hear him or she was ignoring him, for he got no reply.  Instead she started singing “O Holy Night!”

Henry was speechless, that had been Susannah’s favorite carol! He had loved it when she sang, her voice was so melodic, perfect tone.

He was spell bound as he listened. It sounded like Susannah singing.  Oh, the memories were washing over him of her singing around the house, filling his heart with peace.

When the lady  finished singing she brought Henry a cup of cocoa and sat down at the table with her own cup as well.

“So Henry, how are you? What a beautiful picture that is, who is she?” The lady asked, as she was looking at a picture of Susannah on their piano.

“That is Susannah, my sweetheart”, he said, as his voice cracked.

The older lady reached over and gently patted Henry’s hand saying, “I can see the sparkle that just mentioning her name brings to your eyes. Can you please tell me about her?”

For the next couple of hours Henry talked about Susannah, he shared their precious love story with a woman that he felt like he had known forever. They both shed some tears over his story, but they also shared laughter. Henry couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so happy. He was talking about his sweetheart to someone who eagerly listened and who he felt a connection with. What a special night this was turning out to be.

The clock chimed and Henry looked up gasping at the time.

“Oh my the hour is late! I’m afraid I kept you too long listening to the ramblings of an old man.”

He looked out the window and saw that the snow was coming down faster now and piling up.

“There is no way you can go out in that weather, let me make up the bed for you in our guest room and you can spend the night.”

The lady looked deeply into Henry’s eyes as she took his hand. “I will be fine Henry, you don’t need to go to any trouble for me. I am delighted that I was able to spend the evening with you. Now I must go.”

“But.. you can’t…its snowing quite hard! And by the way, should I know you? Here I have talked all about me and Susannah and haven’t asked about you. How did you know my name? I must know you.”

The woman only smiled as she squeezed Henry’s hand. “Take Care Henry! Know that love is always around you, even when you can’t see it.”

Henry didn’t know what to say, his heart felt so full as a tear ran down his cheek.

The lady put on her shawl, opened the door and glanced back at  Henry once more…giving him a smile that melted his heart.

Henry went to the window and saw that the snow had stopped, he could see the moonlight shining on the snow. It was surprisingly bright. He watched the lady as she started walking and then … where did she go?? He rubbed his eyes and looked again, she was gone, there was no one in sight!

He kept watching even though he knew. As the realization of what had occurred swept over him he felt a wondrous warmth spread through his heart. He had always said that Susannah had the voice of an angel.