The Adventure Continues…Part 2

“You are going to hit that sleigh full of gifts!” cried Snowflake, Jangle closed his eyes waiting for the crash.  Jinx made a sharp turn just in time,  avoiding the sleigh full of gifts.  He made a sharp turn which took him directly into a snowbank, the quick stop ejected Jinx out of the sleigh.   He did a graceful belly flop into the snow.

Jangle had opened his eyes in time to see Jinx go flying through the air.  Snowflake and Jangle were still chuckling as Jinx picked himself up out of the snow.  Santa was walking by as Jinx was brushing the snow off of him.  He looked at the sleigh stuck in the snowbank,  looked at Jinx and shook his head as he let out a deep chuckle.

“Welcome back Jinx and Jangle!  The North Pole hasn’t been the same without you two.”   Jinx and Jangle smiled bright, Santa was  happy to see them, all was well.  Maybe they would get their own team of reindeer this year!

It was their first day on the new job that Santa had appointed them too.  They were working in the section of the toy factory that double checked the toys to make sure that they worked.  They pushed buttons to make sure the doll would talk or that the toy would play music, or do whatever it was supposed to do.  After working all morning they took a lunch break.

“So what do you think of the job?” asked Jangle.  “I like it, it is pretty easy,  for all that we do is push buttons.  I can handle that!  I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of toys that come our way.  You never quite know what exactly may happen when you push the button.  There’s a little mystery with this job. I always have liked a touch of suspense to my life.”  “I agree,” replied Jangle.

The end of their shift was drawing near and Jinx was starting to get a little sleepy and ready to get off his feet.  There was one more toy to be checked. It was an odd looking toy, not like the others had been.  It was a long straight tube that went up high and then angled out with the opening resembling the opening of a tuba.  Jinx and Jangle both loved music so they fully expected music to come out when the button was pushed.

“Go ahead and push it Jinx, I pushed the last one.”

Jinx pushed it and “POOF!!”  Glittery confetti came spraying out all over Jinx.  He was covered from head to toe!  Jinx opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was speechless.  Once the spraying stopped Jangle turned the toy over and saw a wee little sticker on the bottom of it.  It read “Gag gift” .

“Well I think this gift works just fine, don’t you Jinx?  I give it my stamp of approval!”

Jinx didn’t say a word as he was too busy brushing off the confetti.

“Hey my friend you missed a spot!”  Jangle laughed as he brushed some of the glitter off of Jinx’s face.  I could start calling you “Sparkly” said Jangle,  as they walked outside.

“Splat!” A snowball landed on Jangle’s back.

“Okay perhaps I will continue to call you Jinx!”

“Gee, I can’t wait to see what toys come through the line tomorrow! What about you Jinx?”

Jangle didn’t stick around to hear Jinx’s reply.  He was walking quickly before another snowball came flying his way.




The Adventure Begins

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx opened his eyes and gave Jangle his best intimidating look.  ” I sure hope you have an extremely good reason for waking me up!”

“Ooooh I have a very good reason!!” replied Jangle.  “We got a letter in the mail today.  A letter from Santa Clause telling us when to report back to the North Pole.”

At this news Jinx sat straight up in bed, ” That is great news, so when does he want us there?  We have to start packing and I need to go to the beach one more time and…”  Jangle interrupted him, “The date is the exact reason that I woke you!  According to the letter we are supposed to report to the North Pole on November 25th.”

Jinx jumped out of bed so quickly that his legs gave way and he plopped smack down on the floor.  As he was shaking his head in confusion, he sputtered, “Oh No!  Today is December 2nd!  What happened?”

“Apparently our letter was lost in the mail until now!  Oh Jinx this is not a good way to start out.  Santa is not going to be happy.  We are supposed to get our own team of reindeer this year if we do well, remember!”

Jinx and Jangle rushed around packing up their things as fast as they could.  Jinx called the airport to find out when the next flight to the North Pole was and Jangle made sure to carefully wrap their special clock.  When he went to take it off the wall Jangle felt like the little bird was mocking him as it said, “Cuckoo…Cuckoo!”  He used to think that bird was cute.

They finally found themselves at the airport and felt like their heads were spinning!  When they found their seats on the airplane, they both got comfortable and after take-off they promptly fell asleep.

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx was nudging Jangle this time.  ” We are preparing to land.”  Jangle woke up and looked out the window.  Snow and more snow!  He had almost forgotten what snow looked like.

When they had collected their baggage and stepped out of the airport they went into shock!  “BRR…!” They had forgotten how cold the North Pole was!  They danced a little jig as they waited for their friend Snowflake to pull up in his sleigh.

“Hey guys, where have you been!!! Do you know how many trips I have made to this airport waiting for you?”  Jinx and Jangle looked sheepishly down at the ground as they explained that the letter from Santa  was late in arriving to them.

“Oh No!  I keep telling Santa that he needs to get a new secretary.  She has made so many mistakes at sending out letters and packages and not getting the correct address on them.  In fact there is a story going around that one package that she sent took almost a year and a half to arrive at its destination!”

Jinx and Jangle felt a little better at hearing this, maybe Santa would understand after all and not be upset with them.

“Well hop in guys! Why are you shaking, you can’t be cold, can you?”  Snowflake laughed and said, ” This isn’t Hawaii you know!  No worries, you will adapt to the weather again!”

Jinx and Jangle hopped into the sleigh feeling the excitement at being back at the North Pole starting to flow through them.

“Hey Snowflake! Think I could try driving the sleigh for a little?”  Jinx asked with a gleam in his eye.

” I will pull over and let you drive it the final mile, Okay?”

“Great!” Jinx rubbed his hands together in delight.  He wondered how it would feel to drive a sleigh again?

It wasn’t too long before Snowflake kept his word and pulled over for Jinx to take over.

“Now be careful Jinx!”

“Absolutely!” Jinx replied, as Jangle gripped the sides of the sleigh.

The ride was going smoothly until…..”Jinx, look out!  Don’t hit the….!”

(to be continued…)

Friday’s Super Short Stories

Tis’ the Season for  Secrets and Surprises…..some secrets shared….some kept confidential!

Not about when you put up your Tree or what is under the Tree…..but the love that fills your heart all year round!

Music is in the air….Music for quiet reflection….Music that makes your heart dance…..

What are some Christmas songs that create a December Dance in your heart….or ones that create a peaceful contentment as you sit cherishing December moments?



Daily Prompt: Circle

via Daily Prompt: Circle

The Circle of Love has no end!  It keeps going round and round.  It draws people in, it doesn’t cast them out.

Love  is  priceless.  An invisible string that connects you to others.  A string that spans the distance no matter how far.  For you have a connection, a connection of the heart.

Love is when no words are needed.  When at times more can be said by a kiss on the forehead or in the strength and closeness of a tight hug.

Love can blossom like a flower that awakens in the Spring.  It can burst with joy at the unending pleasure it brings and create many smiles as it soars high on eagles wings.

Love is in the happiness of “Hellos” and in the sadness of  “Goodbyes”.  Love is what makes “Goodbyes” so hard, while at the same time making one feel so blessed!  Blessed by the beauty that shines through the pain.

Love is the beauty of the knowledge that the preciousness of the treasure is well worth the pain.  Would sunshine bring as much happiness, if it weren’t  for the rain?

Love is the strength behind the invincible spirit that keeps going strong.

Love is a gift not to be taken lightly.  A gift that is as fragile as the petal of a lovely flower yet as strong as the most powerful storm.

Love is indeed a blessing.  A blessing that endures.  The greatest blessing of all!







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Back home once again, after a wonderful time with my husband’s family.  Hard to believe that it is the end of November already.  Have you set up your Christmas Tree yet?  Do you wait until December comes or do you start decorating as soon as Thanksgiving is over?  We will put up the tree this weekend.  We have one of those pre-lit trees now,  so much easier to put up, no messing with tangled lights.  Of course I do hold my breath every year though wondering if the lights will still work.

I thought winter had come when we had some very chilly days, but it is supposed to reach into the high 50’s today!  May have to go hiking today.  Stretch our legs after riding in the van all day yesterday.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and may these quotes help stretch your mind and cause a smile to stretch across your face as well!




3. 0d549939cc9ed75355c69d163f2031fb  I know I put quotes from this book in my other post, but there are just so many!  I forgot to mention in my previous post that if you are thinking about reading The StoryTeller, make sure to have tissues nearby! I had to put the book down a couple times and take a breath.

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The Storyteller

When we go on long trips, I usually take a few books along with me to read.  A great way to pass the time.  I don’t need to worry about driving for my dear husband prefers to have the pleasure of driving.  

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult is one book.that I brought along this time.  I am really enjoying it!  So glad that my sweet friend Jodi mentioned it in her blog before and that I remembered it!

It is a piece of fiction that causes you to think deeply.  The story deals with  the complex issue of human character.  How much can one person really change?  Forgiveness, compassion and honesty with one’s self are weaved through an intriguing story.  The story also deals largely with a dark part of our world’s history. 

I highly reccomend this book.  Even if you are one who doesn’t care much for Fiction I think you will be caught up in Jodi’s style of writing and find yourself captivated.  

Here are a few quotes from the book to spark your curiosity.

“I’d realize that when she gardens, she never sees the seed.  She is already picturing the plant it will become.”

“I’ve thought about all the things I could have done differently, and if it would have led to another outcome.  But thinking doesn’t change anything, does it?”

“Make sure I die on a cool day, when there is a nice breeze. Before the birds fly south, so that they can sing for me.”

“I realized in that instant the reason Minka has never spoken of her experience during the war is not that she had forgotten the details.  It’s because she remembers every last one…”

“Every time after that it became easier, because if I didn’t do it again, I would be reminded of that first time I did not say no. Repeat the same action over and over again, and eventually it will feel right. Eventually there isn’t even any guilt.”

A Thankful Heart

On the road again!  A cloudy, rainy day, but we have sunshine in our hearts!  Sunshine as we head towards family in Indiana.  

There is some extra sunshine in my heart due to the good news that I received yesterday. I will be heading back into the working world again!  The great news is that I don’t feel like it will feel like work.   I believe I will really enjoy it!

For a little background to new readers I had been working in a Daycare before but sadly it closed down in the beginning of June.  

My husband and I agreed that I would take the summer off and look for a new job in the Fall.  

I can’t say enough at how much I appreciated that time off.  Our family has had to deal with some serious issues over the past 2 years and it felt good to just sit back and breathe!

Now I am ready to work again and enjoy the people interaction.  I did talk to my dogs quite often as I was at home, but they didn’t always talk back to me.

I at first thought I would be a Pharmacy Tech.  I was hired and waiting for a start date.  Well the start date was delayed and I wasn’t getting any information on when I would actually be starting.  

I began having second thoughts about the job, for I found out that I would be required to travel further from home than  I had expected to for training.  

With winter coming and the magnetic pull that my van has to objects jumping out of it I wasn’t crazy about daily driving a hour away over a 3 month period of training.  

My van was starting to worry  about how many more dents it may get due to increased traveling.  

As I was mulling things over and waiting to hear from the company about a start date I got a surprise email.  

The enail waa from a Nursing Home that I had worked at before.  I had enjoyed the work but I got to the point where I couldn’t do the heavy lifting anymore. 

The email was about a new program they were starting.  No lifting was involved.  It was for a Companion position.  The job would involve  reading to residents, playing a game,  or doing a puzzle with them.   Writing a letter for them.  Talking to the resident that is lonely due to not getting visitors.  Going on walks with them.  Just doing whatever you can to make their stay at the home as pleasant as possible.

Well to say that my heart jumped when I read that email may be an understatement, I quickly filled out the application.  I was set up for an interview in a veey short time, had the interview one day and the next morning I got offered the job!  

I am excited and very thankful for this opportunity.  I had wanted a job like this but wasn’t having success in finding any.  Just goes to show that you never know what surprises may be around the corner.

Yes, my heart is smiling at being able to bring some joy into the lives of the residents and knowing that they will bring joy into my life as well! 

Oh and just a sidenote, the Nursing home is only 10 minutes down the road from me.   My van is smiling due to  feeling a little safer. 

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I have a Thankful heart this morning but will share more about that tomorrow for today is Quote day!  I promise it will be in my post tomorrow.

We are getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow.  Another 8 hour trip, but I have my books. I am ready.  Headed to the cornfields of Indiana again to be with family and see good friends as well.  Good food will be on the menu, as well as a plentiful supply of laughter and love.

I can’t forget the annual Black Friday traditional shopping that my dear sister-in-law and I do!  We shop and we sit and drink Latte’s and chat.  My husband informed me of how cold it is supposed to get  and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go shopping.  I said “Of course, we just bundle up!”  Plus honestly it gets so hot in the stores at times that coming out into the cool air can feel good!  For a short time at least!”

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating this week and I hope that everyone has things that they can be thankful for this week!


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The Best Kind of Tears….

I was busy today with something that I hope to be able to share with you later this week!  Something that will fit right in with the theme of Thanksgiving.

In meantime I hope all of you were able to have some good laughs in the past 24 hours like i have had.  The laughs that make tears come to your eyes!  I was thinking about posting some pictures of what all has made me laugh so hard recently, but thought that would probably make you all confused as to why those things made me laugh!

So what has made you laugh recently? Feel free to share, and remember Laughter is one of the Best Exercises for your heart and mind!