The Sunny-Side-Up Diner

The elderly man had been coming to the diner for months. Always at the same time, 6am on the dot. He was there as soon as they opened. Amy always served him. His order never changed. Sausage with biscuits and gravy. Jake was his name and he was a kind man, always had a smile for Amy. Never said too much, but Amy found herself opening up to him, for he was easy to talk to. He truly listened and appeared to genuinely care about her.

One foggy morning he was sitting in his usual place again when Amy came in. “Good Morning Jake! I wondered if you would be here this morning, the fog is as thick as pea soup! I should know nothing would stop you from coming though. I will have your order in just a few minutes!”

Jake smiled as he watched her go into the kitchen. He then reached into his pocket making sure the envelope was still there. He couldn’t believe that he had found her after all these years. All that searching had paid off. The adventurous journey was about to begin. Excitement was stirring within him.

Jake took the last bite of his sausage and pulled out the couple dollars that he always left as a tip. He laid the dollars on top of the envelope and quietly left as Amy was busy with another customer. Little did she know that her life was about to take a dramatic turn!

As Jake walked outside the fog had lifted and the sun was breaking through. The sun wasn’t the only thing shining that morning. Jake’s heart glowed too.

to be continued…. 🙂

A Time To Dance

via Daily Prompt: Tender

Is there anything more tender than the feel of the soft skin of a newborn baby?


Can anything compare to the tender heart of a 2 year old? To their innocence and inner joy that they have. The way they dance without a care, no matter who may be watching!


What goes on in the heart of a child as they sit and ponder life? What is going through their minds in these tender moments?


What happens to us as we get older ? Instead of pondering the simple things of life, we get entangled in a net of complexities. We have been hurt, betrayed, and let down, and we forget our innocent childhood dreams! We forget how we were in awe of bubbles, and how we loved the feeling of the sand and water between our toes. We forget the fun  that can be found in the simplicity of chasing butterflies.

We forget how to trust and have open hearts, for our hearts have been wounded, so we build walls. We become weighed down and we forget how to dance. The music we danced to when we were young is too hard to hear anymore. It has been muffled.

But we can hear it again. It is still there! Our innocent dreams, our awe and wonder are still a part of us; they just have been squashed by so many other things.

All we need to do is let go, let go of the bitterness, of the fears and doubts. Let go of  the worries of things we can’t control. Let go and embrace!

Embrace the butterfly moments. The awe and wonder of the simple things of life again. Open our eyes and our hearts. Embrace….and our ears will hear again. The music will play once more and before you know it we will be dancing again.




Dewey in the Spotlight!

Happy Saturday! The week-end is here! To start your week-end off right I thought I would share an interview that Colin had with one of our wonderful friend’s from Moonbeam Farm! If you missed seeing how Dewey came to Moonbeam Farm, here is the link to the story.  Once Upon A Time (part 3) and Once Upon A Time… Part 3b. You will also find links to Odessa and Jaxon’s stories, if you missed them. How did these Adventurers find each other?

Dewey is a very special cat and he of course could not let Odessa( the barn owl) be the only one in the spotlight! He felt that he needed an interview as well, so Colin was nice to oblige.

Out of simple curiosity do you have a favorite friend from Moonbeam Farm? If so, feel free to share who and why. Would be fun to know. Now we better get the interview done, before Dewey falls asleep!!


Dewey Interview – General

Colin: Hi Dewey. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Where should we start?

Dewey: Given the amount of air-time that Odessa has been getting, I was wondering when my interview would be coming but, before we start, I have a question for you!

Colin: Okay Dewey… go for it!

Dewey: I brought my favorite bowl with me. Would you mind putting some food in it for me?

Colin: Not a problem Dewey but while I am…………………..

Dewey: Sorry to interrupt old buddy, but can I have one of my cushions here… appropriately fluffed up of course, as this carpet is rather… well, not my first choice of some place to chill!

(A few minutes later)

Colin: Okay Dewey. Tell me what you think about your origins in the stories.

Dewey: Well, I am obviously indebted to Odessa. I have no idea how I got into that log at such a young age because you chose never to disclose that in the story. I also know nothing about my Mom and Dad. Do I have any sisters or brothers? I think that you owe me an explanation!

Colin: To be totally honest Dewey, there are many aspects of all four of you that have not been explained. That is just a very easy way of “leaving the door open” for more stories.

Dewey: So do I have a Mom and Dad?

Colin: That has not been decided yet.

Dewey: Do I have any brothers or sisters?

Colin: That has not been decided either!

Dewey: Do you have any more food because my bowl seems to be empty again?

(A few minutes later)

Colin: Well Dewey, we don’t have a lot of time so why don’t we just focus on Odessa. How do you feel about having a bird as a friend?

Dewey: In general… not a lot, although (don’t tell Odessa) I kind of like having her around.

Colin: Can you explain that for our readers?

Dewey: Of course. Odessa is like a big sister to me, except better!

Colin: In what way is she better?

Dewey: Well… to start with she is big! She can fly so well and totally intimidate small creatures on the ground, just like I do sometimes. Oh… and she has a very sharp beak, and a wicked set of claws. If I had to pick somebody to be on my side in a difficult situation, then I would pick Odessa!

Colin: What you think about Jaxon?

Dewey: Oh I love Jaxon. He is a cutie. He really doesn’t say too much, although I love it when he tries to communicate with Odessa… and his magic is fun, and concerning, at times. Can we talk about the Man-Servant?

Colin: Of course.

Dewey: Well… our first meeting was fun because although he was wide awake when we first met, his behavior was so “unhuman” that I knew that there would be an awakening later. You should have seen his face when he suddenly realized that him and I could communicate!  That was so much fun, and even when he dropped his cup of tea and made a mess of the floor, I just had to laugh. I also had to make sure he knew that I expected him to clean up after himself! In general, we get along pretty good and he is very entertaining when trying to talk with Odessa!

Colin: Our time is out Dewey, so thank you so much for sharing some of your thoughts. I’ll let you have the last few words here, so what would you like to say?

Dewey: Well Colin. I think it odd that you can overlook the obvious at times, but do you see my food bowl? Can you see anything in it?

My 120mph ride!

Yesterday was a first for something for me. I was behind the wheel of a car that went up to 120mph!! Yes, I am alive and well to write about it this morning.


I can see the comments now, ” Are you crazy?? What were you thinking??” Let me explain, and Mom and Dad you can get your hands off the phone and take a breath!

My car’s speedometer said I was going 120mph, but believe me I wasn’t going over 35mph! I do have a witness, my teenager was in the car with me. They were busy laughing at our gauges  going wacky. I was busy wondering if someone that I couldn’t see was messing with the gauges. Wondered what may happen if I took my hands off the wheel, for at one time it said I was going 0mph and I was moving at the time. Yes, yesterday was apparently the day for me to do the impossible!

I started my drive out with a half tank of gas. Well during this short drive that I took I really was doing the impossible. For not only was I going 120mph, but according to my gas gauge I was doing it on Empty! Then 2 minutes later I had a full tank! Wouldn’t that be nice if we could go from an empty tank to a full one without having to stop at the gas station?

All this crazy stuff happened during a 10 minute drive and then when I took another short drive last night it was fine. I don’t know, maybe somehow I was driving in The Twilight Zone without knowing it.

Whatever the case may be, it reminded me of how things aren’t always how they appear. Reminded me of that often used quote, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover” You really don’t know about a person until you get to know them. That quiet child in the corner who never answered the questions correctly that the teacher asked, may be a storehouse of knowledge. May be wiser then their years, but they don’t do well being put on the spot.

That co-worker of yours who is always smiling and bragging about the trips she took to far away places and telling about going out in the evenings to fancy restaurants, may just be going to those places in her mind. Perhaps she lives alone and every night is eating a microwaved TV dinner. Eating alone once more as she watches about exotic places on TV.  Her smiles may hide a thousand tears behind them.

The facts are that we simply don’t know. Too often we pass judgement only on what we see. We see a foreclosure sign go up in the neighbor’s yard. We think about how they must have spent their money foolishly. That they brought this upon themselves. How do we know that a family member didn’t run into critical health problems and that their money went towards that?  Things aren’t always as they appear. We don’t always have the full story, but we draw conclusions anyway.

Next time you are tempted to judge based on what you see, remember how even speedometers can be deceiving! Take time to get to know the details and you may be happily surprised at what you find out.

That quiet child may shine out of someone taking notice of him and pulling him out of his shell. That co-worker may turn out to be a wonderful, fun friend after someone takes the time to befriend her. Your neighbors may appreciate a listening ear and some words of encouragement, instead of being talked about behind their backs. Last of all that book that doesn’t look or sound too exciting by its cover may just unlock your mind to some wonderful adventures! It may be the book that you can’t put down, even though its 2am.

Now back to my car. I do think that I am safe in the conclusion that there is no invisible person messing with the gauges of my car. That this car may need to be headed to the garage. Then again this is the same vehicle that has mailboxes, signs, and sides of buildings jumping out at them. So who knows, maybe something else is causing my gauges to go wacky? Hmmm….


“I Don’t Like You”

Don’t be scared off…. this title is not meant for any of my readers! I do like all of you! I have been known to say in jest to some friends, ” You are lucky I love ya, because….not feeling that other “L” word right now.” All meant in fun of course! It is usually said in response to a joke that has been played on me, or to some witty words that were thrown my way.

If you are a parent, I would bet that you have had times where you have not liked your children, right? I am not being mean, just honest. We love them with all our hearts and would take a bullet for them, BUT… there are those days where they may be a little hard to like. To be fair, I am sure that there are days that they don’t like us too much either. In fact I know there are. I am the mother of teenagers, need I say more?

But this isn’t a post about friendship or parenting, read on, and you will understand.

This past Saturday my lovely niece got married in a beautiful ceremony outdoors. The weather was perfect. They had written their own vows for their special day and my niece went first.

“We have had an argument that has lasted a couple days now, and as I write this I am not really liking you at the moment.”

Not the typical beginning to wedding vows. Was she being crazy starting her vows off like that?  No, she was being real and I loved it!

She brought out how she realized that even when things may not be the best between them, the love she had for him ran deep. How love is so much more than just a feeling.

A lot of us had tears in our eyes as we listened to them recite their vows, sharing their love for each other. Listening to them share some of  their strengths and weaknesses. Expressing how they wanted their marriage built on humility and gentleness. Hearing them sing a song to each other as they committed their love to each other. Seeing them symbolize their commitment with rings, but also in another way. They mixed their soil.

it was something new to me, but I liked it. He had soil from his grandparents farm and my niece had soil from her grandparents graves and they mixed them together. Symbolizing them bringing their pasts together and starting a new life.

I couldn’t be happier for this special couple and I wish them many joys and much love  in the years to come!


20170603_195338 I think they are liking each other pretty much at this moment. 🙂

20170603_170115 I had to include a picture of the lovely Mother of the Bride (my sister) and her handsome sons as well! The question is, Which one of her sons will be the next to take the plunge? 🙂 I am feeling old! The one on the right was the ring bearer for our wedding. His dear sister, the bride, in the picture above was our flower girl! Plus the handsome guy on the left wasn’t even born yet! Where do the years go?




Tuesday’s Thoughts

Summer vacation has officially started for me! So on the first day, my alarm clock went off at typical time, for my sweet hubby had forgot to turn it off! That’s Okay, I did end up falling back asleep for a little. Then I got up, threw a load of laundry in and took a bike ride. The first day was a success I would say. I am now up writing these quotes as I wait to pick up my teens and their friends from the movies. Yes, summer has begun! Hope these quotes can make you feel like wearing a sunny, summer smile! I am smiling as I listen to Shania Twain right now, “From this Moment”. Love that song, just in case you were interested. 🙂


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8.2c2210898dee31022bc976575c3355ac Yes, they have a mind of their own! 🙂


10.5b18dc9427120fd4b55a582c3db6030c BUT if you are not careful, the quote below can become true!


12. 17c718fef7f58e6146024e7dbfd0d0d4 I just couldn’t resist posting this! You all got  bonus quotes today. Have a Terrific Tuesday! 🙂

The “Clever” Idea!

Hawaii was brought up in conversation this week-end, and that made me think of our 2 crazy characters. The fun 2 elves who make Santa pull out his hair at times. Santa needed a break, which is why Jinx and Jangle got sent to the lovely island of Hawaii. They didn’t mind. The nice warm climate was a welcome change to the North Pole!

If you have missed the introduction of Jinx and Jangle, here is a link to the first story. The Story of Jinx and Jangle. Now let us check in and see what trouble they are up to this time!

Jinx was looking out the window watching the rain fall. Didn’t look like they would be riding their bikes today. Oh well, he wasn’t going to let the rain spoil his day, he was sure that he could still have a great day. He was waiting on Jangle to finish making his delicious omelettes now.

As they were eating their breakfast, Jangle was working on a crossword puzzle. “What is a 4 letter word for clever?” “Well that is easy,” replied Jinx, ” It is my name… J..i..n..x..!” The look on Jangle’s face said it all. Sometimes no words were needed.

As the rain continued to fall, they both sat in their comfy recliners and started to read their favorite books. They were rather large books, for they had very pertinent information in them that they needed to know. These books were so full of valuable information that they would probably need to read them twice in order for all the details to sink in.

They wanted to get them finished before they went back to the North Pole in September. They knew that  when they went back there wouldn’t be much time for reading, they would be busy working for Santa again. Trying once more to be good enough to earn their own team of reindeer! They had a strong confident air about them that this time would be the magic charm. Santa would be so impressed, as well as all the other elves who had dared to laugh at them. They would see what Jinx and Jangle were truly capable of!

Soon Jinx and Jangle started to doze, the books were such heavy reading that they couldn’t keep their eyes open.  It was the cuckoo clock that woke them up. “Cuckoo!” it called as the clock struck 10.

“Hey, it stopped raining!” Jangle said as he noticed the sunlight streaming in the window. “Let’s go for a ride.” Jinx agreed and soon they were on their bikes and heading towards their favorite trail. The Kauai Bike Path, right along the shore. The beauty of the water added to the delight of the ride.

They never knew what they may see when riding. Sometimes beautiful birds flew right in front of them. At times a pretty seashell would grab their attention while riding by and they would stop to pick it up. They had made quite a nice collection so far to take back with them to the North Pole. They wanted mementos to help be a remember of  their wonderful time in Hawaii.

Jangle was lost in thought and almost ran right into Jinx as he didn’t notice that he had stopped! “Next time that you are going to suddenly stop, blow your horn! Santa put that horn on there for you to warn people with you know. It is a ” Look out, I am coming!” horn.”  ” Well if you would have been paying attention to where you were going, you would have noticed that I stopped! Anyway look at what I found.” Jinx held up a nice shiny hand held mirror.

“What do you want that for? We have mirrors at the house.”  ” I have an idea,” said Jinx, “Let’s go home, and I will show you!” They turned around to head home. When they arrived home Jinx went into the kitchen to find some rubber bands and duck tape. Jangle was looking at him very curiously. He was  wondering what was going on in that brain of his now.

“Done!” announced Jinx proudly, as he showed Jangle the finished product. “Well I have to say that was a pretty clever idea, it should come in handy! Can you put one on mine to?” “Sure, I am always glad to help, all you need to do is ask”, said Jinx.

Jinx had fastened the mirror to the handlebars of his bike so that he could see what was behind him. “Now I will see you, before you crash into me Jangle!”

Jinx was feeling quite smart as he looked into the mirror and said, ” Mirror, Mirror on the bike, who is the most clever…” CRASH! The rubber band snapped, the duck tape came loose and the mirror shattered on the pavement.

“On second thought, I really don’t need a mirror!”, said Jangle,  as he made his way into the house trying to control his laughter.

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Daily Prompt: Imaginary

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

02f2316bf5f9da346b0b07f91bf5371b  What would you do if this showed up in your front yard? Would you invite the Martians inside?

Who knows,  they could be as nice as E.T. Remember him? I thought he was so cute when I saw him in the movie. I wanted to be the little boy who hid him in his room.  Tried to blend “E.T.” in with his stuffed animals. I definitely had enough stuffed animals as a child, I could have hid him well.

Or they could be like “Alf”! Your life would never be boring with him around! Just make sure you hide the cat! We bought that series on DVD, so that our kids  could enjoy it. I am pretty sure that they were secretly wishing that “Alf” would be real and show up at our door.

I wouldn’t hold my breath as you gaze into the sky watching for a spaceship to land. But you never know! Who is to say that someday “E.T.” or “”Alf” won’t show up at your door bringing all their friends with them!

Perhaps they will take you for a ride in their spaceship! Just think of the exciting blog post you could write then. Any case of Writer’s Block would be cured! You may have a problem with some people thinking you are delusional, but for the ones that think that, there is an easy cure. Just send your new friends their direction!



Friday’s Super Short Stories

As a follow up from yesterday’s post, A Rainbow of Love,  I want to say what happened when I told my little girl at work that I wouldn’t be her teacher anymore.

She scrunched up her little face as her eyes teared up and I heard her tiny voice say, “But why?” I tried to explain, only to get another, ” But why?”, and my heart was feeling squeezed. Then she said the words that made me melt. ” Will you still be my friend?” I hugged her so tight and gave her a kiss, as I told her that I will always be her friend.

Yes, today at work will have its hard moments, but we are going to try to make it a wonderful day as well. Yesterday a co-worker ordered pizza for everyone. Today I am bringing in drinks. No worries… no alcohol.:) Frappes, Iced coffees, Sweet teas…. We are going to celebrate the end of something wonderful, as we move forward to new beginnings!

Thanks to all of you  dear readers who have had sweet thoughts for me over this time! I appreciate it and I do know that on Monday I will be smiling for there will be no alarm to wake me up! 🙂  Now onto Friday’s Super Short Stories, after a not so super short introduction!

The love of a child….nothing compares!

A toast to friendship….a blessed gift!

One tissue… a pack of tissues… tears are healing, right?