Behind the Door

Were they hiding something?  They were a super nice family,  it couldn’t be anything bad, could it?  Tara was contemplating the suspense over the past month.

The new family had moved to the neighborhood last month and Tara became quick friends with their daughter Kristin, who was the same age.  Kristin was very nice and outgoing, and Tara was glad to know her.  They had a lot of fun whenever they were together, but Tara couldn’t get out of her mind the one thing that Kristin had told her when Tara first came over to her house.  She remembered the conversation like it had just happened yesterday.

Before Tara was able to knock on the door, it had swung open!  Kristin’s mom was standing there.  “HI Tara!  Kristin has been excited for you to come.  Would you like some cookies?  They are fresh out of the oven.”

No one had to ask Tara twice if she wanted cookies.  She loved just about any cookie there was, or cake, pie, or brownies.  Yes, it could be said that she  had a sweet tooth!

Kristin came bobbing down the stairs.  “Hey Tara, come see my room!”  Kristin grabbed some cookies as she grabbed Tara’s hand and led her up the stairs. ” Thanks Mom!’, she yelled as they were climbing the stairs.

“Here is my parent’s room.”  Tara peeked in the door.   It was a nicely decorated room with the soft shade of teal walls.   A vase of roses was on the nightstand.   You could smell the lingering fragrance of the perfume that Kristin’s Mom wore.

“This is my little brother’s room, be careful….”,  “OUCH!”  cried Tara.

“Sorry, was going to tell you to be careful where you step.  His legos are everywhere!”

Down the hall a little further they came across another door.  Kristin stopped in front of it and her face got very serious as she looked directly into Tara’s eyes.  “You must not ever open this door!’  Tara gave her a strange look and said, “Why?”  “I can’t answer that, just please don’t open it!”  Tara looked at her normally  hyper, smiling friend.  All traces of a smile were gone now as she was waiting on Tara to respond.  “Okay, I won’t open it, but…”  Kristin cut her off as she put her arm around her neck, ” Now come see my lovely room!”

Tara sat up in her bed as that memory went away.  Since that time she had  tried not to think  about the mysterious door,  but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get it off her mind.  Why could she not open the door?  What was behind the door?  For a curious person like Tara, this was very hard.  Her curiosity was as strong as her taste for sweets.

She put her head in her hands trying to think,  and she noticed her watch.  OH NO, she was going to be late!  Kristin had called her last night inviting her to come over at 2pm today.  They were going to go shopping.  She better hurry and get ready.

Tara reached the Taylor’s front porch just in time.  Mrs. Taylor opened the door greeting Tara with her lovely smile.  “HI Tara!  Kristin is running late, but she will be here soon.  Make yourself at home as always,  I have to run to the store real quick.”  She walked out the door and then turned back, ”  I almost forgot, there are cookies on the table…. in case you are hungry.”  She winked at Tara as she turned to leave.

Tara smiled as she enjoyed Mrs.Taylor’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.  She made the best cookies.  She was sitting at the table flipping through a magazine when a thought struck her.  She was alone.  What if she was to…??  No, she couldn’t, could she?  She really shouldn’t.  Would a little peek really hurt?  No one would ever know that she had.  She jumped out of the chair.  It was now or never!  Running up the stairs she went to the secret room.

Her palms were starting to sweat and her heart began to thump.  This was crazy, why was she so nervous!  She would just quickly open the door  and then shut it again.  She had to know, her curiosity was killing her!  She slowly turned the knob, she was half expecting it not to turn.  Why wasn’t the door locked?  This was it,  finally the mystery would be solved.  She swung open the door and walked in.  Tara flipped the light switch and gasped as she turned the corner!







Friendship at the Beach

Home once again.  The beach is only a memory, but oh what a wonderful one it is!  Memories of  laughter, deep conversation, laughter, screams, walking the beach, watching the waves, and memories of investing in a friendship that is over 25 years old and going strong!

“What happens at the beach, stays at the beach!”  That was on a pillow in a gift shop that we were in.  Yes, I am not going to tell you all the details about our trip, but I will share a few.

The first one would be where some of the “screams” in our memories come from.  We were walking along the edge of the water.  One of my favorite things to do at the beach. Deep in conversation when all of a sudden the sand turned to quicksand!  The wet sand just gave way and down we went into a hole.  I am known for getting myself into “holes”, but this time I was in a literal hole up to my knees!  Fortunately I wasn’t walking on Sherry’s side or the hole would have been deeper!  First we screamed and then we laughed as we got ourselves out.  A man was sitting close by and he had witnessed our spectacle.  He did ask if we needed help, but he couldn’t keep the smile from his face when he saw that we were alright. I have this strange feeling that someone somewhere on the crowded beach was videoing the ocean and just happened to catch our fall!

The other memory is that there was close to 15 seagulls around me on my towel at one time!  Sherry was sure that I was going to get pecked but I wasn’t worried, I couldn’t help but laugh at her.  For just a few minutes earlier she had been saying that I should write a story  starring the 2 seagulls that were in front of me.  Now I had 15 to write about!  If you happen to see a story in the near future about seagulls , you know how it started.  The problem is Sherry had only named the first 2, that is 13 more names to come up with!

The beach may be me and Sherry’s favorite place to be.  It is beautiful!  Though there is one thing that is even more beautiful than the beach.  That would be the beauty of FRIENDSHIP!!!

Love ya Sherry! Keep Smiling!





Another Thought!

Yes, I typically don’t post 2 posts in a day, but…

I was reading,  as I sit with my feet in the sand.  I came across a good quote and wanted to share it, since today is quote day! 

The girl in the story was telling her friend about something that she couldn’t make herself do.  Too painful. The following is a snippet of the conversation.

“I can’t, too much water under the bridge, with whitewater rapids of memories!”

Sharon turned to leave, but said to her friend, ” Come over to my house tonight, I will loan you my canoe.”   (From The Sweet By and By.. By Sara Evans)

Have you been there? Been the friend with the water under the bridge or the one loaning the canoe?

Thank God for friends! And now I am ready to walk the beach again with my dear friend. 

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! This was one of the beautiful views that my dear friend and I had last evening at the beach. 
It has been a great time so far! 

We drove through lots of rain yesterday but when we got to the beach the rain stopped!

We got our beach chairs and headed out to the sand. Hardly anyone was out there, for it had just stopped raining.

We weren’t going to let the threat of rain stop us. We smiled, we were at peace as we watched the waves. 

Firat the wind started blowing, then the sprinkles started.  No problem!  Sprinkles turned to big drops which turned to many drops.  The lifeguard stared at us as we stayed sitting,  wiping our faces.  The rain fell faster and we laughed and my dear friend snapped a picture of me, (sorry, that picture unavailable :))

The lifeguard was watching us, any idea of the thoughts going through his mind?

We had to keep rubbing  our faces more and after we were already drenched we decided we should go back to the hotel. We couldn’t stop laughing as we folded up our chairs. What a way to begin our beach trip! 

That wasn’t the only time that we got wet yesterday.  It started downpouring shortly after this picture last evening.  Like one of my favorite quotes, ” Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass! It’s about learning to DANCE IN THE RAIN! 🙂 

Have an Amazing Day everyone! Find the beauty, even if it is raining!

A One Track Mind

I am not at the ocean yet, but it is on my mind!! Was trying to think of something to post, and kept thinking about the ocean.  Tried looking at paintings for inspiration which has worked before.  Well  this is the painting that came up!


Aren’t they too cute!  What is the older boy thinking? Hmm…. I would say perhaps something along the line of , “You shouldn’t have double dogged dared me!  Told you I would get you!”

What do you think?  Feel free to share your caption for the picture!

Will be at the beach early tomorrow morning!  A perfect way to start a Monday, I would say! :

Getting Dizzy!



Hello! I am trying to look at things from a different perspective,  I have been told that it is all about perspective.  I don’t know if it is really helping though or just making me dizzy.

This post was started in a light hearted way,  due to my curious mind being in suspense once more.  People can have so much fun when someone is too curious for their own good!  Still in suspense no matter how I look at it.  It’s okay though my sanity will be restored at the beach, which is almost here!!

The craziness did get me to thinking. There really are times that we need to try to view things from a different perspective.

It can be very beneficial to stand back and try to see things in a different way.  It can make us more understanding of the situation and of  the person.  If we are open minded it can be interesting in what we learn.  We still may not agree with the other’s perspective but our eyes may be opened in ways that they weren’t before.

We are all different, we are not always going to agree.  That is okay.  Where we run into problems is when we can’t respect each other’s perspectives.   If we let ourselves step into someone else’s shoes,  it gives us a chance to see things in a different light.

We rarely  know all that we think we know about someone’s story.

Don’t be afraid to try to look at things from a different angle.  Even if you have to get upside down and even if you get dizzy!  You never know, you may get a pleasant surprise!

Just Breathe!

My post today is divided into 2 parts. The first one is simply called  Life Before and the other one is Life Now.  The Before portion contains  some parts from  a beautiful poem,
“The River”.  It was written by fellow blogger and friend, Colin Chappell.

I was reading his poem last night and my heart was stirred.  Certain portions of the poem especially stirred my heart.  They made me think of parts of my  life from these past couple years.   I asked Colin if I could use excerpts from one of his poems on my blog,  and he graciously said yes.  You can read “The River” in its entirety,  and other moving poems,  in his newly released book, “Just Thinking”.

Life Before:

The River

Cascading down the mountain,

Hitting rocks and broken trees.

It must have thought so many times,

“Can I survive all this?”


“This is harder than I imagined.

I never believed this to be so.

My life is tearing me apart

Which way must my waters flow?”


“I am divided in my thoughts.

Confused by the turmoil found.

Is this what life is all about?

Where does peace abound?”


Then suddenly all was quiet.

Its waters slowed right down.

The river was once more, a river.

Of the turmoil there was no sound.

                                                                              By Colin Chappell    Copyright 2017

Life Now: 

Just Breathe…Swinging on my porch swing on a lovely summer’s day… Just Breathe…. Reading a relaxing book as I swing.  Putting the book down and gazing at the bright blue sky and letting the fresh air pour into my soul.   Sitting still and enjoying the time of being able to just breathe!

Breathing in joy…. joy and peace!  Ahh!  Peace,  that word that had enjoyed playing an elusive game of  hide and seek with me for so long.  Peace…. not because things are perfect… but because things are better than before.  Peace…. because it is easier now to simply breathe!

Swinging on my porch swing with my lovely daughter,  reliving memories of when she was little and used to sit with me on the swing.  If the old swing could talk what would it say?

Would it tell of when my dear children were little and  would sing along with me?  If you listen hard enough maybe the breeze will blow in their sweet voices from the past.  What about telling the story of  catching fireflies in the dark .  Of looking at the stars as Daddy would point out the Big Dipper.  Would it tell about us just breathing in the silence at times,  as we sat there,  feeling the love that surrounded us.

Just Breathe… isn’t perfect…. but there are moments that are perfect….Just Breathe…savor the feeling of peace……  soak in the moments,  for right now,  the river is still.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy August!!  This time next week I will be sitting on the sand watching the wonderful ocean waves!  Ahhh! Take a deep breath and breathe in that salt air!  A perfect way to enjoy Summer days!  We may go on a hike this evening, which is another way to enjoy summer, when it is not too hot.  We do still want to go on the 1000 step trail sometime. Yes, there is a 1000 steps to the top where there is an amazing view I am told!  I will post pics on here when we do it.  Hope that your view of life today can be wonderful!  Enjoy these quotes and may help to brighten your view!

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  6.  1613794_780714761967230_6661778240136408240_n I think I did post this before, but its worth posting again. I had it on my FB wall this morning and my dear friend commented. “And if you don’t know who that is, chances are that its you!”  OH, but I know who it is! LOL!
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