The Perfect Ending

This is the conclusion to my post, What Would She Do? Enjoy!

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Amanda stared in the mirror, wondering who that stunning woman looking back at her was. Could it really be her? Was she really getting married?

Everything had been such a whirlwind, since the letter had arrived. One moment she was sobbing on Cara’s shoulder and the next moment they were planning a wedding.

Here she was minutes away from getting married in Old man Fuzzywhistle’s meadow.

“You look absolutely gorgeous.” Cara was standing on one side of her.and Sara on the other.

Amanda couldn’t stop smiling, she was beyond happy that she was getting married to the most eligible bachelor in town. Out of all the other single ladies, he only had eyes for her.

She knew he would still be the heartthrob of Bittersweet Creek, and that was fine. It made her feel proud. After all, the old ladies needed someone to dream about.

“You have stars in those eyes girl. Starry eyed over Mason, you obviously need help,” Cara teased.

“Thank you both so much! How you ladies managed to plan this in such a short time. Maybe you both should be wedding planners?”

“Hmmm….what do you think Cara?”

“We could start a side business perhaps. You already have a flower shop and we know that Mason would be lost without me to run the coffee shop. I dread the thought of what the coffee would taste like.”

They laughed, made the finishing touches to Amanda’s hair and waited for the music to start.

Her childhood dreams were about to come true. The prince with the luxurious hair had come for her and nothing was going to stop their wedding. To think that she had been so upset at first about the letter, thinking she shouldn’t get married.

The letter was from her crazy uncle! She barely even knew him but he came out when he heard about the castle being left to her. Funny how many people claimed the castle should be their’s instead. A while back Mason was kidnapped by that one crazy imposter, but he had been long gone since Jenny worked her magic spell! All he did was Quack now.

This was her actual Uncle, not an imposter. But Amanda still wasn’t about to let her have the castle that her precious grandparent’s had left to her. He threatened Mason which had scared her at first. But … something mysteriously happened to her uncle.

Amanda remembered how shocked she had been to hear from her aunt. Her Aunt Tina was so kind and apologized profusely for her uncle’s letter. Then she had proceeded to tell her that her uncle couldn’t be found. He was working in the fields one day and when she walked out to bring him a drink he was gone! Strangely enough there was some silvery cowbell where he had been.

“Thanks Betsy” breathed Amanda but she hadn’t attempted to explain about Betsy to her aunt. At least her aunt wasn’t upset! Aunt Tina had said that if he hadn’t left she would have. “Good riddance!”

Amanda had many calls with her aunt. She was enjoying getting to know her. Felt wonderful to find a relative, and how thankful she was that her aunt made it for the wedding.

The music… Amanda was so lost in her thoughts she almost didn’t catch the cue. Her moment had arrived! Everyone was standing and smiling at her, but the only person Amanda focused on was the man who painted her sky.

This was only the beginning of a lifetime of the most enchanting adventure of all!

“And now I pronounce you husband and wife. Mason you may kiss the bride … Mason!”

He was flat out on the floor. The most eligible, confident bachelor of the town had simply fainted. Apparently love had him so twitterpated, that he had fainted dead away.

He wasn’t out for too long, and he was a little shaky as he stood to his feet. The guests sighed with relief tbat he was okay.

“Shall we try again?’ the minister said, with a smile, “Mason you may kiss the bride.”

The wedding was the talk of the town and everyone agreed on one thing. When Mason and Amanda kissed, and the doves were released into the sky, it would have made the perfect ending to a Hallmark movie.

74 thoughts on “The Perfect Ending

  1. I don’t think Mason would have fainted. It may have been a last ditch effort to get out of this by faking a stroke or something. Maybe he accidentally picked up Cara’s coffee by mistake. But fainted? I don’t think so.

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  2. After the ceremony, Mason said he felt dizzy and had to go to the Emergency Room. Amanda quickly bundled her new husband into her car, and off they sped, to find medical attention for him. The ER doctor examined him and pronounced him in good health, but perhaps just a little bit too nervous or excited about getting married.

    Then they headed for the reception, which was a lovely, fun event. Then they went home, for a blissful wedding night. All the while, Mason kept smiling and chuckling to himself. Yep, he had pulled it off. By faking being faint and dizzy, he diverted everyone’s attention away from the legal paperwork that both he and Amanda forgot to sign.

    Yes, they may have had a wedding ceremony, but without their signatures on the paperwork, their marriage would never be legal. What a clever man, that Mason was.

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      • The alien captain who had been masquerading as Tara gave a sigh of relief as she removed her uncomfortable costume and shook out her tentacles and antennae. Ah, that felt much better! She glanced back at her prisoner, who was still lying unconscious from the drug that she had slipped into his champagne to make him faint. He would be just perfect for the breeding program to restore hair to the bald race of aliens. Meanwhile, Amanda and the good people of Bittersweet Creek would never have a clue that Mason had been replaced with a cleverly programmed android who looked just perfect in every detail, even to the luxurious hair.

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