A Mama for Anna … Part 2

If you missed Part 1, here is the link. A Mama for Anna


The rooster crowed as Julia pulled the covers over her head. Would she ever get used to hearing the rooster’s call at the crack of dawn, or would she end up making rooster stew some day!

Her mind thought back over the last few weeks and how much her life has changed. How her heart was already gone. The cords of love had wrapped themselves around her heart. She had never guessed that she would fall so quickly for an adorable red-haired 5 year old girl. Little Anna worked her magic and  had her wrapped around her finger.

She was a whirlwind of energy that kept Julia on her toes. Having quite the imagination, she would regale Julia with stories about the adventures that her dolly Lulu and her teddy bear  Butterscotch had together.

Julia sighed, for Anna had been so easy to get to know and warmed up to Julia right away. Her hugs warmed Julia’s heart, whenever she would start to miss her home back East.  Luke though was a different story. He was very kind, Julia couldn’t complain there, He had yellow roses for her when she had met him at the train station. He was a gentleman, but a man of little words.

His letters to her before she came hadn’t contained very much information about him and Anna, besides the basics. It told of how he really needed a Mama for his sweet Anna and someone to take care of the house. Julia had been hoping he would open up more when she arrived. All she knew was that Anna’s Mommy had suddenly left them when Anna was only 3 years old. Luke had come in from the fields one day for lunch to find Anna crying in her crib and his wife nowhere around. There was no note, but her suitcase and all her clothes were missing.

What had happened to her Julia wondered. How could she leave little Anna? How did Luke cope the past 2 years, his heart had to have been so broken. Julia was lost in thought when she heard a knock on the door.

“Julia are you awake? I got breakfast ready, I have to go milk the cows.”

Julia looked at the clock, Oh dear, she was late! She had told him that she would cook him breakfast this morning. Quickly she threw on her robe and ran a brush through her hair before going out into the kitchen.

The aroma of bacon made her stomach growl and the pancakes looked nice and fluffy waiting for her on the table. She smelled the coffee brewing, and poured herself a cup before going to wake up Anna. Her face scrunched up as she tasted it, Luke sure did like his coffee strong! She would have to make sure to wake up in time tomorrow and make her own coffee. She sat down watching the sky change colors as the sun came up.  Breathing in the peace and quiet for a moment, before her day began.





A Mama for Anna


picture of the train that we went on this summer on our trip to beautiful British Columbia! Picture is real, the following story though is fiction.


“Clickety clack, clickety clack!” The motion of the train as it rolled down the tracks felt soothing to her. She watched out the window at all the beauty rushing by. Julia had been riding the train for almost a week now, but she still didn’t tire of watching out the window. Though she was getting anxious to finally get to her destination and be able to breathe in the fresh air, for longer than just a few minutes. It would be nice to be at her own house too, a place she could call home.

Swallowing a lump in her throat, she smoothed out her dress the best she could with her hands. Perhaps she should have picked the other dress to wear, but it was too late to worry about that now. Was she dressed too fancy or not fancy enough?  Oh now her stomach started churning. Clenching her hands she took a deep breath in and breathed out as she un-clenched her hands.

Julia tried to remember the sweet words her Mama had said to her, before she got on the train heading into the unknown. Her Mama had pulled her close into a tight hug and whispered in her ear. Her voice was barely audible, Julia knew she was fighting back tears as well, but she was being strong for her daughter, like she always had been.

The train was slowing down, this was it. The time had come. Julia fingered the locket around her neck. The one her Mama had put on her as she gave her a kiss goodbye.

The train had reached the END of the line, but for Julia her new life was just beginning!

Nervously Luke paced in front of the train twisting his hat in his hands. His heart was thudding. Was he doing the right thing?

“Daddy, Daddy?” Anna pulled on his arm. “What will she look like?”

Luke ran his fingers through Anna’s hair as he said, “Remember what the letter said? She has fiery red hair, pretty like yours!”

“Oh Daddy, I can’t wait! I gonna have a new Mama!” and Anna’s eyes sparkled.

Luke smiled as a peace came over him. Yes, he had done the right thing in placing the ad, Anna needed a Mama. He took a deep breath looking at his dear daughter, who was smiling from ear to ear. His heart had butterflies in it, would she like him? Of course she would fall in love with Anna, she was adorable, but what about him? All his questions would be answered in time, for now he did feel anticipation, their new life was just beginning!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!


I saw an article yesterday that caught my attention. One of those moments when you are touched by the hearts of others. A High School Senior had planned ahead and on Valentine’s Day surprised not one or two or three girls with flowers, but all the girls in his entire school! He bought flowers for 170 girls! He simply did it because he did not want girls to be sad as they watched everyone else get flowers. He said how everyone deserves to know that they are special! What a great guy! Have a great day and remember to spread some smiles! You never know who might need them!

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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Show your special someone that you love them on the other 364 days of the year too, or the flowers you give on Valentine’s Day may as well be weeds! 

When your husband sends you a message from work asking if you found his surprise, and you have no where left to look! 

Music is a way for your heart to speak. What is a favorite love song of yours? 

Sharing 2 songs today, “Because you loved me..” by Celine Dion and “IF”. The first song is not just for the love of your life! For me I think of my family and dear friends and my husband and children when I hear this song. They all have shown me love in many different ways that lift me up and keep me going and for that I am so grateful!  Now the other song “If” is a more specific love song. It was one of many songs that Brad put on a cassette tape ( remember those) for me when we were dating. The old love songs still warm my heart, much more than “Here’s my number, call me, maybe…” by Justin Beiber. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful day, celebrating the love of those around you, which is something to be grateful for every day! 



Finding Love

The sky was an extra special shade of blue today, as Charlie  walked home. Charlie had never quite seen the sky look that way before. He had been lying in the field, by the river gazing at the clouds for a little too long as he played with fuzzy caterpillars. He knew he should pick up the pace, for his Mama was expecting him home for supper soon. He  started walking faster and then suddenly stopped when he heard some whining behind him. He turned around and there was a dog, sitting by the side of the road.

He was chocolate brown, but far from the prettiest dog that Charlie had ever seen. His face was shaped strangely and his hair was all matted. In fact as Charlie got closer he wasn’t sure if the dog really was a chocolate brown or was that mud? Hmm.. he could use a good bath probably, just like Mama made Charlie do, whenever he came in from playing outside in the dirt. The dog’s eyes begged Charlie to come closer. He approached slowly and held out his hand for the dog to sniff. The dog sniffed it and then whined some more as it looked right at him. Charlie felt like the dog was looking right into his soul, there was just something special about his eyes, and as Charlie looked closer he noticed something. The eyes were 2 different colors! This dog was a strange looking dog for sure, but Charlie felt compassion for it.

He sat down by the side of the road and slowly started petting him. Then he remembered that he still had half of a ham sandwich left that his Mama had made for him on for his outing to the river. He pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to the dog, who gobbled it down in an instant and than gave Charlie a big lick right on his cheek and Charlie laughed.

Charlie sat by the side of the road petting it for a little, wondering what to do.  He needed to get home, but he didn’t want to leave the dog all alone.  Would it follow him? He  took a few steps and looked back and the dog sat there looking at him. Then he took a few steps more and looked back and the dog had got on its feet. He smiled and took a few more steps and soon the dog was trotting right beside Charlie, and they headed home.  Charlie’s stomach was nervous with excitement, hoping that just maybe his Mama would let him keep the dog. He pinched his eyes shut tight wishing and praying and wishing some more that he would finally be able to  have a dog of his own.

Charlie rounded the corner and saw his Mama in the yard hanging wash on the line. He had been thinking of ways to ask his Mama about the dog, but all the words left him in his  nervousness and he just ran up to his Mama and gave her a big hug.

His Mama bent down and hugged Charlie and then started to say, “What took you so long? I was beginning to ….” and that’s when she noticed the big, shaggy chocolate brown dog right at Charlie’s side. “Wha-Who do you have here?”

Charlie started to stammer out, “He-he-he followed me home, can-can- we ….” His Mama held up her hand to stop him. ‘Honey, I know you so badly want a dog, but I just don’t know, they are a lot of responsibility? And what if he belongs to someone else?”

Charlie’s  eyes lost their spark as he hung his head, but before he spoke, the dog did.

He offered his paw as he said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am and I am so pleased to meet you and your little boy. I would love to live with you, I have been traveling alone for quite awhile now, looking for the right owner.”

Charlie and his Mama stood there speechless as they started at the talking dog.

“Many people have passed me by, but your Charlie wasn’t scared off by my looks, he came and sat beside me and even gave me some his food. He gently petted me and I just would love to have Charlie as my human? May I please keep him ?”

Charlie’s Mama was shaking her head in disbelief as Charlie was hugging the dog around its neck saying, “Mama please! Oh please! I will take care of him I promise and I’ll even eat all my broccoli and carrots,”  he said, as he made a face.

His Mama laughed, as she took her hand and tousled Charlie’s curly locks on his head. “How could I possibly say No to such a polite speaking dog?” She turned to the dog and patted his head, ” i would love to have you live with us!”

The dog wagged his tail and spun in a circle. “At last I have a human! A human of my very own! Oh Charlie, we are going to have such fun together!”

Charlie’s Mom watched as the 2 played in the yard and her heart was warmed, she felt like this was only the beginning of many adventures to come! A talking dog! Who would have ever thought! She was still shaking her head as she walked into the house.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I learned that yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. I remember studying about it in school and how awful I felt for the Jews, how it boggled my mind at how people could be so cruel to others. Sadly today, so many years later, it still boggles my mind at the cruelty of some humans. As my first quote says, “remember it didn’t start with gas chambers….” If that would have happened right away there would have been a huge outcry, no, it was much more subtle than that, and we need to not forget that!

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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The tea of Kindness is always pleasant tasting! 

When a song you have known for a long time becomes more poignant. 

When the forecast is of snow and ice …. but the forecast inside …. is hot drinks,  cozy blankets, love, laughter and everything nice. 


We don’t have a fireplace, this pic is from Pinterest, but we do have hot drinks and books. 🙂


The Secret Treasure

 The two sisters were sitting in the law office staring at the mahogeny hardwood floor.  Leticia kept looking at her watch, tapping her fushia manicured nails on the chair. 

“Where is he? I have my Swedish massage appointment in an hour.”

Carissa rolled her eyes at her, ” Relax, I am sure he will be here soon.” 

“Do you have any idea what this is all about?” Carissa asked.

“No, I got the same letter as you. All it said is to report here to see Grandma’s lawyer.”

They both turned as they heard the door opening, and a tall man with brown wavy hair in a pin striped suit walked into the room. He walked over to them and shook their hands as he introduced himself.

“HI! I am Mr. Matthew Lescu, thank you for coming today.”  He walked over to his desk and took a seat behind it.”

“I will get right down to business, as I know you are both curious as to why you are here. Your grandmother left you both in her will.”

The sisters gasped. They hadn’t been extremely close to their grandma, though that wasn’t their grandma’s fault. She was a sweet lady and was always inviting them over to visit with her, but life was busy, they had things to do. They would politely decline her invitation over the phone, but their grandmother never gave up trying. She kept saying they needed to slow down and smell the roses. Grandma was old, she just didn’t understand they would tell each other, when guilt would sometimes plaque them. Yes, they had enjoyed being with her when they were little, and she gave them milk and cookies, but they preferred caviar and wine now.  Though she did make the the best peanut butter chocolate cookies ever.

“So how much did she leave us?” Leticia blurted out.

The lawyer cleared his throat, “She didn’t leave you any money.”

The girls looked at each other, “Oh, well okay, so what did she exactly leave us?”

“She put the two of you in charge of her garden.”

“Her garden?!?” they both exclaimed.

“Yes.” said Matthew. “Along with some rules.”

“She wants you both to restore it to its natural beauty. As you both know she was ill for awhile, and she couldn’t take care of her garden the way she always loved too, so now you both are its caretakers.”

There was silence in the room for a little, then Carissa spoke up.

“Well no problem, we can hire someone to restore it, if that is what she really wanted, but why would she care about it now?”

“Oh No, I have strict orders to make sure you both are the ones that restore it. She says there is a hidden treasure to be found in it, which is only meant for the two of you.”

The girls faces brightened a little at hearing the word “treasure”. They looked at each other and shrugged, “Well if there is treasure involved, count us in. I mean how hard can it really be to restore a garden.”

The sun was beating down, and sweat was dripping from Leticia’s face as she pulled what felt like the hundredth weed from the garden.

“Are you ready for a break sis? I need a drink or I believe I will die! This treasure sure better be worth this.”

They sat at the little table under the shade tree and poured themselves some lemonade. Leticia took off her gardening gloves and sadly looked at her fingernails, oh would they ever be the same she wondered.

“Remember sitting at this table as little girls?” Carissa asked.

“Yeah, I do, Grandma would tell us stories as we watched the butterflies and bees buzz around the flowers.”

“I always loved smelling the flowers, especially the honeysuckle.”  They smiled, as memories started coming back.

As they worked in the garden they started talking and sharing more with each other. They lived close, but each other was so busy with their life, that they really didn’t see each other much except if they attended the same party at times.

They got excited as they went to the greenhouse to choose some flowers to plant, trying to remember what their grandmother’s favorite flowers were.

Carissa remembered how they used to dance in the garden pretending they were fairies on a summer’s night when Grandma sat out on the porch watching them. Her face shining with peace as they would come and climb beside her on the porch swing. Then they would sing together.

Leticia started singing as they planted and Carissa joined in.

Weeks passed and the garden started looking really nice, they were proud of themselves. One day they were sitting under the shade tree once more, laughing over a joke one had shared when Carissa spoke up.

“I had a thought, We have dug through every part of this garden, but we didn’t find any treasure.”

“You are right, I had totally forgotten about that.” said Leticia.

Silence fell between them as they thought about the hours of hard work they have put in, digging in the dirt with their manicured hands. They also thought about the hours of laughter and secrets shared, of how time seemed to stop for both of them when they were in the garden. Appointments were forgotten and often after working in the garden all day, they would go to each others house for the evening and talk some more.

Their eyes started glistening, as it dawned on them what their grandmother had meant about finding a treasure. They had found a treasure, a treasure of love.





24 years and counting!

Across the crowded room their eyes met …. and the man with the dazzling emerald green eyes asked the young lady what she thought of Indiana. Entranced with his eyes and charming smile, all she could say was beautiful. He laughed as he had never heard the cornfields of Indiana quite described that way before.

She had just flown in to meet her friend who was getting married the next day, New Year’s Eve! Oh what a romantic time to get married the young lady thought with her heart bursting with happiness for her dear friend. She was very glad that she had been able to make it work and fly the 500 miles to come be in her wedding. She had no idea what a difference that weekend would make.

Fast forward 25 years later and today that young lady who said that Indiana was “beautiful” and the man with the emerald green eyes are celebrating 24 years of marriage!

Yes, it took only 2 days, a rehearsal dinner, as we were both in the wedding party, and then a New Year Eve’s party after the wedding, that he invited her too. 2 days for magic to strike and almost exactly a year later we walked down the aisle again, but this time as husband and wife.

Okay, I am done with being sweet and sappy before anyone groans. 🙂 This may be our 24th anniversary, but I still do not consider myself a marriage expert in any way! You take 2 flawed individuals and at times they make a wonderful combination in spite of their flaws. Concentrating on what draws the two of you together instead of focusing on the differences you may have, is what can make for a JOYful ride!

Thankful for the blessing from above, for the one who in spite of my quirks keeps loving me! What can I say, the magic spell I put him under 25 years ago apparently worked! It made him a “HAPPY” Brad!






When Love Shines Down!

Like a wonderful RAY of SUNSHINE


Little Miss. Charlotte Ray made her grand entrance into the world today!


WELCOME my precious great-niece! I am not quite sure how it happened that your dear Dad, my nephew, who I remember being born, now has a daughter of his own! Oh how time flies, but you won’t figure that out for awhile! I promise that you are in wonderful hands having him as your Daddy and doubly blessed with your sweet Mama as well! They both have been longing for you to come and are filled with immeasurable JOY and a heart full of LOVE for you! Be patient with them, this parenting thing is a learn as you go journey. Just remember you couldn’t be more blessed, for not only are you loved by them, but an amazing family of other relatives love you too! Yes, it may be a crazy family at times but don’t worry, I will try to bring you some sanity when needed. Love you little one. Welcome to this journey of LIFE! It can be quite the ride, so Hang on! But for now, just sit back and let everyone wait on you hand and foot! Soak it up while you can!