The Stirrings of Love

The bell jingled as 2 customers walked into the coffee shop.

“Amanda! What a great surprise. I didn’t know you were in town.” said Cara brightly, walking towards her to give her a hug. She gave Sarah a hug too.

“She stayed with me last night and we knew that we had to visit the best coffee shop in town!” said Sarah, with a wink.

“Now you are sounding like Mason! He says that and I remind him that we are the only coffee shop in this small town! But I have to admit that with my homemade pies, we are the best.” Cara said, with a laugh.

“Speaking of Mason, where is he?”

“He is running late, said he had a rough night sleeping.” Cara replied.

Amanda listened to them chatting and thought to herself how she had trouble sleeping too. She was thinking too much of a very handsome guy with thick, wavy brown hair.

The bell jangled Amanda out of her thoughts and all 3 ladies turned to see Mason walk in. He looked a little rough.

“You look like you could use a large cup of coffee, let me get you one.”

Cara went behind the counter to make it.

“Hi Mason”, Amanda greeted him with a shy smile.

Mason felt a little unnerved at seeing her, but he couldn’t deny that his heart started beating a little faster.

“Nice to see you again!” he said, putting out his hand.

“She couldn’t stay away any longer from the best Coffee Shop in town”, Sarah said.

“And here is some of the best coffee!” said Cara, while handing Mason his coffee.

“Thank you!” he said, still keeping his gaze on Amanda. He took a gulp and made a face as the coffee sprayed out of his mouth. Amanda jumped back, and Cara was shaking with laughter.

“Oops! Did I put the wrong coffee in your cup, here is some black coffee, I promise.”

Mason took the cup from her hand, without saying a word. Amanda and Sarah were shaking their heads in amusement.

“Excuse me ladies, I think Tippner just came in.” Mason said turning and walking away giving Cara a look.

The ladies decided to get together for supper and plan how they would spend the weekend. The coffee shop was going to be closed for Mason was going on a camping trip with Tippner. Old man Fuzzywhistle wanted to go but he couldn’t leave his animals. He didn’t want his little lamb wandering off again.

While enjoying a nice supper at Sarah’s house they talked about the guys going camping.

“Its too bad that Old Man Fuzzywhistle can’t go. He loves his animals.”

“Hey, I have an idea!” Cara said with excitement. “Why don’t we watch the animals!”

Amanda and Sarah looked at each other. “Why not! Great idea. Its not that hard to take care of a cow and sheep!” they replied.

They decided to go pay Mr. Fuzzywhistle a visit and see what he thought of the idea.

Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s doorbell rang, but he kept talking to Tippner and Mason who had dropped by. He hadn’t heard the doorbell until the 4th ring, just as Tippner was getting ready to tell him.

The ladies were surprised to see the guys but they weren’t in the house long before they smelled a strange odor. They grimaced and looked at the guys with a questioning look.

Tippner was a little flushed and Mason spoke up. Someone, who shall remain nameless, stepped in a cow pie and got some on his pants as well.

After the girls stopped laughing they told Mr. Fuzzywhistle their idea and he loved it! It was all set. Tomorrow the guys would leave for a camping trip and the ladies would run the farm! It was sure to be a great weekend for all of them.

…to be continued…

Love on a Train

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The cold air blew in against her bare arms and legs. Gracie reached for her blanket to pull it over her but she couldn’t get it. Where did it go?

Groggily she opened her eyes and saw that there was no blanket and she wasn’t in her bed! She shivered in ber shorts and t-shirt. Wrapping her arms around herself she sat up and stared in wide eye wonder!

Whatever was she doing on a train and how did she get here? The floor creaked as Gracie walked towards the door of the train, Why were there rose petals on the floor? What were cardboard signs doing on the seats? There were names of places on them, and Gracie had been to all the places on her cross country train trip, but… things just didn’t make sense.

She hoped that fresh air would help to clear her head so that she could piece together what happened. First though she had to get out of this tunnel. Strangely she noticed lots of different flower petals in the tunnel too, like on the train.

Memories of last night started vaguely coming to her mind as she kept walking.

She had been enjoying a nice quiet night at home watching Grey’s Anatomy and dreaming of her boyfriend. They had been dating for a year now and she was walking on clouds most of the time!

Dreaming of becoming a Mrs. was something she did frequently. Oh, it had been the best decision of her life to take a train across the country for a sight seeing trip. It turned out that the best sight of all was the handsome guy across the aisle.

She found herself smiling at the memory of meeting Austin and the fun they had on that train trip. But she shook her head, she had to concentrate on last night.

Her friends had surprised her with an impromptu sleepover, they had brought food and drinks and ended up having a fun-filled night of conversation and laughter.

That was all she remembered and it still didn’t explain why she was on this old, abandoned train. Fortunately she only had a few steps to go until she was out of the tunnel, she saw the light ahead.

Stepping out into the sunlight she screamed as someone grabbed her from behind.

“About time you wake up, beautiful!”

Gracie whirled around looking at her captor. “Austin! What are you…”

Her hand covered her mouth and tears stung her eyes as she watched Austin getting down on one knee.

Her heart was ready to burst with happiness. The roses and other flowers strewn in the tunnel, the names of places on the cardboard signs, it all made sense now!

Gracie felt like she was floating in the air as she wrapped her arms around Austin’s neck. Kissing him passionately she only stopped to take a breath and say, “Yes, A thousand times Yes!”

Another Way to Fish

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Colleen sighed with contentment. This morning was starting out so well. The sky was a brilliant aqua blue and the weather was nice, as she enjoyed her morning run.

Her plans for the day had involved painting her kitchen and living room, but as she ran, she decided that she wanted to stay outside this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels with strawberry cream cheese, she headed down to the lake.

Her face brightened seeing the pretty bird sitting on the “No Fishing” sign, singing its little heart out.

Colleen was glad to see no one sitting on the wrought iron bench. She sat down on it and enjoyed being still.

Soaking in the moment, she let her thoughts wonder. She remembered that she wanted to bake a lemon meringue pie for her new neighbor today. The moving truck had been there last night when she got home from work but it was gone this morning. She didn’t know if a family had moved in or only one person, she hoped to make them feel welcome.

Caught up in the story her heart jumped a little hearing someone nearby, breathing hard. Lifting her head she saw a tall guy with short blonde hair, bending over with his hands on bis legs.

After a few moments he raised up and smiled at Colleen. She was slightly embarrassed but gave a small smile and then quickly looked back at her book. She could feel his eyes still watching her as she re-read the first line 3x. Finally to her relief he started running again, around the lake.

Colleen went back to reading but found herself glancing up every so often looking out towards the lake. She came down to the lake often but did not recall having ever seen this guy here before. She put her book down as she wondered if he came to the lake every morning at this time. Usually she came later.

Seeing him come her way she quickly picked up the book again and started to read.

He stopped right in front of her. Should she look up or keep reading? She couldn’t focus on the words. The letters were jumbled. A few minutes passed and then she felt him taking the book out of her hands! What was he doing?

“Hey!” She said a little indignantly.

He was smiling as he handed her back the book. He had a look of amusement on his face. “I was just turning the book around for you. Thought it might be easier to read it if it wasn’t upside down!

Colleen felf her cheeks burning.

“Hi! My name is Colby.” He put out his hand and Colleen shook it, knowing for sure that her cheeks must be a blooming rosy pink color.

“Hi!” she said shyly. “I am Colleen.”

They stared at each other for a little and then he spoke again. “I am new to the neighborhood, just arrived last night. Have so many boxes to unpack but felt like getting outside this morning.”

Colleen’s heart began to race a little. Was this her new neighbor?

“Welcome! I hope you like it here.”she said, when she found her voice.

“Thank you, I think I will,” Colby replied, giving her a wink. “Do you come here often?” he asked.

“I do, its so nice and peaceful here.”

“Well, I hope to see you again then. Have a great day!” he said, and he started walking away.

Colleen watched him, thinking how glad she was that she didn’t stay home painting today. She picked up her book to read again,but couldn’t concentrate.

Standing up, she started for home, she had a pie to bake. Walking past the “No fishing” sign she laughed a little. Sometimes you didn’t need a fishing pole to catch a fish. Sometimes all that was needed was only a fresh, homemade pie.

The Mystery Guest

“A penny for your thoughts?” said Lisette as she sat down at the kitchen table with Amanda.

Amanda was stirring her coffee around and around with a spoon, staring straight ahead. She looked at Lisette and said, “i could give you a millon pennies for all the thoughts circling in my head right now!”

Lisette reached over and took her hand. “I believe that. You received a great shock! Give yourself time to process it all.”

Yes, she was totally in shock. One day, she had no idea what her future held, what her next step would be. Then the next day she finds out that she is a heiress to a castle! Her grandparents castle! Grandparents that she barely knew!

Grandparents that she barely knew, but ones who never stopped thinking of her! Her heart was overwhelmed with love.

Many times she had felt so alone in the world, especially after her Mom had died. They had moved around so much that it had been hard to build real friendships. Now she had grandparents who were longing to meet her.

Amanda had met with Jacob, the private investigator, a week after receiving his letter. He had filled her in on many details. He also had handed her a letter from her grandparents talking about the memories they had of her and how they have always loved Amanda and her Mom.

Jacob said he would give them the sad news of Gwen’s death, he didn’t want to put that burden on Amanda. He was a very compassionate man, which Amanda was grateful for!

They sat at the table in silence for awhile until Lisette spoke. “I have an idea. I think you need to get away for a little bit. We need to take a little trip and I know the perfect place.”

Amanda stopped stirring the spoon in her empty cup. “Where?” she asked.

“Meet me at the car and I will tell you on the way.” Lisette replied, smiling.

What is she up to, wondered Amanda, watching Lisette walk away. She did feel a quiver of excitement. It would be fun to get away and give her mind an escape for awhile from the excitement of the past week.

Amanda was standing by the car waiting on Lisette. It wasn’t long before she came out. There had been a last minute phone call she had to make.

“Lets hit the road!” she said, and soon they were heading out of town.

Meanwhile in the town of Bittersweet Creek, Cara was feeling very happy.

The coffee shop was very busy as it was Valentine’s Day and people were coming to have the special of the day. Cherry Chocolate Latte.

Cara had decorated each table nicely with a cinnamon scented heart shaped candle. There was also a small vase of red carnations and baby’s breath in the middle of the table.

Mason had rolled his eyes, but he had to admit it did make the coffee shop look very nice. Why people wanted Cherry Chocolate Lattes though was something he couldn’t figure out.

“You look suspiciously happy today.” Mason said when Cara came back to the kitchen.

Cara’s eyes brightened. “Do you have plans tonight?” she asked.

He thought of how he was planning to stretch out on the couch with a cold drink. Yes, his schedule was full, but in a moment of not thinking clearly he told Cara no.

“Great!” She clapped her hands together. Meet us tonight at Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant at 7.” she said.

“Who all will be there?”

“You will see.” she replied with a gleam in her eye. Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Oh what had he got himself into now! Lost in thought he almost smacked his head when walking towards the door. He had to go refill the register, Cara had said she needed more single dollar bills.

Throughout the day Mason’s interest was growing on who he was meeting at the restaurant. Cara did tell him that she and Bard would be there but her lips were sealed about the other guests.

“Here we are”, said Lisette, pulling into Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant. Amanda was looking forward to seeing Cara and Sarah again. She thought it was a perfect idea that Lisette had. Then she saw Mason and looked at Lisette, who had a guilty expression on her face.

“I should have known you were up to something.” Amanda said, shaking her head and blushing.

Mason was a nice guy, but she had just inherited a castle. She didn’t need a guy to complicate things! Tonight would be fun, but no, she wasn’t going to let herself fall for him.

“He isn’t bad on the eyes,” said Lisette as they walked into the restaurant.

“Jacob is handsome too.” Amanda replied with a smirk.

At 10 pm Mason pulled into his driveway. The night had gone surprisingly well. When he first had seen Lisette and Amanda walk into the restaurant he almost threw something at Cara who was grinning ear to ear. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. He had been set up again. He was pretty sure it wouldn’t work though!

Amanda was nice enough, but she was a heiress to a castle now, would she really be interested in him?

He turned on the TV to distract himself from thinking of her. Oh if he fell for her, Cara would be as proud as a peacock. Smacking his head down on a pillow he stretched out on the couch. Women! They complicated everything!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going so far? Mine is starting off well, for we got a new dishwasher! Ours bit the dust and my sister in law was quick to empathize with me, in that being tragic! I know, its sad how we have become so accustomed to the comforts that technology can bring! First world problems!

Thankful for the things that may not be a necessity, but they do help to make our lives easier!

Enjoy the quotes and have a great day!


The Winning Hand

Ethan wiped beads of sweat off his brow. How had he got himself into this predictament? First he was just playing a friendly game of cards and then the guy wanted to make a bet. Ethan thought he was on a winning streak so he said sure. But he had been so wrong!

He had come out to LA again for business. The last time he had been here was when Jade and him were on their honeymoon.

Missing Jade, he was eager to leave for home tomorrow, but his stomach started turning when he thought of how big a bet he had made. He had been so sure that he would win! He regretted the last drink he had, made him make a dumb move and now he was about to lose all his money!

Ethan’s brain was scrambling as he looked at the cards in his hand, wishing they would magically change!

“Are you going to lay down your cards or not, I don’t have all night, you know.” said the man with the brown scruffy beard and beady brown eyes.

“My wife Henrietta is waiting for me at home, she is going to be so happy with my winnings. Now I can get her that diamond necklace that she has been wanting. Just in time for her birthday. So hurry up young man.”

Henrietta, thought Ethan, where had he heard that name before? Suddenly it struck him why he recognized the name and a plan began to form in his mind! It was crazy but it might just work!

“How about one more bet. Double the money?” Ethan asked.

The beady eyed man leaned forward in his chair. “You want to lose more money?”

“Oh, No, I plan to win!” said Ethan. “What would you say if I told you that I could provide some singing entertainment for you from a hippo?”

The man almost fell off his chair from laughter!

“A singing hippo! How many drinks did you have? I would gladly pay you double to see a singing hippo, and I will be even more glad to take your money from you! So sure go find me a singing hippo” and the guy convulsed in laughter once more.

Ethan didn’t waste any time leaving. He stepped out into the fresh air snd quickly took off in his car. He could just go back to his hotel, the guy didn’t know where he was staying. At least he didn’t think so, but what if somehow he did. The last thing Ethan wanted was to be woken up in the early morning hours by an angry guy wanting his money.

He had to find Henrietta the hippo. Driving down the road he hoped that he had remembered correctly where Jade and he had met her before.

It didn’t take too long to arrive. He parked his car and entered the woods. Ethan walked in the woods with a knot in his stomach, he just had to find her. He walked for quite a while and he began giving up all hope of finding her.

Then be found himself at the river and there she was, playing in the water. Relief flooded through him. He would be OK!

“Henrietta!” he called, walking towards the river. “Its me Ethan, I need your help.”

There was silence as Henrietta smiled at him. Why wasn’t she talking, he thought.

“Hi Ethan! Nice to see you back.”

Ethan turned around to see Bobo the bear. He sure was glad that he knew Bobo was harmless or he would have fainted!

“Hi Bobo, how are you? I would love to chat but I am really in a hurry and need Henrietta’s help. I called out to her but she just keeps playing in the water, like she doesn’t hear me.”

“I am sure she heard you but she won’t speak to you. She has a bad case of laryngitis. She has been singing her heart out this week and her voice is now totally gone!”

Ethan groaned and covered his face with his hands. “Oh No! I am doomed! This is awful!”

“Awful? Actually all of us here in the woods have been enjoying the peace!” said Bobo.

Shaking his head, Ethan filled him in on his problem.

“Well I can’t sing but I bet I could make that guy forget all about your bet!” Bobo said with a chuckle.

“How?’ Ethan asked and then, a smile spread across his face.

“Oooh yes, I do believe you could!”

Ethan and Bobo planned it out. He would bring the guy to the woods to see Henrietta, but Bobo would make a sudden appearance! He told Bobo where to meet them and he couldn’t stop smiling. This would be good!

Jade was waiting for Ethan at the airport. She was so excited to see him and be back in his arms once again.

Later that night Jade turned to him and said. “I still can’t believe you stood up to a bear and scared him away! You could have been killed!”

Ethan wrapped his arm around Jade and said, “Remember our walk in the woods when we were on our honeymoon and that awful lady robbed us?”

“Yes, how could I forget, but why are you bringing that up?” Jade asked.

“Remember Bobo the bear”, Ethan asked with a gleam in his eye.

“Yes, he scared us so badly at first but then…” she looked at Ethan as understanding began to dawn on her.

“So my brave knight, that ferocious bear that you encountered,did its name happen to be Bobo?”

“What a smart woman you are!” he said, leaning in and kissing her soft pink lips.

Jade kissed him back, stretching her hand across the bed to turn off the light.

25 years and still Twitterpatted!

So full of youth with hearts full of love and dreams!
Bushkill Falls, 2020

Not quite as full of youth, but still hearts full of love and dreams!

Over the years we have accepted each other’s differences. He is not a coffee or tea drinker and I am not a morning person! He loves just about every vegetable there is and I love beef,chicken,seafood, and desserts. We do both love chocolate, though I may eat a tad more than he does.

He is very organized and I am ….. Not! He is whiz at numbers, they make my brain hurt! He likes his music a little louder and rockier, but there is a lot of music we agree on as well.

The list could go on and on about differences and similarities. What is important though is that we both still agree on our commitment to each other and on looking forward to what the next 25 years bring!

I woke up to these 2 memes and many more on my phone. I also have 2 dozen beautiful red roses on our table, and the gift of a lovely necklace around my neck. We may not have been able to go on a big trip like we had dreamed about before 2020 hit, but being with each other is the best place to be AND …. there is always 2021 when perhaps we can travel again!

Messages of Love

Jade rolled up the note and put a string around it. She opened the cage and took out her pigeon. Held it in her hand as she tied the note around his leg. Opening her bay window, she whispered a prayer. Then she let the pigeon fly into the midnight blue sky.

She hoped he would understand. The words had been so hard to write and her eyes were still wet with tears.

Ethan paced the floor. His heart had plummeted when reading Jade’s note. He had to find a way to change her mind.

Surely he could win her Dad over. He never had cared for Ethan, but there was always hope, right? They were meant for each other, her Dad couldn’t tear them apart.

Ethan was burning the midnight oil, but it was worth it. The plan was all written down. All that was left was Jade agreeing to it.

Early in the morning at sunrise he opened the pigeon’s cage and tied his note around the pigeon’s leg. He sent it off with hope and a prayer, watching it fly into the morning light.

The message came back fast and it contained only 1 word. “YES!’ , signed with a heart.

Ethan’s heart was overflowing with joy. The plan was in motion, nothing could stop them!

It was midnight, she was breathing hard. She held her suitcase and was dressed in her favorite cotton blue dress. It was the dress that Ethan had bought her, saying how it brought out the blue in her eyes. The dress she was wearing when he asked her to be his wife.

She saw the headlights coming down the deserted country road. Her heart leapt with anticipation. The car stopped and Ethan got out.

“Oh Jade!” He took her in his arms, and kissed her with a yearning for the sweetness of her lips once again.

Jade was breathless as they looked into each others eyes. She may not be getting the wedding of her dreams but it didn’t matter when she had the love of her life. She slid into his truck. They would be in Vegas by morning.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Walking … an exercise for the heart and eyes … when out in nature!¬†

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Sharing from the heart … warms the heart

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Ice cream and pretzels? I like having something salty when I eat something sweet. I also love my salted caramel lattes, which I know make certain people groan! Here’s your chance, what combination goes together. Doesn’t need to be food! Friendship and Laughter go together¬† for sure! Give it a whirl and comment below!¬†