The Wacky Weekend!

Cara was so happy being with Creampuff again. Such a sweet lamb, Amanda fell in love with her too. They were eating a mid afternoon snack under the shade tree, watching Creampuff frolic around in the long grass.

Sarah was in the barn milking Clarabelle. She didn’t think she would be too long.

“This is so nice to be here with you all this weekend.” Amanda said, while drinking freshly squeezed lemonade. “So relaxing!”

“You are welcome here anytime, Sarah and I love having you and I happen to think that there is a certain someone else glad you came. Even if he did run off to the woods!”

Amanda’s eyes gleamed. “Do you really think so? Or am I holding onto false hope? I keep going back and forth in my head. Somedays its “No, he’s not the guy for me, but then I picture his dazzling good looks and I melt! I want to run my hands through his chestnut brown hair. Whatever mousse he uses to style it works perfectly.”

Cara didn’t say a word, she only gtinned from ear to ear. Her plan for Mason and Amanda was coming together. She knew there was something special about Amanda when she had met her.

“Oh girl, you all hooked! Its written all over your face. Mason is a good guy, besides the fact that he drinks black coffee!”

Suddenly they heard Sarah yell. Their faces quickly lost their smiles as they went running to see what was wrong.

The sight that met them had them speechless at first. The milking stool was knocked over and Sarah was sitting in the watering trough with her legs up in the air! Sarah was trying to get up but kept slipping back in. Amanda and Cara couldn’t help but laugh.

Finally Sarah made it up and said, ‘Thanks ladies, I will remember this! You can milk Clarabelle tonight Cara, or maybe you would rather take a ride on her again.” Sarah gave Cara a sly smile as Cara blushed, remembering that day, and Mason’s prank.

“Why don’t we all go into town for a little. I haven’t been to Horace’s candy shoppe for awhile and he has the best candy! Then maybe we can take the candy to the theater and catch a movie.”

Sarah looked at Cara and said, “Yes, they are showing Mama Mia 2. I think.” They all agreed that sounded like fun and headed to the farmhouse to get ready.

“Wonder how the guys are doing on their campout. That was nice that Bard joined them Cara.”

“Yes, it was a nice surprise that he got the weekend off from work unexpectedly. I am sure they are having a good time. What could possibly go wrong?”

“What were you thinking standing up in the canoe?” Tippner said to Mason as they splashed around in the water trying to get back in the canoe.

“I wanted to take a picture of the deer! I got excited and kind of forgot I was in a canoe. At least my camera is watetproof! Glad I invested in one. Don’t worry you will dry out too, Tippner. We just need to lay our wet clothes in the sun. They will dry in no time.”

“I sure hope Bard and Fuzzywhistle have lunch ready. They were out catching fish early this morning.” Tippner said, once they got back in the boat and were rowing towards land.

“This is ummm… quite crispy,” said Mason eating some fish tbat was very black.

“Best way to eat fish.” Fuzzywhistle said, as the others watched Fuzzywhistle gobble his fish down.

Mason ate slowly, letting his thoughts wander. He had tried telling himself that he wasn’t interested in Amanda, but seeing her again arose feelings that he didn’t know he had.

“Hey dreamer, you thinking of a certain young lady?” Tippner asked with a smile. They had enjoyed teasing him good naturedly about her.

“She does seem like a real nice lady, of course she can’t beat my sweet Cara though. If only she wasn’t so hooked on those sweet coffees, just the smell of them gags me.”

The girls had loved seeing the movie again and were singing in the car on the way back to Fuzzywhistle’s farm. Cara may have been singing extra loud due to possibly a little sugar high.

They arrived back at the farm and Creampuff was at the fence eager to greet them. After being with her for a little, Cara said she would go into the barn and milk Clarabelle.

Sarah and Amanda were chatting in the farmhouse when they heard the screen door shut. “Well that was a quick job of milking…Cara whats wrong?”

Cara looked very confused and a little pale. “Either I am going crazy or there are 2 cows in the barn!”

“2??!” Amanda and Sarah said in unison. They all walked back to the barn and sure enough there was another cow there! They all could only stare as the new cow stared back. There was something deep about the cow’s eyes. Looked like she was looking right through you! This did not seem like an ordinary cow.

Back in the farmhouse they agreed that they would let old man Fuzzywhistle deal with the extra cow. They locked her in the barn along with Clarabelle and Creampuff, for it had started raining.

About a hour later the front door opened and the girls heard the guys talking.

“Back early! Guess the campout didn’t go well.” Cara said, as they all walked out to see them.

The girls couldn’t hold back the laughter at seeing 4 drowned rats!

“Don’t say a word, the tents may have leaked!” Tippner said.

“Sorry!” said Amanda, let me make you some hot coffee.

“You can have some Coconut Cream pie too.” Sarah added.

“You just may want to get out of your wet clothes first.” Cara said, still laughing.

Bard walked over to her giving her a wet hug as she yelled.

“You think this is all funny, don’t you.” and he tickled her in the ribs until she said she slid out of his grip.

Soon they all were enjoying pie and coffee and conversation. Then Mason and Amanda suddenly realized that they were alone. They had said goodbye to the others not thinking about them all leaving, for they had got engrossed in their own conversation.

Mason gathered up his courage and said, “Amanda, what would you think about…”

“Hey, what is some strange cow doing in my barn?” Fuzzywhistle yelled into the kitchen.

Love on a Train

Image from Pinterest

The cold air blew in against her bare arms and legs. Gracie reached for her blanket to pull it over her but she couldn’t get it. Where did it go?

Groggily she opened her eyes and saw that there was no blanket and she wasn’t in her bed! She shivered in ber shorts and t-shirt. Wrapping her arms around herself she sat up and stared in wide eye wonder!

Whatever was she doing on a train and how did she get here? The floor creaked as Gracie walked towards the door of the train, Why were there rose petals on the floor? What were cardboard signs doing on the seats? There were names of places on them, and Gracie had been to all the places on her cross country train trip, but… things just didn’t make sense.

She hoped that fresh air would help to clear her head so that she could piece together what happened. First though she had to get out of this tunnel. Strangely she noticed lots of different flower petals in the tunnel too, like on the train.

Memories of last night started vaguely coming to her mind as she kept walking.

She had been enjoying a nice quiet night at home watching Grey’s Anatomy and dreaming of her boyfriend. They had been dating for a year now and she was walking on clouds most of the time!

Dreaming of becoming a Mrs. was something she did frequently. Oh, it had been the best decision of her life to take a train across the country for a sight seeing trip. It turned out that the best sight of all was the handsome guy across the aisle.

She found herself smiling at the memory of meeting Austin and the fun they had on that train trip. But she shook her head, she had to concentrate on last night.

Her friends had surprised her with an impromptu sleepover, they had brought food and drinks and ended up having a fun-filled night of conversation and laughter.

That was all she remembered and it still didn’t explain why she was on this old, abandoned train. Fortunately she only had a few steps to go until she was out of the tunnel, she saw the light ahead.

Stepping out into the sunlight she screamed as someone grabbed her from behind.

“About time you wake up, beautiful!”

Gracie whirled around looking at her captor. “Austin! What are you…”

Her hand covered her mouth and tears stung her eyes as she watched Austin getting down on one knee.

Her heart was ready to burst with happiness. The roses and other flowers strewn in the tunnel, the names of places on the cardboard signs, it all made sense now!

Gracie felt like she was floating in the air as she wrapped her arms around Austin’s neck. Kissing him passionately she only stopped to take a breath and say, “Yes, A thousand times Yes!”

More than Meets the Eye

fe55820337f591080b4c65db76eebb4f painting done by Pierra Auguste Renoir


Rupert sure didn’t give up easily, Miranda thought. She felt sorry for him, but she just wasn’t in love with him. He was kind, but he didn’t compare to Phillipe. Her mind was drifting as he droned on, “Blah, blah, blah!”

She couldn’t stop thinking of Phillipe. His handsome face and french accent. He had talked about taking her to Paris, and going up in the Eiffel Tower. Her heart leapt at the thought of strolling the streets of Paris. Seeing the sights, finding a cafe and indulging in a French baguette and some eclairs. Sipping on a Cafe Parisian drink, she had always wanted to try one.

She could see the Arch of Triumph and visit the Louvre! Miranda loved museums and art galleries and its been a dream of hers for a long time to see the Louvre. She thought it would always remain just a dream, and then she met Phillipe.  The suave French guy who had swept her off her feet with his charm.

“Blah,blah,blah!” What was Rupert talking about now? She was catching bits and pieces but wasn’t sure about what pieces she should actually pay attention too.

Looking down at her watch she was surprised by the time. She was supposed to meet Phillipe very soon, she had to go.

She interrupted Rupert in mid sentence , “Rupert dear, I am sorry, but I am afraid you will have to excuse me. Wait? What is that sound? Oh Rupert, look, I do believe you left the hose running!”

He jumped up from his chair, and Miranda said goodbye, as she made a hasty exit when he was distracted.

Miranda touched up her hair and smoothed her dress, while her heart fluttered at the thought of being with Phillipe again.

The doorbell rang. She walked down the stairs with anticipation. Opened the front door and there he stood with a radiant smile holding a box of chocolate strawberries in his hand.

“Oh my favorite! Thank you soo..”

She gasped as she noticed what was behind him, a horse and carriage!

Phillipe took her hand, ” How would you like a ride through the park before dining at the finest restaurant? Only the finest for someone as beautiful as you. I thought we could talk about those plans for Paris as well, how soon would you like to go there?”

“Oh Phillipe, how I do love you!”

It was late when Miranda got home, the clock had almost struck 12. Phillipe joked that he had to get her home before their carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Miranda fell asleep with a full heart, after a delightful evening, with visions of Paris dancing in her head.

Time had flown, it was only 2 days before she was supposed to leave for Paris. Miranda thought she would go for a nice walk in the park, she was supposed to meet Phillipe that night. She was standing at the fountain in the park, when she thought she heard Phillipe’s voice!

Sure enough, he was sitting on a bench not too far away. who was that strawberry blonde haired lady sitting with him?

Miranda’s heart started beating fast, maybe it was just a cousin, or his sister. Had he ever mentioned a sister to her?

He put her arm around her and drew her close. Miranda couldn’t shut out the words she heard him saying to the lady. The same sweet romantic words that he had spoken to her. When she saw them start to kiss, the waterworks started and she knew she had to get out of there. Turning around she started running, with hot tears blinding her. She ran straight into someone.

Her cheeks flushed as she apologized, while still looking down at the ground.

“Miranda, what is wrong?”

“Rupert??” she wiped her eyes and looked up at him. She saw tenderness in his eyes as he looked at her.

“Oh Rupert, I have been such a fool!”,  she fell against him sobbing.

He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back, letting her cry.

Miranda felt a warmth in her heart at Rupert’s soothing words and gentle touch. Who needed Paris? A heart that cares is far more priceless!


Return to the Castle

If you missed Part 1 of Olivia’s story here is the link. Castle of Dreams


Olivia was sitting in her room trying to read. The book was intriguing, but not intriguing enough to stop her mind from returning to the castle. It had been a week since she had ran away from the castle. She tried to distract herself with other things and forget about the abandoned castle that she had come across on her walk. The one she had visited, dreaming about her Prince. What had caused the crash of the wine bottles that day she was there? What caused the shadow that she had seen, as she ran out of the castle in fear? She was one to not let go of questions easily, so she knew what she had to do. Putting down her book, she went to take a walk.

Inside she was shaking as she knocked on the door of the castle. She waited and started to turn the knob as the door suddenly opened, causing her to jump! In front of her stood a young man who she guessed to be in his 20’s, like her. He had sandy brown curly hair, and a smile that made her speechless.

“HI! May I help you?” the man asked, as Olivia  stood there with her mouth open.

Quickly she shut her mouth, but still no words came out.

“Are you Okay Miss?” The man was still smiling, but beginning to look a little concerned.

“I….I….just didn’t expect anyone to be here?” Olivia said.

The man looked at her, a little perplexed, “Then why did you knock?”

“I mean, I didn’t expect you to be here!”

Oh what was she saying, Olivia’s cheeks were starting to blush, she was always having problems with her words getting her into awkward situations!

“I am sor…sorry…I really should go.” She turned to leave, but the man reached out and touched her on her shoulder.

“No need to run off, I was just getting ready to eat, you are welcome to join me. My name is Brantley, what is yours?”

Olivia thought for a moment, dare she really go in? It wasn’t like her to just say Yes to lunch with strangers but Oh that smile! She did know karate, and wasn’t afraid to use it, so she gathered her courage and replied. ” My name is Olivia, and thank you, I would like that.” and she walked in the door.

She followed him down the long hallway to the table that she had seen before. There was one bottle of Chardonnay sitting in the middle of the table.

“I didn’t fix anything fancy, didn’t expect company. Especially not someone so pretty.”

Olivia felt her cheeks grow warm and she smiled.

“Not too many people show up here, its usually animals that I see. They are fun to watch, but don’t exactly make great conversationalists!”

They sat down at the table to eat some Strawberry-Avocado salad with ham and cheese sandwiches.

Olivia was talking when something brushed up against her bare legs, making her gasp!

Brantley laughed. “I see that Midnight came to say Hi! I hope you aren’t allergic to cats.”

Olivia looked down and saw the a coal black cat with emerald green eyes looking up at her.

“He can be quite the troublemaker sometimes! The other week he broke my wine bottles sitting on the table.  He is lucky that he can also be so sweet when he purrs and just wants to lie on my lap. He keeps me company. This big castle does get lonely at times. Being out in the middle of nowhere enables me to be able to leave the door unlocked when I go out a lot, but loneliness can be a drawback.”

They talked well into the afternoon as they moved outside to a beautiful garden. Sat on the patio and shared some Chardonnay.

Olivia smiled to herself as they talked, and a warm feeling began growing in her heart.  She laughed to herself remembering how he had tripped as they walked out to the patio. He said he felt like he had 2 left feet a lot. When he poured their drinks he accidentally spilled some on Olivia’s hand, while she was holding the glass. The poor guy apologized shaking his head.

“Being graceful is not a strong point of mine!” he claimed.

Who said that a Prince couldn’t be a little clumsy, thought Olivia. She was enjoying his company, feeling very relaxed and thinking that sometimes fairy tales do come true!



Castle of Dreams


Another day, and still her Prince hadn’t arrived. Not that she really expected him too, but it was fun to dream. Dream that she was Rapunzel and that one day her Prince would appear, climbing up the trellis to her. He would take one look into her sea green eyes, be drawn into its depths and like all fairy tales, they would live happily ever after!

She had found this old castle along her stroll one day in the countryside. The flowers struck her eye and her curiosity drew her to knock on the door. There was no answer as she waited. She then tried the door and it was unlocked, dare she go inside? Her curiosity got the best of her and she bravely opened the door and stepped inside. Her footsteps echoed as she walked down the long halls gazing all around. Olivia saw a table with bottles of wine on it. Was someone living here or had they been left here as the residents of the castle had to quickly flee the castle due to …. her imagination was going!


Olivia was intrigued, she kept finding her way back to the castle. Today was the 7th day that she had come to this magical place. Always being sure to knock, but more and more convinced that the castle really was abandoned. She found a piano and enjoyed letting her fingers dance among the keys. It had been a long time since she had played, but it was all coming back to her. Her favorite songs that she had memorized by ear.

She gazed out the window, the aroma of the sweet flowers filling her senses. CRASH! Her heart jumped into her throat as she turned around and started running. What had caused that noise? Then she saw the spilled wine and the shattered bottles, and gasped at the shadow that she saw slink around the corner and out of sight. It didn’t take her long to make it out of the castle and she kept running. Running and not being able to stop the questions circling around in her mind. Did someone know she was there? What had caused the crash and what made the shadow on the wall? Would she be brave enough to come back and find out the answers?

**pictures from Pinterest**


A Time to Dance

Patrick had his place all cleaned up and looking pretty nice he thought. Myrtle had her head in her shell when he was vacuuming but she was poking it out now as she stared  out of the glass.  It was 5:30, Tamara was due to come at 6, perhaps he would take Myrtle out of her for a little and let her roam around.

He took off the lid and gently lifted her out. When he put her on the floor he felt like she smiled at him. Just then his doorbell rang. Was Tamara early? He opened the door to find a child selling Girl Scout Cookies. Patrick did have a sweet tooth, so he ordered some Thin Mints and some of their Coconut cookies. He closed the door and walked back to the couch to watch Myrtle explore some more, but where was she? He got down on the floor and looked under the sofa, but didn’t see her there. The little girl at the door had been chatty but he didn’t think they had talked that long. Myrtle was a turtle, how could she disappear so fast!

He kept crawling around but couldn’t see any sign of her, where did she go? He was feeling really confused when the doorbell rang again. Looking at the time he realized that now it would be Tamara. What a way to start off a date night, searching for his missing turtle.  He got up with a sigh and went to open the door.

Tamara was standing there smiling and looking nice in her bright yellow top and sunflower leggings.

“Hi there handsome”, she said, but then her smile changed as she saw the worried look on his face.

“What is wrong?”

“I can’t find Myrtle! I took her out of her cage and then the doorbell rang and …OH NO! What if she slipped out the door?

“She isn’t that speedy of a turtle, she probably just found a nice place to curl up and hide in. She can fit into some pretty small places. Myrtle, Myrtle, Where are you?”

Patrick started laughing. “She is a turtle, she isn’t going to answer you back. The last I knew turtles couldn’t talk.”

Tamara made a face at Patrick and continued calling as she looked.

“Found her!” Tamara shouted.

She had slipped underneath Patrick’s baseball glove that he had lying in the corner of the floor.

Patrick breathed a sigh of relief as he picked Myrtle up and  put her back into her terrarium.

“I thought you were a detective, and you couldn’t even find a missing turtle?” Tamara joked.

“Well it was kind of fun watching you crawl around on the floor.”

Tamara looked at Patrick’s twinkling eyes and she didn’t say a word.

Patrick walked over to the stereo and turned on some music. Tamara was sitting at the table and he came up behind her kissing her gently on her neck. He breathed in the soft fragrance of her sweet perfume and for a moment forgot about the food that he had prepared for them.

He had made his specialty,  Manicotti, with Tiramisu for dessert. He brought it over to the table and then poured them each some wine before he sat down.

“This smells delicious! I am impressed!” said Tamara.

“Hopefully you are still impressed, after you taste it. My Mom was a great cook and I was able to learn a little from her. I am also really good at ordering pizza, for when some of my dishes don’t turn out!”

They were enjoying a nice dinner until Tamara brought up how at times she had a strange feeling that someone was following her whenever she came to see Patrick. The only person she ever noticed around her though was some  lady with a broad rimmed hat on her head, and dark sunglasses.

Patrick started to say that he hadn’t noticed anyone before, but then he remembered the other day when he was backing his car out of the garage.

“I am sure its probably nothing, wouldn’t know why some lady would be ….” he paused.

Tamara looked at him, “Yes?”  Would be… what?”

Patrick took a gulp of wine, ” I don’t think you need to worry, but I will see if I notice her tomorrow when I go to work.”

Through the rest of dinner, Patrick had a nagging thought in his head, that he tried to dismiss. Would Anna really come looking for him??

He shook his head, watching Tamara clean off the table. When she went to take his plate, he took her hand. “The dishes can wait.”  he said.

He stood up and led her into the center of the room. “May I have this dance?”

Tamara smiled, laying her head against his chest as they swayed to the music, and all thoughts of Anna left Patrick’s mind.



The Unexpected Twist!

Patrick was drinking his latte as he sat out on his back deck in the early morning hours.

He was thinking about last night and how magical it had been. Life was starting to look very bright for him. After catching Anna, who had been living under the false identity of Tanya,  and putting her in jail, he had received a promotion at work. Then a few weeks after that he bumped into Tamara. Quite literally bumped into her! He was at a pet store, for he had decided he needed a pet. It had to be something though that didn’t require lots of time and attention due to his chaotic work schedule.

He was trying to decide between fish or a turtle or he did really like the guinea pig in the corner of the store. Finally he decided that the turtle would be the least amount of work and he thought its painted shell looked pretty cool, so he bought the turtle and left.  When he got to his car he placed the aquarium on the floor and then noticed the time. He had spent more time in the pet store than he had thought, he had to hurry to get home and get ready for work. Put his car into reverse and “BAM!” he hit another car! He got out of the car feeling mad at himself and embarrassed. The lady whose car he hit was very nice and understanding as they exchanged insurance information. The damage wasn’t that bad thankfully.

Patrick had been mad at himself for the rest of that day, but it turned out in the days to follow that hitting Tamara’s car led to something very good. Patrick had called her the next day  to apologize again and they ended up talking on the phone for quite awhile. They had several more phone conversations after that and then they started meeting on his lunch break. It was the best time of Patrick’s day.  He felt at such ease around her, conversation flowed easily and he felt himself falling more and more with each date that they had.

He was beginning to wake up in the morning with her face in his mind. Thinking of her smile stirred his heart. Her hair was strawberry blonde and she had it cut in a cute pixie style. He loved to see the way her green eyes would light up when she laughed. The feel of the warmth of her hand in his, when they would walk along the water. He laughed at the memory of the squeal she made as he put his arm around her waist, teasing her about taking a little dip in the cool water.

Last night he had taken her to a little more fancier restaurant than usual, for their dates. There was candlelight at the table and in the corner of the room 2 musicians were playing, a cellist and a violinist. The music was very nice, but Patrick was more intent on feeling himself getting lost in her eyes,as he noticed the faint blush that came across her cheeks, when she felt his eyes on her.

Well, enough daydreaming, he had to get himself ready for work. The bluebird was singing his song from the top of the Maple Tree and Patrick felt like singing as well, while thinking about seeing Tamara tonight.  He finished his latte and checked on his pet turtle, Myrtle. She seemed to be content with her new home, as she happily ate some earthworms that he had put into the aquarium for her.

He was glad that the sun was shining. He decided to ride his bike to work today. In the summertime he enjoyed doing that as much as he could. It was only a couple miles to work and it was good exercise.

Whistling a happy tune he got his bike out of the garage and headed out of his driveway. He had taken no notice of the lady standing on the sidewalk. She was dressed in a simple turquoise sun dress with a wide brimmed hat and dark sunglasses, and was very intent on watching Patrick.

Patrick was going through paperwork on his desk when his cell phone rang.

“Hi Luke! What’s up?” Patrick said with a smile on his face.

His smile quickly faded when he heard Luke’s words. “Anna escaped from prison!”

Patrick smacked his head! The day had started with such pleasant thoughts, but now there were two questions in the forefront of his mind.  Where did Anna flee to  and what name was she using now?


A Tribute with a Little Twist

“Twenty Years Ago”, there was a young man, who everyone considered the “Coward of the County.” He was tired of his ill reputation and decided to strike out on his own. It was time for him to change his ways, for he was known as “The Gambler” too.

He headed West to start a new life. It was just him, his guitar, and a dog named Misty. He loved his dog, for even when it had felt like everyone was against him, he knew that she believed in him. “She always Believes in Me”, he thought.  He found a little brick house up on a hill. Lots of land for Max to run, and on a summer’s night, he could sit out under the sky, playing his guitar to his audience of a million stars.

One bright day as he was taking a walk he met a young woman, walking her dog, Trixie. They talked as they walked, and had a nice time. In the weeks to come they met more often, he noticed that his heart  would begin beating a little faster whenever she was near. He started taking walks more frequently with hopes to catch her eye. Her name was “Lucille”, and he thought she was quite the “Lady”!

After some time passed, he gathered up his courage, and asked her if they could be more than just “Daytime Friends”. She shyly smiled and accepted his invitation to dinner one night, and between them  romance began to bloom.

Months had passed and he knew she was the one. They were strolling on the beach one night as the sun began to set. He stopped walking, knelt down, and said to her.”You and I” have seemed to hit it off from the start, Your  “Love (has) Lifted Me”, “You Decorated My Life.”  I would love to take you to “Islands in the Stream” will you please give me the “Greatest Gift of All”,  by saying that you will be my wife?

Tears ran down her face as she wrapped her arms around him. “My parents always told me, “Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer”, but I want to share your dreams and make them mine.” She sealed her “Yes” with a passionate kiss and into the waves they ran.


Meet Me at the Clock

20190630_023018.jpg Somewhere between here and Vancouver.

I woke up because the rocking of the train stopped. I looked out my window. We were stopped at some train station and the light from this clock was shining straight into my window.


Meet me at the Clock

The house was silent as she crept down the stairs. Her heart jumped when she heard the sound of the Grand Father Clock chiming. She had forgotten about that clock. While it was chiming she quickly ran down the stairs and out the front door.

It was still warm outside for it had been such a hot and humid day. The night was very dark. She was glad for street lamps that were lit, for the silvery moon wasn’t putting out much light, as it peeked out from behind the clouds.

Tamara hoped she was going in the right direction. She had tried to listen hard to the directions Timothy had given her, but her mind was going in a million directions as he talked. Were they really doing this? She was excited and nervous at the same time. What would her parents think?

She had tossed and turned every night this past week wrestling with the decision.  As far as she saw it, she had no other choice. Her parents wouldn’t let her marry Timothy and her heart just couldn’t stand being separated any longer from him. Tears had fallen upon the letter that she had left for her parents to find once she was safely gone. She hoped they would forgive her in time. Hoped that they would come to see that she and Timothy truly did love each other.

Her legs were beginning to get pretty tired, she hoped she would be there soon. Timothy had said to look for the light of the big clock shining from the train station. That it would show her the way to him and once she got there, they would never have to be separated again.

Ahh! There it was, her heart started beating faster. She felt a burst of energy overtake her as she ran to the station, opened the door and walked in.

Seeing Timothy standing there, she fell into his arms. ” Timothy … I love …” She stopped abruptly as she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

“Mom, Dad …. what are you…?”

“Hi Tamara”, her Mom put a arm around her as her Dad put his hand on Timothy’s back, leading them out of the station.

“How about I whip up a batch of my special pancakes. We can enjoy eating them as we have a nice, long chat.” her Mom said.

Tamara looked at Timothy, his pale look mirrored hers, her stomach definitely wasn’t growling with hunger right now!

“I think that sounds great honey! Perhaps some of your great biscuits too, with a big pot of coffee.” Tamara’s Dad replied.

“You like your coffee strong and black, son?” Tamara’s Dad asked Timothy.

“S..S..Sure, sir.” Timothy said in a voice that could barely be heard.

Tamara sighed, this very well may be the longest walk and breakfast that she ever had.



The Bridge of Love


Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

The picture is real, the following story though is not. 🙂 I just decided who needs pics from Pinterest to inspire stories when I have a whole slew of vacation photos!

The Bridge of Love

Jeremy stood on the bridge watching the setting sun. Memories tumbled through his mind. It was like his favorite movie playing, allowing him to hit pause and rewind whenever his favorite memories made an appearance.

Time had passed so quickly, but it was full of moments which had left their mark on his heart.

He put his hand in his pocket making sure the special box was still in there.

This was a beautiful spot he thought, as he watched the water flow, with thoughts of her flowing through his mind. Her voice rang in his head as clear as a bell. He was deaf to the sounds of traffic whizzing by. All he could remember was that moment when he had first laid his eyes on her and they were lost in time as they began to talk.

He remembered the look of her dimples when she smiled, and the gleam in her emerald green eyes when she smiled. A smile that had captured his heart in a thousand ways.

Jeremy rubbed his hand against the box once more. The hand that was now getting sweaty as his heart started pounding a little louder in anticipation of what was to come.

He ran his fingers through his hair, did he look alright? He smoothed down his shirt, perhaps he should have chosen a different tie.

He drew the box out of his pocket and opened it. It was still there, tucked securely in the velvet lining and shining bright. He wasn’t dreaming, this was all becoming real!

Jeremy drew in a deep breath, snapped the box shut, tucking it back in his pocket securely, as he started walking down the bridge.

He was planning to pick her up by 8. He was ready. Ready for their love to make a bridge, leading to many grand adventures!


In case you are wondering, my legs can attest to the fact that this is a very long bridge! Viewing the sunset from the bridge though was very pretty!