The Runaway Bear … Guilty mice … WW2 and other Facts!


Thats a dedicated Dr


So men are you going to make a trip to Victoria’s Secrets before your next trip to the woods?


Who knew that Bears don’t like Beiber. It is reporter to have happened in 2014 to Igor Vorozobhitzyn. The ringtone on his phone had been set as a prank, which ended up saving him!


And the crazy facts continue … i didn’t verify this but … I understand the rat’s fears. LOL!


Still not sure that I would want to do that!


Had to find one good for the heart.

51 thoughts on “The Runaway Bear … Guilty mice … WW2 and other Facts!

  1. Love #1 — what a dedicated doctor! #2 is not surprising … I don’t care for perfumes and scented things for the most part (lemon-scented being the exception) and I have left stores before when somebody had too much ‘stuff’ on (not only a mosquito repellent, but a human repellent, too!) I would definitely go for #5 … a free cremation AND an opportunity to help mankind! Heck yes! And #6 is, in part, the topic of a book, “A Higher Call” by Adam Makos that I read many years ago. A true story and a great read! Thanks for your Sunday facts, dear Carolyn!!!

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  2. “Don’t mistake my Victoria’s Secret perfume, dear. I’m just trying to keep the mosquitos away.” 🀣🀣🀣 I’m sure that line would go over big.

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