What Would She Do?

This is the continuation of my post from Monday, The Thinking Tree

Things were not exactly going as planned! She was getting more frustrated by the minute.

Tara had planned on hanging out at the coffee shop a lot this past week before Amanda made it to town. She was going to use her feminine wiles to charm Mason, however, she ended up being sick most of the week.

Finally she made it to the coffee shop yesterday to get some of Cara’s delicious shoo-fly pie. Eating real food again instead of tea and toast and crackers was fabulous. The only bad thing was that Mason was totally in his own little world.

She made sure to dress perfectly. Got a new hairstyle and wore a low cut blouse and still could barely get his attention. His gray eyes had a dazed look in them, and he walked around like he was in a fog.

She overheard Cara talking to Tippner telling him how Mason has been so ferhoodled in the head since the proposal. They were laughing about him ordering way too much sugar. Cara could make double tbe amount of her specialty latte’s now.

Then she was telling Tippner how eager she was for her and Sarah to help Amanda shop for a wedding dress.

Tara had thought she may puke again listening to all the wedding talk. She had been so upset when she left. Obviously she was crazy thinking she could sway Mason, he was a hopeless romantic, who only had eyes for Amanda.

After the coffee shop failure she had come home to find her flowers drooping. Apparently they were feeling her sadness, or maybe she had forgotten to water them. All her thoughts had been concentrated on Mason.

After a restless night’s sleep she had awakened determined to put Mason out of her mind. It was supposed to be a clear, sunny day. Perfect day for a bike ride.

At least she had thought so until she went out to her garage and remembered that her bike was broken! She hadn’t latched it securely a few weeks ago when she put it on the bike rack. It had fallen off while she was driving and now was a mess. It was only good for the junkyard.

Letting out a scream which scared the bunny away she put her face in her hands. Now she was on her way to Tippner’s bike shop praying that something would finally go right for her today.

Tippner was busy shining one of the bikes when she entered his shop. “Good Morning Miss, how may I help you?”

He didn’t say anything but she looked to be quite upset. Hopefully he could bring a smile to her face.

“I need a new bike, mine kind of bit the dust!”

“You came to the best place! Best bike shop around!”

He guided her over to some of the new bikes that he had just got in. He saw her eyes light up at the firey orange one, as she looked it all over. “This is the one, its awesome! How much is it?”

When Tippner told her the price her exurbent face immediately fell. Tippner’s heart fell at that moment as well. He did some quick thinking.

“But you know what. I forgot something. You came just in time. This is the last day of my special sale, 50% off!”

This time her face sparked joy! “I will buy it! Thank you so much!”

Tippner couldn’t deny that he felt good for making her happy, in spite of the fact that he was losing money. It was a brand new top of the line Schwinn. Smiling, he tried not to think of that.

Putting out his hand he shook hers, saying, “I am delighted that you found what you wanted! You really got a bargain.”

Tippner rang her up. “Are you going to take it out on this beautiful day?”

“Yes! Going to ride to the lake. But first going to call my friend Holly and tell her about your fantastic sale! She has been needing a new bike for awhile, just waiting for the right price. She will be ecstatic over the sale. Its a real steal.”

Tippner started coughing really hard.

Tara looked concerned, should she hit his back? She breathed with relief when he talked.

“Sorry about that. I … I… hope you really enjoy your new wheels!”

“Thanks again! Holly and I will be back today, I promise.”

As Tara was leaving a couple entered the store. “Its your lucky day, his bikes are 50% off, today only!” Tara told them.

She looked back at Tippner and winked. “I got your back.” she said as ahe walked out the door.

Meanwhile Amanda had made it to town. Sarah and Cara were busy chatting about the different shops to visit while eating lunch. They hadn’t noticed how quiet Amanda had become.

“What colors were you thinking of?”

Amanda was silent.

“Amanda whats wrong, are you feeling sick from the flight? You look a little pale.”

“I don’t think I can marry Mason.” Her face crumpled. Sarah and Cara watched in shock as Amanda ran towards the restroom. They looked at each other, not knowing what to think.

Amanda was standing over the bathroom sink, letting the silent tears run. She couldn’t do this, she had to marry Mason! She wouldn’t break both of their hearts over some stupid threat!

She had been on Cloud 1000 since Mason’s unique proposal. Dreaming of their special day and their life together.

They would hike in the mountains and sleep under the stars. Kayak on the lake and have picnics in the meadow. An adventure like no other it would be! Her excitement could hardly be contained, until the awful day. The day that she had received the letter in the mail.

(To be continued…)

32 thoughts on “What Would She Do?

  1. Aaarrrrgggghhh!!! You’ve left me hanging! How will I ever be able to get to sleep tonight? I must know who wrote the letter … I don’t think it was Tara … maybe Mason himself? And for once, I feel sorry for poor Tippner … everyone in town may get wind of his special 50% off sale today!

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  2. Tippner decided to go fishing, and closed up shop for the day. Then, while out fishing, he recognized an unattended, brand new Schwinn. It was the same one he had sold to Tara that morning, and she had forgotten to lock it up. Soon the bike was back at Tippner’s shop, with a “half-price,” sign on it.

    The letter Amanda received was from the County Tax Board. Apparently, Amanda owed millions in unpaid property taxes on the castle. She was financially ruined, and assumed Mason would not want anything to do with her anymore, due to her penury. What she didn’t realize was that Mason was not that type of guy. He’d just put her to work in the coffee shop. After, of course, laying off Cara.

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    • Oh gosh! So Tippner “stole” Tara’s bike? Poor Tara! Not to mention poor Holly! Coming to the shop in anticipation and seeing a Gone Fishing sign on the door.
      Annd heyyyy….Mason wouldn’t do that to Cara, at least he better not!

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      • He didn’t steal the bike. He simply took the law into his own hands, since there doesn’t seem to be a police department at Bittersweet Creek. He knew he’d been taken advantage of by Tara, so he acted to correct an injustice.


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