Believing in Yourself!

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Her heart flowed out as she painted. With one more brush stroke she was finished. Standing back Joanna admired her work.

Many times when standing back she would find flaws in her art, but this time it all came together so perfectly. Yes, she was ready. She allowed herself to exhale. It was finished, her painting for the art show was ready.

“Oh Joanna, its amazing.” She turned at the sound of Madison’s voice.

“Thanks. I can’t believe I let you talk me into participating in this contest.”

“Just remember who to thank when you are handed the big check for first place!” Madison flashed her a teasing grin.

“I dare say that you have enough confidence and optimism for both of us.”

“That is fine with me. You keep painting and I will keep being your biggest fan. After all it comes with so many perks.”

Joanna gave her a questioning look. “Perks?”

“Absolutely! I have always wanted to go to NYC. Stroll through Central Park and see a Broadway show.”

Joanna was cleaning up her painting supplies as she spoke. “What does that have to do with being my biggest fan?”

“Welll….” there was a pause and Joanna looked up.

“What did you do?”

Looking sheepish, Madison confessed. “I may have signed you up for an Art show there. Think of all the publicity!”


“I am going to be such a fabulous agent for you. You only need to have ten paintings for the show. Its a whole month away.”

Madison started quickly walking away,as Joanna wished she had something to throw at her.

One month for ten paintings! She groaned. Madison believed too much in her! But Joanna did love her best friend. She was Lucy, and Joanna was Ethel. Oh the crazy times they have had.

“Sit back and enjoy the ride my ladies.” It was a gorgeous day for a horse and carriage ride through Central Park.

“I have to thank you Madison. Look at what you pushed me to do and look how it has turned out! I won the Art show back home and now here we are in New York. If it wasn’t for you I may never have entered these Art shows. In fact I know I wouldn’t have. But you believed in me.” She squeezed Madison’s hand. “Thank you, my precious friend!”

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear that, for did you know that there will be an upcoming show at the Louvre!

“The Louvre! You mean the one in Paris?” she shrieked.

“That is the only one I know of, sooo….Yes!”

Joanna was speechless for a moment. “You are too much!”

“I am counting on walking in your gallery someday and maybe way into the future the children will study about you, the famous artist in their history books.”

Joanna burst out laughing. “Now I know you are crazy!”

“Just please don’t cut off your ear, like Van Gogh, don’t stop bathing like Michelangelo(or we could have a problem!)” Joanna made a face. “No worries there!”

Don’t paint in your car, like Georgia O’Keefe. You will need a much bigger car for that. Bigger than your VW punchbug.

Also I recommend that you don’t take 14 years to finish a painting! Though if there is a chance of it becoming as popular as the Mona Lisa, you may want to try that.

Here is a fact that you can admire, don’t let anything stand in your way. For 20 years Renoir suffered from crippling arthritis, but he kept painting. Shoot for the moon, Joanna, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

“Hmmm… how interesting, what particular,unique trait should I have?”

“I will get busy on making a list, don’t you worry. ”

Shaking her head and smiling, Joanna closed her eyes as she laid her head back, listening to Madison prattle on about her unique traits. Oh, the blessing of friendship!

Revenge of the Caterpillars

Painting by Richard Johnson

Looked like the gardener missed some weeds again. Marcus was one of the best gardeners around, so Tiffany could overlook his minor faults. She really did love the color of the deep pink color of the flowers  this year that he had planted.

“Good Morning Miss Tiffany! Out for your morning stroll. I trust the garden meets your expectations?”

“You have given it your magic touch Marcus, but there are some weeds that you missed back there.” She pointed behind her.

“I would have pulled them, but I had no gloves and one can’t expect me to use my bare hands to pull up dreadful weeds.”Disgust crossed her face.

“I will see to it right away Miss.”

He turned around and muttered as he walked. “One can’t expect you to do anything with your bare hands, Miss Fancy pants!”

Marcus should be more careful with what he said out loud,  even if the words were true. If Miss Tiffany would hear him, he would be without a job and with a baby on the way, he had to keep working for sure. Cyndi, his wife, was counting on his paycheck.

Marcus pulled the tiny weeds and was headed back inside for a refreshing, cold drink when he noticed something else on the ground. A rather large rock. He bent down to pick it up, before Miss Tiffany tripped over it and twisted her ankle.

He was going to throw it out of the garden when he saw the writing on the bottom of the rock. Someone had taken a black marker to it. He read the words twice and pondered what they might mean, if anything.

“X marks the spot” The spot for what? It was probably nothing, just Miss Tiffany’s nephews playing a game. They had been here for a few weeks and played outside a lot. He tossed the rock out of the garden.

“Watch out Chester!” His wife yelled.

SPLAT! Sadly it was too late for Chester. Since when did they have to worry about flying rocks! It was tough being a slow caterpillar. All the caterpillars were in shock at the death of their friend.

Marcus walked through the rest of the garden double checking everything. Miss Tiffany’s guests were coming tomorrow.  Things had to be perfect and he smiled,  for it looked like they were.

Walking back to the house he passed the rock that he had thrown. Wow! It was covered with caterpillars. He didn’t know if he had ever seen so many caterpillars at one place before.

Miss Tiffany’s party the next day was a grand success. She was thrilled that her garden was chosen to be pictured in next month’s edition of Beautiful Gardens.

A few weeks later Marcus was on the way to the garden and he saw it. He saw the X. It was partially hidden but he saw it. Was there anything under it? Should he start digging under the bush? He figured why not, what did he have to lose?

Sweat was pouring from him. He had to finish digging soon. Miss Tiffany was due back and she would wonder what he was doing. This had all been a waste of time, he should have….Oh he saw a gold glint! Marcus couldn’t believe what he was looking at. He had found gold!! Gold coins!

“Marcus! Oh Marcus where are you?”

That was Miss Tiffany, she must be back early. He didn’t want her to see the gold.

“I will be right there Miss Tiffany, I am coming.” He hurried off to see what she wanted.

That was him, the man who threw the rock that smashed poor Chester. Something had to be done! Dennis watched the man leave and he called an emergency meeting of all the garden critters.

Marcus was getting nervous, he wanted to get back out to his gold. Miss Tiffany though had other plans.  She had him rearranging her furniture! He was a gardener not an interior decorator, but here he was hanging pictures as well.

He was in her house for the rest of the evening.  By the time he came outside it was dark. Thankfully she had garden lights and he had a high powered flashlight. Excitement was rising up in him. Cyndi, would be ecstatic about the gold!

Finding the bush he …. Wait, where was the hole? This had to be the bush.  The X was there and so was the shovel. Panic seized him. He wanted that gold.

Grabbing the shovel he started to dig and he kept digging everywhere,  like a madman. When he couldn’t dig anymore due to exhaustion he hung his head in despair. The gold was gone. One moment of ecstacy and then it was gone! He headed home, he could barely keep his eyes open. Tomorrow he would cover up all the holes before Miss Tiffany was awake. She was a late riser.

Excitement stirred in the burrow. The caterpillars, bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks were having a party. They were all friends at Miss Tiffany’s garden and Chester had been a well respected caterpillar. He was loved by everyone.  So they all were more than happy to help the caterpillars get revenge.

They took all of the gold into the rabbit’s burrow and the squirrels buried some. The chipmunks weren’t really sure what to do with it. They tried to eat it, but it wasn’t tasty at all. The main thing was that they had taken it from the man. “Hip hip hooray!” They all cheered, as a few tears spilled  out of the eyes of Chester’s family.

Why was photography equipment set up? Marcus  felt a a feeling of dread when he pulled into Miss Tiffany’s driveway. She was standing on the porch looking none too happy. He knew he was late, he had overslept, but…. Then it hit him. He had totally forgotten.  They were taking photos today of Miss Tiffany’s garden for the magazine!

She was at his car as soon as he opened the door and her face was beet red!

“You are late and why are there holes everywhere?,” she shrieked!

Poor Marcus, it was going to be a LONG day!

The Perfect Ending

This is the conclusion to my post, What Would She Do? Enjoy!

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Amanda stared in the mirror, wondering who that stunning woman looking back at her was. Could it really be her? Was she really getting married?

Everything had been such a whirlwind, since the letter had arrived. One moment she was sobbing on Cara’s shoulder and the next moment they were planning a wedding.

Here she was minutes away from getting married in Old man Fuzzywhistle’s meadow.

“You look absolutely gorgeous.” Cara was standing on one side of her.and Sara on the other.

Amanda couldn’t stop smiling, she was beyond happy that she was getting married to the most eligible bachelor in town. Out of all the other single ladies, he only had eyes for her.

She knew he would still be the heartthrob of Bittersweet Creek, and that was fine. It made her feel proud. After all, the old ladies needed someone to dream about.

“You have stars in those eyes girl. Starry eyed over Mason, you obviously need help,” Cara teased.

“Thank you both so much! How you ladies managed to plan this in such a short time. Maybe you both should be wedding planners?”

“Hmmm….what do you think Cara?”

“We could start a side business perhaps. You already have a flower shop and we know that Mason would be lost without me to run the coffee shop. I dread the thought of what the coffee would taste like.”

They laughed, made the finishing touches to Amanda’s hair and waited for the music to start.

Her childhood dreams were about to come true. The prince with the luxurious hair had come for her and nothing was going to stop their wedding. To think that she had been so upset at first about the letter, thinking she shouldn’t get married.

The letter was from her crazy uncle! She barely even knew him but he came out when he heard about the castle being left to her. Funny how many people claimed the castle should be their’s instead. A while back Mason was kidnapped by that one crazy imposter, but he had been long gone since Jenny worked her magic spell! All he did was Quack now.

This was her actual Uncle, not an imposter. But Amanda still wasn’t about to let her have the castle that her precious grandparent’s had left to her. He threatened Mason which had scared her at first. But … something mysteriously happened to her uncle.

Amanda remembered how shocked she had been to hear from her aunt. Her Aunt Tina was so kind and apologized profusely for her uncle’s letter. Then she had proceeded to tell her that her uncle couldn’t be found. He was working in the fields one day and when she walked out to bring him a drink he was gone! Strangely enough there was some silvery cowbell where he had been.

“Thanks Betsy” breathed Amanda but she hadn’t attempted to explain about Betsy to her aunt. At least her aunt wasn’t upset! Aunt Tina had said that if he hadn’t left she would have. “Good riddance!”

Amanda had many calls with her aunt. She was enjoying getting to know her. Felt wonderful to find a relative, and how thankful she was that her aunt made it for the wedding.

The music… Amanda was so lost in her thoughts she almost didn’t catch the cue. Her moment had arrived! Everyone was standing and smiling at her, but the only person Amanda focused on was the man who painted her sky.

This was only the beginning of a lifetime of the most enchanting adventure of all!

“And now I pronounce you husband and wife. Mason you may kiss the bride … Mason!”

He was flat out on the floor. The most eligible, confident bachelor of the town had simply fainted. Apparently love had him so twitterpated, that he had fainted dead away.

He wasn’t out for too long, and he was a little shaky as he stood to his feet. The guests sighed with relief tbat he was okay.

“Shall we try again?’ the minister said, with a smile, “Mason you may kiss the bride.”

The wedding was the talk of the town and everyone agreed on one thing. When Mason and Amanda kissed, and the doves were released into the sky, it would have made the perfect ending to a Hallmark movie.

Can He Fix It?

The kitchen was filled with the mouth watering smell of lobster bisque in the oven, along with au gratin potatoes and baked corn. The fresh rolls were wrapped up and covered to keep them warm.

Julie smiled, everything was turning out perfect. All she needed to do was light the candles, turn on the soft music … and Bang!

What was that? Was Eric awake and banging on the wall? She knew he had wanted to stay up and see Daddy, but it was going to be too late until he got home. There had been a big meeting at work.

After watching his Bob the Builder DVD he had seemed content. Julie had tucked him into bed after reading three stories. Bang! There it was again. Perhaps if she ignored his banging on the wall, he would go back to sleep.

She poured the wine and checked her phone and saw a text from Lee. “Running late. Will be home in a half hour.”

Sighing, she kept the oven on warm so the food wouldn’t get too cold. At least Eric wasn’t banging anymore.  Grabbing a book she got comfortable on the couch. Opened up the book and bang,bang,bang!

Throwing down her book she marched back to Eric’s room. Opened up the door. “You need to stop…” Words left her, as she saw the expression of pure happiness on little Eric’s face.

“Look Mommy! I am Bob the Builder! Can he fix it? Yes he can!” Bang! Eric pounded the wall again with the little hammer that Grandpa had bought him. The little hammer that Julie had meant to put away until Eric was a little older. Now she  could only stare at the dents and chipped paint on the wall, shaking her head.

“Can he fix it? Yes …” julie grabbed the hammer out of Eric’s hand before he swung again.

“Okay little Bob…you really must go to bed.”

He was rubbing his eyes. It was without complaint that he laid down. “I fixed the wall Mommy, Daddy will be proud.” His eyes closed with a smile on his lips julie kissed him on the cheek. He looked so angelic while sleeping. 

Twenty years later Julie was beaming at her little grandson’s birthday party. Hard to believe that Eric was all grown up with a son of his own now. It was Father’s Day and little Caleb’s fourth birthday!


“What dear?” she looked at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Eric had come and sat down beside her. They were watching Caleb, who was over by the swingset, open an extra special gift from Grandpa.

“Dad got him a hammer!”

Moment in Time

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Staring at the clock Janessa let her mind wander. All her life she had lived in tbis small town. As a little girl she would stare at the clock in awe. When it chimed on the hour her face would light up with the brightest of smiles. It must be a magical clock, she had thought.

Then she grew up. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy all lost their magic appeal. But there was something about the old town clock that continued to speak magic to her.

Janessa remembered fondly the night of the Spring Dance long ago. She was wearing a yellow dress, that came just a little bit above her knee. It swirled around when Asher spun her. She turned, turned, turned, as they danced the night away. The chimes rang out when Asher leaned in and kissed her “sweet sixteen” lips.

That summer of 69′, they spent many night’s fishing in the dark, waiting for the final chime. The midnight hour. Walking at midnight, holding hands, one could feel the magic around them.

“Do you believe in magic?” She once asked Asher, when they were sitting under the swaying pines.

“Every day when I meet you at our tree I get to kiss an angel good morning. Do I believe in magic? Oh yes, you can absolutely bet that I do.”

Janessa felt her body flood with warmth as she recalled the precious memories. Feeling eager to make so many more.

Tomorrow the chimes would ring out once more, like every day before. But right now, at this very moment in time, Janessa was enjoying the sound of silence, no ringing of the chimes.

The night was still and the air was filled with magic. Janessa’s heart was full. This moment in time would not be forgotten. For an instant she believed in the magic of fairies. Perhaps they were flying through the air sprinkling fairy dust all around.

For tomorrow she would be standing on a mountain of love with the love of her life. Janessa knew that tomorrow her life would be forever changed. Forever changed, thanks to one special moment in time. Her wedding day, where she and Asher would be united as one.

A Circle of Friends

This is the conclusion to Thursday’s post, Lending a Helping Hand To help refresh your memory. Sadie Mae, who earned the nickname Snow White, got an unexpected visitor to her cottage in the woods. The visitor wants her help in finding her sister.

And now … for the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Sadie Mae never knew what hit her. The raven black haired lady struck her when her back was turned. Now she was grunting as she tried dragging Sadie Mae to her car, which had been parked a little ways away.

Finally she made it to the car and with a heave ho, managed to throw her on the back seat. Breathing hard she started the car and headed for home.

“Where am I?” Sadie Mae had one whopping of a headache, and she was really confused. This did not at all look like her bedroom. There was barely anything in it and the walls were bare. Where were all her pretty pictures and why did she have a goose egg on her head?

Sbe thought she heard people talking and pressed her ear up against the door to listen. The locked door! Why was her door locked? Waves of uneasiness were washing over ber.

“Tell me again why you thought this was a wise idea?”

“Since the Prince whisked Cinderella away, you needed someone. We all do!

Her mom made a face. She hated when anyone brought up Cinderella. But her daughter did have a point.

It would be fabulous to have someone wait on her every need and desire once again. Her two daughter’s didn’t lift a finger, they were so lazy! Must have got that from their father. Perhaps this new girl would work out and maybe her daughter finally did have a good idea. The mom smiled, must have got her smarts from her.

Over the next two weeks poor Sadie Mae worked like a horse. Barely had time to eat and sleep. The mom and stupid sisters were so demanding! She had to get out of here, but how. They kept her under lock and key.

Then one day Sadie Mae got her chance in the most surprising way. Veronica, the one sister, told her they would be going down to the creek. Her mom wanted fresh water out of the creek for drinking water. Sadie Mae about gagged. Creek water was far from fresh water but she would be glad to at least get in the fresh air.

Veronica was sitting on a rock watching her fill the bottles. “Hurry up sluggard, I can’t be down here all day. The sun may ruin my fine complexion.”

Sadie Mae bit her tongue. Remembering what Thumper used to say all the time. “If you can’t say anything nice , say nothing at all.” Oh how she missed Thumper and the other animals.


Sadie Mae looked up from the water, “Down here.”

It was Myrtle, the turtle. “What are you doing here?” she whispered.

“The bluebirds saw everything, and they alerted the other animals that you were in trouble. We put our heads …”

” Hey, what is taking so long!”

Sadie Mae finished filling the bottle and walked it over to Veronica, under the shady Oak trer. Thats when Sadie noticed who was behind Veronica, and her eyes lit up.

The scream was shrill! Veronica covered her face, continuing to scream. The odor was strong and Sadie Mae was laughing at Veronica running to the creek splashing herself with water.

Sadie Mae dropped the bottles and ran to Flower the skunk. “Thank you!”

Another scream rang through the air. Sadie Mae turned back to the creek and saw Bobo the bear. Oh sweet Bobo who wouldn’t hurt a flea, but Veronica didn’t know that.

“Quick, follow me!” Thumper had appeared from around the tree and Sadie Mae felt a strong burst of adrenaline as she followed Thumper back to her home, sweet home.

Oh, how delightful it was to be back home in her cottage. She had been working all day at preparing a feast for her friends! It was the least she could do. Her heart overflowed with gratitude for them. Who needed a handsome prince in shiny armor, when one had a whole forest of animal friends. Friends who were always glad to lend a helping hand.

What Would She Do?

This is the continuation of my post from Monday, The Thinking Tree

Things were not exactly going as planned! She was getting more frustrated by the minute.

Tara had planned on hanging out at the coffee shop a lot this past week before Amanda made it to town. She was going to use her feminine wiles to charm Mason, however, she ended up being sick most of the week.

Finally she made it to the coffee shop yesterday to get some of Cara’s delicious shoo-fly pie. Eating real food again instead of tea and toast and crackers was fabulous. The only bad thing was that Mason was totally in his own little world.

She made sure to dress perfectly. Got a new hairstyle and wore a low cut blouse and still could barely get his attention. His gray eyes had a dazed look in them, and he walked around like he was in a fog.

She overheard Cara talking to Tippner telling him how Mason has been so ferhoodled in the head since the proposal. They were laughing about him ordering way too much sugar. Cara could make double tbe amount of her specialty latte’s now.

Then she was telling Tippner how eager she was for her and Sarah to help Amanda shop for a wedding dress.

Tara had thought she may puke again listening to all the wedding talk. She had been so upset when she left. Obviously she was crazy thinking she could sway Mason, he was a hopeless romantic, who only had eyes for Amanda.

After the coffee shop failure she had come home to find her flowers drooping. Apparently they were feeling her sadness, or maybe she had forgotten to water them. All her thoughts had been concentrated on Mason.

After a restless night’s sleep she had awakened determined to put Mason out of her mind. It was supposed to be a clear, sunny day. Perfect day for a bike ride.

At least she had thought so until she went out to her garage and remembered that her bike was broken! She hadn’t latched it securely a few weeks ago when she put it on the bike rack. It had fallen off while she was driving and now was a mess. It was only good for the junkyard.

Letting out a scream which scared the bunny away she put her face in her hands. Now she was on her way to Tippner’s bike shop praying that something would finally go right for her today.

Tippner was busy shining one of the bikes when she entered his shop. “Good Morning Miss, how may I help you?”

He didn’t say anything but she looked to be quite upset. Hopefully he could bring a smile to her face.

“I need a new bike, mine kind of bit the dust!”

“You came to the best place! Best bike shop around!”

He guided her over to some of the new bikes that he had just got in. He saw her eyes light up at the firey orange one, as she looked it all over. “This is the one, its awesome! How much is it?”

When Tippner told her the price her exurbent face immediately fell. Tippner’s heart fell at that moment as well. He did some quick thinking.

“But you know what. I forgot something. You came just in time. This is the last day of my special sale, 50% off!”

This time her face sparked joy! “I will buy it! Thank you so much!”

Tippner couldn’t deny that he felt good for making her happy, in spite of the fact that he was losing money. It was a brand new top of the line Schwinn. Smiling, he tried not to think of that.

Putting out his hand he shook hers, saying, “I am delighted that you found what you wanted! You really got a bargain.”

Tippner rang her up. “Are you going to take it out on this beautiful day?”

“Yes! Going to ride to the lake. But first going to call my friend Holly and tell her about your fantastic sale! She has been needing a new bike for awhile, just waiting for the right price. She will be ecstatic over the sale. Its a real steal.”

Tippner started coughing really hard.

Tara looked concerned, should she hit his back? She breathed with relief when he talked.

“Sorry about that. I … I… hope you really enjoy your new wheels!”

“Thanks again! Holly and I will be back today, I promise.”

As Tara was leaving a couple entered the store. “Its your lucky day, his bikes are 50% off, today only!” Tara told them.

She looked back at Tippner and winked. “I got your back.” she said as ahe walked out the door.

Meanwhile Amanda had made it to town. Sarah and Cara were busy chatting about the different shops to visit while eating lunch. They hadn’t noticed how quiet Amanda had become.

“What colors were you thinking of?”

Amanda was silent.

“Amanda whats wrong, are you feeling sick from the flight? You look a little pale.”

“I don’t think I can marry Mason.” Her face crumpled. Sarah and Cara watched in shock as Amanda ran towards the restroom. They looked at each other, not knowing what to think.

Amanda was standing over the bathroom sink, letting the silent tears run. She couldn’t do this, she had to marry Mason! She wouldn’t break both of their hearts over some stupid threat!

She had been on Cloud 1000 since Mason’s unique proposal. Dreaming of their special day and their life together.

They would hike in the mountains and sleep under the stars. Kayak on the lake and have picnics in the meadow. An adventure like no other it would be! Her excitement could hardly be contained, until the awful day. The day that she had received the letter in the mail.

(To be continued…)

Lending a Helping Hand

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Little Sadie Mae loved the ducks and the new baby ducklings were so fun to watch. She made sure to come see them every day. Sometimes it would be for only a few minutes, but other times longer.

Her mom found it so endearing that she would even visit them in the rain! Sadie Mae most definitely loved her animals.

If her mom took in every stray animal that Sadie Mae found, they would be overrun with them.

As Sadie Mae grew, her love for animals continued to grow and into the forest or down to the lake she would go to visit them.

Some friends jokingly called her Snow White because of all the woodland animal friends she had. She was Snow White without the dwarves. Who needed funny, little men? In fact who needed men at all? Yes, she could live alone in the woods and be perfecly happy, with her animal friends.

Over the year her poor parent’s tried many times to set her up with the most respectable gentlemen they could find. But Sadie Mae managed to find a fault with each one. She was content being single and someday her parent’s may come to understand.

One day sbe was cleaning her little bungalow and there was a knock on her door. Sadie Mae thought tbat was strange, rarely did she get unexpected company.

When she opened it there was a tall woman standing there with jet black hair almost down to her waist! Ruby red lipstick decorated her lips and her smile intrigued Sadie Mae.

“Hi! May I help you?” Sadie Mae asked.

“I certainly hope you can, the lady brushed her aside walking into the bungalow without an invitation. Sadie Mae didn’t know what to think!

“I heard that the animals talk to you.”

“Excuse me, what did you say?”

The lady spoke slower, “That…. the…. animals…. talk …to.. you.”

Sadie Mae shook her head in confusion, clearly befuddled. This lady actually believed in talking animals! What kind of nut was she?

“I am close to all the animals, they visit me for food. They are my friends but ummm…can’t say that any of them have talked to me. “

The lady’s face fell and she took a seat on the forest green couch. “But are you sure that none of them ever tried to talk to you? I need to find my sister!”

Sadie shook her head, she was beginning to think that this lady got lost on the way to the Funny Farm. “What does your sister have to do with talking animals? “

“She is one of them!”

Now Sadie Mae needed to take a seat, before she fell down. “I must not have heard you correctly. Did you say that your sister is an animal?”

The lady wrung her hands standing back up again and pacing the floor as she spoke. “Yes, she was put under a spell and I been trying to find her for so long!”

Tears fell upon her cheeks. “There was an evil fairy queen that cast the spell on her. You are Snow White, correct? You must have some magic spells that you know about. Please you have to help me find her!”

Sadie Mae looked into her pleading eyes and her heart felt for the poor woman. How could she tell her no? Sitting down beside the lady, she touched her shoulder. “I will try my best, but first tell me more about your sister and how she got put under an evil spell.”

To be continued .. on Monday.

Under the Moon

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What a day it had been. She needed tonight, the magic of the full moon.

Ryan had been his charming, seductive self this morning and she had barely made it to work on time. On the subway to work she got several strange stares from people and had felt self conscious.

She had arrived at work with only minutes to spare. Showed her ID to the security guard and got a strange look from him as well. What was wrong with everyone, she had thought. She had been so clueless to what the real problem was.

Clueless until her bestie passed her a note. They were in a staff meeting in the large boardroom. Shelly had slid into the seat that her bestie had saved for her. The President of the company had just started talking. He looked at her with sharp disapproval.

Once he looked away she looked at the note, feeling mortified as she read it.

“Your blouse is a little undone and your lipstick is really smeared. I assume that Ryan got home last night from his business trip?”

No wonder people in the subway were staring at her. Same with the security guard and….the president. Oh she wanted to sink into a hole!

It was hard for her to concentrate on the meeting. When would it be over? It couldn’t be soon enough!

“Mrs. Perry what do you think of Mr. Hendrick’s idea?”

Shelly hadn’t heard him, what was she supposed to say!

“Mr. Hendrick is an intelligent man so I support his idea.”

There was silence in the room as the President stared at Shelly making her so nervous. Some people were smirking while others looked embarrassed for her. Had she said the wrong thing?

“I agree with you. Glad to know that you, being his boss, affirms his intelligence.”

Shelly had inwardly breathed with relief! But it didn’t last long. The President spoke again.

“I admire his intelligence, but right now I am questioning yours. Meeting adjourned, but Mrs. Perry please don’t be so discombobulated when you come to tomorrow’s meeting. Mr. Hendrick didn’t suggest any new ideas. He didn’t say a word. But I could tell that you were a thousand miles away! Get with it, Mrs. Perry!”

Shelly stood under the moon with those words replaying themselves in her mind. If only today had all been a bad dream. Could she turn back time?

“Please Mr. Moon! Grant me a wish!”

“Oh, what do you think?” She looked down at the three storks gathered around her. “Should I show my face tomorrow or go on vacation, until the President and everyone else forgets what happened today?”

Shelly rolled her eyes, she needed to get to bed. Since when did she ask storks for advice! Turning around she headed back. Hoping to enter dreamland and remember that tomorrow was a brand new day.

The one stork looked at the others. “She talks to the moon, an object that can’t talk back and then walks away before we can even answer her question. That makes no sense. Of course we are talking about humans here, so actually I guess it does.”

*Thanks to Clive, another blogger who had made a note suggestion, that I had accidentally forgotten to include in my notes story before. His suggestion was, “Your blouse is undone” *

The Meaning of the Notes

Thanks to those who answered the question about the mysterious note in the coffee shop. I asked for suggestions in Friday’s post Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The suggestions were creative and it did give me a challenge for tonight. Hopefully you will enjoy the story that came out of your answers.

Amanda read the note again while keeping an eye on the man at the counter. The one who had dropped it right by her chair. 

Their eyes had met briefly when he walked in the coffee shop and then he headed for her table. Didn’t say a word, just nonchalantly dropped the note and walked away.

She had wondered if it was a note filled with pick up lines but if this was supposed to be a pick up line, it was the strangest one she had ever heard.

“For fun that never ends, fold back up, then unfold again and follow the instructions.”

Was this some kind of joke? Or was there some secret code that she was missing. Like maybe if she opened it and refolded it again enough times a secret message would appear.

Shaking her head she put the note aside. The tall man with the bushy nustache was still at the counter, wearing sunglasses,  a hat on his head and a  trench coat. He almost looked like some undercover detective.

He turned around and headed for her table again. Didn’t say a word but dropped two more notes.

Amanda didn’t know what to think, but she couldn’t leave the notes on the floor.

She opened the first one. “I can see you are nervous…”

Nervous? Was it that obvious? She wasn’t really nervous, just not sure what was happening with her future.

The work on her grandparent’s castle was all finished so now what? She had dreams of her future, but would they come true? It involved a certain man with luxurious hair who she couldn’t forget. A man who owned a coffee shop. Unfortunately it was far away, but Amanda was ready to move to Bittersweet Creek. Ready to make it her home, but was Mason ready for her?

He was hard to figure out at times. Well , she knew he loved her so thats what she would have to focus on. One day at a time. Two more weeks and she would fly to Bittersweet Creek for a visit. Maybe she would get some anwers at that time.

She looked back at the note. “…don’t let the pressure of choosing between a  filled or not filled donut undo you.”

This guy was obviously a joker and now she was feeling hungry for a cream filled donut.

Turning her head she gazed across the room trying to spot him. Was he still there?

Ahh there he was. She couldn’t see his eyes through his dark sunglasses but it felt like he was watching her.”

Amanda unfolded the other note. “Its 8’o’clock.”

Now she felt a little uneasy, why did he tell her the time? Was he stalking her, counting down the time. Felt almost like she was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Finishing her coffee she thought how she should get going, before Mr. Stalker guy drops another note. She was so confused she needed to cuddle up with one of her puppies. Eight puppies Buffy, her golden tetriever had and they all were adorable!

Ugb! Too late to leave now. He was walking her way. She looked down, not able to look at him. He dropped another note and walked to another table where he sat down.

Her head screamed at her to get out of the coffee shop. He was clearly watching her, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave. There was something about him that she just couldn’t pinpoint,  something familiar.

Picking up the note she read, “Can you pick up my dry cleaning on your way back to the castle, dear?”

Amanda’s heart started beating fast. The castle! Did he know she lived at a castle or was he just pretending she was Cinderella. Now she was afraid to leave, afraid he would follow her! Who was he? He may have been a couple tables away but she felt his stare. Her cheeks started to burn.

Oh No! He was walking towards her again. Perhaps she should dash to the restroom. Her mind was racing. She drew in a sharp breath. He was standing in front of her and placed something golden on the table. It looked like some kind of creature but she wasn’t sure.

“I apologize at my attempt of a origami golden dragon. Should have stuck with a helicopter. But open what is supposed to be the dragon’s mouth and you will find some treasure.”

Amanda was oblivious to other people being around. She recognized this mysterious man’s voice but … ! Stunned speechless she watched as he pulled off the fake mustache and took off his coat. He took off the sunglasses and last of all the hat.

Mason!!! What are you doing here?”A tidal wave of joy flooded through her. She threw her arms around him and they kissed.

Once they sat down she asked her burning question, “What is the strange meaning of all these crazy notes? You scared me with that castle note.”

Mason smiled, “Sorry about the scare but it was all a part of a special plan.” He winked.

“What plan? I am thrilled to see you but so confused.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes! Stop this suspense. Tell me.”

“So you want to know what the fun is that will never end?”

Amanda thought about the first note and how it mentioned that. “YES!”

“Well remember it was your idea. Your idea that I come see you sometime right? So here I am!” He smiled smugly.

“But why the strange, cryptic notes?” Her eyes were pleading for him to tell. Eyes that he felt he could get lost in. It was fun to see her flustered and her rosy cheeks.

“Look in the golden dragon’s mouth, unfold it.”

Amanda was incredulous as she pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring. Mason was down on one knee and the entire coffee shop was silent. She could almost hear the erractic beating of her heart.

“Amanda, you have lit up my life with a fire that won’t stop burning. Being with you will fill my days with golden sunshine. Will you please be my wife, Will you make me the happiest man ever, will you marry me and pick up my dry cleaning for the rest of my life?”

Tears blinded her eyes as she embraced Mason. She would forever remember this moment. Her heart was soaring higher than she ever thought possible! “Yes, a million times yes!” she cried.

Cheers and applause broke out around them, but Mason and Amanda felt like they were the only two people in the room.

Cara and Sarah had tears in their eyes. Grayson and Tippner and Bard watched with big smiles.

“When do you think that Amanda will notice that we are here?” asked Tippner.

“I think she is a tad preoccupied now with more important matters.” Cara replied.

“Well pffttt! We are important too.” Tippner said, with a hurt look in his eyes, but then everyone saw the twinkle in his eyes as he broke into a grin.