A Mama for Anna


picture of the train that we went on this summer on our trip to beautiful British Columbia! Picture is real, the following story though is fiction.


“Clickety clack, clickety clack!” The motion of the train as it rolled down the tracks felt soothing to her. She watched out the window at all the beauty rushing by. Julia had been riding the train for almost a week now, but she still didn’t tire of watching out the window. Though she was getting anxious to finally get to her destination and be able to breathe in the fresh air, for longer than just a few minutes. It would be nice to be at her own house too, a place she could call home.

Swallowing a lump in her throat, she smoothed out her dress the best she could with her hands. Perhaps she should have picked the other dress to wear, but it was too late to worry about that now. Was she dressed too fancy or not fancy enough?  Oh now her stomach started churning. Clenching her hands she took a deep breath in and breathed out as she un-clenched her hands.

Julia tried to remember the sweet words her Mama had said to her, before she got on the train heading into the unknown. Her Mama had pulled her close into a tight hug and whispered in her ear. Her voice was barely audible, Julia knew she was fighting back tears as well, but she was being strong for her daughter, like she always had been.

The train was slowing down, this was it. The time had come. Julia fingered the locket around her neck. The one her Mama had put on her as she gave her a kiss goodbye.

The train had reached the END of the line, but for Julia her new life was just beginning!

Nervously Luke paced in front of the train twisting his hat in his hands. His heart was thudding. Was he doing the right thing?

“Daddy, Daddy?” Anna pulled on his arm. “What will she look like?”

Luke ran his fingers through Anna’s hair as he said, “Remember what the letter said? She has fiery red hair, pretty like yours!”

“Oh Daddy, I can’t wait! I gonna have a new Mama!” and Anna’s eyes sparkled.

Luke smiled as a peace came over him. Yes, he had done the right thing in placing the ad, Anna needed a Mama. He took a deep breath looking at his dear daughter, who was smiling from ear to ear. His heart had butterflies in it, would she like him? Of course she would fall in love with Anna, she was adorable, but what about him? All his questions would be answered in time, for now he did feel anticipation, their new life was just beginning!


Under the Starlit Sky … Part 2

If you missed Part 1, here is the link. Under the Starlit Sky


Jinx, Snowball and Alabaster were standing on the floor of the spaceship looking around in awe.  They had to squint for it was so bright inside, everything had a vibrant orange glow to it, and the brightness almost burned their eyes until they adjusted to the light.

The music had stopped, much to Jinx’s disappointment. He had been trying to determine where he recognized the tune from, but hadn’t been able to figure it out.

“Oh wow! How cool is this!” Alabaster shouted. Snowball and Jinx went over to Alabaster to see what had him so excited. Snowball rolled his eyes when he saw it and Jinx said he would prefer some hot tea, as they stared at the coffeemaker on the counter.

Meanwhile Snowball when over to the refrigerator and was very glad to see it stocked with bottled water. He grabbed a bottle out and drank it straight down. “Ahh! Now this is real, pure refreshment.”

Alabaster waited impatiently for the coffeemaker to be done making coffee.

Jinx was busy looking at the large control board with all its buttons and levers.

At last the coffee maker was done, and Alabaster poured himself a cup.

Suddenly the spaceship lurched causing the coffee to spill out of Alabaster’s cup.

“Oops! I guess now we know what that red lever does when you pull it!” Jinx said sheepishly.

“Oooh you are a genius!” said Snowball as he got up off the floor, having lost his balance when the spaceship took off.

“So now we are flying around in the night sky, having no clue to where we are going or how to stop this thing from moving, so what are we going to do?” Snowball asked.

” I see a full coffee pot, so I know what I am gong to do. I need to pour myself another cup of coffee. Coffee gives me hope. ”

Snowball had now come over to look at the control board with Jinx. They thought that perhaps 2 heads were better than one, though in their case it  didn’t work very well. They were looking at the control board, feeling totally confused and clueless.

“Whoa!”  they all shouted. There was a sudden huge increase of speed.

“Pull the lever back down Jinx!” Jinx quickly did and the spaceship slowed down.

Jinx laughed, “Well that was fun!”

From a little distance away he and Snowball heard Alabaster muttering to himself. They looked at him across the room and tried to hold back their laughter as they saw him standing with his coffee cup in hand and a puddle of coffee at his feet.

Snowball walked over the fridge and pulled out another bottle of water and offered it to Alabaster. “No thanks!” he said in a disgruntled tone.  “I will just go make another pot of coffee. Will you two stooges be able to keep this spaceship flying smoothly?

“Of course we will, are you doubting that we know what we are doing?”

Alabaster shook his head. “If you guys think you know what you are doing you are quite delusional!”

Jinx put out his hand to Jangle. “I will take a bottle please, for I am rather thirsty and not sure if I will be getting any coffee anytime soon.”  They looked at each other and laughed.

Snowball and Jinx kept looking but they just kept getting more and more confused.

“i don’t see any lever or button that says anything about landing on it. I am afraid we are stuck just floating around in the sky. It sure would help if I shared a brain with someone who was an expert at flying spaceships, but I don’t know of anyone.” said Jinx, feeling hopeless.

“Maybe we are headed to the moon, think how cool that would be!” chimed in Alabaster, who was feeling happier now that he was drinking coffee. “Lets just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

Snowball and Jinx looked at each other, he had a point, there was nothing else they could really do.

They all were chatting when Alabaster stopped in mid sentence and said, “Umm…I think something weird is happening ” He was trying to stifle a laugh while talking.

“What?” Snowball and Jinx looked at him.

“Just take a look at each other! I do believe something was wrong with that bottled water. Never trust water! Do you guys feel okay? Sure hope its not poisonous.”

Snowball and Jinx were speechless as they looked at each other. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Alabaster was holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

Their skin was Emerald Green and Blue! Left side of their body was Emerald Green and the right side was blue! What were they going to do!

Jinx felt himself begin to shake. He was rolling from side to side.

“Jinx Jinx, wake up! Wake up!” Jangle was shaking him. Are you okay? You have been yelling like crazy. The only words I could make out was “I am emerald blue, I am emerald blue!”

Jinx sat straight up, and touching his hands to his face and looking at his arms, ignoring Jangle. He bounced out of bed and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. He sighed with visible relief! He wasn’t Emerald blue.  It was only a dream, just a very crazy dream!

He went down the hall to find Jangle. “Jangle you will never believe what I dreamed last night. I was outside  looking at stars when …’

Their front door burst open and Snowball rushed in. “You guys gotta help me! I woke up this morning and LOOK!”

Jangle’s mouth dropped to the floor and Jinx fainted.  Half of Snowball’s body was Emerald green and the other half was blue!



Under the Starlit Sky

Jinx laid in bed listening to the clock chime. It was midnight and he was wide awake. It didn’t help that he could hear Jangle snoring, from his room down the hall. He might have to suggest to Jangle to start sleeping in a tent outside, though it may be a tad cold for that.

A few more minutes passed and Jinx decided he should get up, at least get some exercise since he is awake. Perhaps he would bundle up and go look at the stars for a little, try to find the Big Dipper.

He quietly got ready, and was soon out the door, breathing into his wool scarf. Ahh! It was a beautiful night to look at the stars he thought, as he slowly walked around.

“Couldn’t you sleep either?”

Jinx jumped! Who else was out here? He turned and to his surprise he saw Snowball standing there.

“Well Hello, I didn’t expect to see you!” Jinx said.

Snowball stretched and said, “Yeah, I took too many naps today and now am wide awake. Been looking for the Little Dipper, but haven’t found it yet.”

Jinx and Snowball were quiet as they continued to search the sky.

“Well, I see the Big and Little Dipper, no problem! They are right in front of me.”

Snowball and Jinx turned their heads quickly at the sound of Alabaster’s voice. They were beginning to wonder if everyone was awake tonight. Well except for Jangle, who most likely was still snoring away.

“Very funny!” they said, as they saw Alabaster walking straight  towards them with a big smile on his face and a sly glint in his eyes.

“No, really, they are, just look behind you!”

They turned around and looked, sure enough they spotted them. “Now to find the Little Bear”. said Snowball.

All three were searching the starlit sky when all of a sudden they saw the strangest thing that they had ever seen in the sky. It was big and shining  bright.

“A shooting star!” cried Jinx.

“No, I think its an airplane”, said Snowball.

“Wow! I never ever thought I would see one!”, cried Alabaster, as he jumped up and down with excitement.

“An airplane?” Snowball asked, looking at him with a quizzical expression on his face.

“No! A spaceship!”

All three stared with their hearts beating fast, the closer it got, the more you could tell, that it was indeed a spaceship! It had a neon orange light glowing around it. Snowball, Jinx, and Alabaster had to shield their eyes, as the light was blinding them. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, the spaceship had landed just a few feet away from them!

They were frozen in shock as they saw the door come open, but no one came out. They heard music coming from the spaceship and Jinx was drawn to the music as he walked towards the spaceship. Alabaster couldn’t resist not seeing a spaceship close up, so he followed Jinx. Snowball thought his friends were crazy, but he couldn’t let them go alone!

Now they were right in front of the spaceship and the light glowed around them. The music kept playing and they were discussing with each other about walking into the spaceship. Who would go first?

How could they not check it out, imagine the story they could tell their friends, they would be amazed!

They decided they would all go together. They each stepped onto the ramp that had come out of the door. Suddenly the ramp lifted up and they fell on their stomachs as they rolled down the ramp and into the spaceship. They jumped as they heard the closing of the door.

( to be continued … 🙂 )


One Step at a Time

What had she got herself into? She woke up with a feeling of great anticipation, but now as the time drew closer her courage was starting to be pushed aside by butterflies.  They were fluttering about inside of her, causing her to almost spill her cup of coffee, which she had just poured.

The clock said 8 am, when Gracie raised her head and looked at it on the wall. She checked her watch, unfortunately the broken clock was right this time. It was 8 am and she would hear the door bell ring any second.

Gracie took a deep breath, out the window she saw Josie’s car pull up. She was here, there was no backing out now. Though she was starting to feel a little sick.

“Ding dong!’

Gracie opened the door with a shaky smile.

“Hi Gracie, are you ready? Isn’t it a gorgeous morning! I can’t wait to get going!”

Josie has always been a morning person. Gracie remembered when they were teenagers, and she wanted to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but the phone usually rang bright and early with Josie on the other end. She would be chattering away at how Gracie couldn’t sleep her day away,  there were adventures to have. Life with Josie never was boring!

“I am as ready as I am going to be. How sure again are you that this is safe?”  Gracie asked.

Josie laughed, as she put her arm around Gracie, “No worries! It will be fine. Have I ever steered you wrong?”

Gracie raised her eyebrows, as she said, ” Well there was one time in our Junior year when…”

Josie interrupted, “Oh yeah, that time, but hey… in the end all turned out okay.”

They laughed together as they remembered the look on Mike’s face, as his  runaway car was headed for the creek.

They chatted some on their way, calming Gracie’s nerves.

“Here we are!” Josie said, as she parked on the gravel side of the road, “Grab your backpack and lets go.”

The trail that they were hiking was a nice flat trail, with lovely trees lining the path. Gracie enjoyed the trail, she just was worried about where the trail was taking them.

After a too short 15 minute walk, they had reached their destination, and Gracie looked up as her stomach hopped into her throat. “It it is quite high!” she stammered to Josie.

“Look how beautiful it is! I am telling you the view from the top will be worth it, I promise!”

She grabbed Gracie’s hand, “You can do this. I will be right by your side the whole way up the mountain.”

Gracie felt a surge of adrenaline go through her. Yes, she could do this,  she had never attempted rock climbing before, but there was a first time for everything. What could go wrong, Josie promised they would be home by suppertime, and she said she was treating. Gracie could already taste the sweet chocolate lava cake with caramel icing in her mouth. She squeezed Josie’s hand and said, “Lets go!”

Finding Love

The sky was an extra special shade of blue today, as Charlie  walked home. Charlie had never quite seen the sky look that way before. He had been lying in the field, by the river gazing at the clouds for a little too long as he played with fuzzy caterpillars. He knew he should pick up the pace, for his Mama was expecting him home for supper soon. He  started walking faster and then suddenly stopped when he heard some whining behind him. He turned around and there was a dog, sitting by the side of the road.

He was chocolate brown, but far from the prettiest dog that Charlie had ever seen. His face was shaped strangely and his hair was all matted. In fact as Charlie got closer he wasn’t sure if the dog really was a chocolate brown or was that mud? Hmm.. he could use a good bath probably, just like Mama made Charlie do, whenever he came in from playing outside in the dirt. The dog’s eyes begged Charlie to come closer. He approached slowly and held out his hand for the dog to sniff. The dog sniffed it and then whined some more as it looked right at him. Charlie felt like the dog was looking right into his soul, there was just something special about his eyes, and as Charlie looked closer he noticed something. The eyes were 2 different colors! This dog was a strange looking dog for sure, but Charlie felt compassion for it.

He sat down by the side of the road and slowly started petting him. Then he remembered that he still had half of a ham sandwich left that his Mama had made for him on for his outing to the river. He pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to the dog, who gobbled it down in an instant and than gave Charlie a big lick right on his cheek and Charlie laughed.

Charlie sat by the side of the road petting it for a little, wondering what to do.  He needed to get home, but he didn’t want to leave the dog all alone.  Would it follow him? He  took a few steps and looked back and the dog sat there looking at him. Then he took a few steps more and looked back and the dog had got on its feet. He smiled and took a few more steps and soon the dog was trotting right beside Charlie, and they headed home.  Charlie’s stomach was nervous with excitement, hoping that just maybe his Mama would let him keep the dog. He pinched his eyes shut tight wishing and praying and wishing some more that he would finally be able to  have a dog of his own.

Charlie rounded the corner and saw his Mama in the yard hanging wash on the line. He had been thinking of ways to ask his Mama about the dog, but all the words left him in his  nervousness and he just ran up to his Mama and gave her a big hug.

His Mama bent down and hugged Charlie and then started to say, “What took you so long? I was beginning to ….” and that’s when she noticed the big, shaggy chocolate brown dog right at Charlie’s side. “Wha-Who do you have here?”

Charlie started to stammer out, “He-he-he followed me home, can-can- we ….” His Mama held up her hand to stop him. ‘Honey, I know you so badly want a dog, but I just don’t know, they are a lot of responsibility? And what if he belongs to someone else?”

Charlie’s  eyes lost their spark as he hung his head, but before he spoke, the dog did.

He offered his paw as he said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am and I am so pleased to meet you and your little boy. I would love to live with you, I have been traveling alone for quite awhile now, looking for the right owner.”

Charlie and his Mama stood there speechless as they started at the talking dog.

“Many people have passed me by, but your Charlie wasn’t scared off by my looks, he came and sat beside me and even gave me some his food. He gently petted me and I just would love to have Charlie as my human? May I please keep him ?”

Charlie’s Mama was shaking her head in disbelief as Charlie was hugging the dog around its neck saying, “Mama please! Oh please! I will take care of him I promise and I’ll even eat all my broccoli and carrots,”  he said, as he made a face.

His Mama laughed, as she took her hand and tousled Charlie’s curly locks on his head. “How could I possibly say No to such a polite speaking dog?” She turned to the dog and patted his head, ” i would love to have you live with us!”

The dog wagged his tail and spun in a circle. “At last I have a human! A human of my very own! Oh Charlie, we are going to have such fun together!”

Charlie’s Mom watched as the 2 played in the yard and her heart was warmed, she felt like this was only the beginning of many adventures to come! A talking dog! Who would have ever thought! She was still shaking her head as she walked into the house.


More Tales of the Farmer and his Wife

He found her lying by a tree. He had been out walking in the woods with Tucker, his collie. The farmer was so thankful that Tucker had come to live with them. It was a wish come true to have as wonderful of dog as Tucker was. The perfect companion.

The farmer had almost stumbled over the girl, for she was curled up in a ball.

He spoke to her, but she didn’t seem to hear him, her eyes remained closed. Shaking her shoulder a little, her eye lids fluttered open, and she mumbled something incoherent. She stood up to try and walk, but stumbled.

She told him that she had been running from a family of bears and must have fainted from fright. He was shocked to hear about her seeing bears and thought it may be good if she would come rest at their house for a little.

His wife said that their door was always open to anyone that needed some shelter. She was also great at whipping up delicious food to fill the stomachs of those who came.

The farmers wife heard Tucker barking his greeting at the door. She opened it for him and was surprised to see her husband with a young girl leaning on him, seeming to need help with walking.

Her husband greeted her with a tender kiss on the cheek, explaining how he had found the girl lying by the tree. The poor girl still seemed pretty out of it as she tried to explain to the farmer’s wife what had happened.

When she got to the part about seeing the family of bears, the farmer’s wife gasped! Bears! Around here! She opened her mouth to say something when she met her husband’s eyes and he nodded towards the young girl.

She had sat down on one of their chairs and her eyes were getting heavy. “This chair is just right,” she said.

The farmer’s wife came over to her and took her hand. “I am glad you like our chair, but why not come and lie on a bed in our guest room, I think you will sleep much better there.”

The girl smiled and got up, following the farmer’s wife back to the bedroom. There were big, golden sunflower,pillows on the bed. She sank down onto the bed and let out a big sigh. “Oh, not too soft and not too hard, this feels just right!” With a smile on her face she was asleep within minutes.

Coming out into the living room the farmer’s wife saw her husband sitting by their fire with Tucker at his feet, stretched out on the floor.

“That poor girl! She was asleep almost instantly, as soon as her head hit the pillow. She really must have had quite the fright, she appears to be so exhausted. I am glad you found her and brought her here to rest. I will fix up a special, yummy dessert for her when she wakes up.”

Her husband smiled, “You take such great care of the unexpected guests that come through our door. Ever since we made that wish of wanting to help others, we have met so many people, haven’t we.”

His wife smiled, “We certainly have. Now come to the table and eat some porridge before it gets cold.”

They started eating when the farmer’s wife had a thought come to her. ” Did the young girl mention her name to you?” she asked.

The farmer thought for a little, ” No, she didn’t. After she is well rested, I am sure she will be up to talking more.”

“Well she certainly does have beautiful hair, bright, golden locks!” the farmer’s wife said and they went back to eating their porridge. Porridge that was not too cold or too hot, but just right.

What Do You Wish?

The farmer walked into the house, ready for a good meal. He had worked long and hard in the fields.  He was tired and very hungry.

“Your stack of pecan pancakes are ready for you dear, along with some scrambled eggs.”

The farmer smiled as he sat down at the oak table. He did love his pecan pancakes, and he saw that his wife remembered to put whip cream on top of them. Oh, he was a lucky guy!

His wife came out of the kitchen and frowned when she noticed what was standing up against the wall beside their front door. It was the farmer’s very worn, old shovel.

“Why didn’t you leave that outside?” she asked.

The farmer glanced up and swallowed his mouthful of pancakes before answering.  He wore a sheepish grin. “Sorry dear, I was so anxious to taste some of your delicious cooking that I just plumb forgot I had it in my hand when I came in the door. I will take it back out to the barn after supper. ”

They enjoyed talking as they ate. Laughing, as they reminisced about their dating years. They didn’t have much. Their house wasn’t anything big and no showpiece to look at, but it kept them warm.  The love between them burned as much as it did the first day they met.

After supper was over, the farmer started a fire in the fireplace to warm up the little house, sometimes it could get pretty chilly at night. His wife did some crocheting as he got wrapped up in a mystery that he was reading.

A hour later his wife called to him. “Honey! Honey!” He didn’t hear her as he was snoring away, with the book on his lap.

She smiled tenderly, he worked hard, its not a wonder he fell asleep. She grabbed a wool blanket and laid it over him. She stoked the fire in the fireplace and laid a few more logs on it to keep it burning through the night. Yawning herself, she decided to call it a night and walked back to their bedroom to go to sleep. At least his snoring wouldn’t keep her up tonight.

A few hours went by and then the clock struck midnight. The farmer was still sleeping soundly snoring away and his wife was enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

No one noticed the shovel, that was still standing upright in the corner, by the door. A strange greenish glow started to appear around it. The glow got brighter and brighter and then as quickly as it came, it went away.

The farmer rubbed his eyes as the sunlight streamed through the windows. His back ached some from being in the chair all night, but he was glad that he got a good night’s rest. He felt ready for the day ahead.

“Whoa! What….What was he looking at?”  He rubbed his eyes again, thinking that perhaps he was still dreaming! He opened them slowly again, nope he wasn’t dreaming, it was still there!

He walked over to it and touched it, yup, it was real alright! But how??? He scratched his head as he tipped it back to stare up at his ceiling, which now had a big hole in it! A hole made from one gigantic beanstalk!

He heard his wife coming down the hall and saw her eyes get round as saucers. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He didn’t know if he had ever seen his wife speechless before! She just stood there and stared, with her mouth agape!

That’s how they were when suddenly a boy came down the beanstalk into their home!

“Good Morning! My name is Jack, how are you?”

The farmer and his wife could only stare at each other in great shock.

The boy laughed. “A little speechless I see, no problem, i will explain.”

They watched him walk over to the corner by the door and grab the old, dirty shovel that was still up against the wall. “I am here because of this! You have the magic golden shovel!”

At those words the farmer found his tongue and laughed. “Magic? That old thing! That thing is so worn, for it has dug so many holes for me in the field, and its definitely not golden!”

The boy picked up the shovel and the farmer and his wife watched in astonishment as a green glow circled the shovel and right in front of their eyes, it became the shiniest golden shovel you ever did see!

eb4db159bb8a05b1d8f91ce00d4a9cb9 picture from Pinterest

Jack was smiling at their astonishment. “Sorry about the hole in your roof, as soon as I climb back up this stalk, all will return to normal. But first you both may make 3 wishes, for you have the golden shovel.  A shovel can only become golden when it is used many times, just like this one has been. So speak your wishes and they will be granted to you  in a flash!”

The farmer couldn’t believe it, he was about to be rewarded for all that back breaking work he did digging holes.

He thought for a moment and then with a sparkle in his eye he said, ” I would like my wishes to be ….”

What do you think he wished? What would you wish if you had a magic shovel?


Seeing the Beauty Within!

As I was thinking of today being MLK’s birthday, a post came to my mind that I wrote back in the summer of 2017, a simple story with an important message weaved into it. I thought it would be appropriate to share again today in honor of MLK and his dream. A dream of a day when we won’t be so offended by those who are different from us, not have our eyes blinded, and be able to see past their differences and into their hearts.

33f87636d7c88cf0c0109a594a97b765(picture from Pinterest)

Jenny took off on her bike once again to go deliver some flowers of Happiness. Her Mom watched her out the kitchen window, she was so proud of her daughter.  Jenny had a special love for flowers. She always made sure to have some in her room. She would also  use her own money rather often to buy a fresh flowers, and she would sit them on the dining room table where they all could enjoy them.  Jenny said how the sight and pleasant scent of flowers made her heart happy  and she wanted to spread the joy to her family.

Recently she had started buying flowers and delivering them to her neighbors. She started with the neighbors on her street but she started adding the streets from the development behind her. Jenny told her Mom how she loved to see the smiles that her flowers brought to those who received them.

She laughed as she told her Mom that even sour Mr.McGregor was starting to give a faint smile to Jenny every time she came. At least he wasn’t shouting at her anymore to get out of his yard when she came. In fact Jenny noticed that he was sitting on his front porch more regularly lately. One time Jenny said how nice it was to see him waiting for her. He just grunted, but again she saw the trace of a smile.  His sour expression and grunts used to scare her, but not anymore.

Little Billy would come running when Jenny would ride into his driveway.  He would always raise his arms up for Jenny to pick him up. He would smile big as he  clutched a flower in his chubby little fingers to give to his Mom. He knew not to put them in his mouth anymore.  Renee, his Mom, started coming out with cookies and lemonade when Jenny came. They would sit on the porch as Billy would beg for Jenny to play with him some.

Hazel was an older widow and she often told Jenny how a visit from her was the highlight of her week. Her husband had bought her flowers a lot when he was living.  Jenny enjoyed talking with her, she enjoyed hearing stories from Hazel’s past.  Hazel usually had little nuggets of wisdom to pass on to Jenny.  Jenny tried to make Hazel’s visit be the last one, so that she could have the time to talk to her.

There was another house that Jenny longed to stop at, but her parents told her not to.  Jenny really didn’t understand why. Her parents didn’t really give a reason besides the fact that they said those people in that house were “different”.. “Different”?  Jenny wasn’t sure what to think about that.  It spiked her curiosity though.  What was so “different’ about them.  Jenny had to know.

One day she had an idea as she stopped at the house of the “different” neighbors. She ran up to the front door, laid some flowers down, pushed the doorbell and biked away as fast as she could.  It worked!  She got away and no harm came to her.  The next week she tried it again.  Jenny decided that as long as she never had to face them it would be fine to continue it and so she did.

Jenny asked Hazel one day about a sign that she had put in her yard.  It said, “No matter where you are from, we are glad that you are our neighbor.” Hazel explained that it meant she welcomed everyone as a neighbor.  Jenny got real quiet and then looked up at Hazel and said, “But what about that house down the street,  aren’t you afraid of them?  My parents say they are different!”

Hazel sighed and got a sad look in her eyes.  “They are just like you and me Jenny.  They have hearts that can be happy and that can break. They may speak a different language and come from a different land, but they know the power of a smile!  Sadly people are afraid of things they don’t understand.  If they would only know the joy that they are missing out on by not opening their heart and mind.”

Jenny put her head down and said softly,  ” I wish I could meet them someday but my parents keep telling me to stay away.”  Hazel took Jenny’s hand and gave it a squeeze and they just sat there in silence for awhile as the gentle breeze blew.

Jenny’s Mom was inconsolable, the time was growing shorter and the Doctors faces were growing grave.  Hope had been so strong at first,  but it was getting hard to keep holding onto it.  Jenny’s Dad held his face in his hands, he just didn’t understand.  How could this have happened! One minute Jenny is delivering flowers of happiness and the next she is fighting a life and death battle due to having been hit by a speeding driver.

Jenny needed a blood transfusion but she had a rare blood type and they were having trouble finding donors. Time was running short and Jenny was unconscious not knowing how her parents hearts ached.  Suddenly the Dr. burst into Jenny’s room. “We got a donor! ”  Jenny’s parents embraced as their hearts soared!  Tears were falling as they watched Jenny be wheeled out of the room.

Three days later Jenny was doing a lot better.  The Dr. has said she should be ready to go home in a couple more days. Her Mom was sitting in her room talking to Jenny when the Dr. came in.  “Dr. Kline, Jenny and I were talking,  would it be possible to meet the one who donated their blood for her, we really would like to thank them.”  Dr.Kline smiled and said he would see what he could do.

The next morning Jenny was finishing her breakfast as Dr. Kline walked in.  ” Mr. and Mrs. Stouffer, I was able to locate the person who donated blood to Jenny.  Jenny clapped her hands and her parents were all smiles. Dr. Kline stepped out the door for a minute and then stepped back in with a lady by his side, and he said,  “Please meet Roshana!”

Jenny’s parents gasped! It was their new neighbor!  The “different” neighbor.  They couldn’t speak.  Jenny though eagerly reached out her hand and squeezed Roshana’s hand, giving her a big smile, and said, ” Thank you so very much!!”

Roshana took her hand, and smiled back, with her eyes shining. She then pulled from behind her back a bouquet of flowers for Jenny. Her parents watched as emotion filled their hearts, and Jenny’s Mom wiped tears from her eyes.

When Jenny came home from the hospital there were two signs to greet her in the front yard.  One welcoming her home and another sign welcoming their neighbors.

Finding the Perfect Gift

This post today was inspired by 2 special readers of mine. A dear little boy and his special “Gem”, his grandma. The little boy loves dragons and especially Dinosauris. His grandma brought it to my attention that a couple days ago it was “National Appreciate a Dragon Day.” Well even though I missed that day, I am not real good with Dragon facts, I thought I should still honor it. So Benjamin, and Ellen, thanks for the inspiration and I hope you guys and all of my readers enjoy this story. Its always fun to take a visit to the North Pole. 

Finding the Perfect Gift

Everyone was in a celebratory mood, today was a special day. Today they were all celebrating Dinosauris birthday. No one was quite sure how old he was, and actually no one really knew the actual date of his birthday, but everyone deserved to celebrate a birthday! Everyone appreciated him so much for he was such a kind dragon. They all decided to make the day that he joined them at the North Pole as his “birthday” and today marked a year since he had come.

Chef Salvo was preparing a special meal. He cooked all day yesterday for dragons eat a lot! He was really glad that Jinx and Jangle were able to find some Dragon fruit plants.

76fe9a6fa813f25c06b8fea291a387b1 Dragon Fruit plants from Pinterest

Chef Salvo was able to make an amazing  Dragon fruit crepe cake out of it!

aea5391e32331c44742ca88c0f6e8907 Dragon fruit crepe cake, (its a real thing :)) Pinterest

Candy Cane had been in charge of the decorations and they looked great. Everything was ready for the party, well almost everything. Jinx, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster were in charge of finding the perfect birthday gift for Dinosauris.  When Candy Cane asked how they were coming along with it, she couldn’t get a straight answer out of any of them. She was beginning to have her doubts.

Snowball kept dozing off when she tried to ask him. Alabaster, was so bundled up in blankets, and just kept saying how cold it was. He hadn’t been at the North Pole as long as the others, and came from the sunny South. He was having a slightly hard time adjusting and was busy guzzling down hot drinks. He would nod his head at Candy Cane when she would ask him, or make some crazy pun about the cold.

Jinx kept giving Candy Cane answers that would lead her to another question, and then he would walk away and she would realize that he didn’t answer her original question. Jangle was so busy listening to music, and he would answer Candy Cane’s questions about Dinosauris by breaking into song. Needless to say Candy Cane felt like ” smacking her head” after talking to all of them and she was just hoping that they would have a gift in time for the party tonight.

While preparations were being made for the big party, Dinosauris had a special, surprise visitor that came to see him, along with his grandmother. This little boy loved dragons, and especially loved Dinosauris. He had an amazing time flying with Dinosauris, keeping him distracted while all the elves got ready for the birthday celebration.

Snowball stretched as he opened his eyes. Jinx, Jangle and Alabaster were staring at him. “Wh-What, What do you guys want?”  Snowball asked as he stifled a yawn.

“Did you get it?” asked Jinx.

Snowball looked a little confused, “Get what?”

Jangle shook his head. “The gift, Dinosauris birthday gift! We only have a few hours until his party and Candy Cane will have our heads if we don’t bring the gift.”

Now Snowball was wide awake. “OH NO! I forgot! It slipped my mind, Jinx you were supposed to remind me!”

Jinx looked down at his feet. “Well right now, lets not worry whose fault it is, but clearly we have a problem! We need to find a gift. I suggest we go out exploring to find something. Everyone get bundled up and we will leave in 15 minutes.”

Alabaster sighed, would he ever get used to this cold, he thought.

When 15 minutes had passed, they were all seated in a sleigh and ready to go, though they still had no idea of exactly where they were going.

Jangle drove as they zoomed over the snow, taking the curves a little fast, but they were pressed for time. One time Alabaster almost fell out of the sleigh, but Snowball grabbed hold of him and pulled him back in.

“Look straight ahead, see the cute chipmunks!” Jinx pointed out. Alabaster was wishing he had grabbed his camera, for he thought chipmunks were such cute creatures. Jangle started singing a song about them, as he drove.

At last Jangle brought the sleigh to a stop,  and they all got out to go on a hunt for a special gift.

They walked and walked, feeling more despondent as they walked. What did a dragon need, what did a dragon like? How were they supposed to find the perfect gift?

Jinx wandered away from the group for a little and then they all heard him yell. They all went running to where they heard the yell from, but saw nothing.

“Umm….what are we all staring at? Where did Jinx go?”  Snowball asked.

“Down here!” they heard a muffled yell and saw a hole ahead of them.

When they got to the hole, Jinx was climbing out, brushing snow off himself. He was smiling as he held something in his hand.

“I found it! I found a gift for Dinosauris.”

Everyone smiled as they cried out in unison, “What?”

Jinx dropped marbles onto the snow and emptied his pockets of even more marbles.

“I was walking and didn’t see the hole. I yelled out as I fell, and then realized that there were marbles all around me. Don’t know where they came from! I remembered how Dinosauris loves colorful things and he had fun with a marble game that he had before, but I think he lost it recently.”

Everyone agreed that the marbles sounded perfect, and no one was happier to go back, then Alabaster, whose toes were growing numb. They would make it back with just a little time to spare before the party. Time to show Candy Cane their gift, for she was probably beginning to get frantic by now.

The party was a grand success. Dinosauris was so surprised by the party and the gift,  that happy tears rolled down his face. He loved his cake and had so much fun playing marbles with the little boy and the other elves. He kept winning, and that was okay, for after all it was his birthday.

To thank everyone for the party Dinosauris gave as many rides as everyone wanted. They soared high and spun around, there wasn’t a ride around that quite compared to a Dragon ride!





Adventure in the Woods

When I wrote A Snowy Day Surprise  for Wednesday’s post, I wasn’t planning on having a Part 2, but sometimes you just never know.  Over the past couple days since then I have gained some inspiration, so here is hoping that you will enjoy Part 2! I mean, I couldn’t just leave Frank and George dozing forever on a log in the snowy woods, could I? They may get frostbite, so I had to save them.

Adventure in the Woods

Frank opened his eyes and stretched, accidentally bumping George, which caused him to fall off the log into the snow. 

“Oops, sorry about that!” Frank said, though he was fighting back laughter at the same time at George’s shocked expression to find himself lying in the snow. 

“Here let me help you up.”said Frank, holding out his hand to him. 

George brushed himself off and they both stood there for a few minutes wondering what they should do. George turned to Frank and said, “Do you think we should continue to look for that jackalope, or is it a lost cause?” 

“He is probably long gone by now,  I would say its hopeless, but we can always keep a look out for him as we head back.” Frank replied. “I am feeling rather cold now, so lets get to moving.” 

They walked and talked for awhile and then Frank grew silent, and so they walked in silence for awhile until George spoke up. “Are you feeling OK? ” 

“Yes, why?” Frank asked. 

“Well you went from talking a lot to just giving short answers to my statements, to not talking at all! Its like you are acting all moody on me.” 

“Nope! Not moody, but tell me, didn’t we pass that tree before?” 

George stared at him, “You didn’t just ask that?” 

“Yes, I did, did you not hear me correctly?” Frank replied. 

“Someone is moody.” George muttered to himself. 

“I heard you!” replied Frank. “I am not moody! But, I do believe we passed that tree before.” 

George smacked his head with his hand. ” Umm..in case you haven’t noticed, this is the woods, and there are LOTS of trees in the woods, what makes you think we passed that specific tree before?” 

Frank rolled his eyes, “Maybe because of the yellow X it has on its trunk!” 

George turned around and went back to look at the other side of the tree, and he saw the yellow X. “Oh, hmmm….didn’t notice that before.” 

“Well that’s obvious,” said Frank, and they stopped walking, and stared at the tree.

“So are you saying that we are walking in circles?” 

“I think so,” said Frank, “We have passed that tree 3x now. I been counting. I think you need to get out your compass, so we can get ourselves turned in the right direction.” 

George dug in his pockets, pulled out a few coins and a few marbles, but no compass.

“Guess I forgot my compass this morning.” George said softly. 

“Oh now what are we supposed to do! How do we know whether to go left or right? 

They stared at each other feeling clueless. 

In the distance they heard singing and they saw a girl walking towards them. She had on a red wool cape and was carrying a basket. When she got close enough to them , Frank called out. 

“Excuse me Miss, could you help us please? We seem to be hopelessly lost. ” 

The girl smiled, and asked them where they wanted to go.  

When they told her she gladly said, ” I am headed that exact same direction, you can follow me.” 

George and Frank breathed a sigh of relief, for they weren’t too fond of being stuck in the woods on a snowy night. They already felt like there hands and feet were turning blue, with as long as they had been outside. 

They had a nice chat with the girl in the red cape as they walked. She was going to visit her grandmother, she told them. 

“Here we are!” Frank and George saw the house just ahead and the girl pointed to the path beside it. “Just keep following that path and it will lead you out of the woods.” she told them. 

“Thank you very much!” they replied, as they shook her hand. 

They said goodbye and took off down the path, thinking of a nice hot meal that they would soon have, when they heard growling behind them. 

Frank turned around, and his eyes got round  like saucers. “Run George, Run!” 

The wolf was gaining speed and nipped at George’s heels, which made him jump and run even faster, as he gasped for breath. 

They saw a barn straight ahead and dashed into it closing the door behind them! Falling back against the door they slumped to the floor with their hearts still beating rapidly. 

“We made it!” gasped Frank.

“Yes!” said George. 

“MOO!” went the cows, causing Frank and George to jump and stumble head first into the water trough. 

They lifted their heads out of the water and gave each other a pitiful look, as Frank said, “Today is just not our day!” 

“MOO!” went the cows!