The Clue of the Seagulls (Part 2)

If you missed Part one yesterday, just click on this link.The Clue of the Seagulls


“We got to go back to the bungalow, I want to take a closer look at something.” Frank said, as he started walking back at a quick pace.

George tried to keep up, wondering what it was that had Frank so excited. He looked back at the seagulls. With the way Frank was acting, perhaps he understood seagull speech after all. maybe the seagulls had been talking about the jewels to each other. OH, Now he must be crazy! Seagulls talking about jewels? He shook his head and started to jog to get caught up to Frank.

Frank entered the bungalow ahead of him and yelled to  George to follow him to the study upstairs. George walked up the spiral staircase into the study.  Frank was staring at the floor.

“I can’t believe how something was right in front of my face and I didn’t even take notice of it!” Frank said. He bent down to look closer at the floor.  “Do you see it George?”

“See what? I see the moon, which is very well done! I am starting to think that perhaps I should have my house redecorated with Mosaic tiles like these. The turtle downstairs,  and now a night scene up here with a shining moon. The moon really does shine too!


“Look closely George. Look how some pieces really sparkle!”

“They sure do and its all very nice, but I am still a little confused. I thought you had a clue about solving the mystery of the missing jewels.”

Frank smiled broadly. “Don’t you see it, this house is full of all the clues we need!”

“Did you take notice of the tile in the bathroom?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes, the one with the sand dollars and some real shiny blue….”


Frank saw George’s face light up as the truth hit him.

“We found them! The missing jewels. Oh  Josie will be so happy when we let her know that we found her grandmother’s jewels. She was sure that they had been stolen, but now what her grandmother wrote in her final message to Jodi, before she died, makes sense. It said to look to the moon and don’t miss what is right in front of you, there are always treasures to be found by the sea.”

“This is cause for a celebration! Supper is on me!” Frank said.

“My stomach is very glad to hear that, but I have one question. How is it that you were sitting in your chair watching the seagull in front of you. Then it walks away talking to another seagull and suddenly you spring out of your chair. What triggered your thought to go take a closer look at the tile of the moon?”

Frank’s eyes gleamed, “Well that is simple, the seagulls told me. Now where would you like to go for supper?”

“Of course! The seagulls told you, What was I thinking?”

Frank laughed as they walked to the car.


The Clue of the Seagulls

“Frraank! Are you coming? ”  called out George from the car, as he blew the horn.

Frank came flying out his front door with his arms full, he hurried to George’s car as his thermos left a trail of  his coffee spilling behind him. He opened the car door, causing him to drop the folder he had been carrying under his arm. Papers spilled out, and George groaned, as Frank scrambled to pick them up. He bent down tilting his thermos causing more of his coffee to spill out.

At last Frank got all the papers gathered together and sat down and buckled up as he closed the door.

“Lets go!” he said to George.  “We don’t have all day, you know.”

George rolled his eyes and backed out of the driveway.

They had been on the road for about 10 minutes when Frank took a sip from his thermos. At least he attempted to take a sip. Apparently more of his coffee had spilled out then he had thought.

“Hey George, think we can stop at Starbucks before we get on the interstate, I need some more coffee.”

There was silence as George turned his head to look at Frank. Their eyes met and Frank quickly said, “Its okay, I can wait, just keep driving George.”

George shook his head, and then he couldn’t help but smile. Frank was a good guy, in spite of his coffee habit.

For the rest of the drive they talked about  the new case they were given,  and what they thought so far about it. It was quite the perplexing mystery.

“The clues are rather baffling”, said Frank, and George agreed.

” I mean what does the moon have to do with anything?”

“I have read these clues several times and still feel as much in the dark, as I felt before. ” said George.

“As much in the dark as a total eclipse of the moon, would be?” Frank asked.

“Very funny, but yes, just about! I keep waiting for something to jump out at me from these clues, but so far, nothing has.”

They were silent, both lost in thought as George turned down the road.

“Your destination is 800 feet ahead on the left.” Suri said.

The bungalow looked inviting and Frank was glad to at last be here. Now he could grab his coffee pot and make some coffee or perhaps he would make a cup of tea.

They walked in and were happily surprised by how cozy it looked inside. They never quite knew what kind of accommodations to expect when they were sent out on assignments.

Their feet sank into the plush, sea blue carpet. There was a fireplace , though they didn’t plan on starting a fire, for it was still quite hot out. The kitchen was a nice size with a lovely mosaic tile on the floor. It had the design of a sea turtle in pebbles.


Frank made himself a cup of tea and took a seat on the leather couch.  He looked across the room at the huge bookcase. One of those that was built into the wall. It was filled from top to bottom with books.

“Hey George, perhaps these books hold a clue to the mystery.? Why don’t you look and see if you find any on the moon?”

George walked over to the bookcase and silently browsed through the books.

“Well …. I don’t think we can count on these books helping,” said George.
“Not unless you speak another language! I haven’t found any in English yet!”

Frank  walked over to the bookcase and pulled a book from the shelf flipping though the pages and then another one.  He smacked his leg, ” Remember when we visited the North Pole, for that special assignment our boss sent us on.  Where we met Jinx and Jangle, Snowball and Candy Cane? Didn’t Candy Cane speak a different language at times? Though I am not sure what it was. Too bad she isn’t here right now, she may have been able to decipher this gobbley gook for us!

“Listen! Did you hear that?”  George asked.

“Yes! That is strange, sounded like a clicking noise to me, like a series of clicks.”

As suddenly as it came the clicking noise ended and all was silent once more. They shrugged their shoulders at each other and Frank spoke.

” I know we are here to solve a mystery, but lets head out to the beach for a little. It will help clear our minds so we can focus.”

“Sounds great to me, lets go!”

“Ahh! This is the life! Feet in the sand, and a gentle breeze blowing from the sea.”

They were sitting in their beach chairs watching the waves roll in and kiss the shore. A seagull was just inches away from Frank’s chair, sitting and staring right at him.


They sat for awhile being mesmerized by the waves and the seagull stayed, looking at Frank most of the time.  Then its friend came by and they walked off.  Frank watched them walk away and said, “Hey George, do you know how to interpret seagull language?


George watched them for a little and then started to speak…”I do believe that…”

Frank didn’t let him finish his sentence, as he jumped from his chair, ” I got it, I think I may have figured out a clue to the mystery surrounding the missing jewels!”

**to be continued** and just to let all of you know, No, I am not at the beach yet! Its just on my mind as the countdown gets closer! 🙂 

All pictures were  from Pinterest



The Greenwoods Election!

I recently have written some posts to do with politics and the troubling times in our midst. Today I thought I would share another political post, but on a lighter note. Some of you may have read this story when Colin posted it on his blog a few months ago, but good stories can always be enjoyed a second time around, right.

Our dear friends at Moonbeam Farm have also been troubled with politics. Its been awhile since we taken a peek into their lives, so lets see what exactly is going on.  If you want more information about the stories in “The Odessa Chronicles” and how you can purchase a copy, please click on the cover of the book in the right hand margin. 

The Greenwoods Election

The farm, where the Man-Servant lives with his friends Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa, is called Moonbeam Farm, and is within the boundaries of the Township of Greenwoods. It was election time there as the Mayor’s term in office was coming to a close.

There were two candidates for the job of Mayor, and neither impressed the Man-Servant too much. One of them, Jake Fullofitt, was promising so much that was either unrealistic or would destroy the Township of Greenwoods as they knew it. He was promising lots of development and new jobs, but did not seem to appreciate the beauty of the rural area and how that would be destroyed along with the natural habitats of many creatures.

The other candidate, Dolores O’Dear, seemed to have a much better grasp on how the Township of Greenwoods could go into the future without undue conflicts with nature, but she did seem rather secretive and possibly devious in her methods of getting things done.

On election night, the Man-Servant knew what he had to do. He had talked about this important decision with the other three, and Dolores was going to get his vote. He just hoped that the rumors about her were untrue (and probably created by Jake Fullofitt), and that her education, common sense, and an overall desire to do the best she could for the area, would prevail.

Later that night, the Man-Servant was watching the election results as they came up on his TV screen, and was getting concerned because Jake Fullofitt seemed to be winning. Not all the votes had been counted, but it was looking rather bad for the Township of Greenwoods. He went to the back door and called across to the barn for Jaxon and Odessa to come over and join him. He then woke up Dewey and said they were having an urgent meeting!

They were all sitting around the log fire as the Man-Servant explained his concerns. He really wanted Dolores O’Dear to win, but it was not looking good. Odessa looked very thoughtful “You know,” she said, “I’ve been around quite a bit and have seen these situations before!” “Great!” said the Man-Servant. “How are they resolved?” “Easy.” said Odessa. “The unpopular candidate wins! What would you expect with a democratic voting process?” The Man-Servant looked at her and shook his head. “Thank you Odessa. Dewey… you are a devious creature when you want to be. Do you have any thoughts?” Dewey was asleep!

Jaxon, however, was looking really thoughtful. “Man-Servant.” he said. “What if I could influence the end result with my magic. Should I?” The Man-Servant looked at him. “Well Jaxon, we really should not interfere with the process, but Jake Fullofitt has lied so much that I think the future of life around here as we know is being threatened. Let’s just wait a little longer and see the results as more votes are counted.”

It was not long before the situation deteriorated further, and so the Man-Servant asked Jaxon to do whatever he could. Jaxon was sitting at the time, but soon stretched out with his head resting on his front legs, and clearly he was concentrating. The Man-Servant had never seen Jaxon look so focused, and was fascinated by what he was witnessing. Was it jackalope magic perhaps? He noticed Jaxon’s nose twitch a few times and then he was motionless, and with his eyes closed, for a good minute or two.

He then opened his eyes and smiled. “Man-Servant!” he said. “I think it has worked. I think Dolores O’Dear will win now so you just go to bed and have a good sleep!”

The Man-Servant smiled and went to bed but, as he lay there, he was thinking about what Jaxon did. Had he really manipulated the democratic process? Should he have allowed that to happen, after all it is the majority vote that should win? He tossed and turned and had a generally very bad night, with lots of questions on his mind and very little sleep.

When he turned on the radio the next morning, he heard that Dolores O’Dear had in fact won the election! He immediately went over to the barn to talk with Jaxon, and to explain that perhaps it was a mistake to interfere with the voting process. Odessa saw the Man-Servant first. “What’s up Man-Servant? Baffled by logic again?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “Odessa… this is serious! I asked Jaxon to fix the election process, and that was very wrong.”

Odessa looked a little puzzled, and looked at Jaxon (who had just arrived) and then back to the Man-Servant. “Are you saying that you believe Jaxon had something to do with the end result of the election yesterday?” “Yes!” said the Man-Servant. “That is exactly what I am saying!” Odessa took a couple of steps sideways towards Jaxon, and kicked him. “Don’t you have something to say to the Man-Servant?” she asked.

Jaxon was looking at his feet, which is what he tended to do when put in an awkward situation. “Well Man-Servant. My magic could not possibly affect an election process.” The Man-Servant shook his head. “But it did Jaxon! It did! I saw you do your magic thing, and Dolores won the election!” Jaxon looked up. “When you asked me to do that magic, Odessa winked at me, so I thought that I would pretend… just for a laugh.”

Odessa jumped up and down. “I didn’t wink at you! I was winking at Dewey because he was sneaking behind the Man-Servant to get to his food bowl!” Just at that moment, Dewey wandered into the barn. “I heard that Odessa!” he said. “I wasn’t sneaking around behind the Man-Servant, I was just going around him so that I could get a better view of Jaxon as I thought I heard magic mentioned!”

The Man-Servant sat down on the barn floor while the conversations were going on. “Tell me Jaxon.” he said. “Did your magic have any chance at all of impacting the election?” “Not a chance!” said Jaxon. “Not only does it have severe limitations on what it can do, but I am still trying to understand it so… no chance Man-Servant!”

Odessa then stepped closer to the Man-Servant. “You really have to smarten up you know if you want to fit in with us! We all know that Jaxon’s magic really sucks most of the time. Why aren’t you getting it?” The Man-Servant looked directly into Odessa’s eyes. “But Dolores won the election! How could she have done that without Jaxon’s magic?” Odessa just shook her head. “This may be difficult for you, being a mere human, to grasp… but please concentrate. Dolores received the most votes! That is how she won, but why am I explaining that to you? It is your democratic process after all!”

**  ***  *****  ***  **


Latisha had a dreamy look in her eyes as she parked in her driveway and walked towards her front door. She felt like her feet weren’t hitting the ground, she was literally walking on air. How could she not be. She was getting married this weekend!

She opened the door whistling  a happy tune and Lucy chimed in with her high pitched whine. The golden retriever was always so happy when Latisha came home.

Lucy knew the routine. Latisha would change out of her work clothes and then grab Lucy’s leash and out the door they would go on their walk.

It was a beautiful summer day,  This week there had been a break in the high humidity which made their evening walks more enjoyable.

Latisha was thinking back to when she first met Logan. She remembered the very first gift he had given her. It was a lovely small lavender mirror. What made it special were the words on the back. “To the girl who is the fairest of them all, will you be mine?”

He had given it to her on Valentine’s Day, when they had first begun to date. Her heart soared that night and had been soaring ever since.

There had been days when she had wondered if love would ever find her, and then Logan stepped into her life and her fairy tale of love had begun.

Later that night, Lucy was lying on the plush carpet right by Latisha’s feet as Latisha was going through the box of cards and other mementos that she had from Logan. Ahh, there it was. There was the lavender mirror. She smiled as she held it in her hand and looked into the glass, saying , “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the …”


Answering the Call


Wilbur looked around at everyone gathered for the meeting he had called. He knew everyone was curious as to the purpose of the meeting . He had heard the different ideas that were flying around. Some thought he was getting ready to resign as their faithful leader, but that was far from the truth. Even if his white hairs were showing, he wasn’t ready to step down from his perch yet.

He took some deep breaths as he wasn’t even sure how to tell everyone exactly what he was thinking. Some may think he was wise, but right now, he was even having problems at knowing exactly what to do. All he knew is that something had to be done, even if he had to ruffle the feathers of some. He was sure that Old Clarence wouldn’t be too keen on his idea. Clarence didn’t like change, but Wilbur couldn’t help that, change was in the air.

Wilbur waited for all to be quiet. He could still hear Clarice chirping away. The only time she seemed to have her beak closed was when she was eating!  Wilbur shook his head as everyone turned toward Clarice. She was not happy, as you could tell by her whistling sounds.  Apparently Fiona had given her a little peck trying to get her to be quiet. Clarice gave one more shrill as she flew away. Wilbur watched her go, he was sure she wouldn’t go far. Her curiosity wouldn’t let her.  She wouldn’t want to miss what this meeting was about. It would drive her batty not knowing what had been discussed.

At last, everyone settled down once more and Wilbur began to speak.

“Thank you all for coming! I know this is not one of our regularly scheduled meetings but I felt like this could not wait. I feel that the time has come for us to make a very important decision. We have flown around here for a couple hundred years. We have been admired by many and we were given the status of “National Bird” to this Country. They obviously were thinking straight when they made that decision, for we are a majestic bird! Whistling and shrills were let out in agreement.

I have been proud of this honor, but lately things have been appearing to go crazy around here. I have always been confused by humans but it just keeps getting worse! You would think that the “Dodo bird” was their National bird, with the way some of them act. Not all of them, Oh No! There are quite a few wonderful ones that I have seen! Its just that lately some of them have had me questioning my own sanity. I have been curious if this is just a problem with the humans in this land or is it an epidemic among all humans?

I have thought long and hard and I am asking for 4 eagles from among us to volunteer to be our Eagle Scouts. I would like to send them far, far away to scout out other lands and see what they think of the humans living there.  I believe we need to do the best we can to have a land that is worthy of having us as their “National Bird”.

It will require courage and bravery,  you will need to fly high to soar over mountains, oceans and possibly a wall to get to these other faraway lands.”

The crowd was silent as Wilbur penetrated them all with his steady gaze.

He silently asked himself, would any rise to the call? Would they agree with him, would anyone want to go? Would they all think he was cuckoo! One by one he looked at each eagle, some meeting his gaze, and some turning away. He continued going from bird to bird and at last he had completed the circle. Still all remained silent.

Then he heard it. The fluttering of wings. 4 brave eagles were flying towards him. They all landed in front of him and said, ” We want to be Eagle Scouts, we will go!”

Wilbur puffed up with pride. He knew they wouldn’t let him down. He would send them out and wait with much anticipation to hear what they  would discover in the other lands. In the meantime he would continue to try his best at figuring  out the humans who lived here!




Sparkling Gold


Joe was ecstatic, he couldn’t wait to show  off the gold nuggets he had found! All those days spent panning for gold had finally paid off. He had told Mary he would find gold and he knew she didn’t believe him, but bless her heart, she still was supportive of him leaving their home and going on this expedition.

He still could see the pain in her eyes as he hugged her bye. She was trying to be strong as their two little ones were pulling at her dress. He had his own lump in his throat as he gave her one more kiss on her sweet lips. Oh how he would miss the touch of her smooth skin has he brushed his hand against her cheek. He did wipe some tears from his eyes when he headed down the road with his horses.

Now he was wiping tears again, but these were tears of joy! Now he could start for home and he couldn’t wait to swing his Mary around in his arms as he told her about the gold nuggets that he had found!

He took a look of them again, at how they sparkled. They may be shining but nothing compared to the shine in hie heart, at seeing his family again. They most definitely were the most precious gold nuggets of all!


Out on the Water

The alarm was buzzing as Jangle sleepily tried to find the button to turn it off. Instead he ended up knocking the alarm clock onto the floor. He stumbled out of bed and grabbed the clock, finally managing to turn off the annoying sound.

He walked into the kitchen to scramble some eggs for himself.  He wondered where Jinx was, for he was typically an early riser. He didn’t need the alarm to wake him up. Most mornings Jangle would usually find him finishing up his breakfast or on the recliner reading, before it was time for them to go to the Toy Shop to work. This morning though he wasn’t in sight.

That’s when he remembered something, today was Jinx’s day off work. Jinx had said before about taking the boat out for a little ride on his day off. He really enjoyed being on the water. He often told Jangle that there was something very peaceful and soothing about it.

He would be gone for the day, but back in time for supper, he had said.  Chef Salvo was preparing a special meal for everyone, so he didn’t want to miss that. Jangle wondered what it would be, he was sure that Chef Salvo would not disappoint.

Ahh! What a lovely day it was, the skies were clear and the water sparkled. Jinx was enjoying just letting the boat drift. He hadn’t taken it out far, he didn’t want to get lost. He  let himself be lost in thought, and he thought of the special thing he wanted to do while out on the water.

Jangle and Snowball were hard at work and the toy that Snowball was working on was frustrating him to no end. No matter what he did to it, it just wouldn’t work.

“I think this toy is ready for the toy dungeon”, Snowball said to Jangle. “There is no fixing it.”

Candy Cane walked in to the toy room and overheard Snowball.

“Let me have a look”, said Candy Cane.

Snowball rolled his eyes, “I doubt you can fix it, I been working on it for the past couple hours. Jangle tried to help to, but neither one of us could figure it out.”

Candy Cane just smiled as she took it over to her work place.

It was about 30 minutes later when Jangle looked up and gave Snowball a nudge.

“Hey look,  Candy Cane is headed our way with the toy in her hand and she appears to have a smug expression on her face.”

She definitely was wearing a big smile as she walked up to them. “Allow me.” she said, and she proceeded to put the toy on the table. Pushed its button and laughed at the surprise on Jangle and Snowball’s faces.

“How did you fix it?”  Snowball asked.

“Easy! You just gotta have the smartz!” Candy Cane replied. “and reading the instructions, helps as well”, she said, holding up a paper in her hand.

“Hey, where did you get those instructions from? I didn’t have any  paper with instructions on it!”

Snowball’s question was only met with laughter as Candy Cane went out the door.

“Umm…I have a question Snowball, who gave you that toy to work on?” asked Jangle.

“Candy Cane did, she said it was a special order that….” Snowball stopped as a look came across his face.

Jangle laughed. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, I think you just got one pulled over on you!”

Meanwhile Jinx was still out on the water, but knew he needed to start heading back. He started rowing as he kept his eyes on the sky, watching the red balloon soar higher and higher.

Jinx made it back and docked the boat. He was glad for the time he had out on the water, but his stomach was starting to growl now and he was ready to see his friends again.

Everyone was enjoying Chef Salvo’s supper. He had outdone himself once again, everything was tasty.  Jinx chuckled as Jangle filled him  in about the “special” toy that Snowball had so much trouble with.

Later that night Jinx was reading by the light of  his red reading lamp as he sat in bed. Feeling drowsy he at last put down his book and turned off the lamp. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with the vision of the red balloon still in his head.




Meet Me at the Clock

20190630_023018.jpg Somewhere between here and Vancouver.

I woke up because the rocking of the train stopped. I looked out my window. We were stopped at some train station and the light from this clock was shining straight into my window.


Meet me at the Clock

The house was silent as she crept down the stairs. Her heart jumped when she heard the sound of the Grand Father Clock chiming. She had forgotten about that clock. While it was chiming she quickly ran down the stairs and out the front door.

It was still warm outside for it had been such a hot and humid day. The night was very dark. She was glad for street lamps that were lit, for the silvery moon wasn’t putting out much light, as it peeked out from behind the clouds.

Tamara hoped she was going in the right direction. She had tried to listen hard to the directions Timothy had given her, but her mind was going in a million directions as he talked. Were they really doing this? She was excited and nervous at the same time. What would her parents think?

She had tossed and turned every night this past week wrestling with the decision.  As far as she saw it, she had no other choice. Her parents wouldn’t let her marry Timothy and her heart just couldn’t stand being separated any longer from him. Tears had fallen upon the letter that she had left for her parents to find once she was safely gone. She hoped they would forgive her in time. Hoped that they would come to see that she and Timothy truly did love each other.

Her legs were beginning to get pretty tired, she hoped she would be there soon. Timothy had said to look for the light of the big clock shining from the train station. That it would show her the way to him and once she got there, they would never have to be separated again.

Ahh! There it was, her heart started beating faster. She felt a burst of energy overtake her as she ran to the station, opened the door and walked in.

Seeing Timothy standing there, she fell into his arms. ” Timothy … I love …” She stopped abruptly as she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

“Mom, Dad …. what are you…?”

“Hi Tamara”, her Mom put a arm around her as her Dad put his hand on Timothy’s back, leading them out of the station.

“How about I whip up a batch of my special pancakes. We can enjoy eating them as we have a nice, long chat.” her Mom said.

Tamara looked at Timothy, his pale look mirrored hers, her stomach definitely wasn’t growling with hunger right now!

“I think that sounds great honey! Perhaps some of your great biscuits too, with a big pot of coffee.” Tamara’s Dad replied.

“You like your coffee strong and black, son?” Tamara’s Dad asked Timothy.

“S..S..Sure, sir.” Timothy said in a voice that could barely be heard.

Tamara sighed, this very well may be the longest walk and breakfast that she ever had.



The Bridge of Love


Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

The picture is real, the following story though is not. 🙂 I just decided who needs pics from Pinterest to inspire stories when I have a whole slew of vacation photos!

The Bridge of Love

Jeremy stood on the bridge watching the setting sun. Memories tumbled through his mind. It was like his favorite movie playing, allowing him to hit pause and rewind whenever his favorite memories made an appearance.

Time had passed so quickly, but it was full of moments which had left their mark on his heart.

He put his hand in his pocket making sure the special box was still in there.

This was a beautiful spot he thought, as he watched the water flow, with thoughts of her flowing through his mind. Her voice rang in his head as clear as a bell. He was deaf to the sounds of traffic whizzing by. All he could remember was that moment when he had first laid his eyes on her and they were lost in time as they began to talk.

He remembered the look of her dimples when she smiled, and the gleam in her emerald green eyes when she smiled. A smile that had captured his heart in a thousand ways.

Jeremy rubbed his hand against the box once more. The hand that was now getting sweaty as his heart started pounding a little louder in anticipation of what was to come.

He ran his fingers through his hair, did he look alright? He smoothed down his shirt, perhaps he should have chosen a different tie.

He drew the box out of his pocket and opened it. It was still there, tucked securely in the velvet lining and shining bright. He wasn’t dreaming, this was all becoming real!

Jeremy drew in a deep breath, snapped the box shut, tucking it back in his pocket securely, as he started walking down the bridge.

He was planning to pick her up by 8. He was ready. Ready for their love to make a bridge, leading to many grand adventures!


In case you are wondering, my legs can attest to the fact that this is a very long bridge! Viewing the sunset from the bridge though was very pretty!





Waffles of Love



Another morning had dawned, breakfast time had come and gone with out many words being said. He had cleaned his plate, but she still found it hard at times to finish hers.

A small tear slid down her cheek as she looked down at the waffles swimming in the syrup. Memories ran through her mind of mornings in the past.

Early morning hours of being awake with the babies, and how she would be exhausted when the alarm for Clyde would go off. He would quietly get ready for work and give her a gentle, goodbye  kiss on her forehead, as he left for work.

When she awoke and stumbled into the kitchen her tea kettle would have hot water in it and there would be a a note from John, with words of love on it, lying on the kitchen table.

Some days the babies would keep her so busy that all she could make for supper was some blueberry waffles. She would apologize to John, but he never seemed to mind and blueberry waffles became a staple in their home.

As the children grew, they fell in love with blueberry waffles and they loved helping Daddy make them to surprise Mommy in bed with them, on Saturdays.

When the children got busy with after school activities and jobs, blueberry waffles once again would make a quick and yummy supper.

The children grew and moved out and eventually the morning alarm didn’t need to be set. Routines changed, but Blueberry waffles still remained a favorite meal and many mornings Clyde would still surprise Lizzy in bed with them.

Lizzy paused at the sink as she remembered the last time he had brought them to her in bed. He had forgotten the syrup and the 2nd waffle wasn’t quite done, she didn’t say anything but her fears were being confirmed, Clyde’s memory was quickly fading away.

The changes had been subtle before, but had become more pronounced as the days went by and then seemed to go downhill fast. The Dr. had confirmed it, Alzheimer’s had taken a hold.

Lots of things he had forgotten, memories stolen from him. But there were some things that still remained. One of them was his love for blueberry waffles. He could get agitated at times, but when Lizzie would serve up blueberry waffles, it would bring a smile to his face and calm him down.

He often would thank her, even if he didn’t know her name, he would tell the children how nice the pretty lady was that served him waffles.

Lizzie choked on a sob as she remembered how sweet her name used to sound on his lips.

Her heart burst for she still loved him so much no matter what, her memories were still intact and she knew the man that others could no longer see.

“Hey pretty lady, hey lady!” She heard his voice from the other room.

“Yes dear, what do you want?” Lizzie asked.

“Is it breakfast time yet? Could I have some waffles?”

Lizzie walked over to him and sat down on the couch with him. She gently took his hand in hers and told him how he already ate breakfast, but that they could go on a stroll.

They walked out the door, and he turned to her and said, ” When we come back we will have breakfast with blueberry waffles, right?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, blueberry waffles sounds like a great idea.” and his face beamed. He squeezed her hand as he looked in her eyes. For a moment Lizzie thought she saw a speck of recognition in his eyes as he held her gaze. She squeezed his hand back and his eyes smiled. He leaned over, kissing her forehead and for a moment she laid her head on his shoulder as they stood there lost in time.