Thinking Outside the Box

I wasn’t intending to write a Part 2 to  The Eerie Night

But sometimes inspiration just hits, so I hope you enjoy part 2, as we see what happens to Frank and George who are still sitting by the big hole that they had just dug.

Thinking Outside the Box

They were sitting in the grass staring at the box of marbles. They had managed to pick all the ones up that had scattered all about, and now were just wondering what to do. 

“Our boss should be the one filling this hole back up!” said Frank. 

“Yes, I agree, replied George, “But, I don’t think she is going to come out here and do it. She is probably just sitting at home laughing at the thought of us  out here right now. Lets just get it done, and I can get back to working on my puzzle. Let me think, I may come up with a plan.” he said while softly chuckling to himself.

They started shoveling the dirt back in the hole, as the owl continued to watch them from high up in the tree, every now and then calling out to them. Every time it would send a little shiver through them as its “Whoooo”  broke the silence of the night. Finally they got all the dirt back into the hole and they started for home. 

While traveling home,  turned to Frank with a gleam in his eye. “Did you happen to bring with you the key to the office?” 

“Yes, I always have it on my keyring, why?” 

“Keep driving straight on this road, I think there is a Dollar store and Walmart coming up. How about we stop for some fun things to decorate our boss’s office with. A sign of appreciation to her,  for sending  us out tonight to dig up a marvelous box of marbles.” 

Frank laughed, “Good idea George!” he replied, show her that she’s not the only one with tricks up her sleeve!

2 hours later, they were just wrapping it up at the office. They were standing back as they admired their creativity. 

“She will have quite the fun finding her way to her chair, I do say!” They had taken kite string and made a giant spider web around the office, with some “lovely” things dangling from the string and some “gifts” on her chair and desk. 

“I believe tomorrow I will love being here bright and early!” Frank said and they both were smirking as they walked out the door. 

They got home tired that night, George put a couple pieces in his puzzle, but was soon hitting the hay. 

The next morning they both arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at work, ahead of their boss. Eager to see her reaction to her office. They had the box of marbles sitting in front of them when she walked in. 

“Good Morning!” They said as soon as she entered the room. 

Their eyes were gleaming as she smiled and commented on how early they were here. 

“I thought perhaps you guys might be a little later today, how long did it take you to dig up the grave?”  she asked with a smile. ” 

“OH it wasn’t too bad, and I bet you will never guess what we found!” 

“I am anxiously waiting to know, do tell!” 

George handed her the box. 

She opened it and remarked, ” Wow! Marbles, just what you always wanted, right? You know this way, when you lose your marbles ….” 

“Very funny!” Frank replied. 

The boss’s smile widened, “Did you guys happen to look more closely at the box at all?” 

George and Frank looked at each other with a confused look. “Why would we do that, its just a box. The marbles had spilled out and we put them all back in and closed the lid.” 

“Hmm….” said the boss. “Are you sure that there were only marbles in the box ? Sometimes assuming things, can get you in trouble!” 

Now George and Frank were growing curious as they stared at their boss. They watched her dump out all the marbles and then pull up on the little knob that was on the bottom of the box. the whole bottom lifted up and she pulled out two crisp $500 dollar bills!

Their mouths fell open and their boss laughed! 

“I told you guys there was treasure to be found! Didn’t believe me, eh! I thought I would just send you on a little treasure hunt, and make you work a little for your bonus pay.” 

“Our bonus…umm…. what did you say?” Frank asked as George’s eyes widened. 

“Your bonus pay!  I thought you guys deserved it for all the hard work you do and for putting up with the crazy tasks that I send you on sometimes. You always are very good natured about it, including the little tricks that I may throw you in a time or two. So here you go, enjoy!” and she handed them each a $500 dollar bill. 

Their mouths were still open as she laughed, and said, “I will take the look on your faces as a Thank You! Now I have a lot of work to do, so I better get to it” and she put her hand on the doorknob into her office. 

Suddenly Frank was overcome by a coughing fit, and she turned around. “You may want to get yourself a glass of water for that cough.” 

George’s face was red as he was at a loss for words. He just stood there watching her turn  the knob. 

They heard her scream, as they looked at each other and ran out the front door. 



The Surprise in the Woods

He was taking his dog for a walk in the woods and they were enjoying walking through the crunchy leaves. His dog had his nose to the ground reading all the messages left by the other critters that had walked the path ahead of him. Every now and then Sebastian would stop to leave his own reply to a message.

Craig was patient as he waited for Sebastian, he wasn’t in a hurry, just enjoying a leisurely stroll, admiring the beauty.  Breathing in the silence of the woods, Craig felt peace in his heart, and wore a smile upon his face.

They walked on and Craig was getting lost in thought about what his plans may be for the night. Suddenly Sebastian pulled on his leash and Craig was knocked off balance. He stumbled as he went over to the side of the path. Sebastian stopped and Craig tried to regain his balance when Sebastian took off in a full force run as Craig got pulled along.

What was his crazy dog after? “Sebastian stop!” he yelled. They went around the corner and came to a sudden stop as they saw ….

Yes, you read it right, I stopped. I am not trying to leave you hanging, just thought I would have some fun! What do you think brought Sebastian to a sudden stop?  It can be absolutely anything that your imagination comes up with. 

What is the autumn winds blowing into your mind right now? 

The Eerie Night

Frank was sitting at his table when the phone rang.  He had just taken his last bite of cinnamon toast. Washed it down with some milk from his Jackalope mug,  and answered the ringing phone.

“HI Frank, its George, we got a call from the boss. She has an assignment for us. She wants us to start right away. How soon can you be at my place? ”

Frank sighed. He had planned on spending a relaxing evening listening to some good music while working on the 1000 piece puzzle that he had. It was a picture of a a myriad of different colored balloons soaring in the bright blue sky.  A boy and his dog were lying on the lush green grass staring up at all the balloons. It was a challenging puzzle, but he was getting there. One piece at a time, and a lot of patience.

“I will be there in about 30 minutes. What kind of assignment is it?” Frank asked.

“I will explain when you get here, but bring your shovel.”  and with that George hung up. Frank stood there for a few moments wondering where they could possibly be going, and why he needed a shovel.

He walked over to the stereo and waited for Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” song to finish playing before he turned it off.  Then he walked outside to the shed to get his shovel. He had several to pick from. A lot of them were pretty worn, so he just grabbed the blue one and headed to his car.

It was a half hour exactly when Frank pulled into George’s driveway. George came out, right before Frank honked the horn.

George opened the door and sat down. He turned to face Frank and said, ” So you aren’t afraid of the dark, right? ”

Frank rolled his eyes, ” Of course not! What are the plans?”

“We need to go to a cemetery on Eerie road.”

“A cemetery? Why?” asked Frank as he started driving.

“There is a fake headstone there and once we remove the headstone, we need to dig down about 6 feet to find something that the boss thinks is very valuable. The boss thinks there either is some stolen jewels or stolen cash to be found. She said she got a tip from someone about it. She couldn’t reveal the name of her informant.

They drove in silence for a little while, each one was thinking about this strange assignment.

“Have you ever seen a cemetery on Eerie Road before?” George asked.

“Not that I can remember, but I don’t travel that road a whole lot.”

“Well guess we will soon find out.” said Frank and George agreed.

“Oh look, there is the sign. A small field laid ahead with the sign, “The Cemetery”

“Hmm…I see that they worked real hard on coming up with a name! So how do we tell which is the fake headstone?”  George asked, as he parked on the gravel road.

“Look around George, I don’t think it will be too hard!”

They both had quizzical expressions on their faces as they looked around and only saw one solitary grave with a simple headstone. It read “Here lies….”

“So looks like they put as much thought into this headstone, as to the sign. Who tipped our boss off again? is this really real?” Frank asked.

“Well No, the headstone is fake, remember? And she wouldn’t reveal the name of the informant.” replied George.

“Yes, I know the headstone is fake, I mean does she really know that there is treasure under this headstone?”

“Lets start digging and find out!”

They dug and dug and dug as their arms grew tired and the night got darker.

“Whoooo Whooooo” broke the silence of the night as Frank and George both jumped! George looked and saw the owl’s eyes shining out of the tree.

Than a gray cat with emerald green eyes brushed up against George’s leg, making him stumble.

“Frank, dig faster! I am ready to find whatever treasure there is and get out of here.”

They kept digging in silence for a little while and then Frank yelled.

“My shovel struck something hard! I think we found it.”

“Can you scoop it up with your shovel?” George asked.

“I think so, its rather heavy, but its a small box.”

Soon Frank had it out of the hole and they sat down on the ground to open it.

Marbles came spilling out everywhere as Frank and George looked at each other. They both had the same look in their eyes, having the truth dawn on them. Their boss couldn’t reveal the name of the informant because there had been no informant, it had all been a set up! They hadn’t even thought about the date. It was Halloween! Their boss had succeeded once again at pulling one over on them. Now they had an overflowing box of marbles and one mighty big hole that they had to fill back up!







It All Started with a Letter … Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that I didn’t think would have a Part 2. 🙂  For part 1 you can follow this link. I hope you enjoy both parts.  It All Started with A Letter


Samantha had been driving for about 2 hours now, her stomach was still full from the delicious breakfast at the diner and her excitement was growing. She should arrive at her destination in the next hour.

She noticed that she was heading deeper into the country. She had left behind the tall buildings of the city and was passing by  farms and creeks. Her smile grew bigger, for she loved traveling on back country roads.

The Weeping Willows trees by the creek  were so lovely! Then a few more miles down the road she saw two farmers  standing out in the field. The one was holding a shovel in his hand, while the other one was peering down the hole. She wondered what might be in the hole.

Only 3 miles to go! Her hands started getting a little sweaty, she soon would be there!

Rounding the bend, she gasped. The house was beautiful. It was a stone house, a lovely shade of russet brown, and it had a wrap around porch with a porch swing that looked so inviting.

Samantha pulled into the long drive, her heart was pounding as she parked. This was it! She would finally see her grandmother again, after way too many years of separation.

She had fond memories of her grandmother, but she had been so young when she had seen her last. She remembered how they would go berry picking together and she would let Samantha help her make strawberry pie. Then as the pie baked, she would hold her on her lap and they would read fun stories together out of Samantha’s favorite books. Samantha wiped a tear as she reminisced.

Her separation from Grammy Ella had been so abrupt and Samantha had cried and cried, for she was so confused about why her family moved so far away from her Grammy. Her Mom had let her write letters, but it wasn’t the same, she wanted to feel her hugs. Then suddenly the letters stopped. She was told that her Grammy had moved and they didn’t have the address, but that didn’t make any sense. Her parents acted strange but she couldn’t get anything out of them and eventually she went on with her life. She got busy with friends and school, but she never forgot her childhood memories of her precious Grammy.

When a certified letter came for her from her Grammy, she was speechless! There wasn’t much in the letter besides her Grammy telling her how she has thought of her so much over the years and that she longed to see her. For her to please come and visit. She sent money for the plane ticket. There was so much to explain the letter had said.

Samantha was a little hesitant to tell her Mom about the letter, but she did. Her Mom didn’t say much besides giving Samantha a big hug and telling her with some tears in her eyes, that she should go and see her. That it was time.

Samantha smiled through her tears when she saw her Grammy step out onto the porch. Her heart was in her throat. Suddenly her nerves about seeing her after so long vanished and she couldn’t get to the porch fast enough, as she ran.

“Oh my sweet Sammi! How I have missed you!”  her Grammy threw her arms around her and Samantha got lost in the magic of her hug. They had so much to discuss, so many things to explain, but for right now the questions didn’t matter, for finally she was once more,  back in her Grammy’s arms of love!




It All Started with A Letter

The plane was landing. Samantha had dozed off, but was now awakened by the announcement to buckle up. Still clutching the folded envelope in her hand, Samantha buckled up, and closed her eyes once more, as the plane made its descent. She tried to calm the butterfly party that was going on in her stomach right now.  She hadn’t been nervous about the long flight, but she was nervous now about what was to come.  About where this journey may take her. The flight was the easy part, now very soon, her real journey would begin.

Samantha smiled at the stewardess who saw her off the plane, but her thoughts were miles away. Carrying her 2 pieces of luggage she entered the airport and headed towards the baggage claim area. People were talking all around her, but all she could hear were the loud thoughts in her head. The fact that she really was going to go through with this. That she had made it here, and now all she had to do was pick up her rental car and she would be off on the next leg of her journey.

She squeezed the hot pink envelope in her hand once again. Samantha had read and re-read the letter so many times that she had the lines memorized, but she felt she needed to look at it once more, to see the words in black and white,  to assure herself that this wasn’t a dream!

Emotions were welling up inside her, thinking of all the recent events that had brought her to this day. One day she is sitting in her cozy recliner at home, with her tiger orange striped cat laying on her feet and then there is a knock on her door. A special delivery for a Miss. Samantha Elkono . She signed for the certified letter and just like that her life was suddenly changing.

Samantha spotted her suitcase coming. She could easily pick it out because of the hot pink ribbons that she had tied around it. Grabbing it off the turnstile, she walked to the car rental place, hoping it wouldn’t take too long.

Fortunately the line wasn’t long at the car rental desk and she was opening the door to her sapphire blue Chevy Cruze in no time at all. She sank into the seat with a smile on her face, this was it, her adventure was about to begin!  First though, she needed to get some breakfast. Her stomach was reminding her that it had been a long night! The lady at the car rental place had told her of a 24 hour diner that was open close to the airport, so that is where she was headed.

Turning on the radio she was going through stations trying to find some tunes to start her day. She wasn’t usually an early morning riser, but she had to admit that the sky was looking amazing right now as the sun was slowly rising.

Samantha stopped searching as she heard Cat Steven’s voice singing “Morning has Broken”. Her heart was full. She gazed into the brilliant orange sunrise. Morning was breaking, and who knew what lied ahead, but starting off the day with some overeasy eggs and strawberry crepes sounded good to her right now.


The Sly One



“Ahh!  Great job!” Rex said to his sister.

Shelly beamed. “Thanks! I worked hard on it.”

“Its amazing how you captured the details so well!

Shelly looked at Rex with shock on her face, ” You sure are full of compliments today, did Trish call you back or something? Going on a date tonight?”

Rex grinned, ” Yes, we are going out tonight, but that’s not the reason for me being nice. Can’t I be nice to my wonderful sister for no reason?”

“Well yeah, but … excuse me if I am a little shocked.”  Sally got up and put her arm around him, “You really can be a cool brother sometimes.”

Rex got a twinkle in his eye as he said, “Of course I am cool, you are so lucky to have the coolest brother in town!”

Laughing, Sally patted his back, “Don’t let your head swell too big brother, I may need to flatten it with a hat.”

“Sally! Are you up there, I need you to come help me in the kitchen please.”

“Coming Mom!” Sally said, as she started walking down the hall. She then heard Rex’s voice behind her yell out.

“Hey Mom, you need to come up and see Sally’s awesome self portrait that she just painted.”

Turning around Sally made a face with arrows darting out of her eyes, at him, as he quickly ran into his room laughing and locking the door.

Sally rolled her eyes, brothers, she thought, Men! What is one to do! Hmm…she was sure she would think of something, as a sly smile crept across her face.

Love knows no distance


“Oh this spot is perfect! So glad you brought me here.”  Cara squeezed Troy’s hand.

Troy put his arm around her and they walked across the bridge, finding a place under a tree to spread their checkered blanket for their picnic.

The aroma of the fried chicken coming from the basket that Tara carried, was making Troy hungrier by the minute. His mouth was watering by the time Cara pulled out the fried chicken and handed it to him. She had also included her wonderful corn bread muffins and pumpkin pie. His taste buds were doing the dance of joy!

“Thank you for being such a wonderful cook. Everything tasted great.” Troy said, as he finished off a second piece of pie.  ” I can’t wait until we are married and I can eat your cooking every day! I think I may gain 20 pounds though from it.”

Cara laughed, “I am glad you enjoyed it, looks like you must have worked up quite the appetite. Sitting on a train must be hard work”, she teased, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hey, riding a train does work up an appetite! I left early this morning, those scrambled eggs I had for breakfast only lasted for so long. They served coffee on the train, but that didn’t help to fill my stomach. It was a pretty trip through the mountains, seeing the leaves changing colors, brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow! I looked out the window and dreamed of you. I may have dozed off some too, for 5 hours is a long  ride. But the road to love is never too long!” Troy said, as he winked at Cara.

She blushed, and shook her head. “Oh Troy, maybe since it was such a long ride, I should let you nap and just go home.” She smiled and started to get up to walk away, but Troy grabbed her hand and pulled her back down beside him. “No, no, I am as rested up as I need to be. I have a whole day, before I have to return , and I want to spend every bit of it with you.”

Her hazel eyes sparkled as she snuggled closer against him.

“I can’t wait until we are married, and you don’t have to ride the train back and forth to visit me!”  Cara sighed.

“Yes, the 5 hour commute gets long, and  24 hours goes by way too fast, but we can do our best to cherish the moments. So lets make them count! ” Troy replied, as he pulled her up, ” Lets go for a walk and tonight I may just have a special surprise for you.” Troy said with a glimmer in his sparkling blue eyes.

Cara wrapped her arms around him, “Do I get a hint?”

They started walking and Troy smiled as he said, “Its a full moon tonight, and I hear that surprising things happen when its a full moon.

Cara’s heart was full, with love shining out from it. She couldn’t wait for the full moon to shine.


Daydreaming in the Field


The buzzing awakened her. A bumble bee was resting on one of the royal blue cornflowers that were blowing in the wind. Emmy Lou opened her eyes, wondering how long she had slept for. She hadn’t planned on going to sleep, she had been daydreaming, lying on her back watching the clouds. She must have drifted off to sleep as the clouds drifted by.

Looking at her watch she realized that she better hurry. Her Mama wasn’t going to be happy if she was late again. They had washing to do. Her Mama had let her go fishing if she promised to be back in time. The fish weren’t biting so she started for home, but got distracted as she imagined herself looking for a special treasure. Emmy Lou walked through the fields keeping her eyes down looking for a special treasure. Perhaps she would find some bags of gold, or maybe a special jewel. Maybe the special jewel wold belong to someone famous and she would get a huge reward. Oh the dreams she could dream. Her Mom always told her that she had her head in the clouds. Emmy Lou preferred it that way, it was fun to use her imagination.

Mr.Monofish would often get on her case as well for daydreaming, but it wasn’t Emmy’s fault that she didn’t find English exciting. Don’t even get her started on arithmetic! Her poor Math teacher smacked his head on his desk so many times due to her. Numbers just did not fascinate her like they did him. Their only purpose was to confuse her as they would get jumbled around in her brain. Imagining a seahorse rising from the water and letting her hop on him, was so much more exciting!

Perhaps the seahorse would take her to a castle under the sea. In the deep coral blue sea she would meet all kinds of sea creatures and they would talk to her.  They would ask her to sit with them and have some tea. They wouldn’t expect any math problems out of her. She wondered what all the colors there would be under the sea. Oh, she was doing it again, she had to go! Mama was sure to be mad!

She flew down the dirt road, wishing she could run at the speed of the bee and the butterfly that flew by.

Emmy Lou watched the butterfly, she wondered where it was going. Was it on a secret mission, perhaps it really wasn’t a butterfly, but a prince in disguise, captured in a spell. That was it, she needed to rescue it. Perhaps if she captured it, the spell would magically be broken. Yes, Emmy Lou, to the rescue, wait up butterfly. she thought, as she ran.





The Clue of the Seagulls (Part 2)

If you missed Part one yesterday, just click on this link.The Clue of the Seagulls


“We got to go back to the bungalow, I want to take a closer look at something.” Frank said, as he started walking back at a quick pace.

George tried to keep up, wondering what it was that had Frank so excited. He looked back at the seagulls. With the way Frank was acting, perhaps he understood seagull speech after all. maybe the seagulls had been talking about the jewels to each other. OH, Now he must be crazy! Seagulls talking about jewels? He shook his head and started to jog to get caught up to Frank.

Frank entered the bungalow ahead of him and yelled to  George to follow him to the study upstairs. George walked up the spiral staircase into the study.  Frank was staring at the floor.

“I can’t believe how something was right in front of my face and I didn’t even take notice of it!” Frank said. He bent down to look closer at the floor.  “Do you see it George?”

“See what? I see the moon, which is very well done! I am starting to think that perhaps I should have my house redecorated with Mosaic tiles like these. The turtle downstairs,  and now a night scene up here with a shining moon. The moon really does shine too!


“Look closely George. Look how some pieces really sparkle!”

“They sure do and its all very nice, but I am still a little confused. I thought you had a clue about solving the mystery of the missing jewels.”

Frank smiled broadly. “Don’t you see it, this house is full of all the clues we need!”

“Did you take notice of the tile in the bathroom?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes, the one with the sand dollars and some real shiny blue….”


Frank saw George’s face light up as the truth hit him.

“We found them! The missing jewels. Oh  Josie will be so happy when we let her know that we found her grandmother’s jewels. She was sure that they had been stolen, but now what her grandmother wrote in her final message to Jodi, before she died, makes sense. It said to look to the moon and don’t miss what is right in front of you, there are always treasures to be found by the sea.”

“This is cause for a celebration! Supper is on me!” Frank said.

“My stomach is very glad to hear that, but I have one question. How is it that you were sitting in your chair watching the seagull in front of you. Then it walks away talking to another seagull and suddenly you spring out of your chair. What triggered your thought to go take a closer look at the tile of the moon?”

Frank’s eyes gleamed, “Well that is simple, the seagulls told me. Now where would you like to go for supper?”

“Of course! The seagulls told you, What was I thinking?”

Frank laughed as they walked to the car.


The Clue of the Seagulls

“Frraank! Are you coming? ”  called out George from the car, as he blew the horn.

Frank came flying out his front door with his arms full, he hurried to George’s car as his thermos left a trail of  his coffee spilling behind him. He opened the car door, causing him to drop the folder he had been carrying under his arm. Papers spilled out, and George groaned, as Frank scrambled to pick them up. He bent down tilting his thermos causing more of his coffee to spill out.

At last Frank got all the papers gathered together and sat down and buckled up as he closed the door.

“Lets go!” he said to George.  “We don’t have all day, you know.”

George rolled his eyes and backed out of the driveway.

They had been on the road for about 10 minutes when Frank took a sip from his thermos. At least he attempted to take a sip. Apparently more of his coffee had spilled out then he had thought.

“Hey George, think we can stop at Starbucks before we get on the interstate, I need some more coffee.”

There was silence as George turned his head to look at Frank. Their eyes met and Frank quickly said, “Its okay, I can wait, just keep driving George.”

George shook his head, and then he couldn’t help but smile. Frank was a good guy, in spite of his coffee habit.

For the rest of the drive they talked about  the new case they were given,  and what they thought so far about it. It was quite the perplexing mystery.

“The clues are rather baffling”, said Frank, and George agreed.

” I mean what does the moon have to do with anything?”

“I have read these clues several times and still feel as much in the dark, as I felt before. ” said George.

“As much in the dark as a total eclipse of the moon, would be?” Frank asked.

“Very funny, but yes, just about! I keep waiting for something to jump out at me from these clues, but so far, nothing has.”

They were silent, both lost in thought as George turned down the road.

“Your destination is 800 feet ahead on the left.” Suri said.

The bungalow looked inviting and Frank was glad to at last be here. Now he could grab his coffee pot and make some coffee or perhaps he would make a cup of tea.

They walked in and were happily surprised by how cozy it looked inside. They never quite knew what kind of accommodations to expect when they were sent out on assignments.

Their feet sank into the plush, sea blue carpet. There was a fireplace , though they didn’t plan on starting a fire, for it was still quite hot out. The kitchen was a nice size with a lovely mosaic tile on the floor. It had the design of a sea turtle in pebbles.


Frank made himself a cup of tea and took a seat on the leather couch.  He looked across the room at the huge bookcase. One of those that was built into the wall. It was filled from top to bottom with books.

“Hey George, perhaps these books hold a clue to the mystery.? Why don’t you look and see if you find any on the moon?”

George walked over to the bookcase and silently browsed through the books.

“Well …. I don’t think we can count on these books helping,” said George.
“Not unless you speak another language! I haven’t found any in English yet!”

Frank  walked over to the bookcase and pulled a book from the shelf flipping though the pages and then another one.  He smacked his leg, ” Remember when we visited the North Pole, for that special assignment our boss sent us on.  Where we met Jinx and Jangle, Snowball and Candy Cane? Didn’t Candy Cane speak a different language at times? Though I am not sure what it was. Too bad she isn’t here right now, she may have been able to decipher this gobbley gook for us!

“Listen! Did you hear that?”  George asked.

“Yes! That is strange, sounded like a clicking noise to me, like a series of clicks.”

As suddenly as it came the clicking noise ended and all was silent once more. They shrugged their shoulders at each other and Frank spoke.

” I know we are here to solve a mystery, but lets head out to the beach for a little. It will help clear our minds so we can focus.”

“Sounds great to me, lets go!”

“Ahh! This is the life! Feet in the sand, and a gentle breeze blowing from the sea.”

They were sitting in their beach chairs watching the waves roll in and kiss the shore. A seagull was just inches away from Frank’s chair, sitting and staring right at him.


They sat for awhile being mesmerized by the waves and the seagull stayed, looking at Frank most of the time.  Then its friend came by and they walked off.  Frank watched them walk away and said, “Hey George, do you know how to interpret seagull language?


George watched them for a little and then started to speak…”I do believe that…”

Frank didn’t let him finish his sentence, as he jumped from his chair, ” I got it, I think I may have figured out a clue to the mystery surrounding the missing jewels!”

**to be continued** and just to let all of you know, No, I am not at the beach yet! Its just on my mind as the countdown gets closer! 🙂 

All pictures were  from Pinterest