A Shot of Laughter

Arthur peered down the hall. The coast was clear. Breathing a sigh of relief he ambled down the hall towards the game room. He felt like playing some shuffle board.

“There you are! I been looking all over for you.”

Charlotte was all smiles when she bumped into Arthur as she was coming out of another resident’s room. She hooked her arm around his and Arthur mumbled something under his breath.

“What did you say Arthur?” Bending her head towards him, she fluttered her green eyes at him. “Do you want to whisper sweet nothings into my ear?”

Arthur groaned. Not noticing his groan Charlotte told him how they should go to the square dance class together.

Nurse Julie was walking down the towards them and she noticed the look of desperation on Arthur’s face.

“Oh Arthur glad I found you. Come witb me so I can give you your shot.”

“A shot!” Arthur’s eyes got big.

“Yes, I need to do it now and then you will have to lie down for an hour afterwards.”

There was confusion written all over Arthur’s face and Charlotte looked crestfallen.

“A shot now? If you have to rest for an hour afterwards you will miss the square dancing class!”

His eyes suddenly brightened, and he saw Julie’s slight wink.

Putting a hand over his mouth he mumbled to Charlotte that he was so sorry but he has to listen to Nurse Julie!

Charlotte sadly let go of his arm and then saw Richard. “Richard, do you want to go….” Poor Richard looked frantically around for an escape.

Arthur grabbed Nurse Julie’s arm as they headed to her office.

When they entered her office Arthur’s eyes were dancing with delight. “That was great! I owe you one!”

“Roll up your sleeve, please.’

“Wh-what! You were joking about the shot, right?”

“Well you don’t need to sleep for an hour afterwards. Now roll up your sleeve please. ”

Arthur searched her face for a glimmer of a smile or a teasing gleam in her eye but she suddenly had become so serious.

“But. .but…I don’t like shots ..why do I neeed a shot…what is …”

“I don’t have time for your questions, old man.”

She reached into her pocket pulling out the largest needle Arthur ever did see!

Nurse Julie rolled up his sleeve, and then dissolved in laughter at the panicked look on his face.

When Arthur realized that it was all a joke he blew out a sigh of relief. Turning to Nurse Julie he said, “That was mean!” but there was a twinkle in his eye. ‘You are good! Of course I knew the whole time that you were fooling ”

Nurse Julia laughed, “yeah sure you did! Should I go tell Charlotte you can square dance now?’

Giving her a sheepish grin, he quickly walked out of her office to go play some shuffleboard. He could hear the echo of Nurse Julie’s laughter the whole way down the hall.

The Great Escape

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He smiled to himself while taking a seat beside his next victim.

“Did you bring the money?”


“Just slide it over, noone will see.”

The newspaper shook some.

“Hurry up please, I have more stops to make and I have to get back to my cell before they notice me missing.”

The newspaper suddenly dropped on the ground and the person was gone in the blink of an eye.

Laughing out loud, Arthur bent down to pick up the newspaper and waited for someone else to come by.

It didn’t take long until he saw someone walking his way. Quickly he put the newspaper in front of his face.

“You are late! I said 11am sharp and its 11:01.”

The gentleman sitting beside Arthur got a confused look on his face.

“Hand it over.”

“Hand what over? Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about!”

“Oh No, you are one of them!” Arthur kept the newspaper in front of him hiding his wide smile as he spoke.

“One of who?” The gentleman was so confused now and half afraid. Standing up he shook his head and walked away.

Oh this was fun, thought Arthur. It sure beat sitting in his cell.

Thinking of what line he would use next the lady’s voice took him by surprise.

“Hand it over.”

Recognizing the voice his heart sank. He lowered the newspaper just enough to peer over it.

His eyes met Nurse Julie’s piercing eyes and raised eyebrows.

“What are we going to do with you? Mr. Appleton was throwing a fit this morning when he couldn’t find his golf cart!”

“The keys please.”

Reluctantly Arthur handed them over. It wasn’t all a loss, he had managed to stay out longer this time before he got caught.

Arthur did like Nurse Julie and he didn’t want her mad at him.

“I was only having some fun. How many times can one be expected to play Bingo. Plus that crazy Charlotte lady always sits beside me and talks my ear off! Not to mention that she must pour a gallon of perfume on herself!”

Laughing, Nurse Julia took Arthur’s arm while they walked to the golf cart. “She is sweet on you!”

Arthur groaned.

“Can we swing by the Dairy Queen, before you take me back to my cell?”

“Arthur! Stop calling it a cell! You aren’t at a jail. Its the Golden Oaks Home.”

“Whatever” he said, with a teasing glint in his eye. “Now about that icecream..”

Julie laughed, “You are impossible, you know! What flavor do you want this time?”

Second Chances

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Where would she go now? She may be wearing all white, but going to the “Chapel of Love” was not on her list of places to go.

Randy would be heart broken right now as he stood in a full church. All the guests would be there, except for one very important person,THE BRIDE!

Anastasia was glad for a little light. She had run without knowing where to run too. Panic hit her and she had bolted like lightning. Running away was something she was good at. Had done it a lot in her past. It looked like she was doomed to keep it up.

Randy was one of the most caring guys that she had ever met. He was amazing and the most amazing thing was that he loved her! He really did love her, no matter what her past had been like and all the things she was guilty of.

Why had she run? Now was the time to turn over a new leaf. She was being given another chance to make something good out of her life and so far she was failing.

While lying in the hospital in traction she had a lot of time to think and she knew she wanted to be a better person.

The Dr said she should have died, but she didn’t and that hit Anastasia hard. The fact that the Dr couldn’t explain how she had survived getting hit by the tractor trailer, gave her goosebumps.

In the hospital room one night she had vowed to make a difference. She was going to be kind and helpful to others. Most of all she was ready to stop running.

Shortly after that vow a whirlwind romance broke out between her and Randy, her physical therapist. Oh how she loved him! Without his encouragement she would not have made it through. Physical therapy was hard, but she pressed on. Learning to walk again was no easy feat. Randy’s arms had held her as she cried. He always knew how to make her smile again.

Feeling on the verge of tears she buried her face in her hands. Thoughts came back to her of Randy’s gentleness and the many ways that he had shown his love.

What was she doing hiding out in a dark barn? The guy, who was the love of her life wanted her. He accepted her faults and all. He still loved her, she was being an idiot! Stop running Anastasia, she told herself.

She knew what she had to do, she would go back! This was her time! Her day to shine and start anew. Anastasia squinted in the bright sunshine when coming out of the barn.

Standing there for a moment she took some deep breaths and then took off. The “Chapel of Love” was calling her name and Anastasia was ready to show the world that she could change. Everyone deserved a 2nd chance.

Miss. Anastasia was back! In the pasture a certain cow let out a loud Moo, staring at Anastasia until she was out of sight.

The Feuding Birds

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“How long do you think they will stay mad at each other?”

“Who knows! You know how stubborn they both can be.”

Gilda the goldfinch sighed. Her husband was right. Tilly and Milly were indeed stubborn.

The sisters drove all the other birds crazy. Sammy and Susie flew away yesterday. They were headed South. Gilda had expressed surprise for it was still summertime.

Sammy looked at Tilly and Milly and Gilda had her answer. She saw the glare in Sammy’s eyes. They had been squawking so loudly during the night, no one could sleep!

Thankfully they were quiet now, giving each other the silent treatment. The other birds were relieved, thinking how silence really was golden.

“Hi Gilda! So what are Tilly and Milly are worked up about now?” Brie the bluebird flew down to sit next to Gilda.

“Didn’t you hear all their fussing last night? How could you not know?” Gilda’s eyes widened in surprise, she had assumed that everyone knew why they were feuding. They hadn’t been quiet about it.

“I wasn’t here last night. I flew over to Benny’s nest.” There was a gleam in Brie’s blue eye.

Gilda was happy for her friend, she figured it wouldn’t be long before their two nests became one.

Sadly Brie had lost her husband awhile back. He had flown away to find some special feathers for their nest. He had seen a proud peacock strutting around at a neighboring farm. She had the most elegant feathers and he was sure he could find some that had dropped or she may be even willing to give him some.

Noone knew for sure what had happened, but he never came back. Rita the robin said she had seen other female bluebirds at the farm. Some birds put two and two together but noone talked about it. They wanted to respect Brie’s feelings.

“Well, I will fill you in the best I can. I tried my best to make sense of their tweeting. Milly must be the fastest tweeter there is!”

Lily caught a big, juicy worm and she shared it with Charlie the Cardinal. He is the new guy and Lily just wanted to be friendly.

Milly saw them sharing the worm and got all flustered. She griped at Lily and Lily got mad and squawked back at her. Told her she needed to be on a diet anyway!”

Brie’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Oh I bet that made Milly mad!”

“It sure did! She pulled a feather from Lily. Lily pulled a feather from Milly and soon the feathers were flying. Poor Charlie didn’t know what to do.”

Some birds think he should have intervened and have called him a chicken. I don’t know if he will stay around now. He probably thinks we all are crazy.

So, Milly is insisting that Lily apologize for calling her fat and Lily said she never said she was fat. Now they stubbornly sit in silence on the branch.”

Brie rolled her eyes. “Those two are Dodo birds!”

Gilda laughed, “or Cuckoo! Both fit well.”

Gilda and Brie kept tweeting until Brie said she had to go. She had a nest to visit.

Night fell and still Tilly and Milly sat in silence and unmoving.

Just when the other birds thought their fight would never end, something happened.

In the blink of an eye, their argument ended, and nary a mean word was said again, by either one.

They lost their balance when strong winds blew and they fell off the branch.

That was the last anyone saw them. They just disappeared with no forwarding address but rumor has it that Rudy the neighbor’s cat gained some extra weight.

Caught Red Handed!

This is Part 2 to my Rising to the Challenge post. I wasn’t sure if I would continue this story and then a blogger friend gave me an idea. I have such creative readers! He suggested a twist as to why Raquel’s fashion drawings were not accepted. Thanks Jim! 🙂 Enjoy!

Mademoiselle Lavrigne was sitting in her studio poring over the drawings spread out all over her desk.

So amazing! She was thrilled with all the possibilities that could result from these designs.

Her phone buzzed. She pushed the speaker button. “What is it Holly, I am extremely busy.”

“There is a Mr.Rigalatto here to see you.”

Mademoiselle’s pulse quickened. Heat began to rise in her cheeks.

“Send him in please.”

This was it, she was counting on him loving these new designs. He was one of her biggest distributors. His women’s clothing store was among the very top ones in Paris.

“Welcome Pierre!” Shs walked over to him giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I think you will be most pleased when you see these new designs.”

Pierre was a man of few words. He only nodded his head, then sat down at her desk to study the designs.

Mademoiselle felt as nervous as a runner at the starting line for a race. These designs had the potential to propel her far ahead to even more greatness.

He cleared his throat and acted like he was going to speak but he didn’t. Oh, the tension of waiting was making her head begin to ache.

Pierre rose up from the chair. “These are superior! Call me when the outfits are completed and I will give you my order. Wonderful work, darling. Natural talent at its best.” And leaving her with a kiss on the cheek he walked out the door.

Joy pulsated through her veins. She couldn’t wait to get started. Oh she dreamed about what all she could do with the money these new designs would bring her.

She had struck gold. A twinge of guilt struck her, but it didn’t stay. Mademoiselle was a lady of little conscience.

She pushed the speaker button, “Holly have my maid fix me some tea please.”

“This is her day off Ma’am. “

She rolled her eyes. Why did her staff think they needed time off? You just can’t get good help these days!

“Get the pool boy please. He can make me some tea.:

Most likely he wasn’t doing anything but floating around with the pool noodles. Such a doolally he was, though he did have luxurious looking hair, that she couldn’t deny.

Twenty minutes later he came into her studio with her cup of Chai Spice tea. She was busy looking at the designs and making notes. Barely looking up as he came in, she mumbled her thanks.

Setting down the hot tea he noticed the designs spread out everywhere.

“What do you think of my latest work?”

“They are brilliant!”

Madame eyes shined with pleasure.

“But they aren’t yours.” He muttered under his breath, while walking out the door. Oh, time couldn’t move fast enough!

Raquel’s drawings had always been so good! She had a natural talent and he had seen to it that www no one was going to steal from his sister’s best friend!.

When he had been home for a visit he saw the designs Raquel was working on. He was impressed!

Imagine his surprise when he heard and saw Mademoiselle showing off Raquel’s drawings, claiming them as her very own. It took all his self control to refrain from saying anything to her, but now the time was here!

Mademoiselle may think she is clever but she thinks too highly of herself. Everything was going as planned. Raquel was due to arrive in a few hours, escorted by Mr. Pierre Rigaletto. Pierre was good friends with Allister, and Alliister had told him the whole story.

Raquel was jubilant! Celebration was in the air! When confronted Mademoiselle backed down and started apologizing profusely.

“Thank you so much Allister! Raquel threw her arms around him. What would I have done without you.”

Allister blushed. “I am so glad it all worked out. You are a talented designer and you deserve your chance to shine!”

“And now thanks to you I will get it! But now is your time to shine Birthday boy!”

Now it was Allister’s turn to be surprised.

“Come follow me to the pool.”

When they got outside Allister was surprised to see his family and friends gathered around it.


They celebrated into the night, turning the pool lights on and singing Happy Birthday at the stroke of midnight.

“Can I be the first one to kiss the birthday boy?”

His eyes told her all she needed to know and happiness flooded through her. This may be their first kiss but not their last. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Life in Oklahoma

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“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. I got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way!”

Allegra stepped out of the shower, almost slipping on her new, tiled floor.

She had been in Oklahoma for a month. Moving from bustling NYC to Oklahoma was quite a change but she was enjoying it.

Going for a walk and seeing a cute prarie dog, like she frequently did now, was not something that had ever happened in NYC.

Accepting this promotion to executive director of the Flibbertigibbet advertising company was a lot more responsibility but Allegra was ready for the challenge.

Rachel, her secretary knocked on Allegra’s office door.

“Come in!”

“Another delivery of flowers for you.” Setting them on Allegra’s desk she left without a word.

Allegra sensed some jealousy but she didn’t care. She smiled, shaking her head. Every day now for the past 2 weeks  she had received a special delivery of flowers.

The sender of them remained a mystery. Perhaps today a name would be on the card.

She let out a squeal of joy. There was a name and it was him!! The suave guy with eyes as blue as the sky. She had been secretly hoping it would be Fernando and it turned out she was right.

He wanted to take her out tonight to the new Italian restaurant. His day was full of meetings but he would pick her up at 7.

Allegra’s heart sang! With the bouquet of daisies in her hand she ran outside for a breath of fresh air.

Raising the flowers up to the azure blue sky she sang, “Oh what a beautiful morning…!”

Fernando was such a gentleman and she had felt the spark the first time they had met at work. He had to be the most handsome employee. A dark tan and bulging muscles. Her stomach was doing flips.

Obviously he was a romantic, sending her flowers every day with sweet little poems. She skipped up the steps taking them 2 by 2. Her heart was light and filled with song. Yes, everything was going her way!

At exactly 7pm the doorbell rang. Allegra’s heart skipped a beat. She opened the door in her little red dress and gold necklace.

“Hi Allegra! You look stunning.”

Allegra’s words died on her lips while staring at Fernando. Her face must be as red as a cherry. This wasn’t who she thought Fernando was! It was Tanner.

She felt the urge to cancel on Tanner, how could she have confused them. They didn’t look anything alike.

Then she looked at the flowers around her apartmenr and her heart grew warm remembering the poems he had penned for her. She would be a complete fool to cancel.

Taking his arm, she walked out the door and saw a sapphire blue Lamborghini. He walked her towards the car and opened the door for her.

“Oh what a beautiful motning….” ran through her mind once more.

Life in Oklahoma was turning out quite fine. Quite fine indeed.

Queen of Fairyland

This is the continuation of my Magical Wisteria post.

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Even her dreams had never felt this enchanting before. Aria had been in FairyLand for over a week now and she continued to be dazzled by everything.

Fairies surrounded her, always eager to serve her. There were no chores for her to do. Whatever food she wanted she would get. What more could a 13 year old want?

Tonight would be the official ceremony of proclaiming her as the Fairy Queen. Excitement was building in Aria’s heart as she walked along the path.

It was like she was in her favorite Rollercoaster slowly climbing up higher and higher, eager for the giant thrill that would take her breath away!

She had been told that there would be a special surprise for her tonight. Last night she barely got any sleep, trying to imagine what her surprise could possibly be.

Teaberry, the pixie faced fairy came running up to her. “Princess Aria are you all ready for tonight?”

“You bet I am! I can’t stay still, thats why I been walking up and down this path all afternoon. My grandma used to call me her little wiggle worm. I don’t like being still.”

Mentioning her grandma made Aria feel a twinge of longing for her and her parents too. She wished they could watch her special ceremony.

Noticing the flash of sadness on Aria’s face Teaberry took her hand.

“You are going to be the absolute, best Queen and tonight will be amazing, I promise.”

Hearing Teaberry’s words and seeing her smile that was as bright as a sunflower warmed Aria’s heart. She knew her family was proud of her and someday soon she would bring them to Fairyland.

Teaberry and Aria were busy talking when they heard the bell Aria let out a squeal! Finally the time was here.

All the fairies were gathered under the wisteria in a large circle with Aria in the center.

Lady Ambrosia was talking. “Welcome everyone to the official crowning ceremony for our new Queen Aria!”

A cheer roused from the group and you could hear the rustle of the wings flapping.

“To start the evening off I would like to present Queen Aria with her own Stable boy. Someone to clean the stable and take care of her pet.”

“But…but I don’t have a stable or any pets!”

“Hmm…is that so?” Lady Ambrosia laughed, with a twinkle in her eye.

” Look over there, and see what is comimg.”

Lady Ambrosia pointed over to the right and when Aria looked, she almost fainted in shock!

The most splendiforous Unicorn that she had ever seen was coming to her! She was to have her very own Unicorn! The adrenalin was flowing. Plus a teenage boy was riding the unicorn! Her stable boy.

Aria closed her eyes for a brief moment. She was in the rollercoaster plunging downhill and the thrill was pounding in her heart. When she opened her eyes the Unicorn was right in front of her and Aria could barely breathe.

Lady Ambrosia smiled, “Congrats on your owning your first unicorn. She will be at your beck and call. Just remember one thing, unicorns are wiser than any animal and they can be a great asset to you. But they also can be sly and tricky, be careful to not fall for one of their traps.”

“I will be most careful!”

The unicorn nudged Aria and Aria stroked its head, not being able to imagine how it could be sly and tricky.

Meanwhile the boy sat on the unicorn in silence looking at Aria.

He was wearing a “deer caught in headlights” expression.

Aria felt shy suddenly but managed to say Hi and Lady Ambrosia introduced him as Jake.

Dancing and games went late into the night. One by one the fairies bid their new Queen goodnigbt.

Soon it was only Aria and Jake left sitting by the fire. Aria was studying the diamond and emerald studded crown in her hand.

“So how does it feel to be Queen?”

“I am not sure, it feels unreal and I still don’t really know what I am doing here. This all happened so fast!”

“You can say that again! One moment I am enjoying a nice swim in the river and the next moment I am here with new clothes on and sitting on a unicorn!’

Aria looked at him in astonishment. “You just suddenly appeared here?”

For the next hour they talked about their previous lifes. Jake really wished he hadn’t dropped that cowbell that he found. It must have some magical powers. All he did was shake it and in a cloud of smoke he appeared in Fairyland.

When they at last bid each other goodnight, Aria was feeling wonderful. Her heart was full to overflowing.

Falling into bed she decided that whether she ever figured out why she was here, there was one thing that made her heart smile. His name was Jake.

Frozen in Time

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“The leopard’s eyes pierced through her, as she froze like a statue, unable to move. This was one staring contest she had never planned on having!”

Jillian rubbed her eyes as the words started to blur. Her novel was coming along slowly. Now when she felt the ideas turning she found herself fighting sleep. Groaning she slumped down in her chair and looked at the clock.

5 minutes until midnight. Groaning louder she got up from her chair and headed for bed.

She had a 8am meeting with her boss first thing tomorrow. He had not been real forthcoming about why he wanted to see her, which made her curious.

Not too curious to sleep though, it had been a long day and she was beat. Closing her eyes, she hoped that no leopards would show up in her dreams.

“Good Morning Jillian.” Tina, the secretary smiled at her walking into the office.

Jillian wished her a Good Morning, but kept walking. Knowing that if she stopped to talk she wouldn’t be able to get away. To say that Tina had the gift of gab was an understatement!

Stopping at Starbucks had almost made Jillian late. The line was so long, but she had to have her double chocolate mint frappe to start the day.

Quickly throwing everything in her office she made it to her boss’s office with 5 minutes to spare.

The door opened just as she was getting ready to knock.

“Good Morning! Come on in.”

Jillian sat down in the mahogany, leather chair, anxious to hear what her boss had to say.

“You know I don’t like to beat around the bush so I will get straight to the point. Jack had an accident and broke his legs. We need you to fill in for him. He was supposed to go away on a 1 week assignment for us.”

Poor Jack! But oh lucky her! She was actually going to fill in for Jack? He was one of the best photographers that they had. She was going to go away for a week! Her assignments had always been close by.

A dreamy look was breaking out across her face. Feeling like a little kid being set free in a candy store.

“Jillian, did you hear me?”

She tried to focus. Nodding her head, she looked her boss in the eye. “Yes sir, I am listening.”

“Good. As I was saying. You will be going to Africa to photograph and write about one of the elephant reserves there.”

Butterflies were having a party in her stomach. Had she heard right? She was going to Africa! Her ship had finally come in! This was her time to shine.

Jillian couldn’t stop smiling. Her novel would have to wait, she was going to Africa.

So far her stay in Africa had been amazing! The elephants were magnificent creatures and her heart felt like it was in a constant state of euphoria.

Today she had decided to explore on her own some. They had told her she should always have a guide with her but Jillian was feeling confident.

She wanted to explore the other side of the massive reserve. It wasn’t only an elephant reserve, there were other animals to see. Thinking of the pictures she could get made her bubble over with enthusiasm.

Parking her landcruiser she got out to walk around. Promising herself she wouldn’t go far. Oh, but it felt so good walking around in the field, the tall grasses, feeling the gentle breeze. Staring at a….!

The leopard’s eyes pierced hers. Frozen, she was like a statue, unable to move. Her novel was coming to life right before her eyes!

Magical Wisteria

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Her mind was filled with trepidation, yet excitement as well. What awaited her?

It was as if she was riding a see-saw. One moment her heart was up ready for adventure, than worry about the unknown would bring her back down.

Aria had already said her goodbyes, her Mom and Dad were so proud of their only child. She was going to be a Queen, how could they not be proud! Their little girl, growing up and becoming a Queen!

Remembering her Grandma’s warm eyes filled with love and pride enabled Aria to keep walking forward.

While walking she thought back to the night that changed her life.

She had been startled by the fairy that flew in her window that night. Her wings shone with a brilliance that lit up Aria’s room.

“Princess Aria I come with good news. You have been specially chosen to be the new Queen of the fairies!”

Aria rubbed her head. Had she hit it real hard? A Princess? She wasn’t a Princess, but she didn’t bother to correct the fairy for she couldn’t speak, she was speechless with shock!

“I am Princess Lily and a week from now you will take a magical walk into fairyland.”

Aria found her voice long enough to ask “What?? How??”

“When you see the lavender wisteria appear in your backyard you will know its time. You will see the entrance to Fairyland.”

Aria noticed her parents standing in the doorway. They had heard voices and came to see what was going on.

They ran over to Aria hugging her tight. Who would have thought that on the night of her 13th birthday she would be visited by a Fairy!

“So what is Fairyland like? What kind of food do they have? I hope pizza!” Her dad patted his belly.

“Are their stores in fairyland? I will need to buy a whole new wardrobe of course.”

Aria’s dad rolled his eyes. Leave it to his wife to ask about clothing when their daughter is going to be a Queen! How can she think of shopping!

“Hey, does Fairyland have a golf course? I can’t stop playing golf.”

Princess Lily gave Aria’s dad a perplexed look.

“Golf? What is golf? But it doesn’t matter for you guys won’t be coming.”

“WHAT? How.can we not go, she is our baby.” their distressed faces made Aria’s heart plummet. They wouldn’t let her go now, she was certain. All they did was ruin things for her.

They started shouting at Princess Lily. It didn’t faze her, she simply took her tiny wand and bopped their foreheads with it. Instantly they stopped shouting. No words came out at all.

Aria was amazed. “What did you do to them?”

Princess Lily gave an impish smile. “They will wake up tomorrow in a much better mood. Trust me, all will be well. You are the appointed Queen to be, Princess Aria, they won’t stop you from coming to Fairyland.”

True to Princess Lily’s word, they woke up in the morning eagerly talking about Aria going to Fairyland. They couldn’t wait for her to come back and visit them and share her adventures!

Aria’s sweet grandmother was the one hardest to say goodbye too. They had a strong bond and Aria would miss her so much. Maybe she would be able to come back for her grandmother once she was crowned as Queen. The Queen had all the power, didn’t she?

Right before the entrance Aria paused. This was it, once she took a step there was no turning back.

Remembering the precious words of her grandmother she closed her eyes as she took the final step.

The Lost Treasure

Painting from Pinterest

Bending down to pick up the precious letter, Melinda grabbed it and continued walking to a private spot to read it.

She had been holding onto this letter for it was too hard to read at first.

When word had come of Donovan’s death, she was devastated. This was his last letter, never again would his heart bleed on paper for her.

He put the magic in her life and without him it would never be the same.

Finding a secluded spot she sat down under a tree and began to read.

“To the One who Colors my Sky:

You always believed in me and I can’t express how much that  meant to me. I knew I could count on you to be in my corner.

I have been saving for a long time and I can’t wait to show you the world. We have been separated for too long. The nights have seemed to go on forever without you and have been as dark as a sky without a moon.

I am coming my beloved. Once again the sun will rise when I look into your eyes.

If for some crazy reason I don’t make it to you I hope you get this letter. See the instructions attached to find where I hid the treasure.

Here is the key to the treasure. Use the gold wisely and you shall always have enough!

My heart may have been silenced but in my dreams it will forever beat for you.”

Melinda was tearing up again, hadn’t she cried enough? She turned over the letter to read the instructions but…. there was nothing there!

“Oh Donovan, what did you do? You forgot to write the instructions!!” She yelled in frustration, but had to smile. He always was a little absent minded. Somehow she would find the treasure, there had to be a way!