Back at the Farm

Snowball couldn’t believe that his friends were still sleeping. They apparently had grown used to the rooster crowing at the break of dawn.  Today was their last day down at the farm and they had slept right through the rooster’s “Cock a doodle doo!”

Eating his last bite of scrambled eggs, a sly thought came to Snowball’s mind. With a smile he mentioned his idea to Luke and Luke heartily agreed to it.

Jangle and Alabaster shot out of bed, and Jinx was holding his head in his hands wondering what had just happened. One moment he had been having sweet dreams and the next …. his ears were ringing!

Snowball and Luke were laughing with tears streaming down their faces. The trumpet was now resting in Luke’s lap.

“Had I told you guys that I was a star trumpet player back in school?”  Luke said, with his eyes twinkling.

Jinx, Jangle and Alabaster stood there with dazed expressions on their faces.

“It is a beautiful morning isn’t it!” said Snowball, “Hurry up and get dressed now, the cows are waiting. Betsy is waiting for you especially, Alabaster.”

Jinx looked at Snowball. “What has you so cheery this morning?”

“Remember the fortune cookies we got at the restaurant last night? Well I had forgotten to read mine until this morning.  It said, ” Today will be a bright, beaming, wonderful day, nothing bad shall befall you.”

Snowball was all smiles, “Today is my day! See ya all out in the barn!” and he was laughing as he closed the door.

The day did seem to be turning out just how Snowball’s fortune had said.  His friends were having mishaps, but his day was shaping up perfectly.

While Alabaster was stacking up some hay, he slipped and fell into a pile of manure. He told Snowball that he was sure Betsy was silently laughing at him. Betsy may have been silently laughing, but Snowball and the others weren’t so quiet.

Jinx was trying to plow the field with the mule, but the mule had sat down and was refusing to listen to Jinx’s pleas to get up. Jinx finally gave up and decided he would get a start on digging some holes that Luke had wanted dug. He was pretty good at digging holes. At least he had thought he was, until he hit one place where the dirt wasn’t budging , he put a lot of force on his shovel and before he knew it he had done a belly flop onto the ground , with dirt flying into his face.

Jangle had tried getting eggs from the Henrietta and managed to grab 4 of them, before getting pecked on his hand.

Meanwhile Betsy had cooperated real nicely for Snowball when he milked her and then he enjoyed lying on the hammock, taking a nap under a nice shade tree. Annie had come out to him after his little nap with a glass of sweet lemonade. She also carried her favorite book in her arms, for him to read to her. “The Odessa Chronicles”

He enjoyed the book as much as Annie did, laughing at all the crazy antics of the characters. She had also sneaked some donuts out of the kitchen for them to have. She gave an impish grin as she gave one to Snowball. Oh, was it yummy!

The day flew by and too  soon it was time for Julia to drive the guys back to the airport so they could catch their plane back to the North Pole.

Luke and Julia were so appreciative of all their hard work and invited them to come back anytime! They all felt bittersweet about leaving, for Luke and Julia were really nice and Annie was simply adorable. Alabaster though was not going to miss Betsy the cow at all!

They were all settled in their seats on the plane and were chatting about the week they had at the farm. Amidst the mishaps, it had been a really good time, but they were eager to see their friends at the North Pole again.

A stewardess interrupted them and leaned down to Snowball and said, ” Congrats sir! You have won the prize!”

“A prize?” said Snowball in shock. Then he turned to the others and said, “See how right my fortune was, the day just keeps getting better and better.”

The others just shook their heads in disbelief.

“Out of all the passengers on this plane, your name was drawn. You get a nice box of chocolates, from all of us here, hoping you will fly our airlines again!”

Snowball grinned from ear to ear as he thanked them for his chocolates and he was nice enough to offer some to his friends.

“Yup today sure has been…”

Suddenly the plane rocked, the stewardess lost her balance and her full pitcher of ice cold water fell right into Snowball’s lap.

The stewardess apologized profusely, but his friends were laughing.

“What were you saying again about your luck today?” said Alabaster.

“Oh Snowball, you do know you can’t always believe everything you read, right? Including a fortune from a fortune cookie. ”

Snowball just sat there not saying a word, but smacked his head with his hand, forgetting it was the one that now had soggy, melted chocolate on it.

Yes, sometimes the things you read are just too good to be true.






The Bridge of Questions … Part 2

If you missed Part 1 yesterday, here is a link. The Bridge of Questions

Thanks to those of you who helped contribute some questions, to help Sabrina get across the bridge. Some of the questions were tricky for sure! But I have come to expect that from certain “followers” . Hope you enjoy the story!


Sabrina was almost at the bridge. She felt full of confidence and was anticipating meeting the old man again. It wasn’t that she was so eager to cross the bridge but the old man had stirred up her curiosity now about what questions he could possibly have.

She saw him from the distance, as she was approaching the bridge. He turned and saw her, and this time he didn’t just stare at her, but he smiled. When she got closer to him he called out. “Hi there missy! I see you didn’t chicken out.”

Sabrina smiled as she shook her head. “Nope, not a chance! So what’s your first question?”

The old man stood there quietly, looking at her for a moment, and then he spoke. “Before we start, I am curious, why do you think I should be able to make you answer my questions, do you think I could really stop you from crossing this bridge? ”

Sabrina wasn’t quite sure what to say, she wasn’t expecting him to say that. He was standing right in front of her just giving her a piercing gaze, making her feel a little intimidated. He was an old man though, so she probably could just push him aside and walk on across the bridge. He really wouldn’t grab her, would he?

It was like he was reading her thoughts, for he said, “I am just a weak old man, you could push me off the bridge if you wanted to.”

Sabrina shook her head. “Well yeah I could, but I am too sweet and nice to do that! Besides, you have me curious now. You were all bold yesterday about these questions that you had, so I want to hear them.  Why don’t we take a seat on the bridge while you ask me them.”

They sat down and let their feet dangle out over the rippling water in the stream.”Okay, here is your first question. What kind deed did you do for someone before you left the house today?”

Again she was shocked by the question. “Why should it matter what kind deed I did today?” she asked him.

“Well you just got done saying that you were sweet and nice, so what did you do today to prove that.”

Sabrina looked down at her feet as she thought of the way she talked to the delivery guy that had come to her house this morning. He was just doing his job, but she had been in a hurry and was rather short with him. And then there was the person who called on the phone.

“Can we just go to the next question please?”

“Well, we can, but I hope you won’t let the day go by without doing something that is kind. Doesn’t have to be anything big.”

Sabrina nodded her head and agreed that she would make sure to try.

“What is the purpose of life? ”

Sabrina put her head in her hands, she didn’t think the questions would be this difficult!

“That would take way too long to answer right now. I will come back later with the answer, okay?”

The old man smiled. “Make sure you do, I will be waiting.”

They sat there in silence again watching the water flow.

Just as Sabrina thought that perhaps he didn’t have any other questions, he spoke up.

“Don’t you recognize me?”

Sabrina’s heart jumped. Was this someone she knew? She scrutinized him carefully, but no, he didn’t seem familiar at all.

“No, I don’t, should I?”

“Nope, just wondered what you would say!” and the old man laughed.

Sabrina shook her head, this guy was crazy.

“Here is an easy one for you. Do you know who won the International Polo Cup back in 1876?”

Sabrina almost lost her balance as she turned to look at him. “You are crazy, aren’t you! How could I possibly know that!” Her hands went up in the air as she shook her head.

“Its not really looking like you will get across the bridge today, missy, is it?”

Sabrina wasn’t quite sure what to say and she watched him take some rocks and throw them as they skipped across the water. They chatted about other things for a little. How he enjoyed the woods and how she liked the beach. He talked about how life was so different way back when he was a child and she found it interesting to hear his tales. She actually forgot that she was trying to get across the bridge, as they kept chatting.

As they skipped some more rocks, she happened to glance at her watch.

“Oh My, I didn’t realize the time. I gotta go, or I will be late for work this evening.”

“Do you want to take a short cut back home?” the old man asked.

“A shortcut?” she looked at him quizzically.

“Yes, there is a hidden tunnel I could show you.”


The man slapped his knee with his hand and started laughing.

“No, there isn’t a tunnel that I know of, but your eyes sure did get big!”

Sabrina made a face at him but couldn’t help to let out a laugh. “You are one interesting character, old man! i gotta go, but perhaps I will be back again. I don’t need to cross the bridge, maybe we can just chat again and skip some rocks, if that’s okay with you.”

“I am often here at this time of day, so come by whenever you want. I do have one more question for you.”

Sabrina raised her eyebrows, “Really, one that I can actually answer?”

“Perhaps.” and his eyes crinkled.

Sabrina laughed. “I will see you later, take care, old man.”

“You too, missy”, he said,  with a wink and a smile.



The Bridge of Questions

The sun wasn’t shining bright, but it was still a nice day to be outside. The air was calm and the tufted titmouse was singing its song, from its perch, in the blushing pink Dogwood tree.

Sabrina took a deep breath in of the Spring air, smiling, as she continued her walk. She had no real destination. She had just decided that she needed a walk to clear her brain and what better way was there, than to be out in nature.

She continued walking and ended up walking out of her neighborhood and into a lush green meadow, with an array of different colored tulips. The bees buzzed around her as they flew from flower to flower. She watched them as they intently went about their business paying no heed to her, they had work to do. She watched the little spotted ladybug crawling up a stem. While taking a break and sitting down, she felt something crawling on her leg. Looked down to see a little green caterpillar inching its way across her leg.

So many little things to notice, if one just take the time and opens their eyes. She spied some brown speckled mushrooms and wondered if tiny fairies really did live under them.

After resting for a bit, she got up on her feet and continued her walk. Leaving the meadow she wandered down the hill, and around the bend. Up ahead she saw a bridge with an older man sitting on it, staring out into the water running under the bridge. She figured she would walk over to him and possibly strike up a conversation. She was in no hurry, so why not.

As she kept walking towards the bridge she saw the man turn his head and look directly at her. He kept staring as she walked closer, and he wasn’t showing any hint of a smile. Sabrina felt herself getting a little nervous, but being a curious person by nature she kept walking.

“Stop!” the man said, just as she was about to set foot on the bridge.

Sabrina’s eyes widened in shock, and she quickly came to a stop in front of him.

“Where are you headed?”  The man gruffly asked.

“Well before you so rudely stopped me, I was headed across the bridge.” Sabrina retorted, sounding braver than she felt.

“Why do you want to cross the bridge,” the man asked with a little gruffer tone.

Sabrina paused a moment and then without batting an eye, “To get to the other side of course!”

The man didn’t respond right away, as Sabrina tried to give him her most stern look,  which was hard, for she wasn’t stern very often.

“A little sassy, aren’t you!” the man replied. Sabrina said nothing, as she tried to hold her stare.

“Well since you think you are so clever, here is the deal. You must answer some questions of mine, and if answered to my satisfaction, I will allow you to cross the bridge.”

Some questions, thought Sabrina, how hard could his questions really be. She was up to a challenge.

Giving him a coy smile she said, “No problem, I will answer your questions, give it your best shot, old man.”

At her reply the man’s face gave its first hint of a smile. ” Not so quick missy…”

Before he could continue, she interrupted and said, “My name is Sabrina, old man!”

The old man let out a laugh, with a gleam in his eyes. “What I was saying, young missy, ” giving her  a sly smile. “You will need to answer some questions in order to cross the bridge. For now though, you need to return home, tomorrow I will begin with the questions.”

“Tomorrow!” Sabrina replied, ” Why must I wait?”

“Because…” said the man,” Now be off and I will see you tomorrow, unless you want to back down and change your mind.”

Sabrina narrowed her eyes and stuck out her chin, “I’m not changing my mind, I will see you tomorrow….” and she turned to walk away.  Looking back over her shoulder she said, “Goodbye for now, old man!”

**Okay my friends, what questions would you ask Sabrina? Got to give your quarantined brains a little exercise. Share your questions below, do you think she will be able to answer them or will she find herself stuck, and unable to cross the bridge? **


Where Did The “Tall People” Go?

f2e223032d6aa6fd2711d9816e3c9760 photo from Pinterest

There was a meeting of the gnomes one night. They were talking about the “Tall people.” They hadn’t noticed them around as much, and were wondering what had happened. Usually they were busy hiding from them during the day, as their big feet traipsed through the woods and meadows. None of them wanted to get stomped on. There were some brazen gnomes, who bragged that they weren’t scared of no funny “tall people”and they wouldn’t hide. They would get right in the path of the “tall people” and sadly some of them were never seen again.

“Have they gone away?” one young gnome asked.  “Why haven’t we seen them?”

“They haven’t totally disappeared, for I have seen some of them. Though they are usually alone now or else with just one other person. Haven’t seen groups of them. They were always easier to hide from before,  for you could hear them coming. ” said an older gnome as he stroked his beard.

“I had a real close call last night.” said Hermie,  “I got away from a big foot right in the nick of time. One of the “tall people” were out with their camera taking pictures of the sky.”

Little Jubi spoke up, “Well I almost got stepped on during the day when a “tall person” was out walking their dog. The dog was really big, and I thought for sure I was a goner.

“I am sure they all will be up and out again in a bit. Perhaps they are just taking a break for now.” said one.

They all shrugged their shoulders, for no one really knew what had caused less “tall people” to be out and about.

“I am sure they will be out and about once again in time, we can’t let our guard down. Though I am wondering if they are starting to go a little crazy.” said Kiki

LuLu laughed, “Starting to go crazy….I think they been crazy for awhile!” The others joined in her laughter.

“True! But the other day there was one really “tall person” traipsing through the woods and he was talking to himself. He was saying how he was going to catch a unicorn! Silly guy! Those unicorns are smart, they won’t let themselves be seen by “tall people.” ”

All the others agreed.

“Well we could spend all night discussing the crazy things about the “tall people” and we still wouldn’t figure them out.”

They all agreed and they went back to watching the stars, chatting with the fairies and watching the unicorns dance.

Little Hermie wondered as he watched, what do the “tall people” do to relax? Whatever it was, he didn’t think it could compare to watching his favorite fairy dance. He smiled, as he caught her eye and gave her a wink, underneath the moonlit sky.

Fun in Texas

When I read Jill’s post,  I found out that it was ‘National Let’s Laugh Day”. Well I surely couldn’t let that day past without honoring it! I thought we could take another visit to our North Pole Friends. Enjoy!

They were all gathered in Santa’s house. Candy Cane had told Jinx, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster that Santa had a special favor to ask of them.

“So now that I have explained it some, what do you all think?” asked Santa.

“Sounds like a fun adventure to me!” said Jinx, and the others all gave their voice of approval as well.

“Great!” Santa’s face beamed and he clapped his hands together. “It will be fun! I promise. Thank you all very much and now I guess you should all go and pack up, since you will be leaving tomorrow morning.”

Alabaster nudged Snowball, who had begun to doze off in his chair, and they all got up to leave. When the door shut, Candy looked at  Santa with a conspiratorial grin. “Well that was easy enough. They took it, hook, line and sinker!” said Candy, and Santa let out a hearty chuckle!

The next morning they left bright and early to go to the airport. While they were on the airplane they talked about where they were going.

“Santa really didn’t say much about his friend that needed help.” Jinx said.

“Yeah, come to think of it, he was rather vague with the details. But hey, we are getting a vacation, so do the details really matter?” asked  Snowball.

“We know that we are going somewhere a lot warmer than the North Pole, so I am happy!”said Jangle. They all agreed. Candy had said that Texas could get really hot.

Come to think of it, she had seemed extra happy about them going. It almost seemed like she knew more than what they did, but, ….  They all pushed down the little doubts that had begun surfacing. They were going on a trip to help a friend of Santa’s with some work that needed done. Santa thought they would be perfect for the job, he said his friend would explain everything when they got there. 

If Santa thought they would be perfect for the job, then they had no reason to fear, right? They all sat back in their seats, looking out the window and enjoyed the flight.

When the plane landed, they all walked to the gate to meet their ride. 

“There she is!” Jangle said. 

They looked where he was pointing and they saw a pretty blonde haired lady standing with a big smile on her face. She was holding a sign with all their names on it. 

“Welcome to Texas! HI! I am Julia, so nice to meet all of you. Thank you so much for coming! My husband Luke,  was so relieved when he heard that you guys were coming.  With him being laid up, since his accident, and me being 8 months pregnant, we needed someone to help with the farm chores!” 

She continued chatting away, and didn’t really notice the shock on their faces as they followed her to her car. They were going to be working on a farm! 

Alabaster turned to Snowball and quietly said , “I am afraid of cows! Do you think they have a cow?”  Snowball looked at him, “Afraid of cows? You mean you are a chicken!” and he started laughing, while Alabaster rolled his eyes at him.

About a half hour later they arrived at the farm. The house looked really nice with a white picket fence and there was a lot of land. They saw woods beyond the house and a creek, with a Weeping Willow tree by it. They looked forward to going down to the creek sometime. 

They got out of the car and Julia said, “I will show you to your guest rooms where you can unpack and wash up. Then I hope you have a hearty appetite for lunch.” Julia said. 

Ahh! Food, they all thought, now that sounded good! For a little while they forgot being nervous about the farm work that was going to be expected of them. 

The food was delicious and they were totally charmed by Luke and Julia’s little  girl Annie. She kept them laughing throughout the meal. Luke thanked them profusely for coming and he and Julia were so kind. In spite of them being nervous, they were really glad to have come and met this sweet family.  Their hearts were warmed by seeing the love that shined between Julia and Luke. 

It really was sad about Luke, 2 broken legs. He had some type of accident in the woods, at least now, he was on the way to recovery. Thankfully he was in less pain now. 

After lunch, they all told Julia to rest and that they would take care of the dishes. Julia was very pleased, and gladly took them up on their offer. Anna helped them too, entertaining them with her songs while they washed. 

After everything was done, Julia said she would take them out to the barn. Annie happily skipped along with them. ” You gotta meet Betsy, she is my favorite cow!” 

At hearing these words, Alabaster’s face got a little pale. Snowball started laughing and didn’t hear Julia say, “Watch where you …”  SQUISH! Everyone laughed at Snowball’s red face, as Julia said, “You gotta look out for those cow patties!” 

Alabaster forgot his fear while laughing. They entered the barn, and Annie said, “There she is, there is Betsy!”  and Alabaster saw the biggest cow he had ever seen. Her big, dark eyes seemed to bore into him!

Annie tugged on Jinx’s arm and asked if he wanted to meet Henrietta. She took him over to where a pretty Hen was sitting. “She needs to have her eggs gathered every day. All you do is reach in and take them.  Want to try it?” 

Jinx felt confident and reached in his hand. “SQUAWK!” The noise and flapping of her wings scared Jinx, and he jerked his hand back which made him squeeze the egg in his hand, causing it to crack. Julia tried to hold in her laughter, but the look on his face and the sight of egg yolk dripping from his hand was too funny. 

Jangle was laughing so hard, he tripped and fell into the water trough. 

Annie was doubled over with laughter, “This is going to be such a fun week, isn’t it Mommy!” she said. 

Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball, shook their heads. It would be quite a week indeed! 



The Desert Adventure

bed8cb436ea767129ce7ee33b97097e8 photo credit Pinterest

Dmitri couldn’t believe his eyes! Perhaps the camel was just a mirage. He rubbed his eyes and then made sure to open them really wide, and he looked again. The camel was still standing there, looking back at him.

Dmitri had never rode on a camel before, but it sure would be nice to give his legs a rest. Dare he approach it? Were camels nice? Cautiously he walked closer to the camel.

The camel wasn’t walking away from him, so Dmitri guessed that was a good sign. So far so good, the camel just stayed in its place as Dmitri approached him. Dmitri wondered what the camel was thinking. He was standing right in front of the camel now, trying to figure out how he was supposed to get on top of him! He had never even rode a horse before!

Suddenly the camel started lowering himself down. Dmitri wondered if the camel was planning on going to sleep, but nope, his eyes remained wide open. It was if he was beckoning Dmitri to climb up on him. Did he dare?

His fatigue urged him to try. He climbed up onto his back and the camel slowly rose up. Dmitri wrapped his arms around the camel’s neck trying to hang on. Then slowly the camel started plodding along through the desert sand.

After they went a little ways Dmitri relaxed his grip some, beginning to feel more relaxed. It felt so good to be off his feet!

The farther they went the more the motion of the camel started to lull Dmitri to sleep. He felt his head bobbing and he fought to keep his eyes open. Finally he couldn’t fight it any longer and sleep overtook him.

Dmitri woke up sweating. The desert sun was beating directly down on him. The camel continued to plod along. Where was the camel going?  Were they headed in the right direction? He really did hope to get out of the desert soon. It had been exciting at first, this adventure he started out on, but now he felt lost. He dug in his pockets for his compass, but it must have fallen out somewhere along the way, now what was he to do!

He took one more swig from his canteen, and sadly realized that he had only a very little bit of water left. Somehow he needed to find a way out of the desert. Why hadn’t he listened to his wife! She had warned him about traveling in the desert alone, but he was the adventurous type and thought he would be fine. He needed an escape from the craziness of the world.

Now every direction he looked in, all he could see what stretches of sand and more sand. No water in sight!  He saw a scorpion crawling across the sand, at least he knew to stay away from them! He had seen an armadillo lizard earlier in the day, they were kind of cute.

Armadillo Lizard

He patted his camel on the neck. Dmitri was becoming fond of the camel. The camel was a good listener, he occasionally interrupted Dmitri with by groaning or bellowing in response to his chattering, so Dmitri felt like they understood each other.  He was glad he had something to talk too and was very glad for the ride, even if it was kind of bumpy.

“Well buddy, I really need your help, I hope you can lead me out of this desert soon. Unlike you, I can’t go a week without water!” The camel responded again with a couple groans and a bellow.

He found himself wondering again about why the camel had been standing all alone in the desert. He didn’t know much about camels, but he did know that they usually traveled in herds. He hadn’t seen any other camels around. Was this poor camel lost, just like Dmitri was?

Speaking with more confidence than he actually felt, Dmitri said to the camel, “Don’t worry buddy, we will stick together and be just fine!” The camel let out a loud bellow, Dmitri smiled, he was glad that the camel agreed.

After a few more steps the camel stopped. Dmitri guessed he wanted to rest, and that was fine with him. It might be good for him to get off the camel for a little bit and stretch his legs.

He climbed off of the camel and stretched out on the desert sand, it was hot, but it felt good to lie down for a bit.

After resting, he stood up and he gasped at what he saw! There were camels coming towards him, and people were riding on them. His heart started to beat faster, did these people have water they could offer him? Did they know the way out of the desert?

He anxiously waited for them to get closer.

“Hello!” Dmitri called to them and waved his hand as they came towards him.

They smiled back and when they arrived the one gentleman spoke.

“Hello! Are you out here all alone?”

“Yes” Dmitri nodded, “I am.”

“Its not wise to travel alone in the desert, where are you headed?”

Dmitri now was a little embarrassed as he had to admit that he really didn’t know where he was headed, what had started out as a fun adventure, had got him hopelessly lost.

Fortunately the travelers had water to offer him and Dmitri gratefully accepted it. Oh, pure water had never tasted so good!

The travelers told him that they would gladly lead him out of the desert.

Dmitri was so relieved. He climbed back up on the camel. ” See buddy, I told you, it would all work out!” he said, as he patted the camel’s neck.

After traveling for awhile, they came to a stop. They were out of the desert! Dmitri gave them his sincere thanks. They nodded and smiled warmly at him, quickly disappearing as they rode away.

“Well, we made it home buddy!” Dmitri said, “Would you like to stay with me?” Dmitri got a little choked up about thinking of saying goodbye to his friend. The camel bellowed and Dmitri took that as a Yes!  He hugged the camel around the neck as he headed for home. He only had one question ringing through his head, how was he ever going to explain to his wife about bringing home a camel?











By the River


Once upon a time where the water flowed, and the fish swam, there lived Freddie the Frog. Freddie was mad, for his supper had just been snapped away by another frog.  Now he waited impatiently for another dragonfly to fly by, his stomach was rumbling, so it better come quick!

Ahh! He saw one and it was coming close. Gulp! It was tasty as it went down his throat.

Savannah was sitting by the river watching the frogs, and she saw how the one snapped up the dragonfly in the blink of an eye. She had come to the river to write, but she wasn’t getting very far. She had 4 words on her paper so far. “There once was a ….”  and that was all that came to her mind, as she sat on the river bank, with her chin in the palm of her hand.

She watched the frog who had caught the dragon fly and was now appearing to be smiling as he floated down the river on his pad.


She stared back at her paper, “There once was a ….”

Oh look at that pretty fish that just popped his head out of the water, looking straight at her, as if to say ” HI!”


Nature was so beautiful, that’s what she loved about being out in it. It was so peaceful, listening to the water flow, the frogs croak, and the splash of the water, as the fish jumped.

Savannah watched the river a little longer, and then the idea struck her! A smile spread across her face. She wrote and she wrote, and the gentle breeze blew. At times she would pause and watch another dragonfly fly by and smiled as it flew right by the dozing frog and up into the sky.


The sky was starting to get dark, she should be starting for home, soon she told herself, real soon, just a little more to go. Her head was bent as she kept writing. Finally she let out a contented sigh, looking into the sky. One more thing left to add, “The End!” she wrote with a twinkle in her eye, and another dragonfly flew by.



Suspense in the Woods

Frank and George were on their lunch break when their boss came rushing out of her office. “I have an assignment for you guys, and you have to leave immediately.”  she said.

Frank was still chewing on his bologna and swiss cheese sandwich, while George was washing the last bite of his turkey sandwich down with a glass of milk. George finished his milk and then looked at their boss and asked, “What is the assignment?”

“In the town of Borden everyone is astir, a murder happened.”

Frank spit out his water that he had just taken a gulp of as he sputtered, “Wh-what! A murder in that town? You mean the town that has the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe?”

Their boss nodded, “Yes, that one. The murder happened a little ways out of town, but everyone is upset, for the guy was well known.  There are all kinds of rumors being spread of who the murderer may be, but there have been very little clues to go on. That’s where you guys come in at. I want you to go to the scene of the crime and see if you can figure out the mystery.”

When their boss told him who the victim was Frank and George stared at the floor for a little.

“Oh Dear!” said George

“He was such a cool guy!”  Frank said and George nodded in agreement.

“Some people are saying that some guy named Luke committed the murder, but there are several that disagree with that.” their boss said.

“They don’t know what they are talking about, they are full of it!” cried George. “Luke is a total gentleman.”

Frank spoke up, “Welllll….he did seem like a nice guy, but perhaps he wanted his gold back, I had heard he had given some it away to him and some others, so he would have a motive.”

“Hmmm…” said George, “Nah! I still can’t believe it!”

“Well the sooner you guys get going, hopefully the sooner we will be able to ax the mystery and bring it to an end, so get going!”

A couple hours later Frank and George were at the little cabin in the woods, standing and looking at the blood stained floor.

“I still can’t believe he is gone.”

“Who would want to cause him harm?”

The dog laid by the fireplace, he hadn’t moved since they came in, his head was between his paws and he had the saddest expression on his face.

The little chicken was sitting on the dog’s back and he kept repeating the same word over and over again.

“Can you please get that chicken to be quiet?” George said. “Its driving me crazy!”

“A short drive to take, eh?” Frank replied, as George gave him a look.

“I have no clue how we are supposed to figure out who had it in for the Chicken Man, there is no weapon lying around and we don’t even have a body! There is just blood everywhere.”

They both sat down on the couch with their head in their hands, trying to decide the next step. They had interviewed townspeople and got all kinds of conflicting stories. Mr. Fluffer and Mr. Nutter were devastated as the Chicken Man had visited them all the time when he came to town.

Some people even suggested that perhaps it was Mr. Fluffer or Mr. Nutter. That maybe they wanted his gold! But Frank and George didn’t believe that at all, they knew those guys pretty well and they were good eggs, a little cracked perhaps, but very good eggs!

“Anna”, “Anna’, “Anna!” the chicken kept saying.

“There might be another murder about to happen soon.” George said, if that chicken doesn’t shut his mouth!”

“Anna!” “Anna!” “Anna!”

Frank slapped his knee! “I think I know who might have done it, we gotta go find her!”

“Who?” said George.

“Anna!” replied Frank. “Remember the girl who he met in the woods once and gave an apple too.” Her name just popped in my head! Lets go to the woods, there was always something that I found peculiar about her.”

They quickly left the cabin and the little chicken rolled its eyes as he fell on his back out of exhaustion. He had wondered how many more times he was going to have to say that girl’s name, until those guys would listen! Humans sure can be slow sometimes!

They were driving home, both eager to get home and take a shower. They weren’t used to digging up dead bodies! Frank’s hunch had been right. Anna had committed the vile deed and once she knew she was caught she confessed to where she had buried the body.

Frank reached over to turn on the radio. “I don’t know about you, but I need some good music to help clear my mind.”

It took a little bit until they could find a station they both agreed on, but at last they agreed on the song that was playing. You couldn’t really go wrong with Neil Diamond. “Sweet Caroline” was the song playing. The song reminded them of someone, but they couldn’t quite think of her name.
























The End … Trying Again!

Your long awaited questions shall be answered at last in this ongoing saga of ” A Mama for Anna”. Thanks for enjoying the ride thus far.  Hope you enjoy “The End!” If you missed the most recent story in this saga, here is the link. The Finale?? Maybe … Maybe Not!


Luke was out in the barn in the early morning hours, sitting and milking sweet Betsy with thoughts swirling around in his brain. He hadn’t known that his heart was capable of loving again, but Julia had broken through with her sweet love. The nights that they spent out on the porch swing looking at the stars, after Annie was in bed, were some of the favorite moments of his day.

Sometimes they would talk, sharing whatever was on their heart, and laughing about something Annie had said, and sometimes they just sat in the silence. A comfortable silence, arms wrapped around each other as they looked into the sky. with moments of their lips speaking without words.

Yes, life was really going well for him, he could get lost in his daydreams about Julia. the softness of her skin and how her hair looked when she let it down at night. When she would have that look in her eye meant only for him, and all he wanted to do was …

“OUCH!” Betsy had just kicked him with her leg. He knew she didn’t kick as hard as she could have, but it still hurt!

“Sorry girl!” he said, he realized he had pulled a little too hard, while lost in his daydreams. He finished up with her, before letting his thoughts drift again. He didn’t need bruises on both legs!

Once he finished up he went over to the little white cross to take care of his other job that he needed to do. He had to deliver a special package to the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. No one knew what he had buried under the cross, it was the best hiding place that he had ever thought of.  Not many were willing to take their chances of digging under a cross, they didn’t want to risk finding a body!

He dug up the box and put it in his wagon. Now he just needed to eat breakfast with Julia and Annie and he would be on his way.

The Chicken Man was in the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe bright and early again. He had been out on a morning hike with Charlie and Tucker, and now needed to rest while enjoying some coffee.

“Is Luke here yet? ” the Chicken Man asked?

“Nope, haven’t seen him. I still can’t believe what he had under the cross all this time, who would have guessed!”

“You thought it was a dead body!” said Mr. Fluffer to Mr. Nutter.

“I wasn’t the only one who thought that! You let your imagination go too and Chicken Man over here, thought for sure something was up because of Tucker sniffing around the cross before.”

“Guess we were all duped!” said Mr.Fluffer, as they all nodded their heads and they went back to rocking in their chairs.

“Crack!” “Thud!”

The Chicken Man was sitting on the floor in a daze, while his buddies were trying not to laugh.

“Well next time you decide to flop on the floor, let us know, and we will put a cushion down for  you.”  said Mr. Fluffer.

“Guess we need a new rocking chair now! And add a coffee cup to his tab as well.” said Mr.Nutter, as he looked at the broken cup on the floor.

He gave the Chicken Man a hand to help him stand up.

Mr.Fluffer brought him another cup of coffee. This one is on the house, being that you already are paying for the rocker and the coffee cup.

“Thanks, you are too kind”.

“Don’t mention it!” Mr. Fluffer and Mr. Nutter said.

The bell jangled as Luke walked through the door. They all greeted each other and Luke was carrying the box in his hands. He set it down and they all gathered round to watch him open it.

Just then the door swung wide open as the bell jangled loudly! Miss. Jill came dashing in the store.  “Hey guys, there is someone out here who wants to meet you.”

They all looked at each other wondering what she was talking about, but momentarily forgetting the box, they ran out the door with Miss. Jill.

“Anna!” the Chicken Man called out. She turned to him and smiled. She walked over to him and thanked him for the kindness he had shown her in the woods. She told him that she lived in the orphanage, but often ran away from it to go in the woods.

Her parents had died on the train long ago, they had been very sick, and were traveling to see a special Doctor, but it was too late.  Anna was little and scared by all the people milling around her parents at the train station and so she had ran away.

She turned to Luke and said that when she saw his little white cross she thought that maybe her parents were buried there, so that’s why he had seen her there at times.

Their hearts were warmed by how sweet Anna was and they wished her the best as they walked back into the Shoppe. They sure hoped that she would be adopted soon they said to each other, as they gathered around the box once more.

Luke opened the box and they all oohed and ahhhed over what was inside. Gold, precious Gold!! Luke had generously offered to share it with them, if he could help run the “Fluffer Nutter Shoppe” too. He wanted to add some ice cream to it, he thought the kids in town would love that. He thought perhaps they could have sweet potato ice cream.  The others looked at him like he was crazy, but he was the one with the gold! He also was really hoping that the Chicken Man could get him a talking chicken, Annie would love it!

Luke smiled. yes, life was good, very good indeed!
















The Finale?? Maybe … Maybe Not!

Why the question marks after my title?  If you have been following my story ,A Mama for Anna  you will understand. Is this really the End?  Will it become a series?  Your guess is probably as good as mine! With this story my  “followers” have had a large say in it, so I am just taking a deep breath, diving in, and waiting with baited breath to find out.



“Cock a doodle doo!” The rooster was loudly greeting the new day, but Julia sure didn’t feel like it. The baby had been kicking her all night long. Now it had finally decided to take a break from it acrobatics. Julia may be tired, but she couldn’t help but smile, while rubbing her stomach.

“Have I told you how much I love your smile, my sweet Buttercup?”  Luke said, as he put his arm around her and Julia snuggled her head against his shoulder.

“Only about a hundred times, but whose counting.” she quietly said, with her eyes still closed, breathing out a contented sigh.

They laid in bed for a little while longer, until Luke gave her a soft kiss. “You do make it harder to get out of bed in the morning.”

She gave him a little nudge, saying, “Oh but you have to go, for sweet Betsy and the other cows are calling your name. Plus, now I can spread out on the bed”, and she gave him a little push.

“Oh, I see how it is!”, laughing, he got out of bed and got dressed, as Julia sprawled out in the middle of the bed.

“Just remember, I like my bacon crispy, not my toast!” he quickly went out the bedroom door, dodging the pillow that Julia threw.  Julia smiled as the door shut, she would just close her eyes for a few more minutes and then start breakfast. Yes, poor Luke had to put up with several burnt offerings in the beginning, but she had greatly improved! He just couldn’t resist being a tease!

Meanwhile back in town, Miss. Jill, the fabric store owner was having quite the morning. She had spilled her coffee on herself when she went to sit down. Then she couldn’t find the salt to put on her scrambled eggs.

She also wasn’t looking forward to dealing with Miss.Delaney today. Jill had her dress all made for her. She knew though that  Miss.Delaney, she would find something wrong with it. The lady was so hard to please! Jill had to bite her tongue several times around her. She let out a sigh and then spied the salt shaker and shook it all over her eggs.  Took a big bite and her eyes got watery.  What was red pepper doing in her salt shaker! She smacked her head!

The Chicken Man was on his 3rd cup of coffee at the “Fluffer Nutter Shoppe”. He had just successfully beat Mr.Fluffer at checkers for the third time in a row.  “We need to play poker”, Mr.Fluffer said. The Chicken Man smiled, leaning back in his chair.

“Hey, I never told you guys what happened a couple weeks ago when I was in the woods.”  the Chicken Man said. He went on to explain to them about meeting the young girl, whose name was Anna, and seeing her a few times after that, among the trees

His friends listened intently, and Mr.Nutter shook his head, not seeming surprised.

“Have you guys never heard about the legend that has been told over the years?”

The Chicken Man and Mr. Fluffer, both shook their heads “No”.

Mr.Nutter leaned began to rock as he shared the story. “Legend says that long ago there was a little girl at a train station looking for her Mama. Others had seen her, but as quickly as she came she disappeared. No one knew her story. People have seen her in the woods from time to time, but just like your experience, no one has been able to talk with her long enough to learn much about her. She just runs off.”

Mr. Fluffer spoke up, “That is intriguing, never had heard about it,  but I did hear the mystery surrounding the little white cross.”

The Chicken Man and Mr. Nutter, nodded their heads, that was a mystery that everyone was aware of, but people were split on what they thought.

There was a little white cross in the fields where Mr.Luke Shadow lived. He was known to all as a gentleman and people felt very sorry about what had happened to his wife, but no one quite knew for sure what the little white cross in his fields was for. They had heard that it was a memorial to his wife, but some didn’t buy that explanation. They thought there was more to the story than what he was telling, even though he had repeated the story often. Were their actual bones buried under the cross and if so, who or what did they belong too?

“I went to see Mr.Shadow once, and had Charlie with me. He couldn’t stop sniffing around that little white cross. Mr.Shadow watched him closely out of the corner of his eye and seemed nervous to me as we were talking.” the Chicken Man said.

There was silence as they all wondered about the two mysteries for a little bit.

” Well, I know one thing we all can be sure of…. I bet that I can win another game of checkers.” said the Chicken Man.

“No, we are playing poker this time, get the chips,” Mr. Fluffer said.

“But I ate them!” replied Mr. Nutter.

Mr. Fluffer smacked his head with his hand and the Chicken Man rolled his eyes.

Mr. Nutter laughed as he went to get the chips and they all started playing.

While everyone was going about their day, no one seemed to notice the shadow of the little girl, with the chestnut brown hair kneeling beside the little white cross in the field.