Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! I am ready to go out in our backyard soon. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, while lying on the porch swing, before going back to work. I hope you are finding a way to enjoy some simple pleasures today. Keep Smiling! 


Thanks to Mitch for letting me use this quote from his blog.










27 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Oh, 8, definitely today. I am so glad that when I was a boy I went outside and played until it got dark.

    I usually wander back home around lunch time and then out again.
    Sometimes we would go to some random house and drink from the garden hose when we were thirsty (nobody cared).

    Whatever kids were out, that’s who we played with.

    Sometimes mom would have a dump-truck load of dirt put in the back ostensibly for her garden. I suspect she did it because it would keep 4 boys busy for hours playing with toy trucks and such.

    I’m sure it was hot outside in the summer as I lived on the Texas coast, but I don’t remember being hot.

    If your mom wondered where you are she just had to ask some kid.

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    • Yes! So many fond memories! Well I didn’t play in the dirt but…LOL! I played in the creek for hours with my friends. Rode bike and had picnics with fluffer nutter sandwiches. 🙂

      Glad that my children played a lot outdoors as well when they were little.

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    • Yeah, the heat here on the Texas coast is definitely different, but when I was a kid heat nor snow (Panhandle of Texas) bothered us. Now, as a senior citizen, I definitely don’t tolerate the cold.

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  2. I hope you enjoyed your session with the sun. Superman wasn’t so great, he wore his undies on the outside. I remember playing outside when young and the most sophisticated toy/game indoors was the Magic Robot or teacher that always pointed to the right quiz answers. Nowadays I need a degree to turn on most toys my grandchildren play with. I’m glad they still have bikes to get them out.
    Huge Hugs

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