Sully’s Unpleasant Lessons

This is a continuation from  yesterday’s post, The Little Donkey That Could!



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Sully opened his eyes and saw the stream across from him. He went to stand up but his legs felt wobbly, and he sank back down onto the grass. He felt dizzy and his stomach didn’t feel quite right. What was going on?  He didn’t want to close his eyes again for he had really strange dreams before, but Ohhh he really didn’t feel well. 

While lying on the grass in misery he remembered something his Mom had warned him about several times. She had said to be careful of eating wild berries. Sully’s heart sank as he thought about the sweet, juicy red berries he had enjoyed earlier. Why couldn’t he have remembered his Mom’s warning before! It didn’t do him much good now! Sully groaned, it looked like he was going to learn lessons the hard way on this trip. First the “stinging monster” and now the berries that may taste sweet at first, but they won’t make your stomach feel sweet! 

Poor Sully hoped his stomach ache wouldn’t last long, but at least he had found a comfortable place to rest. 

After resting some more his stomach felt like it was settled and he was able to stand on his 4 feet without feeling dizzy. He walked down to the stream for more water and then skipped a little, being glad that he felt much better. Onward to more adventures, thought Sully.

He had been plodding down the curvy dirt road, feeling in awe of the mountains around him. They were gigantic, compared to him. Sully felt pretty small until a fly started buzzing around his head. Now the fly was tiny, but he was becoming a pest for he kept buzzing in his ears. It sounded like he was saying “I am Superfly, the fastest fly around!” Sully replied back, “I am Sully, and I eat flies!” In a flash Superfly was gone.

After walking for another hour, he found himself out of the mountains and in a more wooded section. Sully began to wish that he hadn’t scared Superfly away. At least he could talk to him. Sully was beginning to feel lonely. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was sitting by the side of the road, eating something.

Sully stopped and said “HI!” and the woodchuck nodded his head for his mouth was full. What he was eating didn’t look appealing at all. At last the woodchuck stopped chewing and said, “HI! What are you doing?”

“I am on an adventure!”

“Where to?” the woodchuck asked.

“I don’t know.” Sully replied.

The woodchuck cocked his head at him. “Well would you like to stay with me and help me chuck some wood?”

Sully didn’t think that sounded too exciting. He politely said No and wished the woodchuck a good day while continuing on his way.

What was that? Perhaps that animal would like to walk with him and be his friend. It was small, but much bigger than Superfly and it wasn’t chewing on yucky wood. It was standing in some wildflowers. Sully decided to go over and say “Hi!” Its black and white color was a deep contrast compared to the bright, yellow flowers around it. Sully thought its fluffy tail was pretty cool.

Sully called out to the black and white animal but it didn’t reply. So he called again. Thinking that maybe the animal didn’t hear him Sully walked closer to him. Then the animal turned his back on Sully. Well that is rude, thought Sully, and he yelled again at him and dared to get closer.

Sully’s eyes stung and he could barely breathe! What was that horrible odor? He ran but the odor followed him. He kept running until he began to get out of breath. The pungent smell was still overwhelming. What was he going to do? This was the last straw! Sully was going back home. He decided that he had enough adventures for now!

He had been bold and brave and showed his siblings that he could go out on his own, even if he was little! But now all he wanted was to go home, and get rid of this putrid smell. He started running and loudly brayed, “M-a-a-a-M-a-a!

60 thoughts on “Sully’s Unpleasant Lessons

  1. Awe poor Sully. He should stick to hay and oats. He should be safe now that he smells like a skunk though.

    Where did you get the idea for a woodchuck? And how much corn would a woodchuck shuck if a woodchuck could shuck corn? And how many ducks would a woodchuck pluck if a woodchuck could pluck ducks? And would a woodchuck bring good luck to a wood duck or would a wood duck upchuck at a woodchuck?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Have you seen the commercial (Geico, I think) of the woodchucks tossing wood? That was the first thing that popped into my head when I was reading your story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m worried that Sully’s family will reject him when he gets home because of his stench.

    And Sully should have eaten some wild mushrooms instead of those berries; he may have discovered his purpose in life while on his venture…

    Liked by 2 people

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