Confusing Words

Having Celiac I am used to asking for sandwiches with no bun at restaurants. Thankfully more and more places are starting to carry gluten free buns, i just wish Olive Garden would come out with gluten free bread sticks!

One day I made a quick stop at a fast food restaurant. I went up to the counter and asked to please have a hamburger with no hamburger. Yes, you heard me right, that’s exactly what I said. I actually wondered why the cashier looked a little confused. I thought  it would help if I repeated myself and as I was repeating myself my face may have begun to grow a little warm. I quickly explained what I really wanted, as the cashier smiled. Though who knows what she was thinking in her head.

I know I can’t be alone in getting words mixed up sometimes, so feel free to give me some company and share a time when you may have said something that you did not mean to say!

Or perhaps it wasn’t what you said or wrote that you mixed up, but maybe, like my dear husband, you had the wrong definition for the word.

I will admit that I give my husband a lot of reasons to laugh, but there are the times that he will have a “red moment” as well! This happened a few years ago now but will always stay fresh in my mind! His Mom had sent a recipe home with us for the rolls that she made that he really liked. He was reading the ingredients and noticed that she wrote “a lot of elbow grease”.  He asked me where in the store would he pick up “elbow grease”.  I kid you not I was on the floor with tears running down my face! The poor guy didn’t know what was wrong with me.

She was referring to the fact that it takes “a lot of elbow grease” to roll out the dough.”  A term that dates back to the 17th century. I will say that I heard it a lot from my Mom growing up so I was very familiar with it. There are so many different sayings out there, so I can understand a little, but….it still cracked me up!

Your turn now! When have you confused some words? What things have caused you to be ferhoodled or perhaps put a little color in your cheeks. Remember Laughter is great medicine! Let us all enjoy your “emerald blue” moments! 🙂


Your Internal Thermostat

Inspiration from this post is thanks to my husband!

My husband and I have one area that we have been different in ever since we started dating. We both have very different internal thermostats!  When we are outside, he is always the first one to get cold. He can be bundled up in a winter coat, with hat and gloves and I am laughing. I may be cold depending what the temp is but never as cold as he is and its not because I am wearing a warmer winter coat. A lot of times my coat will be thinner than his.

Now at home though, its a different story. Our thermostat is set at a comfortable level, but I could have it a few degrees warmer. It is usually very common for me to have a blanket on when on the couch, or my cozy robe on at night and still a blanket on top of me. Meanwhile he is wearing short sleeves and looking at me like I am crazy.

Tonight started the season again of us being outside and disagreeing with each other. LOL! We were coming home from a little outdoor festival. Before we got to the car he was saying how cold he was. His warm jacket was zipped up and he had his hands in his pocket. I didn’t have my jacket zipped up and I was fine, it was getting on the chilly side, but it wasn’t bad.

We get in the car and he cranks up the heat to warm his hands. Once they got warmed up, we switched roles once again. I soon was asking him why he turned the heat down so far. Well to him it was perfectly warm in the car. I said, its cooler in here than it was outside, and again I got the , “Are you crazy look?”  We just shook our heads, as he kindly turned the heat up a few more notches.

We arrive home and come inside, put some things away and decide to start a card game. While we are playing cards it hits me how I still have my jacket on and I am very comfortable. Meanwhile Brad of course has his jacket off.

I would tell you what we have our thermostat set on, but I have a feeling the reaction that I would get would favor Brad’s opinion. If  you guess the temp I will let you know if you are correct. Perhaps I can find someone else on here who likes it as warm and cozy in the house as I do!

So do you have the same problem? Is the one you live with always colder or warmer than you?  Do you mind the cold or the heat more?

Now in the summertime I will be quicker to get hot! I can be sweating buckets and my husband will not mind it nearly as much. He was in Oklahoma for 3 months during the summer one year for his job. He would call me and I would ask what he did that day and he would talk about playing tennis. How hot is it I would ask. His reply a lot of times was 100 degrees! You will not find me playing tennis when its 100 degrees! Tennis is a very active sport for me for I am constantly chasing after my ball! He said how its a dry heat, they don’t have the humidity like we do, which does make a difference. But still once it hits 100 degrees its plain down HOT, no matter how dry the heat is!

Brad does have a “scientific” theory of why he gets colder faster, but I am not exactly convinced that his theory is correct! I may have rolled my eyes.

We may never agree on temperatures, but at least we both have warm hearts for each other.  After all, that is what’s most important, right! 🙂


The Bad “T” Word

While sitting in the tire repair shop today, a memory came back to me.  I was sitting there listening to the phone ring and the guy who answered kept saying the same phrase. “It’s a great day here, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”  He was very upbeat, but I wondered how he could do that everyday, how many times he had to repeat that over and over?

I then remembered how there was a time long ago that I repeated the same phrase over and over again on the phone. One of my very first jobs was a ….. . Yes, I don’t want to say it too loud, please don’t throw stones, but well, for a short time, I was a telemarketer!

I sold magazines, any kind of magazine you wanted, I could sell you. I had a piece of paper with my script on it, but after reading it several times on the phone, I didn’t need the paper anymore. It wasn’t that I just had it memorized, it was that I chose to improvise!  Of course, I only could do that when the boss man wasn’t in the room.

As much as I hated bugging people on the phone, I will say that I had some fun moments with the job. My improvising actually helped me to become one of the best sellers at the company and I had some fun conversations on the phone.  We talked about their pets or their hobbies and then I would suggest a magazine that they may like.

I liked keeping things simple. On the paper there was written responses we were supposed to give to people that said “No.”  My response was ” Okay, thank you, have a nice day!” and I moved on to the next person on the list to call. That’s how I made more sales.  I was busy calling, why my co-workers were busy trying to convince the people they called, that they really did want some magazines.

There was a little bell on our desk that we were supposed to ring when we made a sale. That would get the boss’s attention and he would come to finalize the sale. There were times I would try to very lightly ring the bell, for I didn’t always get the friendliest looks from my co-workers when they would hear my bell… again! I kept the boss happy though.

I made decent money, but didn’t stay there long, too monotonous and like I said, I didn’t like bugging people. If people wanted magazines, they could just go to the store and buy them!

Do you have a job story you would like to share? One of your first jobs that perhaps you can’t believe that you did? A job you wouldn’t do again?  Feel free to share below.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy October! Where September went, I am not too sure, but its gone! I think I must have blinked!  Its supposed to reach 87 degrees today, I do believe the poor trees are mighty confused, I know I am. A friend had shared a meme yesterday that said, “I feel like we are at a surprise party for Fall, he’s late and we are running out of appetizers!”


May happiness FALL all around you today! I hope that you enjoy the quotes today and that there may be some that stand out to you in a special way.  This is one of my favorite posts to do and I am glad that no one has got bored from it yet. There just always are new quotes to be found, though I will admit that I am sure I have probably repeated many quotes since I first began, over 1000 quotes ago! 🙂


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The Sly One



“Ahh!  Great job!” Rex said to his sister.

Shelly beamed. “Thanks! I worked hard on it.”

“Its amazing how you captured the details so well!

Shelly looked at Rex with shock on her face, ” You sure are full of compliments today, did Trish call you back or something? Going on a date tonight?”

Rex grinned, ” Yes, we are going out tonight, but that’s not the reason for me being nice. Can’t I be nice to my wonderful sister for no reason?”

“Well yeah, but … excuse me if I am a little shocked.”  Sally got up and put her arm around him, “You really can be a cool brother sometimes.”

Rex got a twinkle in his eye as he said, “Of course I am cool, you are so lucky to have the coolest brother in town!”

Laughing, Sally patted his back, “Don’t let your head swell too big brother, I may need to flatten it with a hat.”

“Sally! Are you up there, I need you to come help me in the kitchen please.”

“Coming Mom!” Sally said, as she started walking down the hall. She then heard Rex’s voice behind her yell out.

“Hey Mom, you need to come up and see Sally’s awesome self portrait that she just painted.”

Turning around Sally made a face with arrows darting out of her eyes, at him, as he quickly ran into his room laughing and locking the door.

Sally rolled her eyes, brothers, she thought, Men! What is one to do! Hmm…she was sure she would think of something, as a sly smile crept across her face.

Smiles and things that make you go Hmmm…!


This weekend we picked this sand dollar up to make a craft. We couldn’t help but laugh and be perplexed when we noticed the Warning printed on the back of the packaging. “Not meant for Children 14 years or younger.”   Seriously, 14 years??? I never realized that sand dollars were dangerous.

What warnings have  you read on packages and products that have caused you to wonder?

What things make you go “Hmmm….”  Share in the comments below!

And if you need a smile, here are some signs that will hopefully bring one! (brought to you by Pinterest)


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Power of Words

Words can mean so much and I am not talking about the big, elaborate ones. I am referring to simple words .. words from the heart. They really are powerful and we all walk around with that power in our grasp every second of the day. Who will be touched by your words today?

Writing words for a story is fun, to see the story come more and more alive right in front of you. Working on “The Odessa Chronicles” was quite the adventure, as Colin and I saw the personalities of the characters emerge.  We didn’t expect them to grab hold of our hearts the way they did, stirring our hearts with emotion.  The power of words is strong.

My Mom shared words with me this past weekend that stirred my heart and I wanted to pass it on. A friend of hers that she hadn’t seen in a while stopped her in the grocery store. Her face was shining and she was all excited. She proceeded to tell my Mom about how much she loved “The Odessa Chronicles” , how fun the characters are and how she so wants Colin and I to write a sequel. That she has enjoyed the book so much that she read it the whole way through twice now!

Those words didn’t take long for her to say, but oh the the power that was in them. They made my heart soar! We have said that “The Odessa Chronicles” is for children of all ages, and she has proved the truth behind that.

When I shared about the “little giant” in my blog post yesterday, I was talking about one of our youngest fans of “The Odessa Chronicles.” He may be little, but his words have  touched the hearts of Colin and I over and over again! Jaxon is his favorite character and he has excitedly told us about his love for our book many times. His sincerity comes through and he is just so sweet as he has thanked us for writing. Words have power.

Now we have heard from one of our oldest fans. She may be 80 years old, but my Mom said how her eyes just danced when sharing about her love for the book.

“For children of all ages”, it definitely is! You are never too old to let your imagination go and to take a visit to Moonbeam Farm!

Don’t take my word for it, take it from the the lady with the dancing eyes!


Sunday Smiles at the Lake


We took a hike around the lake today. The lake brought to mind a story from “The Odessa Chronicles.”  A story that brought a smile. Dewey, the cat, gives in to his curiosity and falls for a trick, when he is with his friends at the lake.

When have you fallen for something? What’s a big joke that was pulled over on you or that you pulled on someone else?  What would it take to lure you into a trap? With Dewey, its just about anything, for his curiosity gets the best of him! Jaxon, the jackalope. is a little more smart about being cautious, though he may follow a trail of crispy vegetables to a trap. Odessa is a wise barn owl, as she will let you know repeatedly, but even the wisest ones can still be tricked. The man-servant may be sly, but if you are clever enough, you just may be able to pull one over on him.

You never can be too sure about what may happen with our Moonbeam gang! If you would like to know more about Dewey’s adventure at the lake, just click on the book cover in the right hand margin.  The perfect book to enjoy while sitting by the lake on a beautiful Fall day!

Warning: You will need a healthy dose of craziness in you before reading, and you need to love to laugh! A desire to become childlike again, as you take a visit to Moonbeam Farm. If you are not sure how crazy you are,  just find your birthday month on the “scientific” chart below. Can’t say I totally agree with this chart, but … I am sure there are some people that may. If you don’t rate too high on the craziness scale, don’t worry, you obviously need this book then. It will help raise your score, which will help you relax, taking a break from the stresses of life!

What do you think of the chart? Did it get you right? 🙂





The Clue of the Seagulls

“Frraank! Are you coming? ”  called out George from the car, as he blew the horn.

Frank came flying out his front door with his arms full, he hurried to George’s car as his thermos left a trail of  his coffee spilling behind him. He opened the car door, causing him to drop the folder he had been carrying under his arm. Papers spilled out, and George groaned, as Frank scrambled to pick them up. He bent down tilting his thermos causing more of his coffee to spill out.

At last Frank got all the papers gathered together and sat down and buckled up as he closed the door.

“Lets go!” he said to George.  “We don’t have all day, you know.”

George rolled his eyes and backed out of the driveway.

They had been on the road for about 10 minutes when Frank took a sip from his thermos. At least he attempted to take a sip. Apparently more of his coffee had spilled out then he had thought.

“Hey George, think we can stop at Starbucks before we get on the interstate, I need some more coffee.”

There was silence as George turned his head to look at Frank. Their eyes met and Frank quickly said, “Its okay, I can wait, just keep driving George.”

George shook his head, and then he couldn’t help but smile. Frank was a good guy, in spite of his coffee habit.

For the rest of the drive they talked about  the new case they were given,  and what they thought so far about it. It was quite the perplexing mystery.

“The clues are rather baffling”, said Frank, and George agreed.

” I mean what does the moon have to do with anything?”

“I have read these clues several times and still feel as much in the dark, as I felt before. ” said George.

“As much in the dark as a total eclipse of the moon, would be?” Frank asked.

“Very funny, but yes, just about! I keep waiting for something to jump out at me from these clues, but so far, nothing has.”

They were silent, both lost in thought as George turned down the road.

“Your destination is 800 feet ahead on the left.” Suri said.

The bungalow looked inviting and Frank was glad to at last be here. Now he could grab his coffee pot and make some coffee or perhaps he would make a cup of tea.

They walked in and were happily surprised by how cozy it looked inside. They never quite knew what kind of accommodations to expect when they were sent out on assignments.

Their feet sank into the plush, sea blue carpet. There was a fireplace , though they didn’t plan on starting a fire, for it was still quite hot out. The kitchen was a nice size with a lovely mosaic tile on the floor. It had the design of a sea turtle in pebbles.


Frank made himself a cup of tea and took a seat on the leather couch.  He looked across the room at the huge bookcase. One of those that was built into the wall. It was filled from top to bottom with books.

“Hey George, perhaps these books hold a clue to the mystery.? Why don’t you look and see if you find any on the moon?”

George walked over to the bookcase and silently browsed through the books.

“Well …. I don’t think we can count on these books helping,” said George.
“Not unless you speak another language! I haven’t found any in English yet!”

Frank  walked over to the bookcase and pulled a book from the shelf flipping though the pages and then another one.  He smacked his leg, ” Remember when we visited the North Pole, for that special assignment our boss sent us on.  Where we met Jinx and Jangle, Snowball and Candy Cane? Didn’t Candy Cane speak a different language at times? Though I am not sure what it was. Too bad she isn’t here right now, she may have been able to decipher this gobbley gook for us!

“Listen! Did you hear that?”  George asked.

“Yes! That is strange, sounded like a clicking noise to me, like a series of clicks.”

As suddenly as it came the clicking noise ended and all was silent once more. They shrugged their shoulders at each other and Frank spoke.

” I know we are here to solve a mystery, but lets head out to the beach for a little. It will help clear our minds so we can focus.”

“Sounds great to me, lets go!”

“Ahh! This is the life! Feet in the sand, and a gentle breeze blowing from the sea.”

They were sitting in their beach chairs watching the waves roll in and kiss the shore. A seagull was just inches away from Frank’s chair, sitting and staring right at him.


They sat for awhile being mesmerized by the waves and the seagull stayed, looking at Frank most of the time.  Then its friend came by and they walked off.  Frank watched them walk away and said, “Hey George, do you know how to interpret seagull language?


George watched them for a little and then started to speak…”I do believe that…”

Frank didn’t let him finish his sentence, as he jumped from his chair, ” I got it, I think I may have figured out a clue to the mystery surrounding the missing jewels!”

**to be continued** and just to let all of you know, No, I am not at the beach yet! Its just on my mind as the countdown gets closer! 🙂 

All pictures were  from Pinterest



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a nice weekend, and a relaxing Labor Day! The tables turned this year as it was our children who had to work on Labor Day. They wanted to now why everything wasn’t shut down for Labor Day. When you work in retail or the restaurant business, unless its Christmas, you don’t close! I would add Thanksgiving to that as well, but more and more places are staying open on Thanksgiving now which…well don’t get me started! Lets go to a more enjoyable topic, like Quotes! 🙂 Enjoy!


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  10. 09170eaafb7d8a60247c9130fd141dde Always room for a little romance, right! ❤