Fun in Winter Wonderland

2 weeks until Christmas, the North Pole was abuzz with activity. There was barely any time for sleeping, as the elves were feverishly working and burning the midnight oil.

Jinx and Jangle were trying their best to stay awake, Snowball’s eyes were going closed once again as Jangle shook him awake  and said, “Do You Hear what I Hear?”

“Wh..what?” said Snowball rubbing his eyes.

“Santa Clause is coming to Town”, Jangle replied with a big smile. The music played as Santa walked into the Toy room, all smiles, carrying a big radio with him. “HO HO HO!” Santa said as his jolly belly shook like a bowlful of jelly.

“I brought music to help keep you all awake. You guys are doing great, keep it up for you know Christmas can’t be late!”

And with those words, “The Christmas Song” by Alvin and the Chipmunks started to play.

When it ended a lot of elves breathed a sigh of relief. “Mele Kalikamanaka”  started playing after it, and Jinx and Jangle sang along with it, as it reminded them of their vacation in Hawaii. Oh the days of being warm in the beautiful sunshine.

“Hey Little Drummer Boy”, Candy Cane yelled to Jangle. ” Are you almost done with that drum?”

“just a minute”,  he said, as he did a few more “pa- rum- pum- pum- pum’s”  on it before handing it over.

“Sleighride” played while Jinx finished painting the cherry red sleigh.

Starlight was singing “Away in the Manger” to herself as she intently painted the nativity set that she had. She was a wonderful artist.

The clock struck midnight and Jinx thought everyone needed something to perk them up so he ran through the aisles decking the floor and everyone else with his secret stash of glittery confetti that he had.

A few more hours passed and finally all the elves were ready to wrap it up and call it a night. The cold air blew in as they opened the door and went “Dashing through the Snow” into the “Silent Night”. 

They passed by the large, beautifully decorated evergreen tree, and stopped to admire it. Candy Cane started singing “O Tannebaum” with the others joining in.

Jinx suggested that they  roast “chestnuts on an open fire”, but the others decided that may be better for another night when they were more awake!

So off to their beds they went with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. Except for Alabaster, he was one of Santa’s newest elves. He dreamed of a hula hoop, and perhaps a hippo entered his dream world as well for “All he wanted for Christmas was a Hippopotamus” 




Thanksgiving in the Emerald City Part 2!

If you missed Part One of this story, here is the link. Thanksgiving in the Emerald City


The next morning the Emerald City woke up to a wonderland of snow. The snow had stopped falling though, so no blizzard this time.

Glenda had a package to take to the post office so she bundled up for the short walk there. She loved walking through the freshly fallen snow, it sparkled like a thousand little diamonds.

There was a long line at the post office, people were already starting to mail Christmas packages. Finally she was able to mail her package, and the bell jangled as she walked out the door into the cool air.

She was surprised to see Frank and George walking on the sidewalk.

“Good Morning! You guys are out and about early this morning.”

“We thought we would get some exercise in to start the day.” said George.

“Walking is always good, Perhaps I can walk with you and learn a little bit more about what brings you to our magical city.”

George raised his head a little, ‘Ahh, a little curious, are we?” he said with a smile, as they started to walk down the street.

“Perhaps. Are you by chance subbing for the 2 English Professors that are sick?”

Frank and George laughed. “English Professors? Oh No! We ain’t that! We have enough trouble with “then and than” and “their and there”, Nope, couldn’t teach English. Plus we get confused with big words like “agoraphobia”.”

Glenda smiled, for that was one word that she had learned the meaning of fairly recently.

“Maybe you can help us with our mission.” said Frank.

“You see, we are detectives, and we were asked by your kind wizard if we would come to try and find 3 golden arrows. They apparently have the ability to grant anyone a wonderful wish who is struck with the arrow, but they can also put a spell on someone if the Wicked Witch would happen to find them.”

Glenda gasped. “You mean the wicked witch is looking for them too. She is here!”

“That is what we have been told. She hopes to find the arrows and disappear.”

“Well good luck! I think I may return home where its safer, but do keep me posted please and be careful”

Frank and George promised they would let her know what they find out later that day. She gave them her address, and they said they would stop by that evening to let her know if they had been successful,

Glenda turned left to go back home and they turned right to head out into the wooded area where they hoped to find the golden arrows.

They had been searching for awhile, and their hands were starting to get numb. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. They had no clues as to where the 3 arrows could be. Suddenly they both looked at each other.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes! What do you think it was?”

“I don’t know, go look.”

“Why me! You go look.”

They were going to flip a coin, but then realized they didn’t have any, so they both crept forward slowly following the sound. It was a very faint clicking sound.

They breathed a sigh of relief as they saw that it was just someone taking pictures.

“Excuse me sir, what are you taking a picture of?” Frank asked the gentleman who was clicking away.

“There are some beautiful gold colors showing from that tree over there, see it?”

Frank and George looked closer and they noticed the shine coming from the branches. It was like something was lying on the branches.

George said, “I bet they are the arrows!” while running towards the tree. Just as he went to grab the arrows, he bumped into some branches, causing a huge clump of snow to fall on top of him.

He stood there snow covered, as Frank tried not to laugh too hard. The camera guy was smirking as well, as he kept clicking his camera.

Then they heard some cackling behind them and they jumped as the wicked witch came out from behind the trees.

“Thank you so much for finding my golden arrows!” and she grabbed them from the branches. Her smile was big with a glint in her eye. “Perhaps I should try them out, to make sure they work, ” she cackled.

Before they had a chance to run, she had struck all 3 with the arrows.

Glenda heard the doorbell ring and wondered if it was Frank and George. When she opened the door, she was startled to see 3 monkeys on her porch! Then she gasped when they started talking.

Once she got over the shock, she couldn’t help but laugh, she tried to stop, but every time she would look at them, she would lose it again. They sat there rolling their eyes at her, not much else they could do.

She finally got herself together and took them to see the wizard. He was upset that they didn’t get the arrows, but he assured them that he had an antidote for the spell. He was 99% sure that it would work. Well maybe 90%.

The wizard asked them if they minded swinging from the trees and eating bananas. They groaned, as the wizard and Glenda chuckled.

Glenda told them that they had a talking scarecrow, lion and tin man, but no talking monkeys. That would be a new thing for the city she said, with merriment dancing in her eyes.”Though monkeys are known to be mischievous, so perhaps we should watch out.”

The wizard gave them the antidote, but told them it may take 24 hours for it to work, so they all went back to her house.

She patted Frank and George on the back and grinned at the camera man. “Would you like me to take a picture of you 3? You all could hang by your tail from my Oak tree. Just be careful not to fall in the hole by the tree.”

She was still laughing as she opened her door to let them in her house. Oh what a surprising Thanksgiving this had turned out to be.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Well at least for us in the US. I know in Canada, its already been celebrated. They are a step ahead. No matter when we celebrate Thanksgiving or even if we don’t, it is always good to have a grateful heart, every day of the year.  For no matter the circumstances there is always something to be thankful for, some days it might be harder to see, but we can find it if we look.  It doesn’t cost anything to have a thankful heart!

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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Having hope  is when there are 20 losses and 0 wins, but you still play the 21st game. 

Agreeing with someone is not a prerequisite to loving them! 

What makes you laugh out loud? Have you yet today? 

Let me help you out. Colin, from,  shared this on his blog over a year ago. For those who have already seen it on his blog, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing it again and for those who haven’t,  you are in for a great treat! ENJOY!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Hope your week is off to a great start. I do like it being lighter earlier in the morning now, makes it easier to get up early. My Dad was one who always liked early mornings and he still does. When teenagers and wanting to sleep in on Saturday’s,  we were often told not to waste away our day by sleeping in. I remember feeling proud of myself when I was younger and it was easy to get up early, as my sisters still laid in bed. Dad would be sitting at the table with his cup of coffee, and he would have some stickers for me, since I was up early. Yes, simple stickers brought joy!

You probably really don’t want to know how many stickers I had in my sticker album. Puffy ones, shiny and sparkly ones, scented ones, animals, hearts, you name it, I had them. Today kids send out all kinds of emojis to their friends. My bestie and I would get together with our bulging sticker albums and trade stickers. Like one trades baseball cards, though stickers definitely rated higher to us than baseball cards. What is something you remember collecting as a child? Feel free to share it below, along with your favorite quote/quotes. Enjoy!


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Thinking Outside the Box

I wasn’t intending to write a Part 2 to  The Eerie Night

But sometimes inspiration just hits, so I hope you enjoy part 2, as we see what happens to Frank and George who are still sitting by the big hole that they had just dug.

Thinking Outside the Box

They were sitting in the grass staring at the box of marbles. They had managed to pick all the ones up that had scattered all about, and now were just wondering what to do. 

“Our boss should be the one filling this hole back up!” said Frank. 

“Yes, I agree, replied George, “But, I don’t think she is going to come out here and do it. She is probably just sitting at home laughing at the thought of us  out here right now. Lets just get it done, and I can get back to working on my puzzle. Let me think, I may come up with a plan.” he said while softly chuckling to himself.

They started shoveling the dirt back in the hole, as the owl continued to watch them from high up in the tree, every now and then calling out to them. Every time it would send a little shiver through them as its “Whoooo”  broke the silence of the night. Finally they got all the dirt back into the hole and they started for home. 

While traveling home,  turned to Frank with a gleam in his eye. “Did you happen to bring with you the key to the office?” 

“Yes, I always have it on my keyring, why?” 

“Keep driving straight on this road, I think there is a Dollar store and Walmart coming up. How about we stop for some fun things to decorate our boss’s office with. A sign of appreciation to her,  for sending  us out tonight to dig up a marvelous box of marbles.” 

Frank laughed, “Good idea George!” he replied, show her that she’s not the only one with tricks up her sleeve!

2 hours later, they were just wrapping it up at the office. They were standing back as they admired their creativity. 

“She will have quite the fun finding her way to her chair, I do say!” They had taken kite string and made a giant spider web around the office, with some “lovely” things dangling from the string and some “gifts” on her chair and desk. 

“I believe tomorrow I will love being here bright and early!” Frank said and they both were smirking as they walked out the door. 

They got home tired that night, George put a couple pieces in his puzzle, but was soon hitting the hay. 

The next morning they both arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at work, ahead of their boss. Eager to see her reaction to her office. They had the box of marbles sitting in front of them when she walked in. 

“Good Morning!” They said as soon as she entered the room. 

Their eyes were gleaming as she smiled and commented on how early they were here. 

“I thought perhaps you guys might be a little later today, how long did it take you to dig up the grave?”  she asked with a smile. ” 

“OH it wasn’t too bad, and I bet you will never guess what we found!” 

“I am anxiously waiting to know, do tell!” 

George handed her the box. 

She opened it and remarked, ” Wow! Marbles, just what you always wanted, right? You know this way, when you lose your marbles ….” 

“Very funny!” Frank replied. 

The boss’s smile widened, “Did you guys happen to look more closely at the box at all?” 

George and Frank looked at each other with a confused look. “Why would we do that, its just a box. The marbles had spilled out and we put them all back in and closed the lid.” 

“Hmm….” said the boss. “Are you sure that there were only marbles in the box ? Sometimes assuming things, can get you in trouble!” 

Now George and Frank were growing curious as they stared at their boss. They watched her dump out all the marbles and then pull up on the little knob that was on the bottom of the box. the whole bottom lifted up and she pulled out two crisp $500 dollar bills!

Their mouths fell open and their boss laughed! 

“I told you guys there was treasure to be found! Didn’t believe me, eh! I thought I would just send you on a little treasure hunt, and make you work a little for your bonus pay.” 

“Our bonus…umm…. what did you say?” Frank asked as George’s eyes widened. 

“Your bonus pay!  I thought you guys deserved it for all the hard work you do and for putting up with the crazy tasks that I send you on sometimes. You always are very good natured about it, including the little tricks that I may throw you in a time or two. So here you go, enjoy!” and she handed them each a $500 dollar bill. 

Their mouths were still open as she laughed, and said, “I will take the look on your faces as a Thank You! Now I have a lot of work to do, so I better get to it” and she put her hand on the doorknob into her office. 

Suddenly Frank was overcome by a coughing fit, and she turned around. “You may want to get yourself a glass of water for that cough.” 

George’s face was red as he was at a loss for words. He just stood there watching her turn  the knob. 

They heard her scream, as they looked at each other and ran out the front door. 



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Yesterday, felt like a Spring Day, it was beautiful here. Had the door open and washed some windows to see a little brighter. My day was also made a little brighter by a surprise that came in the mail. Gave a little extra skip to my day. How can you make someone’s day a little brighter today? Pass out some smiles today and have a Terrific Day!


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Puzzling Questions Solved

Did you ever wonder what the 3 little pigs have been up to?  Or perhaps you have wondered what the 3 bears did after Goldilocks ran home?  I am glad to provide you with the answers to the questions that have probably been boggling your mind for awhile. I hope you enjoy the answers, and if  you have more questions boggling your mind, feel free to ask!

f711b3bb5b664d4f4a2cc7b573de4003 Meet Peter the first little pig. He discovered the umbrella! Everyone was so proud of him.

7b2fa6f222071d0d67259fc32bd5a7fe Plavio the 2nd  little pig became fascinated with bubbles and as long as he is blowing his bubbles he is a Happy Pig.


Parker became the star of his soccer team, led the team to become World Champs.  I heard that the final game was played against the Wolves and the wolves hung their heads in shame at the end of the game! Walked away, never to be seen again.



Now for the 3 Bears:


b8e8dff7667189fea5b3c172982a0c04 Baby Bear was still hungry since Goldilocks ate all his porridge, so he found some sunflowers.


Mama Bear decided to see if she could wave Goldilocks down and convince her to come back and perhaps they could chat over tea.


Papa Bear was still embarrassed that he had scared Goldilocks away.

But he did find time to soothe himself in the cool lake while pondering on the mysteries of life!









Just a tsp. of sugar….


Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorite musicals, for I have such fond memories of it as a child and who can beat Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke!!

This song came to my mind due to a subject that came up with a friend on Facebook the other day. She was talking about making cinnamon toast for her children and how she makes it with white sugar! I was aghast! Who makes cinnamon toast with white sugar I thought??? So I took a highly scientific FB poll, only to be more and more shocked. Apparently I was the odd one! They had never heard of using brown sugar. Comment after comment confirmed that you use white to make yummy cinnamon toast.

There was a lot of laughter and it just showed how sometimes what you think is really common isn’t so very common after all! I learned, but I am still sticking with my brown sugar on the rare occasion that I make a piece for myself anymore. How do you make your cinnamon toast, please share! Or what is something that you do with food that perhaps not many others do? Ketchup on eggs? Peanut butter in tomato soup? Feel free to share below!