Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Are you feeling like you can tackle any challenge that comes your way, or are you identifying with Peppermint Patty today?


Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps some V-8 juice. My husband used to drink that a lot. I am not crazy about tomatoes plain or in juice, now in spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce though I can handle them. Whatever your favorite drink is, have some as you kick back for a few minutes and enjoy some quotes. Have  great day!



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5. wp-1581389338083.jpg This is true … along with the beach being my favorite place as well! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy February everyone! It may be February, but felt like Spring yesterday. Supposed to be another warm day today and then our bodies will go into shock again by it getting really cold, like its winter or something! Whatever the weather may be like take after Pooh and 10d9602cda5243d21c841a4e08167b85  see how many of these type looks you can get! 776b5f39b69d4b8ac13f1528846898e0


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  6. 1b8a2884f5ebc16d910ad27be64da4b8 this is our Yorkie, except she doesn’t meow!
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Ten Crazy Laws!

We have a game called “The Dumbest Laws”, and it tells about laws that were actually on the books years ago. Were they enforced may be another question, but they were declared a law.  So for your enjoyment here is a list of some of the craziest laws! Have you heard of others? What is a crazy law that you would like to make?

1, You cannot enter the state of Wisconsin with a chicken on your head.

2. Here is one for all you chocolate lovers, sorry, but if you are in Idaho, a man cannot give his fiance a box of chocolates that weighs more than 50 pounds! You will have to settle for a 49 pound box!

3. For those of you who like to sleep, don’t fall asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota, it is illegal!

4.  Do you own a camel? I am sorry, but you cannot ride it on the highway in the state of Nevada.

5. If you are a woman and you are married and live in Texas, you must first obtain permission from your husband before you get false teeth.

6. But Men don’t laugh at Number 5, for if you live in Nevada, and you have a mustache it is illegal for you to kiss a woman!

7. In North Dakota be careful about singing out loud, for it is illegal to sing off key!

8. in Illinois it is illegal to eat in a place that is on fire. I don’t think I would really want to eat in a place that was on fire, may not be the best atmosphere!

9. In Switzerland you cannot flush the toilet after 10pm! Hmmm….

10. I like this one from Switzerland as well. It is illegal to ski down the slopes while reciting poetry! I can tell you that if I would ever attempt to try skiing, I would not be able to concentrate on reciting poetry, I would just be focused on not falling!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start. We didn’t get much of a snowstorm this past weekend, like what was in the forecast. It was more ice than snow. I am ready for a good snowstorm, to watch the snow falling as I sit wrapped in a cozy blanket with a cup of tea, or hot cocoa. I am sure it will come sometime. At least it is sunny today, the dogs are lying right in the path of the sun as it streams through the living room windows. They love that! May the sunshine of happiness fill your day today!

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What is your “OOPS?”

This post tonight is brought to you with thanks to my husband. I wasn’t planning on a post today, but then we were talking about this at supper and I thought, why not!

Did any of you hear about what happened on the game show Family Feud? We don’t watch it, but I happened to read about it today and I shared it with Brad at supper. There was one question before the bonus round, and the question was “What is Popeye’s favorite food?”  A lady hit the buzzer excitedly and confidently said, “Chicken!” as she did a little dance showing how confident she felt. Her family groaned as the other team laughed and only then did she realize that the question wasn’t about the restaurant, Popeyes.  It was about the cartoon figure Popeye, whose favorite food is Spinach! OOPS!

But her “OOPS!” got her the attention of “Popeye’s” and they sent her a $10,000 dollar gift card for Popeye’s food. That should last her a real LONG time!

Now for how my husband plays a role in this post. After I told him about this incident, he looked at me, without missing a beat,  and said with a smile, “If you would get paid for every time you said something wrong, we would be rolling in the dough!”  He is hilarious, isn’t he. Unfortunately I couldn’t disagree with him!

So is there something crazy that you do, blunders you make, things you say, that if you got paid for, you would be rolling in the dough as well?  Feel free to share it below!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Starting the day off with Honey roasted Pistachios, Yum! I love pistachios, they are my favorite nut I would say. Then cashews and pecans. Do you have a favorite nut? Did you know that in China the pistachio is called the “Happy Nut”? What more reason do you need. Grab some “Happy Nuts” and Smile! May your Tuesday be great and not drive you nutty!

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  3. best-funniest-friendship-quotes-collection-best-friend-sayings No more needs said. 🙂
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Adventure in the Woods

When I wrote A Snowy Day Surprise  for Wednesday’s post, I wasn’t planning on having a Part 2, but sometimes you just never know.  Over the past couple days since then I have gained some inspiration, so here is hoping that you will enjoy Part 2! I mean, I couldn’t just leave Frank and George dozing forever on a log in the snowy woods, could I? They may get frostbite, so I had to save them.

Adventure in the Woods

Frank opened his eyes and stretched, accidentally bumping George, which caused him to fall off the log into the snow. 

“Oops, sorry about that!” Frank said, though he was fighting back laughter at the same time at George’s shocked expression to find himself lying in the snow. 

“Here let me help you up.”said Frank, holding out his hand to him. 

George brushed himself off and they both stood there for a few minutes wondering what they should do. George turned to Frank and said, “Do you think we should continue to look for that jackalope, or is it a lost cause?” 

“He is probably long gone by now,  I would say its hopeless, but we can always keep a look out for him as we head back.” Frank replied. “I am feeling rather cold now, so lets get to moving.” 

They walked and talked for awhile and then Frank grew silent, and so they walked in silence for awhile until George spoke up. “Are you feeling OK? ” 

“Yes, why?” Frank asked. 

“Well you went from talking a lot to just giving short answers to my statements, to not talking at all! Its like you are acting all moody on me.” 

“Nope! Not moody, but tell me, didn’t we pass that tree before?” 

George stared at him, “You didn’t just ask that?” 

“Yes, I did, did you not hear me correctly?” Frank replied. 

“Someone is moody.” George muttered to himself. 

“I heard you!” replied Frank. “I am not moody! But, I do believe we passed that tree before.” 

George smacked his head with his hand. ” Umm..in case you haven’t noticed, this is the woods, and there are LOTS of trees in the woods, what makes you think we passed that specific tree before?” 

Frank rolled his eyes, “Maybe because of the yellow X it has on its trunk!” 

George turned around and went back to look at the other side of the tree, and he saw the yellow X. “Oh, hmmm….didn’t notice that before.” 

“Well that’s obvious,” said Frank, and they stopped walking, and stared at the tree.

“So are you saying that we are walking in circles?” 

“I think so,” said Frank, “We have passed that tree 3x now. I been counting. I think you need to get out your compass, so we can get ourselves turned in the right direction.” 

George dug in his pockets, pulled out a few coins and a few marbles, but no compass.

“Guess I forgot my compass this morning.” George said softly. 

“Oh now what are we supposed to do! How do we know whether to go left or right? 

They stared at each other feeling clueless. 

In the distance they heard singing and they saw a girl walking towards them. She had on a red wool cape and was carrying a basket. When she got close enough to them , Frank called out. 

“Excuse me Miss, could you help us please? We seem to be hopelessly lost. ” 

The girl smiled, and asked them where they wanted to go.  

When they told her she gladly said, ” I am headed that exact same direction, you can follow me.” 

George and Frank breathed a sigh of relief, for they weren’t too fond of being stuck in the woods on a snowy night. They already felt like there hands and feet were turning blue, with as long as they had been outside. 

They had a nice chat with the girl in the red cape as they walked. She was going to visit her grandmother, she told them. 

“Here we are!” Frank and George saw the house just ahead and the girl pointed to the path beside it. “Just keep following that path and it will lead you out of the woods.” she told them. 

“Thank you very much!” they replied, as they shook her hand. 

They said goodbye and took off down the path, thinking of a nice hot meal that they would soon have, when they heard growling behind them. 

Frank turned around, and his eyes got round  like saucers. “Run George, Run!” 

The wolf was gaining speed and nipped at George’s heels, which made him jump and run even faster, as he gasped for breath. 

They saw a barn straight ahead and dashed into it closing the door behind them! Falling back against the door they slumped to the floor with their hearts still beating rapidly. 

“We made it!” gasped Frank.

“Yes!” said George. 

“MOO!” went the cows, causing Frank and George to jump and stumble head first into the water trough. 

They lifted their heads out of the water and gave each other a pitiful look, as Frank said, “Today is just not our day!” 

“MOO!” went the cows!






Cookies for Daddy

946a7a9f2dc3b62aabad68548b454b05 artist Morgan Westling (painting off of Pinterest)

“Daddy is going to be so happy! I gonna make this taste so yummy!”

Little Molly was excited. Mommy was out grocery shopping, so she was going to have a tea party with Daddy. She was making some cookies, they only took  a few ingredients and Mommy said they were easy enough for her to make. Mommy had all the ingredients sitting out on the counter. Daddy would put them in the oven when the cookies were ready to be baked.

“Daddy, the surprise is ready to be baked!” Molly yelled.

Smiling he put his book down, and walked into the kitchen. Molly hadn’t wanted him in there earlier for she wanted to surprise him. Daddy loved surprises!

“Oh these look really good Molly! Can I eat one now?” He pretended to take a cookie from off the cookie sheet.

“No Daddy!” Molly batted away his hand as she shook her finger at him, you must have patience.

He laughed, as he wiped a little flour off the tip of Molly’s nose.

“What shall we do as we wait for the cookies to bake?” he asked Molly.

Molly quickly had an answer. ” You can read to me Daddy. You didn’t finish my bedtime story last night, you fell asleep!”

They walked over to the couch and Molly climbed up onto her Daddy’s lap.

Daddy gave a sheepish grin, “I thought you fell asleep while I was reading last night.”  he said.

Molly grinned, ” I was just pretending. Then I started to fall asleep but you started snoring!. You were loud Daddy!”

Molly started squirming as her Daddy tickled her, then they settled down and he started to read.

The timer went off, just as Molly’s Mommy walked in the door. She looked at Molly and her Daddy all cozy on the couch and told them that she would get the cookies out, they could keep reading.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw the spilled flour, but just shook her head and smiled. Molly would get older and learn how to clean up. She started putting away things when she noticed that the sugar bowl  she had set out was still full, but the salt canister was totally empty. That’s strange, she thought, what was the salt doing down. Oh yeah, she had got the canister down to fill it up right before she left. She looked at the full sugar bowl once again and the empty salt canister and it dawned on her what happened.

“Mommy, Mommy! Are the cookies ready to eat? ”  Molly came running into the kitchen pulling Daddy behind her.

“They sure smell good!” Daddy said.

“You can have the first one, Daddy!” said Molly.

“Umm… Molly honey, I am not sure if the cookies are quite ready yet.”

“But they look ready Mommy!”, Molly said.

“Yes, they do. I think Mommy is just jealous because you didn’t offer her the first cookie.” Daddy said to Molly with a grin.

“Sorry Mommy, these are for Daddy.”

Mommy smiled big as she assured Molly that was quite fine, when Molly handed the first cookie to Daddy.

“Thank you so much, that is very nice of you.” he replied, as he took a cookie from Molly.

Molly watched in anticipation as Mommy’s eyes sparked with amusement,  watching Daddy eat the cookie.

“Daddy your eyes are getting really big!” Molly exclaimed.

Mommy poured a tall glass of water and handed it to him as she bit her lip with a smile.

Molly piped up, “Mommy, I am sorry, but I used up all your sugar, see.. and she pointed to the empty canister of salt on the counter. Daddy didn’t see, for he was busy pouring himself another glass of water.

“Mommy is Daddy Okay?” Molly asked with a frown, he sure is coughing a lot.”

“Daddy will be just fine my dear, why don’t we go and read some more books.” Mommy said, trying to smother her laughter as they walked out the kitchen door.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some wolves can walk around in plain sight and still not be seen. 

Dilemma: When your fashion choice is a cozy robe, but you have to go to the store. 

What is your “Super Short Story” for today? Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and …. everything to gain … fame and fortune! Or perhaps just your own self satisfaction … and making me smile, but isn’t that worth it! 

Are you Sleeping?



This is me when I come home after working night shift. I recently started staying with an elderly lady one night a week, for she is up a lot at night and doesn’t like being alone. She is very sweet and its been going well.  I have been able to stay awake, and haven’t had any trouble driving a short 10 minute drive home at night. Its kind of cool being on the road when no one else is around. I may pass 1 or 2 cars on my way home and that’s it.

The dogs happily greet me at the door with their tails a wagging, wondering at this new schedule of mine, but adapting to it. The house is still dark and quiet as everyone is still in bed. I get home at about 4:15 am. I can still feel fairly awake as I go back to the bedroom, but as soon as my body hits the bed, its like a comatose feeling comes over me. My husband gets up around 4:30 and he kisses me bye and that’s the last thing I know before I enter dreamland. I then sleep for a few hours, before my body wakes up thinking it should be up for its daytime after all. Then I catch another nap or 2 during the day.

Tonight I leave in a little bit to go, and this will be the first time I worked 2 nights in a row, the one lady who was supposed to be there tonight had to call off. If my family thinks I am zombie like during the day after one night of not much sleep, I am not sure what tomorrow will be like. So I am just warning you all in advance. If “Friday’s Super Short Stories” seem a little crazy tomorrow, you will know why.

So for those planning to sleep tonight, grab a little shut eye for me as well and if you are awake tonight, know that you aren’t alone! I am with you in spirit!