Revenge of the Caterpillars

Painting by Richard Johnson

Looked like the gardener missed some weeds again. Marcus was one of the best gardeners around, so Tiffany could overlook his minor faults. She really did love the color of the deep pink color of the flowers  this year that he had planted.

“Good Morning Miss Tiffany! Out for your morning stroll. I trust the garden meets your expectations?”

“You have given it your magic touch Marcus, but there are some weeds that you missed back there.” She pointed behind her.

“I would have pulled them, but I had no gloves and one can’t expect me to use my bare hands to pull up dreadful weeds.”Disgust crossed her face.

“I will see to it right away Miss.”

He turned around and muttered as he walked. “One can’t expect you to do anything with your bare hands, Miss Fancy pants!”

Marcus should be more careful with what he said out loud,  even if the words were true. If Miss Tiffany would hear him, he would be without a job and with a baby on the way, he had to keep working for sure. Cyndi, his wife, was counting on his paycheck.

Marcus pulled the tiny weeds and was headed back inside for a refreshing, cold drink when he noticed something else on the ground. A rather large rock. He bent down to pick it up, before Miss Tiffany tripped over it and twisted her ankle.

He was going to throw it out of the garden when he saw the writing on the bottom of the rock. Someone had taken a black marker to it. He read the words twice and pondered what they might mean, if anything.

“X marks the spot” The spot for what? It was probably nothing, just Miss Tiffany’s nephews playing a game. They had been here for a few weeks and played outside a lot. He tossed the rock out of the garden.

“Watch out Chester!” His wife yelled.

SPLAT! Sadly it was too late for Chester. Since when did they have to worry about flying rocks! It was tough being a slow caterpillar. All the caterpillars were in shock at the death of their friend.

Marcus walked through the rest of the garden double checking everything. Miss Tiffany’s guests were coming tomorrow.  Things had to be perfect and he smiled,  for it looked like they were.

Walking back to the house he passed the rock that he had thrown. Wow! It was covered with caterpillars. He didn’t know if he had ever seen so many caterpillars at one place before.

Miss Tiffany’s party the next day was a grand success. She was thrilled that her garden was chosen to be pictured in next month’s edition of Beautiful Gardens.

A few weeks later Marcus was on the way to the garden and he saw it. He saw the X. It was partially hidden but he saw it. Was there anything under it? Should he start digging under the bush? He figured why not, what did he have to lose?

Sweat was pouring from him. He had to finish digging soon. Miss Tiffany was due back and she would wonder what he was doing. This had all been a waste of time, he should have….Oh he saw a gold glint! Marcus couldn’t believe what he was looking at. He had found gold!! Gold coins!

“Marcus! Oh Marcus where are you?”

That was Miss Tiffany, she must be back early. He didn’t want her to see the gold.

“I will be right there Miss Tiffany, I am coming.” He hurried off to see what she wanted.

That was him, the man who threw the rock that smashed poor Chester. Something had to be done! Dennis watched the man leave and he called an emergency meeting of all the garden critters.

Marcus was getting nervous, he wanted to get back out to his gold. Miss Tiffany though had other plans.  She had him rearranging her furniture! He was a gardener not an interior decorator, but here he was hanging pictures as well.

He was in her house for the rest of the evening.  By the time he came outside it was dark. Thankfully she had garden lights and he had a high powered flashlight. Excitement was rising up in him. Cyndi, would be ecstatic about the gold!

Finding the bush he …. Wait, where was the hole? This had to be the bush.  The X was there and so was the shovel. Panic seized him. He wanted that gold.

Grabbing the shovel he started to dig and he kept digging everywhere,  like a madman. When he couldn’t dig anymore due to exhaustion he hung his head in despair. The gold was gone. One moment of ecstacy and then it was gone! He headed home, he could barely keep his eyes open. Tomorrow he would cover up all the holes before Miss Tiffany was awake. She was a late riser.

Excitement stirred in the burrow. The caterpillars, bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks were having a party. They were all friends at Miss Tiffany’s garden and Chester had been a well respected caterpillar. He was loved by everyone.  So they all were more than happy to help the caterpillars get revenge.

They took all of the gold into the rabbit’s burrow and the squirrels buried some. The chipmunks weren’t really sure what to do with it. They tried to eat it, but it wasn’t tasty at all. The main thing was that they had taken it from the man. “Hip hip hooray!” They all cheered, as a few tears spilled  out of the eyes of Chester’s family.

Why was photography equipment set up? Marcus  felt a a feeling of dread when he pulled into Miss Tiffany’s driveway. She was standing on the porch looking none too happy. He knew he was late, he had overslept, but…. Then it hit him. He had totally forgotten.  They were taking photos today of Miss Tiffany’s garden for the magazine!

She was at his car as soon as he opened the door and her face was beet red!

“You are late and why are there holes everywhere?,” she shrieked!

Poor Marcus, it was going to be a LONG day!

Can He Fix It?

The kitchen was filled with the mouth watering smell of lobster bisque in the oven, along with au gratin potatoes and baked corn. The fresh rolls were wrapped up and covered to keep them warm.

Julie smiled, everything was turning out perfect. All she needed to do was light the candles, turn on the soft music … and Bang!

What was that? Was Eric awake and banging on the wall? She knew he had wanted to stay up and see Daddy, but it was going to be too late until he got home. There had been a big meeting at work.

After watching his Bob the Builder DVD he had seemed content. Julie had tucked him into bed after reading three stories. Bang! There it was again. Perhaps if she ignored his banging on the wall, he would go back to sleep.

She poured the wine and checked her phone and saw a text from Lee. “Running late. Will be home in a half hour.”

Sighing, she kept the oven on warm so the food wouldn’t get too cold. At least Eric wasn’t banging anymore.  Grabbing a book she got comfortable on the couch. Opened up the book and bang,bang,bang!

Throwing down her book she marched back to Eric’s room. Opened up the door. “You need to stop…” Words left her, as she saw the expression of pure happiness on little Eric’s face.

“Look Mommy! I am Bob the Builder! Can he fix it? Yes he can!” Bang! Eric pounded the wall again with the little hammer that Grandpa had bought him. The little hammer that Julie had meant to put away until Eric was a little older. Now she  could only stare at the dents and chipped paint on the wall, shaking her head.

“Can he fix it? Yes …” julie grabbed the hammer out of Eric’s hand before he swung again.

“Okay little Bob…you really must go to bed.”

He was rubbing his eyes. It was without complaint that he laid down. “I fixed the wall Mommy, Daddy will be proud.” His eyes closed with a smile on his lips julie kissed him on the cheek. He looked so angelic while sleeping. 

Twenty years later Julie was beaming at her little grandson’s birthday party. Hard to believe that Eric was all grown up with a son of his own now. It was Father’s Day and little Caleb’s fourth birthday!


“What dear?” she looked at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Eric had come and sat down beside her. They were watching Caleb, who was over by the swingset, open an extra special gift from Grandpa.

“Dad got him a hammer!”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is going well. Perhaps you made someone smile. I helped a young girl catch her dog last night. Was on the way home from work and noticed the dog running and every time the young girl would run after it, it ran more. I could tell by her face that she was scared, for it was getting out of the development close to a busy road. Fortunately it was a friendly dog and when I stopped and got out of the car it came trotting over to me. I held its collar as it rubbed its head against me, letting me pet it. It was sweet and the girl was thankful. I am pretty sure the dog was a labadoodle. Its fur was so soft. I hope you have something this week that brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to your heart. Enjoy the following quotes, share your favorite or favorites in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!







No, this isn’t my husband, he understands I need my books, like he needs his music. 🙂





A Circle of Friends

This is the conclusion to Thursday’s post, Lending a Helping Hand To help refresh your memory. Sadie Mae, who earned the nickname Snow White, got an unexpected visitor to her cottage in the woods. The visitor wants her help in finding her sister.

And now … for the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Sadie Mae never knew what hit her. The raven black haired lady struck her when her back was turned. Now she was grunting as she tried dragging Sadie Mae to her car, which had been parked a little ways away.

Finally she made it to the car and with a heave ho, managed to throw her on the back seat. Breathing hard she started the car and headed for home.

“Where am I?” Sadie Mae had one whopping of a headache, and she was really confused. This did not at all look like her bedroom. There was barely anything in it and the walls were bare. Where were all her pretty pictures and why did she have a goose egg on her head?

Sbe thought she heard people talking and pressed her ear up against the door to listen. The locked door! Why was her door locked? Waves of uneasiness were washing over ber.

“Tell me again why you thought this was a wise idea?”

“Since the Prince whisked Cinderella away, you needed someone. We all do!

Her mom made a face. She hated when anyone brought up Cinderella. But her daughter did have a point.

It would be fabulous to have someone wait on her every need and desire once again. Her two daughter’s didn’t lift a finger, they were so lazy! Must have got that from their father. Perhaps this new girl would work out and maybe her daughter finally did have a good idea. The mom smiled, must have got her smarts from her.

Over the next two weeks poor Sadie Mae worked like a horse. Barely had time to eat and sleep. The mom and stupid sisters were so demanding! She had to get out of here, but how. They kept her under lock and key.

Then one day Sadie Mae got her chance in the most surprising way. Veronica, the one sister, told her they would be going down to the creek. Her mom wanted fresh water out of the creek for drinking water. Sadie Mae about gagged. Creek water was far from fresh water but she would be glad to at least get in the fresh air.

Veronica was sitting on a rock watching her fill the bottles. “Hurry up sluggard, I can’t be down here all day. The sun may ruin my fine complexion.”

Sadie Mae bit her tongue. Remembering what Thumper used to say all the time. “If you can’t say anything nice , say nothing at all.” Oh how she missed Thumper and the other animals.


Sadie Mae looked up from the water, “Down here.”

It was Myrtle, the turtle. “What are you doing here?” she whispered.

“The bluebirds saw everything, and they alerted the other animals that you were in trouble. We put our heads …”

” Hey, what is taking so long!”

Sadie Mae finished filling the bottle and walked it over to Veronica, under the shady Oak trer. Thats when Sadie noticed who was behind Veronica, and her eyes lit up.

The scream was shrill! Veronica covered her face, continuing to scream. The odor was strong and Sadie Mae was laughing at Veronica running to the creek splashing herself with water.

Sadie Mae dropped the bottles and ran to Flower the skunk. “Thank you!”

Another scream rang through the air. Sadie Mae turned back to the creek and saw Bobo the bear. Oh sweet Bobo who wouldn’t hurt a flea, but Veronica didn’t know that.

“Quick, follow me!” Thumper had appeared from around the tree and Sadie Mae felt a strong burst of adrenaline as she followed Thumper back to her home, sweet home.

Oh, how delightful it was to be back home in her cottage. She had been working all day at preparing a feast for her friends! It was the least she could do. Her heart overflowed with gratitude for them. Who needed a handsome prince in shiny armor, when one had a whole forest of animal friends. Friends who were always glad to lend a helping hand.

Under the Moon

Image from Pinterest

What a day it had been. She needed tonight, the magic of the full moon.

Ryan had been his charming, seductive self this morning and she had barely made it to work on time. On the subway to work she got several strange stares from people and had felt self conscious.

She had arrived at work with only minutes to spare. Showed her ID to the security guard and got a strange look from him as well. What was wrong with everyone, she had thought. She had been so clueless to what the real problem was.

Clueless until her bestie passed her a note. They were in a staff meeting in the large boardroom. Shelly had slid into the seat that her bestie had saved for her. The President of the company had just started talking. He looked at her with sharp disapproval.

Once he looked away she looked at the note, feeling mortified as she read it.

“Your blouse is a little undone and your lipstick is really smeared. I assume that Ryan got home last night from his business trip?”

No wonder people in the subway were staring at her. Same with the security guard and….the president. Oh she wanted to sink into a hole!

It was hard for her to concentrate on the meeting. When would it be over? It couldn’t be soon enough!

“Mrs. Perry what do you think of Mr. Hendrick’s idea?”

Shelly hadn’t heard him, what was she supposed to say!

“Mr. Hendrick is an intelligent man so I support his idea.”

There was silence in the room as the President stared at Shelly making her so nervous. Some people were smirking while others looked embarrassed for her. Had she said the wrong thing?

“I agree with you. Glad to know that you, being his boss, affirms his intelligence.”

Shelly had inwardly breathed with relief! But it didn’t last long. The President spoke again.

“I admire his intelligence, but right now I am questioning yours. Meeting adjourned, but Mrs. Perry please don’t be so discombobulated when you come to tomorrow’s meeting. Mr. Hendrick didn’t suggest any new ideas. He didn’t say a word. But I could tell that you were a thousand miles away! Get with it, Mrs. Perry!”

Shelly stood under the moon with those words replaying themselves in her mind. If only today had all been a bad dream. Could she turn back time?

“Please Mr. Moon! Grant me a wish!”

“Oh, what do you think?” She looked down at the three storks gathered around her. “Should I show my face tomorrow or go on vacation, until the President and everyone else forgets what happened today?”

Shelly rolled her eyes, she needed to get to bed. Since when did she ask storks for advice! Turning around she headed back. Hoping to enter dreamland and remember that tomorrow was a brand new day.

The one stork looked at the others. “She talks to the moon, an object that can’t talk back and then walks away before we can even answer her question. That makes no sense. Of course we are talking about humans here, so actually I guess it does.”

*Thanks to Clive, another blogger who had made a note suggestion, that I had accidentally forgotten to include in my notes story before. His suggestion was, “Your blouse is undone” *

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Why is it that we can be tired but we sit on the couch and think lets just see if there is anything to watch. Then we find a show and the next thing you know its 1am! About 2 weeks ago that happened to my husband and I. Just flipping through channels  and saw a series advertised and figured we would try one show. Five shows later ….. and now we are addicted to the series all because we want to know how it ends! The show does a good job at keeping you guessing. Its a murder mystery, but not gory or real scary, for I don’t do shows like that. Its from 2019 I think, “How to To Get Away with Murder” in case you feel like wasting time in an intriguing way. It centers around Law School and a class called “How to Get Away with Murder”. The professor who is a criminal lawyer who picks 5 of her best students to help her with cases annnnd well … they all find themselves involved in a murder that they didn’t plan on. 

Enjoy the following quotes, reading them is not a waste of time. 🙂 A way to relax for 5 minutes in your day and hopefully smile! Have a good day! 











“Crazy, Old Man!”

Pinterest image

Disappointed once again. Where was he? Every day she would walk this same path and he was usually here. Sitting in the chair, he would always greet her with a big smile.

She had become so accustomed to seeing him and now, well … she missed the crazy, old guy.

He made her laugh. The kind of laughter that made one’s belly hurt. She needed that kind of laughter. No, she didn’t have no big sob story to tell, but who doesn’t need laughter in their life? Just dealing with the ordinary stresses of life makes one need laughter to stay sane.

Jenna needed all the sanity she could get. Why had she decided to become a Doctor? There were days that she wondered if she would survive the madness!

Sometimes she wondered about the old man’s sanity but he seemed to be harmless. She hoped he was OK. Now she kicked herself for never having found out where he was from.

When she had asked he told her to come closer and he whispered in her ear. “I could tell you… but its Top Secret and they may be watching me. “

That was when she really questioned his sanity and started having second thoughts about him. He had such a serious expression that she was afraid to ask anything else.

When she had jogged away that day she started wondering if she should start taking a new path.

But the next time she saw him he captivated her with a tale about his childhood. She was drawn in and he continued the story over the following days. By the time he finished she was hooked. He may be a little eccentric at times but he was becoming a good friend and an intriguing storyteller.

She learned some cool things about history from him and he often told her that she kept him young. He would often joke about her needing a boyfriend. Telling her how he could introduce her to a guy with luxurious hair. Jenna would laugh. The last thing she needed was a guy to complicate her life.

Well, she should start jogging back home before it got dark. Didn’t look like he was coming tonight. Jenna found herself breathing a prayer that he was alright as she rose from the chair and started for home.

Jogging by a particular bush the old man’s words came back to her. He had pointed to the bush and said, “Be careful, one never knows where aliens or robots may be hiding.”

A smile crossed her face. Hmmm…she hoped the aliens hadn’t got him. Oh, Arthur, you crazy old man, what have you done to my brain.

“Hey there! You are waking up. Welcome back!”

Arthur looked around with a confused expression. “What am I doing here?”

Nurse Julie took his hand, “You gave us all a scare. You were in a car accident with Charlotte. Whose idea was it to race another car?”

Arthur looked a little sheepish, “I don’t remember a thing, but I say it was Charlotte’s fault.”

Julie rolled her eyes, “If I had to bet on whose fault it was, all my money would be on you, crazy old man!Fortunately you both are fine, besides some whiplash and bruises. You should be discharged tomorrow. Everyone at the retirement home will be glad to see you!”

Arthur smiled, he really didn’t recall much about driving, but he remembered his dream. The one he had just awakened from.

“Blame the funny looking blue aliens! I had to get away from them!”

Julie shook her head. “The Doctor said you didn’t have a concussion but …. go back to sleep crazy old man!” she said with a smile. Oh Arthur, there was noone like him and she was so thankful that he was okay. He may drive her crazy at the home with his antics, but he did keep things exciting.

Tuesday’s Thoughts

What are you thankful for today? Right now I am thankful for our shade tree, which I am sitting under. We planted the tree 17 years ago when we moved here and oh, how it has grown. Just takes time, as do a lot of things, and when they grow they are beautiful.

Hope the following quotes bring a smile and here is a cute picture to start things off. How can one not smile when looking at a monkey.











Pierre’s Great Adventure

Photo by Jason Frels

Pierre popped his head out looking around. He had traveled underground a long way and now he was ready for an adventure.

Hmm…didn’t look too different from his home.  Had he been traveling in a circle this whole time?

“Hey Pierre, what are you looking at?”

Turning his head he saw Diego. He groaned. His fears were true, he had somehow managed to travel in a big circle. So much for the stupid compass. Kia had said it would help him. He should have known better. Kia was a girl, what did she know?

“Oh great adventurer, I see that you don’t know how to read a compass very well. I thought you were headed far, far away.” The others joined Kia in their laughter.

Pierre made a Pfftttt sound at all of them and burrowed back down in his hole. He turned around and headed straight,  he would show them. They would all wonder why he didn’t show up tonight for the races. Meanwhile he would be long gone, beginning his adventure. 

Yes, he was making progress. No circles anymore! This place looked totally different. Where was he?

What was red and round? He was surrounded by many small red, round things. Looking behind him he saw some long orange things poking up from the ground.

Suddenly he felt the vibrations coming from the ground. What was causing the ….Whoa! What was that? Perhaps going on an adventure wasn’t such a good idea. Some humongous creature was walking around. It was black and white and Pierre knew he would be a goner if it stepped on him! Quickly he ducked back into his hole.

Old man Fuzzywhistle was sitting on his back porch when he spotted Pierre. “Look guys! Its a prairie dog, in my vegetable garden!”

Tippner and Mason looked and didn’t see a thing. Then they looked at each other and nodded in simple agreement. Old Man Fuzzywhistle may be starting to lose it. After all, he was getting old, not a spring chicken anymote.

“Ummm….what are you drinking?”

Fuzzywhistle gave Tippner a strange glance. “I am only drinking tea, why? There really was a prairie dog. I know what I saw and I am not leaving until I see it again. You sll think I sm crazy don’t you?”

“Don’t look at me, it was Mason who whispered something about you taking a trip to the funny farm.

“Is that so??” Fuzzywhistle glared at Mason. “Perhaps I will just forget to pay my bill next time I come to your coffee shop.”

While Mason was trying to dig himself out of a hole with old man Fuzzywhistle Tippner started whistling and stopped abruptly. “Guys look, look!!”

This time they all looked in time and they saw Pierre!

“Wow! Since when do we have prairie dogs around here? The cute little fella must be lost.” said Mason.

They all noticed Betsy staring at it intently and soon Pierre was diving back into his hole.

Bard came walking around the corner of the house. “Hi guys! Are you all ready to go golfing?”

“Sure, we were just watching Fuzzywhistle’s new pet. A prairie dog!”

Bard almost choked on the water he was drinking.  “A prairie dog??? Here?? Mason did you serve everyone some of Cara’s sweet coffee?  All that sugar probably has you guys hallucinating. Just wait until…Whoa it really is a prairie dog!”

They all wore smug expressions as they looked at Bard. “Told you so!”

Betsy started walking towards it and this time Pierre stayed above the ground. Was he frozen with fright? He wasn’t moving and Betsy kept getting closer.

“You don’t really think Betsy would step on it, do you?”

“Not my sweet, mild mannered Betsy.” Fuzzywhistle replied.

Mason spit out his coffee. Old man Fuzzywhistle obviously didn’t know all there was to know about Betsy.

“Well now look at that?”

Betsy had leaned her head down really low and it looked like she and the prairie dog were having a chat!

“Are you lost little one?” Betsy asked.

“No,  I am adventuring, but, but…you are really big, what are you? You aren’t going to hurt me are you? My 16 brothers and sisters would be upset.”

Betsy smiled, “I will not hurt you. Sooo you want an adventure? How would you like a ride?”

Pierre got excited. ” Yes, please” His mama would be proud that he remembered to use his manners by saying “please.”

Betsy laid down and told him to crawl onto her back. Then she slowly rose to her feet. Wow! Pierre had never felt so tall! This was fun. Betsy walked slowly around the pasture with him and answered his questions about tomato, carrots and the three odd men on the porch.

“They are crazy, but harmless.”

“I think I saw the one guy before. There is something about him that stands out to me.” Pierre thought for a bit. “I got it! Its his hair. I never saw such thick, wavy hair before. I think he came to my home one time. I know I remember that hair.”

Betsy snorted. “Everyone comments on his hair, especially the ladies. I personally don’t see what is so great about his hair. ”

Pierre agreed. “Humans are strange.”

Betsy introduced him to the lambs and to Jenny, the donkey. Pierre was having the time of his life, but then he figured he better get home. Didn’t want to worry his mom too much. Thanking Betsy and bidding goodbye to all his friends he jumped back down into his hole.

When he got home, everyone was glad to see him and he regaled them with his stories. He was the center of attention which made Kia upset, and Pierre couldn’t help but be glad.

Back at the farm the guys decided that what happened at the farm would stay at the farm. It had been quite the afternoon watching Betsy parade around the meadow with a praire dog on her back. They all drank pkenty of strong black coffee afterwards.

Making Her Wishes Come True!

Photo of Bojnice Castle,Slovakia from Pinterest

This is the continuation of my post from last night, Lucy’s Wishes I thought that Lucy deserved a happy ending, hope you all agree.

Drip, Drip,Drip …. the roof was leaking again. Lucy got a bucket and put it under the leak. Then she watched the rain fall as she looked out the window, with a somber expression on her face.

Inwardly she was steaming. She should not have to put up with a leaky roof. Right now she should be relaxing in her grand castle! The one she had wished for, before Sir Sergio Dummkopf took it from her.

For the past week now he had been staying in her castle. Always taunting her when she came down to the lake. It was rarely a peaceful place to be anymore. He appeared to keep an eagle eye out for her and would walk out to see her, with his smug attitude.

Drip … Drip … Drip! Oh No, not another leak! Sure enough, at the opposite end of the ceiling Lucy saw the other hole.

There had to be something she could do about Sir Dummkopf! Drumming her fingers on the table she thought.

Unfortunately she couldn’t overpower him, so she would just have to be sly. A slow smile started to spread across her face. Being sly was something she was good at. When she went to bed that night for the first time in a week she felt some peace.

Over the next couple days she planned, made some phone calls and plotted until finally she was ready. The day had come. Time to put her plan into action. This was going to be fun! She made her way to the lake.

“Well, well, well … look who it is again. Do you realize that you are on my property? Being that I claim this castle this is also MY lake.”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “You don’t own this lake you fool!”

Sir Sergio gave her a twisted smile, “Oh don’t worry my little lass, I will let you still come. I may just have to charge a small fee.”

Lucy felt her blood pressure start to rise. Calm down she told herself, remember the plan! Breathing normally she glared at Sergio. “I am not your little lass and I will never pay you one red cent.”

Throwing back his head he laughed at her.

“Oh dear lass, you are so naive. I was not asking you. If I choose to have you pay, you will pay, you have no say in the matter!”

Lucy was fighting hard to control herself though she felt like spitting nails.

Then she heard it and looked up in the sky. YES, he had made it!

Sir Dummkopf was staring aghast into the sky, hearing a horrible roar. He watched with impending doom as the winged creature headed straight for the castle. It landed right in front of the entrance, sprawled its wings and stood guard.

“Is that a real dragon???” Sir Dummkopf asked.

“Looks like it to me. And don’t dragons breathe fire?”

His face blanched. He was visibly shaken. Lucy was trying hard to control her laughter.

“Are you scared? Aren’t you a Prince and don’t princes slay dragons? Thats it! I got it!” Lucy threw her hands up in the air.

“The dragon is here to challenge you to a duel. He probably wants his castle back. Not nice to take dragon’s castles away.”

“That, that …. isn’t his castle!”

They stood still staring at the dragon when it rose into the air again coming straight for Sir Sergio!

“Hmmm… I guess we are about to find out who the castle really belongs too. I wonder if a ghost will try to claim it next. Mighty glad I don’t live there.”

Sir Sergio couldn’t move at first, tripping over his own feet. The dragon roared, as he got closer and you would have thought that Sergio had ants in his pants the way he jumped in the air!

“I wish to be a water genie again!” POOF! There was a big splash and Sie Sergio was gone.

The dragon landed right in front of Lucy, who was doubled over in laughter. Once she composed herself she spoke. “Thank you so much Dinosauris! You were awesome with your ROAR!”

“You are most welcome Miss. Lucy. Glad I could help. A friend of Candy Cane and the other elves is a friend of mine. Pleased to meet you.”

“I knew I could count on the elves to come up with a plan. They are a tricky bunch, Candy Cane tells me about all of their exploits. ”

Dinosauris laughed, which is a real unique type of laugh. After all, he is a dragon. “They do get themselves in trouble often that is for sure.”

“Well. now that your work is over why don’t you come into MY castle and stay for awhile. Its a long trip back to the North Pole.”

Dinosauris smiled, “Would be my pleasure.”

They had a fabulous time together as Lucy explored her new home. No holes in the ceiling! The poor maid almost fainted when she saw Dinosauris but Lucy quickly assured her that he was harmless.

In the afternoon they all relaxed in the garden, even the maid. Lucy didn’t believe in making anyone work too hard for her. The cook brought out the most tasty little cakes and tea. The little cakes barely filled up Dinosauris, so the amazing cook baked him a triple layer chocolate cherry cake. There were barely any crumbs left.

After resting a little Dinosauris said goodbye to Lucy and her maid. He praised the cook and told him he would be back. They all waved as he flew into the air, soaring high, where the bluebirds fly.

Now this was indeed the life, thought Lucy. She was in her jacuzzi, half afraid that she was dreaming. If it was only a dream she never wanted to wake up.