Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What has you smiling today? I hope your week started off on a good note and will continue that way! I was in Walmart yesterday and there were 2 little girls in front of me in the line at the register. The cashier asked if they were excited about school and they responded by jumping up and down. Their Mom replied that she sure was ready for school to start. I smiled and thought how I wanted to tell her not to blink, for soon her little children would be grown!

Enjoy the quotes and don’t blink! 🙂



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! We are back from the cornfields of Indiana. Had a very nice time with family. We went miniature golfing on our last day there. Hadn’t done that in a long time and it was fun, my feet were able to stay firmly on the ground while I almost scored some holes in one! I did score holes in 2!

Enjoy the quotes today and may it be a special day, even if you don’t get the ball in the hole on the first shot!

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  9. It is back to school time, so I thought there may be some parent that can relate to this or look back and remember this feeling. Yes, I already choked up when reading this ,even though my son doesn’t leave til next year!11224628_10155912465970564_1103277944436206752_n
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is this really the last week of July? Where did the summer go? In less than a month my youngest will be starting their Senior year of High School!  The last, first day of school pictures coming up. Thinking that they will not wanting me to come to college next Fall to take a first day of college photo. 🙂 As my friend Jodi, often says, “Cherish the Moments!”

Cherish the moments of this day and have a great one!

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  2. ae818e1b44798bfb05315944c05cb287 Yes! my kids did this! Can anyone else relate?
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Answering the Call


Wilbur looked around at everyone gathered for the meeting he had called. He knew everyone was curious as to the purpose of the meeting . He had heard the different ideas that were flying around. Some thought he was getting ready to resign as their faithful leader, but that was far from the truth. Even if his white hairs were showing, he wasn’t ready to step down from his perch yet.

He took some deep breaths as he wasn’t even sure how to tell everyone exactly what he was thinking. Some may think he was wise, but right now, he was even having problems at knowing exactly what to do. All he knew is that something had to be done, even if he had to ruffle the feathers of some. He was sure that Old Clarence wouldn’t be too keen on his idea. Clarence didn’t like change, but Wilbur couldn’t help that, change was in the air.

Wilbur waited for all to be quiet. He could still hear Clarice chirping away. The only time she seemed to have her beak closed was when she was eating!  Wilbur shook his head as everyone turned toward Clarice. She was not happy, as you could tell by her whistling sounds.  Apparently Fiona had given her a little peck trying to get her to be quiet. Clarice gave one more shrill as she flew away. Wilbur watched her go, he was sure she wouldn’t go far. Her curiosity wouldn’t let her.  She wouldn’t want to miss what this meeting was about. It would drive her batty not knowing what had been discussed.

At last, everyone settled down once more and Wilbur began to speak.

“Thank you all for coming! I know this is not one of our regularly scheduled meetings but I felt like this could not wait. I feel that the time has come for us to make a very important decision. We have flown around here for a couple hundred years. We have been admired by many and we were given the status of “National Bird” to this Country. They obviously were thinking straight when they made that decision, for we are a majestic bird! Whistling and shrills were let out in agreement.

I have been proud of this honor, but lately things have been appearing to go crazy around here. I have always been confused by humans but it just keeps getting worse! You would think that the “Dodo bird” was their National bird, with the way some of them act. Not all of them, Oh No! There are quite a few wonderful ones that I have seen! Its just that lately some of them have had me questioning my own sanity. I have been curious if this is just a problem with the humans in this land or is it an epidemic among all humans?

I have thought long and hard and I am asking for 4 eagles from among us to volunteer to be our Eagle Scouts. I would like to send them far, far away to scout out other lands and see what they think of the humans living there.  I believe we need to do the best we can to have a land that is worthy of having us as their “National Bird”.

It will require courage and bravery,  you will need to fly high to soar over mountains, oceans and possibly a wall to get to these other faraway lands.”

The crowd was silent as Wilbur penetrated them all with his steady gaze.

He silently asked himself, would any rise to the call? Would they agree with him, would anyone want to go? Would they all think he was cuckoo! One by one he looked at each eagle, some meeting his gaze, and some turning away. He continued going from bird to bird and at last he had completed the circle. Still all remained silent.

Then he heard it. The fluttering of wings. 4 brave eagles were flying towards him. They all landed in front of him and said, ” We want to be Eagle Scouts, we will go!”

Wilbur puffed up with pride. He knew they wouldn’t let him down. He would send them out and wait with much anticipation to hear what they  would discover in the other lands. In the meantime he would continue to try his best at figuring  out the humans who lived here!




A Song of Laughter!

Who needs a laugh today?

You know how there can be songs that you haven’t heard for ages and then out of the blue it just pops in your head? Well that happened with this song and after watching it again I thought I would share it with all of you. It has been around for a number of years, so most likely some of you have heard it before, but I think its worth hearing again. If you haven’t heard it before you are in for a treat! You don’t have to be a Mom to enjoy this song, really!


Cooling off with Pictures

It’s HOT! 100 degrees! I think my brain is succumbing to the heat, its not wanting to think. Can anyone relate?

So give your mind a rest and enjoy some pictures of animals having fun in the water! Looks cool and refreshing doesn’t it. If a caption comes to your mind, and your brain cells haven’t melted from the heat, then feel free to share! 🙂

All these pictures are from Pinterest.

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am doing it, something I don’t do! Just recently a friend had asked me if I had drafts drawn up for some of my posts. I laughed, as I said, “you know me…”, do I ever know what I am going to write in advance?  Yes, this has caused trouble sometimes, especially in the stories which have more than one part, but that’s another story.  I thought that for today I would *gasp* write a draft. I am doing it for you , my dear readers, so that you can have some quotes for tomorrow when I have my cataract surgery.

Cut! Take 2! Soooo it is an hour and a half before I was supposed to have surgery. Did you notice the “WAS”, those little words can be so important sometimes. Right before our alarm went off the phone rang. My Dr. had a family emergency in the middle of the night so no surgery today. I will get called later in the day with the date that it is supposed to be now. I was actually supposed to have the surgery 2 weeks ago, but the date had to be changed then because of him having to go away. What can I say, things come up, and we have no control. I do feel bad for him, being that “family emergencies” are usually not something good!

So now, thanks to my draft,  you are able to have the quotes earlier than they have ever been posted before, enjoy! And thanks for the well wishes  yesterday. I will tuck them in my heart to pull out for when I find out the new date! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Getting back into life’s normal routine, but vacation memories are still very vivid in my mind.  We saw such beautiful sights, from the lush gardens, to the beach to the mountains.

Gold nuggets were all around, as we breathed in the moments. There was beauty just waiting to be discovered by us, and not all that beauty was nature. Perhaps that is another  clue to the special, mysterious nuggets that we found, and perhaps now is the time to reveal ………. the quotes for today! Enjoy my dear readers! 🙂


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The Flying Mystery



They had struck again.  Confetti was one of their calling cards that they were known for. It always sparkled and glittered.

They were a smooth team, always managed to have the element of surprise. One knew to expect the unexpected when dealing with this talented team.

Frank and George were walking around the room looking at all the glittery …. and sparkly confetti and trying to not to disturb the cat who was eyeing them with a mischievous glint in its green eyes.

“George, did you see this?”

George walked over and looked at what Frank held in his hand.

“Mini spaceships? Hmm… What are spaceships doing here?”  George looked at them scattered about.

“Maybe this wasn’t the work of who we were thinking. Perhaps some aliens were having a party, confetti and all! There are 24 spaceships, so it must have been a pretty good sized party.”

Frank stared at him. “Aliens?”

“Yes, aliens, you know, those little green or blue men that live in outer space.”

Frank kept staring at him as he slowly shook his head, “Are you saying that you believe in aliens?”

“Well can’t say I ever saw one… but…”

Frank sighed, “Look George, I think you could use some of these!”  He picked up some marbles that were lying on the floor.

“I always said you were losing your marbles. Now I am more convinced than ever before! ”

George made a face and said, “I am getting hungry, lets go grab a burger.”

Frank reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of goldfish crackers. “Want some of these to snack on?”

George shook his head, “Those crackers would be the perfect size for a snack for aliens to eat. Maybe we could come back after dark and take a look in the house to see if…”

Frank opened up the door, “Lets go, you need some food and I think it can be your treat tonight. Do you mind if I order all the desserts on the menu? Then I believe that you need a really good night’s sleep!”

They went out the door, closing it behind them. The sound of the door being closed echoed down the hallway of the empty house.

Around midnight there was some stirring in the house, but it wasn’t a mouse. There were no mice, as the mice had no chance against the cat that ruled the house.

The cat wasn’t sure though what to make of the noise, as he looked around. If someone had been watching they would have seen an intriguing sight, that made the cat howl. 24 mini spaceships were flying around the house in circles, and they were getting higher and higher.

A daring mouse saw his chance, the King Cat was distracted. The mouse quickly darted across the floor grabbing some goldfish cracker crumbs as he ran into his hole.

The cat’s eyes were transfixed on the circling spaceships. What would happen, would they mysteriously disappear through the ceiling and travel elsewhere?

Meanwhile George had just got home, and was getting ready for bed when he happened to look out the window. No! It couldn’t be, but yes, he was seeing it with his own eyes. 1, 2, 3, 4, …… spaceships!

Whoa! George opened the window, and about fell out in surprise. “Was that really a flying cat that he just saw go by following the spaceships!”

Perhaps Frank was right, perhaps he really did need a good, long, sleep!