Be Careful What You Wish For!

This story was inspired by a certain “follower”, who shall remain nameless. He enjoys my stories and likes to make suggestions at times, AKA “blackmail” AKA “friendly persuasion.” This time he specifically requested that I write a story where he is a Prince. A handsome Prince. I always aim to please, so here is the story. I hope he appreciates it. I did have fun writing it. Thanks to all of you for reading my crazy stories and for your comments, all of you bring me smiles! 

Curtis stamped the box with the ink pad and sent it on down the line. His mind kept wandering as the boxes kept coming.  He wondered what it would be like if he was a Prince. He would be spending his days in a castle, living a life of luxury. Eating a vast array of delicious foods and of course surrounded by the beauty of his adoring Princess! 

Everyone would adore him, for he would be so handsome and kind. They would be in awe of him, how could they not? 

Oops! 2 boxes just went by that he forgot to stamp! He better stop daydreaming until work is over. Or not only would he not be a Prince, but he also would be without a job! 

Finally the bell rang, signaling the end of the work day, and he gathered his things and left. He often enjoyed the walk home. It wasn’t that far, and it saved him from having to deal with bumper to bumper traffic. Today it was a little chilly, winter was coming. He was walking briskly, looking down at a text that had just come in on his phone. He never saw the hole. 

Wow! What a beautiful castle he thought. Curtis was admiring it as he stood in front of the gate. Then he saw the most beautiful woman walking towards the gate. Her lips were a scarlet red, matching her scarlet gown. He couldn’t take his eyes off her long, flowing black hair, she looked stunning! 

“Curtis, where have you been? I have been looking all over for you!” 

Curtis was shocked. She knew his name? He stared at her. “You know me?” he asked. 

Princess Catherine rolled her eyes. “Well of course I know you, what kind of question is that? You are the Prince! What woman doesn’t know her husband, you nitwit!” 

Curtis almost fell to the ground. What was going on? He was totally confused. He had to be dreaming, and as he looked into Catherine’s emerald green eyes, he hoped he would never wake up. 

She opened the gate for him and took his arm as they walked towards the castle. She was talking so fast as they walked, that he could hardly understand what she was babbling about, but he didn’t care. He lived in a castle! Goodbye to his tiny apartment, he had definitely moved up in the world.

Later that night, he was lying in bed with a painful stomach ache. When he had sat down to supper and saw all the food on the table his taste buds were salivating, but now food was the last thing he wanted to see! There was a knock on his door. “Come in.” he groaned. 

Matilda the servant walked in with a tray of hot steaming tea. 

“This is to settle your stomach. Your favorite peppermint tea.”  

“Tea? But I don’t drink tea”, Curtis said.

Matilda started laughing. “You don’t drink tea? You drink around 8 cups a day! What are you talking about?” She kept shaking her head as she walked out the door. He thought he heard her mutter something, about him being a little cuckoo in the head. 

He stared at the teapot and teacup. Well, he didn’t think it could make him feel any worse, so he may as well try it. 

OUCH! He burned his tongue. So now he had a burnt tongue and a upset stomach. Sighing he laid back down in bed, when his door was flung open. 

“You are still lying there? You have a Polo match to get ready for.”  Princess Catherine was frowning as she stood over him. 

Where was her loving concern for her ailing husband? Were not Prince’s supposed to be adored! Especially a handsome Prince like himself. 

“Honey, I am not feeling well.” he stammered out. 

“Oh please! You will be fine, and what do you mean “Honey”? I am not some sticky substance, I am Princess Catherine!” She said this to him, as she was looking at herself in the mirror and putting on more lipstick. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Me of course!” She laughed to herself. 

“Be downstairs in 30 minutes. How will it look to everyone if Prince Curtis doesn’t show up to the Polo match. Oh and make sure you shave that stubble on your chin, you look like you are growing a bush on your face. Hurry now, no time to waste!”  She primped a little bit more in front of the mirror and then left the room, closing the door. 

Curtis couldn’t make sense of this. This wasn’t the life he imagined as a Prince. His wife was anything but loving and his servants laughed at him, and he knew nothing about Polo! 

He was beginning to hope that this all was a dream and that he would wake up soon! Groaning he got out of bed and stepped out onto the floor. “OUCH!”  He had stepped on something sharp. Looking down at his foot he saw Princess Catherine’s broach that she had been wearing. It must have fallen off and now was stuck through his foot. He pulled it out, wiping the blood off his foot. 

Great! Now he had a sore foot, a burnt tongue and an upset stomach. He muttered something under his breath and grabbed his razor to shave. he shaved half of his face and the razor died. Looking at himself in the mirror made him feel even sicker. 

Maybe the fresh air would do him good. How hard could it be to play Polo, he knew there was a ball involved. He bent down to put on his shoes and then stood up. “KLONK!” He hit his head on the bed post. Muttering words that were not proper for a Prince to say, he left the room, slamming the door behind him. 

Princess Catherine was downstairs waiting for him and glared at him walking down the steps. She took his arm at the bottom of the steps and said. ” What did you do to your face? Now you look lopsided?” 

“The razor died.” he replied and she rolled her eyes. 

“Why are you limping?” she asked, as they walked towards the door. 

“Because I stepped on your broach!” he snapped, handing it to her. 

There were sparks in her eyes when she looked at it. “It’s bent! You broke it!” 

Curtis didn’t say a word, he thought it was safer that way. He was really starting to long for living the single life again! What had he been thinking wishing to be a Prince! He felt like smacking himself in the head, but his head was already hurting. 

Out the door they went and walked to the polo field. There were horses! That’s when it struck him. Polo was played on horses. He didn’t know how to ride a horse! His face got pale and he started feeling sicker. 

“I can’t do this.” he said to Princess Catherine. 

“What are you talking about? Do you have noodles in your brain? Don’t embarrass me! Now get up on the horse!” 

Curtis had no choice but to obey, for everyone was standing there waiting for him. They would never believe that Prince Curtis couldn’t ride a horse, they would wonder what kind of fool he was! Oh, this dream of his to be a Prince was really not going as planned. 

Taking a deep breath he got on the horse, trying to ignore his throbbing head and nervous stomach. 

“Let the game begin!” someone shouted and everyone rode to the middle of the field, where each one was handed his stick. 

He kept losing track of the little white ball as he rode, but he was impressed that he was staying on the horse. Suddenly his horse reared up and Curtis fell off, landing flat on his back. He was knocked out cold. 

“Curtis, Curtis, do you hear me?”  Curtis opened his eyes and looked around. Why was his landlord standing in front of him?

“Mrs. Banera” 

“Oh Curtis, you had us worried! You never came home from work. You were supposed to come over for supper tonight. I sent my husband out to look for you. He found you lying on the ground. Apparently you had tripped in a hole and hit your head on a log. You have been sleeping for a couple hours now. How do you feel?” 

His head was throbbing but he managed to smile. It had all been a dream. He wasn’t a Prince and there was no Princess Catherine. He was home! Breathing a sigh of relief, he smiled, and murmured ,”I am fine, just fine.” 

“So glad to hear that! I had invited you over for supper, so that you could meet my niece who is staying with us for a little.” said Mrs.Banera 

“Catherine, he is awake now, come and meet him!” 

Had Curtis heard right, did she say Catherine? He looked and saw a girl walking into the room with long, flowing black hair. 

“Curtis! Curtis! Where are you going?”  Mrs. Banera and Catherine stared after him as he ran out the door. 



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some things are right in front of you, but you look everywhere else for them! Like the cell phone in your pocket!

When a Prince is full of pride… only to find himself turned back into a frog.

GPS … an invention that saved marriages …. remembering the days of, “look at the map, where are we?..” I have no clue … either that squiggly line or the other one.”

Breaking the Spell

Once upon a time there was a man who lived near a beautiful lake. He loved his lakehouse, far away from the craziness of the world. He enjoyed the solitude immensely, everything was perfect. Well almost perfect!

One crisp Autumn day he was sitting on his deck looking at the lake. He had taken his morning swim and was enjoying sitting in the sun, alone with his thoughts. Would the day ever come where he would finally spend more time in his home, than he did on the lake?

His story was a little tragic, for long ago he had been captured by an evil fairy, who had placed a spell on him. She had turned him into a Duck!

Fortunately his friends had rescued him from the forest but they hadn’t been able to break the spell! He still looked like a duck, waddled like a duck and quacked like a duck, so he was a duck, though not really! He was able to talk, but after every few words he would let out a QUACK! It drove the poor guy crazy! Not to mention, his friends as well, when listening to him.

They promised that they wouldn’t give up trying to find out the cure and today was the day that they planned to try the latest cure.

His one friend told him to cross his fingers and toes in hopes that it would work. He then laughed as he remembered that he couldn’t very well do that, for he was a duck!

The poor man couldn’t wait to have his hands and feet back again! Oh to look like a human again! No more duck face! If his friends told him to make a duckface one more time for the camera he was sure to lose it! They thought they were hilarious!

Hearing a car pull up, his thoughts were interrupted. They were here, the time had come. Would this cure work?? He waddled towards the car with his webbed feet and a pensive duckface.

After greeting the 3 guys and chatting and quacking a little, they got down to business.

“Here is the magic potion for you to drink. Its coffee made with extra special beans. A raspberry, caramel,banana, marshmallow flavor.”

The poor guy grimaced and had a very pouty duckface, he hated coffee! But he hated being a duck even more!

He went to start slurping it, for its not like he had hands to hold the cup. His friends said, “Wait! Has to be rigbt at Noon! You have 2 minutes to wait.”

He gave his friends a look, but they had straight faces as they told him he had to follow the rules exactly.

“Go!” They shouted! “Keep slurping until its all done!”

Mr.Duckface slurped and slurped, and a few times he felt like puking! At last he finished, but he was still a duck!

Now we need to say a chant over you and you need to stick your head under the water while we say it. He gave them a questioning look again but waddled down to the lake. Stuck his head in the water and his bottom in the air.

His friends started chanting and suddenly he was sputtering! He lifted his head up spitting out water. He was human again!!

“It worked, it worked!!” He shouted with utter joy, dancing a jig. His friends were ectastic. Everyone was in high spirits when Kendra pulled into the driveway.

She was grinning from ear to ear. “I see that this is a day of celebration!”

Mr. No longer Duckface had a broad smile! “Yes, that magic potion coffee was the worse and being upside down in the water wasn’t fun but it was all worth it!”

Kendra had a confused look, “a magic potion….upside down in the water?? But all you had to do was…”

His friends quickly interrupted Kendra. ” Hey buddy, lets all pose for a pic and how about going for a ride on your boat?”

“Wait! I want to know what Kendra was going to say.”

All eyes were on Kendra and she noticed the pleading look in his friends eyes. It took her a moment but she figured it out, and had to restrain her laughter.

“So no more duck lips, eh? Too bad, I thought they looked good on you.” He made a face at her and she laugbed, telling them to all go out on the boat and she would whip togethet a celebratory meal.

Watching them go she shook her head laughing. Oh, if he only knew that all that was required to break the spell was the chant. Something his friends were fully aware of! She walked back to the lakehouse. Fun was always around when one had crazy friends!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a good start and that it continues to go smoothly. If you find yourself dodging curve balls though, perhaps you can follow the advice of the first quote of the day. Though I do hope that your world doesn’t crash down around you! Enjoy the quotes, and remember take some time each day to “just breathe!”  












Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I think this is a really cute, creative way to announce a pregnancy. No, this is not MY picture! Thought I would clarify that, before any of you fainted with shock. It is my dear niece that is expecting, and we all are excited to welcome another sweet baby into our family.

May this week bring you joy and hopefully these quotes will too!




Every year my friend sends me a joke about Candy Corn, for she knows I like Candy Corn. I realize I am probably in the minority here, but hey speak up if you like Candy Corn too. I am not totally crazy, I like peanut butter cups too!







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am back! Though you may not have noticed that I was gone. My husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Bushkill Falls, a beautiful place to hike and see 8 different waterfalls! Have I mentioned what a wonderful guy he is. 🙂  The weather was great, and we had a very nice time. Always relaxing to be out in nature, and when I can be near the water, it makes it all the better! 

Have a great day and I hope that you have times to come where you can get away to just take some moments to breathe! We all need it in this world today. 





I just need my shiny, blue car, for me to be a better driver! 🙂







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am looking forward to the weekend! I know, its only Tuesday, but the weekend is coming. We are going away for the weekend, and I am looking forward to it. Even though I have no clue as to where we are going. My husband planned a little getaway for us. I love surprises, but the suspense drives me crazy, and he isn’t giving any clues! Well he did answer my one question. No, we are not going on a private plane to a tropical island. Hey, I had to ask. 

Enjoy the quotes and the surprises that life can bring. They don’t need to be something big, to be good! 











The Sunflower Cow

image from Pinterest

Sally and Mikey were so excited! They were in the family room talking about the fair that they were going to tonight. There were carousel rides, where Sally loved to pick the pink horse to ride and Mikey picked the black and gold one. This year Sally was looking forward to going on the Ferris Wheel. She had been scared the other years, but she was bigger now and Mikey promised her that he would hold her hand if she got scared. 

Mikey liked to tease her a lot, but he was a kind big brother when she needed him. 

Mikey told her that if she rode the Ferris Wheel that he would win her one of those really big teddy bears. All he had to do was knock down all the bottles with the ball. He had almost done it last year, so surely he could this year! 

Sally couldn’t wait to have a bear almost as big as her! 

They also were looking forward to the food, corn dogs and funnel cakes! 

“Mikey and Sally, are you finished cleaning your rooms? You know we can’t leave for the fair until they are clean!”  

Sally lifted her head from the book she was reading and Mikey stopped playing with his matchbox car. They looked at their Mom’s face as she stood in the middle of the family room. Uh-oh, she had her serious face on. They quickly got up without a word and ran to their rooms. 

it seemed to take forever, but finally their rooms were clean and they were all in the car heading to the fair. 

What fun they had! Sally rode the carousel 3x and she rode the Ferris Wheel. She got a little scared, but the view from the top was so cool! Mikey kept his word and he spent all his money trying to win her the big bear. On his last throw he knocked them all down and Sally cheered, giving him a big hug. Oh, she was so happy! 

“What are we going to do now?” asked Mikey and Sally, looking at their Mom and Dad. 

“How would you guys like to see a Dog Parade?” 

Mikey and Sally jumped up and down, they loved dog! 

“Really, a dog parade, here?” they asked. 

“Yes, its a special event for the first night of the fair. It should be starting pretty soon, lets go find a good place to stand and watch.” 

This was the bestest night ever thought Mikey and Sally!

“YAY! Its starting!” They shouted, as the music began to play and they saw the first dog, leading the group. A St. Bernard, followed by 3 poodles in little tutus which made Mikey laugh. Then there was a Labrador and the cutest Boston terrier you ever did see. 

Suddenly there was a commotion, the dogs all started barking and Mikey and Sally’s eyes got as round as saucers! 

“Daddy, Daddy! What is a cow doing in a dog parade?”

Mommy and Daddy were speechless, almost everyone was, as they all stared at the huge brown cow walking proudly with sunflowers around her neck! 

“Mommy, the cow is smiling!” said Sally. 

Her Mom had never seen a cow smile, but she couldn’t deny that the cow did look very happy as she walked down the road. She seemed to know where she was headed. 

The crowd didn’t seem to bother her, as she walked down the road and out of the fairgrounds. She was the talk of the whole town, though Miss. Bloomfield did not like how her little, chihuahua Clarabelle did not get to be the star of the show!  

Mikey couldn’t stop talking about the cow all the way home and Sally just loved the pretty yellow flowers that had been around the cow’s neck. . 

“Mommy, I want a bunch of  yellow flowers to wear around my neck, please oh please!” she begged. 

It took awhile for Mikey and Sally to fall asleep that night due to all the excitement. They also may have had a little too much ice cream and funnel cake. 

Early the next morning Tucker had just pulled onto the interstate and he couldn’t believe what he saw out of the corner of his eye. He had seen a lot of strange sights while trucking, but never one quite like this! There was a cow walking in the field, but this wasn’t just an ordinary cow, this cow had sunflowers around her neck! The cow seemed happy just trotting along, as  Tucker cruised down the road. He smiled as he turned on the radio, the trucking life, sure could be filled with surprises! 




Duck Soup!

Here is a link to Part 1 of this continuing story that takes you back to Fairyland. Saving Jarrett! 

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Kendra peeked from around the tree, making sure that the coast was clear. She didn’t have much time to waste, she had seen the pink squirrel scamper away. She knew that she was running to Felicity to let her know that her next victim had succumbed to her spell. 

Felicity had been so mad when Fairlight and the “nameless men” had helped rescue Kendra and some of the other fairies from fairyland. Felicity was left with just a few dark fairies and she wasn’t happy. She needed to increase her numbers, so she had concocted another plan. One of the pink squirrels had relayed Felicity’s plan to Kendra. She was an undercover squirrel trying to help Kendra save the forest from being dominated by the dark fairies! 

Felicity had decided that perhaps she should find someone to be Prince of the Fairies first and then maybe he could attract a Princess. She had her eyes set on Jarrett. 

Kendra whistled to send out the signal to her heroes, the “nameless men”, to come help her.  She knew she couldn’t save Jarrett by herself, she needed their help. She was ever so grateful to her heroes for reuniting her with her grandma, that she dedicated her time to rescuing others who had succumbed to Felicity’s spell. Kendra was determined to help stop the dark fairies from growing in numbers, for if they did, it could be very dangerous. 

It was a dangerous undertaking for her and the “nameless men”, they knew Felicity’s power. Sadly one of her heroes had become a victim of Felicity’s spells. That fateful night of her rescue, they had all seen the one “nameless man” be turned into a duck. They heard his mournful quacks as they flew away on Cupcake the unicorn. 

Kendra hoped that perhaps this time they would be able to rescue him too, but first they had to concentrate on getting Jarrett out of harm’s way. 

Good! She saw the “nameless men” running towards her. They had been close by waiting for her signal. Quickly they picked up Jarrett and started carrying him away. 

“Quick! Get him out of here. Felicity will soon be here with her pink flying squirrels.”

The men gave her a quizzical look. “Pink flying squirrels? Are you sure you didn’t drink too much of your Grandma’s sweet coffee, that perhaps she didn’t add something to it? ” 

Kendra laughed, “No, this has nothing to do with my Grandma’s coffee. Felicity has put some of the squirrels in the forest under her spell. She is trying to take over the whole forest. Making them pink is a way that she can tell which squirrels she hasn’t captured yet. Many of the squirrels come willingly to see her, when they see how the pink squirrels can fly. Who doesn’t want to fly?” 

Hearing cackling in the air, they turned and saw pink squirrels coming toward them with Felicity close behind. The 3 “nameless men” ran like they had never run before, with adrenaline pumping through them! 

QUACK!! They turned and saw one of the ducks attacking Felicity. Kendra’s eyes grew big, could that be the friend of the other “nameless men”? They all paused, but just for a moment, they knew they didn’t have time to waste! 

At last they collapsed, dropping poor Jarrett, for the “nameless men” were exhausted. They had made it, they had made it out of Fairy land. 

Jarrett was moaning, and starting to stir. 

“What, what am I doing here? Who are you guys?” 

Kendra tried to explain the best she could, but the poor guy looked so confused! 

“I remember seeing a beautiful waterfall and purple butterflies, but nothing after that. Now you are telling me I was in fairyland controlled by a dark fairy, who wanted me to be the Prince and that she has pink flying squirrels?” 

One of the “nameless men” spoke up, “Yes! That sums it up pretty well. Good job.” 

Jarrett shook his head as he stood up. “Th-Thank you, but I need to get out of here and I do believe I am never drinking again! Pink flying squirrels? Wait, does this dark fairy happen to have a purple inchworm that wears a hat? That image is coming to my mind.” 

Kendra shook her head, “Yes, that would be Penelope.” 

“Oh I do need to get home and get some of the strongest coffee that I have ever had!! Goodbye everyone!” 

They all watched him walking away, hearing him mutter to himself about fairies, and squirrels and inchworms named Penelope. 

“Ok guys, rest up a little and then we have to go back!” 

The guys looked at her like she was crazy! 


“We have to try to rescue your friend.” 

They all agreed that yes, they had to try, for once again he had distracted Felicity so that they could get away. Plus they missed their friend. Once they felt rested, they got back up and headed back to Fairyland. 

It was late that night when they were all gathered at Kendra’s grandma’s house enjoying some of her specialty coffee. Well not quite all of them were enjoying the coffee, ducks didn’t drink coffee. They had managed to save their friend, but …. all the attempts to dispel Felicity’s magic spell had failed.

He was still a quacking duck. They were sure it was him though, for he was able to talk. That is how they had located him out of all the other ducks. They heard him yelling, when he saw them. He could speak, but after every few words, he would let out a “Quack!” 

Kendra promised that she would talk to the pink flying squirrel and try to figure out the antidote for Felicity’s duck spell, but they assured him that it could be worse. 

One of the nameless men spoke up, ” We all thought you were a goner, when you fell off the log, and we all saw the dog!” 

A dog had come running out of nowhere and their friend had just missed getting his feathers caught in the dog’s jaws. 

It had been a very scary moment, but they could all laugh about it now. 

“You were so close to becoming Duck Soup!” the one guy said, and they all laughed. Well almost all of them, the other one went “QUACK!”