Trouble Stewing!

This is the continuation to Monday’s post, Making the List

Taking the last sip of coffee he set down his cup and felt himself breathe a little easier. Breakfast had been most satisfying at this small, but impressive diner.

Last night he was exhausted by the time he got to the hotel and he was asleep within minutes. The mattress had wrapped around him in a big bear hug when he got into bed. He didn’t wake up until the rising sun shined through the window.

Gregory waa mentally exhausted, after having broken his engagement with Rosanne. His family had surprisingly been quite supportive. They confessed that they really never had liked her, but were trying really hard to, for his sake.

Everything was swirling in his brain and he needed to get away for a few days. His good friend suggested that he go and visit the town of Bittersweet Creek. He said it was full of friendly people, some a little quirky, but that Gregory would be able to forget all about his troubles while there.

“Good Morning Randy!” Cara greeted Randy, who was sitting in a booth. Gregory watched them talking. He must be a regular customer. Would be kind of nice to live somewhere where everyone knew your name, thought Gregory.

He watched her greet another guy by name, Tippner, who came and sat across from Randy. They both looked troubled. Gregory didn’t mean to eavesdrop but they were close by.

“They are headed this way, they know where I am.”

Tippner reassured him, “Don’t you worry, we will figure out a plan. Those crazy ladies have messed with you for the last time.”

Gregory shook his head, poor guy must have woman trouble too. At least Greg only had one crazy lady to worry about. Lately the idea of becoming a Monk was growing on him.

“Thanks Tippner, I hope you are right but you know Lauren, she is as crazy as a bat with her potions.”

Lauren and potions?? Gregory’s ears perked up, Rosanne had talked about a Lauren before and the love potions she had. He had thought she was silly, thinking potions really worked. But Rosanne insisted tbat they did. Was this the same Lauren? Could it really be?

“I know Lauren”, Tippner said, “Remember her crazy partner in crime had me all tied up before! It is time that they both learn a lesson.”

“I couldn’t agree more and now from what I hear they have a 3rd woman that has joined up with them. I think her name is Rosanne.” Randy replied.

Poor Gregory let out a loud moan, which attracted Cara’s attention.

“Are you alright, sir?” she asked, standing in front of him.

Feeling rattled, he looked at Cara’s concerned face. “I may be. Would you please introduce me to those two gentleman over there. I think we all have something in common.”

In her upbeat, cheerful way she said, “Really? What may that be?”

“Crazy woman!” Gregory rose up to his feet and with a determined look on his face he squared his shoulders and walked over to meet Tippner and Randy.

All Cara could do was stare, unable to speak, holding an empty coffee pot in her hand.

Mason came from the back room and saw the guys deep in conversation. He wondered who the new guy was. Then he noticed Cara and the puddle of coffee at her feet.

He walked over to her with a bemused expression on his face. “Was the floor thirsty?”

“Wh-wh-what?” She looked down and saw that the remainder of the coffee had poured out on the floor.

Oh this was not her week, ahe had burned the toaat yesterday and now this. She wouldn’t hear the end of it from Mason, the big tease.

“Not a word from you!” she said with a hint of redness in her cheeks. Mason stood there feigning innocence.

He put his hands in the air. “Not a word..” and he walked over to the guys. Cara shook her head, she knew her flubs would be mentioned sometime again. Times when she didn’t expect it.

She would quickly clean up the spill for her curiosity was indeed aroused. Questions of hers needed answers, who was Gregory and did he know Lauren too? Just wait til she told Sarah about Lauren coming this way. The sleepy town of Bittersweet Creek appeared to be headed for some excitement!

(To be continued…)

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We could have got 11 inches of snow, but only ended up with ahout 4 inches, before the rest turned to sleet and rain. Now on Thursday they are calling for an arctic blast of 9 degrees!Too COLD! At least I have my coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Stay Warm and I hope you enjoy the quotes today!





This is why I won’t try to go without chocolate that long. Its obviously dangerous!







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going? I got the results of my Vitamin D blood test and even with the weekly mega dose that I take, I am still insufficient. The little red flag comes up on the the screen of the computer monitor. No surprise to me. I am okay with it, for at least the pill is keeping me from the single digits where I was before, which did make me feel pretty bad. There are always things that we can’t control in life, no matter what we do to try and change it. My Vitamin D supplement is just a minor example. I am taking the highest dose possible and still its not enough, but there is nothing more that I can do. Besides maybe moving to a tropical island. If there is something in your life today that you feel you can’t change no matter what, I hope you can take a deep breath and try not to stress about it. Focus on what is in your control and have a terrific Tuesday! Enjoy the quotes! 












The Surprise Pet!

This is the conclusion to The Comeback of Claude! Enjoy!

Claude hopped down the road for awhile, not seeing anyone. He didn’t mind, he was relishing his freedom. Seeing another human was far down on his list of priorities.

Oh, now that looked like a good place to go. Off to his right there waa a garden patch and some jumbo looking carrots. His growling stomach pushed him towards the garden and before he knew it all of the carrots were safely in his belly.

Claude continued on down the road but at a much slower pace now. His stomach felt like it waa going to pop. Perhaps he should have had a little more moderation, but they had been so yummy.

Taking one more step poor Claude fell and he couldn’t get back up. Moaning he curled up into a ball and soon fell fast asleep.

The bell rang, and Cara looked up. She had been sitting down sipping some of her chocolate banana latte. It was the middle of the afternoon and only a few customers were there. The slow time of day and Mason was off, so Cara could be a little lazy.

“Hi Tippner! Surprised to see you, aren’t you usually taking an afternoon siesta at this time?”

Cara stepped back, she had got a close look at Tippner’s face and he was mad!

“There is no way that I can sleep. My carrots are gone! Something ate every single one!”

“Ob No! Those were your prized carrots for the fair.” Cara gave him a sympathetic look.

He was still red in the face as he yelled. This wss suppose to be his winning year, but now all hope was lost!

“I need a strong drink, put 3 lemons in my water please.”

Cara did and brought him a big slice of Shoo-fly pie. “No charge.”

He was able to muster up a Thank you before digging into the pie. But his eyes still sparked fire. Cara felt rather sorry for whatever animal helped himself to the carrots. It would surely behoove them not to come back again!

Feeling groggy, Claude opened his eyes. Instantly he was awake! He shrank back at the sight of dark, brooding eyes looking into his. It was that dang cow again!

A strong surge of energy burst through Claude and he rose up to his full height. No cow would intimidate Claude the 3rd!

Jumping up at him the cow looked at him witb amusement. Betsy was happy to have the chance to get the best of Claude once more. Some rabbits never learn.

After letting him jump for a few times as she moved her head around she took action. She grabbed a little bit of his skin in her teeth, just enough to get a grip. Oh Claude was hopping mad now, his legs were going in the air.

Betsy ran down the road, with Claude between her teeth. Poor Penny didn’t know what to think as she sat in her rocker on the porch, watching all the commotion.

Hmmm….maybe her apple cider, wasn’t just plain cider. She better make sure what she was drinking!

Betsy made it to her destination. With one mighty swing of her head she tossed Claude right into a bush. Claude yelled, but Betsy just walked away smirking. Always fun to have unexpected surprises in the day.

When Mason got home he got out of his car and wondered what he heard. Something was moaning, from out of one of his bushes.

Aww! The poor white rabbit was on his back kicking his legs looking scared.

Mason spoke gently to the rabbit and slowly tried to pick it up. It was shaking like a leaf.

Hmm…Mason was thinking, this white rabbit may make the perfect gift for Amanda. She had mentioned how much she loved bunnies. Taking it inside he decided thats what he would do. How she would love the rabbit and in turn want to show her gratitude to

“Don’t worry little guy. You are going to have a real pleasant, cozy home.”

After finding a blanket and a box, Mason laid him inside of it. Ding dong! Someone was at his door.

“Well Hi Tippner, guess what! You came at the perfect time. Want to meet my new pet?”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy First Tuesday in 2022! If 2022 is already giving you a headache you need to take a moment and go to the Africam website. I mentioned it on Sunday’s post and have been addicted now. Here is a shot of a giraffe drinking out of a river. For something so tall, it bends and walks so gracefully.

Here is a clip of a baby elephant with its Mama, and birds chirping in the background. I need to visit a safari someday. Enjoy, but do remember to read the quotes too. Hope this helps get your year off to a bright start!











Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Only a few more days left in this year, are you ready for 2022? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that if you celebrated Christmas, that you were truly able to enjoy it! That there were lots of smiles and warm hearts amidst the stress that some Christmas get togethers can bring. Hope you had plenty of Egg Nog to enjoy as well. Enjoy the following quotes and best wishes for a bright ending to this year, along with starting 2022 off on the right foot! 











Trading Places

This the 2nd part to A True Fortune?

Amazement washed over her. Dorothy stared at the castle in front of her. She was actually here, at Cinderella’s fancy castle. It was huge, nothing like her little house on the farm.

She was going to live the life of a Princess for a week, this was bound to be heavenly. No chores, no smelly animals.

The doors of the castle opened and Prince Charming walked out. Wow! Dorothy pinched herself. She was smitten! Oh yes, what a week this would be. A real prince! No farm boy wearing overalls.

Meanwhile Cinderella found herself standing in the middle of a pasture. There were 2 lambs grazing nearby her. They were so cute. So fluffy, that she wanted to reach out and touch them.

“Excuse me Miss, can I help you? Are you lost? You look like you are on your way to a Ball with your fancy gown.”

“Oh No, I am exactly where I want to be. Out in the open fields and no one around! She twirled around, as the old farmer scratched his head staring at her.

She stopped twirling and put out her hand. “Hi! I am Cinderella, so pleased to meet you.”

Old man Fuzzywhistle tugged at his beard. “Cinderella?”

“Yes, I know you were expecting Dorothy, but we switched places for a week.”

Poor old man Fuzzywhistle didn’t know what to say. Who was this strange woman. She obviously was delusional. She kept talking about meeting Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz and ruby slippers. He nodded his head at times while thinking of what to do!

When she paused for breath he spoke. “Are you hungry? How would you like to go grab a bite to eat at the best diner in town?”

Cinderella looked slightly confused. “I don’t think I have ever been to a diner so yes, I would love too.”

When they walked into the diner some of the customers couldn’t help but stare at Cinderella in her fancy gown. But it didn’t last long, one never knew what they may see in their town. It was normal to always expect the unexpected.

Cara heard the door jingle when they came in and looked up from the table she was wiping down. Whoa! Who was she?

Old man Fuzzywhistle smiled at the shock in Cara’s eyes at seeing a beautiful lady with him on his arm.

They sat down at a booth and waited for her. Cinderella was looking all around calling the diner cute.

Fuzzywhistle laughed to himself, Mason would love to hear that his diner was cute.

“Good Morning Fuzzywhistle! Who is your lovely friend? Cara asked.

“Good Morning, I would like you to meet Cinderella. Cinderella this is Cara.”

Cara raised her eyebrows , “Umm…Hi. how very nice to meet you. What can I get you to eat?”

“Some Creme Brulee French toast please, English scones and Eggs Benedict would be perfect.”

Old Man Fuzzywhistle started coughing and Cara was shaking her head in disbelief. “I apologize but we don’t serve any of …”

Cinderella interrupted her. “Who is that? He reminds me of my beloved Prince Charming.”

Turning her head to see who Cinderella was looking at made Cara lose all composure.

“Prince Charming? Mason resembles Prjnce ..” she couldn’t finish her sentence. She was bent over laughing too hard.

Mason walked up to the table to see what was going on and to meet the stunning lady! How did old man Fuzzywhistle know her?

Cara was wiping her eyes when Mason came up to the table. Old man Fuzzywhistle spoke up. “I would like you to meet Cinderella and Cinderella this is Mason.”

Mason couldn’t find his words before Cinderella spoke. ” It is my extreme pleasure to meet you. Do you happen to be related to Prince Charming at all?”

Cara watched Mason’s eyes go from surprise to being smug. “Well, I don’t like to brag, but…..”

Ahhh! Cinderella beamed, she knew it, what a week this was bound to be.

“Oh help!” Cara muttered under her breath, she needed coffee.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

11 more days until Christmas and I am about finished with my shopping! Yay! I think I should treat myself with a Peppermint Mocha Latte. I was actually going to get one last night, but the line was too long. I was more anxious to just get home, away from the crowds. Come home to the peace of the Christmas lights in my house. One of the best parts of Christmas. I hope you are finding peaceful moments this December. Enjoy the quotes and as always, thanks for reading! 











Magic in the Snow

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Now that isn’t something you typically find lying in the snow. Celeste was staring at the ruby red slippers . Their shine stood out even more against the pure white snow, looking lovely. The question though was what were they doing lying in the snowy woods?

She stood there looking at them, deciding whether or not to take them. They were stunning and looked to be about her size. They were not doing anyone any good lying in the cold and it was beginning to snow so they would be buried soon. Her decision was made. Smiling, she bent down to pick them up when WHOOSH! a young lady seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Oh you found them! I am so glad, I sure didn’t want the wicked witch to find them.”

Wicked witch? Puzzlement crossed Celeste’s face. What wicked…?

Her thinking was interrupted by a yapping little black dog and then it struck her. This young lady was Dorothy!

“Dorothy, you are Dorothy?” Celeste’s eyes were brimming with excitement.

Dorothy gave a warm smile. “Yes, I am and my dog Toto. Nice to meet you, and you are …?”

“Celeste, Wow! I can’t believe it! Its actually you. there are so many questions I would love to ask you. Are you on your way back to Oz? What are you doing here, and how did you lose your ruby slippers?”

Dorothy laughed, “Well you see…”

They both turned their head at the same time, hearing a girl yelling and dancing in the snow!

She was twirling about and laughing. Dorothy and Celeste watched in surprise as she made a snow angel.

It wasn’t unusual to make snow angels, but people didn’t make them when wearing a gown! She wasn’t dressed to be out in the snow, what was she doing? She looked like she was dressed to go to another ball.

“This is so wonderful! I can breathe in the fresh, cool air. Being a Princess is hard work. Someone always wants to see you or speak with you. The walls of the castle were closing in on me and having this freedom was just what I needed.

“Umm… excuse me Miss, but are you Cinderella?”

“Guess I can’t fool you. This gown kind of gives it away, doesn’t it. Oh and the glass slippers.”

Celeste laughed, “Yeah, just a little.”

“For just one moment I would like to be able to freeze time and be someone else besides a Princess.”

“but you have servants and …. plus there is Prince Charming!”

Cinderella blushed, “Oh I have no problem with Prince Charming. I just feel suffocated at times by everyone else. I wish it could be just the 2 of us together with no servants at all. I don’t have the luxury of privacy anymore.”

“Well, if you want to complain, you should come to my house. I went to the wonderful land of Oz and did mighty great things. I helped save the munchkins from the Wicked Witch! I was their hero. But here, I am treated not as royally as I expected. I have to take care of all the animals on the farm. When I came back from Oz, our 3 hired hands were gone! Apparently they disappeared shortly after I had that crazy ride in my flying house. What an adventure I had and now I just am plain Dorothy who feeds the hogs and the chickens.”

“Hmmm…. I wonder” Cinderella tapped her chin with her finger and appeared to be in deep concentration.

Reaching down she took off her glass slippers and held them out to Dorothy. “Would you like to trade?”

Dorothy was puzzled. “why?”

“Perhaps if we click our heels together we can trade places. You can go to the castle awhile and I would love to go visit a farm and see the animals.”

Her eyes widened with disbelief. “Are you sure? You are really wanting to try it?” Dorothy asked.

“Couldn’t be more positive.”

Celeste felt like she should speak up. ” Do you all really not see a problem with that plan?”

They looked at her and said in unison, “Nope!”

“Well for starters you do not look alike, so how are you supposed to fool anyone?”

“We don’t need to fool them, I will tell people who I am, no problem.”

“Same here.” Cinderella agreed.

Shaking her head Celeste could only wish them good luck, for they were immensely excited. Beaming from ear to ear, they gave each other a quick hug and then closed their eyes. “One click… Two click… and 3 click!”

They were gone! Celeste didn’t see any trace of them anywhere, they had vanished. Did their plan work? She sure hoped so for their sake. Now she was heading for the comfort of her own home. Her life may not be perfect but she was thankful that she didn’t have the problems that Cinderella and Dorothy had. She only hoped that they hadn’t added to their problems with their crazy plan. How did they know that they would go to each other’s house, who knew where the shoes may have taken them!