Where Magic Lives


Jason from https://jasonfrels.com/2020/05/09/some-hiking-and-wildflowers/ had posted this picture on his blog awhile ago. I had mentioned back then how I liked it and asked if I could use it for a story post. He nicely granted his permission and then I forgot, about it, until it popped back in my mind today! Thanks Jason, for the inspiration.


Kendra saw the sign ahead. “Rimrock Trail 2.2 miles”  Should she take this trail? She wondered where it might lead. There was no rush for her to get back home, so why not try it. She headed down the trail, seeing a bright orange butterfly fly in front of her and watching a bushy tailed squirrel quickly scamper out of her way.

It was nice to be walking in the shade for a change, the noonday sun had been getting hot earlier. With this trail the trees made a cool canopy above her as she walked.

Walking on she was enjoying the solitude. Thoughts  had stopped whizzing around in her brain at 90 mph. Nature really did help to put your mind at rest. A smile crossed her face at the sight of a white rabbit off to the side. It was a cute ball of fluff, reminding her of a big ball of cotton candy. She watched  it sitting there with its ears erect, then suddenly without warning, taking off around the tree.

Something touched her shoulder. With surprise she saw the bright orange butterfly that she had seen before, now sitting on her shoulder. Holding still she wondered how long it would stay. It didn’t stay for too long until it flew away, but it left her with a magical feeling.

After walking for a little while longer she thought she heard the sound of water running. She blinked her eyes in surprise as ahead of her she saw even more butterflies, shades of orange, purple and blue. It was almost like they were beckoning her to follow them.

The sound of rushing water grew stronger and Kendra eagerly walked on. She caught her breath at the sight before her. It was a most  lovely waterfall. Oh, she was so glad she had taken this trail, what a wonderful surprise to find. Beautiful pink lotus blossoms were around the waterfall, adding to the magical feel of the place.

31d7468628e9bda4c3b3bc244c9075ce (pinterest photo credit)

Spying a rock she sat down, soaking in the sound of the rushing water. Feeling at peace, her eyes began growing heavy and it wasn’t long before they closed.

“Looks like the butterflies found someone…”

“Do you think she could be the one?”  asked Laylie, as others gathered around the sleeping Kendra.

“We will have to see what Felicity says, as to whether or not she wants to try and cast the spell on her. Go Laylie, and get Felicity.

Off Laylie flew, hoping that perhaps at last they had found someone to be the Princess of the fairies.








95 thoughts on “Where Magic Lives

  1. What kind of sick bastards are these fairies? They haven’t asked Kendra yet if she wants to be their Princess. This amounts to kidnapping. And how will they deal with the news coverage, after Kendra gets her picture posted on every telephone pole in town, while search parties scour the countryside trying to find her? This will bring a lot of trouble to fairyland, especially when the bloodhounds get involved. They can smell a fairy a mile away. They’d better leave Kendra alone.

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  2. Poor Kendra. She had a family that she loved so much. A mother, a father, a big brother and baby sister, and dear sweet grandmother who fixed her sweet coffee drinks. But they all had to die in that mysterious incident. Then Kendra forgot all about them.


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    • HI! Thank you for your words! There are 2 more parts that follow this story. I will include the links at the end. How old are your daughters? Would love to know their thoughts, if you share it with them.

      I have fun writing fiction and just letting my imagination go. I co-authored a book of stories for children of all ages, “The Odessa Chronicles” that perhaps your daughters would like too. The stories center around the adventures of a Jackalope, Barn Owl, Cat and a human, affectionately know as the “man-servant”. Cats have servants, right? 🙂 The theme of friendship is woven throughout the book with a lot of humor. You can click on the cover of the book, which is in the right hand margin for more information if you would like.



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