Life with the Fairies


If you missed Part 1 from yesterday, here is the link.  Where Magic Lives


“I think she is stirring.” said Laylie.

All the fairies were silent as they watched. It had been a long wait! They had trouble finding Felicity at first. Some of the fairies had been afraid that Kendra would wake up before Felicity came, but the sleeping magic  had worked very well, and  now it was time for her  to wake up.

Kendra stretched as she slowly opened her eyes. She gasped at the sight of the fairies around her, and then was in awe at the stunning purple butterflies and rushing waterfall.

“Such a beautiful paradise! I feel as if I have always been here and could be here forever!” Kendra said.

Felicity smiled, “We are so glad to have you here with us and we are sure you will delight in our paradise, Princess.”

Kendra’s eyes opened wide. “Princess? I am a Princess!”

“Yes, you are the Princess of the fairies, Princess Iridessa.” said Felicity, and all the fairies cheered.

Kendra wasn’t sure what to think. She was speechless. This all seemed to good to be true, she was a Princess. Princess of the fairies in this waterfalls paradise? How did she get here? There were foggy images in her brain when she tried to think of the past. Images she couldn’t quite make sense of, but it didn’t worry her. This was exciting! If she was dreaming, she didn’t want to wake up.

The fairies were so sweet and kind. Eager to please her they catered to her every need. They made the most delicious sweet coffee. She wondered what their secret ingredient was. There were times when she would be drinking it that a foggy image would pop in her brain. The taste of the coffee seemed to remind her of something, but she had no clue as to what it was.

One day Felicity and two other fairies, Periwinkle and Misty were talking.

“Does she know yet?” asked Periwinkle.

“No, I don’t think Laylie has told her. We don’t want to scare her.”

“She needs to know to be careful though. I saw her wandering around by herself the other day. Isn’t she supposed to have a fairy guard around her at all time?”

Misty hung her head, as she fluttered a little. “That was my fault. I was busy making sweet honey cakes and forgot that it was my turn to guard her.”

Felicity was quiet for a little and then she spoke. “Perhaps we should tell her, for her own safety. We wouldn’t need to reveal everything, but at least let her know to be aware of her surroundings at all times. Let her know that unfortunately not everyone is sweet and kind here in fairyland. I will tell Laylie to have a talk with her. ”

Later that evening Misty and Laylie were with Princess Iridessa, when Zarina brought her some coffee and a piece of honey cake.

Princess Iridessa took a drink and again a foggy picture popped in her brain, but it left almost as quickly as it appeared.  She couldn’t remember anything from her past, but every now and then the foggy pictures in her brain would bring odd shapes to her mind and a hint of sadness. Though the sadness quickly fled, especially when eating yummy honey cakes, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

“Laylie, can you please take me to where you showed me those large fish before. They were so cool!” Princess Iridessa asked with eagerness in her voice, taking another bite of the honey cake.

“Once you finish your honey cake, we can go. On our way there I need to talk to you about something.” Laylie said.

“Great! What do you need to talk about? Did Bella forget to put out nectar for the butterflies again?  Or did Skyler get into an argument with Periwinkle again? Those two are always at each other.”

“No Princess, everyone is doing fine and Bella is taking great care of the butterflies now.  Its something more important, for it concerns your well being.”

Princess Iridessa swallowed her last bite of honey cake and her face was all serious as she said, ” Lets go, I am ready to listen to whatever you have to say.”


When they got to the place where the  Koi swam, they sat down on a rock as Princess Iridessa tried to digest all that had been told to her.

“So there are those out there who wish to harm me?”

“I am afraid so, they are sly, and you have to be very careful! They may appear to look innocent, but they are far from it. They will totally play games with your mind, and you won’t know which end is up.”

“What are their names?” Princes Iridessa asked.

Laylie was quiet for a moment. “Well for now they remain nameless.”

Princess Iridessa looked confused.

“Don’t worry! I will show you a picture of them and then you will know who to watch out for.”

Princess Iridessa nodded silently, feeling a little bit overwhelmed with everything. “But why, do they wish to harm me?”

“You are the Princess, that is why! They want to overtake Fairyland, and take you back to …”

“Take me back? Take me back where? Isn’t this the place I have always been?”

Laylie’s face grew red, she had almost let the secret slip, what was she thinking! Sometimes she got so caught up in talking that her forgot to think!

“Look at that Koi over there! Oh and did you see the butterfly just fly by?” she asked.

Princess Iridessa gave her a strange look, something wasn’t making sense, but these fairies had been so nice to her. She sighed, she wasn’t going to worry. The fairies were kind, surely they were protecting her from these ones with no names, for her own good.

She dangled her feet in the water and giggled as a Koi nibbled at her toe. All was good in fairyland, what could possibly go wrong!

(to be continued…)




29 thoughts on “Life with the Fairies

  1. Princess Irritable must feel rather upset that nameless people are out to grab her, drag her away from Fairyland, and return her to that vague place in her memory that is her home and family. Once they get her home safe, they’ll have to monitor her constantly, until the effects of the Lysergic acid diethylamide that was put in her coffee, wears off. Otherwise, she’s going to think she’s a fairy princess and try to fly off a tall building.

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  2. I think these fairies can be brought up on several charges – kidnapping, drugging, false imprisonment, copyright infringement with the name Iridessa, negligence (are sweets and coffee all they are feeding this young woman?), and causing emotional distress. And there’s probably a dozen or more crimes they have committed…

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