Time for a Smile Break!

Today was a good day for ducks! A dreary, rainy day, but you can always find smiles if you look for them, and these pics made me smile. I hope they do for the same for you, sometimes you just need to take a SMILE BREAK! Share something that makes you smile in the comments below. You can feel free to share captions for these pictures as well. All pictures are thanks to Pinterest, the site that has just about anything!






via Photo Challenge: Reflecting


20170409_064612 There are times when getting up early to see the sunrise is rewarding! The beach makes me more of a morning person. 🙂



My dear husband took this picture when he was away from me due to work. Spent 3 months in Oklahoma. This picture was from Medicine Park, which was a lovely spot to go to down there. Someday we may make the trip down there, so that I can see it for real.