Tuesday’s Thoughts

They say the 3rd time is the charm, my son is hoping for that. 2x now he had to reschedule sky diving, due to rain. Yes, he is braver than his Mom! A friend is going with him. He said they were talking one day about how everyone talks about things they want to do and they make bucket lists but they never do them. There is truth in his words. What is something on your list?

Enjoy the quotes and perhaps get started on your list. ūüôā










The difference in how men and women think! ūüôā


Another Way to Fish

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Colleen sighed with contentment. This morning was starting out so well. The sky was a brilliant aqua blue and the weather was nice, as she enjoyed her morning run.

Her plans for the day had involved painting her kitchen and living room, but as she ran, she decided that she wanted to stay outside this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels with strawberry cream cheese, she headed down to the lake.

Her face brightened seeing the pretty bird sitting on the “No Fishing” sign, singing its little heart out.

Colleen was glad to see no one sitting on the wrought iron bench. She sat down on it and enjoyed being still.

Soaking in the moment, she let her thoughts wonder. She remembered that she wanted to bake a lemon meringue pie for her new neighbor today. The moving truck had been there last night when she got home from work but it was gone this morning. She didn’t know if a family had moved in or only one person, she hoped to make them feel welcome.

Caught up in the story her heart jumped a little hearing someone nearby, breathing hard. Lifting her head she saw a tall guy with short blonde hair, bending over with his hands on bis legs.

After a few moments he raised up and smiled at Colleen. She was slightly embarrassed but gave a small smile and then quickly looked back at her book. She could feel his eyes still watching her as she re-read the first line 3x. Finally to her relief he started running again, around the lake.

Colleen went back to reading but found herself glancing up every so often looking out towards the lake. She came down to the lake often but did not recall having ever seen this guy here before. She put her book down as she wondered if he came to the lake every morning at this time. Usually she came later.

Seeing him come her way she quickly picked up the book again and started to read.

He stopped right in front of her. Should she look up or keep reading? She couldn’t focus on the words. The letters were jumbled. A few minutes passed and then she felt him taking the book out of her hands! What was he doing?

“Hey!” She said a little indignantly.

He was smiling as he handed her back the book. He had a look of amusement on his face. “I was just turning the book around for you. Thought it might be easier to read it if it wasn’t upside down!

Colleen felf her cheeks burning.

“Hi! My name is Colby.” He put out his hand and Colleen shook it, knowing for sure that her cheeks must be a blooming rosy pink color.

“Hi!” she said shyly. “I am Colleen.”

They stared at each other for a little and then he spoke again. “I am new to the neighborhood, just arrived last night. Have so many boxes to unpack but felt like getting outside this morning.”

Colleen’s heart began to race a little. Was this her new neighbor?

“Welcome! I hope you like it here.”she said, when she found her voice.

“Thank you, I think I will,” Colby replied, giving her a wink. “Do you come here often?” he asked.

“I do, its so nice and peaceful here.”

“Well, I hope to see you again then. Have a great day!” he said, and he started walking away.

Colleen watched him, thinking how glad she was that she didn’t stay home painting today. She picked up her book to read again,but couldn’t concentrate.

Standing up, she started for home, she had a pie to bake. Walking past the “No fishing” sign she laughed a little. Sometimes you didn’t need a fishing pole to catch a fish. Sometimes all that was needed was only a fresh, homemade pie.

Where Magic Lives


Jason from https://jasonfrels.com/2020/05/09/some-hiking-and-wildflowers/ had posted this picture on his blog awhile ago. I had mentioned back then how I liked it and asked if I could use it for a story post. He nicely granted his permission and then I forgot, about it, until it popped back in my mind today! Thanks Jason, for the inspiration.


Kendra saw the sign ahead. “Rimrock Trail 2.2 miles”¬† Should she take this trail? She wondered where it might lead. There was no rush for her to get back home, so why not try it. She headed down the trail, seeing a bright orange butterfly fly in front of her and watching a bushy tailed squirrel quickly scamper out of her way.

It was nice to be walking in the shade for a change, the noonday sun had been getting hot earlier. With this trail the trees made a cool canopy above her as she walked.

Walking on she was enjoying the solitude. Thoughts  had stopped whizzing around in her brain at 90 mph. Nature really did help to put your mind at rest. A smile crossed her face at the sight of a white rabbit off to the side. It was a cute ball of fluff, reminding her of a big ball of cotton candy. She watched  it sitting there with its ears erect, then suddenly without warning, taking off around the tree.

Something touched her shoulder. With surprise she saw the bright orange butterfly that she had seen before, now sitting on her shoulder. Holding still she wondered how long it would stay. It didn’t stay for too long until it flew away, but it left her with a magical feeling.

After walking for a little while longer she thought she heard the sound of water running. She blinked her eyes in surprise as ahead of her she saw even more butterflies, shades of orange, purple and blue. It was almost like they were beckoning her to follow them.

The sound of rushing water grew stronger and Kendra eagerly walked on. She caught her breath at the sight before her. It was a most  lovely waterfall. Oh, she was so glad she had taken this trail, what a wonderful surprise to find. Beautiful pink lotus blossoms were around the waterfall, adding to the magical feel of the place.

31d7468628e9bda4c3b3bc244c9075ce (pinterest photo credit)

Spying a rock she sat down, soaking in the sound of the rushing water. Feeling at peace, her eyes began growing heavy and it wasn’t long before they closed.

“Looks like the butterflies found someone…”

“Do you think she could be the one?”¬† asked Laylie, as others gathered around the sleeping Kendra.

“We will have to see what Felicity says, as to whether or not she wants to try and cast the spell on her. Go Laylie, and get Felicity.

Off Laylie flew, hoping that perhaps at last they had found someone to be the Princess of the fairies.








Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Walking … an exercise for the heart and eyes … when out in nature!¬†

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Sharing from the heart … warms the heart

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Ice cream and pretzels? I like having something salty when I eat something sweet. I also love my salted caramel lattes, which I know make certain people groan! Here’s your chance, what combination goes together. Doesn’t need to be food! Friendship and Laughter go together¬† for sure! Give it a whirl and comment below!¬†


Feeling Blessed!


My husband and I took a hike today in a new area. The woods were so quiet as we walked by lush green plants and pretty wildflowers. The more we walked we began to hear the distant sound of water flowing. Found our way down to the creek and walked along it for a little ways, enjoying the sound of the water. I told my husband that I would love to have a creek in our backyard again.

One of the first places we had when we were married was a cottage in a meadow with a creek. Loved going out there in the morning and sitting by it with a book, or my journal, so that I could write.

I love nature, I can never tire of it! It is a gift to us, and I feel rich being able to enjoy it. It clears the mind and makes you feel at peace. We found our way to a waterfall, it wasn’t a huge, rushing one, but still pretty to watch the water run down the rocks. The hike back up the mountain may cause me some problems getting out of bed tomorrow morning, but it was worth it! A beautiful day!

As we walked I thought about the things that made me feel rich, love and friendship, and being able to enjoy the outdoors. Having good health where I can get outside, and living in an area where the woods isn’t far away. Yes, I am a beach person, but I do love the woods as well.

A recent conversation also came to my mind. I was talking about “The Odessa Chronicles” and Colin and I can’t say that the book has made us rich as far as monetary gain, BUT.. I pointed out that the book did indeed make us rich.

I have an owl, cat and a jackalope that will be my forever friends! Oh yes, and can’t forget the kind hearted man-servant.
I have seen children’s smiles and felt their hugs, because of our stories.
I have had words of appreciation for the book touch my heart deeply.
I have seen animals that had only existed in my crazy imagination become loved by others.
Colin and I both agree that we have gained far better riches than money!
Sure, we would love for “The Odessa Chronicles” to become a bestseller, and I do highly recommend that you check it out. You can just click on the picture of the cover in the right hand margin if you are interested in finding out more. But whether it ever becomes a bestseller or not, we are blessed by the smiles that we know it has brought, and how the stories have touched us!
I pray that when you go to bed at night that you can feel blessed by riches that can’t be bought. They are the ones that we can store in our hearts and never have disappear!


By the River


Once upon a time where the water flowed, and the fish swam, there lived Freddie the Frog. Freddie was mad, for his supper had just been snapped away by another frog.  Now he waited impatiently for another dragonfly to fly by, his stomach was rumbling, so it better come quick!

Ahh! He saw one and it was coming close. Gulp! It was tasty as it went down his throat.

Savannah was sitting by the river watching the frogs, and she saw how the one snapped up the dragonfly in the blink of an eye. She had come to the river to write, but she wasn’t getting very far. She had 4 words on her paper so far. “There once was a ….”¬† and that was all that came to her mind, as she sat on the river bank, with her chin in the palm of her hand.

She watched the frog who had caught the dragon fly and was now appearing to be smiling as he floated down the river on his pad.


She stared back at her paper, “There once was a ….”

Oh look at that pretty fish that just popped his head out of the water, looking straight at her, as if to say ” HI!”


Nature was so beautiful, that’s what she loved about being out in it. It was so peaceful, listening to the water flow, the frogs croak, and the splash of the water, as the fish jumped.

Savannah watched the river a little longer, and then the idea struck her! A smile spread across her face. She wrote and she wrote, and the gentle breeze blew. At times she would pause and watch another dragonfly fly by and smiled as it flew right by the dozing frog and up into the sky.


The sky was starting to get dark, she should be starting for home, soon she told herself, real soon, just a little more to go. Her head was bent as she kept writing. Finally she let out a contented sigh, looking into the sky. One more thing left to add, “The End!” she wrote with a twinkle in her eye, and another dragonfly flew by.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Its another warm day in the forecast today, but rainy. A perfect day for a cup of tea, and perhaps reading my book inside today, without any spider visitors! After yesterday’s “Miss. Muffett” experience I still did get to enjoy the outdoors. My husband and I went on a hike in our nearby woods,¬† after he got back from his bike ride. It was very nice, and not a spider in sight!


I hope you can find some peaceful moments in your day today, even if you can’t be by a creek.


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The Surprise in the Woods

He was taking his dog for a walk in the woods and they were enjoying walking through the crunchy leaves. His dog had his nose to the ground reading all the messages left by the other critters that had walked the path ahead of him. Every now and then Sebastian would stop to leave his own reply to a message.

Craig was patient as he waited for Sebastian, he wasn’t in a hurry, just enjoying a leisurely stroll, admiring the beauty.¬† Breathing in the silence of the woods, Craig felt peace in his heart, and wore a smile upon his face.

They walked on and Craig was getting lost in thought about what his plans may be for the night. Suddenly Sebastian pulled on his leash and Craig was knocked off balance. He stumbled as he went over to the side of the path. Sebastian stopped and Craig tried to regain his balance when Sebastian took off in a full force run as Craig got pulled along.

What was his crazy dog after? “Sebastian stop!” he yelled. They went around the corner and came to a sudden stop as they saw ….

Yes, you read it right, I stopped. I am not trying to leave you hanging, just thought I would have some fun! What do you think brought Sebastian to a sudden stop?  It can be absolutely anything that your imagination comes up with. 

What is the autumn winds blowing into your mind right now? 

The Secret Recipe

5fef5a863a164459f4e13cf19432abd9                                       credit to Pinterest for this and the following pictures

The birds were singing in the trees.¬† A lovely spot to sit and write. Tabitha was so glad that she had this little hideaway in the woods. A place where she was only surrounded by the sounds of nature and could shut the rest of the world out.¬† A little, white bunny had been curiously looking at her a few moments ago,¬† but he didn’t stay for long, before he scurried away to his hole in the ground.


What would she write today? Would it be a daring adventure or a simple story of two people in love and lost in time? Perhaps a mystery will abound, or maybe a comical story about a pair of clowns. Perhaps elves would even appear.¬† A sentimental story she may choose to write, or maybe not a story at all, but a¬† thought provoking piece that would stir people’s thoughts.

She glanced up to pour herself another cup of tea and saw a bushy tailed squirrel scampering up a tree.


She thought of some of the past stories she had written and a smile crept onto her face. Tabitha thought about some of her characters and how perhaps their names had been cleverly disguised.

That is part of the mystery and fun in writing, she thought. The writer never knows what may inspire them. Real people and real events that can be woven into a story with some dashes of  creativity , and perhaps several large scoops of imagination. Mix in a generous portion of humor and depending on the story, sometimes an overflowing cup of heartfelt emotions. With all those ingredients a most unique recipe can be baked.  One that at times may have a few missing ingredients or accidentally get some ingredients confused. A recipe that may not be perfect, but that can still be enjoyed by all for the unique, flavorful taste it brings.

One that hopefully leaves a sweet taste behind, never a sour one.

One that is meant for all to partake of and enjoy. For when enjoyed by others, it adds a delectable flavor.

Pouring herself another cup of tea, Tabitha now knew what to write. She smiled with a sigh of contentment and stared into the eyes of the deer, that was peeking out from around the tree.