North Pole Mishaps

This had been such a long week, thought Snowball. It was his turn to be muck out the reindeer’s stall for the week. He had a feeling this would be his job for Candy Cane had a big smirk on her face when she handed him his paper saying what his job duty was for the week. Come to think of it she had a smirk when she handed Alabaster and Jinx their jobs as well. He thought Santa picked the jobs, but was beginning to get suspicious.

He stood in the doorway of the stable, holding his big shovel. He could do this, it was his last day. Taking a deep breath, he started. After a little bit, he heard someone call his name. Startled, he spun around, but a little too fast. He lost his balance, and fell into the small pile beside him. Looking up he saw Candy Cane standing over him laughing.

“What did you want?” Snowball asked, with a red face.

“I was just saying HI!” Candy Cane replied, “Have fun!” Snowball heard her laughter as she walked away.

Alabaster was finished for the day and he sure was glad about it. Trash collection at the North Pole wasn’t an appealing job at all. There was tons of trash to collect and as luck would have it, the garbage truck broke down on him! He had loaded the full can on the thing that automatically dumps it into the garbage truck. Standing there waiting and then with no warning the the thing broke and it dumped the contents of the can all over him! He could not not get home fast enough to take a shower!

Jinx was counting down the hours, he couldn’t believe that he had been stuck with this job for the week. Counting feathers, really? Santa had come up with a new Chicken toy and he wanted to make sure that each one had the same amount of feathers on it. There were 100 chicken toys! Jinx’s eyes were going bug eyed and he was tired of seeing chicken feathers in his dreams each night.

Later that evening the friends met up at the coffee shop. Jangle and Tink were there running the stand. Tink was full of energy and talking a mile a minute, for he had accidentally put 3 shots of expresso in his coffee! He was quick, but unfortunately kept spilling the coffee.

Alabaster, Snowball and Jinx were feeling tired, but enjoying a good chat. Most of all just enjoying sipping some good coffee, and not being surrounded by reindeer poop, garbage or feathers.

“Ho Ho Ho! How are you guys?” asked Santa while walking over to them.

“Worn out!” they said in unison.

“Hey Santa, do you assign the jobs for the elves?”ย  Snowball asked.

“Usually I do, but this past weekend Candy Cane asked if she could, so I figured I would let her. Why? What jobs did you guys get?”

Santa laughed and laughed when they told him about their jobs. “Oh she pulled one over on you guys! I had told her that she could skip giving someone the reindeer mucking job this week. She also knew that the garbage truck needed repaired, it had done the same thing to the garbage collector the other week.”

Then he looked at Jinx, “You actually counted the feathers by hand? We have an electronic counter for that, didn’t Candy Cane tell you?” Laughing he shook his head, as he walked away, leaving Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball speechless.







33 thoughts on “North Pole Mishaps

  1. Little Mister Benjamin will LOVE this amusing tale from the North Pole! I believe that we must have missed some previous adventures, because I do not recall an elf named Tink. I sense that there may be a Part 2 coming in the future…Candy Cane had better be vigilant! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ellen! I was hoping you would see this one, for I was thinking that Benjamin would get a kick out of it! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tink was added in the last adventure. I will send you a link. He is Santa’s new accountant.
      Candy Cane is a daring elf! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Namaste, Miss JoyRoses! Guess what? I can read the story by myself, almost! Gem helped me a little sounding out some of the words and telling me what the words I donโ€™t know mean. Like muck, thatโ€™s a yucky chore. Poor Snowball fell in the poop, thatโ€™s really gross but I laughed. Poor Alabaster had garbage fall on him. That made me laugh even if itโ€™s kind of gross but not as gross as the reindeer poop. Jinx was lucky only counting feathers, thatโ€™s boring but better than the other jobs. That Candy Cane was very tricky and she better hide for a little while. I loved this story about my elf friends! I have two questions. Where is Dinosauris and who is Tink? A big thank you WNBHAK! That means, With Neck Buster Hugs and Kisses. Bye!


    • Hi Benjamin! Great to hear from you and how cool that you could read a lot of it by yourself! Way to go!
      Glad you enjoyed it! Those crazy elves do manage to get themselves in some sticky situations! Yes, Jinx did get lwt off rather easily, may have to change that for next time. ๐Ÿ™‚
      The next story will have Dinosauris in it! Tink is Santa’s new elf. The other elves picked him up when they were on vacation. I will send your Gem the last 2 stories so you can read them!
      Yes, Candy Cane is hiding out right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thanks for the hugs and kisses. Back at ya! โคโค
      Have a great day!!


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