The Gift of the Unicorn

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The tiny elves watched from their hiding place in awe! Wow! If only their friends could see this delightful spectacle.

Never had they seen something so magical, well besides the North Pole of course. Their home was the the most magical place on earth, but this may be the second most magical place ever.

Alabaster and Snowball were silent, they had no words, which was rare. Usually one would say something and the other one would have a witty reply. But now they were entranced and could only focus on the dazzling unicorn.

“Can you imagine us having our own unicorn?”

“Candy cane would be so jealous.” Alabaster laughed in agreement. “She sure would.”

They watched the fairies flying around the unicorn, wondering how they would feel about giving up one of their unicorns. The kind elves didn’t want them to be sad.

“Are you going to gjve them Santa’s message?”

Snowball put his hand in his pocket and then the other pocket and oops his hand went straight through! Feeling like a doolally, he made a face at Alabaster.

“I ummm … lost Santa’s message… it fell out of my pocket.” He put his head down again as Alabaster looked at him in disbelief!

“You lost the special autographed note from Santa! Now what do we do??”

Snowball shrugged his shoulders, he was clueless.

“I guess there is only one thing to do. We just need to convince the fairies that we are Santa’s elves and that he sent us to get their unicorn.”

Alabaster shook bis head, “yeah, riiight, no problem!”

Snowball mumbled a retort, he would show him. “Watch me, all you need to do is talk sweetly, put on the charm and Voila! They are eating out of your hand.”

“I can’t wait to see the expert at work. I will be right beside you soaking in your wise ways.”

Rubbing his chin Snowball felt proud as he turned his head away and started walking towards the unicorn. He didn’t see Alabaster’s smirk. He couldn’t stop thinking about Alabaster’s words. “His wise ways”, He felt a little taller as he walked to confront the fairies.

“Hello beautiful, stunning fairies!” The fairies looked up startled by the elves and their blue suede shoes.

“Don’t be afraid we come to give you wonderful news. Santa wants your unicorn! We unfortunately lost one of the reindeer and thought how a unicorn would make a lovely addition to the team. What do you say lovely one?” Snowball flashed his charming smile at the one fairy.

Before they could understand what was happening the poor elves found themselves thrown into a cage!

“Wellll…. you sure put on the charm! Glad I took notes. ” Alabaster joked and Snowball gave him the evil eye.

Alabaster hoped they would bring them some food. He was hungry. Just because they were holding them captive they wouldn’t withhold food, would they?

“Hey Miss. Fairy, could I have something to eat please? Some watermelon would be good.” He thought it would be helpful if he made a suggestion. Alabaster always tried to be helpful.

Snowball looked at him shaking his head. “You really think you are going to get food from them?? You are funny or maybe just crazy.”

Alabaster looked past Snowball and a smile spread across his face. “And you were saying..”

Snowball stared in shock at a fairy carrying a watermelon.

“I have a magical charm too, its my luxurious hair of course.”

CLICK! The cage opened up and PLOP went the watermelon on top of Alabaster’s head. CLICK! It shut again

Alabaster’s face turned red from embarrassment and from watermelon juice running down his face. Snowball tried to hold in his laughter but …

Oh, what a fine kettle of fish they were in! Snowball sure hoped the fairies called the North Pole soon to verify who they were and that they could fly in the sky on the back of their unicorn.

Meanwhile they leaned that fairies laughter sounded like bells as they flew around the cage looking at the two poor elves, who were caught in a trap, due to the fairies suspicious minds.

CLICK! They had dozed off and jumped at the sound of the cage opening.

“You are free to go, we talked to Santa. We are so sorry, but had to make sure. Our unicorns are special to us, we don’t give them to just anybody.”

Alabaster and Snowball were thrilled to be out of the cage and so forgiveness came easily. Soon they were up in the sky on the back of Stardust. It felt amazing! They were going home.

“Hey Snowball whats the word we use again to tell Stardust to stop once we get to the North Pole?”

“I can’t remember but I wrote it down, its in my … pocket.” He said “pocket” softly as he stuck his hand through the hole once again.

Testing the Sleigh

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Were they living at the North Pole? Cassandra was beginning to think so. Her nose was pressed up against the window pane. If she was to step outside a snow drift may swallow her up.

Thankful for the warm fireplace, Cassandra walked away from the window, grabbed a book and sat by the fire.

What adventure would Sally go on now? Cassandra had fun reading about Sally but a part of her longed to have an adventurous life like Sally! Maybe someday.

As her Mom’s piano playing rang through the room, Cassandra began to read.

“Time for bed dear ”

“Oh Mama just one more chapter please!”

Jane smiled at her daughters pleading eyes and relented.

“One more and than get some sleep. Christmas will soon be here and we have lots of baking to do tomorrow.”

Cassandra could almost taste her favorite cookies by just thinking of them. She loved Cookie Day, they made so many cookies to give away and plenty to keep. Though wifh Cassandra’s dad and brother the cookies never lasted long.

“Goodnight darling.” Kissing her on the cheek her mom walked up the stairs to go to bed. Now it was only Cassandra downstairs. She didn’t mind. There was a certain magic in the air, being alone downstairs while the snow fell. Feeling all snug and cozy, with their Boston Terrier lying at Cassandra’s feet.

A blast of cold air blew in. It startled Cassandra, making her shiver.

“You dummkopf! Look where you are going.”

Lost in wonder, Cassandra watched the unfolding scene in front of her. There was a sleigh halfway in her house and 2 elves arguing!

“It isn’t my fault, blame the GPS! I think it malfunctioned.”

All one could hear was the GPS repeating, “recalculating, recalculating…”

“Sure is a good thing we took this electric sleigh out for a trial run before Christmas Eve. I don’t think its going to work. We are going to still need to use the reindeer. They know the way to go!”

Mesmerized Cassandra continued to stare. There were real elves in front of her! Not just any elves but Santa’s. They had to be! Kind of funny looking with their big ears, but yet they were cute.

Noticing Cassandra the elves got a little color to their cheeks.

“Please excuse us, we are so sorry for the intrusion. We will just back out and be on our way.”

They started backing out when Cassandra snapped out of her daze.

“Please don’t go. Not yet. Are you Santa’s elves?”

“Ssh! Its supposed to be a secret but yes, we are. Pleased to meet you.”

Oooh Cassandra was jubilant with joy! There really was a Santa, she knew it!!

“My name is Alabaster and this “doolally” is named Snowball.”

Cassandra scrunched up her face. “Doolally… what does that mean?”

“It means noodlebrain.”

“Thats silly,” she laugbed. Then a light came to her eyes, “i can call my brother that!”

Snowball looked at Alabaster. “Well aren’t you teaching fine things. You are going to get her in trouble and put on Santa’s naughty list, for calling her brother names, dummkopf.”

Alabaster felt guilty and tried to change the subject fast, hoping Cassandra would forget the name.

“How would you like to go on a ride?”

“Are you crazy?” Snowball’s eyes were big with surprise.

“Yes,yes,yes! Pleeeeese!” Cassandra was jumping up and down.

“Bundle up warm and then we will go.” Alabaster told her.

“With a huge bounce in her step she went to the closet to dig out her boots and gloves and her thick ruby red coat.

Snowball was still shaking his head.

“Relax, it will be fine. We will just take her for a little spin.”

Skepticism was all across Snowball’s face. He hoped Alabaster was right or they may both be looking for new jobs!

Cassandra was as quick as a snap, bundled up from head to toe. “Lets go!” She exclaimed!

Alabaster may not be Santa, his belly didn’t shake like a bowlful of jelly but he had her bundled into the sleigh as quick as a flash.

Over the rooftops they flew. Cassandra felt like she could reach out and touch a star.

Too soon they came back down, landing right at her door this time, instead of running into it.

Little Cassandra’s face radiated pure happiness, which made the elves beam with pleasure as well.

“Well the hour is late, we gotta go.”

“But how will I remember you and know that all of this wasn’t a dream?”

“Miss. Cassandra, we bestow upon you our one of a kind elf hats.”

In total shock she accepted them from Alabaster’s hands. This indeed would be a night to remember.

Snug in her bed for a long night sleep, she could still feel their hugs as they bid her adieu.

What was that? “Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, she tore from her bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window she flew like a flash, threw open the shutters and tore up the sash.”

“Oh , this sleigh is no good! Now it won’t get off the ground!”

Cassandra watched, muffling her laughter. Then suddenly before her bright green eyes the sleigh rose in the sky and she heard, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”

The Christmas Disaster in July

BUZZ! BUZZ! Snowball turned off the alarm and fell back asleep.

Whop! “Hey, why did you hit me with your pillow?” Snowball was sitting up feeling groggy, glaring at Alabaster.

“We are late! I thought you set the alarm. Its 9am!”

Snowball looked at the clock, Whoops! He had been planning to doze just for a brief time after the alarm went off, but apparently he slept too long!

Quickly they got dressed. Snowball opened the fridge to drink his daily dose of prune juice and finished off his bag of dates.

Alabaster turned on the coffee maker but it wasn’t working. He groaned, smacking his head.

“I told you that you used it too much yesterday, you broke it!”

He kept pushing the button sure that it would work, but had no success. Sighing he poured himself some prune juice.

When they were ready to leave they headed for the door and Snowball noticed something.

“Hey Alabaster, next time try plugging in the coffee maker. It may help.” Snowball stood holding up the dangling cord as Alabaster’s face got a little red.

They were standing outside the hotel waiting for a taxi when Alabaster yelled, “The gifts, we forgot the gifts!”

With the speed of a gazelle they ran back inside and with shock noticed the Out of Order signs on the elevator! Tbey had just used them!

Why oh why did they get a room on the 10th floor! Up the stairs they ran, but without the grace of a gazelle. They stumbled several times but finally made it.

Grabbed the gifts from their room and ran back down, or more like slipped and slided down the stairs.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs they paused to take a breath and looked more closely at the Out of Order sign. It wasn’t for the elevators, it had been pointing to tbe restrooms.

Neither of them said a word as they walked out the door to hail a taxi.

They had been so excited to go on this special trip for Santa, but they sure hoped that the day would get better.

Santa had wanted 2 elves to go and help some special families to have Christmas in July. They had been through some hard times so Santa wanted to bring them some cheer.

All they had to do was ring the doorbell say Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves and hand them the gifts. Normally elves were not to be seen but Santa thought it would create even more happiness for the families to meet Santa’s real elves.

They arrived at the first house and rang the bell. A little boy opened the door and his eyes widened when he saw the elves.

“Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves!”

“Mommmm! You have to see this!” The little boy was jumping up and down with excitement holding the gift in his hand.

His Mom came to the door holding a freshly baked pie in her hands. She jumped at the sight of the elves and dropped the pie right on their heads.

Feeling embarrassed she apologized. Alabaster and Snowball were good sports and the Mom gave them wet cloths to help them clean themselves up from the sticky shoo fly pie.

After many thanks from the boy and his mom, they were on their way to the next house.

Little Jane was delighted with her new dolly and her parents loved the restaurant gift certificates. They had to take several pictures of Snowball and Alabaster, saying how their friends would never believe them.

The next family were in their backyard barbequing. Tommy was swinging and jumped off at the sight of Santa’s elves! After giving the gifts Tommy wanted to push them on the swing.

They swung back and forth so many times that poor Alabaster and Snowball were feeling real dizzy by the time they got off the swing. So dizzy that they stumbled into the pool!

Fortunately the family’s Lab jumped into the pool and grabbed Alabaster first gently dropping him on the ground and then Snowball.

The elves were very quiet on the way back to the hotel to change clothes. This time they took the elevator!

With only 2 houses to go they were looking forward to being done and going out for a nice supper. With the way the day was going they were beginning to think that Candy Cane had been pushing some pins into a doll!

The next house was way up on a hill. At last they made it and rang the bell. Little Theo opened the door and started crying at the sight of the elves.

They didn’t know what to do. That took them by surprise. Trying to console the boy made him cry louder. The noise brought his big brother running. He eyed the elves warily as they gave their gifts, not saying a word. They quickly said their goodbyes and left.

Finally they reached the last house. A lady opened the door with a boy and girl at her side. They were all jubilant at seeing the elves. This made Alabaster and Snowball feel a lot better.

The little girl hugged her teddy bear and hugged the elves. Alabaster and The boy ripped open his gift and threw it down in disgust as he stomped out of the room.

“Oh No! You ding a ling!” Alabaster yelled at Snowball. “Thats the wrong gift. What kid wants underwear!”

Snowball apologized profusely to the lady and quickly handed another gift to her for her little boy. She called him back and he was much happier with his remote airplane.

Back in the taxi Alabaster shook his head. “Who was that underwear meant for?”

Snowball brought up Santa’s nice and naughty list on his phone. “Thats for some guys at Bittersweet Creek. Underwear and coal.”

He started frowning as he studied the list, “This can’t be right, how did Mason and Tippner get on the naughty list? Aren’t they the 2 guys we met in Florida a while back?”

“Yeah, Mason is the one who has the cool hair!”

“Hmmm…..well Santa is never wrong, so I guess they must have done something bad. But there is a note written by their names, lets see what it says.”

Alabaster leaned over to read the message on Snowball’s phone and they both started laughing.

Santa has a good sense of humor and it appears that some girl named Cara does too.

When they got back to the hotel they went out for supper. Fried, breaded chicken which was really crispy and baby carrots on the side. Followed up with strawberry shortcake.

After supper they decided to take their new kites to the park. They started soaring high into the sky and all was going well until … the string broke and torn string was the only thing they were left holding in their hand.

Fun on the 4th at the North Pole!

“Hey everyone! Look at the cool binoculars I got!” Alabaster felt proud as he stood among his friends.

“Wow! What big eyes you have? Can I borrow them?”

Alabaster handed them to Snowball. He was looking through them in awe of how close everything looked.

“Ooh that is beautiful!” he remarked.

Everyone wanted to see what was so beautiful and they ooohed and ahhed as he passed the binoculars around.

Snowball scratched his head in thought. “I wonder what kind of bird that is.”

“Well its obviously a 4th of July bird!” Tink, proclaimed

“Impressive! You not only know about numbers , but birds too.”

Tink beamed with pleasure at Snowball.

Alabaster’s super sonic binoculars were a big hit. They had no idea how far away they were seeing but they knew that no birds like that had ever been seen at the North Pole before.

After using the binoculars for awhile they decided to start the 4th of July games, for all elves loved to play games!

The first game was a Hotdog eating contest. Red ketchup and blue mustard were loaded on the hotdogs. CandyCane had made the blue mustard.

At the end of 10 minutes, Snowball was given the prize! He had gulped down 30 hotdogs! His smile stretched across his face as he posed for a picture for the North Pole Times.

Tink made a moving 4th of July speech. It gave warm fuzzies to everyone, feeling happy that they lived where they did. What could be better than living at the North Pole and having the freedom to fly around the world with Santa?

Tink had disguised himself with a beard, thinking it would make him look more distinguished when giving his speech. Sometimes working at balancing Santa’s books made him go crazy. His friends were used to it.

Jinx won the dart contest. He hit the bull’s eye the most times out of everyone. Considering that he was the oldest elf and had more experience, it was no surprise. He was delighted to be awarded a rubber chicken, which he named Charlie.

After the festivities the group of friends gathered at the coffee shop. Alabaster had 2 large cups, he had said that he needed more brain power.

Candy Cane overheard him say that and remarked with a sly grin that it would take more than coffee to help him!

Alabaster stayed calm, and acted like he didn’t hear her. He didn’t get rattled too easily. Unless you messed with his hair. He prided himself on the luxurious wave in his hair.

Since meeting a man named Mason, when they had all gone to Florida, he had been practicing Mason’s hairstyle and thought he was doing pretty good with it!

It helped that Mason had sent him some of the special hair conditioner and gel that he used. Yes, Alabaster felt cool!

Evening came and soon it would be time for fireworks. Before it got dark Alabaster and the others wanted to look through his super sonic binoculars one more time.

“Amazing!” was the word that echoed from Alabaster’s mouth while looking. The others were anxious to see what he had spotted now.

They all agreed that it was indeed amazing! What a fun, surprising 4th of July this day had been.

That night they all slept peacefully feeling thankful for this moment in time.

Well almost all of them slept peacefully. Poor Snowball’s stomach wasn’t feeling the best. He was up drinking hot milk and eating some sweet dates, thinking he didn’t want to see a hotdog for a really long time!

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Once Upon a Dream…

It was that time of year again! Things were bustling at the North Pole. The elves were putting in long hours and they were worn out by the end of the day.

Alabaster, Snowball , Jinx and Jangle, were heading back to their cottages, anxious to go to bed.

“How is your head feeling Alabaster?” asked Snowball. Earlier in the day the big heavy Countdown to Christmas clock had fallen and clonked Alabaster on the head.

“Its still pretty sore!” Alabaster said, while rubbing it.

“I don’t know why Santa didn’t think my Countdown Calendar was enough. I made it big and bold. That wouldn’t have hurt your head as much.” replied Snowball.

“Well if you would have been paying attention instead of crunching on caramel popcorn, you probably would have been able to jump out of the way. Plus all that caramel isn’t very good for your teeth.” Jinx said.

Alabaster made no comment, besides a groan. Soon they were all back to their cottages and all sound asleep, before the clock struck 10.

What was that? Was the cottage moving? Jinx and Jangle looked out the window. They were up in the air! All kinds of objects were flying past them. What was going on?

After a wild ride they landed at last.

Jinx and Jangle were eager to get out of the rocking house. They walked out the front door, still feeling a little wobbly.

“Where are we?” asked Jangle.

“I am clueless!” said Jinx.

They started walking down a yellow brick road when they saw someone walking towards them. He was carrying a garbage can lid in front of him.

“Excuse me, but who are you guys, are you from here?”

“We are Jinx and Jangle and we are lost. Can you help us?”

“Hi! I am Snowball. Sorry can’t help you much. I am not from around here either. I can tell you though that you are on the yellow brick road!”

“You mean the yellow brick road that leads to Oz?” asked Jinx.

“Ummm…no, you are on a road that is made out of bricks and the bricks are yellow. Do you really believe in Oz?” Snowball asked, with a laugh.

“Did someone say Oz?” All heads turned at the voice coming from behind the bush. Out walked a man who was shaking all over.

“My…my name is Alabaster and is that where this road leads to?”

Snowball couldn’t believe it! Did everyone believe in the land of Oz?

“Why are you trembling?” he asked Alabaster.

“I….I.. saw her. …I saw the Wicked witch!”

Snowball smacked his head with the garbage can lid, had everyone gone…….

They all looked up as they heard someone cackling. ( to be continued)

North Pole Mishaps

This had been such a long week, thought Snowball. It was his turn to be muck out the reindeer’s stall for the week. He had a feeling this would be his job for Candy Cane had a big smirk on her face when she handed him his paper saying what his job duty was for the week. Come to think of it she had a smirk when she handed Alabaster and Jinx their jobs as well. He thought Santa picked the jobs, but was beginning to get suspicious.

He stood in the doorway of the stable, holding his big shovel. He could do this, it was his last day. Taking a deep breath, he started. After a little bit, he heard someone call his name. Startled, he spun around, but a little too fast. He lost his balance, and fell into the small pile beside him. Looking up he saw Candy Cane standing over him laughing.

“What did you want?” Snowball asked, with a red face.

“I was just saying HI!” Candy Cane replied, “Have fun!” Snowball heard her laughter as she walked away.

Alabaster was finished for the day and he sure was glad about it. Trash collection at the North Pole wasn’t an appealing job at all. There was tons of trash to collect and as luck would have it, the garbage truck broke down on him! He had loaded the full can on the thing that automatically dumps it into the garbage truck. Standing there waiting and then with no warning the the thing broke and it dumped the contents of the can all over him! He could not not get home fast enough to take a shower!

Jinx was counting down the hours, he couldn’t believe that he had been stuck with this job for the week. Counting feathers, really? Santa had come up with a new Chicken toy and he wanted to make sure that each one had the same amount of feathers on it. There were 100 chicken toys! Jinx’s eyes were going bug eyed and he was tired of seeing chicken feathers in his dreams each night.

Later that evening the friends met up at the coffee shop. Jangle and Tink were there running the stand. Tink was full of energy and talking a mile a minute, for he had accidentally put 3 shots of expresso in his coffee! He was quick, but unfortunately kept spilling the coffee.

Alabaster, Snowball and Jinx were feeling tired, but enjoying a good chat. Most of all just enjoying sipping some good coffee, and not being surrounded by reindeer poop, garbage or feathers.

“Ho Ho Ho! How are you guys?” asked Santa while walking over to them.

“Worn out!” they said in unison.

“Hey Santa, do you assign the jobs for the elves?”  Snowball asked.

“Usually I do, but this past weekend Candy Cane asked if she could, so I figured I would let her. Why? What jobs did you guys get?”

Santa laughed and laughed when they told him about their jobs. “Oh she pulled one over on you guys! I had told her that she could skip giving someone the reindeer mucking job this week. She also knew that the garbage truck needed repaired, it had done the same thing to the garbage collector the other week.”

Then he looked at Jinx, “You actually counted the feathers by hand? We have an electronic counter for that, didn’t Candy Cane tell you?” Laughing he shook his head, as he walked away, leaving Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball speechless.







The North Pole Initiation

Snowball walked into the Toy Room and heard Jinx talking. He didn’t see anyone else in the room. He walked over to Jinx to see what he was doing. He started laughing when he realized that Jinx was talking to the Mister Potato Head that he was putting together.

“It can’t hear you.”

Jinx was startled for he hadn’t heard Snowball enter the room.

“What are you talking about?” Jinx said, with a little tinge of red in his cheeks.

“Mister Potato Head. He can’t hear you, his ears don’t work. I heard you talking to him. ” Snowball said with a sly grin.

“I wasn’t …. Oh whatever!” replied Jinx, as he got back to work.

A few minutes passed and Tink walked in the room, muttering to himself and  shaking his head.

“What’s up Tink?”  asked Snowball, “You are looking a little down.”

“I love tinkering with numbers that is why I am an accountant and when the position came up for an accountant for Santa, I thought it sounded like the perfect job, but…”

Jinx paused in working on Mister Potato Head and turned to look at Tink.

“But what? Do you not like it here?”

“Oh No! All the elves are great, especially you guys, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster. You all are crazy and I have been having a great time. The problem is I have never seen such messed up books in my life! Who kept Santa’s financial records before I came?”

“Well, as far as I know it was Candy Cane who did it before.” said Snowball. “Guess she wasn’t too good with numbers?”

“That would be putting it mildly, my head is throbbing after working all morning.  Santa ordered 100 flibbertigibbets, the new toy that is out now. Do you know how much money they cost? Oh, I had to take a break. I think I should go visit the little Coffee Shop here. Do you guys want to come?”

“Sure. We were just finishing up here. I think Alabaster and Jangle are running the Coffee Shop today, so lets go see them.”

Within minutes they had cleaned up the Toy Room and locked the door when they left.

Tink was shivering as they walked.

“How long did it take all of you to get used to the frigid weather here?” asked Tink.

“Once you go numb, it really doesn’t bother you anymore!” said Snowball.

“That’s so reassuring, thanks!”

“We are always glad to help.” said Jinx. Tink shook his head, rolling his eyes , as they continued to walk.

Soon they arrived and fortunately the line wasn’t too long for them to wait in.

When it was their turn, Tink ordered a large coffee with butterscotch flavored creamer. Jinx ordered a French Vanilla latte and Snowball wanted the Salted Caramel latte.

Jangle was preparing the latte’s while Alabaster got the large coffee for Tink. He made a face about the butterscotch flavored creamer. “I really feel sorry for your tastebuds! Black coffee is sooo much better, than all that sugar! Yuck!”  He continued talking to Tink and the others about the wonders of black coffee, when Jangle called out to him.

“Hey, you forgot too turn off the faucet after getting water for the coffee! So now its been running all this time that you been busy gabbing. We now have a sink of water about to overflow, since someone plugged the sink.

“OOPS! Guess, I better go!” Alabaster said.

Jinx, Snowball and Tink, were laughing as they walked away sipping at their hot drinks.

Tink was talking, not looking where he was going, when his feet slipped and he landed face first in a snow drift. The rest of his coffee splattered over the snow.

He got up brushing himself off. “Well the coffee had been warming me up, but now…”

Jinx and Snowball were laughing. “Congrats! You have now been officially initiated into the North Pole! We all have taken our turn at falling into snowdrifts. Isn’t life fun!”

Tink had to agree,  with life here at the North Pole, you never knew what was going to happen!







Where is He? Part 2

Here is the link to yesterday’s post. Where is He?


Alabaster was starting to worry. It had been a long time now since he had fallen in the hole, night was coming and no one had come to rescue him yet. Where were his friends? Surely they must be wondering where he was by now!

He was getting rather bored, but at least he wasn’t hungry. He had fallen on the way back from the restaurant and all the food toppled in with him. He had landed face first into his banana cream pie and his spaghetti had fallen on his head, but lucky for him the other food had stayed sealed up when he fell. He helped himself to his friends food, for after all it was taking them long enough to find him!

He wasn’t a fan of the dark, but when he felt something soft brush up against his leg and crawl across it, he was rather glad he couldn’t see what it was. If his friends didn’t come soon, he would have to use his own ingenuity to get out of this hole. The only problem was, he didn’t know how much he trusted his own ingenuity.

Back at the Emerald Sea hotel, Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were discussing what may be delaying Alabaster.

“Perhaps he was kidnapped.” said Jangle. “What if the kidnappers ask for a ransom, how much money do you guys have?”

Jinx and Snowball emptied their pockets, but found only lint and gum. Jangle rolled his eyes, “Well I sure hope he didn’t get kidnapped, for you guys definitely are coming up short!”

After talking some more they decided that since he hadn’t been back yet, he must have fallen into some kind of trouble. They left the hotel heading towards the restaurant hoping they would either find him or at least a clue as to where he might have gone!

“Think, think, think!” Alabaster had his head in his hands, while smacking his hand against his forehead to help him think. Surely there had to be a way out of this hole! Perhaps if he just yelled for all he was worth one more time there may be someone that would help him! “HELP!” he yelled until he was red in the face.

“What was that?” Anthony was sure he heard something, but it sounded so faint. He was out looking for his wallet. After getting back to their hotel, Anthony had realized that his wallet was missing. He hoped it had just fallen out of his pocket between the restaurant and the hotel so he had come out looking for it.

“HELP!” he heard it again, and it seemed to be coming from the same hole that Sheila had almost fallen in earlier. Had someone fallen into the hole?

He walked right up to the hole and yelled down into it. “Anyone there?”

Alabaster couldn’t believe it! Someone had heard him! He jumped up and down shouting “YES! Please help me get out!”

Anthony yelled back down, “Don’t worry, I will help you!” even though he didn’t know how he was going to get the person out! He grabbed his flashlight and shined it down in the hole and saw Alabaster. He was so short, and his ears looked a little like …. No, couldn’t be. There were no such things as elves, were there?

Suddenly an idea came to him. ” Stay there, I will be right back.” he yelled down to Alabaster.

Alabaster rolled his eyes, not exactly sure where the guy expected him to go!

Soon Anthony was back, the hotel wasn’t that far away. He had grabbed a rope that he had brought along with him as part of their scuba diving gear. Sheila had been on the phone when he ran in and gave him a strange look as he ran out with the rope.  He told her he would explain later as he ran out the door.

Anthony lowered the rope down into the hole telling Alabaster to grab hold of it, and climb up the rope. In a very short time Alabaster was out of the hole! He was so thankful to be out! Shaking Anthony’s hand, he thanked him several times. He asked Anthony his name and told him that he would put in a good word to Santa for him.

Anthony’s eyes got big! “Santa?”

“Well yes, surely you know Santa! The big jolly guy with a round belly. I am one of his elves! I am here on vacation with my friends, we all head back to the North Pole tomorrow.”

“Alabaster! Alabaster! Where have you been?” Jangle was shouting from down the street. Both Anthony and Alabaster turned and they saw Jinx, Jangle and Snowball headed their way.

“There are my friends now, I knew they would come for me!”

Anthony shook his head, he was beginning to question how strong his drink had been that he had at the restaurant.

“Umm… I gotta get going. Really glad i could help you. See you later!”  he said to Alabaster, as he shook his hand one more time and turned to head back to the hotel.  All thoughts of looking for his wallet had been forgotten.

Back at the hotel Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were devouring the food they had picked up. Alabaster really wasn’t that hungry but he was thirsty from all the yelling he had done,  so he had picked up a Salted Caramel Latte to drink.

“Well we all better hit the sack, for our plane leaves early in the morning and remember we have to  meet the new elf in the airport.”

Jinx slapped his head. ” With all this excitement about Alabaster, I had totally forgotten about the new elf coming back with us. What is his name again?”

“Good question!” said Snowball. “I just know that he lost his beach house that he was living in, Santa hired him as our new accountant.”

“But what is his name?” said Jangle.

“For now I guess he is someone who shall remain nameless.” said Alabaster, and within a few minutes all of them were sound asleep.




Where is He?


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Where is He?

Sheila and Anthony came back up for air and got on their boat to head back to the mainland.

“I am so glad you convinced me to go scuba diving!” Sheila said.  ” The sights down there are just amazing! We got so close to that huge sea turtle!

Anthony smiled, he figured Sheila would enjoy it. He watched her as she was removing some of her gear. He was the luckiest man alive, he still felt like he had to pinch himself to believe that she was his wife. Their honeymoon had been so wonderful and he was just soaking up the joy. If only they could just stop time, did they really have to go back to the States tomorrow?

“Hey, Anthony?? Did you hear me?”  Sheila asked.

He blinked his eyes at the sight of her standing right in front of him.

“You looked like you were miles away!”

“Sorry, I may not have caught exactly what you said, but I think it had something to do with going to grab a bite to eat?”

Sheila laughed. “No, but I am getting hungry so yes, lets go grab some dinner.”

They went back to their hotel to get cleaned up and after a few hours were on their way to dinner.

“Its so beautiful here! I think I have taken over a 1000 pictures.” Sheila said as she laughed, while they were walking to the restaurant. It was a lovely 80 degrees and they had just passed a couple of Banyan trees.


Anthony took Sheila’s hand and agreed about the beauty. ” I am blessed to be able to wake up to beauty each day, when I gaze at you.”

Sheila leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, with a twinkle in her eyes, promising more later.

“Whoa! What was that?”

Sheila stumbled as she had quickly stepped aside to avoid falling into the hole in front of her.

“They should cover up that hole or at least have something blocking it, someone could fall in there and hurt themselves.” said Anthony.

They walked on, not hearing the faint cry for help that was coming up from the hole.

Meanwhile back at the Emerald Sea Hotel …

“It has been quite the week, hasn’t it! We had so many adventures, here in Hawaii! Too bad that we have to leave tomorrow, but it will be good to see our friends back at the North Pole.”

“I agree, but really can’t think of much more than food right now. Where is Alabaster? He should have been back with our food awhile ago now!” said Jinx.

The sounds of snoring came from the bed.

Jangle and Jinx got on either side of the bed and on the count of 3 they yelled real loudly. “WAKE UP SNOWBALL!”

Snowball jumped smacking  his head on the headboard.

While rubbing his head and sitting there a little dazed, Jinx said, “Oops, perhaps you should wear a helmet while sleeping. I think I saw Alabaster with some. He was making them in Santa’s workshop.”

Snowball made a face at Jinx. “Speaking of Alabaster, where is he? My stomach is rumbling!”

“That seems to be what we all are wondering at the moment. Think we should go out and look for him?”

All 3 elves looked at each other, unsure of what to do, as night was coming and it was getting dark. From inside their hotel room they couldn’t hear the little voice outside in the night.

”Help! Anyone out there?” came the voice from down deep in the hole.




Alabaster’s Surprise (Part 2)

If you missed Thursday’s post, here is a link to Part 1. Alabaster’s Surprise

Everyone was in good spirits! Santa had promised a special surprise that afternoon and they couldn’t wait to see what it was. There had been some rumors about what it might be, but no one knew for sure. Well no one, except for Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball. They had even managed to keep the surprise from Jangle.

Jinx and Snowball apologized profusely to the Easter Bunny when he finally stirred in the snow. It had been some tense moments for all of them as they had wondered if he would be okay. Snowball was sure to point out to the Easter Bunny that it hadn’t been  him operating the sleigh. Jinx rolled his eyes at him and Alabaster just shook his head as  Snowball said that he really hoped he would still get some of his delicious peanut butter eggs! They all helped gather up the eggs that had been scattered in the snow and loaded up his basket. They were able to slip him into Santa’s house without anyone noticing. Santa was very glad to see the Easter Bunny, but he did wonder why he was limping.

They were all sitting in Santa’s house sipping some hot  cocoa. Snowball told the Easter Bunny to just sit back and relax that he would get his Hot Cocoa for him. He grabbed a stool for the Easter Bunny to prop his leg up on.

“Here is your Hot Cocoa with some whip cream on top.” Snowball said, as he handed the mug to the Easter Bunny.

“Thank you kind…Ooo!” The Easter Bunny yelled, for Snowball had accidentally kicked the stool with his leg making it move and causing the Easter  Bunny’s leg to hit the floor with a thud!

With a red face Snowball quickly put the stool back in its place and gently lifted up the Easter Bunny’s leg again to lay on the stool.

Once Snowball had sat back down, Jinx quietly said to him, “I wouldn’t count on getting any peanut butter eggs, if I was you.”

Alabaster had been close enough to hear him and he chuckled, for he knew he would get the eggs that he wanted. After all he was the one that had helped Santa get the Easter Bunny to the North Pole. He had suggested to Santa that they surprise everyone with a visit from the Easter Bunny, but Santa wasn’t sure they could get him there. Alabaster did his research and Santa was very impressed with the flight route that Alabaster had mapped out for the Easter Bunny. Everything had been going so smoothly, until the final stretch when they met up with Jinx and Snowball’s wild sleigh!

“Jinx, are you all ready?”  Santa asked.

“What?” Now it was Jinx’s turn to turn a little red. He had missed what Santa said while talking to Snowball.

“Do you have your game ready for the other elves?”

“Yes!” Jinx replied, with a smile. “Its all prepared, the elves just have to play a guessing game, and if they guess correctly they win an extra special egg.”

“You didn’t make the questions too hard, did you?”asked Santa.

“Who, me?” replied Jinx with a gleam in his eyes as he rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Santa laughed. “Well then I think we are all set! Lets go and get this party started!”

The elves cheered in surprise delight when the Easter bunny appeared.

Jangle was wondering if he had a fever and was delusional when he saw the Easter Bunny.  He was too stunned to say much when the Easter Bunny handed him an egg , but when he bit into the coconut cream egg, he knew he wasn’t dreaming!

Everyone had a good time, and were so thankful for the yummy goodies that they had received.

Alabaster was delighted with his special black coffee eggs. Jinx got black jelly beans and Snowball was very relieved to receive his peanut butter eggs.

When the time came for the Easter Bunny to leave, Alabaster was starting to feel a little sick from all the black coffee eggs he had eaten. Jinx volunteered to take the Easter Bunny back to the airport but the Easter Bunny suddenly became very pale when he heard that. Jangle thought of the perfect idea, why not have Dinosauris fly him back. Santa thought that sounded like a great idea and Dinosauris was more than willing to help out the Easter Bunny, for he was a very nice dragon.

All the elves gathered around to see him off, as he hopped up onto Dinosauris back and soared up into the clear, blue sky.

Everyone agreed that the Easter surprise from Santa and Alabaster was a great one! Jinx and Snowball had tried to keep the sleigh ride incident quiet, but word got out about it. They all just shook their heads, glad that the Easter Bunny wasn’t seriously hurt. Plus they all agreed that when Alabaster, Snowball, Jinx and Jangle were involved with anything, one just never knew what may happen!