Don’t Insult an Alicorn!

If you are wondering whether poor Alabaster and Snowball ever arrived at the North Pole on the back of their alicorn, here is the conclusion to my earlier post, The Gift of the Unicorn 

Santa’s cottage was feeling quite cozy with the fire blazing. Alabaster and Snowball were so glad to be back home to the North Pole at last! Snowball felt like his head was still spinning. Alabaster was stretched out, lying down in the plush carpet, trying to regain a sense of balance. 

Candy Cane, was sitting across from Santa, shaking her head and laughing still about the watermelon that had got broken over Alabaster’s head. Who knew that fairies could be so tricky. She couldn’t stop laughing for she remembered what had happened before they left for their little trip. They had been teasing CandyCane some, for they knew she had wanted to go along on the trip. 

She gave them a smug look. “I am feeling really glad that I didn’t go with you guys, and now maybe you know the truth behind the words, “What goes around, comes around.” she said. “Tell us about your ride on the alicorn, you both looked so pale when you first got here.” 

Snowball groaned, putting his head in his hands, and a moan arose from Alabaster who still had his eyes closed. “Alabaster called it a unicorn and I think it was insulted. The wild ride was his fault. Do alicorn’s get mad?” 

Santa winked at CandyCane. “Alicorns are fun and playful like unicorns. it wasn’t mad, but I do believe that it decided it would teach you a lesson.”  Snowball made a face, as Alabaster let out another moan. 

“With the way you are moaning Alabaster, one would think you are old, have some achy bones? Oh, wait, you will soon be older, won’t you?” 

Snowball and CandyCane smiled, “That’s right, a birthday may be around the corner. Santa knows all!” 

“Pftttt!” was Alabaster’s reply, he was a humble elf, who never wanted much fuss made about his birthday. “Weren’t we talking about Snowball and how he had us in a tailspin up in the air?” 

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault, it was the alicorn who was spinning around and going side to side as we hung on for dear life. I never thought we would land!” 

“So what was the magic word that finally made the alicorn land?”

Alabaster was sitting up by now and he and Snowball looked at each other. They winced at the memory. “We yelled HELP and maybe some other gibberish. We were so ferhoodled, we couldn’t speak coherently. We had slid off and were holding onto the alicorn’s neck!”

Santa looked at them with compassion, though CandyCane was still smirking. “I am sorry, and sure that it was scary, but you didn’t need to fear, you were in good hands. The alicorn would not have let you fall.”

Then with a teasing glint in his eyes, “Would you like to take another ride tomorrow?” 

“NO!” They both shouted. 

Santa smiled broadly. “We are glad you are back safe and sound, and Snowball you arrived just in time. It is your turn to help Chef Salvo in the kitchen tomorrow for lunch.  Get good night’s rest tonight and my sincere thanks to you both for bringing me my alicorn.” Santa gave them each a big pat on their shoulders and bid them goodnight, sending them back to their cottages with cups of hot peppermint cocoa. 

Snowball and Alabaster had to repeat their story the next day at breakfast for all the other elves to hear. There was good natured teasing again, but everyone was glad to see them back. Especially their pals, Jinx, Jangle and Tink. They had also been envious of Snowball and Alabaster getting to go on their little trip, but considered themselves fortunate now that they didn’t go. Getting trapped by fairies and a wild ride on the alicorn, yeah, it was better that it happened to Snowball and Alabaster. 

“Hi Chef! So what are we making for lunch?” Snowball walked into the kitchen later that morning and Chef Salvo inwardly sighed. He liked Snowball, he was a fun elf, but oh, he could be scary in the kitchen. He could barely even boil water. Fortunately today’s menu wasn’t too difficult, maybe all would be fine. 

“We are having grilled cheese, think you can handle it?” 

“No problem.” 

“So you know how to make it? No questions?” Chef Salvo eyed him warily. 

“How hard can it be to grill cheese?”  

“Good. Then I will let you do that, while I work on dessert.” Chef Salvo walked away and Snowball stared at the stove and the frying pan. Well first he had to get the cheese, he knew that much. He opened the fridge and pulled out the packs of cheese slices. Now he was ready to begin. 

Hmmm… this was turning out to be harder than he had thought it would be. The cheese was sticking and turning into a big glob in the pan. Smoke was rising. 

SNOWBALL! What did you do?” 

“I am grilling cheese like you said, I think I may have turned the burner up too high.”

Chef Salvo felt his temperature rising, but to be fair, he hadn’t said sandwiches, he had only said grilled cheese. He had forgotten that he had to specify things very clearly to Snowball. 

Sadly he looked at all the burnt cheese stuck to the frying pan. He pulled out another frying pan, not saying a word. Got a loaf of bread and butter and set it in front of Snowball. “Grilled Cheese sandwiches is what I want. You butter both sides of each piece of bread, put a slice of cheese in and fry it until its light brown and the cheese is melted. Think you can do that?” 

“I won’t let you down Chef!”  

“Thanks Snowball!” he whispered a prayer as he walked away. 

Fortunately his prayers were answered, the sandwiches looked perfectly toasted and ready to be served. Chef Salvo felt relief pour over him. 

“Great job Snowball!” He patted him on the back and Snowball beamed, feeling proud. 

Everyone was guzzling water like crazy! Why were the grilled cheese sandwiches so spicy! 

Snowball’s face was red and he was coughing as well when Chef Salvo came over to him. “Did you add something to these sandwiches?” 

“I just wanted to add a little extra flavor, I saw the hot sauces on the counter so I may have used them.” he said with a sheepish look. 

“How much did you use ?” 

“Wellll I did make lots of sandwiches so several bottles …  perhaps.” 

Chef Salvo sputtered, “It only takes a drop or two in a sandwich, just a little splash. The sandwiches aren’t supposed to swim in it!” 

It was a long time before Snowball ever helped Chef Salvo in the kitchen again. 


Finding Joy

If you missed Part 1 last night, here is the link. The Unexpected Phone Call  I decided I had to let all of you know if it really was Santa on the other end of the line, so here is Part 2, the conclusion. Enjoy! 

Max’s head felt so dizzy! Not only because he was flying in the air at the moment,  but with everything that had happened tonight! He kept pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He had nothing to drink but black coffee earlier, for he had been so tired and he wanted to make sure he was awake at midnight. On the phone Santa had said his elves and reindeer would be at his house at midnight. Of course Max didn’t really believe it but, he had to stay awake and find out, and now he was still in shock! Everything that had transpired so far, was replaying through Max’s mind, as he flew in the starry sky. 

Earlier that evening Max had been sitting in his Lazyboy recliner, drinking his coffee and looking at his Christmas tree, which more resembled a Charlie Brown Tree. He didn’t have the spirit to really decorate when it was only him that would see it! The clock said 11:30, and Max looked outside, nothing looked different. The street was dark. He had his porch light on. After all he didn’t want the reindeer crashing into his house. He shook his head, he didn’t know who had called him last night, but he was sure it wasn’t Santa! So why was he staying up then? 

He had just turned off the Christmas tree lights, thinking he was going to head upstairs for his bedroom, when he heard a sound. There was a loud thump coming from outside. He peeked through the curtains. No way!! He looked at the clock. 12 midnight. He looked outside again, they were still there. 

Opening the coat closet he grabbed his coat and hat and boots, the snow was pretty deep. He wondered again what he was actually doing, but he had to go outside, there were reindeer in his yard! 

“HI Max! My name is Jangle and this is Candy Cane. Sorry about running into your porch. Candy Cane was supposed to be giving me directions, but…. 

“Someone wasn’t listening!” Candy Cane said. “You turned too late!” 

Max just stared at the elves talking to him, as he nodded his head and heard himself saying. “Its fine, no harm done to the porch.” 

“So are you ready to go?” Jangle asked. 

“Go where?” Max replied. 

Another elf popped up out of the sled. “To come back to us to the North Pole, Santa is waiting!” 

Candy Cane looked at Max and said, “That is Snowball, he was napping, like usual.” Max saw Snowball roll his eyes and he had to laugh. He had the feeling that he was in for quite the adventure. Go to the North Pole for New Year’s Day? Why not! This definitely beat any other NY Eve celebration that he had in the past. He hopped in the sleigh and said, “Lets go!” and off they went, as he grabbed hold of the sides, and then wondered how crazy he really was! 

Before he knew it they had arrived at the North Pole and he was in awe! It was the most wonderful Christmas village he had ever seen. Everything so decorated, lights and sparkles galore! He felt like he had stepped inside a snow globe, for it all looked truly magical. 

“HO! HO! HO!” Santa was walking towards them. He was really seeing the true Santa Claus! 

“So glad you could make it! Hope you enjoyed your ride!” Santa said with a wide smile brightening his rosy cheeks. 

“Yes, I surely did!” Max replied, and your elves are very friendly. 

Santa agreed, “That they are, but they can stir up a lot of mischief too, you have to be on your guard!” Santa said, with a wink. “They do a great job at getting themselves into quite a pickle at times.” 

“Did someone say pickles?” said Alabaster who was walking towards Santa and Max. 

“Oh Alabaster, are you still hungry for pickles? Didn’t you have enough of your salted caramel pickles at suppertime?” Candy Cane asked.

“Who can ever get enough pickles? Hey, did Jinx go with you?” Alabaster asked. “I haven’t seen him around.” 

Max’s stomach turned at the thought of a caramel pickle, what strange foods did they eat here at the North Pole? 

“He was going to come with us, but he ended up hurting his thumb really bad with a hammer. He was trying to open a can of paint. The poor guy, after hurting his thumb, he didn’t have a tight grip on the can and dropped it, spilling it all over himself.” Snowball said. 

Santa put his arm on Max’s shoulder. “I guess you have probably been wondering why I called you here?” 

“Well, I am very curious!” Max said. 

“Follow me and you shall soon see.” 

Max followed Santa towards Santa’s house, and Mrs. Claus was at the door to greet them. “Hi Max, so nice to meet you. Please come in and make yourself comfortable.” 

“Thankyou!” he replied, with a smile, and came in and sat down on a bright red overstuffed chair. 

“Well Max, as you know I get lots of letters from children around the world, but I do get them from adults as well. Adults that haven’t forgot the magic of Christmas. This year I got a very special letter and I thought I would answer it in a more personal way than I usually do. That is why you are here.” 

Max was really confused now, he hadn’t written a letter to Santa in years, so what would a special letter have to do with him? Then he turned his head, and couldn’t believe who he saw walking into the room. Marta!

She looked like an angel to him. She was really here, standing in front of him! They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and then they embraced. He had missed her so badly, this year had been so rough since she had walked away, but now here she was. Dare he hope that this meant what he thought it did. Was she giving him another chance? 

Santa and Mrs. Claus looked at them with the tenderness in their eyes, and Mrs. Claus looked at Santa, giving him a wink. “I think we will leave you two alone now, there are cookies and hot cocoa on the table, help yourself.” 

Mrs. Claus smiled, she didn’t even know if Max and Marta heard her, for they still were embracing, as Max wiped a tear from Marta’s face. Santa had already left and went to his study. Mrs. Claus stayed watching, feeling so happy for them. Then she turned away. She still had laundry to do, a woman’s work was never done. With all the magic Santa could do, why hadn’t he invented something yet that automatically folded the laundry and put it away? She was going to have to talk to him, and tell him to add that to his “To-Do” list, along with fixing her closet door that squeaked every time she opened it. He had his time of eating more cookies than anyone should eat in one night, now there was work to be done. 

Max and Marta talked well into the night, in front of the warm fireplace. They had drank the hot cocoa and had the most delicious cookies ever! Freshly baked cinnamon caramel cookies. They had fallen asleep in front of the fireplace. Mrs. Claus put blankets over them when she found them asleep. 

When they woke up, they were shown all around the North Pole. They took a tour inside Santa’s workshop and they met Dinosauris the dragon, Max felt overwhelmed with joy. But the real joy came when in front of all the elves and Santa, Max got down on one knee and asked Marta to marry him.

Marta’s eyes welled with tears as she looked at the diamond ring, the ring she had given back to him on that horrible rainy day when she had walked away. The day she had broken their engagement. 

“Yes, a thousand times over, Yes!” she squealed as she threw her arms around his neck and he swung her around. 

Max could not be happier! Not only was he thrilled about getting married, but they would be living at the North Pole. Max didn’t want to get caught up in the rat race again and forgetting about what really mattered. They would stay here, Santa had invited them, and how do you say No to Santa? 

They didn’t know exactly what their jobs would be yet, but they looked forward to the New year with Hope and Anticipation of all the surprise joys just waiting for them to find. 



Inside Santa’s Workshop


“All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus,,,!” sang Alabaster as he was putting finishing touches on a toy. Tink looked at Alabaster, “You do realize this is the 3rd time in a row that you are singing that song, right?” Snowball gave Tink a wink and pushed a button on his toy of a chipmunk that was hula hooping.  The Chipmunk Christmas song of Alvin wanting a hula hoop drowned out Alabaster’s singing, much to his dismay!

Tink smiled and went back to was working on putting together a counting toy for kids. He was very happy in helping kids learn how to count. Working with numbers was his favorite thing to do. That was why he loved being Santa’s accountant, but today they needed all the elves to work on the toys! It was Christmas Eve and they were racing against the clock! 

Jinx had finished making the toy xylophone and was having fun playing it. After all he had to make sure that it worked. Jangle had a pair of headphones on that he was testing. Everyone was busy, and Chef Salvo was keeping the coffee flowing for them! He also had plenty of Eggnog available, for you had to have Eggnog at Christmas. Snowball  wasn’t a coffee drinker, but he was guzzling down the Eggnog. 

“Watch out that the reindeer don’t run over you with all that Eggnog that you are drinking. Remember what happened to Grandma!” Jinx said to him, and soon Alabaster was singing “Grandma got run over by a reindeer!” 

Snowball rolled his eyes, as he took another gulp and continued working on the next toy. They were making progress the list was getting scratched off and the toys for Santa’s sleigh were piling up higher and higher. They were all excited for the party they would have after all the toys were ready! Santa always gave them one gift on Christmas Eve. 

The cups of coffee and Eggnog kept coming and the music kept playing, accompanied by certain elves belting out their own Christmas tunes at times. Snowball started singing “White Christmas”, and Jinx looked at him saying, “Have you looked outside recently? You do remember we are at the North Pole, right, not Hawaii!” When Jinx said Hawaii, Alabaster started singing, “Mele Kalikimaka”. and they all started dreaming of being somewhere warm!

Finally each elf was working on their very last toy and they were all excited. The end was very near and then ,,, “What happened to all the gift wrap!” yelled Jangle.  His question was met by stunned silence as they all looked at the empty cardboard tubes of wrapping paper lying all around. What were they going to do now? 

“I have an idea!” said Snowball. “I will be right back.”  and before anyone could say anything, he was out the door. The elves looked at each other wondering what he was up too. While waiting for him they kept busy with bonking each other on the head, for what else did you do with cardboard tubes? 

Soon Snowball burst in the door carrying a big bag in his hand. What was in his bag? He walked to the center of the room and started pulling out rolls and rolls of colored toilet paper and throwing them to the other elves. There was enough to layer the gifts well. 

He walked over to his table with his friends and they all stared at him in surprise. “Where did you find so much toilet paper?” asked Jinx. “Oh, I always stock up on toilet paper, you never can have too much, right?” His friends just shook their heads, as they laughed. Alabaster grabbed a cardboard tube and bonked him on the head saying, “I deem you the Toilet Paper King!” 

It didn’t take long at all for them to finish up and a cheer arose as Jangle put the last gift on the pile, accidentally causing the stack to come crashing down. They all helped to restack the pile and then anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival for the party to begin. Santa soon would be walking in the door with his “HO! HO! HO!” and sack of gifts for his hardworking elves. When the song, “Santa Clause is coming to town” started. they all turned and looked toward the door. “My favorite song!” said Tink, as he danced to the music. 

Santa handed out the gifts and all the elves were delighted with a flitterygibbet toy of their own and then each of them got one more. Tink got a Sudoku book, Jangle got new sound cancelling headphones, so that he can rock away to his “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” music, Jinx got a new CD to add to his music collection, Alabaster got a book full of puns! The others wondered what Santa was thinking, for Alabaster didn’t need any help! Snowball got a new History book that he was eager to read. they also all had a small lump of coal hidden in their gifts. They wondered who else might have had a hand in wrapping their gifts! 

The party was fun, but it couldn’t last too long as they needed to get the toys loaded on Santa’s sleigh. Jinx, Jangle, Tink and the others started to head out of the party at the same time. Alabaster and Snowball were walking right behind Tink, when suddenly a reindeer came running towards them! They all jumped out of the way, well except for Snowball who hadn’t been looking. The reindeer knocked him down and ran right over him. 

He was dazed lying in the snow, feeling a little loopy, but the reindeer had lightly treaded on him so he wasn’t hurt too bad. Jinx said, “I tried to warn you about what happened to Grandma…when drinking too much Eggnog.”  The others started laughing as Alabaster once more burst into song. 

Later that night after Santa’s sleigh was loaded and all the elves had gathered to send him off into the sky, Candy Cane stayed outside looking at the stars in the sky, enjoying the magic of the Silent Night. 









“Did you guys hear the news?” asked Tink, who seemed to bursting with excitement. 

They were sitting at lunch, taking a well deserved break. All the elves had been putting in long hours and working hard, for this was the busiest time of year for Santa’s elves. Alabaster finished his 3rd cup of plain black coffee and said, “What news?”

“Yeah, what news?” the others asked, all looking at Tink. 

“Santa has decided that this year has been a hard year for everyone and that no one is on the naughty list! Well almost no one, there may still be a few. All the information is right here.   Tink passed around the memo for all to see. 

“Wow! No naughty list! I am one lucky elf for sure!” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said Alabaster, and Jinx and Jangle were nodding their heads in agreement feeling very happy. 

“Don’t be so sure!” said Candy Cane, walking over to them.

“Santa wasn’t referring to the elves. Of course all of Santa’s elves are good, but there are some that are very prone to mischief! So it might be in your best interest to still be on your extra good behavior! Then again, that might be too hard for certain elves, who shall remain nameless.” She laughed, as she walked away. 

“She thinks she is so smart!” Snowball said, and the other ones made faces in agreement. 

“Santa is a jolly guy, I am sure we are included on the NICE list. I mean really, I have been good all morning!” Alabaster said. 

“Well I been good for the past hour.” said Snowball. 

Jangle was thinking of the gag gifts he had given recently to someone, and his face turned red. Jinx quickly said that he had been good all morning too and Tink said he was good last week. They all were feeling a little bit more solemn than they had earlier. It was hard to be good! 

The lunch bell rang and it was time to get back to work. 

They were busy at work putting sparkles on toys and making sure the spinning toys spun and the robots worked. The clock said 4:30, one half hour until quitting time. The doors opened and in walked Santa and Candy Cane. They were both carrying 2 large deep buckets with lids on them. They set them down in front of them and Santa Clause spoke. 

“I would like to thank you all for your hard work, so here you go!” 

SPLAT! Whip cream pies were flying through the air, and had hit JInx and Jangle right in the face. Snowball ducked, and Alabaster was laughing,  until he got hit with one in the back of his head. One flew over Tink’s head and he thought he was lucky, but then SPLAT!  

No one could say that Santa didn’t have a sense of humor. Soon all the elves were throwing pies. It was a great stress relief to the end of the day. 

The elves were feeling more light hearted when they went to bed that night. Being good didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun, so they may be on the the good list after all! 



Once Upon a Dream…

It was that time of year again! Things were bustling at the North Pole. The elves were putting in long hours and they were worn out by the end of the day.

Alabaster, Snowball , Jinx and Jangle, were heading back to their cottages, anxious to go to bed.

“How is your head feeling Alabaster?” asked Snowball. Earlier in the day the big heavy Countdown to Christmas clock had fallen and clonked Alabaster on the head.

“Its still pretty sore!” Alabaster said, while rubbing it.

“I don’t know why Santa didn’t think my Countdown Calendar was enough. I made it big and bold. That wouldn’t have hurt your head as much.” replied Snowball.

“Well if you would have been paying attention instead of crunching on caramel popcorn, you probably would have been able to jump out of the way. Plus all that caramel isn’t very good for your teeth.” Jinx said.

Alabaster made no comment, besides a groan. Soon they were all back to their cottages and all sound asleep, before the clock struck 10.

What was that? Was the cottage moving? Jinx and Jangle looked out the window. They were up in the air! All kinds of objects were flying past them. What was going on?

After a wild ride they landed at last.

Jinx and Jangle were eager to get out of the rocking house. They walked out the front door, still feeling a little wobbly.

“Where are we?” asked Jangle.

“I am clueless!” said Jinx.

They started walking down a yellow brick road when they saw someone walking towards them. He was carrying a garbage can lid in front of him.

“Excuse me, but who are you guys, are you from here?”

“We are Jinx and Jangle and we are lost. Can you help us?”

“Hi! I am Snowball. Sorry can’t help you much. I am not from around here either. I can tell you though that you are on the yellow brick road!”

“You mean the yellow brick road that leads to Oz?” asked Jinx.

“Ummm…no, you are on a road that is made out of bricks and the bricks are yellow. Do you really believe in Oz?” Snowball asked, with a laugh.

“Did someone say Oz?” All heads turned at the voice coming from behind the bush. Out walked a man who was shaking all over.

“My…my name is Alabaster and is that where this road leads to?”

Snowball couldn’t believe it! Did everyone believe in the land of Oz?

“Why are you trembling?” he asked Alabaster.

“I….I.. saw her. …I saw the Wicked witch!”

Snowball smacked his head with the garbage can lid, had everyone gone…….

They all looked up as they heard someone cackling. ( to be continued)

The Surprise Shower

If you missed Part 1, here is a link Now what??

They all stood in front of the door of the mysterious house reading the note that had been under the doormat. Tink was holding the key which had been under the mat as well. In the note it has said that he was supposed to be the first one to walk in the door. 

“I wonder why you have to walk in the door first.” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said the others, and Tink’s face grew red. 

“I am not sure that I want to walk through the door first. Who knows what is in there?” 

“That is true, a strange bird could come flying out and attack you!” said Snowball. 

“Or perhaps a hippo!” said Alabaster. 

Everyone gave Alabaster a strange look. “A hippo?” said Jinx. 

“Hey, you never know!” replied Alabaster, looking sheepish.  

Tink shook his head as he put the key in the door. What did he have to be nervous about? He was letting his imagination get the best of him. 

He turned the lock, and said “Here I go!” The others stood back a little as they watched him. 

Tink walked in and “KERPLUNK!” a large bucket fell on him dumping out a ton of confetti all over him! He stood there in shock as the others were laughing. 

They all noticed the banner stretched across the room at the same time. “Happy Birthday Tink!” 

“Hey, we didn’t know it was your birthday!” Snowball said. 

“Well apparently Candy Cane found out.” said Tink. 

“Ahh! Santa must have told her, Santa knows everything!” Jinx said. 

Spying the large Double Chocolate birthday cake on the counter, they all headed over to help themselves. 2 pots of coffee were beside it. 

“Wow! This is one BIG cake and look at ALL the candles, how old are you Tink?” asked Snowball. Tink’s face flushed once again. 

“I am not sure if we should light all of them,  look how many candles there are! Is it safe?” Snowball asked. 

“Sure!” said Jangle, “Here, I will light the match” and he picked up the matches that were lying on the counter. 

After all the candles were lit, they told Tink to take a deep breath for there were soooo many candles. 

Tink took a deep breath as he made a wish and then he started to blow. He blew as hard as he could, but there were just too many candles and it started getting smoky!

“SPLASH!!!” Tink and his friends were suddenly getting rained upon inside! That is when they noticed the sign on the stove saying about how there was an indoor sprinkler system installed for fire protection. 

It didn’t take long at all for the candles to go out and the smoke to go away causing the sprinklers to stop. The friends all looked at each other and were speechless for a moment as they were dripping wet. Then Snowball spoke up. 

“Do you think Candy Cane knew about this sprinkler system?” 

Alabaster said, “Do you think that she purposely put that many candles on the cake knowing that it would set off the sprinkler system?” 

“Nah!” Jinx replied , “but yet….” and they all were thinking. Suddenly they were startled by a sound. Turning their heads they looked out the window and saw Dinosauris landing on the top of the hill. They were ready to go, they had some questions for Candy Cane! 


Now what??

The North Pole was starting to get busy again. There were lots of toys to make and toys to repair. Tink had finally got all the money to balance and he was glad to see that they had enough money left over to make more flibbertigibbets! He was pretty confident that this would be the best toy of the year! 

Tink happily put away his calculator and put the money back in the safe. He was looking forward to the evening. He was going to take a ride on Dinosauris for the first time, since he had come to the North Pole. Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball were going to go with him as well. He couldn’t believe it! He was actually going to ride on the back of a flying dragon! He had met Dinosauris before and he was the nicest dragon he had ever met, of course he also was the only dragon he had ever met! 

They all had a great supper that evening. Chef Salvo had surprised everyone with delightful whoopie pies! They were bulging with cream and oh so yummy! 

“So, are you ready to go flying?” asked Jinx, with a wink. 

“Oh yes! I have been excited all day!”, Tink replied. 

The group headed over to where Dinosauris was waiting for them. Dinosauris was smiling, he always enjoyed taking elves for a ride. He was so glad to be surrounded by friends, he had been so lonely before. He was so glad that the elves brought him to the North Pole. 

“Where would you like to go? Anywhere specific, or should we just fly around?” Dinosauris asked Tink. 

“Let’s just fly!” said Tink, filled with anticipation! 

They all climbed up on Dinosauris back. 

“Are you all ready?” Dinosauris asked, “Everyone on?” 

“Yes! Oops! Wait for Jinx! Jangle shouted. Poor Jinx had climbed up and then fell off the other side. He tried again and made it! 

They all shouted “GO!” sounding a little like ducks, when they all go QUACK!

Up, Up and away they flew! Tink was speechless. He was totally enjoying it. 

Around they went in the sky, soaring past the marshmallow clouds. They all were having a great time, chatting and laughing. At one time Dinosauris had made a sharp turn and poor Alabaster smacked his head on the back of Tink, making him smack his head on Jinx, and they just all went down the line like dominoes. 

They had been flying for quite awhile and were beginning to wonder how long of a ride Dinosauris was giving them. 

They continued to fly a little more and Jangle was just getting ready to ask Dinosauris where they were when he started descending. 

In a short time he landed at a place where they had never been before. 

“What on earth … where are we ? I thought we weren’t landing anywhere that we were just flying around?” said Jinx

“Surprise!” said Dinosauris. 

They all climbed off his back. Poor Alabaster fell as he got off, cracking the 2 eggs that he had with him. 

“Why did you bring eggs?” asked Snowball, while the others were laughing at the mess all over Alabaster’s hands. 

“They were supposed to be hardboiled eggs, in case I wanted a snack. Candy Cane had offered them to me. 

“OOPS!” the others said, as Alabaster just shook his head and muttered. “I knew I shouldn’t have listened to Candy Cane, she is sly!” 

They all started looking around at where they were at and noticed the house at the top of the big hill. 

“Why are we here?” asked Snowball. 

“Yes!” said Jinx. “Why?”  Jangle, Tink and Alabaster nodded in agreement. 

Dinosauris smiled. “You will find a note under the mat in front of the house, which will explain it all. Have fun and I will see you later!” 

“La-Later! What do you mean later?” they shouted. 

“Its all in the note!” Dinosauris replied and just like that he took off soaring into the air. 

The others looked at each other with befuddled expressions. 

“Now what?”” asked Snowball, as they all looked towards the house at the top of the very big hill. 

*** to be continued** (on Sunday) 







North Pole Mishaps

This had been such a long week, thought Snowball. It was his turn to be muck out the reindeer’s stall for the week. He had a feeling this would be his job for Candy Cane had a big smirk on her face when she handed him his paper saying what his job duty was for the week. Come to think of it she had a smirk when she handed Alabaster and Jinx their jobs as well. He thought Santa picked the jobs, but was beginning to get suspicious.

He stood in the doorway of the stable, holding his big shovel. He could do this, it was his last day. Taking a deep breath, he started. After a little bit, he heard someone call his name. Startled, he spun around, but a little too fast. He lost his balance, and fell into the small pile beside him. Looking up he saw Candy Cane standing over him laughing.

“What did you want?” Snowball asked, with a red face.

“I was just saying HI!” Candy Cane replied, “Have fun!” Snowball heard her laughter as she walked away.

Alabaster was finished for the day and he sure was glad about it. Trash collection at the North Pole wasn’t an appealing job at all. There was tons of trash to collect and as luck would have it, the garbage truck broke down on him! He had loaded the full can on the thing that automatically dumps it into the garbage truck. Standing there waiting and then with no warning the the thing broke and it dumped the contents of the can all over him! He could not not get home fast enough to take a shower!

Jinx was counting down the hours, he couldn’t believe that he had been stuck with this job for the week. Counting feathers, really? Santa had come up with a new Chicken toy and he wanted to make sure that each one had the same amount of feathers on it. There were 100 chicken toys! Jinx’s eyes were going bug eyed and he was tired of seeing chicken feathers in his dreams each night.

Later that evening the friends met up at the coffee shop. Jangle and Tink were there running the stand. Tink was full of energy and talking a mile a minute, for he had accidentally put 3 shots of expresso in his coffee! He was quick, but unfortunately kept spilling the coffee.

Alabaster, Snowball and Jinx were feeling tired, but enjoying a good chat. Most of all just enjoying sipping some good coffee, and not being surrounded by reindeer poop, garbage or feathers.

“Ho Ho Ho! How are you guys?” asked Santa while walking over to them.

“Worn out!” they said in unison.

“Hey Santa, do you assign the jobs for the elves?”  Snowball asked.

“Usually I do, but this past weekend Candy Cane asked if she could, so I figured I would let her. Why? What jobs did you guys get?”

Santa laughed and laughed when they told him about their jobs. “Oh she pulled one over on you guys! I had told her that she could skip giving someone the reindeer mucking job this week. She also knew that the garbage truck needed repaired, it had done the same thing to the garbage collector the other week.”

Then he looked at Jinx, “You actually counted the feathers by hand? We have an electronic counter for that, didn’t Candy Cane tell you?” Laughing he shook his head, as he walked away, leaving Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball speechless.







Alabaster’s Surprise (Part 2)

If you missed Thursday’s post, here is a link to Part 1. Alabaster’s Surprise

Everyone was in good spirits! Santa had promised a special surprise that afternoon and they couldn’t wait to see what it was. There had been some rumors about what it might be, but no one knew for sure. Well no one, except for Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball. They had even managed to keep the surprise from Jangle.

Jinx and Snowball apologized profusely to the Easter Bunny when he finally stirred in the snow. It had been some tense moments for all of them as they had wondered if he would be okay. Snowball was sure to point out to the Easter Bunny that it hadn’t been  him operating the sleigh. Jinx rolled his eyes at him and Alabaster just shook his head as  Snowball said that he really hoped he would still get some of his delicious peanut butter eggs! They all helped gather up the eggs that had been scattered in the snow and loaded up his basket. They were able to slip him into Santa’s house without anyone noticing. Santa was very glad to see the Easter Bunny, but he did wonder why he was limping.

They were all sitting in Santa’s house sipping some hot  cocoa. Snowball told the Easter Bunny to just sit back and relax that he would get his Hot Cocoa for him. He grabbed a stool for the Easter Bunny to prop his leg up on.

“Here is your Hot Cocoa with some whip cream on top.” Snowball said, as he handed the mug to the Easter Bunny.

“Thank you kind…Ooo!” The Easter Bunny yelled, for Snowball had accidentally kicked the stool with his leg making it move and causing the Easter  Bunny’s leg to hit the floor with a thud!

With a red face Snowball quickly put the stool back in its place and gently lifted up the Easter Bunny’s leg again to lay on the stool.

Once Snowball had sat back down, Jinx quietly said to him, “I wouldn’t count on getting any peanut butter eggs, if I was you.”

Alabaster had been close enough to hear him and he chuckled, for he knew he would get the eggs that he wanted. After all he was the one that had helped Santa get the Easter Bunny to the North Pole. He had suggested to Santa that they surprise everyone with a visit from the Easter Bunny, but Santa wasn’t sure they could get him there. Alabaster did his research and Santa was very impressed with the flight route that Alabaster had mapped out for the Easter Bunny. Everything had been going so smoothly, until the final stretch when they met up with Jinx and Snowball’s wild sleigh!

“Jinx, are you all ready?”  Santa asked.

“What?” Now it was Jinx’s turn to turn a little red. He had missed what Santa said while talking to Snowball.

“Do you have your game ready for the other elves?”

“Yes!” Jinx replied, with a smile. “Its all prepared, the elves just have to play a guessing game, and if they guess correctly they win an extra special egg.”

“You didn’t make the questions too hard, did you?”asked Santa.

“Who, me?” replied Jinx with a gleam in his eyes as he rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Santa laughed. “Well then I think we are all set! Lets go and get this party started!”

The elves cheered in surprise delight when the Easter bunny appeared.

Jangle was wondering if he had a fever and was delusional when he saw the Easter Bunny.  He was too stunned to say much when the Easter Bunny handed him an egg , but when he bit into the coconut cream egg, he knew he wasn’t dreaming!

Everyone had a good time, and were so thankful for the yummy goodies that they had received.

Alabaster was delighted with his special black coffee eggs. Jinx got black jelly beans and Snowball was very relieved to receive his peanut butter eggs.

When the time came for the Easter Bunny to leave, Alabaster was starting to feel a little sick from all the black coffee eggs he had eaten. Jinx volunteered to take the Easter Bunny back to the airport but the Easter Bunny suddenly became very pale when he heard that. Jangle thought of the perfect idea, why not have Dinosauris fly him back. Santa thought that sounded like a great idea and Dinosauris was more than willing to help out the Easter Bunny, for he was a very nice dragon.

All the elves gathered around to see him off, as he hopped up onto Dinosauris back and soared up into the clear, blue sky.

Everyone agreed that the Easter surprise from Santa and Alabaster was a great one! Jinx and Snowball had tried to keep the sleigh ride incident quiet, but word got out about it. They all just shook their heads, glad that the Easter Bunny wasn’t seriously hurt. Plus they all agreed that when Alabaster, Snowball, Jinx and Jangle were involved with anything, one just never knew what may happen!



Alabaster’s Surprise

The room was full of chatter as everyone had gathered in the dining room for a special Saturday Breakfast, by Chef Salvo. He was making each of them a special dish, so they all had to patiently wait, but his meals were always worth the wait.

Jinx and Snowball were the last ones waiting, and their stomachs were starting to growl. Alabaster looked at them and smiled as he said, “Are you sure Chef Salvo didn’t forget about you two?”  while putting a nice juicy bite of sausage in his mouth, washing it down with some strong black coffee.

“No! He couldn’t forget about us!”, they replied with confidence, but Snowball was beginning to wonder. It did seem to be taking extra long. More time passed and Jinx was thinking of going back to the kitchen to see what Chef Salvo was up too, when out he came.

He was carrying 2 platters and he was apologizing as he walked towards them.

“I am so sorry that your platters are late, my friends.  I had written down everyone’s orders on special sheets of paper so that i wouldn’t forget them. Somehow I got my words scrambled and messed up with yours. Sorry again for the wait, I hope you still enjoy it!”

Jinx and Snowball assured them they would. The meal was very good. Scrambled eggs and sausage with some donuts on the side was Snowball’s order. Jinx had a soft boiled egg with some biscuits and gravy, and a fruit salad.

They finished up and then asked Jangle and Alabaster if they wanted to go take some spins on Dinosauris. Jangle was up for it, but Alabaster said he couldn’t for he had other plans. When they asked what they were he just gave a coy smile, said they would see and walked out the door whistling a happy tune.

The others looked at each other. “Well, I wonder what is up with him?” said Jangle. The others nodded their heads in wonder too, and then left to take a ride on their favorite dragon.

Alabaster was still whistling as he got to his little house and started getting ready for his adventure. He was excited about Santa trusting him with something so important, he sure hoped that nothing would go wrong.

Meanwhile the rest were having fun with Dinosauris who was zipping through the sky. After the 3rd ride, Jangle was a little unsteady on his feet and decided that he needed to go back home and rest some. Snowball and Alabaster agreed with one look at his pale face.

“What do you want to do now?” asked Snowball. “We have a couple hours until Alabaster is gong to reveal his surprise.”

Alabaster had found them earlier and told them he would be gone for awhile but that he would be back in a couple hours with his surprise.

“What about a sleigh ride, we should be back in plenty of time.” Jinx said, so off they went to get ready to go on a little sleigh ride adventure.

Jinx was going rather fast around the corners and Snowball was egging him on to continue.

As he went around one sharp corner, Snowball said, “Wow! Good one, Jinx!”

Jinx turned to face him and put up his hand to give him a High five.

Thud! The sleigh hit something big and bounced up in the air for a little way, before it landed back down in the snow on its side. Jinx and Snowball fell off into the snow.

“What did you hit Jinx?” asked a dazed Snowball as he stood up brushing himself off.

“I have no… wait, what is that sound?”

They looked in the direction of the sound  and were shocked to see Alabaster running towards them yelling.

“Do you guys know what you just did?” said Alabaster jumping up and down while waving his hands in the air.

Jinx and Snowball looked at each other, and back at Alabaster.

“Well, we hit something but we are OK, so why do you sound and look so agitated ?”

Before he could answer, they took a closer look around them, seeing colored eggs scattered all over the snow.

“Where did all these…?”

“You ran over the Easter Bunny!” shouted Alabaster. They all gasped, as they noticed him lying just a couple feet away from them not moving.

“Is he.. is he…. dead??’ Snowball asked. They all stared, not saying a word.