Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Summer days are passing quickly. Ready for a break in the hot,  humid weather, but not ready for it to start getting dark earlier again. I would never make it in Alaska. It wouldn’t just be the cold that bothered me but the long stretches of darkness that they have. I want my sunlight!

What is your favorite season? Summer is my favorite, for the beach calls my name! Its voice is slowly getting louder and closer.

Enjoy the quotes and have a good day thinking about whatever makes you happy!


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  6. d72b4a342a1fc25e735b34c36414222f
  7. d4bcf83c5f7374c6b877ecb537a5dc0b
  8. be706dacfa20238c6e97949808802a68
  9. 0a84e2edda557c328128fc0e513fdea8
  10. 6c3b55a5a0c58dbbf85d6a1b2c239915

62 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. summer by far is my favorite season…
    loved number 10…
    and for number 8, I remember it well, but our middle son remembers it much better. He was thrown off one at our local park when he was about 8 or 10 years old and had to go to the hospital…

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