Selling Seashells!

Pitter-Patter, raindrops were falling on the leaves. Why was she out here walking in the rain? She could go home, but didn’t feel like it. The sound of the rain was relaxing to her.

The alarm went off on her watch. Time to get home, bake her potato and reheat her leftover chili.

Hmmm….maybe she should add some shredded cheese to her chili tonight.  Oh, she could barely contain herself, such an exciting life that she led. Friday was always  Chili nights.

Stepping out of her wet shoes she took off her jacket and went into the kitchen to make her supper.

Shelly didn’t know what came over her that evening. People in her apartment building had their opinions  which they feeely shared over the next week. But no one knew for sure.

They had heard the high pitch scream and ran out into the hallway. It waa quiet. Had they only imagined the scream?

Shelly’s apartment door flew open and  out she came. “I did it! I really did it! I am going to take a cruise to Fiji Islands.

She ran from one end of the hallway to the other end. Shelly was feeling giddy. She had taken the leap of faith nd hoped withΒ  all her heart that she would fly and not fall.

Laughter bubbled  up inside of her. She started skipping and heard Mrs Pauline say in a loud whisper. “That girl is high!”

Shelly burst out laughing when she entered her apartment, Let Pauline think what she wanted. It would give her something to talk about. What would the lady do without having something to gossip about.

. The next few days passed in a blur of activity.  Predictable Shelly had decided to have an adventure! No longer was abe selling seashells by the seashore this summer!”

That job had been hers forever!  She needed a change, and change would soon be  exactly what she would get. No going back now, she thought, as the  plane roared to life.

“Seashells, who wants seashells? Seashells for sale!”

Shelly looked and saw a young man selling seashells. His eyes made contact with hers and … the best love story of all started to unfold.

“Hi! I am Shelly. I used to sell seashells hy the seashore.”

His smile was as bright as the summer sun! “I am Peter, do you want a oeck of pickled peppers? I mean seashells! I am not so good qt trying to change.”

Sometimes you know when its right and Shelly knew. A month later they were married and Shelly couldn’t be happier, selling seaahells on the seashore with her true love.

1Together they worked side by side and had a peck of children, who brought them immense delight. Smart children they all were because they all knew how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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