Asher’s Big Mistake

This is the conclusion to The Winner Is ā€¦

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Asher was sitting by the river. He had been in Bittersweet Creek for two months and was still getting used to it. Quite different from the North Pole. Much warmer, which he waa happy about. Though he wouldn’t complain if it cooled down a little bit.

He waa starting over and feeling good. Especially now that he had won first place in the baking contest. The townspeople of Bittersweet Creek were noticing him and his business was really picking up.

No more dealing with tricky leprechauns. He had learned his lesson. Santa and the elves made sure of that! He couldn’t get away from the North Pole fast enough.

His ears were still ringing from the wrath of his now ex-girlfriend, which made his ears bleed. He didn’t know she could get so high pitch! Or that she would be soo upset about stupid elves! How was he suoposed to know that she was a great grandchild of one of the elves!

All the elves had thrown cream pies at him as he tried to climb up on Dinosauris to take him away. He told Dinosauris to fly but he sat so still as Asher got pummeled. The Candy Cane girl sure did have a good arm on her. She threw so fast, as if she was used to throwing pies.

He had told Santa he would start over and he was. This town was full of quirky characters. He had found new people to swindle. He felt positive that he could pull the wool over their eyes. It was only a matter of time.

Getting up he started walking back to his bakery, whistling a happy tune. Thinking of the money be could make. Once all the townspeople were addicted to his sweets he would con them into investing in a new business idea of his. It would be purr….! OUCH! He hadn’t been watching where he was going and now was in quite a bit of pain.

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Tippner entered Mason’s diner right before closing time. Cara looked at the clock and made a face at him. “Don’t make a mess I washed all the tables.”

Tippner looked at his watch. “It is 6:58pm. You don’t close until 7.”

Mason ducked at Tippner’s words. “She may break another dish over your head if you aren’t careful.”

Tippner laughed, “All I want is one of your heavenly shoo-fly pies. You won’t deny me their fresh sweetness will you?”

Without a word she went to the back and came out a minite later with a piece of pie on a paper plate and a plastic fork.

“Paper! You have stooped to serving your favorite customer paper plates!”

“Nope! I served Amanda our new china plates earlier.”

Tippner harrumped, getting a smile out of Cara.

“Well, in spite of the poor service, I will try to enjoy my pie. But don’t expect a tip.”

“Fine, being that I accidentally dropped your pie on the floor.”

“Whha-t” his fork was almost in his mouth. “

“Just kidding!” Cara laughed.

Tippner took his first bite., sighing with sweet satisfaction.

Cara headed for the door. “Enjoy! That pie was made specifically for you. I used an extra special ingredient. Tippner puffed out his chest. “Why thank you!” And he took another bite.

“Real flies.”

Cara burst out laughing at the face he made, “Goodnight!” she called as she headed out the door. She heard Tippner sputtering to Mason about firing her. But she knew he didn’t mean it. He would be in his special booth at 7am sharp tomorrow.

Each move that Asher made got him more stuck and more pain. His clothes were jagged and ripped from the cactus. Oh could anything else go wrong for him. Had Santa somehow read his thoughts and thats why he was stuck on a cactus now?

Asher raised his head, he heard something coming. A cow! He had heard mention of some cow named Betsy and a magical cowbell before. He had rolled his eyes at how gullible people were. Magical cowbells! Yes, fooling them would be simple.

The cow was coming closer and it must be Betsy, for she had a cowbell around her neck.

“Hey dumb cow, move faster I think you can help me.” Betsy’s eyes grew dark as she walked closer to him and stopped right in front of Asher.

“Perfect! Lets see what this so called magical bell can do. Hopefully pull me out of here. He grabbed hold of it and pulled.

Everyone was curious. Where had Asher gone, he hadn’t been in his bakery all week.

“I really wanted his recipe for pumpkin empanadas.”

“I bet you could make them as good as his without a recipe!” Sarah and Amanda told her. After a few flops sbe did. Soon they were a hot selling item at Mason’s Diner.

As time went by the talk about Asher died down.

“He was rather strange you know. The guy thought he had been an elf before at Santa’s workshop!” Tippner laugbed.

“He told me the same story and added how be had been tricked by a little leprechaun named Lolly.” Mason said.

“Leprechauns and elves, Oh my! Who knows maybe he went back to the North Pole. ” They laughed, chalking it up to another crazy incident in the town of Bittersweet Creek. The town where things were rarely normal.

Asher was so frightened he couldn’t move. He was stuck in a miry swamp, and there was a mean bull eyeing him up. He closed his eyes fearing the worst.

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