Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your husband has a song stuck in his head … but only knows one line to it … and keeps singing it … and now its stuck in your head!

When the day cools down to a comfortable 80 degrees, making you realize that you will freeze once you return home to Northeast temps.

When you soon will meet the Wizard behind the Puns … The face behind the computerAn elf from the North Pole…

26 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. 80 degrees is not a comfortable temperature! That is definitely too hot! Anything under 70 with little or no humidity is what I define as comfortable. And that, I would like to be the elf going to the north pole where it definitely will be cooler!

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  2. I hope your husband’s song doesn’t go something like, “100 bottles of beer on the wall . . .”

    80 is about when I start shivering.

    Whenever Jason tells you a pun, just give him a long, blank stare, until he explains it to you.

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  3. We had a wild and windy week here, JR. But we made it through IAN without getting blown around too much.

    We did have to evacuate twice ~ first our villa AND then our hotel room (in the dark, with no power) due to the imminent threat of a roof collapse (which did not happen). We lost both power and water at the hotel and power at the villa and had to go next door to another hotel to get water for flushing the toilets the next morning.

    Home Thursday. Power came on yesterday at 4 pm. YAY!

    And the weather cooperated with temps in the 60’s overnight (unheard of at this time of year) so no AC was no problem.

    Hope you enjoyed the Lone Star State!


    • So good to hear from you!! Glad you guys made it through Ian! Wow on having to evacuate 2x! Glad you stayed safe and that your power is back and yay on being cool!
      87 today here, but a nice breeze. We are enjoying our visit. Thanks. 😎

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