Adventure Awaits!

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The small spot of shade was a welcome sight to Mary’s weary body. Summer was ending but it was holding on with the grip of a toddler holding onto their favorite blanket.

She sat down, taking a break, resting up against the tree. How many miles did she have to go yet? There was so much unknown about this trip she was on.

It had taken her a little time to begin this journey for she didn’t have the courage. How many people start out on a journey having no real idea of where they are going?

Some of her friends were concerned about her. They thought that maybe a suite in a rubber room would be a more suitable place for her, but what did they know?

She wanted something different in her life. The tedious job at the bubble wrap factory was getting to her. Time for a change! So when she was asked to go on this journey she was intrigued. Especially intrigued by the tiny leprechaun that invited her on the journey. Never before had she seen a real leprechaun and her friends questioned whether she really had seen one. She was still so embarrassed by the memory of trying to have them meet him.

“Tell me again why you didn’t appear to my friends? You made a fool out of me!” She nudged him with her foot as he was dozing under the tree next to her.

Lolly startled awake. “WHAT? Why did you wake me?”

“It is time to go, we have been here for a hour already. But first tell me again why you made yourself invisible right when I was going to introduce you!”

Lolly smirked. “That was funny. I was giggling, listening to what your friends were saying. They were trying to be so polite but ooh they really think you lost it, don’t they?”

“Yes, thanks to you!”

“Glad to have helped. We are proud of our reputation for being tricky.” He bowed to Mary grinning, and then they started down the trail once more, with him whistling.

Mary made a face, what was she doing following him? Who knew what trick he may be pulling on her! Oh, maybe she was a gullible doolally for following him, but…..what if there really was gold at the end of her journey. She had to find out.

Sometimes it could pay to look foolish, she told herself. In the end there could be an amazing reward waiting for her.

“We are just about there.” Lolly said.

Her feet were getting sore, her heart stirred with excitement at what may be waiting for her.

“We made it! There he is.”

Mary looked ahead and didn’t see anything at first, but then as they got closer. Her excitement turned to fear.

“Is…is…that a real dragon?”

Lolly laughed, “Well he isn’t a stuffed toy. He is real alright and he is going to take you on a ride.”

Mary stopped in her tracks! What had she done? She never should have come.

“I am not riding a dragon!” Her brave voice quivered, giving way to her fear.

“Oh, you can’t back out now. That isn’t how it works. Dinosauris won’t hurt you.”

“Hi Mary! I will be glad to be your sky taxi to the North Pole.”

“The North Pole! Its COLD there.”

“Aren’t you smart.”

“This is crazy! I can’t go.”

“You can and you shall! No one says no to Santa Claus. One of his elves contact ed me to look for you. Santa needs you. It will all be explained once you get to the North Pole.”

Mary was stunned. Santa had looked specifically for her! What could he possibly want? She was still fearful of Dinosauris, but he was smiling and she hadn’t seen any fire come out of him. If Santa wanted her, surely Dinosauris wouldn’t hurt her.

“Okay. I am ready to go.:

“I promise you a safe flight. Climb on, buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

“There isn’t any buckle!”

“Oops! Must have fallen off on my way here. I wondered what had happened to my passenger. Now I know.”

Mary’s face went pale! “I am kidding! Just hang on tight to my neck, you will be fine. Here we go!”

Dinosauris soared high into the sky. Mary could no longer see Lolly. This was amazing being up in the sky. Her fear was giving way to the thrill of the ride! One could only wonder what waited for her when she got to the North Pole.

(To be continued…)

28 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!

  1. Working at the bubble wrap factory… right up there with a job poking all those tiny little holes in acoustic ceiling panels. Though I suppose I just revealed that I spend too much of my day staring at the ceiling.

    So I suspect that Lolly’s a corporate “head-hunter”, kidnapping some new bubble wrap management for Santa’s Workshop?

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  2. Yes, it looks like Mary really has lost it. But what a happy place her mind has taken her to. Now, while she’s weaving baskets at the bughouse, she’ll smile and giggle while imagining she’s making toys for little kids, in Santa’s workshop.

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  3. Hmmmm … if I didn’t know better, I’d agree with Mary’s friends that a rubber-walled room with no sharp objects, not even a hairbrush, would be a fitting place for her. But, I know your mind and how it works, so … let me just fasten my seatbelt and hang on for the ride!

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