The Secret Plot Begins

This is the continuation of my Adventure Awaits! post from Monday. What adventures are in store for Mary at the North Pole?

Childhood memories flooded back into Mary’s mind. Memories of Santa Claus, and trying her hardest to fall asleep on Christmas Eve so that he would come. Now here she was at the North Pole!

Riding through the clouds with Dinosauris was amazing. Her heart was still soaring as she eagerly waited for Candy Cane to come give her a tour of Santa’s workshop.

She was going to meet Santa’s elves! Dinosauris had told her to wait and Candy Cane would come to greet her soon. Meanwhile he had to get a drink. Flying was hard work!

“Welcome to the North Pole, where the  magic never ends!”

Mary saw a girl walking towards her grinning from ear to ear. The girl was short like Mary expected Santa’s elves to be, but she didnโ€™t have pointed ears.

“Hi! I am Candy Cane. We are so glad you are here. I hope Lolly the Leprechaun was friendly.”

Mary thought about how Lolly had jumped out in front of her one day when she was walking, giving her quite the scare. But he was friendly.

“I was quite surprised by him, but he was friendly. I thought maybe he would lead me to a pot of gold, but this is even better. I am going to meet Santa!”

Candy Cane smiled. “He is the jolliest guy you will ever meet, with a roly poly belly. ” she said, with a wink.

“But first let’s see his workshop.” She started walking, leading Mary there , chatting along the way.

“A head’s up, there are some crazy elves you will meet. Don’t be worried, there are plenty of normal elves, like me.”

Mary laughed, she liked Candy Cane. Soon they reached Santa’s Toy Hop. You couldn’t miss it. There was a huge sign with blinking lights on top of the building.

Mary stared at the sign. “Toy Hop?”

Candy Cane smacked her head. “This is what happens when Santa puts Snowball and Alabaster in charge of the sign! Take note, they are two of the crazy elves that I was talking about.”

Candy Cane opened the door and all the sounds assailed Mary. Lots of elves were working hard at making toys that beeped, and played music. As well as dolls that talked and cried. It was loud, happy chaos and Mary stood in awe, looking around.

Watching a certain elf in a corner for a little while she asked Candy Cane what he was doing.

“Oh, that is Tink. Tink is Santa’s accountant, but he makes toys as well. Though he does have a slight obsession with numbers. He is busy counting all the toys. Listing them by category, he is very organized.

Candy Cane grabbed a toy horn. “Watch this. ” She blew it right into another elf’s ear. The elf had been dozing in his chair. He jumped up, falling off the chair.

Mary laughed with Candy Cane. “HOP to it, Snowball! After all this is Santa’s Hop, right? Is that a new type of dance?” she questioned Alabaster, who was working beside Snowball.

They both glared at her, especially Snowball, who was feeling a little sore from falling off the chair.

“Not my fault, I told Alabaster we were missing a S.”

“Looks like coal for you, Alabaster! Though maybe the big guy’s heart will be kind and like the name “Santa’s Toy Hop!” She dodged, just in time, from a rubber ball thrown at her.

The elves were crazy, just like Candy Cane had said, but they did seem to be having fun.

“Ho Ho Ho!” Everyone stopped what they were doing and greeted Santa. Mary felt like she might faint. She was seeing the real Santa. Her palms were sweaty from excitement and nerves.

When Santa came up to her she felt like her heart would fly out of her chest.

“Hi Mary!” He bent down and his kind, sparkling eyes drew her in.

“So, what do you think? How would you like to be one of my elves. Poor Frost got really sick and he is out of commission for the rest of the year.”

Mary gulped! Santa was asking if she wanted to be a helper!”

Well, no one had to ask her twice to be Santa’s helper. It sure beat her toiling in the hot sun, back home.

“It would be my pleasure!”

“Wonderful!” Santa clapped his hands together. “Now you need a new name. A more elf like sounding name.”

After a short discussion, he asked for silence. Then he proclaimed Mary’s new name. “I would like to introduce a new member to our family.”

Mary blushed, tingling with joy. She would be the member of such a special family. Tears threatened to come.

“Please give a warm elf welcome to “Christmas Cookie, you can call her Cookie for short.”

She humbly smiled as everyone clapped and cheered. Mary was sure that was going to like it here.

Noone noticed that Licorice the elf wasn’t clapping. So Santa thought he could so easily replace Frost. Wonder what he would think when more of his elves got sick. He smirked.

He had to bide his time. Would wait til closer to Christmas, tbe busiest time of the year. If all the elves got sick the week before Christmas, oh how awful that would be. Rubbing his hands together, he plotted the downfall of the elves. Loving the thought of all the gold that would be his reward from the leprechauns!

23 thoughts on “The Secret Plot Begins

  1. OH NO!!! Covid is heading toward the North Pole and Santa may find himself without enough toys to make elves … er, um … enough elves to make toys! This is awful! Licorice must be stopped before he can carry out his diabolical plan! But … by Mary … er, um, Cookie? And … doesn’t she need to be shrunk to fit in with the rest of the elf community? You know how prejudices can start …

    Looking forward to the next installment! Hugs, dear friend! โค

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yay on being hooked! And yes, good has to triumph, Santa needs his elves. Can’t have anything too bad happen to them.
      Licorice may find himself in very deep trouble! I think he will regret ever listening to the Leprechauns!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Snowball does his best thinking when he sleeps. So Candy Cane had better leave him alone, or he won’t be able to figure out what Licorice is up to. By the way, are there any elves named Jawbreaker, who can help Snowball deal with Licorice?

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  3. I like that there is some evil brewing at the North Pole, it makes for an exciting story. I guess no place is immune from it. Perhaps Tink will notice a pattern while studying the productivity of the elves and be able to end the plot before it ruins Christmas. Analytics to the rescue again…


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