Cara’s New Adventure

Once in awhile Jason, from

likes to write stories about the characters from Bittersweet Creek. So here is a treat for all of you, and one for me, since I got a night off from writing a story. Even though Cara always makes out better in my stories. But at least she isn’t bungee jumping. Thanks Jason, 🙂

                                                              Cara’s New Adventure

Cara had had a busy day at the coffee shop with Mason away. To get through the tough day of serving customers and dealing with Mr. Tippner’s constant stream of horrible puns she had drank a lot of coffee, with A LOT of sweetener. She was driving home carefully as she was light-headed and had double-vision from the sugar overload. She made it home safely and as she got to the door of the house, she saw that the warm fuzzy cat had gotten out somehow. So, she managed to get the key in to one of the locks that she was seeing, opened the door, and said “come on kitty, get in the house.”

The skunk, not knowing what else to do, walked right in the house past Cara. Cara made her way to the kitchen with the skunk following close behind. ‘Should I have another coffee?’ she thought. ‘no, I have actually had enough for once’.

Just then she heard a commotion as the skunk was digging in the trash can. “Bad kitty!” Cara said as she grabbed the broom and went shoo the kitty out of the trash. “Get out of there at once!” she scolded. The skunk being startled by Cara raised its tail… but decided to flee from the scary human with the stick. The skunk ran behind the couch to hide.

“Oh, poor kitty. You probably just need your food” Cara said to the skunk behind the couch. “Here let me get your bowl”. Cara opened the refrigerator and prepared a fancy feast of leftover chicken for her kitty and placed it on the floor.

“Now, come out from behind the couch and come eat your food. kitty” Cara said, as she went over to the couch.

The scared skunk raised its tail and turned its rear toward the approaching woman and… but then it smelled the alluring scent of leftovers and dashed into the kitchen and began eating.

“There you go kitty. You eat your food and I am going to lay down on the couch” Cara said, as she began to suffer the crash after the sugar high. She gathered her favorite throw pillows and laid down on the couch to wait for Bard to come home.

As Cara drifted off to sleep, the skunk finished off the cat food and it began to get sleepy as well. Having decided that the human woman was not so scary after all, the skunk decided to hop up on the couch and take a nice warm nap next to her.

It grew darker and Bart eventually arrived home. He saw Cara napping on the couch and decided to go and give her a kiss after his long day at work. As he approached, the skunk woke up and was startled by the large man approaching and turned tail.

“A skunk?!?!” Bart shouted just as the skunk sprayed its pungent perfume all over him.

Bard began to shout some words that I will not write here. Cara woke up to Bard’s screaming and saw the skunk standing on top of her, and she let out a scream that could be heard across town. The startled skunk ran for the door where it encountered the family’s snarling dog. This elicited another dose of malodorous spray for the dog. And as the dog rolled around on the carpet whimpering, the skunk ran about the house in a panic. Bard, gasping for air, opened the door to go outside. The skunk seeing its opportunity for freedom, dashed out the door into the evening.

“Ughhh, dear, you smell so bad” she said to poor Bard, his eyes watering.

“Why did you have a skunk in the house!?!?!” Bard demanded.

“I thought it was the cat.” She said. “I was tired and couldn’t see straight.”

“But, we don’t have a cat!” Bard said exasperatedly.

Thirty minutes later, Cara stood at the checkout counter at Billy Bumble’s Grocery Store with all the tomato juice and tomato sauce she could find. And some new coffee sweetener she hadn’t tried yet.

Poor Bard.

The End

30 thoughts on “Cara’s New Adventure

  1. Poor Cara! I do hope she got some kind of bonus for having to work so hard while Mason was away having fun bungee jumping and hang gliding.
    Plus an added bonus for putting up with Tippner’s puns. Mason goes away and she still.doesn’t get a break from.them!
    At least you made sure that she remembered to buy coffee sweetner at the store.

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  2. This tale about a skunk’s tail is telling. The writer realizes that the best way to get revenge on Cara is to go after Bard, who will in turn, take it out on her. That way we won’t feel sorry for Cara, but will continue to have sympathy for poor Bard. Poor Bard.

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  3. We sometimes have skunks in our yard. My husband tried to trap and relocate them once, but they were too clever. He used stinky fish for bait. Later that day, we saw a skunk happily leaning into the cage and munching on the fish — while reaching back to hold the door open with its hind leg. It obviously had seen traps before and had no problem backing out of the cage after enjoying its dinner. We just left them alone after that.

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