Upside-Down Traffic lights … Reunited Dog … Coffee Makers for Cars and Other Facts


One more good reason to like Morgan Freeman.


Interesting, so what about the yellow color?


My heart! ❤


I love dogs but, not sure how dogs waking you up to take them outside means better sleep???


Good idea!


There still are a lot of people with good hearts! ❤

39 thoughts on “Upside-Down Traffic lights … Reunited Dog … Coffee Makers for Cars and Other Facts

  1. 5. Who needs a cup-holder?!! Just give me the pot.
    Have to share that yesterday someone gave me a big baggie of really black coffee beans from a stash (long story). They’re so oily that they clogged up and jammed my electric burr-grinder this morning. OMG! One of the best AM coffees ever, and I have no idea what’s in the baggie!

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  2. 1. Poor Morgan Freeman. The man has hives.
    2. Color-blind people do not live long in Syracuse, New York.
    3. When the dog learned its former owners were going to adopt, it barked, “How could you?!”
    4. Research has also shown that if you sleep with dogs, you get fleas. Which leads to bubonic plague, and death.
    5. A coffeemaker in a car is a recipe for hot coffee spilled on one’s lap while driving. Which demonstrates the lengths desperate coffee addicts will go to, to acquire their poison.
    6. It is reported that after Hoskie became bored of directors, he voluntarily joined the ranks of the homeless again.

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  3. Way to go Morgan Freeman. Traffic lights are interesting! Love the dog reunited with his family. Agree about dogs, but wish Maya would let us sleep until at least 6am instead of 4! Not fussed about the coffee, I prefer tea, but you should never drink and drive. Brilliant last story.

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  4. A coffee maker in the car would be kind of pointless now that there are drive-throughs that sell coffee everywhere. Life certainly was primitive in 1959. Makes me glad to live in modern times, with a Keurig and a plastic travel coffee cup. And, yay for Morgan Freeman saving bees. I’ve been meaning to plant a monarch butterfly rescue garden in my backyard for years, but still haven’t gotten around to doing it. One of these days.


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