Magical Wisteria

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Her mind was filled with trepidation, yet excitement as well. What awaited her?

It was as if she was riding a see-saw. One moment her heart was up ready for adventure, than worry about the unknown would bring her back down.

Aria had already said her goodbyes, her Mom and Dad were so proud of their only child. She was going to be a Queen, how could they not be proud! Their little girl, growing up and becoming a Queen!

Remembering her Grandma’s warm eyes filled with love and pride enabled Aria to keep walking forward.

While walking she thought back to the night that changed her life.

She had been startled by the fairy that flew in her window that night. Her wings shone with a brilliance that lit up Aria’s room.

“Princess Aria I come with good news. You have been specially chosen to be the new Queen of the fairies!”

Aria rubbed her head. Had she hit it real hard? A Princess? She wasn’t a Princess, but she didn’t bother to correct the fairy for she couldn’t speak, she was speechless with shock!

“I am Princess Lily and a week from now you will take a magical walk into fairyland.”

Aria found her voice long enough to ask “What?? How??”

“When you see the lavender wisteria appear in your backyard you will know its time. You will see the entrance to Fairyland.”

Aria noticed her parents standing in the doorway. They had heard voices and came to see what was going on.

They ran over to Aria hugging her tight. Who would have thought that on the night of her 13th birthday she would be visited by a Fairy!

“So what is Fairyland like? What kind of food do they have? I hope pizza!” Her dad patted his belly.

“Are their stores in fairyland? I will need to buy a whole new wardrobe of course.”

Aria’s dad rolled his eyes. Leave it to his wife to ask about clothing when their daughter is going to be a Queen! How can she think of shopping!

“Hey, does Fairyland have a golf course? I can’t stop playing golf.”

Princess Lily gave Aria’s dad a perplexed look.

“Golf? What is golf? But it doesn’t matter for you guys won’t be coming.”

“WHAT? How.can we not go, she is our baby.” their distressed faces made Aria’s heart plummet. They wouldn’t let her go now, she was certain. All they did was ruin things for her.

They started shouting at Princess Lily. It didn’t faze her, she simply took her tiny wand and bopped their foreheads with it. Instantly they stopped shouting. No words came out at all.

Aria was amazed. “What did you do to them?”

Princess Lily gave an impish smile. “They will wake up tomorrow in a much better mood. Trust me, all will be well. You are the appointed Queen to be, Princess Aria, they won’t stop you from coming to Fairyland.”

True to Princess Lily’s word, they woke up in the morning eagerly talking about Aria going to Fairyland. They couldn’t wait for her to come back and visit them and share her adventures!

Aria’s sweet grandmother was the one hardest to say goodbye too. They had a strong bond and Aria would miss her so much. Maybe she would be able to come back for her grandmother once she was crowned as Queen. The Queen had all the power, didn’t she?

Right before the entrance Aria paused. This was it, once she took a step there was no turning back.

Remembering the precious words of her grandmother she closed her eyes as she took the final step.

50 thoughts on “Magical Wisteria

  1. …Into the Ashikaga Flower Park! I love Wisteria! If you’re ever in Japan in the spring, the Ashikaga Flower Park is in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Definite “bucket list” item, and you’ll want to stay locally because it’s even more amazing after the sun goes down. Seriously.

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  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if every child went to fairyland, upon entering their teen years? Aria’s parents are quite fortunate. But I feel sorry for the fairies, since their new queen will be subject to emotional mood swings, will rebel against everything, and will imagine herself to be five times as wise as people five times older than her. Politics is going to become very chaotic in fairytale land.

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