Whispers of Love

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Hugging her bunny close to her, she wiped a tear from her eye. She was awake, it had all been a dream, only a dream. Molly’s grandmother would not be in the kitchen preparing pancakes for her. Sighing, she buried her head into Toffee’s fur for a moment. Why oh why did you leave me Grammy? Pinching her eyes shut she tried to make the dream come back to her. The dream of being wrapped in one of Grammy’s warm hugs.

“Molly! Breakfast is ready.”

With one more hug to Toffee, Molly got out of bed. She wondered if Mommy Kimberly had made pancakes. Her pancakes didn’t taste like her Grammy’s but she was so kind to Molly that it was OK.

It was only the 2 of them sitting at the table, Jacob had already left for work. When Molly took her last bite of chocolate chip pancakes, Kimberly surprised her with great news.

“How would you like to go visit Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm today?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Molly may have had clouds in her eyes before, but now her face was as bright as a rainbow. She loved going to visit her best friend Betsy, Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s cow.

Kimberly’s heart was light, she knew Molly loved the farm and being with Betsy seemed to always be good for her.

Soon they were ready to go for Molly got dressed in record time, instead of her usual dawdling.

They drove down the road belting out “Old McDonald had a farm”, and “The Wheels on the Bus”. Kimberly had never considered herself a great singer, but singing with Molly was always fun and it made the trip go faster. When they arrived Molly was craning her neck to try and see if Betsy was in the field.

“She’s there, she’s there!” She shot out the door like a bolt of lightning and ran for the field.

Kimberly stayed back to visit the new baby goats. They were so cute and she wanted to help Mr. Fuzzywhistle feed them with their bottles. She enjoyed talking to Mr. Fuzzywhistle, he usually had some funny stories to share with her and sometimes words of wisdom too.

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Molly ran her small fingers through the lush green grass, while talking to her favorite cow.

“I miss Grammy. I wanna hug her and have her hold me in her lap.”

Her bottom lip puckered out.

Betsy’s eyes shone with compassion. Little Molly had stolen her heart.

“You really loved your Grammy, I know.”

“She was the bestest Grammy in all the world.” Molly spread her arms out really wide, and then sighed. “She was the only one who loved me.”

Betsy bent her head down, nuzzling Molly’s face which made her giggle. “I know you love me too, Betsy. You and Toffee are my best friends!” She wrapped her small arms around Betsy’s neck.

“Miss Kimberly loves you too.”

Not a word was spoken for a few minutes. Molly continued hanging onto Betsy’s neck. Then her voice was barely audible as she whispered, “I know, but what if she leaves me too?”

The 2 friends were silent for awhile. Lost in thought, but enjoying each other’s company.

Then Molly remembered Kimberly mentioning how Mr. Fuzzywhistle had new baby goats, she wanted to see them!

“I gotta go Betsy, love you!”

Betsy watched Molly scamper away, and she went back to grazing. She wasn’t so sure what was so special about the new goats, but oh well!

“They are sooo cute!” Molly was all smiles, as she petted one.

“I haven’t picked names for them yet, think you can help me?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle smiled down at her, while stroking his beard.

Molly appeared to be in deep concentration for a short time.

“Jellybean and Whisper!”

Kimberly and Mr. Fuzzywhistle laughed. “Jellybean and Whisper it is! Thank you Molly, wouldn’t want them to be nameless.”

After spending a little longer at the farm, Molly said she was hungry.

“Why don’t we all go visit Mason’s coffee shop in town. They have mighty tasty ice cream, but you probably don’t like ice cream, do you?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle was grinning looking at Molly, whose face lit up.

“Ice cream! I love ice cream!”

It didn’t take them long to get to get to the coffee shop. Molly’s eyes got as big as a flying saucer when Mason brought out her ice cream sundae.

2 big scoops of cookie dough ice cream with with whip cream , sweet cherries and plenty of hot fudge.

Even Cara’s eyes got big, thinking it looked really good. “Hey Mason, could you make me an ice cream sundae too?”

The bell jangled as a customer walked in. Mason looked at Cara, ” Sorry, looks like you have a customer to wait on.”

Grinning he sat down with Molly.

Cara shook her head, but she had to smile as she watched him with Molly, making her laugh with his goofy faces. He always was good with the children that came into the coffee shop. It was like a superpower of his, he never failed to get a smile out of them.

Ahh! It was Mr. Tippner who had come in. Now she would still get to eat her ice cream sundae, she would quickly get Tippner’s order. He always ordered the same thing, a simple BLT. with some chips and applesauce on the side. It wouldn’t take her long to fix that, and then she could enjoy a yummy treat.

More laughter came from Molly, Cara looked over at her thinking that Kimberly and Jacob were so blessed to have Molly. No one knew much about her past, but for those who knew her, they all agreed that she was one special little girl.

40 thoughts on “Whispers of Love

  1. As Mr. Tippner gnawed on his BLT, he suddenly remembered that he’d left the keys in his car, with the engine running. He dropped the sandwich and rushed out the door. Cara came over to clean his table and noticed he’d left no tip. “Just like the cheap bastard,” she muttered.

    Molly overheard. “What’s a cheap bastard?” she piped up.

    Cara flushed red with embarrassment, while glancing at a scowling Mason. “Oh, no, I said ‘rat turd’, uh, I mean ‘bat bird’. Bad bird. That’s what I said.”

    “Where’s the bad bird?” Molly looked all around.

    Just then, Mr. Tippner opened the door and headed back to his half-eaten BLT, which Cara had already picked up and dumped into the trash. “Hey! Where’s my sandwich?” his eyes boring holes into Cara’s guilt-stricken face.

    “I-I thought you’d left, and without tipping,” Cara stuttered, and then off she hurried to make a new BLT sandwich for her disgruntled customer.

    Needless to say, Cara received no tip from Mr. Tippner that day, and Molly was kept well away from her and her foul mouth. I guess it just wasn’t Cara’s day.

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