Exercising your Smile!

Happy Sunday! I thought I would share some more cute animal  pictures from the vast land of “Pinterest” with all of you.  Pictures of some of the more tinier animals this time. Pictures that hopefully bring you a smile and maybe laughter as well. As always, feel free to add your own captions to these pictures for extra laughs for all of us, if you would like. Most importantly just enjoy some moments of getting some smiling exercise in! Doesn’t take much effort and the results are great for the heart.

1. e347cd508ad160232cdff8559f4aa354

2. e3dae17c5c0ff412ac00764bbef8b187

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11 thoughts on “Exercising your Smile!

  1. 1. You’ve got to get under the umbrella. UNDER.
    2. The secret to a happy marriage is to put your spouse on a pedestal.
    3. Would you stop posting these cute, distracting photos?! I’m trying to watch the Super Bowl!
    4. Red, the pantomiming squirrel, performs “The Wall”.

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