Time for a Smile Break!

Today was a good day for ducks! A dreary, rainy day, but you can always find smiles if you look for them, and these pics made me smile. I hope they do for the same for you, sometimes you just need to take a SMILE BREAK! Share something that makes you smile in the comments below. You can feel free to share captions for these pictures as well. All pictures are thanks to Pinterest, the site that has just about anything!





Sharing the Magic

We woke up to snow falling this morning and creating beauty once again. The temps are barely above freezing, but just enough for it to not be laying on the roads which is nice. since I soon have to drive on them.

Watching the snow fall always seems to add a touch of magic to the air. My mind was going back in time as I watched out my window. What “magical” moments do you remember from your childhood? Big moments, small moments, anything that brings a smile to your face and some magic to your heart when you think about it. One of those memories that you enjoy revisiting from time to time.

Here are some memories that popped into my head as I watched the falling snow.

1. Playing in the creek with my friends, splashing in the water and floating down the creek in an inner tube.  (Yes, it is snowing outside and my mind is thinking about summertime! :))

2. Walking into the kitchen and seeing my Mom cooking chocolate pudding on the stove. Ahh! Dessert was going to be good tonight for supper!

3. Being in my best friend’s bedroom and us listening to the Top 20 Country Music songs Countdown on the weekends as we tried to figure out the meaning of life at the ripe old age of 10!

4. Telling my Boston Terrier all about the problems with guys and her listening with great attention and totally agreeing with all I said as she cuddled against me.

What magical moments would you like to share? Grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a little trip down memory lane. Feel free to take us along if you want, by sharing in the comments below and pass the marshmallows please, I need some more for my Hot Cocoa.


Exercising your Smile!

Happy Sunday! I thought I would share some more cute animal  pictures from the vast land of “Pinterest” with all of you.  Pictures of some of the more tinier animals this time. Pictures that hopefully bring you a smile and maybe laughter as well. As always, feel free to add your own captions to these pictures for extra laughs for all of us, if you would like. Most importantly just enjoy some moments of getting some smiling exercise in! Doesn’t take much effort and the results are great for the heart.

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Sunday’s Sunny Smiles!

Happy Sunday! It has been raining cats and dogs here once again, but my thoughts are with others down South who are preparing for a hurricane. Prayers for all those who are in the path of the hurricane.

The sun may be hard to see for a lot of us along the East Coast in the States , but smiles can spread sunshine and smiles can be shared in any kind of weather!

What is a way that you have spread sunshine? Share below an example of something you have done or said that has made someone smile.  Or feel free to share a quote,  or a picture that you know will bring some smiles. Keep spreading the joy and helping the “storm clouds” in life be covered by the sun!