Friday’s Super Short Stories!

We can’t hold back the years as they fly by, but we can hold onto the memories as we tuck them securely into our heart.

When the clock says 3am and your brain says, “Lets wake up now!” and you wish you could send it to the corner for waking you!

What super short story lies in your mind?  Give it a try, what  would  you like to say? Share your own “little story” today.  🙂





24 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. My short story..
    The sheep are waiting, come they’re calling to you…come count me, we’re waiting just for’s time to get cozy your eyes are getting heavy…don’t worry about tomorrow for it’s off to dreamland for you

    Okay obviously I’m tired . lol 😉 ❤️

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