Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy May! I always get flowers for my porch in the beginning of May, and see if we can make a record with how long I am able to keep them alive. I didn’t make it out yet to get any, but plan to this week. Do you have a favorite flower? 

Enjoy the quotes and take time to smell the roses today! 












Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! So it took a little longer this morning due to the fact that the WP new editor found me! What do I think of it? Lets just say I need more coffee! I did see something where you can download the classic editor and stick with it. So hopefully I can figure that out or else will just figure this out. Either way, I am happy that I at least could post. Now I am ready for some Strawberry pie. My husband made me one yesterday, and it is very good! What is your favorite pie? Go ahead and grab your favorite snack, while reading the following quotes. Make your mind and stomach smile!

100 Quotes on Life that'll Bring Alive a New You & Change You Forever


Do not stand in a place of danger trusting in miracles. ~ African Proverb


Wise Sayings: Quotes about Wisdom - Wishes Messages Sayings





Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~ Mark Twain #funny #funnyquotes #quotes #quotestoliveby #dailyquote


french proverb water


Responsible tourism begins with you and me !!



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts today? Is something weighing heavily on your mind, or do you feel carefree at the moment? Watching the clock, and rushing about, or feeling at peace? Whatever your mood may be, I hope that you can enjoy a few moments of sitting back and relaxing by pondering on some of these quotes. And may today be exactly as Pooh Bear describes it!



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Getting back into life’s normal routine, but vacation memories are still very vivid in my mind.  We saw such beautiful sights, from the lush gardens, to the beach to the mountains.

Gold nuggets were all around, as we breathed in the moments. There was beauty just waiting to be discovered by us, and not all that beauty was nature. Perhaps that is another  clue to the special, mysterious nuggets that we found, and perhaps now is the time to reveal ………. the quotes for today! Enjoy my dear readers! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We had a small snowfall over the weekend, just enough to make it look pretty. We are supposed to be getting more this coming weekend, which could come with ice and could be a lot more than just a few inches. I been saying that I am ready for a big snowstorm, but this coming weekend we do have plans to go away. Oh well, I don’t have much control over the weather so as the saying goes, ” what will be, will be!”  May you be able to smile this week, even when things don’t go as you planned! That’s why there is always Plan B and C!

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9. e28bdaa8313df53f10248966207aee90 or a sign of being crazy … or … you choose! 🙂

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What are your thoughts today? Where do they take you? Hopefully they take you to some happy places. If you are struggling with having good thoughts today, I hope you that one of these quotes will lift your heart. We all have been there, where we need to gently  be lifted and shown some light. May you feel some light today and take your light to go share with others! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy July everyone! The year just keeps speeding by. Some days at a nice relaxing, leisurely pace and other days perhaps you feel like you are barely holding on to the train as it speeds along! I hope you can find some relaxing moments today amidst your schedule. Take a break and move at ferret speed. That’s a term that my husband came up with when we were all walking in the woods. Yes, we were walking with the dogs, but also with one of our ferrets.  Yes, they make tiny enough leashes for ferrets and the ferrets love them!

It is so funny to watch people’s reactions as they walk by, whether we be walking on our road or in the woods. They smile at us and our dogs, saying HI, or nodding their heads and then  they  turn around again to take another look. Wanting to be sure that they saw what they think they saw.  We stop as they walk towards us and we have a friendly conversation about ferrets.  It is fun to hear people’s reactions.  Keep your eyes open if you go on a walk today, you just never know what you may see, what may make you look twice! 🙂


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  8. abraham lincoln quotes on success  When we know someone believes in us, it can make such a difference!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy First Day of Spring! Can’t say that it feels like the first day of Spring with snow in our forecast, but the calendar isn’t wrong. I just think that Winter may be upset that he slept most of his time away and is trying for one more big show.  Either way I hope you can have a great day, whether you are making a snow angel or picking out flowers to plant in your garden. Hopefully some of these quotes will plant themselves in your mind and be there for you to pull out again when you need a smile.

Well so much for thinking that Winter might miss giving us a Goodbye show! I wrote that first paragraph before I left for my physical therapy appt. this morning, yes I still have a troublesome knee, but…that’s another story. I am home now, 2 hours later and the snow is coming down fast.  They are saying we could get up to a foot! If we do, I will have some pretty pictures to show you in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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  4. ed2f38673e31c905007919035bfbc163 This was shared by Jodi, my dear blogger friend, on her blog this morning. I liked it as soon as I read it and knew I wanted to include it with my quotes today,
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  10. little_prince


HAPPY SPRING! 🙂 They are now saying up to 14 inches.  We will see how close they are to being right. If it does snow all day and through the night like it is supposed to, well then….we may be really waking up to a Winter Wonderland!

She Danced….


The sky was dark, but she heard the music in her heart and so she danced.

The music would sometimes be hard to hear, at the worst times it would be muted and the silence was deafening to her ears. Times where she couldn’t  even remember how the happy tune used to sound.   When the happy,  melodious tune that was always a welcomed guest appeared now to be a stranger.  Walked out of the door of her heart with no forwarding address.

That wouldn’t stop her though.  She would still feel the pull from the depths of her soul and she would dance anyway.  She may have to make up the tune and it might have a lot of sharps and flats,  but still she danced.  She danced,  believing that the melody she once again would hear.

She danced for she knew her story wasn’t over.  She danced for the dreams that were  still out there waiting to be fulfilled.   She grabbed onto the moonbeam and let herself fly.  She flew through the sky in her dreams.   Letting herself be carried by the wind.  The wind that  would sometimes  mutter and sigh, but other times  would chime,  as she danced on the clouds.

She danced,  even though the nights grew long. and the wind harshly blew.   She danced, because even in the darkness she believed that she still could shine!


This was written for a dear friend of mine.  A friend who inspires me as she  makes her way through  deep grief.  Keep dancing my friend, your story still has many pages to be written upon! Love you!