Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Getting back into life’s normal routine, but vacation memories are still very vivid in my mind.  We saw such beautiful sights, from the lush gardens, to the beach to the mountains.

Gold nuggets were all around, as we breathed in the moments. There was beauty just waiting to be discovered by us, and not all that beauty was nature. Perhaps that is another  clue to the special, mysterious nuggets that we found, and perhaps now is the time to reveal ………. the quotes for today! Enjoy my dear readers! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We had a small snowfall over the weekend, just enough to make it look pretty. We are supposed to be getting more this coming weekend, which could come with ice and could be a lot more than just a few inches. I been saying that I am ready for a big snowstorm, but this coming weekend we do have plans to go away. Oh well, I don’t have much control over the weather so as the saying goes, ” what will be, will be!”  May you be able to smile this week, even when things don’t go as you planned! That’s why there is always Plan B and C!

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9. e28bdaa8313df53f10248966207aee90 or a sign of being crazy … or … you choose! 🙂

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What are your thoughts today? Where do they take you? Hopefully they take you to some happy places. If you are struggling with having good thoughts today, I hope you that one of these quotes will lift your heart. We all have been there, where we need to gently  be lifted and shown some light. May you feel some light today and take your light to go share with others! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy July everyone! The year just keeps speeding by. Some days at a nice relaxing, leisurely pace and other days perhaps you feel like you are barely holding on to the train as it speeds along! I hope you can find some relaxing moments today amidst your schedule. Take a break and move at ferret speed. That’s a term that my husband came up with when we were all walking in the woods. Yes, we were walking with the dogs, but also with one of our ferrets.  Yes, they make tiny enough leashes for ferrets and the ferrets love them!

It is so funny to watch people’s reactions as they walk by, whether we be walking on our road or in the woods. They smile at us and our dogs, saying HI, or nodding their heads and then  they  turn around again to take another look. Wanting to be sure that they saw what they think they saw.  We stop as they walk towards us and we have a friendly conversation about ferrets.  It is fun to hear people’s reactions.  Keep your eyes open if you go on a walk today, you just never know what you may see, what may make you look twice! 🙂


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  8. abraham lincoln quotes on success  When we know someone believes in us, it can make such a difference!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy First Day of Spring! Can’t say that it feels like the first day of Spring with snow in our forecast, but the calendar isn’t wrong. I just think that Winter may be upset that he slept most of his time away and is trying for one more big show.  Either way I hope you can have a great day, whether you are making a snow angel or picking out flowers to plant in your garden. Hopefully some of these quotes will plant themselves in your mind and be there for you to pull out again when you need a smile.

Well so much for thinking that Winter might miss giving us a Goodbye show! I wrote that first paragraph before I left for my physical therapy appt. this morning, yes I still have a troublesome knee, but…that’s another story. I am home now, 2 hours later and the snow is coming down fast.  They are saying we could get up to a foot! If we do, I will have some pretty pictures to show you in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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  4. ed2f38673e31c905007919035bfbc163 This was shared by Jodi, my dear blogger friend, on her blog this morning. I liked it as soon as I read it and knew I wanted to include it with my quotes today,
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HAPPY SPRING! 🙂 They are now saying up to 14 inches.  We will see how close they are to being right. If it does snow all day and through the night like it is supposed to, well then….we may be really waking up to a Winter Wonderland!

She Danced….


The sky was dark, but she heard the music in her heart and so she danced.

The music would sometimes be hard to hear, at the worst times it would be muted and the silence was deafening to her ears. Times where she couldn’t  even remember how the happy tune used to sound.   When the happy,  melodious tune that was always a welcomed guest appeared now to be a stranger.  Walked out of the door of her heart with no forwarding address.

That wouldn’t stop her though.  She would still feel the pull from the depths of her soul and she would dance anyway.  She may have to make up the tune and it might have a lot of sharps and flats,  but still she danced.  She danced,  believing that the melody she once again would hear.

She danced for she knew her story wasn’t over.  She danced for the dreams that were  still out there waiting to be fulfilled.   She grabbed onto the moonbeam and let herself fly.  She flew through the sky in her dreams.   Letting herself be carried by the wind.  The wind that  would sometimes  mutter and sigh, but other times  would chime,  as she danced on the clouds.

She danced,  even though the nights grew long. and the wind harshly blew.   She danced, because even in the darkness she believed that she still could shine!


This was written for a dear friend of mine.  A friend who inspires me as she  makes her way through  deep grief.  Keep dancing my friend, your story still has many pages to be written upon! Love you!




Cherishing the Moments

“Cherish the Moments!”  My dear blogger friend Jodi says this a lot in her blog, it is her motto and its a great one!  I try to remind myself of it often.  These past couple days I have had a reminder of it from good friends of ours who are going through a joyful, bittersweet time.  Your thoughts and prayers would be deeply appreciated by them.

This past Thursday they had a beautiful baby boy named Billy.   Unfortunately their precious baby has severe health problems.  Billy was born with his pulmonary artery not connected to his heart and his heart is on the wrong side.  There is more to it, but I am trying to explain it as simply as possible.  The bottom line is that he will need several surgeries and there is a high mortality rate due to the complexity of this rare condition.  His first surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

His parents have known what was coming.  They have shed the tears and they know this is a fight for his life,  but they are cherishing the moments with joy and not with bitterness and questions of what if!  The pictures they have posted and their messages with the pictures are just so heartwarming.   I have fallen in love with this baby already, like so many others have.

He is so alert!  The nurses in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) say he is the strongest fighter in there.  The Dad posted a picture of him holding onto his Mom’s finger for the first time, that picture in itself spoke a 1000 words.

Most Moms get to cuddle with their newborn and hold them tight to their chest once they are born, my friend didn’t get that option.  Billy had to be rushed to the NICU immediately and hooked up to all kinds of equipment.  But there wasn’t a post about complaining that she didn’t get to do that.  There was a post celebrating his birth and then the picture of when she could finally touch him.

They aren’t denying reality in their posts, but they are choosing to focus more on the reality right in front of them at this very second.  The reality that there precious boy is now alive and he is responding to their voices and the sight of them.

He is squeezing their fingers and he is sending a message to the world, ” Look, I am here! I am here and causing hundreds of peoples hearts to melt at the sight of me.  I am here and reminding people to be happy in the very moment that they are in.  To not think about tomorrow and worry about what the next hour or day may bring.  To concentrate on the here and now.  For now I am here.  Here to melt your heart and to bring  unspeakable love.  Now, I am here!  Don’t waste this precious time.  I am here  this minute, this very second, rejoice in loving me.   Now I am here and I love you.  You are my world, you are my everything!  I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy.  Thank you for loving me!!”


The Little Things

Life is comprised of so many  special moments  and sometimes it can be the littlest things that make the heart swell!

My husband had mentioned awhile back for me to save a certain date on the calendar. He said that he was taking me out to celebrate.  I asked him what we were celebrating.  He smiled as he said, that I would have to just wait and see, but that the date held a lot of significance.

Well my curious mind went into overtime as I was wondering what was so significant about this date. I really had no clue!  As the time grew closer I got more curious but of course no clues were given.  Finally the day arrived.  Not only did I not know why the date of the day was so significant, I didn’t even know where we were going!

As we were driving down the road he took my hand and asked me if I  really had no clue of the significance of the date.   I said “Yes” and he was silent.  Then he said, “The reason for celebrating this very significant day is…”  and it went silent again.  Can you tell that my dear husband loves drawing out the suspense?   It went on like that for a little until finally he spoke words that reminded me again of why I love him so.  He said, ” As of today and so many hours (he gave the number of hours!) I have known you for exactly half of my life!”  I was without words!

We had a wonderful time at a outdoor Jazz concert and then went to a delicious Japanese restaurant.  Both of those things were great,  but what stuck in my mind as I went to bed that night was those simple words from his heart.  What will stay in my heart is how special he made me feel.

Making someone feel special doesn’t have to be about giving them something big and pricey.  So often it is more the words of love and appreciation spoke directly from the heart!


The Burial

Elonya  was trudging along carrying her suitcase and a shovel.   She would switch them from hand to hand at times because the suitcase was so heavy.   She should be used to the weight though, for she had been carrying this suitcase for a long time.  It was rather worn from all the use it had.  Traveled many places with her.   At times she would discard some of its contents, but the load never got lighter, for she would just pick up more.

Elonya wandered through the woods looking for the right spot.  Up ahead she saw it.  There stood a rather large Oak tree.  It wasn’t surrounded by any other trees, just stood alone.  She was so tired and weary, but she knew this job had to be done.  Grabbing the shovel Elonya started to dig a hole.  A very important hole.  One that should have been dug long ago.

At times she would stop for a rest and to wipe her brow, and then would pick up the shovel once more.  She kept telling herself this would be worth it.  Once she decided that the hole was deep enough she opened her suitcase and took out rocks of all sizes.  Some were just tiny,  but others were so big and heavy.  One by one she threw them into the deep hole.

When she was done she grabbed the shovel again shoveling the dirt back over the hole.  At last the hole was covered.  Standing there Elonya paused for a moment,  lost in her thoughts.  Closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of the woods.  She heard some singing  and looked up to see the most  beautiful Bluebird that she had ever seen!  She was in awe of its glowing wings that were vibrant blue!

Elonya smiled and then bent down to do the last thing that needed done.  She took out a plaque that she had engraved and propped it up against the tree.  She smiled again as she let out a big sigh of relief.  Her heart felt light and her gaze again turned to the Bluebird who was still singing his song.  In a way it was like he was singing his song just for her.  No other birds were around,  the woods were silent, except for the Bluebird’s song.    Walking away she started humming a song of her own.  The weight was finally gone,  she walked faster as she swung her arms, yes this was the way life was meant to be! Her burdens set free!

The Bluebird kept singing and no one was around to read the plaque that was propped against the tree.

The plaque read: “Farewell to the If’s!  To “What If…”  and its partner in crime “If only..”  No more will I think about all the things you try to say.  No more will you make me go crazy in my mind wishing that somehow I could change history.  You kept making me second guess myself and wishing to go back in time, but you never could guarantee me that things would have been better.

Farewell to  the chaos triplets as well.  They are buried with their neighbors,  the “If’s”.   Their names are ,  “Would Have”,  “Should Have”, and “Could Have”!  All of you were also no good!   You only brought guilt on me which most of the time was misplaced guilt.  You didn’t care if it was false guilt, you kept bombarding my mind with your lies.   Farewell to all of you!   I have found new company to keep.  Their names are so much nicer,  ” Joy”, ” Hope, “, “Faith”,  “Forgiveness” and “Love”!  They have proved themselves much more worthy of my company!!  With them I plan to stay!  It is with cheer that I bid all of you adieu!”

Legend has it that the plaque stayed there through the wind and rain and that more holes were dug around the Oak tree.  It appeared that there were many more relatives and friends  of the “If’s” that had worn out their welcome with more than just Elonya.   She hadn’t been the only one that had grown tired of them,  but her plaque inspired others to have the courage to do what she had done.  Others dug a hole and threw them in bidding them all farewell.

There still are times that some distant cousins try to rear their ugly heads, but Elonya makes sure that it doesn’t last long.  She had found her true friends who give her the  truth to hold onto and believe.

It is also said that when one enters the woods and draws close to the Oak tree that they can hear the lone, singing of a Bluebird and that if they look up they will spot him sitting in the tree.  It has been passed down through generations that it  was the most beautiful Bluebird that you ever would see.