The Little Things

Life is comprised of so many  special moments  and sometimes it can be the littlest things that make the heart swell!

My husband had mentioned awhile back for me to save a certain date on the calendar. He said that he was taking me out to celebrate.  I asked him what we were celebrating.  He smiled as he said, that I would have to just wait and see, but that the date held a lot of significance.

Well my curious mind went into overtime as I was wondering what was so significant about this date. I really had no clue!  As the time grew closer I got more curious but of course no clues were given.  Finally the day arrived.  Not only did I not know why the date of the day was so significant, I didn’t even know where we were going!

As we were driving down the road he took my hand and asked me if I  really had no clue of the significance of the date.   I said “Yes” and he was silent.  Then he said, “The reason for celebrating this very significant day is…”  and it went silent again.  Can you tell that my dear husband loves drawing out the suspense?   It went on like that for a little until finally he spoke words that reminded me again of why I love him so.  He said, ” As of today and so many hours (he gave the number of hours!) I have known you for exactly half of my life!”  I was without words!

We had a wonderful time at a outdoor Jazz concert and then went to a delicious Japanese restaurant.  Both of those things were great,  but what stuck in my mind as I went to bed that night was those simple words from his heart.  What will stay in my heart is how special he made me feel.

Making someone feel special doesn’t have to be about giving them something big and pricey.  So often it is more the words of love and appreciation spoke directly from the heart!


The Burial

Elonya  was trudging along carrying her suitcase and a shovel.   She would switch them from hand to hand at times because the suitcase was so heavy.   She should be used to the weight though, for she had been carrying this suitcase for a long time.  It was rather worn from all the use it had.  Traveled many places with her.   At times she would discard some of its contents, but the load never got lighter, for she would just pick up more.

Elonya wandered through the woods looking for the right spot.  Up ahead she saw it.  There stood a rather large Oak tree.  It wasn’t surrounded by any other trees, just stood alone.  She was so tired and weary, but she knew this job had to be done.  Grabbing the shovel Elonya started to dig a hole.  A very important hole.  One that should have been dug long ago.

At times she would stop for a rest and to wipe her brow, and then would pick up the shovel once more.  She kept telling herself this would be worth it.  Once she decided that the hole was deep enough she opened her suitcase and took out rocks of all sizes.  Some were just tiny,  but others were so big and heavy.  One by one she threw them into the deep hole.

When she was done she grabbed the shovel again shoveling the dirt back over the hole.  At last the hole was covered.  Standing there Elonya paused for a moment,  lost in her thoughts.  Closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of the woods.  She heard some singing  and looked up to see the most  beautiful Bluebird that she had ever seen!  She was in awe of its glowing wings that were vibrant blue!

Elonya smiled and then bent down to do the last thing that needed done.  She took out a plaque that she had engraved and propped it up against the tree.  She smiled again as she let out a big sigh of relief.  Her heart felt light and her gaze again turned to the Bluebird who was still singing his song.  In a way it was like he was singing his song just for her.  No other birds were around,  the woods were silent, except for the Bluebird’s song.    Walking away she started humming a song of her own.  The weight was finally gone,  she walked faster as she swung her arms, yes this was the way life was meant to be! Her burdens set free!

The Bluebird kept singing and no one was around to read the plaque that was propped against the tree.

The plaque read: “Farewell to the If’s!  To “What If…”  and its partner in crime “If only..”  No more will I think about all the things you try to say.  No more will you make me go crazy in my mind wishing that somehow I could change history.  You kept making me second guess myself and wishing to go back in time, but you never could guarantee me that things would have been better.

Farewell to  the chaos triplets as well.  They are buried with their neighbors,  the “If’s”.   Their names are ,  “Would Have”,  “Should Have”, and “Could Have”!  All of you were also no good!   You only brought guilt on me which most of the time was misplaced guilt.  You didn’t care if it was false guilt, you kept bombarding my mind with your lies.   Farewell to all of you!   I have found new company to keep.  Their names are so much nicer,  ” Joy”, ” Hope, “, “Faith”,  “Forgiveness” and “Love”!  They have proved themselves much more worthy of my company!!  With them I plan to stay!  It is with cheer that I bid all of you adieu!”

Legend has it that the plaque stayed there through the wind and rain and that more holes were dug around the Oak tree.  It appeared that there were many more relatives and friends  of the “If’s” that had worn out their welcome with more than just Elonya.   She hadn’t been the only one that had grown tired of them,  but her plaque inspired others to have the courage to do what she had done.  Others dug a hole and threw them in bidding them all farewell.

There still are times that some distant cousins try to rear their ugly heads, but Elonya makes sure that it doesn’t last long.  She had found her true friends who give her the  truth to hold onto and believe.

It is also said that when one enters the woods and draws close to the Oak tree that they can hear the lone, singing of a Bluebird and that if they look up they will spot him sitting in the tree.  It has been passed down through generations that it  was the most beautiful Bluebird that you ever would see.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  I woke up way too early this morning,  but at least I had a book to read at 3am.  Now you will get a earlier post of my quotes for the day,  that is if I don’t fall asleep on the keyboard. 🙂   I hope you have a great day and please keep Houston, Texas in your thoughts and prayers.  We are expecting a rainy week here,  but nothing compared to what Houston is dealing with.  They have had 30inches of rain already and my husband just read in the news this morning that the worst is still to come!!  I can’t imagine!

Hopefully these quotes can inspire your heart today!

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Daily Prompt: Magnetic

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic

A smile came to my face when I saw this “prompt”,  how could I not write about it.  If you are a new follower of mine, you may not be aware of  my history with the word “magnetic” and my vehicle.  Yes, my vehicle has some invisible magnet on it that attracts many objects to it.  Not other vehicles thankfully,  but things like mailboxes, sign posts, the garage door, etc.  Can you relate?  Does your vehicle have the same invisible magnet?  Feel free to let me know that I am not alone in this!   While this magnetic attraction has not caused anything serious to happen, it has left its share of dents on my vehicle.   I try to tell my husband that I like to keep things even.  If one corner of the vehicle has a dent, shouldn’t the other?

While thinking about this word this morning I started thinking of how I want to be magnetic.  No, that doesn’t mean I want to bump into things,  I may do that occasionally.  What can I say?  When you are half awake it can be easy to do.

I want to be magnetic  in a way that attracts others, not things!  I want to shine out happiness and joy to others.  I want to attract a smiles and laughter. Remember laughter is great exercise for the heart!

I want to draw others to the magnet of kindness and peace,  want it to be such a powerful magnet that it reaches around the world!

If you are sad and lonely,  if your heart is breaking, I want to be a magnet to draw you in and let you know I care.

If you google magnets and magnetic force you will find that there is some amazingly powerful magnets out there!  There may be some incredibly strong magnets in the world, but what about the strong power that we ourselves  hold?

Don’t underestimate the power that you  can have!   I know I said it before, but I will say it again.  The power of a simple word, smile or deed can be so strong.  I am sure that each of us can probably go back in time and remember the power that some kind words or deeds had to our heart!  How they filled our heart with warmth.

Those warm feelings can come back to you when you least expect it.   A memory hit me from 2 years ago and my heart was flooded with warmth again and thankfulness for what my friend did.  It was simple really, and I don’t even think she realized how much it meant, for to her it was nothing.  She showed up where I was at the time and gave me a tight hug.  She drove to the wrong place at first, but didn’t give up and found me.  Found me at a time when my heart was breaking.  She knew that she couldn’t fix things for me, she couldn’t change what had happened, but she knew she could be there for me.  She could give me the power of a hug and hugs can be so very powerful!  Is there a stronger magnetic pull than the power of a strong hug to your heart?  I don’t think so.

What is your magnet going to attract today?

The following links are some wonderful posts that brought smiles to my heart. May they spread smiles  to your heart as well.

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Bring The Sunshine With You – My Thinking Corner

Bluebird of Happiness


The Bluebird of Happiness sings his song for all who take the time to listen!

What things bring a song to your heart and light your face with a smile?  Here is a list of a few of mine.

The comfort of having a furry companion near and watching their antics.

The uninhibited joy that a toddler can express!

Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty around me.

The gift of laughter that is bestowed on me countless times!

Listening to music, letting it speak to my heart.

Surprise Dates with the One I Love!

The fun, fabulous friendships that I cherish!

Surprises in the mail!

Writing and being surprised as to where the pen leads.

A tight hug.

A gentle kiss when it rains.

Wrapped in a blanket, watching a favorite movie that I have seen numerous times.

The contentment of feeling blessed.

Continue singing your song  oh pretty Bluebird, and for the reminder that there is  always reasons to celebrate  Happiness!







“I wish I may, I wish I might”


So many thoughts going through my mind as I sit grasping these pennies tightly in my hand.  “I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Throw a penny,  blow a candle, or wish upon a star.  The ways to make wishes are many by far.  Find a 4 leaf clover, blow on a dandelion, or pull on a wishbone.  Many ways and so very many wishes.

I wish for the grieving ones to feel comforted and for the ones in physical pain to feel relief.  For the ones who feel hopeless to find the courage to keep fighting  on.

I wish for the lonely to find a smile and to know the joy of someone that cares.  I wish for the fearful ones to rise up and stand against their fears.

Every day a million stars are wished upon and a million pennies tossed into a fountain or a well.  But stars are only stars and pennies are only pennies, no magic powers do they themselves  hold. 

The answers don’t lie in a penny or a candle.  The answers to others wishes can lie within ourselves.  Like a burning flame whose light wants to shine!

We can lend our wings to our grieving friend, as they wait for their broken wings to heal.  We can spread hope and encouragement to the ones who are barely holding on.  We can let them know that they are not alone, that someone does indeed care and loves them just the way they are. 

I wish I may, I wish I might, make someone’s star twinkle tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, put a shine to someone’s special coin that is thrown.  Thrown in a well as they perhaps wipe tears from their eyes.  I wish I may, I wish I might, bring  someone hope tonight. 

These are my wishes for this fistful of coins in my hand.  I wish I may, I wish I might, have the flame inside of me shine out  tonight.



Just Breathe!

My post today is divided into 2 parts. The first one is simply called  Life Before and the other one is Life Now.  The Before portion contains  some parts from  a beautiful poem,
“The River”.  It was written by fellow blogger and friend, Colin Chappell.

I was reading his poem last night and my heart was stirred.  Certain portions of the poem especially stirred my heart.  They made me think of parts of my  life from these past couple years.   I asked Colin if I could use excerpts from one of his poems on my blog,  and he graciously said yes.  You can read “The River” in its entirety,  and other moving poems,  in his newly released book, “Just Thinking”.

Life Before:

The River

Cascading down the mountain,

Hitting rocks and broken trees.

It must have thought so many times,

“Can I survive all this?”


“This is harder than I imagined.

I never believed this to be so.

My life is tearing me apart

Which way must my waters flow?”


“I am divided in my thoughts.

Confused by the turmoil found.

Is this what life is all about?

Where does peace abound?”


Then suddenly all was quiet.

Its waters slowed right down.

The river was once more, a river.

Of the turmoil there was no sound.

                                                                              By Colin Chappell    Copyright 2017

Life Now: 

Just Breathe…Swinging on my porch swing on a lovely summer’s day… Just Breathe…. Reading a relaxing book as I swing.  Putting the book down and gazing at the bright blue sky and letting the fresh air pour into my soul.   Sitting still and enjoying the time of being able to just breathe!

Breathing in joy…. joy and peace!  Ahh!  Peace,  that word that had enjoyed playing an elusive game of  hide and seek with me for so long.  Peace…. not because things are perfect… but because things are better than before.  Peace…. because it is easier now to simply breathe!

Swinging on my porch swing with my lovely daughter,  reliving memories of when she was little and used to sit with me on the swing.  If the old swing could talk what would it say?

Would it tell of when my dear children were little and  would sing along with me?  If you listen hard enough maybe the breeze will blow in their sweet voices from the past.  What about telling the story of  catching fireflies in the dark .  Of looking at the stars as Daddy would point out the Big Dipper.  Would it tell about us just breathing in the silence at times,  as we sat there,  feeling the love that surrounded us.

Just Breathe… isn’t perfect…. but there are moments that are perfect….Just Breathe…savor the feeling of peace……  soak in the moments,  for right now,  the river is still.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy August!!  This time next week I will be sitting on the sand watching the wonderful ocean waves!  Ahhh! Take a deep breath and breathe in that salt air!  A perfect way to enjoy Summer days!  We may go on a hike this evening, which is another way to enjoy summer, when it is not too hot.  We do still want to go on the 1000 step trail sometime. Yes, there is a 1000 steps to the top where there is an amazing view I am told!  I will post pics on here when we do it.  Hope that your view of life today can be wonderful!  Enjoy these quotes and may help to brighten your view!

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  6.  1613794_780714761967230_6661778240136408240_n I think I did post this before, but its worth posting again. I had it on my FB wall this morning and my dear friend commented. “And if you don’t know who that is, chances are that its you!”  OH, but I know who it is! LOL!
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The Glorious Field of Red


The table had been set with care, all that was needed was its all important guest.  The flowers danced around in the breeze waiting in anticipation .  The time once again had come.  Let the celebration begin!

The red carpet had been rolled out.  A grander carpet you could not find.  It was perfect! The flowers were so many, counting them would be like trying to count the stars in the sky.

Time was passing,  where was she?  After all these years she was never late!  She never missed the date.  The teapot was full and the chairs stood erect, they were waiting.

“Hurry please my dear! I must not be late!”  “Are you sure that I look fine?”

The granddaughter smiled. ” Oh Grandma you look divine, I love the way your eyes shine!”

She smiled at her granddaughter’s words, not only did her eyes shine, but her heart as well, for true love it did hold.

The clock chimed, it was time.  She made her way to the door, leaving a misty eyed but smiling granddaughter behind.  Her granddaughter understood even if some others never would.

This was a special day.   For 55 years this day had held a lot of meaning.  How could she just forget?  Her husband’s birthday was today, a day to celebrate.  All the joy he had brought her through his years could not be put into words.  Every year they had a special date out in this glorious field of red.  Every year she got out her special china, setting the table just right. They  would dine for awhile and then he would stand up with a smile,  and put out his hand asking if she would care to dance in the glorious field of red.  No music was needed, the song was in their hearts.  No words were needed as they let their eyes speak.  She felt pure bliss as she swayed with her head on his shoulder.

Her husband had been gone for 10 years now but why should the celebration of this special day end?   The years may have passed, but his memory still was strong.  She would continue celebrating him,  and on this day she would remember him in this special way.   For as long as she could she would recreate one of the wonderful memories that his birthday held.  She poured herself a cup of tea and felt his love speak to her in the gentle breeze.

His love flowed all around her and she raised her cup of tea in a toast to his memory.

She gently put the cup down, got up from the table, and faced his chair where she curtsied. She felt his left hand hold her right hand, and his right hand gently on her back. She placed her left hand on his shoulder and, as the music started, she waltzed once again through the glorious field of red. When the music ended, he bowed to her, and she curtsied in response. She gave him a radiant smile that only he ever saw. “Same time next year?” she asked. “Same time next year!” he replied. She turned and made her way back to her table… and her cup of tea.

The last paragraph is thanks to Colin! He wrote it in the comments. I was touched by it and thought it fit perfectly, so I  had to add it!  🙂




Reaching Out

Recently there were 2 news stories that really stood out to me. One stood out to me because of the show of human kindness; it warmed my heart! The other one unfortunately showed the exact opposite. I will first share the one where it shows that mankind still has a compassionate, caring heart!

A family was vacationing at the beach when 2 of their boys got stuck in a riptide. Riptides are so dangerous and unfortunately there have been many deaths related to them. Watch this short video to see what happens when humans decided to pull together and help those in need! If only we could show this spirit more often! No one gave a care about race, religion, etc. They just saw people that desperately needed help and they went into action.



Now this next news story just chilled me.  Like I said, it unfortunately shows the exact opposite side of human nature.  The side we hear about too often, and I know, here I am giving another example.  Sorry, but there is a point I want to make.


HORRIBLE! YES! There is no dispute.  It is a tragedy, and I know its not the first of its kind.  People have turned a blind eye to others being beaten to death, have turned a blind eye to others being raped.  It’s sickening, but its real. What is wrong with people?

I could make a very long post about what is wrong with people today, but that’s not the point I wanted to make.  These 2 stories made me think.  While I would never stand by and mock a drowning man, have I ever not helped someone when they needed it?  How many times have I turned a blind eye?

That’s  a hard question, for we all want to be seen as those who reach out and care for another!  I do try my best, but I am sure there have been the times where I have missed the opportunity to save someone that is “drowning.”  Drowning in the troubles of life.  Who knows if a couple words from me or a smile would have helped brighten their day, but was I too busy to get my list of things done for the day?  Did I miss smiling at that person that I passed by in the store because I was busy looking at my phone?  You say its just a smile,  but what if it would have been the only smile that person would have got that day?   Did I hurry someone off the phone because I needed to run,  right before they were getting ready to share their broken heart?

There are times that I really miss being a waitress.  I miss getting to know people that I wouldn’t come in contact with any other way.   I enjoyed taking the time to really get to know my customers.  I still see some of my regular customers in my mind and remember the conversations we had.  I knew when they were having a bad day and I gave a listening ear and I had fun with them on their good days.  Jokes would flow back and forth quite frequently.  I made sure that they got their dose of laughter for the day.

Thinking about it I guess in a way this blog is like a coffee shop. We share fun moments and serious ones in our posts.  Some of you are like my regular customers who I often  chat with  beyond the posts on good and bad days and the laughter often flies as well.  Hmmm… the only thing missing is that I don’t collect tips.  That’s OK, there are better things than money!

The thing is that unless we stay in our homes 24/7 we come in contact with people every day.  We have countless opportunities to give a smile, and a wave in person, and through our “coffee shop” blogs.  We  never know when that smile and wave may turn into a conversation that was needed that day,  or the smile may have been enough to give the person a lift to carry them through the day.

Yes, we are human and yes we are going to get too busy and miss opportunities, but it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t say that we can’t try to be more aware  so that we are quicker to seize the opportunities when they come.  I can guarantee that if we do, we are not going to regret it! Our heart will be touched with a feeling that can’t be compared.