Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We had a small snowfall over the weekend, just enough to make it look pretty. We are supposed to be getting more this coming weekend, which could come with ice and could be a lot more than just a few inches. I been saying that I am ready for a big snowstorm, but this coming weekend we do have plans to go away. Oh well, I don’t have much control over the weather so as the saying goes, ” what will be, will be!”  May you be able to smile this week, even when things don’t go as you planned! That’s why there is always Plan B and C!

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9. e28bdaa8313df53f10248966207aee90 or a sign of being crazy … or … you choose! 🙂

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51 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I was determined to catch Tuesday’s Thoughts on Tuesday this week, but before adding a comment from the senior Queen of Quotes to the younger Q of Q, I must address your reference to the weather. Benjamin and I have been waiting and anticipating a snowfall of even a few inches that enables the construction of a “Mr. Snowy” and a “The Snowman”, and not even a dusting this year. His Mommy, youngest Daughter, informed me yesterday that a big snowstorm was headed this way on Friday and Benjamin is having a “Gem Sleepover” that night…perfect!! Except that it isn’t, a review of this morning’s The Weather Channel report indicates, not snow but rain for us! Oh, bother!! Now, much younger Queen, you have exceeded my expectations with today’s choices, splendiferous! I’m known to repeat #5 often, #2 and #7 are magnificent as is #6, but I have little doubt that #9 was included just for me ( you need not confirm this and hurt everyone’s feelings). You do in deed have good taste! Thank-you!

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    • A Gem sleepover! How fun! Maybe the snow that is supposed to come our way will change direction and come yours. 🙂
      The much younger Queen thanks you for your kind words. Glad that I have exceeded your expectations. 🙂 #7 says things so well and yes of course #9 is for you. 🙂 🙂


  2. Amazing and fun quotes as always! 😋 1, 2, 7, and 10 really resonated with me. This week and last week starting back to school has been full plan A-Z, but it definitely keeps me on my toes, I don’t get bored, and I get to practice my outside the box thinking skills!😉😁âĪïļ

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