Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Getting back into life’s normal routine, but vacation memories are still very vivid in my mind.  We saw such beautiful sights, from the lush gardens, to the beach to the mountains.

Gold nuggets were all around, as we breathed in the moments. There was beauty just waiting to be discovered by us, and not all that beauty was nature. Perhaps that is another  clue to the special, mysterious nuggets that we found, and perhaps now is the time to reveal ………. the quotes for today! Enjoy my dear readers! 🙂


1. de9f6cff85759a020dc38e71d6b3a730

2. 79bbe94fc91dfc0e534f2771fef0f4ab


4. db99e9212e9d200717b38b19c27bfbf5

5. 67ea4b9844a735d2d026c19d10c643ad

6. adbcd6319a5e20bd7f32c28d7d19d92a

7. cc4eb06cd06d6a137bc369f6962e40b8

8. ff18227689a6697defa70ffd3c1a83dd

9, dfc0d3b92e5867cb088a78696954f0e5

10. 08d52a1083052ce60960a240dd4fe167



27 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Great quotes, as always, Joy 🙂 The friend theme really speaks to me, especially after spending Sunday with my BFF! I am always greatful for our frienship, but when I spend days like that one with her, I realize my luck even more…

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  2. I started choosing a fave – 1, then no – 2, then 3, and here we go again – a whole set that I cannot choose a favorite from. SOOOO got me on 8! I totally said it slow a couple times – GAH!!! LOL!

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    • Hahaha!! Cracking up that you actually said Number 8! You make me feel sooo good!! 😄😄
      I had posted that quote because of me being gullible once again to my friend’s pleasure! ☺️☺️☺️
      And love that you found it hard to choose once again! 🙂

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