Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts today? Is something weighing heavily on your mind, or do you feel carefree at the moment? Watching the clock, and rushing about, or feeling at peace? Whatever your mood may be, I hope that you can enjoy a few moments of sitting back and relaxing by pondering on some of these quotes. And may today be exactly as Pooh Bear describes it!



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32 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Tuesday’s Thoughts did not get read until very late last night and I hesitated to add the comment that was begging to be written…so decided to wait a wee bit and be sure before putting my thoughts out here into blogdom. #2 & #7 spoke to me because of something that I had read yesterday on Yahoo.com Lifestyle dated October 7, 2019 written by Hope Schreiber titled “Teacher writes her own moving obituary before dying.” You can most likely now understand my hesitation! Ashley Kuzma was a 32 year old high school support teacher from Conway, Pennsylvania in Erie County. On September 22nd she succumbed to laryngeal cancer following a two year battle. After Ashley’s death her self written obituary was found by the family on her Google drive. The Mother decided to share Ashley’s words and hence I will share some that stood out to me : “My wish for you is to stop letting insignificant situations stress you out. Do what is important to you. What do you value in your life? In the end, that’s what matters.” Of equal significance to me is that Ashley wanted her family to host a celebration of her life instead of a viewing…exactly what I too hope for! Thank-you!

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    • OH Ellen I am so glad you shared your thoughts! How poignant her words were., and I see how you thought of Ashley when reading those specific quotes. I am glad I picked those 2 quotes to share. Sounds like Ashley was a very wise woman! Sad she had to die at a young age.
      I totally agree with you about wanting a celebration of my life when that time comes. I want to be remembered with love, smiles and laughter, and yes I understand the tears, but I still hope it can be a celebration.
      Hugs to you, and thanks again for your words.


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