Say What?

I personally don’t read the news a lot, for often I find myself just shaking my head over it. Sadly that happened this morning as a news article caught my eye. It was about a 16 year old guy who had raped a girl at a party. I know, very sadly that isn’t shocking news. What was shocking was the judge’s reaction and what he said, that is what has left me shaking my head and feeling sick.

This 16 year old not only raped the girl, but he videoed it with his phone and then he sent the video out to his friends in the weeks following. The video was sent with the following text message attached to it. ” when your first time having sex was rape.”

Not only did this guy do something very wrong by raping this girl, he went and bragged about it, which just disgusts me all the more. But the judge’s reaction was the “icing on the cake”!

He said how the guy came from a good family, had wonderful test scores and was destined for good things, as far as college and career go. He commented how a rape indictment could “ruin his life!”  That the text message he had attached to the video, was just “boys being stupid”, nothing more.


Am I missing something? For I am totally aghast at how what this guy did can be looked at as something not bad!  All because he apparently comes from a “good family” and has “good grades!”?  So would it be right for me to assume that if this guy came from a “poor family” and had bad grades with no hopes of going to college that the judge would have thrown the book at him?  That’s the impression I am getting and its just so WRONG!

I don’t care what your test scores are and how high class you are, Wrong is Wrong!!

What message is that judge sending to this kid ?

People wonder why we have adults doing totally stupid things and not taking responsibility for their actions, well to me this is a perfect example of how that is happening! Kids are left off the hook, eyes are turned the other way and guess what, they grow up. They grow up learning that they can buy their way out of trouble and that what they do doesn’t really matter! That they are above the law if they can find a way around it. That they can be bullies and no one can stop them. That they can run for politics and … !

Ok, I will step off my soapbox now, and I promise there will be a lighter post tomorrow!