The Winner Is …

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The weather was unusually hot for the annual Fall Festival, but that didn’t stop the people of Bittersweet Creek from being in a festive mood.

Amanda looked at Cara’s chocolate chip cookies feeling like she was putting on calories already. Her cookies were always delicious.

“Good luck in winning first place again. I think you should display your winning ribbon on the wall of the diner.”

“She hasn’t won yet.” Mason pointed out.

“What kind of bet?”

Cara rolled her eyes at Mason. “Wanna make a bet that I win first place?”

“That I get a day off work.”

Amanda spoke up, “Yes, me and you can go to the Spa!”

Mason agreed to it, after adding his two cents of course. “A day off for you means no broken dishes for me!”

“Funnny! It was only one dish and you just won’t forget.”

“One dish, two mugs and …”

Amanda pulled on his arm, “Don’t worry Cara, I will go get something to stuff his face so he can’t talk anymore.”

Cara chuckled as she watched Amanda drag him away. Ahh! The thought of a day at the spa was wonderful.

Tippner was holding the candy apple he had bought, looking for a place where he could sit down and enjoy it.

He passed by a little girl and she was crying. Being the tender heart guy that he was he stopped and asked the girl what was wrong. .

“I lost my money and wanted an apple!” She wiped her tears looking so pitiful, with sad, puppy dog eyes.

Tippner stared at his apple. Well he couldn’t enjoy it now. “Here, you can have mine.” He handed it out to her.

“Thanks Mister! Now I have two apples! She brought her hand out from behind her back. It was holding a shiny red candy apple. She ran away laughing.

“Weol that…! Hmphh!” Tippner reached in his pocket for more money and remembered he didn’t have anymore. He had spent it on a BBQ sandwich and cheese fries earlier.

“Come test your strength!” Grayson, Mason’s brother, was running a stand. You had to swing a hammer to ring the bell.

“Step right up Tippner, can you beat Mason? He rang the bell on the first try!”

“No problem!” Taking a deep breath he swung the hammer with all his might, but no ring! Mmm…! He swung it again. Still no ring. Then he spied the little girl who had tricked him out of his candy apple. She was standing a little ways from him grinnimg like a Cheshire cat! Frowning at her he swung again and this time when he swung he rang the bell!

“Third time is the charm.’ Though first time was the charm for me.” Mason patted Tippner on the back. “Good job!’

“Next year your luck may run out!” Tippner said. “You have to break your winning streak sometime.”

“I guess we will have to wait and see.” Mason wore a smug smile upon his face.

“Attention everyone, may I have your attention please. We, the judges, have made our decision about the winner of the best chocolate chip cookies. We are pleased to announce that the Best Baker award this year goes to Asher.”

Cara couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t win this year. Last year her Shoo-fly pie had won and everyone loved her gooey,soft cookies. But what she was really curious about was , who was Ashet??

(To be continued)

25 thoughts on “The Winner Is …

      • You’re welcome, Joy! No cookies but a big YES to Andy’s Custard (chocolate WITH melted chocolate chips and strawberries). Guilty for gluttony! Thank you for the sweet compliment on Asher. He’s such a curious and cool little guy. Hugs and love, Joy! Stay well and joyful! πŸ₯°πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


  1. I think Tippner could have rang the bell on his first try, but he likes to conserve his energy for worthwhile efforts. But being swindled out of his candy apple was a good thing, because it saved him from getting a cavity. Meanwhile, the little girl got the worst belly ache of her life.

    I thought Asher was a past character who died and was cremated. Hence, he lived up to his name. So how was he resurrected?

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