What happened to Sergio?

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After writing Thursday’s post, Making Her Wishes Come True!, a “follower” said that he hoped to find out what Sergio had done to make him a water genie in the first place. I am glad to say that the following story will answer that question. Enjoy!

The sun was beating down mercilessly as Sergio was walking home. Sweat was running down his face and soaking his shirt. It was way too hot to be working on a roof today. He may have promised the Widow Fran that he would help patch her roof, but there was no way he was doing it today. He was there five minutes and left! They would just have to put up with the holes. The widow tried to plead with him for a storm was coming tonight, but he waved her off. Told her to put lots of buckets around and he would be back tomorrow.

Her sorrowful eyes made him feel a tad guilty perhaps, but really, why should he risk heat stroke for some widow lady. He tried to get the little girl’s face out of his mind, thats what had bothered him the most, but he was getting over it. She was a sweet little girl, around the age of 10 he guessed. He knew her name was Lucy, for he had heard her mom call her that. But really, was he going to concern himself over a little girl and her mom. He had to get hold of himself. He was Sir Sergio, and was cut out for greatness, not repairing roofs for the rest of his life.

If only he had asked for a cold drink before leaving. Something he could have carried along with him. That would surely taste good right now. He was soon walking along the docks and feeling the sea breeze which cooled him down. He loved looking at the luxurious boats as he passed by. Some day he would own one of them. After all he deserved one. He tried to convince his parent’s of that, but they wouldn’t listen. Arguing with parent’s was like nailing jello to a tree, they never listened.

A vibrant red boat caught his eye. It was different from any he had ever seen before. Standing there and staring made him want it more and more. He looked out upon the water, it was calm right now. Wouldn’t it be nice to sail a boat around, for just a little. An idea began forming in his mind.

“So, you will help me? Do we have a deal?”
Chet, the owner of the boat, wasn’t sure. “How do I know that I can trust you?”

“You don’t know 100 percent, you just have to trust me, we are running out of time. Do you want to be responsible for me not getting to see my sweet, precious, sick grandmother for the last time?” Sergio’s face started to crumple, as he backed away. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. I just don’t know any other way.” Sergio tried to pull himself together.

“Its Okay, its okay, you can borrow my boat.” Chet patted him on the back, and after showing Sergio the basics about the boat, he shook his hand and turned to leave. Then turning back he looked at Sergio with eyes of concern. “I hope your grandmother is OK.”

Once Chet walked away Sergio started the boat. He was as happy as a clam, the “poor, sweet grandma” story worked every time! He would be home faster this way and now he had his own boat! Poor Chet, he wasn’t getting is boat back. Sergio almost felt guilty about how easy it was to take it. Oh well, Chet’s own fault. Sergio couldn’t help that there was a sucker born every minute. That was a quote he often repeated to himself.

Being on the boat felt amazing, with the wind on his back. He was in no hurry to get home. The sky was getting darker when Sergio woke up. He had fallen asleep and was now drifting in the water, where was he? He tried to wake up fully so he could figure it out. That’s when he noticed the storm clouds gathering and when he felt his first wave of alarm.

The waves were getting rougher and Sergio’s stomach was feeling queasy. Rain started falling as lightning cracked through the sky. Sergio’s face turned pale with fright and for the first time he felt regret over what he had done. He never should have lied about his grandma and stole a boat. What had he been thinking?

Another huge wave came lifting the boat high in the air and bringing it back down. Sergio knew that one of these times was going to be the last time for him. Thunder roared and his heart was pounding. Again the waves lifted him up and Sergio screamed in terror as he was thrown in the swirling black sea.

Down, down, down he sank. This was it, his life flashed before his eyes and he wasn’t real proud of it. OH how he wished he had a second chance, perhaps he would act different. But he was drowning, there were no second chances, his lungs screamed for oxygen and he felt himself fading fast and then …

“Wake up! Wake up!”

Sergio opened his eyes to see a crab standing in front of him. He was still underwater but he was alive! Or was he? Was he in some watery grave.

“LIsten up, you didn’t die, but you are trapped under the sea.”

“What, what do you mean?” Sergio was confused. How could he be trapped under sea?

“Congratulations you are the new water genie!”

“The WHAT?!”

The crab rolled his eyes muttering to himself. “Why am I always the one that has to explain things to our water genies?”

“I will try to explain it real simple. YOU- were not nice, YOU-lied about your sweet grandmother and YOU-stole a boat!”

Sooo YOU-are stuck down here for a number of years until I decide that you can go above the water and see if you can start a new life. When you do go above the water you have to find someone to grant three wishes too. Its your job to make them happy! Think you can do that?”

Sergio didn’t know what to think? Was this for real? As if the crab could read his mind, he reached over with his claws and pinched Sergio.


“You are welcome, now you know that I am real and this is all real!”

Sergio sighed, it couldn’t really be that bad to live undersea, could it? For ten years he lived under the sea and drove everyone crazy. The crab finally let him go up to the surface because no one could stand him under the sea anymore. Sergio was thrilled to see the blue sky again and oh what a lovely young lady sitting on the dock with her feet in the water.

Sadly she wouldn’t think he ws handsome at all! When he went under the sea he had changed his looks. He was like a gray blob now with different color eyes. Nowhere close to how he had used to look. But now was his chance. There was the young lady. All he had to do was get to her to make three wishes and they would be all his. Yeah, yeah, the crab said to make the wishes come true for her, but he had been the one trapped in the sea!! He deserved a break!

Sir Sergio felt hope well up inside of him, today was the day he was going to break free and get out of the sea!

Three days later the crab was looking at Sergio with a look of utter disbelief! “Back again, eh? You couldn’t stay out for even three days! What did you do now?”

“I deserved that castle. Lucy had wished a castle for herself with servants, and they all should have been mine! Mine, mine , mine! But instead some fearsome dragon came to take over!”

All the fish in the sea started laughing. “A dragon?”

“Yes!” shouted Sergio, “A real, live dragon!”

“I always get the hopeless ones!” the crab complained.

“Well, sorry you can’t stay in the sea any longer.”

Sergio felt a spark, “Back to earth again? Can you give me a castle somewhere else perhaps? And I want a moat with my castle and a beautiful garden, and…”

“QUIET!You aren’t going to a castle, though you are going back to earth. Giving you another chance for someone to teach you a lesson. if he doesn’t scare you into acting right, then I don’t know what will! Good Luck!”

Sergio was rather alarmed with the crab’s choice of words, “scare me into acting right?” He called out to the crab who started walking away, “Where am I going?”

“Be careful!” and the crab walked away with a smirk on his face.

Sergio’s mouth was full of mud, he was sputtering as he stood up. UGH! He was in a swamp! A muddy swamp and …. !

Sergio fainted as Igor the bull came charging towards him, and his life flashed in front of him.

31 thoughts on “What happened to Sergio?

  1. And here I thought this story was ended! I’m so glad that Jason or Tippy or whichever gave you a reason to continue the storyline … this was so much FUN! But y’know, I have to wonder. You have an uncanny ability to come up with some very evil creatures doing some very evil things … seems like maybe this is telling us something about our Sweet Carolyn? 🤣 Oh, and Betsy tells me she is getting restless and would like to participate in a new story soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Heyyy are you trying to imply something?? LOL! I have my halo, remember! 😇
      Glad you enjoyed the story, but no Tippy and Jason don’t get the credit this time, it was someone else who started my imagination going. Its very easy to do, one doesn’t have to say much.
      Hmmm….will see what I can do about Betsy. Hey, wait, she did appear in a recent story with her new friend Pierre. Saturday’s story! I guess she wants one where she has a more major role? Wants the spotlight?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Heh heh … MOI? Imply something? 🤭

        Hmmmm … now I’m gonna have to go back through all the comments to see who planted this seed in your head!

        That Betsy!!! She didn’t tell me about the story on Saturday, nor about her new friend! I’m gonna have to have a talk with that girl … or maybe not, maybe she’s entitled to a few secrets!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahaha! Yes you, Miss. Not so Innocent! 😄

          Its the last comment. You will need to thank him. 😉

          That Betsy…you never know wirh her. But yes she is entitled to a few secrets but you won’t want to miss seeing cute Pierre.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Heh heh … you know me too well, my friend!

            I’ll go in search of later this evening … oh wait, this evening is over and it’s already tomorrow … this morning … whatever! Soon!

            Yeah, I think Betsy felt she played second fiddle to Pierre in that one, but I asked her about it and … believe it or not, her cheeks turned red under her fur! I think she likes Pierre! Hmmmm … 🤔

            Liked by 1 person

  2. What an ingenious idea, to come up with a tale about a precious, sweet grandma. That Sergio is a smart one. I liked reading this story, and felt myself feeling sorry for Sergio on several occasions. But the end seemed like a lot of bull.

    Liked by 1 person

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