Making Her Wishes Come True!

Photo of Bojnice Castle,Slovakia from Pinterest

This is the continuation of my post from last night, Lucy’s Wishes I thought that Lucy deserved a happy ending, hope you all agree.

Drip, Drip,Drip …. the roof was leaking again. Lucy got a bucket and put it under the leak. Then she watched the rain fall as she looked out the window, with a somber expression on her face.

Inwardly she was steaming. She should not have to put up with a leaky roof. Right now she should be relaxing in her grand castle! The one she had wished for, before Sir Sergio Dummkopf took it from her.

For the past week now he had been staying in her castle. Always taunting her when she came down to the lake. It was rarely a peaceful place to be anymore. He appeared to keep an eagle eye out for her and would walk out to see her, with his smug attitude.

Drip … Drip … Drip! Oh No, not another leak! Sure enough, at the opposite end of the ceiling Lucy saw the other hole.

There had to be something she could do about Sir Dummkopf! Drumming her fingers on the table she thought.

Unfortunately she couldn’t overpower him, so she would just have to be sly. A slow smile started to spread across her face. Being sly was something she was good at. When she went to bed that night for the first time in a week she felt some peace.

Over the next couple days she planned, made some phone calls and plotted until finally she was ready. The day had come. Time to put her plan into action. This was going to be fun! She made her way to the lake.

“Well, well, well … look who it is again. Do you realize that you are on my property? Being that I claim this castle this is also MY lake.”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “You don’t own this lake you fool!”

Sir Sergio gave her a twisted smile, “Oh don’t worry my little lass, I will let you still come. I may just have to charge a small fee.”

Lucy felt her blood pressure start to rise. Calm down she told herself, remember the plan! Breathing normally she glared at Sergio. “I am not your little lass and I will never pay you one red cent.”

Throwing back his head he laughed at her.

“Oh dear lass, you are so naive. I was not asking you. If I choose to have you pay, you will pay, you have no say in the matter!”

Lucy was fighting hard to control herself though she felt like spitting nails.

Then she heard it and looked up in the sky. YES, he had made it!

Sir Dummkopf was staring aghast into the sky, hearing a horrible roar. He watched with impending doom as the winged creature headed straight for the castle. It landed right in front of the entrance, sprawled its wings and stood guard.

“Is that a real dragon???” Sir Dummkopf asked.

“Looks like it to me. And don’t dragons breathe fire?”

His face blanched. He was visibly shaken. Lucy was trying hard to control her laughter.

“Are you scared? Aren’t you a Prince and don’t princes slay dragons? Thats it! I got it!” Lucy threw her hands up in the air.

“The dragon is here to challenge you to a duel. He probably wants his castle back. Not nice to take dragon’s castles away.”

“That, that …. isn’t his castle!”

They stood still staring at the dragon when it rose into the air again coming straight for Sir Sergio!

“Hmmm… I guess we are about to find out who the castle really belongs too. I wonder if a ghost will try to claim it next. Mighty glad I don’t live there.”

Sir Sergio couldn’t move at first, tripping over his own feet. The dragon roared, as he got closer and you would have thought that Sergio had ants in his pants the way he jumped in the air!

“I wish to be a water genie again!” POOF! There was a big splash and Sie Sergio was gone.

The dragon landed right in front of Lucy, who was doubled over in laughter. Once she composed herself she spoke. “Thank you so much Dinosauris! You were awesome with your ROAR!”

“You are most welcome Miss. Lucy. Glad I could help. A friend of Candy Cane and the other elves is a friend of mine. Pleased to meet you.”

“I knew I could count on the elves to come up with a plan. They are a tricky bunch, Candy Cane tells me about all of their exploits. ”

Dinosauris laughed, which is a real unique type of laugh. After all, he is a dragon. “They do get themselves in trouble often that is for sure.”

“Well. now that your work is over why don’t you come into MY castle and stay for awhile. Its a long trip back to the North Pole.”

Dinosauris smiled, “Would be my pleasure.”

They had a fabulous time together as Lucy explored her new home. No holes in the ceiling! The poor maid almost fainted when she saw Dinosauris but Lucy quickly assured her that he was harmless.

In the afternoon they all relaxed in the garden, even the maid. Lucy didn’t believe in making anyone work too hard for her. The cook brought out the most tasty little cakes and tea. The little cakes barely filled up Dinosauris, so the amazing cook baked him a triple layer chocolate cherry cake. There were barely any crumbs left.

After resting a little Dinosauris said goodbye to Lucy and her maid. He praised the cook and told him he would be back. They all waved as he flew into the air, soaring high, where the bluebirds fly.

Now this was indeed the life, thought Lucy. She was in her jacuzzi, half afraid that she was dreaming. If it was only a dream she never wanted to wake up.

19 thoughts on “Making Her Wishes Come True!

  1. So now Lucy has a couple of slackers working for her. If she doesn’t toughen up, they’ll be walking all over her, and she’ll have to get Dinosauris to help her again. Or she might need to bring Sir Sergio back, so he can run the HR department at the castle.

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