The Polar Bear Princess

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There.was a frosty chill in the air, but it didn’t bother Gianna. A long time ago she had learned to adapt to the snow and ice. She had no choice but to learn, when she had left her home and family,

Never did she imagine that she would leave her cozy cottage in the woods. Never would she have left it if it hadn’t been for her sister, Goldilocks.

Goldilocks was impulsive and threw caution to the wind a lot. She had been fortunate that she never brought danger upon herself through her impulsive behavior. Not until that day that had changed everything.

Growing up Gianna and Goldilock’s mom had drilled into them the rule about never entering a stranger’s house. What was on Goldilocks mind that fateful day that she entered the home of Bruno the Bear, noone knew.

She had told Gianna that she hadn’t meant to break Bruno the bear’s furniture but Bruno the bear didn’t care about what she had meant or not meant to do. He only cared about what she had done. What she was guilty of. Guilty of breaking his furniture and eating his baby cub’s porridge.

Sadly there was no reasoning with Bruno the Bear. He was the judge and jury and he had decided that Goldilocks must die.

To make matters worse that was a death sentence for Gianna too, her identical twin. Everyone knew that Bruno would kill first and ask questions later as to whether it had been Goldilocks or not.

Gianna had begged her family to move with her but they wouldn’t. Goldilocks had gone into hiding but Gianna knew not where. There were times that she missed her twin terribly, but gradually she learned to accept that she was gone.

Gianna had found the note left by ber twin sister. She would forever regret the danger she had brought upon her family. One day she hoped to return, but only when she had the assurance of heing safe. Her question at the end of the note had made Gianna shake her head. “How long do bears live?” Unfortunately even after Bruno died, baby bear would probably still he alive.

It was such irony that Gianna had made friends with polar bears, but she had. They had scared her in an awful way at first. Oh, how her heart had raced when they towered over her. She closed her eyes, expecting the worse. Wondering what part of her body they would eat first. The fear had caused her to faint.

Imagine her surprise to wake up and find herself still alive. The bears were intrigued by her! They hadn’t seen people before. Aiden, the King Bear ordered no one to touch her and that was how she became the Princess of the Polar Bears! They adored her and protected her like their own.

So protective were they that Aiden had not liked the idea of her racing with the Forgotten Ones. The ones the storybooks had forgotten about.

He had been adamant but Gianna knew how to relax him and get her way. They didn’t call her The Polar Bear Princess for nothing.

She was thrilled with the recent win in the race of the Forgotten Ones. Maybe now her story would be written. Maybe now people would learn that Goldilocks hadn’t been an only child and that her parent’s had worked for Snow White! That had been why they couldn’t leave with Gianna. They had protected Snow White until Prince Charming whisked her away. Then they protected those funny little men, the seven dwarves.

Gianna did like the seven dwarves and missed them. They made her laugh, even Grumpy had. He had a soft heart under his rougb exterior. He couldn’t fool Gianna.

Bashful was so cute in his shy way. Kind of like a little brother that Gianna wanted to look out for.

Happy was the only one smiling the day she had said goodbye. But Gianna was sure that she saw tears glistening in his eyes.

Gianna sighed. Maybe someday she could go back. She longed to see her parent’s and the dwarves again.

Time passed and once again Gianna was enjoying the colors that lit up the sky. Never would she tire of seeing the Northern lights. Aiden came up beside her and she smiled.

“How are you Princess?”

There was a pause as Gianna considered her words. She had been doing some thinking. “I am fine Aiden, but I have been thinking. How does a long trip sound to you? A trip to the Woods, where I grew up, I think its time.”

75 thoughts on “The Polar Bear Princess

  1. I hope the weather holds up for their journey. I hear there’s been a dip in the bearometric pressure.

    Aiden and Bruno are going to square off for a big fight. But then Bruno will ask Aiden for a private word with him. He will then inform him that humans are legitimate prey, and that they can be quite tasty. Unless it’s a grumpy old man or a happy little dwarf.

    After this, Aiden and Bruno will decide to team up. Gianna will be their first target. Goldilocks will be next. And they will both taste just right.

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  2. Love the way you have woven so many of our favourite fairy tale characters in here! Bashful is my favourite dwarf! And the wolf … love the wolf, just in case you want to include him (hint, he wasn’t really a big BAD wolf, he just had a headache that made him a might grumpy).

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